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Full text of "The gospel according to Saint Mark : in Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian versions synoptically arranged with collations exhibiting all the readings of all the Mss."

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Description of the MSS. 
Description of the printed editions 
Plan of the present volume . 
Capitula Lection'uji 
Ecaxgelium : Cap. I. . 

Cap. II. 

Cap. III. 

Cap. IV. 

Cap. V. 

Cap. VI. 

Cap. VII. 

Cap. VIII. 

Cap. IX. 

Cap. X. . 

Cap. XI. 

Cap. XII. 

Cap. XIII. 

Cap. XIV. 

Cap. XV. 

Cap. XVI. 

Appendix: Collation of the Latin texts of the 
Critical Notes 
Corrigenda et Addenda 

Lindisfarne and 

Rushworth MSB 




























The present volume forms a second portion of the exhaustive edition of the 
Anglo-Saxon Gospels, as planned by Mr Kemble. The first portion was published 
in 1858, with the title, "The Gospel according to St Matthew, in Anglo-Saxon 
and Northumbrian Versions, synoptically arranged : with collations of the best 
Manuscripts. Edited for the Syndics of the University Press. Cambridge : at the 
University Press. 1858." Unfortunately Mr Kemble did not live to complete the 
volume, and the task of finishing it devolved upon Mr Hardwick, whose preface 
commences with the following paragraph : 

"An edition of the Gospels, as transmitted to us in the leading dialects of 
ancient England, was designed and partly executed several years ago by one of 
our accomplished Anglo-Saxon scholars, John M. Kemble, Esq. M. A , of Trinity 
College, Cambridge. The undertaking was, however, soon suspended for various 
causes ; and at the time of Mr Kemble's death, in the spring of 1857, the portion 
of it actually completed did not reach beyond the opening verses of the twenty- 
fifth chapter of St Matthew. Under these circumstances the Syndics of the Uni- 
versity Press, instead of suffering so good a project to fall entirely to the ground, 
resolved to carry on the printing of the work as far at least as the conclusion 
of the first Gospel." 

The remainder of Mr Hardwick's very brief preface merely indicates the titles 
of the MSS. on which the text and notes were founded. This is perhaps the 
fitting place to add that the expression "collations of the best manuscripts" in 
the title-page above quoted is calculated to mislead. ' Not merely the best, but all 
the existing manuscripts were consulted, and all their various readings recorded. 
From the omission of the marginal numbers having: reference to the Eusebian 
Canons in the latter part of the work, it appears that the first 192 pages were 
prepared by Mr Kemble, and the last 39 by Mr Hardwick. 

By the kindness of the Syndics of the University Press, I have been per- 
mitted to undertake this second portion of the work ; and, as the circumstances 
attending the publication of St Matthew's Gospel did not afford a favourable 
opportunity for discussing the peculiarities of the MSS., or even for explaining the 
general design by which their readings are synoptically exhibited, I now endeavour 
to supply the necessary information. 



\. t o the genera] account of our early versions of the Scriptures, and the 
MSS. in which they are contained, the reader cannot do better than consult the 
Preface to "The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels," &c, edited by the Rev. Joseph 
w,»rth, D.D., and («. Waring Esq., published in 18G5. In the Preface also to 
the Wycliffite Versions of the Holy Bible, edited by the Rev. J. Forshall and 
Sir F. Madden, K.H. in 1850, there is a passage which exhibits the whole matter 
bo dearly and briefly that it is advisable to quote it at length, together with 
the valuable footnotes appended to it. 

"The poem which bears the name of Caidmon, gives several passages of Scrip- 
ture with tolerable fidelity, and it might require extended notice, if the epic and 
ndary character of the composition suffered it to be ranked among the versions 
of holy writ 1 . Aldhelm, bishop of Sherborn, who died in 709, is reported to have 
rendered the Psalter into his native language 2 , and the Anglo-Saxon version, dis- 
covered in the Royal Library at Paris about the beginning of the present century, 
has been supposed to be at least in part his production. The first fifty psalms 
are in prose, the others in verse 3 . 

" Bede wrote chiefly for the learned ; yet that the common people might more 
easily be taught the elements of their religion, he turned the Apostles' Creed and 
the Lord's Prayer into Anglo-Saxon, and frequently presented copies of these for- 
mularies to such illiterate priests as came under his notice 4 . He died in 735, 
and one of his last efforts was a translation of the Gospel of St John, which he 
seems to have completed, just as death put an end to his labours*. 

" Alfred, in his zeal for the improvement of his country, did not overlook 
the importance of vernacular Scripture. At the head of his laws he set in Anglo- 
Saxon the ten commandments, with such of the Mosaic injunctions in the three 
following chapters of Exodus, as were most to his purpose. What other parts of 
the Bible he translated, it is difficult to determine. A remarkable passage in his 
preface to the Pastoral of Pope Gregory 6 , leaves no room for doubt, that if the 
more necessary portions of holy writ were not made accessible to his subjects in 
their own tongue, it was only because this wise and pious prince failed of the 
opportunity to accomplish his wishes. 

" Whatever might be the extent of Alfred's biblical labours, it is beyond 
question that soon after his days the Anglo-Saxon Church had her own interpre- 
tations of those parts of Scripture which were in most frequent use. The Psalter 

1 "Coedmon was a monk of Whitby, in the seventh versity Press by Mr. Benjamin Thorpe, under the title, 

century. The poem as it now exists has, probably, been Liber Psalmorum, versio antiqua Latiua, cum Para- 

materially altered by the reciters and transcribers of a phrasi Aiiglo-Saxonica, etc. 8vo. Oxon. 1835." 

later period. It has been twite published, first by Francis 4 Bedse ep. ad Egbertuni ; see Hist. Eccl. ed. Smith, 

Junius in 1655, and next by Mr. Benjamin Thorpe in 1832." Cantab. 1722, p. 306." 

Also by C. W. M. Groin in 1857. 5 " Cuthberti Vita Bedse ; see Eccl. Hist. p. 793." 

• '• Bale. Scriptorum illustr. catalogus, ed. 1557, p. 84." 6 " See Annales JLlfredi, auct. Asserio, ed. Wise, p. 84." 

3 '• It was edited for the delegates of the Oxford Uni- 


ascribed to Aldhelm, if it be not the work of that prelate, certainly cannot be 
later than the ninth century. To the same period may be safely attributed the 
Anglo-Saxon translation of the Gospels 1 . Several MSS. of it are preserved; but 
none of them appear to give the version in its original purity. Successive tran- 
scribers adapted the language to the idioms and inflexions of their own times and 
provinces. Some however of the copies are earlier and less degenerate than 
others. The latest seems to be considerably subsequent to the conquest, the most 
ancient may have been written more than a hundred years before it 2 . 

" But it was not solely to this version that the unlettered Anglo-Saxon was 
indebted for a knowledge of what the Evangelists record. Access was also afforded 
to their narratives by means of verbal glosses made in copies of the Latin Gospels. 
These glosses were written between the lines of the text, rendering it in the same 
order word by word. Of the two glosses which are now exstant, one is found 
in the famous book of Durham 3 , and was made by the priest Aldred, probably 
in the tenth century ; the other of the same age is contained in a MS. of the 
Bodleian Library 4 , and had for its authors Owun and Farman, the latter a priest 
at Harewood. 

tl Similar glosses had been made on the Psalter. A gloss of this kind, pro- 
bably of the ninth century, was published in 1640 from a MS. 5 belonging to sir 
Henry Spelman, by his son, afterwards sir John 6 . Another gloss of the same period 
was published by the Surtees Society in 1843 7 . Variations from these glosses are 
found in several other MSS. 8 Glosses also occur on the canticles of the church, 
and the Lord's prayer ; on portions of Scripture in the ritual of Durham 9 , and on 
the more difficult words of the book of Proverbs 10 . 

"Towards the close of the tenth century ^Elfric translated, omitting some parts 
and greatly abridging others, the Pentateuch, Joshua, Judges, a portion of the 
books of Kings, Esther, Job, Judith, and the Maccabees 11 . He also drew up in 

1 "Published three times; abp. Parker in 1571 ; Saxon gloss is taken from the Cotton MS. Vespasian A. 1, 

2. by Dr Mar.>hall, rector of Lincoln college, in 1665; and and besides the Psalter, comprises Ps. cli., nine of the 

3. by Mr Benjamin Thorpe, in 1842." Also by Dr. Bos- Canticles, and hymns for matins, the evening, and the 
worth, 1865. Lord's day." 

s "The MSS. still remaining are, 1. Corp. Ch. Coll. 8 "Of three MSS. partial collations are given by Spcl- 

Canib. S.4; 2. Brit. Mus. Cotton. Otho C. 1 ; 3. Bodl. 441 ; man; namely, 1. Univ. Lib. Camb. 256; 2. Trin. Coll. 

4. Univ. Lib. Camb. Ii. 2. 11 ; 5. Brit. Mus. Old R. Libr. Camb. 35; and 3. Brit. Mus. Arundel (10. A gloss also 
1 A. 14 ; and 6. Bodl. Hatton G5. The first two are the occurs in Brit. Mus. Old K. Libr. 2 B. 5 ; Cotton. Vitelline 
earliest." E. 18 and Tiberius C. 6 ; in Bodl. Junius -27 ; in the Lam- 

3 " Brit. Mus. Cotton. Nero D. 4." beth MS. 4'27, and in that of Salisbury Cathedral marked 

* "Bodl. Rushworth :}[)46." 141." 

5 "Afterwards in the Stowe collection No. xxviii. and 9 " Edited for the Surtees Society by the Rev. J. Sto- 
now in the possession of the Karl of Ashbumham." venson, Svo. London, 1840." 

6 "With the title Psalle.rium Datidis Latino- Saxoni- 10 " Brit. Mus. Cotton. Vespasian 1). C." 

cum Vetus. 4to. London, 1640." n "What remains of this translation was printed in 

7 "Anglo-Saxon and Early English Psalter, 2 vols. 1698 by Bdw, Thwaitcs, from the Bodl. MS. Laud B. 19. 
8vo. 1843, edited by the Rev. J. Stevenson. The Anglo- under the title Heptateuohut, liber Job 6t Etangdium 

a 2 


An Mo-Saxon a brief account of the books of the Old and New Testament 1 : and 
last 1 v. by the texts and i [notations used in his numerous homilies, he added greatly 
to the knowledge of the sacred volume-'. 

•• The writings which are still exstant shew that the Anglo-Saxon church must 
have had in her own tongue a considerable amount of scriptural instruction. But 
these cannot be the full measure of what our forefathers possessed. Much, it 
cannot be doubted, perished in the troubles and confusion attending the incursions 
and pillages of the Danes ; and much, subsequently, through the disfavour shewn by 
the Normans to the Anglo-Saxon language and literature 3 ." 

The arrangement of matter in the present edition is exactly the same as in 
Mr Kemble's, from which I see no cause to deviate. The plan of it is best under- 
stood from the following scheme of the contents of any two opposite pages. 

Left-hand Page. 


First Column. 
MS. No. I. (Corpus). 

Various Readings; from MS. II. 
or A. (Cambridge ; MS. III. or B. 
(Oxford) ; and MS. IV. or C (Cot- 
ton, Otho C. 1). 

Second Column. 
Text. MS. V. (Hatton). 

Various Readings ; from MS. 
VI. or Royal (Brit. Mus.). 

Rigid-hand Page. 

Upper Text. MS. VII. (Lindisfarne) ; Latin 
with Northumbrian gloss. 

Lower Text. MS. VIII. (Rushworth) ; gloss 

The rubrics in the left margin of the left-hand pages are entirely from MS. A. 
Some of them occur in B., but these are merely copied from A. in a late hand, 
and are of no authority. 

The rubrics in the right margin of the same pages are from the Hatton MS," 
but they occur also in the Royal MS. with scarcely a single variation. 

The numbers in the right margin of the right-hand pages are from the 
Lindisfarne MS., and will presently be explained in full. 

The Latin text of the Rushworth MS., which differs but very slightly from 
that of the Lindisfarne MS., is omitted to save space. But the results of a colla- 
tion of these texts will be found in an Appendix at the end of the volume. 

The object of this arrangement is easily perceived. The Corpus MS. represents 
the text nearly in its earliest, the Hatton MS. in its latest form. These are put 
side by side. The Lindisfarne and Rushworth glosses are in the Northumbrian 
dialect; and therefore occupy the opposite pages, apart from the rest. Wherever 
the book is opened, all the readings of all the MSS. are exhibited at once. 

Nicodemi, Anglo-Sajconice. Historue Judith f ragmen- 
turn, Dnno-Sajconice. 4to. Oxon. 169S. Another MS. oc- 
curs in the Cotton collection, Xero B. 4." 

1 "Edited by Will. L'Isle, with the Title, A Saxon 
Treatise concerning the Old and New Testament. 4to, 
Lond. 1623." 

5 '" His homilies, eighty in number, have been edited 
for the ^Elfric Society, by Mr Benj. Thorpe, 2 vols. Svo. 

3 "See the remarkable verses of a writer of the 12th 
century, quoted in Wright's Biogr. Brit. Lit. (Anglo-Saxon 
Period), p. 60." 

Description of the MSS. 

The following description of the MSS. is partly compiled from the accounts by 
Wanley 1 and by Dr Bosworth 2 , and partly from the results of my own observation. 

I. The Corpus MS. — MS. No. cxl. (formerly S. 4) in the library of Corpus 
Christi College, Cambridge; described by Wanley, p. 116 3 . Its contents are — 

(a) The four Gospels in Anglo-Saxon. 

(b) At the beginning of the MS. (but added afterwards) are certain forms 
of manumissions, several of which make mention of vElfsige, abbot of Bath 4 . 
These are enumerated by "Wanley, who in another place (p. 149) calls attention to 
the fact that a leaf has been here extracted from the MS., but is still preserved 
by being placed in another MS., so as now to be found at p. 7 of MS., Miscell. G. 
(now No. Ill) in the same library. The forms are printed in Madox, Formul. 
Angl. p. 416 ; Dugdale's Monasticon, ii. 265 ; and Thorpe, Dipl. Angl. iEvi Saxon, 
pp. 640—642; cf. Kemble, Cod. Dipl, JEvi Sax. iv. 270, and vi. 209. All of them 
are connected with St Peter's Abbey-church at Bath. Amongst them is a docu- 
ment which is printed separately (from the MS. now being described) in Thorpe's 
Dipl. Angl. JEy'i Sax. p. 436, with the title— "The Prior and Brotherhood of Bath. 
Agreement with Saawi and Theodgyfu." 

(c) At the end of the Gospel of St Mark is a piece entitled " Scriptum de 
Ccelo Delapsum," which is really a homily concerning the observation of the Lord's 
day. Begins — Wen J?a leofestan. Her onginS pcet halie gewrit pe com fram heofe- 
nan into hierusalera. Ends — and se pe underfehS witigan on p&s witigan naman 
he underferrS J??es witigan mede. 

(d) At the end of the Gospel of St Luke are lists of popes and of English 
archbishops and bishops. The last pope mentioned is Alexander II., elected a.d. 
1061 ; many of the lists end long before that date. At the end of the Gospel of 
St John are two Latin documents of later date, both referring to Bath ; see 
Nasmith's catalogue of the Corpus MSS. It deserves to be mentioned that the 
scribe iElfric did not write the whole of the Gospels himself; for in the Gospel 
of St Mark, from the word gorst-beam (xii. 26) to he (xii. 38), there is a single 
page written in a different and inferior hand. 

At the end of the Gospel of St Matthew is this note — Ego iElfricus scripsi 
hunc librum in Monasterio Ba^j^onio et dedi Brihtwoldo prcposito — T, ./Elfric, wrote 
this book in the monastery at Bath, and gave it to Brihtwold the prior. It is 

1 Antiquse Literatura: Septentrionalis liber alter, sen 3 The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels, prcf. p. xiii. 

Ilumphredi Wanlcii Librorum Vett. Septentrionalium and p. 574. 

Catalogus ; Oxonise, 1705. It forms the second volume of 3 This MS. forms the basis of Dr llnsworth's text 

Hickus's Thesaurus Antiq. Lit. Septentrionalis. * Died a.d. 1087 ; Dugdale's Monast. ii. '257- 


Bome satisfaction fco know the original locality of this MS.: it would be a still 
neater satisfaction if more could bo ascertained about Brithwold. If we suppose him 
to be the same Urithwold who was bishop of Sherborne from a.d. 100G to 1046 1 , we 
might conclude that the MS. was written before a.d. 1006. Wanley dates it a 
little before the conquest; Dr Bosworth puts it about a.d. 995, or between a.d. 990 
and 1030. We may very safely date it, in round numbers, about a.d. 1000. 
Wanley suggests that it was copied from one a little older. Whence he derived 
the notion is not apparent, yet it is almost certain that the Corpus, Bodley, and 
Cotton MSS. had all a common origin. 

II. The Cambridge MS. — MS. Ii. 2. 11 in the Cambridge University Library, 
described by Wanley, p. 152 2 , and in the Catalogue of Cambridge University Li- 
brary MSS. Vol. in. p. 384. It is a folio volume, on vellum, containing 402 pages 
of about 23 lines each. Its contents are : — 

(a) The four Gospels in Anglo-Saxon, with numerous rubrics, directing when 
certain portions are to be read. 

(b) An Anglo-Saxon translation of the Pseudo-Gospel of Nicodemus. 
Printed by Thwaites, at the end of his Heptateuchus, published in 1698\ There is 
another copy of this in MS. Cotton Vitellius A. XV. horn. III. (Wanley, p. 218) 
which is imperfect at the beginning. Junius made a transcript of the Cambridge 
copy, and collated it with the Cotton MS. The results of the collation are printed 
by Thwaites, on the last page of his volume. Junius's transcript is now in the 
Bodleian Library, marked Jun. 74, and is described by Wanley, p. 96. There is 
also an abbreviated copy of the same story in MS. Cott. Vespasian D. XIV. horn. 
XXXIII. (Wanley, p. 204). It may perhaps here be worth while to remark a 
circumstance which seems to have escaped the observation of the editor, viz. that 
there is a considerable hiatus in the story in the MSS. between the words " nan 
o^er ne dorste" and " Da wees hym £ser neh sum wer standende," 1. 5, p. 6, in 
Thwaites. The whole account of Christ's crucifixion is omitted. A note to this 
effect has, at my suggestion, been made in the Cambridge MS. As the omission 
there occurs in the middle of a page, it is very probable that the narrative was 
copied from an older MS. which had lost a few leaves. 

(c) The embassy of Nathan the Jew to Tiberius Caesar, together with the 
legend of St Veronica ; also in Anglo-Saxon. Printed among the Publications of 
the Cambridge Antiquarian Society ; edited by C. W. Goodwin, M.A. Cambridge, 
1851 ; entitled " Anglo-Saxon legends of St Andrew and St Veronica." A frag- 
ment of the same story is contained in six leaves at the end of MS. C. C. C. 

1 Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, ed. Thorpe, ii. 253. But this ' Or early in 1699. The date is printed 'An. Dora. 

Brihtwold is said to have been a monk of Glastonbury ; mdcxcviiL' I have a copy in which the owner's name and 

Godwin, de Pnesral. Aug. Comment p. 335. the date 1698 are written on the fly-leaf. Dr. Bosworth's 

* This MS. forms tho basis of the text edited by Thorpe, copy has-' Imprimatur, Job. Meare, Vice-Can. Oxon. Dec. 

whose account of the MSS. is inaccurate. 27, 1697.' 


D. 5 (now No. 196) described in Wanley, p. 109 ; and the former part of it, 
concerning Nathan's embassy, is also found in MS. Cott. Vesp. D. 14. horn. XXXV. ; 
Wanley, p. 204. 

At the back of the leaf containing the last few words of this text is the 
manumission of a certain Remold, consisting of only a few lines. Wanley prints 
the whole of it. See also Thorpe's Diplom. Angl. JE,vi Sax. p. 622. 

Various notes in the MS. — printed by Wanley — tell us its history. It once 
belonged to Bishop Leofric, and was given by him to the Church of St Peter the 
Apostle in Exeter. In 1566, it was given by Gregory Dodde, dean of Exeter, with 
the consent of his brethren, to Matthew Parker, archbishop of Canterbury, who 
afterwards gave it to the University of Cambridge in 1574. There can hardly be 
a doubt that this is the identical volume which is mentioned in the catalogue of 
Leofric's gifts to St Peter's church in the terms : " I. Englisc Cristes boc ; " i. e. 
one copy of the Gospels in English 1 . Leofric was bishop of Devonshire and 
Cornwall from about 1046 to 1073 '. Wanley puts the date of the MS. at about 
the time of the Norman conquest, but it is probably a little earlier ; and we safely 
assign to it the locality Exeter, and the date about a.d. 1050. It appears to be 
very accurately written throughout. In the footnotes to the first column it is 
denoted by the letter A. 

III. The Bodley MS.— MS. Bodley NE. F. 3. 15, now Bodley 441; described 
by Wanley, p. 64 3 . It is a folio volume, on vellum, containing 194 leaves. But 
it must be particularly noted that some of these must have been supplied from the 
Corpus MS. by Parker's direction in imitation of the old writing, and are valueless. 
I may mention in particular leaves 57 — 62, containing Mark i. 1 to iv. 37 ; leaf 
90, containing the last three verses of St Luke ; and leaves 192 — 194, John xx. 9 
to the end. Accordingly it will be found that the various readings marked B. in 
the footnotes to the first 32 pages of this volume are mostly records of blunders. 
Nothing seems to be known of its history except that it was once in all proba- 
bility in the possession of Matthew Parker, archbishop of Canterbury. This is ren- 
dered probable by the way in which several rubrics have been copied into it from 
the Cambridge MS. But internal evidence proves its extremely close connection 
with the Corpus and Cotton MSS., and renders it absolutely certain that these three 
MSS. are copies from a common original. The Bodley MS. e. g. frequently uses 
the same contractions as the Corpus MS. in the same places. Throughout page 112 
(ch. xiv. 13 — 22) it only has one different reading, viz. pas for pa in v. 13. The 
only other variations of any hind on this page are, that it has "him" for the 
contracted form "hi" four times; also "sittendum" and "twelfum" for "sittendu" 

1 Wanley, p. 80 ; Thorpe, Dipl. Angl. Mri Saxon, p. 430. 3 This MS. forms the basis of tlio text edited by Junius 

2 Anglo-Saxon Chron. cd. Thorpe, ii. 287 ; Conybcare's and Marshall. Parker's edition follows it closely through 
Illustrations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, p. 198. out. 


and "tuvlfu", and, conversely, "su" for "sum"; also "SoJ?lice", "ge-sylj?", "cwe&m", 
•■})a\ for "SoSlice", "gesylS", " cwcj>an", and "pa''; it accents "an" in v. 18, 
and puts a stop after "brcvc" in v. 22. 

The connection between the Bodley and Cotton MSS. is closer still, the former 
being a mere duplicate of the latter; and hence, in the various readings towards 
the end of the volume, the letters B. and C. are almost always found together. It 
follows that the text of the Bodley MS. is as good as that of the Cotton MS., 
and the remarks of Mr Thorpe in his short preface to his "Anglo-Saxon version 
of the Holy Gospels" arc made at random. He was probably misled by observing 
some of the mistakes which are to be found in those pages of the Bodley MS. 
which are written in a modern hand. For example, in i. 43, the word bead (bade) 
is written bend in the spurious page of the Bodley MS., and is so printed in 
Parker's edition. Another error, mine rnodor for min modor, occurs in iii. 34, both 
in the spurious page of the MS. and in Parker's edition. But such errors must 
not be allowed to depreciate overmuch the value of such pages of the MS. as are 


In the Bodley MS. the words are commonly written very closely together, and 
some few words are retained which the Corpus MS. omits. Yet it does not appear 
that this MS. is really older than the Corpus ; on the contrary, it is generally 
regarded as of later date. The handwriting is certainly not that of ./Elfric, the 
scribe of the Corpus MS. In the footnotes to the first column it is denoted by 
the letter B. 

IV. The Cotton MS.— MS. Cotton Otho C. 1, in the British Museum; described 
by Wanley, pp. 211, 212. Very little use seems to have been made of this MS. : 
it was not consulted by Marshall, and Dr Bosworth gives only one or two read- 
ings from it, yet it might be of service for the correction of the texts of St Luke 
and St John. I quote at length Dr Bosworth's excellent description 1 . 

"A minute description is given of it by Wanley in 1704 [1705], when it was in a 
perfect state from Mat. xxvii. 6. It was so much injured by the fire, which destroyed 
many of Sir Robert Cotton's MSS. on the 23rd of Oct. 1731, that what was defec- 
tive only as far as Matt, xxvii. 6 before that calamity, afterwards looked like a 
charred mass. Planta, in his Catalogue of the Cotton MSS., describes it as 'once 
consisting of 290 leaves, but now (1802) so much burnt and contracted as to 
render the binding of it impracticable.' It was fortunately kept in a case ; and 
what was found impracticable by Mr Planta, has been effected under the careful 
superintendence of Sir Frederic Madden, by whose judicious arrangements many MSS. 
have been restored, and made accessible to the public. The smallest part of this 
burnt mass has been carefully mounted on thick folio paper, which is cut away in 

1 The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels ; pref. p. xiv. 


the middle to fit the injured vellum, and made fast by transparent paper, gummed 
to the edges of the paper and the vellum ; the MS. can, therefore, be easily read on 
both sides. It is now bound in two large folio volumes. Sir Frederic Madden tells 
us that twenty-five folios are lost since Wanley described it. The first small frag- 
ment of this MS. now remaining is from folio 26, which Sir F. Madden has marked 
as part of St Mark vii. 22. Such a note deserves the best thanks of all who con- 
sult the MS., as it saves much of their time. The fragments increase a little in 
size from folio 26 to 38. St Luke is nearly complete, and occupies fol. 39 — 93. 
St John fills fol. 95 — 135, and is nearly perfect, especially in the latter part. There 
are not any rubrical directions, and only a few badly formed capital letters of a dingy 
red colour in this MS." It is unnecessary to describe the other contents of this MS., 
as Wanley explains that they have been brought together by a bookbinder, though 
written by different hands and at different times. But it may be observed that 
between the Gospels of St Luke and St John is inserted a charter relating to Aid- 
helm, abbot of Malmesbury in Wiltshire, who was afterwards bishop of Sherborne, 
in the time of Ine of Wessex, about a.d. 705 1 . This hint may serve to connect 
the MS. with the locality of Malmesbury, whilst its internal evidence connects it 
with the Corpus MS. written at Bath, and even still more closely with the Bodley 
MS. It is supposed to be coeval with the Corpus MS. In connection with the 
present work, it is obviously of great importance to explain in full how much of 
St Mark is left. The following fragments of parts of verses and passages can be 
read with tolerable ease. 

Fol. 26. Fragments of C. vii. v. 22—27 
ssa . ofer . . 
\>&s yfelu . . 
e man besmita)? ; 
\>& endas tiri 3 sidoni 
. he nolde f hit senig 
. . hit bemifjan ; Sona 
. . rde . \>sere dohtor hsef 
. . o ineode 3 to his fotu 
. . e f wif uses hsej>en . . 
. . es !i baed liine *> he )?one 
. . er adrife . Da ssede . . 
FoL 26 b. Fr. of C. vii. v. 33—37. 
Fol. 27. Fr. of C. viii. v. 6—12. 
Fol. 27 b. Fr. C. viii. v. 19—24. . 
Fol. 28. Fr. of C. ix. v. 32—37. 
FoL 25 b. Fr. of C. ix. v. 42—47. 
FoL 29. Fr. of C. x. «. ft— 11. 
Fol. 29 6. Fr. of C. x. v. 1 5—21. 
Fol. 30. Fr. of C. x. v. 25—30. 
Fol. 30 h. Fr. of C. x. o. 34 — 40. 
Fol. 31. Fr. of C. x. r. 44—51. 
Fol. 31 b. Fr. of C. xi. v. 2—9. 
FoL 32. Fr. of C. xi. v. 33— C. xiL v. 7 

Fol. 32 b. Fr. of C. xii. v. 10—16. 

Fol. 33. Fr. of C. xiv. v. 17—25. 

[All the foregoing are mere fragments, with hardly a 
single complete line.] 

C. xiv. v. 27 and 28 complete, but hardly legible in some 
places. Two words of v. 29 : Da saede. 

Fol. 33 b. Fr. of C. xiv. v. 30—38, whole of v. 39, part 
of v. 40. 

Fol. 34. Fr. of C. xiv. v. 41—48, whole of v. 49 and 50, 
part of v. 51. 

Fol. 34 b. Fr. of C. xiv. v. 53—62, whole of v. 63, part 
of v. 64. 

FoL 35. Fr. of C. xiv. v. 65 — 72 (the last verse nearly 
whole) ; C. xv. ». 1, nearly whole. 

Fol. 35 b. Fr. of C. xv. v. 2—15. 

Fol. 36. Fr. of C. xv. v. 16—25 (verse 20 is nearly 
whole) ; v. 26—28 whole ; part of v. 29. 

Fol. 36 b. Fr. of C. xv. v. 30—32 ; whole of c. 33 ; fr. of 
v. 34 and 35 ; verses 36—39 nearly whole ; beginning of 
v. 40. 

Fol. 37. Fr. of C. xv. ». 40— xvi. 2. 

FoL 37 b. Fr. of C. xvi. v. 2—1 1 . 

Fol. 38. Fr. of 0. xvi. v. 12—20. 

1 Beda, Eccl. Hist. lib. v. cap. xviii. 

Owing bo the very fragmentary character of these passages, and its very close 
agreement with the text, the various readings recorded from it in the first column 
(where it Lb denoted l>y the letter C.) are very few. By an oversight, none were 
reOQlded before the beginning of Chapter XII. Before this point the various read- 
ings are only these, viz. P. GO. viii. 6 hig {for last hi]. — P. 62. viii. 20. seofan. 
21. om. go. 28. anno. — P. 72. ix. 33. smeada. — P. 76. x. 2. fandiende. 5. heardnysse. 
8. waepned ] wimman.— P. 78. 18. hi [for hwi]. — P. 80. 27. hig. 29. us [for hus]. 

30. ecce. P. Hd. xi. 0. hig (twice). Compare the table of Errata at the end of this 


V. The Hatton MS. — This MS., formerly marked Hatton 65, is now marked 
llatton 38; it is now in the Bodleian Library, at Oxford, and is described by Wan- 
ley, p. 76. It is a neat volume, the leaves of which measure 9^ by 6 inches, containing 
the four gospels, written in an exceeding uniform, upright, and clear hand, but of 
rather a late date, about the time of Henry II. The Gospels are arranged in the 
following order : — Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John. It is interesting as shewing 
how the language began to lose strength in its inflectional forms, as is at once 
apparent by comparing it with the older text here printed beside it. The rubrics 
occurring in it are printed in the right-hand margin. It formerly belonged to the 
Rev. John Parker, son to Archbishop Parker, whose name — Johes parker — is written 
on the back of a fly-leaf. One leaf having been lost, the missing portion (Luke xvi.) 
was "restored" by Mr Parker. 

VI. The Royal MS. This MS. is now in the Royal Library at the British 
Museum, where its class-mark is Bibl. Reg. 1 A. xiv. It is described by Wanley, 
p. 181. It is somewhat older than the Hatton MS., and was probably written in 
the time of Stephen. It contains 175 leaves, each measuring about 8| by 5f inches. 
Leaves 3 — 173 are occupied by the Gospels, and contain about 25 lines on a page. 
The leaves at the beginning and end seem to have formed part of a Latin missal. 

The handwriting is in singular contrast to that of the Hatton MS., being bold, 
hasty, and rough. It may seem fanciful, but it gives the impression of having 
been written in troublous times, when the object was rather to have a copy for 
ready use than to spend time in elaborating it. The general agreement of it with 
the Hatton MS. is very close, excepting that it preserves more archaic forms ; and 
it contains nearly the same rubrics in the same places. It appears by collation 
that the Hatton MS. was actually copied from it by a scribe who had plenty of 
leisure. All doubt on the subject is removed by observing that the last seven 
verses of St Mark's Gospel, omitted by the scribe of the Royal MS., are sup- 
plied in it by the scribe of the Hatton MS. in his usual neat hand and with his 
peculiar spelling. This interesting fact seems never to have been hitherto observed. 
It proves, moreover, that the scribe of the Hatton MS. had access to some other 
MS. besides the Royal. The Gospels are in the order — Mark, Matthew, Luke, and 


John. Wanley says that it formerly belonged to the Abbey of St Augustine's, 
Canterbury, and was afterwards in the possession of Archbishop Cranmer, whose 
name — Thomas Cantuarien: — is on the first page. This would seem to connect it 
with Canterbury as its locality. 

VII. The Lindisfarne MS. This MS. is also known as the Durham Book ; 
it is now one of the Cotton MSS. in the British Museum, its class-mark beiner 
Nero D. 4. This fine MS., one of the chief treasures in our national collection, has 
been frequently described at great length ; see Wanley's Catalogue, p. 250, and 
especially the descriptions in Professor Westwood's " Palseographia Sacra Pictoria " 
and " Facsimiles of Miniatures and Ornaments of Anglo-Saxon and Irish MSS.:" 
also the Prolegomena to Part IV. of the " Lindisfarne and Kushworth Gospels," 
edited for the Surtees Society by Stevenson and Waring. It consists of 258 leaves 
of thick vellum, each measuring 13| inches by 9^, and contains the four Gospels 
in Latin, written in double columns, with an interlinear Northumbrian gloss ; 
together with St Jerome's Epistle to Pope Damasus, the Eusebian Canons, two 
prefaces, short notices of the four Evangelists, arguments of the sections into which 
the Gospels are divided, and tables of lessons to be read on Sundays, festivals, &c' 
The Latin text was written in the island of Lindisfarne by Eadfrith, who was 
bishop of Lindisfarne a.d. 698 — 721 ; so that if he wrote it before his election we 
must date it before 698. We cannot be far wrong in dating it, in round numbers, 
about a.d. 700. The interlinear gloss is two and a half centuries later, having been 
made by Aldred, a priest, about a.d. 950, at a time when the MS. was probably 
kept at Chester-le-Street, near Durham, whither it had been removed for fear of 
the Danes. The stains made upon the edges of the leaves by sea-water, probably 
during its transit from Lindisfarne to the mainland, are still plainly visible. The 
Durham Ritual, edited for the Surtees Society by Mr Stevenson in 1840, is glossed 
by the same hand". An entry at the end of St John's Gospel gives the names 
of Eadfrith the writer, and Aldred the glossator, as well as of iEthilwald and 
Bilfrith, who were employed upon the cover of it. ^Ethilvvald succeeded Eadfrith 
in the see of Lindisfarne, a.d. 721, and died about the year 737. Another and 
much shorter entry occurs at the bottom of leaf 88, at the back, and is printed in 
this volume, p. 1 ; see also the Critical Notes. Immediately above this note is written 
"Incipiunt capitulae (sic) secundum marcum," and on the next leaf is a short life of 
St Mark headed " Incipit argumentum." Next, on leaf 90, "Incipiunt capitula lec- 
tionum;" and, at the bottom of leaf 92, a very imperfect list of days when the 
lessons are to be read. All this preliminary matter to St Mark's Gospel is here 

1 Sec Kemblc's edition of the Gospel of St Matthew, dum Matthcuin, p. 21. The table of lessons from St Mat- 

wliich contains — Prologus decern Canonum, p. 1 ; Canones, thew i.s omitted by Kemblc. 

p. 4; Pmefatio cjusdciu i.e. llicronymi), p. 7; I'ra-fatio ' Sec Wright's Biographia Brituuuca A Dglo-SaxOD IV- 

Kusebii, p. 10 ; Argumentum Matthci, p. 12 j Capitula Lee- riod), p. 42G. 
tionum secundum Matthcuin, p. 13 ; and Evangelium Sccun- 


printed, pp. 1 — ">. The Latin text of the Gospel, with the Northern-English gloss, 
OOCUpiea the upper part of the right-hand pages, beginning at p. 9. 

VIII. Thi EtaSHWORTB MS. This MS. is in the Bodleian Library at Oxford, 
and is marked Auct. D. ii. L9 1 . It now consists of 1(39 leaves of thick vellum, 
measuring 14 by 10i inches, but is incomplete. It is described by Wanley, 
p. 81 ; by Professor Westwood in his " Pakeographia Sacra Pictoria," and his 
" Facsimiles of the Miniatures and Ornaments of Anglo-Saxon and Irish Manu- 
scripts ;" by Mr Waring, in his Prolegomena to St John's Gospel, p. xlvii ; and 
others. The Gospel of St Luke is incomplete, and there are no prefaces, argu- 
ments or tables, as in the Lindisfarne MS. In other points, however, it strongly 
resembles it, excepting that the Latin text is written all across the page, instead 
of in double columns. The Latin was written by a scribe who gives his name, 
at the end, as Macregol and Macreguil, but the date is uncertain. Wanley sup- 
poses it to have once belonged to Beda, who died a.d. 735 ; whilst, on the other 
hand, the Irish Annals of the year 820 record the death of a scribe named Mac 
Riagoil. We may, perhaps, refer it to the eighth century. The gloss is by two 
hands, those of Farman and Owun, whose names are given at the end of St John's 
Gospel ; and Farman is described as a priest of Harewood, which is in the West 
Riding of Yorkshire, on the river Wharfe. The portion written by the former ends 
at the word hleonadun in v. 15 of the second chapter of St Mark, as the reader 
may perceive by turning to p. 19, and observing that the thorn-letter (p) seldom 
again occurs after that verse, except when used with a stroke through it, to denote 
the word "JjaetV In v. 13 it occurs in pa preat, in v. 14 in mOSpy, and cwep, 
and in v. 15 in mi'Spy, for the last time. The gloss may be referred to the latter 
half of the tenth century. Nothing more is known of the history of the MS. till 
we find it in the hands of John Rush worth, of Lincoln's Inn, barrister, and deputy- 
clerk to the House of Commons during the Long Parliament ; by whom it was 
presented to the Bodleian Library. 

The Latin text of the Rushworth MS. differs but slightly from that of the 
Lindisfarne MS., and hence it is omitted here, as in Kemble's edition of St Mat- 
thew ; but I have thought it advisable to give, in the Appendix, every variation 
of spelling and of readings which it presents, as compared with the text of the 
Durham Book. The Northern-English (Yorkshire) gloss is given at the bottom of 
the right-hand pages, beginning at p. 9. Hitherto, it hardly seems to have been 
pointed out with sufficient distinctness that the Rushworth gloss is really derived from 
the Lindisfarne gloss in a very direct manner. I have no doubt that Farman and 
Owun actually consulted the identical Lindisfarne MS. which we now possess, to 

1 The number 3946, assigned to it in note 3 on p. iv, is s A rude figure, apparently of a flying lion, is drawn 

its number in the Old General Catalogue of M8S., printed in the margin of the MS. to mark where the handwriting 
;it Oxford in 1697. changes. 


assist tliem in glossing their own text, which occasionally differs, be it remembered, 
from the Latin Lindisfarne text. Hence it is that even the marginal notes of the 
one are reproduced in the other. In i. 6, we find a note on wudu hunig (wood- 
honey), viz. -p waxes on wudu binde; this is reproduced in the Rush worth gloss in 
the form — -f ivwxep on wude bendum. In v. 9, legio (legion) is explained in the 
Lindisfarne MS. — \jSusenef\ l i xii *8usend -p is legio \jSis] 1 wees diowla legio. This 
is exactly reproduced in the margin also of the Rushworth MS. One more example 
may suffice. It so happens that, in the Lindisfarne gloss, wherein capital letters 
are very rare indeed, the word Ne is written with a capital in xiii. 31. Precisely 
the same phenomenon occurs in the Rushworth gloss, only that the Ne is shifted 
into the preceding verse owing to confusion of transib'it with transibunt. This 
is more than coincidence ; it is proof. It is clear that Farman and Owun had the 
pages of the Lindisfarne MS. open before them whilst engaged in writing their own 
glosses. At the same time they exercised an independent judgment. At times 
they took leave to alter, or to omit a gloss as doubtful. In the case of double 
glosses they generally took the first. Thus, at p. Ill, xiv. 4, the Lindisfarne gloss 
for est is wees vel is; the Rushworth gloss is wees simply. In xiv. 12, the gloss to 
immolant is aseegcas vel ageetfevS in L., but ascegas only in R. Sometimes, both 
glosses are copied, in the order in which they occur. Thus, in xiv. 4, we find hia 
bulgon vel unwyr&e scegdon in the former, and hia bulgun vel unwyr i 6ne scegdun in 
the latter. The fact of the Rushworth gloss being, to a considerable extent, a mere 
copy of the older one, does not seem hitherto to have been fully perceived ; but 
it is a great help towards the right understanding of the later gloss, and sometimes 
even throws light upon the earlier one. It is not going far enough to say, as 
Mr Waring rightly says, that " both glossists drew from a common original ; " we 
can go still further, because we know what this original was. 

In some cases, for example, the Rushworth gloss remains a mere riddle till the 
Latin of the Lindisfarne MS. has been consulted. I would particularly draw at- 
tention to such instances as the following. In iv. 36, the Rushworth MS. has ita 
ut erat, i. e. as he was ; but erat is actually glossed by hice werun, i. e. they were. 
This singular mistranslation is, however, at once accounted for when we observe 
that the Lindisfarne MS. has erant, with the gloss hia weron. Once more, in vi. 14, 
the Rushworth MS. has et propterea operantur virtutes lin] illo, where operant ur is 
glossed by an-woene sint, i. e. are unexpected ; the simple clue to which is that the 
Lindisfarne MS. has not operantur at all, but inopinantur, by which the gloss there 
given, viz. un-woen sint, was evidently suggested. The result may be briefly ex- 
pressed by saying that, whereas the gloss in the Lindisfarne MS. depends upon the 
Latin text of that MS. only, the gloss in the Rushworth MS. depends upon the 
Latin texts in both. 

1 The words Susend and Us are supplied from conjecture ; they have been cut away by the binder of the volume. 


Description of the Printed Editions. 

I. The earliest edition of the Saxon Gospels is that printed by John Day in 
1671, tA the suggestion of Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury, with a dedi- 
cation to Queen Elizabeth by John Foxe, the rnartyrologist, who probably had a 
considerable share in the work. For the purpose of ascertaining the exact critical 
value of the various editions, it will be convenient to analyse Chapter xi. of St 
Mark's Gospel in them all, as it is a short one, and occurs in the middle of the 

Parker's edition is, no doubt, as Mr Thorpe says, closely copied from the Bodley 
MS. The chief variations from the MS. are these. 

(n) The editor ignores the accents. These occur, in the MS., in the words 
bethanSa, (nc l , dJedon, osannd, com, due, etc, lareoiv, see, ge, agen, us. 

(b) He prefers S as a final letter, printing cwofS for eweep, twynaft for twynap, 
and the like ; also getvurfte for gewurpe. 

(c) He prefers y to i, printing hym, hyne, sy, nys, &c, where the MS. has 
him, hi tie, si, nis. 

(d) He puts capital letters to proper names, according to the usual custom ; 
and expands all the contractions. 

(e) The following seem to be misprints, viz. Assort for assan, v. 2 ; Hcelend 
for hcelende, v. 7; twelfe for twelf, v. 11; pare for po?ra, v. 18; Fulluhte for fulluht, 
v. 30. 

(/) The following are corrections. He inserts ge after gelyfde in v. 31 ; he 
prints heefdon for the incorrect MS. reading cefdon in v. 32 ; and in v. 33, alters 
pincg into ping. The final eg, however, occurs sufficiently often in the Bodley and 
Cotton MSS., and might have been retained. The corrections shew that some other 
MS. was occasionally consulted, and the fact that the rubrics are inserted throughout 
tells us which, viz. the Cambridge one. 

The edition may therefore be regarded as a tolerably correct print of MS. 
Bodley 441, with a few corrections from the Cambridge MS. The occasional mis- 
prints render it not quite trustworthy, but it often affords a probable clue to the 
peculiarities of the MS. which it follows. Thus, in the last word but one in the 
Gospel, we find in this edition the extraordinary form fyligendead in place of fyligen- 
dum. This is the actual reading, but the page on which it occurs is spurious ; by 
which I merely mean, that it is copied out in a modern hand. The edition is 
printed in the (so-called) Saxon characters. 

II. An edition of the Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels in parallel columns 
was printed by Junius and Marshall in 1665. 

1 In the first two words the stroke over the i is not, however, a true accent, but only used to distinguish ni or in 
from m. 


This edition deserves a good deal of attention, and is executed with more 
critical ability than Mr Thorpe, in the preface to his own edition, seems to imply. 
It would have been still better had it been founded upon one of the MSS. them- 
selves, but the real basis of it is Parker's edition. Marshall's Observations on the 
Anglo-Saxon version, pp. 487 — 565, contain, as Wanley remarks, many things 
worthy of note. At p. 490, we read that Junius, taking Parker's edition in 
hand, collated it with the Bodley, Cambridge, and Corpus MSS., and gave the 
collations to Marshall for him to make use of as he thought fit. The Hatton MS. 
and the Rushworth gloss were also consulted. By help of these materials, Marshall 
corrected a large number of readings in Parker's edition, retaining those that seemed 
to be sufficiently correct. Turning to Chapter xi, we find that he has eliminated all 
the misprints noticed above in section (e), and gives the correct readings assan, 
hcelende, twelf, pcera, sacerdas, and fulluht. In the following instances he adopts 
readings from the Cambridge MS. viz. in ongean for ongen, v. 2; hig for hi, v. 4; 
tempel for tempi, v. 11 ; mynetera for mynetra, v. 15 ; sacerdas for sacerdos, v. 27 ; 
and in the addition of the words -pe on heofomim 1 ys at the end of v. 26. In v. 33, 
he restores *8incg as the reading of the Bodley MS., though it is really written 
pincg. In v. 8, he corrects boceras to bogas, a correction suggested by the Hatton 
MS. Throughout he adopted the general rule of never giving any reading which 
may not be found in one or other of the MSS. ; the only drawback being that he 
does not always say which of the MSS. contains the reading given. It is clear, 
however, that the Cambridge MS. was the one first consulted ; then the Corpus, 
Hatton, and Rushworth MSS., in this order. In other respects he follows Parker's 
peculiarities, in (a) ignoring the accents ; (6) the frequent use of S as a final letter ; 
(c) the frequent use of y for i ; (d) the use of capital letters in proper names, 
and the expansion of contractions. He also introduces capitals frequently at the 
beginning of verses, but these occur in the MSS. The volume contains also the 
Mceso-Gothic version ; some notes on the differences between the readings of the 
Anglo-Saxon and Vulgate versions, p. 495 ; some notes on the rubrics, and the 
Anglo-Saxon words occurring in them, p. 508 ; some particular readings from the 
Bodley, Cambridge, Corpus, and Hatton MSS., which are denoted by the letters 
0., C, B. and II. respectively 2 , p. 538 ; and notes upon passages in which the 
A. S. version seems to be corrupt or badly translated, p. 555 ; the whole displaying 
a good deal of care and painstaking. 

III. An edition of A. S. Gospels was printed in 12mo. at London by 
Mr Thorpe in 1H42, with the title — " Da halgan godspel on Englisc." 

This edition is said to be based upon the Cambridge MS., with occasional read- 
ings from the Corpus MS. The Bodley and Cotton MSS. were also consulted. 

1 MS. A. heofcnum. 

2 " O. denotat codiceni Oxonieiuem ; C. Cantabrigiensem; D. Denedictinum ; et //. I/attonianum," p. 538. 


The Bhorl prefaoe is very misleading; the estimates there given of the editions of 
Parker and Marshall cannot be allowed to be correct. Thus, of Parker's edition he 
ra that *' it may be regarded as a faithful impression of a late manuscript (appa- 
rently Bodley 441), showing the tongue in its decline, and when rapidly verging 
towards that state of barbarism into which it sank about the beginning of the 
twelfth century." To this it may be objected that the Bodley MS. is a duplicate 
of the Cotton MS., which has some pretensions to being considered the earliest in 
existence; that some of the pages of the Bodley MS. are supplied incorrectly in 
a later hand ; and that Parker's edition is not free from several bad mis- 
prints. Next we read that " Marshall's edition exhibits an earlier, though, per- 
haps, not a purer text, which the singularly unfortunate idea of its editor, of 
supplying the omissions of the Saxon version, sometimes (and not always gram- 
matically) by his own words, and at others, from the old Northumbrian glosses, has, 
moreover, greatly contributed to vitiate." It may, however, be held that Marshall's 
text is not an earlier, but the same text, that it is very much purer owing to the 
careful way in which Junius made the collations, and that the words supplied 
where the MSS. are defective are enclosed within square brackets, and create no 
difficulty. But my chief reason for noticing these points is that Mr Thorpe's text 
is practically much the same as Marshall's which he condemns. It was clearly 
printed from a copy of Marshall's edition, in which two sets of alterations had 
been made. Firstly, the spellings of many unimportant words have been capriciously 
altered, so that, where Marshall prints his in Ch. xi. v. 1, Thorpe prints hys ; but 
where Marshall prints hys in v. 14, Thorpe prints his. In like manner, hine hyngrode 
in v. 12 is put for hyne hingrode, and many other changes of i for y and y for i are 
made, which it is needless to recount 1 : secondly, several readings are adopted from 
the Cambridge MS. which Marshall either overlooked or did not regard worthy of 
attention. Examples are ; getigedne for getiggedne, v. 4 ; heora for hyra, vv. 7 and 
8 ; heowon for hcowun, v. 8 ; streowedon for streowodon, v. 8 ; peer for the second 
par in v. 13; ongan for ongann, v. 15; cypton for ciptun, v. 15; ondredon, v. 18; 
mcenigeo, v. 18; wyrt-ruman, v. 20 ; wyrigdest, v. 21; sig, v. 23; twec-na^S, v. 23; 
geweorfte, v. 23 ; gcbiddanne, v. 25 ; heofenlica, v. 25 ; heofenum, v. 25 (though in 
v. 26 Marshall's spelling heofonum is accidentally retained); acsige, v. 29. It is only 
in this sense that the edition can be considered as based upon the Cambridge MS. ; 
for otherwise the reader who actually compares it with the MS. will find several 
unimportant differences'. The result of the examination is that Mr Thorpe's edition 
is really a revised edition of Marshall's, and should have been so described. It is 
a valuable and useful edition because it is free from mistakes, and because the 

1 The MS. itself has hys in both places, w. 1 and 14; heofene twice; not having observed that the MS., in the 
in v. 12, it has hyne hyngrode; in v. 4, getygedne. second instance, has 'heofenum.' 

- Thus, in xi. 30, 31, Thorpe, following Marshall, prints 


readings can always be defended; but it is uncritical in the sense that the MS. 
authorities are not given. 

IV. Dr Bosworth printed an edition of "The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels, 
in parallel columns with the versions of Wicliffe and Tyndale " in 8vo. ; London, 
1865. In this edition, the text was, for the first time, based upon a better autho- 
rity, viz. the Corpus MS., and is very valuable as giving the text of that MS. with 
great exactness. The only variations throughout Chapter xi. are that, in v. 26, the 
word heqfonlica has been accidentally omitted ; that man is put for mann in 
v. 14; that ongann in v. 15 has been replaced by the more usual form ongan ; 
and that the evident misreading sacerdos in v. 27 has been corrected into sacer- 
das. The corrections ongen in v. 2 and bogas in v. 8 are supplied between square 
brackets. The only other differences are those purposely introduced by the editor, 
viz. the modern system of the use of capitals and of punctuation, a uniform system 
of accentuation, and a uniform use of the letters p and S, which are used some- 
what confusedly in the MS. The system adopted for the use of these letters is 
carefully explained at p. xxxii. of the editor's preface, and is based upon the modern 
English sounds of the words employed, p being put for the sharp sound of th in 
thin, and 8 for the flat sound of th in thine. The practice of the scribe of the MS. 
is nearly the contrary of this ; yet we find instances in which the letters have these 
theoretical values in fardp, v. 2 ; Da, vv. 7, 13, 18, 22 ; fte, v. 9 ; cwyp, v. 23 ; 
forgifap, v. 25 ; and ondrcedap, v. 32. 

This edition has proved of very great service to me ; indeed, it is the only one 
of the four which is of value from a critical point of view, as representing a defi- 
nite text. I have collated it with the MS. throughout the whole gospel, so that, 
wherever my text varies from it, the variation has the authority of the MS. itself. 

V. An edition of the Northumbrian glosses in the Lindisfarne MS. was 
printed in 1857 with the title : — " Die Vier Evangelien in Alt-Northumbrischer 
Sprache,...herausgegeben von Karl Wilhelm Bouterwek ; Gtitersloh, 1857." This is 
a very useful book, but I believe it to be founded upon a mistake, viz. upon a 
confusion between a gloss and a translation. A gloss, as may be seen by a glance 
at the right-hand pages of this volume, construes a text word for word, without 
much regard to the grammatical arrangement of the words of the vernacular tongue 
thus substituted. Its sole aim is to supply a clue to the meaning of the words 
of the original separately, that the original itself may be more easily understood. 
But a translation goes a great deal further ; it is conformed to the grammatical 
laws of the vernacular tongue, and is intended to replace the original so completely, 
that the reader may be rendered quite independent of it. Here, however, the 
editor has endeavoured to treat the gloss as a translation, by transposing the 
words so as to bring them into the Anglo-Saxon order, and supplying, within 
square brackets, the words which are wanting to complete the sense. The result 


is not quite satisfactory, because the occasional mistranslations produce passages 
in which the Latin text is indispensable, and consequently ought not to have 
been dispensed with. Besides which, to a reader who wishes to compare the 
gloss with the text, the transposition of the words is a source of great inconve- 
nience. It would have been far better to allow the words of the gloss to stand in 
the same order as in the MS. In other respects, the edition is worthy of high 
praise, and is, in general, exact and careful. Whenever the editor varies from the 
.MS. (which his scheme sometimes compels him to do), he gives the MS. reading 
in a note, that it may not be lost. In general, the MS. is very closely followed, 
but the contractions are sometimes (not always) expanded, and capital letters are 
given to proper names. The following variations from the MS. occur in Chapter xi., 
and are, in fact, errors. The readings of the edition are marked B. 

1. bethaniae is glossed Bethania ; no gloss in MS. B. more; MS. mor. 2. 
B. gie in ; MS. omits. B. nrenig ; MS. ne aenig. 3. B. huoe ; MS. hua. 4. B. 
uta (twice) ; MS. uta (once). 6. B. hia (both in text and note); MS. Sa ^e. 9. B. 
usig ; MS. w^sig (i. e. wsig, with small u above). 10. B. heahnissum ; MS. heanis- 
sm/i. 11. B. omits allum. 12. B. gehyncerde ; MS. gewyncerde (where it is the 
MS. which is lorong). 14. B. inserts an 1 and -p. 15. B. bycendo ; MS. byegendo. 
17. B. awritten ; MS. auritten. B. gebeddes ; MS. gebedd 1 . 18. B. aldermon- 
num ; MS. aldermonu??i. 23. B. (note) gelefes ; MS. gelefe. 26. B. iuih -pte \ 
gif; MS. iuh* j5 gif. 27. B. a?ldisto ; MS. seldesto. 28. B. doest ; MS. does. 29. 
B. ondeuarde ; MS. onduearde ; (a mere printers error). B. frsegna; MS. fregna. 
B. onduerdes ; MS. ondueardas. B. doa ; MS. doam. 30. B. ondueardes ; MS. on- 
dueardas. 31. B. omits cuoeS him \. B. gesmeadun ; MS. ge-smeadon. 32. B. 
omits waes. 33. B. nutu ; MS. neutu. 

It deserves to be particularly remarked, that these and similar errors generally 
occur in the case of small and unimportant words, and some are due to the difficulty 
of carrying out the system of forcing a gloss into the guise of a translation. 
Mistakes in the more important words are very rare. It must be added, that the 
volume contains an excellent glossary, with copious references ; also a preface and 
introduction, occupying 164 pages. An appendix contains the marginal notes, &c. 
written in the MS. ; the preface of St Jerome, both text and gloss ; the life of St 
Matthew, text and gloss ; the arguments of the sections of St Matthew, text and 
gloss ; the life of St John, text and gloss. All these are from the same MS., but 
do not exhaust its contents, as it also has lives of St Mark and St Luke, with 
arguments, and an argument of the sections of St John. See the account of the 
next edition. 

1 This well illustrates the difference between a. gloss and gebedd (a prayer), but B. gives the translation gebeddes (of 
a translation; the Latin oratlonis is rightly glossed by prayer). 


VI. The same editor, Herr Bouterwek, printed a volume entitled " Screadunga," 
i.e. Fragments, at Elberfeld, in 1858. This contains the lives of St Mark and St 
Luke and the arguments to St Mark's, St Luke's, and St John's gospels, omitted in 
his former volume. But besides this, the volume contains both the Latin text and 
gloss, of St Mark's gospel only, from the Rushworth MS. The following is an 
analysis of Chapter xi. 

Latin text. 1. B. appropinquarent Ierosolymae et Bethaniae; MS. adpropinquarent 
hierusoliniae & bithaniae. 2. B. illuc; MS. illud. B. soluite; MS. solute {wrongly), 
6. B. eis ; MS. illis. 7. B. imponunt ; MS. inpossuerunt. 9. B. praeibant ; MS. 
praecedebant. B. Hosanna ; MS. ossanna. (So also in v. 10). 11. B. Ierosolymam ; 
MS. hirusolyma. B. exiit ; MS. exiuit. 12. B. a ; MS. de. 15. B. Ierosolymam ; 
MS. hierusolymam. B. in templum ; MS. templum. B. eiicere ; MS. eicere. 
B. numulariorum ; MS. nummulariorum. 16. B. quisque ; MS. quisquam. 17. B. 
speluncam ; MS. speloncam. 18. B. doctrina ; MS. doctrinam. 20. B. transirent ; 
MS. transierent. 21. B. recordatus ; MS. recordatus est. 23. B. quia (tivice) ; MS. 
quia (once). B. haesitauerit ; MS. essitauerit. B. fiet ; MS. omits. 24. B. euenient; 
MS. ueniet. 26. B. dimiseritis ; MS. demiseritis. B. dimittet ; MS. dimittat. 
27. B. Ierosolymam; MS. hierusolimam. B. in templo accedunt ; MS. in templum 
accesserwnt. 28. B. ista ; MS. haec. 29. B. respondete ; MS. respondite. 30. B. 
Baptismus Ioannis ; MS. baptismum iohannis. B. respondete ; MS. respondite. 
32. B. Ioannem ; MS. iohannem. 33. B. dicunt ; MS. dixerunt. B. et respon- 
dens ; MS. respondens. 

Northumbrian gloss. 8. B. legdon ; MS. legdun. 17. B. wutudlice ; MS. 
wutodlice. 25. B. hwoegn ; MS. hwoegu. 33. B. ne ic ic ; MS. ne ec ic. 

From this and further examination of the edition it readily appears that the 
Latin text and Northumbrian gloss are very differently represented in this edition ; 
the former is faulty, but the latter excellent. In fact, the Latin must really 
have been derived originally from some other source ; it is quite impossible that 
inpossuerunt could have been copied imponunt in v. 7, and praecedebant read as 
praetbant. It will be found, in fact, that Bouterwek's text is much more free 
from blunders than the careless text in the MS., and represents the text of the 
Lindisfarne MS. much more closely than that of the Rushworth MS. In short, 
this edition of the Latin text is not to be trusted for fidelity. 

On the other hand, the Northumbrian gloss is represented with great exactitude ; 
the editor preserves the curls and marks of contraction of the MS., so as to produce 
almost a facsimile of it. Whatever errors occur are but slight, and I have found it 
well worth while to collate my own text with Bouterwek's throughout the entire 
gospel. My own text is, in fact, the same as his, but with the few errors corrected, 
and the contractions expanded. 

VII. Among the publications of the Surtees Society, Nos. 28, 39, 43, and 

C 2 


!-. LD. L854— -1865, is an edition of the Lindisfarnc and Rushworth Gospels, 
exhibiting both the Latin texts and English glosses. The first volume was 
edited by the Rev. J. Stevenson, the last three by Mr G. Waring. This ela- 
borate edition, the work of some years, was intended to shew the exact contents 
of both MSS., with the exception of the short lives of the Evangelists, the 
prefaces of St Jerome, and the arguments of the sections of the Gospels. It 
will be sufficient to speak here of the second volume only, containing St Mark's 
I ospeL The only intentional variations of the edition from the MSS. are in the 
use of capitals for proper names and the first words in each verse, the use of 
v for u, of j for i before vowels, of ce for ac, and in the frequent expansions 
of contractions. Unfortunately, however, either on account of some faults in the 
original transcript, or of some oversights in comparing the proofsheets with the 
MSS. themselves, the result is hardly satisfactory. A list of the errors in chapter 
xi. will shew their nature. 

Latin text (Lindisfarnc JIS.). 1. adpropinquaret 1 ; Hierosolymaa ; 2. ilium 
omitted. 4. inveniunt. 5. eis. 11. Hierosolyma. 12. exiret ea. 14. asternaui. 24. 
omnia omitted. 33. et omitted. 

Northumbrian gloss (Lindisfarnc MS). 1. more. 2. Se (gloss to quod) ; ongercgn ; 
gie inserted before ineodon ; Sone fola (for -f fola) ; naenig ; Sene omitted. 3. huse ; 
hia unbinde. 6. cuoedon. 7. Sone fola. 8. hiora ; woeg ; gebugon. 9. usig ; heah- 
nissum. 11. ymbsceawde ; efrntid waes ; bethania omitted; 12. bethania omitted; 
gehyncerde. 13. Saern ilea (twice) ; leafa. 14. Rune for monn omitted (corrected 
in Addenda) ; -p inserted after geherdon. 16. fret. 17. awritten ; gebeddes. 
18. ftaani omitted. 19. waes. 20. j? omitted. 21. wses eftmyndig ; peter omitted. 

23. sende ; gelefeft. 24. gie omitted. 28. to inserted ; doest. 29. frsegna ; iuh ; 
doa. 30. fulwiht; monnum. 31. Y soft him £ 33. 3 omitted; neuto we. 

Latin text (Rushworth MS). The Latin text is exhibited by a collation at 
the foot of the page, but the collation is vitiated by being compared with a 
faulty text above. Several of the peculiarities of the Rushworth text are passed 
over; this I denote by the word "missed." The following are misreadings. 1. 
adpropinquaret. 2. adhuc nemo missed; ilium omitted. 4. inueniunt. 5. eis. 6. 
illis for frst eis missed ; praeceperant given as a reading, where MS. has praeci- 
perat ; dimisierunt missed. 7. impossuerunt given as a reading, where MS. has 
inpossuerunt. 11. hirusolyrna missed. 14. seternuni ; ex te fructum missed. 

24. omnia omitted. 20. dimittit given, where MS. has dimittat. 28. haec for ista 
missed. 31. omission of nobis missed. 33. et omitted. 

Northumbrian gloss (Rushworth MS.). The following are wrong. 2. onfindas. 
4. ftaeni ; \ inserted. 8. gibedgun (printer's erratum). 9. ge (for se). 10. user; 

1 I give only the forms in the Surtees Society's edition ; for the correct forms, see p. 87 in this volume. 


Davides ; heek 12. beth. 13. gimette ; ne fand. 14. nsenig. 17. J>te {printers 
erratum, corrected in Addenda ; so in vv. 23, 28) ; wutudlice. 21. cweSe. 24. 
cwe<5o ; gibiddas. 30. i inserted. 31. soSlice ; hise omitted. 33. wittan. 

A large number of these errors are of no great moment, and several of 
them appear to be corrections deliberately adopted. I draw attention to them 
because otherwise the numerous variations between my own text and that of the 
Surtees Society might appear remarkable. My own plan is to give the uncor- 
rected readings of the MSS. themselves, from a conviction that in many in- 
stances students not only prefer to correct them for themselves, but may be 
better able to correct them than I am. It is by no means my wish to depreciate 
the value and worth of the enormous labour involved in these publications 
of the Surtees Society ; and the reader must be cautioned against forming 
too unfavourable an estimate of them from the numerous printer's errors in 
the first two or three opening chapters of this Gospel, wherein the letters p, 
w, and i> are confused, and n and u not always distinguished. In practice, 
I have found Mr Waring's volume extremely useful, and have collated it through- 
out with the Lindisfarne MS. For the Kushworth gloss I have preferred Bou- 
terwek's edition, as being more uniformly correct. In correcting proofsheets, I 
have consulted the MSS. themselves only. The present volume no doubt also 
contains a few errors, but they can hardly be numerous. 

VIII. The first volume of the present work, viz., the Gospel of St 
Matthew edited by Mr Kemble, has been already spoken of. It may be as well 
to add that it does not follow the capitals of the MSS., and that the punctua- 
tion accords with the modern method. . The letters v and j are used before a 
vowel, where the MS. has u and i, the other usual editorial alterations of this 
character are made throughout. The larger sections are not numbered, and the 
reference-numbers to the subsections in other gospels are omitted. These are, per- 
haps, but small matters. It is of more importance to note that in the Canons 
printed on pages 4 — 7, a few of the numbers are misprinted. Thus, in the 
second column of St Luke in Canon Secundus, lines 18 and 19, the numbers 
35 and 30 have been reversed by the printer into 53 and 63. In col. 1, line 
20 of St Mark in the same Canon, 141 is printed 41, by the dropping out of 
1 ; and in col. 4, 1. 1 of St Mark, 146 is printed 140 by the reversal of the 
last figure. 


Plan of the Present Volume. 

The present volume begins with the heading " Incipiunt capitulae ' secundum 
Marcum," as in the Lindisfarne MS. ; but this heading really refers to the sec- 
tions enumerated on p. 2. Next follows the note by the glossator Aldred already 
alluded to at p. xi. At fol. 89 is a short life of St Mark, headed " Incipit 
Argumentum," concerning which see the note at p. 141. The Latin text being 
corrupt, it can hardly be expected that the gloss should make very good sense. 
The most curious circumstance here narrated is the tradition that St Mark cut 
his thumb off, concerning which see a note by Mr J. S. Wood, of St John's 
College, Cambridge, in the Journal of Philology, vol. ii. p. 87, and pp. vii — xi. 
of the preface to Tischendorf's edition of the Codex Amiatinus. It is noteworthy 
that Aldred seems entirely to have misunderstood this, as he glosses amputasse 
by to tellanne vel to clamscmne (to tell or to cleanse), and pollicem by gehatne 
(promised). In the latter instance, he was evidently thinking of the Latin 
polh'citus. The homily numbered XVI. by "Wanley (Catalogue, p. 188) in MS. 
Cotton Julius E. 7, is on the Passion of St Mark, and it is followed by a 
second homily on the Four Evangelists 2 . In the latter, the notice of St Mark 
is so short that I here quote it entire, from the copy in MS. Camb. Univ. 
Lib. Ii. 1. 33, p. 220. It is written in a rude sort of rhythm, with not -very 
well-marked alliteration. 

Se o]?er godspellere Marcus, se wees mid J?am aposde petre 

ge-togen on lare. and to ge-leafan ge-biged. 

Petrus woes his god-feeder & hine gode ge-strynde. 

& he swa lange folgode his fulluht-faeder petre. 

05 -p he ge-sette mid sojmm ge-leafan 
J?a oSre cristes boc on italia lande. 

Ne ge-seah he crist on life, ac he leornode swa-J>eah 
of petres bodunge. hu he 8a boc ge-sette. 

6 petrus hi sceawode. & sealde to rsedenne. 

This may be translated as follows : — 

The second Evangelist Mark, who was by the apostle Peter 
Instructed in lore, and to belief turned ; 

1 So in the MS. At p. 2, it is rightly spelt capitula. (now 19S), Camb. Univ. Lib. Ii. 1. 33, and Cotton Vitellius 

- The two homilies seem to form but one in reality. D. 17. 
Other copies are found in MSS. Corp. Chr. Coll. Cam. S. 8 


Peter was his godfather, and begat him in the Lord. 
And he so long followed his baptismal father Peter, 
Until he instituted with true belief 
The second Christ's book (gospel) in Italian land. 
He saw not Christ alive, but he learnt nevertheless 
From Peter's preaching, how he should make the book ; 
And Peter considered it, and delivered it for reading. 

At p. 2 are printed the " Capitula Lectionum," or short summaries of the 
contents of the various portions of the Gospel read at various times. 

The whole gospel is divided into 46 such portions, as indicated by the 
capital Roman numbers in the margins of the right-hand pages. Section XL, 
for example, is said to contain the parable of the sower. Compare the capital 
" XL" in the margin at the beginning of chapter iv. p. 27. 

This is, perhaps, the most convenient place in which to add that the Gospel 
is further divided into smaller sections, generally known as the " Ammonian 
sections 1 ," which correspond to sections in the other gospels, according to the 
tables printed in Mr Kemble's edition of St Matthew, already mentioned on p. xxi. 
Thus, at ch. iv. ver. 1, the 36th section of St Mark, as shown by Canon 
Secundus, corresponds to the 76th section of St Luke and the 131st of St Matthew. 
I have throughout taken the liberty of printing the number of each subsection in 
Arabic numerals, as in Mr Kemble's book, though the MS. has Roman numerals! 

At the bottom of p. 5 is printed the imperfect table of lessons, which is to 
be read in five separate lines, as follows. I omit the gloss. 

Sabbato sancto mane. 

Post penticosten in ieiunium feria .iiii. 


Die dominica de indulgentia passio dommi nostri iesu christi. 

feria .ui. de albas (sic) paschae. 

The lessons to which these refer are left obscure owing to the lack of pre- 
fixed numbers. Probably these were to have been inserted in red letters, but 
were omitted by the rubricator. The tables of lessons to the other gospels are 
similarly obscure. A note in Marshall's edition (p. 513) seems to indicate a con- 
nection between the first line and the rubric in Camb. MS. at Chap. vi. 45 — 
Dis sceal on sasternes doeg ser halgan dsege — which would suggest that section 

1 Ammonia! of Alexandria, in the third century, en- the sections of the Gospels are classed accordingly as the 

dcavoured to form a harmony of the Gospels. Kusehius fact is found in all four gospels, in three, in two, or in 
improved upon it by drawing up his ten Canons, in which one only. 


pi (XVIIII.) on p. ">1 is the one referred to; but this requires further in- 
timation. The entry '* cottidiana " occurs frequently, sometimes three or four 
times in succession, in the tables of lessons prefixed to the other gospels. 

All this preliminary matter occurs in the Lindisfarne MS. only, and has 
been printed by Bouterwek in his "Screadunga" or Fragments, printed at Elber- 
feld in quarto, 1858; pp. 1 — 4\ 

The manner in which the various texts and the results of collation of them 
with other MSS. are arranged has been already explained. 

In the method of printing the texts, &c, I have been entirely guided by 
the one sole object of presenting to the reader, as nearly as possible, the exact 
peculiarities of the MSS. The capital letters, accents, and points are closely fol- 
lowed ; and, in order to indicate the contractions clearly, I have adopted the very 
convenient method employed in works issued by the Early English Text Society, 
of representing their equivalents by the use of italic letters. Thus, in i. 3, col. 1, 
the word p&m is written J?ii in the Corpus MS., and in the gloss to i. 7 in 
the Lindisfarne MS. the word sefter is written " seft," with an upward curl 
attached to the t. It will be convenient to mention here a few peculiarities of 
the MSS. 

Left-hand 'pages, first column. The contractions used in the Corpus MS. are 
very few, the commonest being a stroke over a vowel to denote m, as in pa,m., 
halgum, him, written pa, halgii, hi. We also find J?on for pomie. The contrac- 
tions 1 for and*, 'f for p&t, and cw. for cw ce*8 have been left as in the MSS. 
Similar contractions occur in MSS. A., B., and C, quoted in the Various Read- 
ings. The scribe used three kinds of points or stops, but two of them are 
altogether equivalent and answer nearly to the modern comma. He expresses 
this short pause either by a single dot, or by a stop resembling an inverted 
semicolon (!), but with a curl to the left instead of the right. These I here 
denote by an ordinary full stop. His longer pause is denoted by a kind of 
semicolon, as here printed, and the reader will soon observe that it is almost 
invariably followed by a capital letter. Another most curious result (one only 
to be discovered when a MS. is exactly followed) is the ornamental value which 
the scribe of the MS. assigns to the initials p and D. As these were, in his 
eyes, precisely equivalent, he adorns the MS. by writing them boldly, and, in 
many passages, alternately. Thus, in vi. lb', p. 44, we have initial D ; this is 
followed by p in verse 18, D in verse 19, p in verse 21, and so on alter- 
nately at the beginnings of verses 24, 26, 29, 37, and 38. So again at the begin- 
nings of verses 24, 27, 28, 29, 33 in chapter vii ; verses 5, 6, 12, in chapter 

1 Bouterwek's edition is very correct, but has a few a few more such slips might be pointed out 
Blight errors In 1. 4, p.l, lie has voce for uoce ; in the next 2 This contraction sometimes forms part of a word, as 

line, the MS. has praedistinatum, not praedistinctum, and " Sswarode" for " anrfswarode." 


viii ; verses 1, 2, 4, 5 in chapter ix ; verses 27, 29, 30, 32, 33 in ch. ix ; 
vv. 2, 3, 4, 9, 11, 14, 16, 18, 20, 23, 24, 28, 29, 36, 38, 39 in ch. x; 
&c. Of course there are numerous examples also of the contrary ; but, in the 
last case at least, the intention is obvious, and is far more striking in the MS. 
than in the print. The same alternation is sometimes found in the large capitals, 
which were painted in afterwards ; see x. 46 (p. 84), xi. 1 (p. 86), xi. 15 (p. 
88), xi. 27 (p. 90) ; and especially note xiii. 1 and 3 (p. 102). The supposed 
necessity of alternation was regulated to some extent by the position of the 
letters on the page. That our ancestors really looked upon such an alternation 
as an embellishment is proved beyond a doubt by the colours of the painted 
letters in the MSS. Thus, in the Cambridge MS., the large capitals are painted 
alternately blue, red, green, red, blue, red, green, red, &c, throughout the whole 
of the gospels. In the Hatton MS. , blue and red letters alternate ; in the Bodley 
MS., they are red and green. When not employing capitals, the scribe has a 
decided preference for \ at the beginning, and S at the end of a word, though 
we also find instances of a contrary usage. 

The accents in the Corpus MS. are used sparingly, but, in general, correctly. 
The following are the foreign words in which an accent is used, viz :— abiathar, 
bethania, corban, decapoleos, genesar, herode (dat.), hierasenorum, iairus, iordane, 
(dat), isaaces, osanna, sidone, sidonis, tira, tirum. Of Anglo-Saxon words, we find 
the following cases of substantives : adlum (dat. pi.), arfata, belaf, bocerum, 
bogas, dom, dune, ear, fyr, gast, gerynu, hiwum, hlaf, hlisa, hrof, hus, lafe, lar, 
lareow, lie, man (wickedness), mode, mysan, non-tide (xv. 34), rice, rices, sae, sa?d, 
saedere, scyp, sicol, stan, straete, tid, tima, tun, j?ecene, ]?6rnas, wa, westene, wic, 
wlf, win, wingeard, wite, y s t ; also the dative bee, and the 'plurals seep, swyn. 
Also the adjectives: — an, ece, god, geunret, hal, laman, mare, manfullan, nan, 
niwne, niwan, stiintan, j?aeslic, undone, unrot, weste, wode ; the singular word 
ece in ix. 45 is written for ece. The numerals : — fif, tyne. 

The pronouns : me, min, we, us, Jm, J?m, j?e, ge, he, hi, se (xii. 21). The 
parts of verbs: — adrifS, aris, aras, am, set, eeton, bigdon, com, comon, cwsede, do 
(donne, ge-don, dej?), eode, f?emende, foron, on-fo, ge-fon, ga, gan (agan, gegan, 
in-agan), geomrode, het, a-hof, hoh, a-hoh, aBt-hrine, a3t-hran, on-hran, let, for-let, 
for-laetan, laeran, lsesgende, naeron, namon, nat, ssedon, asende, siwa}?, be-smitan, 
a3t-soc, stigan, forS-stop, ge-swac, swor, sy, syn (iv. 12), urnon, ge-wat, wa?re, ytt. 

The adverbs : — agen, ser, furj^on, gyt, hwi, hwon, gelomlice, ma, na, nu, J?a 
(iii. 4; generally J?a), up, ut, ute. The prepositions: — agen, agen (xiii. 8), ongen 
(xiii. 8). The prefixes: — a- in a-fserede (xvi. 8), a-hangen (xv. 15), asceaca^, awri- 
ten ; ut- in ut-gan, tit-gangende ; and (once only) un- in un-f?wogenum (vii. 2). 
The accents are, however, very frequently omitted, as the readers were supposed 
to be able to supply the pronunciation for themselves. In the Bodley MS., the 


\\\ 1 

ms are written much in the same places; in the Cambridge MS., they are 
stil! Bcaroer. 

The component parts of a word are often written a little way apart. This 
I denote by a hyphen ; thus, the words be-foran, ge-fullod are be forau, ge fullod 
in the MS. 

The errors of the Corpus MS. are left uncorrected ; the various readings 
will in general point out where they occur. We should, however, particularly 
note the error boceras, i. e. scribes> for bogas, boughs, in xi. 8. The fact of its 
occurrence in MSS. A. B. C. as well as in the Corpus text shews quite clearly 
that all are really from the same source. In the Royal MSS. boceras was first 
written, but altered to bogas, and hence the scribe of the Hatton MS. was 
enabled to write boges, correctly. 

In quoting the various readings, I have strictly followed Mr Kemble's plan, 
of giving every variation of spelling, with the sole exception of 3 for p, and y 
for /, which are used interchangeably in all the MSS. It follows that all the 
MSS. are, for all practical purposes, printed in extenso, and any passage in any of 
the MSS. (except the imperfect Cotton MS.) can be easily reproduced, with the 
exception of contractions, and the uncertainty about \> or *8, and y or i. Thus 
in i. 3, the Cambridge MS. should have (judging from the notes) the reading — 
clypigende stefn on )?am westene ge-earwiaS drihtnes weg. doS rihte his siSas ; 
whilst the Royal MS. has — clepigende stefen on J?ani westene. ge-garwiaS drihtnes 
weg. doS rihte his sySas. 

Left-hand pages, column 2. The text and marginal notes (written as rubrics in 
the MS.) are from the Hatton MS.; the various readings from the earlier Royal 
MS. The chief peculiarities of the Hatton MS. are the introduction of k for c, as in 
kymd, bokeres, kydde, for the earlier cy 7)1*8, boceras, cydde\ and a frequent confusion 
between the letters d and S. These latter are written exactly alike, with the excep- 
tion of a slight stroke through the upper part of the latter, so that the omission of 
this stroke turns it into a d. I print it as in the MS.; and hence the form seed 
for sec^, i. 37. In i. 32, we find the reverse change, geworSen being written for 
geworden, and *8rid > 8e for ^Sridde. When the double letter 8S occurs, the stroke is 
sometimes drawn through one letter only, generally the latter ; thus odSe is written 
for o'S'Se in vii. 12. The letters J? and *8 are used indiscriminately at the beginning 
of a word, but in the middle or at the end we have, almost always, S only. Only 
one sort of stop, a single point, is used ; it is here denoted by a full stop. The 
accents are very few, as they also are in the Royal MS. ; we may note them in 

1 The letter k appears towards the end of some of the Tib. B. 4. The word karissimum occurs in the Latin text 
MSS. of the A.S. Chronicle, as, e.g., in the mysterious word of the Lindisfarne MS., in Mark xii. 6. 
hewpat, under the date 1056, in MSS. Cotton Tib. B. 1 and 

XX vu 

the foreign words iudeeisce, galilee, iudee, and in the native words ansiene, agan, 
ahof, aj>ene, see, us, ascaceS, god, ga, pa. There are a few downright blunders, such 
as un for id, iii. 23 ; witege for ivite, v. 29 ; cipfata and manslcege for «r/a£a and 
mcestlinga, vii. 4 ; brithmen for britsenum, viii. 8 ; hyfocle for lufode, x. 21 ; &c. One 
change of spelling, viz. the substitution of c/i for c, was probably due to Norman 
influence ; examples of it are ich for ic, and eches for eces. But the most interest- 
ing point about this text is the exact evidence it affords of the manner in which 
the older inflexions of the language were weakened, thus leading the way to their 
ultimate total or partial suppression. By comparing it with the older text beside 
it, we literally see the process of this change going on before our eyes. These 
weakenings were accomplished by the frequent substitution of the slight vowel e for 
the more distinct a, o, and u, not only when these vowels occur at the end of a 
word, but when they occur near the end. Hence we find -an, -as, -aft replaced by 
-en, -es, -eft ; -od, -oda, -on by -ed, -ede, -en ; and -w weakened, not merely into -em, 
but into -en. Thus, the suna, lendenu of the earlier text become sune, lendene ; sprecan, 
dagas, fulkcS, gecostnod, gelufoda, penedon, dagum become likewise sprecen, dages, 
fulled, gecostned, gelufode, peneden, dagen. We even find e for y, as in gelefeft for 
gelyfa'S. The adoption of en for an was but the prelude to dropping this final con- 
sonant altogether ; so that, whilst, in ii. 5, Iceman becomes lamen, two verses above 
it is written lame; whilst in ii. 4 we find asende for asendan in the plural. Nothing 
can be clearer than the gradual process of corruption of the infinitive moods of verbs. 
In earlier MSS. we find, e.g. singan, to sing; shortly before a.d. 1200, it is singen; 
soon after that date it became singe, a dissyllable. About a.d. 1400, the necessity 
of sounding the final -e was but slight; but the word continued to be often writ- 
ten singe for some time after the final -e ceased to be pronounced. In course of 
time, it was generally rejected as useless, and hence our modern sing. This change 
took place still earlier in the North, where the common ending of the infinitive, 
even in early times, was -a rather than -an. The text of the Hatton MS. shews us 
the first step towards many such changes very clearly. It may be compared with the 
latter part of the A. S. Chronicle, from about a.d. 1120 onwards. The rubrics in 
the Hatton MS. are nearly all found in the Royal MS. in exactly the same places 
without variation of spelling. The spelling of the Royal MS. is, in general, of 
an older character, though here also we sometimes find d for i 6, as in siwad for 
siwaft, ii. 21. 

Right-hand pages. The distinguishing feature of the texts here printed (viz. the 
Lindisfarne text with its gloss above, and the Rushworth gloss without its text 
below), is that the glosses are in the Northumbrian dialect, and so present a strik- 
ing contrast to the West-Saxon texts opposite. The Latin text is written with but 
few contractions, which are denoted by italics wherever they occur, so that spiritus, 
sanctus, for example, are expansions of sps, scs. We have frequently the very 



common contraction ilis tor ihetua or \<>sus\ and xps for chris/us, where the x is 
the Creek X (eh) and the p the Greek P (r). There are a few bad mistakes in the 
Latin, such as cum for cum in ii. 4, nubimus for nubibus in xiii. 26, lerner for 
/,/,</• in xiii. 28, and the like; most of these are noticed in the Appendix, and 
are not to be regarded as misprints. The letter u (never v) is used through- 
out ; the diphthong a is generally written ae. A few accents occur, the words 
has, die, and nc, for example, being written litis, die, and ne ; p. 103. There 
is no punctuation in the Lindisfarne MS. The full stops merely denote the 
end of a verse, and should, strictly speaking, have been omitted. The glossator 
generally denotes the contraction er by an upward curl, and m by a straight stroke ; 
but nearly all the contractions are alike represented by a short wavy stroke, 
evidently intended to have a vague meaning. Thus the italicised letters in the 
words caphar/iawm, uutcdlice, beforan, hieruscdem, f\i\\vihteres, are all denoted by 
much the same stroke, and the italic letters are intended to denote this. In the 
last case, for instance, the word is spelt fulwih, followed by a curl ; and if the 
reader wishes to expand such a word in any other manner, he is of course at 
liberty to do so c . Near the beginning of the book, I have left the word hsdi as 
written ih the MS., but I have found it better to expand it into heelend, h&lende, 
or hoslendcs, as required by grammar. This can cause no difficulty. Elsewhere I 
have left the contraction t, meaning vel, as written, because it conveniently separates 
the double glosses. Thus in i. 10, in ipso is interpreted to mean either in ^Scem (in 
them) or on him, the latter only being correct. Sometimes i is written without 
being followed by a second gloss (vii. 23). In some words, a small u is written 
above the line ; this is denoted by an italic u. The contraction 3 for and is used 
throughout. The letter p never occurs, except when used with a stroke through it 
cf) as a contraction for pcet. In a few cases, a d is converted into S by an unne- 
cessary stroke through it, as in zebdSies for zebedies. Several accents occur over 
long vowels ; these are all printed as in the MS. Some of the foreign names and 
hard words are left unglossed; and many of the glosses are quite wrong, and exhibit 
some curious errors. For examples of omissions, see vii. 4. For an example of 
error, observe the word bifgedon (they trembled) as a translation of fremebant in 
xiv. 5; the worthy glossator was clearly thinking of tremebant 3 . In iii. 19, James 
the son of Alpheus is called 'Jacob the white' {albas). Where the Latin text 
is wrong, the glossator still carefully follows it; hence the misreading eum for cum in 
ii. 4 is translated by hine (him). It must be observed also that the gloss being 
intended to give the sense of each word separately, rather in order that the reader 

1 The latter method of expansion is the better one, for tice is given ; neither has he always observed the capitals, 

the h really stands for a Greek H (e) ; I have sometimes &c. of the MSS. 

inadvertently printed 'ihetua, but this can hardly mislead s See the Lindisfarne and Rushworth Gospels (Surtees 

a reader. Society), ed. G. Waring, part iv. pp. civ — cxviii, where the 

- In Mr. Kemble's edition of St. Matthew, no such no- characteristics of the MSS. are fully described. 


might understand the Latin than that he might substitute an English version for 
it, the inflexions are not always adapted to the laws of syntax'. The peculiarities 
of orthography and inflexion in these glosses have been described fully by Mr Warino- 2 , 
who shews what are the West-Saxon forms corresponding to the Northumbrian ones. 
But it may, nevertheless, be convenient to shew here, conversely, what are the North- 
umbrian forms corresponding to the West-Saxon ones. I consider only the Gospel 
of St Mark, commencing with ii. 16, where Owun's gloss begins in the Rushworth 
MS. The chief variations are in the vowels and diphthongs ; I omit some of rare 
occurrence, and take the Lindisfarne MS. (L.) first. 

Orthography. 1. The West-Saxon (Corpus MS.) a becomes a, o, ea in L. 

Ex. butan, L. buta, viii. 23 ; man, L. mon, v. 2 j gaful, L. geafel, xii. 14. 

W.S. d becomes L. a, ce. Ex. gaste, L. gast, v. 2; hwam, L. hwcem, iv. 30. 

2. W.S. ce becomes L. ce, ae, a, e, oe, oce, ece. 

Ex. wees, L. wees ; reste-dceges, L. to rcest-daege, ii. 28 ; sceuft), L. saueft, 
iv. 14 ; gcers, L. gers, iv. 28 ; dcege, L. doeg, vi. 2 ; cwce'S, L. cuoce'S, x. 5 ; 
L. forgecef, x. 4. 

W.S. ce becomes L. ce, e, cee. 

Ex. cerest, L. cerist, iv. 28 ; seed, L. sed, iv. 27 ; see, L. scee, vi. 48. 

3. W.S. e becomes L. e, a, ce, i. Ex. ofer, L. ofer ; welene, L. walatto, 
iv. 19 ; heofenes, L. heofnees, iv. 32 ; cerest, L. cerist, iv. 28. 

W.S. e becomes L. e, a, ea, oe. Ex. we; welene, L. walanct (iv. 19); etan, 
L. eata, vii. 2 ; secap, L. soeca^S, iii. 32. 

4. W.S. ea becomes L. ea, a, ce, e. 

Ex. geleafa/i, L. geleafa, iv. 40 ; seedde, L. sedde, iv. 7, 8 ; peahtedon, L. 
*&cehtuug hia dedon, iii. 6 ; eagan, L. c^o, viii. 23. 

5. W. S. eo becomes L. eo, ea, e, io. Ex. eor*8e, L. eorSo, iv. 28 ; L. eade 
(for eode) v. 2 ; Zeofa, L. leht, iv. 21 ; deofol, L. diobles, i. 39. 

6. W. S. £ becomes L. i, io. Ex. i/i; L. genioma (for niman) iii. 27. 

W. S. / becomes L. i, ce. Ex. r/pes £/c?, iv. 29. ; nihtes, L. on nceht, iv. 27. 

7. W. S. o becomes L. o, u. Ex. L. forft-brohte, L. scwa, iv. 29 ; Li 
hlafurd (for hlaford) ii. 28. 

8. W. S. " becomes L. it, e, y, oe. Also W. S. w = L. w. Ex. L. unca'6, 
iii. 10 ; gaful, L. geafel, xii. 14 ; asundron, L. syndrige, iv. 34 ; swustor, L. 
swoester, iii. 35. L. suce = swa. 

9. W. S. y becomes L. y, i, eo, ea, w. W. S. y becomes L. #, io, e. Ex. 
scyldig, iii. 29 ; //iyce^, L. rmc/o, iv. 39 ; sylf L. seolf, iii. 25 ; syllanne, L. 
seallane, xii. 14; .sy//; L. #wZ£ iii. 26. Also L. fyr, ix. 45; anayne, [L. ansione, 
xii. 14; gehyrcfiS, L. heraft, iv. 3. 

1 See abore, p. xvii. 

2 Limliifurne and Rushworth Gospels (Surtees Society), part iv. pp. cxix — exxv. 


\\ c also frequently find in L. the double vowels an, ee, it, m, &c. ; as in 
ingoott, iii. 27; jr<r-suigo, v. 42; gesiist, v. 81; huu, iv. 13. Observe also the 
curious forms irwueeord, vii. 21; bchwald, xii. 41; ongeaegn, xi. 2; necenig, xii. 
34 j .^r< , vi. 48. 

As regards the consonants, we find occasionally the following changes. 

1. W. S. g sometimes becomes L. c, as in ftrounc, L. viii. 34, for W. S. 
prdwung; cf. onfence, vi. 41. Conversely, we sometimes (but rarely) find W. S. c 
becoming L. g, as in Ucceterum, L. legerum, vii. 6. At the end of a word, we 
find in L. both eg and gc, as in rowincg, vi. 48 ; gebrcegc, vi. 41. 

2. W. S. c frequently becomes L. h, as in L. ah (passim) for ac. Sometimes 
also we find in L. ch, as in carchern, vi. 27 ; michel, iv. 5. 

3. The letters d and S are frequently interchanged in L. ; possibly from 
their similarity of form, as in the Hatton MS. Ex. dcere for 'Scere, v. 41 ; m$& 
for mid, v. 18. 

4. The letters d and t are also frequently interchanged ; as in sexdig for 
sextig, iv. 8 ; gemoetat for gemoetad, iv. 19. Cf. gebloedsade, vi. 41. 

5. Other peculiarities of MS. L. are the prefixing of an aspirate, as in 
lirceste, iv. 39 ; hlifige, v. 23 ; the frequent insertion of r, as in efern for efen, 
iv. 35 ; o)idreardo)i for ondredon, v. 15 ; the insertion of w, as in cioom for com, 
iii. 20 ; the insertion of u between w and r, as in ivurafSia, x. 41 ; the use of 
wu for K at the beginning of a word, as in wurnon, vi. 55. We also often 
find a consonant doubled at the end of a word, as in sibb, v. 34 ; sprcecc, iv. 
34; blann, iv. 39; upp, iv. 6; gescett, iv. 1. But instead of gg we find c# or 
gc, as in rowincg, vi. 48 ; gebrcegc, vi. 41 (above noted) ; and instead of tt we 
find £cZ, as in hivcetd for Jnvcett, iv. 40. 

Inflexions. The noun-endings in L. are rather anomalous and inconsistent. 
The most remarkable point is the frequent occurrence of final -o, especially in the 
nom. and ace. pi., as in suno, iii. 17 ; ivu i Smito, iii. 22 ; ilco, iii. 23 ; fato, iii. 
27 ; it also occurs in the singular, as in ivrcefto, iii. 21 ; eor'&o, iv. 1. But the 
fact is, that the terminating vowel must have been indistinct, so that we not 
only find synno, iii. 28, but synna, iv. 12; just as in v. 12 we find the pres. 
part. pi. ending in -endo in cwoeftendo, but in -ende in fcerende in the next 
verse. Another point worthy of remark is that the termination -an (of Eask's 
first declension) does not appear, but is replaced by -es or -ess, -e, -a, or -o x . 
Ex. tunga, tungces, earo, vii. 33 — 35. 

The pronouns present some remarkable forms, such as mines for min, x. 47 ; 
uiec and meh for me, xiv. 6, 7 ; ftines for 'Sin, v. 19 ; Sec for Se, v. 34 ; ivoe 

1 Lind. and Rush. Gospels (Surtees Soc.) ; pt. iv. p. exxii. 


for we, xi. 33 ; usra as gen. pi. of the first person, xii. 7 ; usic for us ; gie for 
ge; iuih, itth for eow, ix. 19. In the third person, we find fern. nom. hiu, vi. 
24 ; fern. dat. hir, v. 33 ; fern. ace. hia, xiv. 6 ; hea, xiv. 5 ; pi. nom. and ace. 
hia, gen. hiora, vi. 6 ; dat. him. The dual form is avoided ; see x. 36 and 
xi. 2. Of possessive pronouns, we may specially note *&inra, x. 37 ; hver, x. 43 ; 
iuer, xi. 25 ; uteres, x. 5 ; and, as an instance of irregularity, iuerra in xi. 25, 
as compared with iuero in the following verse. Of demonstratives, we may note 
fern. nom. ftiu, v. 32 ; fern. gen. "Scerce, vi. 22, and dative dcere for Stere, v. 41 * 
also fern. nom. ftios, xiii. 30 ; fern. ace. ftius, xii. 10 ; and, as an instance of 
irregularity, fern. nom. das (for ftas) and ftius in the same verse (viii. 12), and 
immediately afterwards the false concord of ftisttm, dat. masc. with cneoreso, dat. 
fern. Such false concords are by no means uncommon. 

But it is in the verbs that the peculiarities of the dialect are most distinctly 
marked. Thus, the infinitive never ends in -an, but in -a, and less frequently in 
-e, as in wyrce, gedoa, iii. 4 ; cf. ofslaa, vi. 19 ; losiga, iii. 6 ; bodiga, hi. 14 ; 
gereqfage (miswritten gereofa ge) iii. 27. In the present tense, the first person 
commonly ends in -o or -a, as scego, v. 41 ; milsa, viii. 2 ; the second person 
in -es, -as, or ces, as styres, v. 35 ; gegiuas, vi. 23 ; doces, xi. 28 ; also in -is, 
as hvfis, x. 21 ; the third in -es, -as, -eS or -crS, its irregularity being strikingly 
pointed out in such glosses as semes* vel sauaft, iv. 16; saueft vel sauas, iv. 18; 
slepiafS vel slepeft 8 , iv. 27 ; again, hcefe'S and hcefes occur in consecutive verses, 
iii. 29, 30. The plural is commonly in -as or -es, but also in -aft or -eft ; as 
in gecunnas, iv. 13 ; stondes, iii. 31 ; soecaft, iii. 32 ; doeft, vii. 9. In the second 
person, the pronoun gie is often attached to the verb, as in oncncaioesgie, vii. 
18 ; this is commonest in the case of arogie (ye are). The termination -e gene- 
rally indicates the subjunctive mood, in all persons; as in ic see, xiv. 44; ftu hcebbe, 
x. 21; he gesege, viii. 24; we byege, vi. 37; gie geonge, vi. 10; hia were, iii. 14. 
In the past tense plural, the common ending is -on, sometimes -un (cwomun, iii. 13) ; 
but occasionally the striking form -es or -ces appears,, as in cewades vel mersades, 
iii. 12 ; mcehtces, ii. 10. Sometimes the ending is cut down to -e, as in mcehte 
woe, ix. 28. 

In the imperative singular, verbs are reduced to their stem, as in aris, v. 
41 ; in the plural, the ending is commonly -as or -es, as in sceacas, vi. 11 ; 
cymes, vi. 31 ; the irregularity being well shown in the gloss byeges vel ceapas, 
vi. 36 ; but observe w turn's, vi. 10. The past part, of weak verbs ends in -ad or 
-ed, which are sometimes changed into -at or -et ; as in geboetad, iii. 5 ; gecerred, 
iii. 21 ; gesettet, iv. 21. We must not omit to remark the occasional appearance 
of -m at the end of the 1st p. s. pres. in geseom, viii. 24; doom, xi. 33; beom, 

1 Possibly iauet may be meant for the passive voice here, just as -cs is so used in Danish. 
- Miswritten tleped in v. 39. 


i\. 1!> ; in xl 20 we find the gloss ic doe vel doom. This is a relic of the 
old persona] pronoun which appears in the Sanskrit dsmi, Greek ei/xi, Latin sum, 
and English am. Of the verb to be, the commonest forms are 1 p. s. beom, 
3 p. s. fcro" (ix. 35), pi. bi'Son (xi. 25 ; x. 8). From the infin. worn (ix. 35), we 
have 2 p. s. ar%, iii. 11 ; 3 p. s. is; pi. si/nt or axon, both of which occur in 
vii. 4 ; in the 2 p. pi. the pronoun is almost invariably suffixed, thus forming 
arogie, v. 39. Pt. tense wees, pi. weron, woeron; subj. pres. se, sie, x. 38, 39; 
', xiv. 44. Imp. s. ivces, as in the famous phrase ivces hal (v. 34), the original 
of our wassail. 

All these examples are from the Lindisfarne gloss only. It is hardly necessary 
to say more of the Rushworth gloss than that it represents the same dialect in 
a slightly later form, and presents similar terminations. Yet it has some 
peculiarities of its own, amongst which we must not omit to observe the very 
frequent substitution of u for o (especially -un for -on), and the use of gi- as a 
prefix instead of ge-. We often find -a and -o reduced to the less definite -e, as 
in siofune for seofana, viii. 20 ; twelfe for twelfo, iii. 14 ; diphthongs replaced by 
simple vowels, as in ge for gie; u replaced by iv, as in cioafS for cuoe^S; and 
the general system of terminations simplified, so that the grammar of the Rush- 
worth gloss becomes much more regular than that of the other, the common 
endings of the present and past tenses plural being -as and -un respectively. 

In concluding the Preface, I wish to express my thanks to the Syndics of 
the Pitt Press for undertaking the publication of this volume. 



35u lifgiende god gemyne £u eadfriS 3 aeSil-wald 3 billfrifc 3 aldred peccatorum $as 

feowero mi<5 gode ymb-woeson $as boc 



Marcus Se godspellere godes 3 petres in fulwiht sunu 1 in god-cund word 

Marcus euangelista dei et petri in baptismate Alius atqwe in diuino sermone 

discipul sacerda in israhel doend setter lichoma leuita geca3rred to geleafa cristes 

discipulus sacerdotium in israhel agens secundum carnem leuita conuersus ad fidem christx 

god-spell in italia awrat sed-eawde in <5on f ec cynn his rehtlic were 1 criste forfcon 
euangelium in italia scribsit ostendens in eo quod et generi suo deberet et chrtsto nam 

fruma Saes forueardes in stefne wit-geonges ceigendes-l'clioppende settendes-rgesette ende brednise Saes leul 
initium principii in uoce prophetiae exclamationis instituens ordinem leuiticae 

lar-r" redes aed-eaude fte bodade fore-gesaegd sunu zachariaes in stefne engles 

lectionis ostendit ut praedicans praedistinatum iohannem filium zacchariae in uoce angeli 

ssecgende gesended ne f ane word lichoma geworden ah lichoma drihtes Serb word god-cundes 
enuntiantis emissum non solum uerbum caro factum sed corpus domini per uerbum diuinse 

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uocis animatum initio euangelicae praedicationis ostendens ut qui haec legens sciret 

to huaem fruma lichomas in drihtne 1 haelendes to-cymende -1' hus relit were to on-cnauanne 

cui initium carnis in doramo et ihesu aduenientis habitaculum deberet agnoscere 

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atque in se uerbum uocis quod in consonantib«<s perdiderat inueniret deniqz<e et perfectio 

godspelles were in eode 3 miS fulwiht drihtnes bodiga god ongann-l'onginnende ne wann 

euangelii opus intraus et baptismo domini praedicare deum incoans non laborauit 

accennise lichomaes Son in aerrum awoendat were cweofca ah all in Saem forfcmestu?« 

natiuitatem carnis quam in prioribws uicerat dicere sed totum inprimis 

Sset tal forletenes faestern tales cunnung diables -p somnung wildeora "i 

expositionew deserti ieiunium numeri temtationem diaboli congregationem bestiarum el 

hernise brohte engla -pte sette usih to on-cnawanne siundrio in lytlum-1'in sreortum 

ministerinm protulit angelorum ut instituens nos ad intelligendum singula in breuia 

gemercade ne setnessa woerces alesde 3 Saes geendedad werces Sone fyllnii 

compingens nee auctoritatem facti rei demcret et perficiendi opcri plenitudinem 

ne on-soce -rnahle on-sacca sofcfca to tellanne Ito clsonsanne him after lufu-r'geleafo gehatne acueScn bis 
non negaret demque amputassc sibi post fidem pollicem dicitur 

fte mi* saecerd-had for-cySed were haefd ah f ane efne geSohte to lufo fore- wurdon lette 

ut sacerdotio reprobus haberetur sed tantuni consentiens fidei prcedistinata posuit 


goooreniao ne sua in woero wordea WON Itisad -)5te sorest carnade in cynn for*on 

electio at nee sic in opere aerbi perderel quod prius meruerat in genere nam 

alexandriniaon biadob arses toa4*hia Kerb anal syndrigo woero wiste-Ho uutanne godspelles in him 
alexandriaa episcopos i'uit cuius per singula opus scire euangelii in a6 

gecuoedna to-aceada 3 Kone Seodacip in him acs fte on-cnewa-lwere oncnauen f god-cund 
dicta disponere et disciplinam in sd legis agnosceret et diuinam in carnem 

Me im-cnowe tot gecynd *a So in us a>rist eft gesoeca aeftVr *on-l'so**a gesoht-l'gefregna we walla* 
intellegeret natnram quae in nos primum requiri dehinc inquisita uolurnus 

oncnawa habbas-r ha3bbende meard fajstnunges-ltrymnises for*on se*e plonta* "3 se*e wyr*es 
agnosci Imbentcs mercedem exortationis quoniarn qui plantat et qui rigat 

an aron se *e *on«e ge*ungennise fore-gearnas god is 
unum sunt qui autcm incrementum proestat dews est. 


cy*nise engel f is erenwreca bi* genemned 3 

[Fol. 90.] I. EsAIE testimonium iohannis angelus id est nuntius appellator et 

fore-bod bis 3 fulwiht asaegd is crist bodade gefulwad bi* *er *aes *rinise 

praedicatio eius baptismusque refertur. II. Christus praedicans baptizatur ubi trinitatis 

a?d-eawad bi* of ceigeng petres *ara fiscera 

panditur sacramentuwt. III. De uocatione petri andrse iacobi et ioliannis piscatorum. 

in somnunga of menu gaast unclaene frohtende 3 ondetenda for-draf his 

nil. In synagoga de homine sipiritum immundum metuentem et confiteutem expellens sua 

from monnura mi* maeht hered bi* from swoer petres of feber mi* word 3 mi* ded for-draf 

ab hominibufl potestate laudatur. v. A socru petri febre uerbo factuque depulsa 

behrto alle in untrymnisse gegemde reof-Hic*rower mi* word mi**y cuoe* ic willo geclsensad bi* 

naria cunctos infirmitate curauit. VI. Leprosus uerbo quo ait uolo mundatur 

1 mi* leicnung *aen eor*-cryple mi* eft-forgefnise gesald is synna se*e "i 

et curatio paralytico cum remissione tribuitur peccatorim. vn. Leui qui et mat- 

of geceigd wses 3 fore baer-synnigra gebear •}" fordrifnise 

theus de teloneo uocatur et pro publicanorum conuiuio quaerella uel obiectio pharisaeorum 

fibles *a?s aide "} wines 4* bytta mi* ceping gessegd bi* fore *ara ehera in sunnadaeg 

panni ueteris et uini uel ntrirora comparatione refellitur. VIII. Pro spicarum in sabbato 

mi* numenne *a?m telendum ge*reatnum gefylged aeft<?r *on honda dryge mi* eft-boeteng -t eft-boete 
uulsione repre(iensoribi<s increpatis sequitur manus aridae restitutio. 

*aentung wi* bine hia doa* ge-herdo *er scipp gehnnon him 

Villi. Consilium contra eum faciunt pharisaei deseruientes ibi nauicula tangentes eum 

ungelicum-1 monigfalduwj untryninissum unhale gehaeled bi*on tuoel *egnas to 

uiuersis infirmitatibws aegroti sanantur. X. Duodecim discipulos ad 


bodarme mi$ word mifc gebrohtum msehtu»i sendefc 6n beelzebub hine maege cuefcende on-soc 

praedicandum uerbo conlatis uirtutibws mittet in belzebub eum posse dicentes redarguit 

werere cuoefc in gaast halig ebolsong 5 $a moder 1 broker hia 

inremissibilem esse dicens in spiW'tfwm sanctum blasphemianz et matrem ac fratres eos 

ceigafc se $e tSaes fsedores doefc willo lserde fore-sette bispell fcaes sawendes 3 

uocat qui patris fecerit uoluntatem. XL Docens proponit parabolam seminantis et 

his $a ilea syndrige gesaette breht aod-eawnise Segnum leht under mitto-l'fact 

suis earn seorsum exponit clara manifestatione discipulis. xn. Lucernam sub modio 

ne is to settenna 4* slepende raenn his gewaexe 3 of corn senepis cuefc 

non ponendara uel dormiente homine sata eius crescere et de grano sinapis dicit. 

f un-smyltnise mi$ word adrysnede 3 diowles ' fordraf gegeonga-rtd geonganne lefde in berguw 
XIII. Tempestatem uerbo compescens et demones eiciens ire concessit in porcos. 

foerende $a deada gewsecca dohter iares <5aet wif from blod-iorne -rblodes gytt hailde 
XIIII. Uadens mortuam suscitare filiam iairi mulierem a profluuio sanguinis sanans 

wseccaS sona "3 $ maeden wundradon hia-thia wundrande f lar 3 maehto Sses wrihtes 

suscitat protinus et puellam. XV. Mirantes doctrinam et uirtntes fabri 

sunu^ smiles sunu euoefcaS herdon from him ne were witge buta wor<5ung nyrrrSe in oe<5el 

filium dicuut audientes ab eo non esse prophetam sine honore nisi in patria 

his sende twoelfe boderes mi$ bodum laerefc gebroht gefea haelo k halra 

sua. XVI. Mittens duodecim prsedicaturos praeceptis instruit conlata gratia sanitatum. 

haldend Sone iohawrcem daege his accennis ofslog 3 heafud his plaeges 

XVII. Herodes tenens iohannem die sui natalis occidit caputque eius saltationis 

meard in disc Saer doehter salde of fif hlafum 1 tuaem fiscum 

proemium in disco filiae tradit. xvm. De quinqwe panibws et duobws piscibws 

fif wsera iSusend gefylde iSiu feorfca naeht wacan cuorn to Segnum 

quinqwe uirorum milia saturauit. xvnii. Quarta noctis uigilia ucnit ad discipulos 

geongende ofer-rbufa sae telafc -t niSraiS Segnas un-fcuegnum honduni 

ambulans supra mare. XX. Accusant pharisaei discipulos non lotis manibws 

ettende 3 weron gefcreaten from him of strionendra V eeldra in forletnisse -r - of oSrum 

manducantes et increpantur ab eo de parentum insprctione ucl de ceteris 

mi$ $y gesette $a $e magon Sone monno widlega tSccs wifes 

[Fol. 91.] exponente quae possint hominem inquinare. XXI. Mulicris syrophoenissae 

doctor from dioble friafc dumbe 3 deaf stefne eft-sette cuoeS untyn of 

filiam a daemonio liberal xxn. Muto surdoque uoccm restituens dicit efFcta. xxni. De 

seofa hlafum 1 hwon lytle fiscas feor monna iSusend gefylde 

septem panibws et paucis pisciculis quatuor hominum milia saturauit. XX I ill. Pharisaeis 

becon -r' tacon soecendum sealla on-soc Z lar hiora geheht under Kffiratea noma 

signum quaerentibus dari negat et doctrinam eorum praecepit sub fermenti nomine 

fore to-behaldenne fcone blindo heart-lice gemefc 3 $ nacn^um cuoefca-l'ciioode geheht-fhsBl 

praecauendam. XXV. Caecum paulatim curat ct ut ncniini diceret imperat 

A '2 


Bam flraignenduna huadl him hia emde godes on-dcta* r sona for*on 

\wi. [nterrogantibiM quem earn dicerent petnu ckrUtiuxn dei confitctur et mox quia 

drihtne Browende bin ouoefeende wtt-cnoefc sie ge*rcad-l hi* ge*reatad se*e losas 

domino passurum sr diccnti contradicit arguitur. xxvu. Qui perdit 

cuoeC Bawel hia fore mcc be-gcot hia nc hia -p gebirigdon -I* gesupedon weron sume o*er 

iiKjiiit aniinam suam propter me inuenit earn ncc gustaturos quosdam 

Bone deals wivlo** hia gesea bine In ric his 3 sona ofer-hiwade woes in-laedcd 3 iohannis 
mortem donee uideant eum in regno cius statimqwe transfiguratus inducitur et iohannem 

weron Browende he geliera browende cuoc* cghuselc fole gessoh drihten 

licliac passnri ipse similia passum dicit. XXVIII. Omnis populus uidens dommum 

geriordade 3 ge-arn ha)lo bead 1 sunu sume un-gelcaflullnise his biddende from 

pauescens occurrensque salutat et filius cuiusdam incredulitatem suara iuuari praecantis a 

dioblo gefria* bi* sellende hine fore-ssegde Z *a *egnas huset on wseg 

daemon io liberatur. XXVIIII. Tradendum s^ praenuntians et discipulos quid in uia 

ge-trahtadon frai»nende la;re* foruost-laldordowi ne sie to soecanne mseht in his 

tractassent interrogans docet primatum non esse quaerendum. XXX. Uirtutem in eius 

noma doende ne gelefes forbeades 1 of ymb-cyrf liomana ondspyrendra k ondspurnendra 

nomine facientes non sinit prohiberi et de abscisione membrorum scandalizantium 

gastlice & megwlitlice la?re* of wife forgefnisa soecenda moises cy*nese 

figuraliter docet. xxxi. Pharisaeos de uxore dimittenda quaerentes mosi testimonio 

efue gecerde 1 *a cild from him forbeodend bloedsa* of fin-ea*alice -r un-maehtiglice 

conuincit et infantes a se uetari prohibens benedicit. xxxn. De diffieultate 

wlonga inngeonges in ric godes wundranduwi *egnum cuoe* ni*riendo godra 

diuitum intrandi in regnum dei mirantibws discipulis ait contemtores bonorum 

woruldra hund-teantigsi*a monigfallice mi* oehtnissum eft to onfoenne ec 

saecularium centuplum cum persecutionibus recepturus. xxxin. Item 

fore-cue* hine slaende sedlo giuwende *one iacob *rea* -rSreataiS 3 of aldor-dom 

praedicens s6 occidendum sedes petentes iacobum increpat et iohannem de principatu 

haedno fore-headend gelicad -r gebis hersumnise mi* bisene aad-eawed blind 

gentiles prohibens imitaudos humilitatis exemplo monstrato. xxxiin. Bartimaus caecus 

giudel'baod inlihte* wsos 3 fylgede sende to *aem *egne to asalde to *aer sittende 

mendicans inluminatur et sequitur. xxxv. Mittit ad discipulum asinae cui sedens 

herde from *aem menigu?n la hael usic gefoerde of temple to fic-beame yfle cue* 

audit a turbis osanna. xxxvi. Egressus de templo ficulneae maledicit 

!l foerde fic-beam wundrandum cue* biddendum mi* geleafa to onfoanne *a giuendo of 

regressusque ficulnea mirantibws ait orantes credendo accipere postulata. XXXVII. De 

macht *erh-fregnendu?ra he of fulwuiht mi* fraignung ofercuom k gecerde 3 

potestate percontantibws iudaeos ipse de baptismo iohannis interrogando conuincit et 

of win-geard 3 *sem yrrestum buendum bispell sette cunnende of gyld 

de uinea colonisque pessimis parobolam ponit. xxxvni. Temtantes de reddendo 

aes cseseres geselenne aefter-fylged of ofer-mercunc - k of onlicnese sceomiagaSf 

caesaris tributo consequenter ex suprascribtione uel imagine confutauit. XXXVIIII. Sad- 

of wife seofa broSra lafe cunnendum fore un-gehleaffullnisse eristes 

ducaeis de muliere septem fratrum uxore temtantibws ob incredulitatem resurrectionis 

for-cue$ -r tela<S $a boecere of bod aes fregnende twufald lufes sed-eawde 1 

exprobrat. XL. Scribse de mandato legis interroganti geminum dilectionis ostendit et 

huees sie sunu crist fregnende lsereS of forueard iSaes salmes nigoSa 3 bunteantiges 

cuius sit filius christus [Fol. 92.] interrogans docet ex principio psalmi centensimi noni 

groeteng ec hiora in spree Sone ymb-geong cyiSafc Sone-r<5a Sorfend 

salutationum quoqwe eorum in f'oro ambitum notat. XLI. In gazophilacium pauperem 

widwa tuege lytla senden allum geofa licendum fore-brobte getimbro temples 

uiduarn duo minuta mittentem cunctis dona iactantibws prefert. XLII. Aedificationes templi 

eawendum fore-saegde $a gefaello 3 of ungelicum-l'brebtum-i'fagungum Saes hlaetmesto tides 

monstrantib;?s prsenuntiat ruituras et de diuersis ultimi temporis 

mi* eunnungum to-waerdnum on longsum to-sceade merrunga laereS fore tobebaldano $one doege 

temtationibws futuri's prolixius disputans seductiones ammonet praecauendas. xliii. Diem 

to cyme ane Sone faeder wiste cuefcende un-witendo hia Sea waecca hebt 1 gebidda 

aduentus solum patrem scire dicens nescientes earn seruus uigilare praecipit et orare. 

of sta?ne faet smirinise -r behleing iufcaes Saes sellendes 3 mi$-gearwing % foregearuung 
xliiii. De alabastro ungenti uel proditione iudae traditoris ac " praeparatione 

eastres asaegd is ne Son laes 3 faerme his runlice -r deoplice aed-eawed bifc -rhaligdom-r 

paschae relertur nee non et cense eius misticas panditur sacramentum. 

selenise 3 Srowunges his wundra asaegd biSon erest his Serb. Sona 

XLV. Traditionis ac passionis eius gesta narrantur. XLVI. Kesurrectionis eius perinde 

sceortlice miS soSfoestnise biSon aed-eawed hiora sum im-ge-leaffullnise trumlice ge$rea<5 biS 3 astignise 
breuiter ueritate monstrata quorum-dam incredulitas clementer arguitur et ascensio 

3 to suiSrum godes gesaet -r Segnna forebodung becnura aeftfr fylgendum gesaegd is 

adqwe ad dextris dei consessio uel discipulorum praedicatio signis sequentibws indicator. 



Se setcrnes daeg halig arlig softer fifteig-daeg faestern wodnes docge doeghwffimlice 

Sabbato sancto mane. Post penticosten in ieiuniuwi feria .iiii. cottidiana. 

doeg dribtenlica of for^efnise fcroung drihtnes user hae-r eristes frige doog of fcffirrj hwitufti 
Die dominica de indulgentia passio tiomim wostri ihesu christi feria .ui. de albas 


• .'MS. ufa-mercunc, corrected to ofer-mercunc in the margin. t Looks tike sceosniagafc. 

* On the reverse side of the leaf is a coloured picture of St. Mark writing, with the name— " O agius marcus;" above 
him is a lion, with the words— "imago leonis." One side of leaf U3 (the next leaf) is blank; on the other is a beautifully 
coloured geometrical pattern, without any inscription. 



St. MAE K. 



M A R C U M. 



St. MAR K. 


[nitiumcuan- 1 [H]er ys godspellys angyn Halyndes 
S&SflSdd cristcs godes suna. 

lum^mel^ 2 Swa awriten is on J?aes witegan bee 
millo angeSim isaiam. iiu ic asende minne engel be-foran 
dnTtDMii! A. f" irc Misyne. Se ge-gearwaS Jrinne weg 
be-foran Se. 

3 clypiende stefn on pam westene ge-gear- 
wiaS drihtnes weg. doS rihte his siSas ; 

4 Iohannes waes on westene fulligende 
1 bodiende daedbote fulwiht on synna for- 

5 1 to him ferde eall iudeisc rice. 1 ealle 
hierosolima-ware. 7 waeron fram him ge- 
fullode. on iordanes flode hyra synna 
anddetenne ; 

6 And iohannes waes gescryd mid oluen- 
des haeru/w. 1 fellen gyrdel waes ymbe his 
lendenu. 1 gaerstapan 1 wudn hunig he aet. 

7 1 he bodude 1 cwaeS. strengra cymS 
aefter me. pxs ne eom ic wyr<5e "p ic his 
sceona J?wanga bugende uncnytte. 

8 Ic fnllige eow on waetere. he eow ful- 
la^ on halgn/w gaste. 


Various Readings. 

(i J. 
Title. So in A (Camb. Univ. Lib. Ii. 2. 11) and B 

(Bodley 441). 

Ch. i. v. 1. A omits the whole verse. 2. A. jjyne. 3. A. 
clypigende; A. ge-earwiaS. 4. A. bodigende daetbote ful- 
luht; A. forgifennysse. 5. A. Idetende; B. anddaettenne. 
6. A. gescrydd. 7. A. bodode. 8. B. waestere (sic). 

tuam ante te. 



1 |~Ter ys godspelles angin haelendes Ecce mitto 

. 1 angelummeum 

-■—■- CriSteS gOtleS Slllie. amefaciem 

2 swa awritan ys on )?as witegen baech parabit q u/am e * 
ysaiam. Nu ich asaende mi/me aengel be 
foran j^inre ansiene. Se ge-gaerewed j?inne 
weig be-foren pe. 

3 clepiende stefne on j?am westene. ge- 
gaerewied drihtnes weig. do^ rihte his sySas. 

4 Iohannes waes on waestene fulgende 7 
bodiende. deadbote fulluht on senne for- 

5 7 to hym ferde eal indeeisce rice. 1 
ealle ierosolima-ware. 1 waeren fram him 
ge-fnllode on Iordanes flode. heore synna 

6 And Iohannes wses ge-scryd mid olfendes 
haere. 1 fellen gyrdel waes embe his lendene. 
1 garstapen 1 wude hnnig he aet. 

7 1 he bodede 1 cwaeS. strengre kymS 
aefter me. pas ne aem ich wurSe ~p ic his 
scone Jnvange bugende un-cnette. 

8 Ich fullige eow on waetere. he eow 
fulleS on halgen gaste. 

Various Readings. 

Title. So in MS. Hatton 38 and MS. Royal 1. A. 14. 

Ch. i. v. 1. halendes. 2. awriten; witegan bee; ic asende; 
mine ; ansyne ; ge-garewa<5 ; weg beforan. 3. clepigende 
stefen; ge-garwiafc; weg. 4. westene; daedbote fulwyht; 
synna. 5. eall iudeisca; waeron; hyora. 6. was; oluendes; 
lsendenne. 7. strengra cym$; Jiaes; ic; scona jjwanga; 
un-cnytte. 8. fulloS ; halguwj. 




CAP. I. 

fruma godspelles hselendes crist sunu godes suae awritten is in esaia fcone witgo 
1 *Initium euangelii ihesu chrisii fili dei 2 sicut scriptum est in esaia propheta. 



min befora onsione $in se<5e foregearuas wege Sin 

ecce mitto angelum meum ante faciem tuam qui praeparabit uiam tuam. 

in woestern gearuas woeg drihtnes rehta doeS-rwyrcas stiga-rgeongas his 

in deserto parate uiam domini rectas facite semitas eius. 4 

stefn cliopendes 
3 *Uox clamantis 

waes iohannes in 
*Fuit iohannes in 

• I. [L] ii. 
m. ciii. 

lu. lxx. 

• 2. i. 

lu. vii. io. x. 
mt. viii. 

• 3. vi. 

mt. viiii. 

woestern gefulwade 1 bodade 

fulwiht hreownisses 

on forgefnisse 


deserto baptizans et praedicans baptismum paenitentise in remissionem peccatorum 

5 et 

foerende waes-rfoerde to him all iudaea lond 3 «a hierusolomisco waras alle 3 weoron gefulwad 

egrediebatur ad ilium omnis iudae regio et hierosolimitae uniuersi et baptizabantur 

from him in Iordanenes stream ondetende synno hiora 
ab illo in iordane flumine contitentes peccata sua. 

1 woes iohannes gegerelad mix 
6 *Et erat iohannes uestitus 

herum camelles 3 gyrdils fellera ymb sido his 3 lopestro 1 wudu hunig f waexes on wudu binde 

pilis cameli et zona pellicia circa lumbos eius et lucustas et mel siluestrae 

brucende waes-r'gebrec "i bodade cuoefcende cymes-tcwom strongre mec ajfter mec his-rSaes 

edebat. 7 et praedicabat dicens uenit fortior me post me cuius 

• 4. i. 

lu. x. io. vi. 

mt. xi. 



wyr&e fore-hlutende undoa Suongas scoe his ic fulwade iwih 

non sum dignus procumbens soluere corrigiam calciamentorum eius. 8 ego baptizaui uos 

mi8 wa3tre he uutedlice gefulwas iwih miS gaast halig 
aqua ille uero baptizabit uos sytritu. sancto. 

Cap. I. 1. on fruma godspelles hselendes cristes sunu godes 2. swa awriten is in esaia f?one witgu benu 
ic sende en^el min beforan onscone {jine se)>e foregearwafc weg jjinre 3. stemn cliopande in uesteimc gearwigaJS 
weig drihtnes rehte wyrcaJj-l'doaX stige-l'<ron«ras his 4. was iohannes in westenne gefulwade 3 bodade fullwiht 
hreownisse in for<jefnisse synna 5. 1 fx-rende wses+foerde to him alle Iudeas londe 1 5a bieroaolimiaca alio 
3 gefullwade from him in iordanes streame ondetende synna heora 6. 3 wa-s iohannes gegerelad-)' gevedad mifc hcrum 
cameles 1 gyrdels fellenne ymb lendenu his 1 waldstapan-Hoppestra 7 wudu hunigea -p wmxef on wude bendum'] -p 
brucende wses 7. 3 bodade cwe|jende cyme)) dom itrongre mec xfter me fcoes-lhis nam io wyrte fore-hluteode 
undon-Hoesan );wongas gescoas his 8. ic fulwade eowic in wartre he wiotudlice gcfulwa& eowifl mifc gaste 


Ki fmctui 
in diebtu 1 1 1 1 -» 

ui-nii ill, i 

nannih \ 

Venit ih#MM 
in galileaf/i 

Et preteriens 
sccus mare 
galileas. A. 

|) 1 on Saw dagum com so haelend frawi 
oazareth galilee 1 W8BB ge-fullod on iordane 
Gram iohanne. 

10 1 Bona of Saw waetere he geseah 
opene heofonas. 1 haligne gast Bwa culfran 
astisende 1 on hiwt wunigende. 

11 3 ba waes stefn of heofenum geworden. 
Ju oart min gc-lufoda sunu on pc ic gc- 
licodo ; 

12 And sona gast hinc on westen ge- 

1 'I 1 he on westene waes feowertig daga 
1 feowertig nilita. 1 he waes fraw satane 
gecostnod. 1 he mid wilddeorum waes 1 him 
englas J?cnodon ; 

14 QlySSan iohannes geseald waes. com 
K3 se haelend on galileam godes rices. 

god spell bodigende 

15 1 pus cweSende. witodlice tid is ge- 
fylled 1 heofena rice genealaecS. doS daed- 
bote 1 gelyfa)? pam godspelle. 

16 7 pa he ferde wiS |?a galileiscan sa:. 
he geseah simonem 3 andreaw his broSor 
hyra nett on J?a ste laetende. SoSlice hi 
waeron fisceras ; 

1 7 And )?a cwaeS se haelend cumaS aefte/* 
me 1 ic do inc ~f gyt beoS sawla onfonde. 

18 J hi pa hraedlice him fyligdon. 3 for- 
leton heora net. 

19 D San on hwon agan he geseah iacobiuw 
J zebedei 1 iohannes his broSor. 1 hi on 
heora scype heora nett logodon. 

20 ] he hi sona clypode. 1 hi heora 
feeder zebedeo on scipe forleton. mid hyr- 

Various Headings. 

9. A. has And (with illuminated initiul). A. galilese. 
10. A. heofenas. 11. A. gelufeda. 13. A. costnod. A. bene- 
don. 14. A. godspel; B. 3 godspell. 16. A. geseh. A. 
broSer. A. heora. A. hyg [for hi]. 17. A. ge-do. 18. A. 
big [for hi]. A. nett. 19. A. banen. (A. omits 1 before 

9 f~\n |>ai 

V_/ nazi 

zebedei). A. hig. B. net. 

A. logedon. 

20. A. hig (bis). 

am dagen com se haelend fraw Uenit iheaut 

, . . . a nazareth 

azareth galilee. ] waes ge-fullod gaiiicc 3 bap. 

_ . _ tizatus est a 

iohanne in 

on Iordane fram Iohanne 

10 1 sonc of j?am waetere. he ge-seah 
opene heofenes 1 haligne gast swa culfran 
astigende. 1 on hym wunede. 

Ill j;a waes stefen ofheofene }?us cweSende 
Jni ert min ge-lufede sune. on Se ic ge- 

12 And sone gast hine on westen ge- 

13 II he on westene waes feortig dagen. 
1 feortig nihte. 1 he waes fram sathanas 
ge-costned. 1 he mid wilde deoren waes. 1 
hym aengles J?eneden. 

14 OJydSe iohannes ge-seald waes com Preteriens 

|^^ , , , ■,.. -. . ihesMs secus 

N-/ se haelend on galileam godes rices, mare gaiiiee 

, 11 -i i< i uidit symo- 

godspell bodlCllde nem : andre- 

15 1 Jms cweSende. Witodlice tyd is ge- ehL miuentes 
fylled. 1 heofene rice ge-neohlaecS. doS 
dead-bote 3 ge-lefeS para godspelle. 

16 1 )?a he ferde wiS )?a galileiscae sae. 
He ge-seah symonem 1 andream his broSer 
heore nytt on |)are sae laetende. soSlice hyo 
waeren fissceras. 

17 J pa cwaeS se haelend eumeS aefter me. 
1 ic do gunc pset gyt beoS sawla on-fonde. 

18 1 hyo j?a raedlice hym felgdon 1 for- 
leten heore nytt. 

19 3 j?anen hwon agan. he ge-seah iaco- 
bum zebedei 1 iohannes his broSer. 1 hyo on 
heore scype hyre nyt logeden. 

20 1 he hyo sonaclepede 1 hyo heora fader 
zebedeo on scype for-leten mid hyrlingen. 

Various Readings. 

9. dagum. 10. sona: watera. 11. heofenuwz; ge-worden 
[for bus cwefcende]; eart. 12. sona; genydde. 13. feo- 
wertig daga 1 feowertig nihta ; satanas costod; wildeorum 
was; englas benedon. 14. Sy$$e; halend; bodigende. 
15. heofone riche ge-neahlacfc ; ded-bote; ge-lyfa?. 16. 
galileisca; broXor hyra; bara; laettende; sofclic; waren 
fisceras. 17. inc [for gunc]. 18. hin [so; for hym]; 
fvligdun; hyra nyt. 19. banan ; br<5or [*ol; heora; hyora 
nytt logoden. 20. 1 he hi ; for-lsetenuwi ; hyrlingum. 


3 aworden wa?s in dagum Sa?m cuom se ha?-? from nazareth Sa?r byrig 3 gefulwad \va?s 

9 *Et factum est in diebi^s illis ueuit ihesus a nazareth °;alilaeae et baptizatus est * II -.?.- V 

° r lu. Xlll. 10. XV. 

mt. xiiii. 
in iordanen from iohanne 1 sona astag of wa?tre ge-sroh untyndo heofnas 5 

in iordane ab iohanne. 10 et statim ascendens de aqua uidit apertos caelos et 

gaast swelce culfre of-stigende 1 wunigende in Sa?m4'on him 3 stefn gewordcn 

spiritum tamquam columbam descendentem et raanentem in ipso 11 et uox facta 

wses of heofnum Su arS sunu min leaf on Sec ic wel licade 1 sona Se gast draf 

est de caelis tu es filius mens dilectus in te complacui. 12 *Et statim spiritus expellit * 6 - »• 

1 l lu. xv. mt. xv. 

hine on woestern 1 wa?s in woestern feoertig daga 3 feortig na?hta 3 wa?s acunnad 

eum in desertum. 13 et erat in deserto xl diebws et xl noetibus et temtabatur 

from Sa?m wiSerwearde !l wses miS wilde deorwm 3 englas geherdon him softer Son Sonne-1'Sa 

a satana *Eratque cum bestiis et angeli ministrabant illi 14 tPostquam autem * 7- vL 

L mt. xvii. 

f !(. iv. 
ge-sald wa?s iohannes cuom se ha?-l' in galilea bodade godspell rices godes 3 io. xxvi. 

traditus est iohannes uenit ihs in galilaeara *Praedicans euangelium regni dei 15 et « <j. v i. 

mt. xx. 

cuoeSende forSon gefylled is tid Z to-geneolecde ric godes hreowigas 1 gelcfes 

dicens quoniam impletum est tempus et appropinquauit regnum dei paenitemini et credite 

to godspell 1 fa?rende a?t sa? galila?s ge-sa?h Sone simon 1 andreas broSer 

euangelio. 16 *Et praeteriens secus mare galilaeae uidit simonem et andream fratrem * III. 

his hia sendende hnetta in sa? weron forSon fisceras 3 cuoeS him se hselend cymaS defter 

eius mittentes retia in mare erant enim piscatores. 17 *Et dixit ei.s ihesus uenite post * lo. ii- 

lu. xxxii. 
mt xxi. 

mec 1 ic ge-do iuih -If ge sie fisceras monna 3 hreconlice miSSy forleorton-l'forletnum nettum 

me et faciam uos fieri piscatores hominum. 18 et protinus relictis retibws 

fylgendo weron him 1 foerde Sona lytel huon gesa?h iacob zebeSies sunu 1 Sone iohannem 

secuti sunt eum. 19 *Et progressus inde pusillum uidit iacobum zebedaei et iohanncn ■ 11. vi. 

mt. xxii. 

Sone broSer his 3 Sa ilco-1'hia in scip gesetton Sa netto Z sona geceigde hia 7 

fratrem ejus et ipsos in naui componentes retia. 20 et statim uocauit illos et 

miSSy forleort faeder his zebedeus in scip miS Sam celmertmonnu?n fylgedon-rfylgende weron hine 1 him 
relicto patre suo zebedaeo in naui cum mercinuariis secuti sunt eum. 

9. } aworden wa\s in dagum Sa>m cwom \>e ha?lend from nazareS \>xsre byrig to galilea 1 gefulwad wees in 
iordanen from iohanne 10. Z onstyde astag of wastre geseh ontynde heofunas 3 gastes halga BWilce culfra of 
dune stigende } wuniende in him -I' in Sa?m 11. 1 stsefn gewordcn wa?s of heofune [>u cart sunu min leof on 
Se ic wel licade 12. 1 sona Se gast draf hine on westen 13. 3 wass on westen feowertig daga "i feowertig 
na-hta 3 wa-s acunnad from ^a?m wiSerwcarda wa?s miS wilde deorum 3 englas gejiegnedon-l'herdon him. 
14. asfter |?on wutudlice gesald wa-s iohannes com se ha?l' in galilea bodade godspelles rice godes 15. } 
cwe^ende forjxm gefylled is tide 7 to-genealacede rice godes hreowsiajj ") gelefaj? in godspell 16. 3 terende 
bi sa? galilea gessh simonem f is petrus 3 andreas broSer his hia sendende nett on .sa- werun for|?on dsceres 
17. 1 csva?^ heom to se ha?T cumaj) ad'ter me 3 gedoa eowic -p ixc beojrjiilge scon fisceros moiimim 18. 1 riceulicc 
miS^y forleten nett fvlgende wcrnn lnrn l'J. } foerde Jjonan lytel hwon gesffifa iacobus zebedes sunu } [ohannes 
broSer his 1 \>a. ilca + hia in scip gesetton -p nett 20. 3 sonal'Sariht geceigde hia 3 miS^y forlet fa?dcr bis 
zebedeus in scipe miS f>a.v/< byreinonnum fvlgende wairun him 



Krat timn 
ilorons i'ik 
quaai poiesta- 
lem luluns. A 

Kt protinus 
egredientes de 

'j l ] ferdon to cafarnauM 1 sona rcstc- 
dagum Ik* laerde hi on gesamnunge. inganc- 

22 1 hi wundredon be his hire ; 

So] lice he waes hi lacrende swa se pe 
anweald luefS. uses swa boccras. 

23 1 on hcora gesamnunge waes swti man. 
on uncleenuiN gaste 1 he hrymde 

24 3 cwaeS eala nazarenisca haelend hwaet 
is us 1 pc. com Su us to for-spillanne. ic wat 
Jm cart godes halga; 

25 Da cidde sc haelend him 1 cwseS a- 
dumba. 1 ga oi % plsum men. 

26 1 se unclaena gast hine slitende 1 my- 
celre stefne clypiende him of eode ; 

27 pa wundredon hi ealle swa ~p hi be- 
twux him cwredon. hwaet ys J?is. hwaet is 
)?eos niwe lar. f he on anwealde unclaenum 
gastum bebyt. 1 hi hyrsumiaS him. .^ 

28 1 sona ferde his hlisa to galilea rice ; 

29 pTraedlice of hyra gesamnunge hi 
JL-L comon on simonis ] andreas hus. 

sinagoga uene- 

runt in domum . . 

symonis et an mid iacobe J lonanne ; 

30 SoSlice pa, saet simonis swegr hriSi- 
gende ") hi him be hyre saedon. 

31 1 ge-nealaecende he hi up ahof hyre 
handa ge-gripenre. 1 hraedlice se fefor hi 
forlet. 1 heo J>enode him ; 

32 Softlice pa. hit wzes aefen geworden £>a 
sunne to setle eode. hi brohton to him ealle 
pa unhalan. 1 |?a Se wode waeron. 

33 1 eall seo burh-waru waes ge-gaderod to 
£>aere duran. 

Various Readings. 

A. hig. A. in- 

21. A. capharnauwi; B. Capernaum 
jjanfiende. 22. A. hig (bis). 23. A. gesomnunge. 25. A. 
pyssum. 26. A. clypigende. 27. A. hig (bis). A. be-tweox. 
A. hip:. 29. A. ge-somnunge ; B. gesamnuncge. A. hig. 
A. syraones. 30. A. symones. A. sweger; B. swegr (altered 
to sweger). A. hriSiende. A. hig. 31. A. hig. A. fefer 
hig. 32. A. aefen waes. A. hig. 33. A. dura. 

21 1 ferden to capharnaum. 1 sonc restc- ingredieme 

1 capnax- 

dagen he laerde hyo on ge-samnunge ingan- naum ? ta . tim 

b J b & fc> sabbatisin- 

gende. gitmrnm* 

° _ gogam docebat 

22 1 hyo wundreden be his lare. <*>*■ 

SoSlice he waes hyo laerendc swa se pe 
anweald haefS. naes swa bokeres. 

23 3 on heore samnunge waes sum mann 
unclaenen gaste. 1 he rymde 

24 1 cwaeS. eala nazarenisca haelend hwaet 
is us 1 pe. come jm us for-spillan. Ich 
wat |?u ert godes halge. 

25 pa kydde se haelend hym "} cwaeS. a- 
dumbe 1 ga of J^isen menn. 

26 1 se unclaene gast hine slytende 3 my- 
celere stefne cleopiende him of-eode. 

27 Da wundreden hyo ealle. swa ^ hyo 
be-twexeo heom cwarSen. hwaet is ]?is. hwaet 
is ]?eos niewe lar. -p he on anwealde unclae- 
nen gasten be-beott. 1 hyo hersumieS hym. 

28 1 sona ferde his hlysa to galilea-riche. 

29 A nd raedlice of hyora samnunge he Egredieme 

[\ ' m ° ihesu de syna- 

jL\- comen on symonis J andreas hus g°s a uenit ' m 

J domum symo- 

mid iacobe 1 iohanne. nisjandreu 

30 SoSlice £>a saet symones swerger hresi- 
gende. 3 hyo hym be hyre saegden. 

31 1 ge-neahlacende he hyo up ahof hire 
handa ge-gripenre. 1 hraedlice se feofer hi 
for-let. ] hyo j?enode him. 

32 SoSlice pa hit waes aefen ge- worsen )?a 
sunne to settle eode. hy brohten to hym 
ealle J?a un-haelen. 1 pa pe wode waeren 

33 3 eall syo burhware waes ge-gadered to 
J?are dure 

Various Readings. 

21. sona; daguwz. 22. lsere; lerende; an weld; boceras. 
23. here; was; man on unclsenuwz. 24. nazareniscea ; eart. 
25. cedde; pisum men. 27. wundredon; be-twux eom; nywe; 
anwalde unclaenum gastum be-beot; hersumiafc. 28. rice. 
29. End hrseddlice; hyra; hi comon. 30. simonis swegr 
hriSigende; ssegdon. 31. ge-neahlsecende ; hyo [/or hi]; 
heo [for hyo]. 32. afen geworden ; hio [for hy] ; un-halan. 
33. seo burhwara; gegaderod; dura. 


3 infoerden capharnaum £a burug 3 sona ineode-l'foerde to somnung laerde hia 

21 *Et ingrediuntur capharnaum et statim sabbatis ingressus synagogara docebat eos. * 12. yiii. 

3 swigdon-l'styldon ofer lar his waes forSon laerende hia swaelce he maeht haebbende -Hiaefde 

22 *Et stupebant super doctrina eius erat enim docens eos quasi potestatem habens " 13. ii. 

lu. iiii. xxiiii. 

i • • ,. „ ,. , m t. lxii. 

Z ne suae uSuta 7 wses in somnung mora monn in gast unclaene 1 of-chopade 

et non sicut scribae. 23 *Et erat in synagoga eorura homo in spiritu inmundo et exclamauit * IIII. 14. viii. 

lu. XXV. 

cuoeXende huaet us 3 $e $u haelend *e nazare cwome $u losige-1'to losane usig ic wat hwaet $u arfc 
24 dicens quid nobis et tibi ihu nazarene uenisti perdere nos scio quis 4s 

haligwer godes 3 hebead him se haelend cwoeSende suiga $u 3 gaa of fcsem menn 1 

sanctus del. 25 et comminatus est ei ihesus dicens obmutesce et exi de homine. 26 et 

bidtende-rbat bine se gast unclaenae 3 of-clioppende stefhe micla-tmiiS micle stefne of-eode from him 
discerpens eum sipiritus inraundus et exclamans uoce magna exiuit ab eo. 

3 wundrande weron alle fcus fte hia gefregndon bituih him cuoefcende huaet Seet is isis huaelc 

27 et mirati sunt omnes ita ut conquirerent inter se dicentes quidnam est hoc quae 

lar fcius-tSas niua for^on-t^te in maeht 3 gastum unclaenum hatas 3 efcmodigafc him 

doctrina hsec noua quia in potestate et spiritibws inmundis imperat et oboediunt ei. 

3 foerde-tgesprang mersung-l'merSu his hrafce in all 16nd galileae 3 recone 

28 et processit rumor eius statim in omnem regionem galilaeae. 29 *Et protinus * V. 15. ii. 

lu. xxvi. 

- ■ i t ■ i mt - l xv i- [i-1 

foerdon of somnunge cuomon in hus symones 3 andreae mi* lacob 3 

egredientes de synagoga uenerunt in domum sirnonis et andreae cum iacobo et iohanne. 

gelegen waes $a swer symones febrende waes 3 sona cuoefcaS-lcuedon him of Saer-rof Saem 

30 decumbebat autem socrus sirnonis febricitans et statim dicunt ei de ilia. 

3 cwom-rgeneolecde ahof $a ilea 3 mi<5$y ge-grippen waes hond his 3 reconlice forleort hia 

31 et accedens eleuauit earn et praehensa manu eius et continuo dimisit earn 

hal from februm 3 ge-emb-ehtade him efern Sonne XuxxtedliceX So. gewarfc mi$$y to sett eade sunna 

febris et ministrabat eis. 32 uespere autem facto cum occidisset sol 

geferedon-l'gebrohton to him alle yfle haebbende 3 diowbla haebbende 3 wses 

afferebant ad eum omnes male habentes et demonia habentes. 33 et erat 

all ceastre-ralle burgwaras gesomnad to duru-1'to gaet 
omnis ciuitas congregata ad ianuawi. 

21. 3 infoerdun capharnaum fjaere byrg 3 sona reste-dagas infoerde -1' ineode to somnu[n]gum gelaerde hia 

22. 3 swigadun + stylton ofer laere his waes forjjon laerende hia swilce-rswa hacmsehte haefde 3 no swa ufcwutu 

23. 3 waes in somnungum heora monn in gaste unclaenum 3 oft cleopade 24. cwae}?ende bwaet us 3 Se \>\ 
haelend «ae nazarenisca come f>u to losane -r lorene usic ic wat hwaet \>u f>u eart halig god 25. 3 bebeod-r 
beboden is him se hae-1' cwaefcende swiga \>u 3 gaa of fcaem rnenn gast unclaene 26. 3 bitendelbat hine gast 
Se unclaene 3 of-cliopande staufne micelre -r miccle 3 ofeode from him 27. 3 wundrende waerun alle (jus fte hie 
frugno -r ascadun betwihe heom cwejjende hwaet •£ is Jjis hwile lar [>ios-l'$as niowa is for^on in nicehte 3 gastum 
unclaenum hataf> 3 edmodaX him 28. 3 sprang X foerdc mersung-rmerfco his sona-1'instyde 1 'ntye in eallum bmm 
londe galilaeae 29. 3 recene foerde of somnunga comon in hus . . . -p is petrus 3 andreas mi* iacob 3 iohannei 
■JO. gelegen waes wutudlice swaegre . . . $ is petrus fef'er drifende 3 rae|>e cwedun to him of ^wmXot ^aere 31. 3 
com geneolacede ahof 8a ilea 3 mifcf>y gegripen woes hond his 3 ricenhce forlet bio hal from rideaobte-l'gedrif 3 
ge^aeignade heora 32. aefen wutudlice ^a gewar* mi*J?y to sete eode sunne ^efocrdun Ihiohtiui to him alle |>a 
yfle haebbende 3 deoful hcebende 33. 3 waes alle caestrc-l burg gesomnad to dore-r~geat. 


34 J he nmnega gclnelde pc missenliciiM 
adlum eedrehte waeron. 1 manega deofol- 
scocnvssa he ut adraf. 1 hi sprccan nc let. 
I'oij'aw hi wiston ~p he crist waes; 

35 And swiSe 831 arisende he ferdc. on 
westc stowe 1 liinc pax gebacd 

36 1 him fyligde sinion. 1 J?a 8c mid 
hi;// wteron. 

37 1 ]?a hi hinc gemctton hi saxlon him. 
call Jns fole Se sccS ; 

38 pa cwiuS he fare we on ge-hende tunas 
1 ccastra. -p ic Bar bodige. witodlice to Sam 
ic com. 

39 1 he waes bodigende on hcora ge-sam- 
nungum 1 ealre gal ilea. 1 deofol-scocnessa 
ut adrifende; 

Dyssceai 40 And to him com sum hreofla hine 

on wodnefl-deg / m 

<.n \pprre fifteo- jLjl biddende. 3 eebigedum cneo-' 

^;m wucan ofer ° ° 

penMeaston W um him to cwae)? ; Drihten. gif J^u wylt Su 
Kt uenit ad miht £e-claensian me ; 

euw leprosus ° 

deprrcans euw 41 SoSlice se haelend him ge-miltsode. 1 

et genu nexo , ° 

diz» domtne si his hand abenode 1 hine aet-hrinende 1 bus 

uis potes me ' — ' 

mundare. a. cwaeS ; Ic wylle. beo ou geclaensod. 

42 3 j?a he Bus cwaeS sona seo hreofnys 
him fram ge-wat 1 he wecs geclaensod. 

43 1 sona he bead him 

44 3 cwarS. warna -p Su hit nanum men 
ne secge. ac ga 1 aet-yw Be J?ara sacerda 
ealdre. 1 bring forSinre claensunga^ moyses 
bebead him on ge-witnesse. 

45 1 he pa. ut-gangende ongan bodian 1 
widmaersian pa spraece; Swa -p he ne mihte 
openlice on pa ceastre gan. ac beon lite 
on westum stowum 1 hi aeghwanon to him 

Various Headings. 

34. A. mislicum. A. deofel-seocnyssa. A. hip; (bis). 
37. A. hig (bis). 38. B. witolice. 39. A. gesomnungum. 

A. ealle. A. deofel-seocnessa. 40. In the rubric, B has 
pentecosten. B. biddend. B. cweowum (altered to cneowum). 
41. A. apenede. A. om. 1 be/ore pus. 42. A. hreofnes. 43. 

B. bend [for bead]. 44. A. ge-wytnysse. 45. A. agan 
[for ongan]. A. big [for hi]. 

34 1 he manega ge-haelde ; pe mistliccn 
adle ge-drehte waeren. 1 manege dcofol- 
seocnysse he ut a-draf. 1 hyo sprecen ne 
lcten for fan fc hyo wisten fact he crist waes. 

35 And swiSe acr Runne arisende he ferdc 
on westc stowe. 1 hine faer ge-baed. 

36 1 hym fylgede symon 1 fa pe mid hym 

37 1 pa pe hine gc-metten hyo saigden 
hym. call fis folc pe seed. 

38 pa cwaeft he fare we on gehende tunas 
1 ceastres -p ic J?acr bodige. Witodlice to fam 
ic com. 

39 3 he waes bodiende on heore samnenge 
1 ealre galileas. 1 deofel-seocnyssa ut-adri- 



nd to hym com sum reofela hine Uenitadiesu 

leprosus depre- 

genu flexo 

" owitne 
si uis potes me 

biddende 1 beigden cneowen hym cans eumj 
to cwaeS. Drihten gyf Jm wilt pu miht ge- S. d 
claensien me. 

41 SoBlice se haelend hine ge-miltsede 1 
his hand a-fenode 1 hine aet-hrinede 1 jms 
cwaeS. Ic wille. byo f u ge-claensed. 

42 1 pa he pus cwaeS ; sona syo reoflyss 
him fram ge-wat. 1 he waes ge-clasnsed. 

43 1 sone he baed hym 

44 1 cwaeB. warne j?aet J)u hit nanen menn 
ne segge. 1 ga 1 ate we pe j^are sacerda 
ealdre. 1 bring for }?inre cl3ensunge -p moyses 
be-bead on ge-witnysse. 

45 1 he J?a ut-gangende on-gan bodien 1 
wiB-maersian ]?a spraece. swa -p he ne mihte 
openlice on )?a ceastre gan. ac bye ute on 
westen stowen. 1 hyo aighwanen to hym 

Various Readings. 

34. mislicu/n adlum; waeron; manega deofol-seocnyssa ; 
let; wiston. 35. sunne omitted. 36. fylygde; waeron. 
37. !! pa hyo ; gemetton ; ssegden ; secS. 38. ceastras. 39. 
hyra sauinuwge ^ ealra ; deofol-seocnyssa. 40. reofola; 
gebigduwz eneowu?7i. 41. him ge-miltsode; apenede; aet- 
hrinende; ge-clsensod. 42. reofnyss; ge-claensod. 43. sona; 
bead or beod. 44. warna pact pa [sic]; nanum men; secge; 
ac ga 3 aety w ; ealdra ; pinra claensunga. 45. bodian ; beon 
ute; westum stowum; aeghwanon; comon. 


3 lecnade-lgemde monigo SaSe geswoenced woere-l'weron gesuoencde missenlicura adlum 3 

34 et curamt multos qui uexabantur uar ii s languoribus et 

dioblas menigo he fordraf ut-rafirde 3 nalde leta spreca bialne lefde hia to spreceanne forfcon wiston hine 
demonia multa eiciebat *Et non sinebat loqui ea quoniam sciebant eum • 16. viii. 

lu. xxvii. 
3 on aering suifce aras foerde 4" faerend Sona eode on woestigum stouo-lstyd 3 Ser gebsed 3 

35 *Et diluculo ualde surgens egressus abiit in desertum locum ibique orabat. 36 et * 17. viii. 

lu. xxviii. 
fylgend were him simon 3 SaSe mi$ hine woeron 3 miSSy on-fundon hine cuedon him 

secutus est eum simon et qui cum illo erant. 37 et cum inuenissent eum dixerunt ei 

forionXfte alle soecaS Sec 3 cuoeS to him gee we-1'wutu/n geonga in Sa neesto 16nd 3 

quia omnes quaerunt te. 38 et ait illis eamus in proximos uicos et 

Sa eeastre f ec Ser ic bodiga 3 to Sis forSon ic cwom 3 waes hodande in somnungum 

ciuitates ut et ibi praedicem et hoc enim ueni. 39 et erat prrcdicans in sinafo^vs 

hiora alle galileae diobles fordraH'worpend 3 cwom to him licSrower 

eorum et omni galilaea et daemonia eiciens. 40 *Et uenit ad eum leprosus " VI. 18. ii 

r lu. xxxiii. 

i_ • j • mt - l xi 'i- 

baed hine-rgiornede hine 3 miS cnew-beging cuoeS gif Su wilt Su maeht meh geclaensiga se hae-1' 

depraecans eu»i et genu flexo dixit si uis potes me mundare. 41 ihesws 

Sa waes milsande his ge-rahte hond his 3 gehran-lhriuande him cue* to him ic willo geclaensiga 
autem miseratus eius extendit manum suam et tangens eum ait illi uolo mundare. 

3 miSSy gecueS sona foerde frowi him Siu riofol 3 geclaensad waes 3 bebead 

42 et cum dixisset statim discessit ab eo lepra et mundatus est. 43 et comminatus 

him sona draf hine 3 cuoeS him to gesih Su f naenigum menn Su coeSe ah gaa aed-eaw 

ei statim eicit ilium. 44 et dicit ei uide nemini dixeris sed uade ostende 

Sec Ssem aldor sacerda 3 gef fore claensunge Sin Sa Se heht moises in cvSnisse him 

te principi sacerdotura et offer pro emundatione tua quae praecipit moses in testimonium illis. 

so* he foerde ongann bodiga 3 mersiga -ji word Sus f te uutedlice ne msehte ewunga 
45 *Et ille egressus coepit praedicare et diffamare sermonem ita ut iam non posset manit'este ' 19- *• 

in Sa ceastra iwgeonga-liwcuma ah uta in woestigum stowm waes f were 3 gesomnadon-refne-gecwomon to 
in ciuitatera introire sed f'oris in desertis locis esse et conueuiebant ad 

him eghuona-rfrom halfe gehuelc 
eum undique. 

34. 3 lecnade monige \>a )>e werun geswaencte missenlicum adlum 3 deofles monige he fordraf lafirde 3 ne let 
him sprecan for)jon he wisten hine 35. 3 on aeringe swiSe aras 3 foerde -r faerende eode in westige stowed Bteyde 
3 Saer gebaed 36. 3 fylgende waes him simon 3 f>aSe mi* him wacrun 37. 3 mij?Sy onfundun hine cwa-dun 
to him forjion alle soecaj? Se 38. 3 cwaejp to heom se hae-1' ga we-twutu gangan in ]>a. nehsto 1<»iu1 3 |>a centre 
fte 3 ec Saer ic bodige 3 to Sisse for^on ic com 39. 3 waes bodande in somnungum heora 3 alle galile 3 
deoflas fordraf k forwarp 40 3 com to him licf?rowere bed 4 bidende him 3 mid cneu begende-fbeginge CW8B)> gif 
Su wilt \w maeh me geclensige 41. se haelend witudlice J>a waes miltsende him gerahte honda his 3 Bran him 
cwae|> to him ic wille ireclaensie 42. 3 miS)>y cwaej> hrac|>e foerde from him \>c hriofal 3 gerfensad W 
43. 3 beboden waes him hra-^e 3 draf hine 44. 3 cwaef> to him gesih Su naenegum menn MBCge-fcwe^e ah gaa 
aeteaw \>e Saem aldor sacerd 3 agef for claensunge )>ine \>a\>c heht moyses in cy|?nisse Basin 15. m>S he foerde 
ongan bodige 3 raaersige word \>ua f wutudlice ne maehtc eaWunga in Sa eeastre ingangan4 ineode ah butan 
in westigum stowum waere 3 gesomnadun 4 efne-comon to him aeghwonan fro/n aeghwilcu/// halfe 



1 1 eft xl'ter dagum he code into cafar- 
nium, ] liit wses ge-hyrcd ■p lie waes on linse 

2 7 manega togaedere comon. ] he to 
hcoin spraec. 

,'i J hi comon anne laman to him bcrende. 
}?onc fcowcr men baeron. 

4 ] J"a hi ne mihton liinc inbringan for 
j?aere maenigu. lii openodon j^one-hrof J?ar 
se haelend was. 7 hi pa. in-asendan. -p bed 
pe se lama on lscg; 

5 SoSlice Sa se haslend geseah heora 
gelcafan. he cwaeS to pam laman; Sunu pe 
synt f?ine synna for-gyfene. 

6 par waeron sume of Sam bocerum sit- 
tende. J on heora heortum j?encende 

7 hwi spycS )?es jms. he dysegaS. hwa 
mseg synna for-gyfan buton god ana; 

8 Da se haelend -p on his gaste oncneow. 
-p hi swa bctwux him Ronton, he cwaeS to 
him. hwi Sence ge j?as Sing on eowrum 

9 hwaeSer is eSre to secgenne to pam 
laman. pe synd Sine synna forgyfene. 
hwaeSer pe cweSan aris nim Sin bed 7 ga. 

10 -p ge soSlice witon ~p mannes sunu 
haefS aiiweald on eorSan ; synna to for- 
gyfanne; He cwaeS to pam laman 

11 pe ic secge aris. nim J?in bed.* 7 ga 
to jrinum huse 

12 7 he sona aras. 7 be-foran him eallum 
code; Swa -p ealle wundredon 7 pus cwaedon. 
naefre we aer ^yllic ne ge-sawon. 

Various Readings. 

Ch. ii. V. 1. A. capharnaum ; B. Capernaum. 2. A. hym. 
3. A. hig. A. senne. 4. A. hig ne; B. hine [for hi ne]. A. 
msenigeo; B. msenigum. A. hig [for hi; bis]. A. ope- 
nedon. B. )?are [for }?ar]. A. in-asendon. 5. A. synd. 
B. forgifen. 6. A. heortan. 7. A. hwig spryc*. 8. A. 
hig. A. betweox. A. hwig. A. heortuwi. 9. A. gefcre [for 
eSre]. A. secganne. A. inserts Z before nim. A. bedd. 
11. A. bedd. 12. A. heom [for him]. 


1 7 eft acfter dagen he code in-to caphar- 
naum 7 hyt wjcs ge-hyrcd. j> he waes on huse 

2 7 manege to-gadere comen 7 he to hem 

3 7 hyo comen aenne lame man to him 
berende. J?ane feower men baeren. 

4> 7 pa hyo nc mihten hine in-bringen for 
J?are manige hyo openedon j?ane rof )?aer se 
haelend waes 7 hyo J?a in-asende -p bed pe se 
lame on laig. 

5 SoSlice )>a «-e haelend ge-seah heore 
ge-leafen he cwaeS. to ]?am lamen. Sune pe 
synde J^ine senne for-gefene. 

6 pan waeren sume of j?am bokeren sit- 
tende 7 on heore heortan j?encende 

7 hwi specS j?es Jms. he desigeS. hwa 
maig senne for-gefen buton god ane. 

8 Da se haelend )?aet on his gaste on-cneow. 
•p hyo swa be-tweoxe heom J?ohten. he cwaeS 
to heom hwi J?ence ge j?as ping on eowre 

9 hwaeSer is eSre to seggene to pam 
lamen. Se synde )?ine synne forgefene. 
hwaeSer to cwaeSen aris nem Jrin bed 7 ga. 

10 J?aet ge soSlice witen ~p mannes sune 
haefS anweald on eorJ?an synnen to for- 
gefene. He cwaeS to fara lamen. 

11 pe ic segge aris. nym J>in bed 7 ga ; 
to Jnnen huse. 

12 7 he sone aras. ] be-foren heom eallen 
eode. swa ~p ealle wundreden 7 Jms cwaeSen 
naefre we aer fellic ping ne ge-saegen. 

Various Readings. 

Ch. ii. v. 1. daguwi. 2. manega; comon; heom. 3. 
comon ; fjanne ; baeron. 4. mihton ; meniga ; J?onne ; {jar ; 
halend; in-asenden ; lama; laeg. 5. halend; heora gelea- 
fan ; laman ; synt ; sinne for-gyfene. 6. J>are waron ; bo- 
ceran ; heora heorta. 7. desygafc ; mseg synna for-gyfen. 
8. halend; betwux; Jjohton; eowran heortan. 9. hwefcer 
his; segganne; laman; sind; synna for-gyfene; hwefcer $e 
cwefcen ; nim. 10. hafS ; synnan ; forgyfena ; laman. 
11. Jnnum. 12. sona; beforan; ealluwi; wundredon; cwae- 
fcon ; gillie ; |nng omitted; ge-sawen. 


3 eftersona infoerde capharw/wm $a burg stfter dagum 3 irehered waes fte in hus were 
1 *Et iterum intrauit capharnaum post dies et auditum est quod in domo esset. " 

1 efne cuomon monigo fcus -J>te ne maehte foa-lnioma ne 


lu. xxxvii. 

io. xxxvui. 

2 et conuenerunt multi ita ut non caperet neque ad ianuam et 

duru 3 sprecend waes him-1'spraec ,„', j xx 


him word 3 cuomon feredonl'brengende to him Sone eorS-erypel se $e from feowrum waes geboren 

eis uerbum. 3 et uenerunt ierentes ad eum paraliticuni qui a quatuor porta batur. 

3 hine ne maehtun gebrenga hine him fore menigo ge-nacedon-lun$ehton f hus fcer was 3 
4 et eum non possent offerre eum illi prae turba nudauerunt tectum ubi erat et 

ge-opnadon adune sendon 4> ber on <5aem se eor<5-er\ ppel laeg-riicgende waes mi$<5y geseeh Sonne 

patetacientes summiseruut grauatum in quo paraliticus iaeebat. 5 cum uidisset autem 

se hae-r geleafo hiora-I'Sara cuoeS Saern eorfc-crypple suna forjrefen biSon Se synno weron xxutedlice Ser 

ihesus tidem illorum ait paralitico fili dimittuntur tibi peccata. 6 erant autem illic 

sume of uSuutum sittende 3 Sencendo-rsmeande in heartum hiora hwaet Ses swae \ Sus spreces 

quidam de scribis sedentes et cogitantes in cordibus suis. 7 quid hie sic loquitur 


hua maeg forsceafa-l'forleta svnna nvraSe an 


blasphemat quis potest dimittere peccata nisi solus dezts. 8 quo statim 

ofSon sona ongaett-rmiSSy -p oncneow 


se haelend gast his ft 3 suae smeadon-lSohton bituih him cueS to him huaet Sas gie smeaS in 
Ihesus spiritXL suo quia sic cogitarent inter se dicit illis quid ista cogitatis in 

hearto hiurum Hwaet is eaSur to coeSanne Saem eorS-cryple forgefen biSon Se synno Y 

cordibws uestris. 9 quid est facilius dicere paralitico dimittantur tibi peccata an 

cuoeSa arts 3 nimd'ber bere Sin 3 gaa fte wutedfice wutaS gie Saette he mseht 

dicere surge et tolle grauatum tuum et ambula. 10 ut autem sciatis quia potcstatem 

haefeS sunu monnes on eorSo forgefnise synno cwoeS Sarni eorS-crypple Se ic oueSo aris nim 

habet filius hominis in terra dimittendi peccata ait paralitico. 11 tibi dico surge tolle 

ber Sin 3 gaa in hus Sin 3 sona he aras under-leat f ber eode 

grauatum tuum et uade in domum tuam. 12 et statim ille surrexit sublato grauato abiit 

before allum suae -pte of-wundredon alle 3 hia worSedun god cuoeSende fte nsefra 

coram omnib?<s ita ut ammirarentur onines et honorificarent aeum dicentes quia numquam 

Sus-1'sua we <jese<jon 
sic uidimus. 

Cap. II. 1. 3 aeftsr sona-rhraeSe infoerde I'ineode capharnaum be byrig softer dagum 3 gehered waes fte in lm^' 
waere 2. 3 efne comon monige bus 4>te ne maehte foanl'nioman ne to dore-rto fjeaete !) sprecende was heom-i 
him word 3. 3 comon toferende-l'brinirende to him bone eorS-crypel seSe from feowrum WBBS geboren 

4. 3 mifcby hi ne maehtun <rebrin<ran hine him for mengo genacadun lumvreoiron -)5 hus-1 \>a here ba-r be waea 3 
openedon-l'opnende dydon adune sendun-l'settun ba bere in Saere be eorS-crypel keg-Hicgende waes J mfeby 
gesaeh bonne se haalend geleafa heora cwa*b to ]>xm eorS-crypele sunu forgefen beoban Se Bynne bine 6. weron 
wutudlice f?a>r sume of ubwutmn nttende 3 Sencende+smeande in heortum heortum 7. hwael bea Sus-r'Bwa 
spreca|j heo folsab hwa racCj; forgeofan-lforletan Bynne nymbe ane god 8. of bon sona ongel se hadend trust liis (5te 
swa jjolitonlsmeadon betwih heom cwsal to hcoin hwsBt ^as jre |>enca)i in heortum eowrum 9. hwsat is e^re-1 
ea<5ur to cwe}?anne (^a-in eort-cryple forgefen beo)mn (>e Bynne ^ine o|jS(! cwe)>an aria ") nim 4* ber bere bine 3 l;;m 

10. f>a-t wutudlice witab tre -btc he maohte bsBfeiS sunn monnes on eorba Porgethiaae Bynne cwasb to beam eort-cryple 

11. <5e ic aaegce aria 1 nim here bine 3 gaa to huae binum 12. 3 instydc In* aras 3 under Irat lu-re eode beforan 
allum swa ^te ofwundradun alle 3 ba wor|>adun god ewebende -J5tu hia nadre bUB^Vawilo ne geaegnn. 


IS efl he ut code to Sere B». 1 call sco 13 And eft lie ut-codc to bare sae. 1 call , vu . lit 'I"?"* 

' leuin alphej 

menigeo hi/// to com 1 he hi Iserde. syo manege hvm to com 1 he hvo Iaerde. ■edent«n«a 

■ » ° J * tncloneum. 

11 n }>a he fortS code he ge-seah lcuin 14- ] J\i he forS-eode he ge-seah leuin 

alphei. rittende set his cep-setle. 1 he cwaeS alphei. sittende act his ccp-sctlc. 1 he cwaeft 

to him folga me. pa aras he 1 folgode hi///. to hym folge me. }\*i aras he 1 felgede hym. 

15 3 hit gewearft [n he saet on his huse 
•f manega manfnllc. saeton mid pam haelende 
1 his lcorning-cnihtu///; SoSlice manega pa 
fte hi/// fvligdon wa>ron 

16 boceras 1 farisei. 1 cwredon. witodlice 
he v vtt mid m;infullu/// 1 synfullum. 1 hi 
cwaedon to his lcorning-cnihtu///. hwi ytt 
cower lareow 7 drincS. mid manfullum 1 

17 pa se hselcnd j?is ge-hyrde he sasde 
hi///, ne be)?urfon na Sa halanlaeces. ac 8a 
pe untrume synt; Ne com ic na ~p icclypode 
riht-wise ac synfulle. 

18 1 pa waeron lohannes leorning-cnihtas 
] pharisei faestende. 7 pa comon hi 1 saedon 
hi///; Hwi festal iohannes leorning-cnihtas 
1 phariseoruw. 1 j?ine ne faestaS; 

19 Da .cw. se hseleud. cweSe ge sceolan 
J?aes brydguman cnihtas faestan swa lange 
swa se brydguma mid him is. ne magon hi 
faestan swa lange tide swa hi ^one brydgu- 
man mid hi/// habbaS; 

20 Softlice £>a dagas cumaS j?onwe se 
brydguma him bift fra/w acyrred. 1 poime 
hi festaS; On pam dagu/w 

21 nan man ne si'waj? niwne -scyp to 
ealdu/w reafe elles he afyrS J?one niwan scyp. 
of pam ealdan reafe. 1 bib mare*slite= '^' 

— , scaU, 



Various Readings. 
13. A. maenigeo ; B. minigeo. A. hig [for hi]. 14. A. 
ge-seh. A. lefin. 1G. pharisei. A. hig. A. hwyg [for 
hwi]. 17. A. lsecas. A. synd. 18. A. hig. A. hwig. 
19. A. sculon. A omits from swa se to lange before tide. 
A. hig. 20. A. hig. 21. A. seep [for second scyp]. 

15 1 hit gc-warS j?a he saet on his huse -p 
manege manfulle saeten mid J?am haelende 
1 his leorning-cnihtcn. Hoftlice manege J; a 
pc him felgden warcn 

16 bokcres 1 pharisei. 1 cwarSen witod- 
lice he ett mid manfullen 1 synfullen. 1 hy 
cwaeSen to his leorning-cnihten. hwi act 
eower lareow 1 drincd mid mannfullen 1 sen- 

17 pa se haelend ))is ge-hyrde he saede 
heom. Ne be-jmrfen na ]?a halen laeces. ac 
J?a pe untrume synden. Ne com ic na J?aet 
ich cleopede riht-wise ac synfulle. 

18 1 j?a waeren iohannes leorningenihtes 1 
farisej faestende. 1 j?a comen hyo 1 segden him. 

Hwi faested Iohannes leorning-cnihtes 1 Accessemm ad 
° ihesum disci - 

phariseoru/ra 1 bine ne faesteo. puii iohannis 

.. dicentes. 

1 9 Da cwae<3 se haelend ewe <5e ge. sculen Quare nos ■) 

, , , 'ip i pharisei ieiu- 

pas bredgumen cnihtes iaesten swa lange swa namus 

. frequenter. 

se bredgume mid heom is ; ne magen hyo 
faesten swa lange tide swa hyo j?ane bredgu- 
men mid heom haebbeft. 

20 SoSlice pa dages cumeS j?ane se bred- 
gume heom beoft fram acyrred 1 panne hyo 
faesteS. On ]?an dagen 

2 1 nanman ne seweS nywe seep to ealden 
reafe. elles he afyrS J>ane neowan seep of 
)?am ealden* reafe 1 byS mare slite 

Various Readings. 

13. End (with coloured initial); seo menga. 14. folga; 
folgede. 15. ge-wear? ; manega manfulla saeton ; halende; 
cnihtum; manega; fyligdon. 16. boceras 3 farisei; cwae- 
*on; ytt; manfulluw?; synfullum; hyocwaefcon; cnihtum ; 
ytt; drinc<5 ; manfullum; synfullum. 17. be-fmrfon; 
halan ; synt; ic. 18. waron; cnihtas; pharisei; comon; 
saegden heom; Wwi (so, with coloured W/br H) ; cnihtas. 

19. halend; cwede; sculon; bridfruman cnihtas fastan ; 
bridguma ; magon ; faston ; porcne bridguman ; him habbaS. 

20. dagas; ponne ; brydguma hem by <5 ; ponwe; faestafc. 
On \>am dagum. 21. siwad; ealdum; pone niwan scyp; 


3 faerende waes eiter sona 3 see-tec to sae 3 all Sreat cymende waes to him 3 loerde hia 

13 *Et egressus est rursus et inure omnia quae turba ueniebat ad eum et docebat eos. • VII. 21. ii. 

lu. xxxviii. 
int. lxxi. 
3 miSSy Sona foerde gesaeh sittende to 3 cuoeS to him soec mecl'fylg me 

14 et cum praetenret uidit leuin alpliei sedentem ad teloneu??i et ait illi sequere" me 

3 aras fylgende waes hine 3 geworden waes miSSy gelionede in bus Sacs monigo 

et surgens secutus est eiun. 15 *Et factum est cum accumberet in domo illius muiti • 22. ii. 

lu. xxx\ iiii. 
baersunigo 3 synnfullo aetgeadre geraeston-liinifiiendo weron miS Sone hae-1' 3 Segnum his weron fwSon mt. lxxii. 

publicani et peccatores simul discumbebant cum ihesu et discipulis eius erant enim 

menigo SaSe 3 fylgdon-Vfylgendo weron him-Hiine 3 wuSuto 3 Sa aeldo gesegon forSon -l-pte he a>t-lett 

muiti qui et sequebantur eum. 16 et scribae et pharisaei uidentes quia manduearet 

miS synnfullum 3 bsersynniguw hia cuedon Segnuwi his forhuon miS baersynnigum 3 synfullum 
cum peccatoribws et publicanis dicebant discipulis eius quare cum puplicanis et peccatoribiw 

ettes 3 drinoaS laruu iuer miSSy geherde Sis se hae-1' cueS to him ne ned-Sarf habbaS 

manducat et bi bit magister uester. 17 *Hoc audito ilie*«s ait illis non necesse habent • 23. a. 

lu.xl. ' 

mt. lxxiii. 
halo to lece ah Sa Se yfle habbaS ne forSon cwom ic to ceigenne soSfaesto ah synfullo 3 

sani medicum sed qui male habent non enim ueni uocare iustos sed peccatores. 18 et 

weron Sennas iohannis 3 faestendo 3 cwomon 3 cwedon him forhwon Segnas 

erant disci puli iohannes et pharisaei ieiunantes et ueniuut et dicunt illi quare discipuli 

iohannis 3 hia faestaS Sine uutedlicc Segnas ne faestaS 3 cuoeS to him 

iohannis et pharisaeorum ieiunant tui autem discipuli non ieiunant. 19 et ait illis 

se hae-1' ah ne magon suno Sa huile Se brydguma miS him is iaesta sua longe tidlhuile 

ihesus num (pud possunt til ii nubtiarum quam diu sponsus cum illis est ieiunare quanto tempore 

habbaS miS brydgum ne magon faesta cymeS Sonne dagas miSSy genumen biS from 

habent secum sponsum non possunt ieiunare. 20 uenient autem dies cum aut'eretur ab 

him Se bryd<ruma 3 Sa hia faestas in Saem doege naenig niwes fivhtes siuieS 

eis sponsus et tunc ieiunabunt in ilia die. 21 nemo assumentum panni rudis assuit 

jro^erelo aldum oSer Sin<r from niwmeS fyllnise niwe of -aide 3 mara toslitnessa biS 

nestimento ueteri alio quin aut'eret supplementum nouum a ueteri et maior scissura fit. 

13. 3 faerende waes setter sona ec to sae eall \& f>reat cymende to him 3 laerde hia II. 3 miSjiy |>onan 
foerde gesseh . . . sittende to geafol-monun<re 3 c\ve|j to him folgam-l'fylge me 3 aras fylgende WSB8 him 15. 3 
geworden wav-s miS(?y gehlionade in huse Saes monige openlice Bynnige-thehsunne 3 synnfulle Betgaadre gereston4 
hleonadun miS Sone haul 3 Segnum liis weron forSon monigu SaSe 3 fyligdun X fylgende werun him 16. 3 

uSwutu 3 Sa aldu giaegun forSon Saet he ctt Ictcii lc W8B8 mis Saem Bynfullum 3 bsr-synnigum hise cwedun 
Segnum his for hwon mis baer-sunnigum 3 synfullum etest (sic) 1 drinces larow iowei l". miSSy giherde Sis Se 
ha;-!' CWSS to him ne ned-Saerfe babbaa ha-lo to lece ah SaSe yfcl habbas ne forSon com IC to ceganne boS- 
faeste ah synfylle 18. 3 werun Segnaa iohannes 3 Sa aldu fseatende 3 comun 3 cwedun him forhwon Segnas 
iohannes 3 Sa aldu faMende Sine wutudh'ce Segnaa ne feestaa 19. 3 cwseS to him Se ha-1 ahne ne magun Bunu 
. . . fce hwile Se brydguma mis him i-, fseatende sua longe tide habbas mis Sone brydguma ne magun fsesta 
20. cumaS Sonne dagas misfcy ginumen bi* from him Se brydguma 3 Sa hia fiestas in Beam dagum 21. menig 
forSon ... niowea flyhtes tiowei giwedo+gigerelu aldu oSeru Sing from-nimeS fylnisae niowe from aldun 1 man 
to-alitneaae bis 

1 _' 


29 3 nan man ne deS niwe win on ealdc 
bytta. ellet ~f win tobryeS {"'a bytta. 1 -p 
win biE agoten, 1 J?a bytta forwur^a)?; Ac 
niwe win Bceal bcon gedon on niwe bytta. 
bonne beo'tS bntn gehealden; 

S3 IT^ft W8B8 gcwordcn £>a be rcstc-daguw 
-L^ jmrh aeceras code, his leorning- 
cnihtaa ongunnon pa ear pluccigean. 

24 J 1 a cwaedon pbarisei to him. loca nu 
bwset j^inc leorning-cnibtas do^. *p him 
alvfed nacs. on reste-dagu/w; 

2.5 pa saede he h\m ne raedde ge naefrc. 
hwaet dyde dauid pa bine hingrode. 1 ]?a ^e 
mid him wseron. 

26 hu be in godes buse eode. under abia- 
thar J?ara saccrda ealdre. ") hejet J?a ofrung- 
hlafas. pe him ne alyfede naeron to etanne. 
buton sacerdon a\mm. ") he sealde pam Se 
mid him waeron. 

27 3 he saede him. reste-dseg waes ge- 
worht for pa men. n£es se man for *8am 

28 Witodlice drihten is mannes sunu eac 
swylce reste-daeges; 

1 And eft he eode on ge-samnunge 1 )?ar 


ft he eode on ge-san 
wa?s an man for scruncene hand 

2 1 hi gymdon hwaej^er he on reste-daguw/ 
gehaelde. -p hi bine gewregdon; 

3 Da cwae'S he to *8am men pe for-scrun- 
cene hand haefde. aris gemang him. 

Various Readings. 

22. A. for-weorba$. 23. A. pluccian ba ear. 25. A. 
hingrede; B. hungrode. 26. A. into [for in]. A. of- 
frung hlafas. A. naeron alj fede (omitting ne) ; B. ne alyfed 
nseron. B. actanne. A. butan. A. sacerduw. 27. A. bam 
men :* B. ba men (as in the text). 

Ch. iii. v. 1. A. omits And ; with a large initial to Eft. 
A. ge somnunge. 2. A. hig. A. wregdon. 

22 1 nanman no doS nywc win on ealde 
betta. elles -p win to-breeS j?a byttc. "i J^aet 
win beoS agoten 1 jm bytta for-wurScS. Ac 
neowe win scell boon ge-don on ncowe bytta 
Jeanne IkmkS ba tvva ge-bcalden. 

23 [jlft waes ge-worSen ba be reste- "'j*, 1 [henu 

II, D J sabbato per 

-*-J dajjen burh aeceres eode. his^ t:i diwapnU 

° — ' eius esurientes 

leorning-cnihtes on-gunncn ba ear pluccin. ceperur.t euei- 

° o j i i ere gpicas. 

24 j?a cwae^Sen J?a pharisej to him. Loce 
nu hwaet J?ine leorning-cnihtes doS. ^ heom 
alcfeS naes on rcste-dagen. 

25 Da saide he heom. ne raedde ge naefre 
hwaet dyde dauid. j?a hym hingrede. 1 pa 
pe mid hym waercn. 

26 hu he inne godes huse eode under 
abiathar J?are sacerde ealdre. 1 he aett of pa 
offrunge-hlafes. pe hym ne alyfde neren to 
aetenne. buten sacerden ane. 7 he sealde 
J?am pe mid hym waeren. 

27 3 he saigde heom. reste-daig waes ge- 
worht for J?am men. nes se man for j?am 

28 Witodlice drihten is mannes sune eac 
swilce reste-dages. 


1 TT^nd eft he eode on ge-samnunge. 
JL^ 1 J?aer waes an man for-scruncen 

handde haebbende 

2 1 hyo gemden hwader he on reste-dagen 
ge-haelde ~p hyo hine ge-wreiden. 

3 pa cwae^ he to J^am men pe for-scru[w]- 
ccne hand haefde. aris ge-mang heom. 

Various Readings. 

22. nan man; deS; bytta (bis); byS ; for-wur$a5; nyvve; 
sceal; niwe; bonne; buto [for ba twa]. 23. Eft (with 
coloured initial); ge-worden ; dagum ; aceras; cnihtas on- 
gunnon. 24. second ba omitted: Loca; cnihtas; alyfd ; 
dagwn. 25. ssegde; eom [so; for heom]; nafre hwat; ba 
hine. 26. in; para sacerda ealdra; set; of omitted; offrung- 
hlafas; naeron; ettanne butan sacerduwi anum; wseron. 
27. ssegde. 28. dseges. 

Ch. iii. v. 1. hand. 2. gymden hwse<5er ; reste-dagutn. 
3. for-scruweene (for-scrucene in Hatton MSA. 


"3 nsenig monn sende* win niwe in byttum aldum mara woen to-slitte<5 f> win Sa bytto 

22 et nemo mittit uinum nouellum in utres ueteres alio quin disrumpct uinum utres 

1 f win bi<5 agotten 3 <5a bytto losa* ah f win niwe in byttum niwum senda is rehtlic 

et uinum effunditur et utres peribunt sed uinum nouum in utres nouos mitti debet. 

3 gewear*-rgeworden waes eft sona mi<5<5y sunnedagmw eode *erh "J Segnas his ongunnun 

23 *Et factum est iterum cum sabbatis ambularet per sata et discipuli eius coeperunt * VIII. 24. ii. 

lu. xli. 

mt. cxiiii- 

forfc-geonga 3 Sonne cuoedon him hcomi huaet doa* gie 

praegredi et uellere spicas. 24 pharisaei autem dicebant ei ecce quid faciunt sabbatis 

f nis alefed 3 cue* to him ne leornade ge huaet dyde *a ned 

quod non licet. 25 et ait illis num quam legistis quid iecerit dauid quando necessitatem 

hsefde 3 hyngerde he 1 *a*e mi* hinie weron huu inn-eode hus godes under 

habuit et esuriit ipse et qui cum eo erant 26 quomodo introiit domum dei sub abiathar 

aldor sacerda 3 hlafo fore-gegearwad-1'temised gebrec *a nere lefed to eattanna nym*e 

principe sacerdotum et panes propositionis manducauit quos non licet manducare nisi 

sacerdum 1 salde *sem *a*e mi* hine weron 1 cuae* to him rest-dseg fore menn 

sacerdotibws et dedit eis qui cum eo erant. 27 *Et dicebat eis sabbatuw p[r]opter hominem ■ 25. ii. 

lu. xlii. 
mt. cxvi. 
geworden waes 1 naes monn fore raestdaege for*on hlafurd is sunu monnes ec 

factum est et non homo propter sabbatum. 28 itaque dominus est filius hoininis etiam 

to raestdaege 


7 ineode eft sona on *a somnung 1 waes *er monn haefde hond drvgi 3 

1 et introiit iterum synagogam et erat ibi homo habens manum aridam. 2 et 

behealdon hine gif-rhue*er on haligdaguwi gegemde fte hia geteldor.-l'ni*ria hine 1 cue* {Sscm menn 

obseruabant eum si sabbatis curaret ut accusarent ilium. 3 et ait homini 

haebbende hond drygi aris in middum 
habenti manum aridam surge in medium. 

22. 3 naenip: mon sende* win niowe in byttum aldum mara woen toslite* *aet winn *a byttc 1 f win agoten 
hi* } *io bytte losed ah *aet win niowe in byttum niowe sendes is rebtlic 23. 3 giworden waes eftcr sona 

mi**y sunna-daege eode *e hae-r *erh . . . 3 *cgnas his ongunnun forSgonga 1 . . . 24. 8a aldu wutudltce 

ewedun him heono hwaet doa* ge on BUnna-dflBge Sstte nis alefed 25. !J cwa 1 * to bim nsfre De liornades 1 He 
liornadun hwaet dyde dauid 3a hned-bihocfe haefde 1 hycrende be 1 *a*e mi* hine wcrun 20. hwa in-eode 
in hus godes under abiathar aldor sacerda 3 hlafas fore-gigeorwadse gibreo *a ncron alefed to eotanne nvin^e 
anum sacerdum 3 salde Seem *e mi* hine wcrun 27. 3 cwae* to him dfflg for monuwi giworden WBB8 3 DSB8 
mon fore ra-ste-dacg 28. for*on hlafard is sunu monnes ec to NBSte-dffige. 

Cap. III. 1. 3 in-eode eftcr sona in somnunga 1 wa's Ber mon haefde lionda diyge. 2. 3 biheoldun bine lmI 
he halves dacires gigemde -p hia? teldun-rni*radun hine •'}. 1 cwae* to fca-m menu bnbbende lionda dryge ari> 
m middum. 


4 J ;i CW8B% be alyi'tS rcstc-dagum wel to 
donne liwijvr 6e yfele. Bawla ge-hslan. 
hweber $e for-spillan. 1 In* smvodon. 

5 t hi besceawiende mid yrrc ofer hyra 
heortan blindnesse ge-unret cwieS to pam 
men ; Apene fine hand. 3 he afenede hi. 
pa wearS his hand ge-baeled sona; 

6 pa pharisei mid herodianiscuflt utgan- 
gende jvahtcdon ongen hine. hu hi bine 
fordon mihton. 

7 7 fn ferde se haclend to J?aere sa'. mid 
his leorning-cnihton. 1 mycel menigeo him 
fyligde fraw galilea. 1 iudca. 

8 1 hierusalew. 1 fram iudea 1 be-geon- 
dan iordane 1 to him com mycel menegeo 
ymbe tirum !J sidone gehyrende j?a Sing pe 
he worhte. 

9 1 he cwse"S to his cnihtuw ^ hi him on 
scipe J?enodon. for paere menigu ~p hi hine 
ne offrungon; 

10 SoJ^lice manegahe ge-h aside; Swa ~p hi 
set-hrinon his. 3 swa fela swa untrumnessa 

11 !I unclaene gastas haefdon; pa hi hine 
gesawon. hi to-foran him astrehton. 1 Jrns 
cweSende clypedon. Jm eart godes sunu. 

12 1 he him swySe forbead. -p hi hine 
ne ge-swutelodon. 

13 1 on anne munt he ferde 1 to hi»i 
gc-clypode pa. *8e he wolde } hi to him 

14 1 he dyde ^ hi twelfe mid him waeron. 
1 he hi asende godspell to bodigenne. 

Various Readings. 

4. B. well. A. hwa'^er (bis). A. hig swigedon. 5. A. hig 
be-sceawigende. A. beora. A. blyndnysse. A. big [for 
hi]. 0. A. erodianiscum. A. ongeun. A. hig» 7. A. 
cayhtuwi. A. mseniu [for menigeo]. 8. A. B. iudea (as 
in the text). A. be-eondan. A. maenigeo. 9. A. big. 
A. |>enedon. A. maenigeo; B. meniguw. A. big 10. A. 
hig. B. is (altered to his). 11. A. hig(fos). B. cwsefcende. 
12. A. hig. A. ge-swuteledon. 13. A. aenne. A. hig. 
14. A. hig (6/4). A. godspel. 

4 Da cwse"5 he alyfS reste-dagen wel to 
donne hws'Ser Se yfele sawle gc-haden 
hwacSer to for-spillen. 1 hyo Bwigedon. 

5 1 hyo bc-sceawiende mid eorre ofer hire 
lieorte blindnisse. he un-rot cwaeS to J?am 
men. a-J?ene j?ine hand. 7 he a-J?encde hyo. 
j?a warS his hand ge-haeled sone. 

6 Da farisei mid herodianiscen ut-gan- 
gende J?eohtcndon on-gean hine. hu hyo 
hine for-don mihton. 

7 1 }?a ferde se haelend to pave sse. mid 
his leorning-cnihten 3 mycel menigeo him 
felgede fram galilea. 1 iudea. 

8 "J ierusalem. 1 fram idumea. 1 be-geonden 
iordane. 1 to him com mycel menige ymbe 
tyrum 1 sydonem ge-herende j?a ping pe he 

9 ") he cwaeS to his cnihten -p hyo hym on 
scype j?enedon for j?are manigeo ]?aet hyo 
hine ne of-Jmmgen. 

10 So^lice manege he haelde. swa ~p hyo 
aet-rinen his. 1 swa fele swa untrumnysse 

11 1 unclaene gastes haefden. Da hyo hyne 
ge-seagen hyo to-foran hym astrehten. Jms 
cweo'ende clepeden. Jm ert godes sune. 

12 1 he hym swiSe for-bead. ~p hyo hine 
ne ge-swuteledon. 

13 1 on aenne munt he ferde 1 to hym ge- 
clypede j?a pe he wolde "J hyo to hym 
co men 

14 1 he dyde ~p hyo twelf mid him waeren 
1 he hyo asende godspell to bodienne. 

Various Readings. 

4. dagum ; done hwefcer ; hwefcer \>e for-spillan ; swuwo- 
don. 5. hi ; yrre ; hyra heortan ; ge-unret ; wearfc ; sona. 
6 pharisei ; herodianiscu/w ; j?eahtendon. 7. halend ; cnih- 
ton ; fyligde; galilea. 8. menegeo; ge-byrende : Sincg. 
9. cnihtuwj ; )?enodon ; menigeo f hi ; of-fjrungon. 10. mse- 
negeo ; ge-hoelde ; hi [for hyo] ; aet-hrinen is ; untruwmyssa. 
11. gastas hsefdon ; gesawum ; astrehton; 1 };us; clypedon; 
tart. 12. ge-swutelodon. 13. comon. 14. by; bodiende. 


3 cueS to him is alefed hra?stdagum wel wyrce 4" yfle *a sawele hal gedoa Y 

4 et dicit eis licet sabbatis bene facere &n male animam saluara facere £n 

losiga so* hia suigdon 
perdere at illi taeebant. 

3 ymb-sceawde hia mi* wrae**o unrotsade ofer ungleownise 
5 et circum-spiciens eos cum ira contristatus super caecitatem 

heartses hiora cue* to *a?m menn a*en hond Sin 3 a*enede 3 eft geboetad waes hond him 

cordis eorum dicit homini extende manum tuam et extendit et restituta est manus illi. 

*a eodon Sonne sona mi* hero*es *egnum *aditung hia dedon wi* him 

6 *Exeuntes autem statim pharisaei cum herodianis consilium faciebant aduersus cum 'Villi. 

2fi. ii[iij. 

huu hine losiga maehton 
quomodo eum perderent. 

10. xciii. xcv. 

3 *e hselend mi* *egnum his foerde to sa? 3 menigo lnt - cxvii - 

7 et ihes?<s cum discipuli3 suis secessit ad mare. *Et multa ■ 27. i. 

iu. xxxiiii. \lv. 
io. xlvi. 

*read of 3 fylgende wses hine fiwra hierusa/em 3 from 3 ofer 

turba a galilaea et iudaea secuta est eum. 8 ab hierosolimis et ab idumaea et trans iorda- 

nit. xxni. 

3 *a *e ymb tyre 3 sidone menigo miclo herdon-l'herend weron Sa *e he wyrcende wsds 

nen et qui circa tyrum et sidonem multitudo magna audientes quae faciebat 

cwomon to him 
uenerunt ad eu/n. 

3 cue* *egnum his fte scip him gebrohton-rgeherdon fore 

9 et dixit disci pulis suis ut nauicula sibi deseruiret propter 

fcsem menigo fte hia ne fortredon hine 
turbam ne compremerent eum. 

monigo for*on he gehadde *us fte hia raesdon on 
10 multos enim sanabat ita ut inruerent in 

him fte hine hie gehrindon-thrina maehtaes sua feolo-rsua oft *onwe hia ha?fdon uncu* a*lo 
eum ut ilium tangerent quotquot autem habebant plagas. 

11 et 

gasto unclseno mi**y hine gesegon-l'gesea radshton gefeollon-rhluton him 3 hia weron clioppende-rcliopadon 
spiritus inmundi cum ilium uidebant procidebant ei *Et clamabant 

cwe*endo *u ar* sunu godes 
dicentes tu es fi/ms dei. 

lu. xxvii. 

3 swi*e bebead him fte hia ne sewades-rmersades 

12 et uehementer cominabatur eis ne manifestarcnt 

hine 3 astag on mor ceigde to him *ailco walde he 3 cwomun to him 

ilium. 13 *Et ascendens in montewi uocauit ad so quos uoluit ipse et uenerunt ad eum. • X. 29. ii. 

lu. lxxxvi. 
mt. lxxviiii. 

3 dyde fte hia were twelfo mi* him 3 -fee fte sende hia bodiga godspell 

14 et fecit ut essent duodecim cum illo et ut mitteret eos praedicare euangclium. 

4. 3 cwae« to him gif is alefed on raeste-dagum wel wyrca-ryfle *a sawle hale gidoa-rloesiga so* hia Bwigadun 
5. 3 ymbsceowadun hine mi**y unrotsade ofer ungleownisse heorta hiora cwa* to *a i m menn a*ene honda *ine 
3 a*enede 3 eft giba?ted wtcs honda him 6. 3 8a eodun *ona wutudho? sona *a pharistft mi* hcrodes *cgnum 
Samtunge hise dedun wi* him hu hine loesiga ma-htun 7. 3 *e hailend mi* Kegnuffl his foerde to beb 3 

monige *reatas of galilea 3 of iudeum fylgende waorun him 8. 3 from hierusafe/w 3 from idumeuin 3 ofer 

iordanes 3 *a*e ymb tyri 3 sindone mengu micle herende werun l' giherdun *a*e he wyrcende was comun to 
him 9. 3 cwa'* to *egnum his fte scip him gibrohtun-1 herdun for *a;m mengum *a-t hiao ne for-trcdun 

hine 10. monige for*on he giha-lde *us fte hia) rasdun on hine f hiffl him gihriomm Bwa feolu *oniu' hafdo 
[un]cu* ai*ulo 11. 3 gasta unclanra mi**y hine gisegun gifeollun llutun to him 3 cliopaduQ cwc*cnde *u 
ar* sunu godes 12. 3 swi*e bibead him f hiao ne eowde him 13. 3 astag on mor cegdc to him *a ilcu 

walde he 3 comon to him 14. 3 dyde fte hia) were twelfe mi* him cc 3 fte sende hia to bodanin 


15 J he hiM anweald sealde untrumnesea 
tohaelanne. 3 deofol-seocnessa ut to adrifanue. 
I (i J he nemde rimon petrum 

17 3 iacobu/// zebedei. !I iohanncm liis 
bro$or 1 h\m namaD onsettc. boancrics ~f is 
Swires beam. 

IS 3 andream. 1 philippum. 1 bartholo- 
mcum ] thomam. ] iacobnm alphci. 1 tad- 
deutn. 1 simoncm chanancum. 

19 1 iudaw scarioth. sc hine sealde. 

20 1 eft him to com. swa micel menigu. 
■p hi naefdon lilaf to etanne 

21 1 j\a hi hine gehyrdon hi ferdon ~p hi 
hine namon 1 pus cwaedon; SoSlice he is on 
bat-hcortnesse gewend. 

22 1 pa boceras pe wendon fram hierusa- 
lem cwaedon; 

Soj^lice he haefS beelzebub 1 on deofla 
ealdre he deofnl-seocnessa ut adrifS. 

23 1 he hi togaedere geclypode. "J on big- 
spellum him to cwaeS; Hu maeg satanas 
satanan ut adrifan. 

24 1 gif his rice on him sylfum biS to- 
daeled hu maeg hit s tan dan 

25 3 gif -f hus ofer hit sylf ys to-daeled. 
hu maeg hit standan. 

26 1 gif satanas winS ongen hine sylfne 
he bV6 to-daeled 1 he standan ne maeg ac 
hajfS ende; 

27 Ne maeg man j?one strangan his aehta 
1 his fatu be-reafian 1 on his hus gan, buton 
man J?one strangan merest gebinde. 1 poime 
his hus reafige; 

Various Readings. 

13. A. hcora. B. anwculde seald. A. ge-haclanne. A. 
deofel. 17. B. 3 zebedei. A. heom. A. boanerges. A. 
has "i matheum after bartholomeum, but it is added above 
in a later hand. A. alfei. 19. A. iudas. 20. A. maenigeo. 
A. big. B. SBtanne. 21. A. hig (three times). 22. A. belze- 
bub. A.deofolseocnyssa. 23. A. big. A. clypode. 25. A. 
omits thi.s terse. B. sylfe. 26. For ongen A. has wy«, 
glossed by i ongean. A. omits sylfne. 27. A. fata. A. butan. 

1,5 1 he heom anweald sealde untrumnysse 
to heelenne. 1 deofel-seocnysse ut to adrifenne. 

16 ] he nemde symon petrum 

17 3 jacobum zebedej. 1 iohanncm his 
broder 1 him naman on-sette boaneries "p is 
Jmnres beam. 

18 1 andream 1 philippum. 1 bartholomeum 
3 thomam. 1 iacobum alphej. 1 taddeum 1 
symonem chananeum. 

19 7 iuda scarioth. se hine sealde. 

20 1 eft him to com swa mycel manigeo ~p 
hyo naefden hlaf to aetenne. 

21 1 pa hyo hine ge-hyrden hyo ferden 
J?aet hyo hine namen 1 Jms cwarSen. SoSlice 
he is on hatheortnysse ge-wend. 

22 3 pa, bokeres pe wenden fram ierusalem 

SoSlice he hafS belzebub 1 on deofle eal- 
dre he deofel-seocnisse ut-adrifS. 

23 1 he hyo to-gadere ge-cleopede. 1 on 
bispellen heom to cwaeS. hu maig sathanas 
sathana un adrifen (sic) 

24 1 gif his rice on him sylfen byoft to- 
daeled hu maig hit standen. 

25 1 gyf ~p hus ofer hit sylfen biS to- 
daeled hu maig hit standen. 

26 iEnd gif sathanas winS an-gen hine 
sylfne he beoS to-daeled J he standen ne 
maig ac hafS ende. 

27 Ne maig man J;ane strangen his ehte 1 
his fate be-reafian 1 on his hus gan butan 
man )?anne strangen aerest ge-binde J?anne 
his hus reafige. 

Various Readings. 

15. eora andweald ; halenne. end deofol-seocnyssa. 17. 
brofcor. 20. menigeo; etene. 21. ge-byrdon; ferdon; hi 
[for third hyo]; cwaedon. 22. boceras; wendon; hierusa- 
\em ; cwaedon ; deofla ealdrae ; deoful-seocnyssa. 23. ge- 
clypode; bigspelluw ; maeg satanas satanan ut adrifan. 
24. sylfum bits ; maeg ; standan. 25. hit sylf y to-daeled 
(sic) ; maeg ; standan. 26. 3 gif satanas ; byS ; mag. 
27. jjone strangan ; ehta; fatu; )?one strangan; 1 \>onne. 


3 sakle him maeht gemnisses to untrymnissum 3 to-wyrpnise diowla 3 

15 et dedit illis potestate?^ curandi infirmitates et eiciendi daemonia. 16 ^t* 30 -"- 

la. xliiii. 
nit. lzxx. 
gesette to symone noma petre 3 iacob yebeSies sunu 3 iohannem broker iacobes 3 

imposuit simoni nomen petrus. 17 et iacobum zebedaei et iohannem fratrem iacobi et 

ge-sette him •£ is suno Sunres 3 andreas 3 philippum 3 

imposuit eis nom[i]na boanerges quod est filii tonitrui. 18 et andream et philipum et bar- 

3 3 3 iacob Se hwita _ 3 3 simon Se channanesca 

tholomaeum et mattheum et thomaw et iacobum alphei et taddaeum et simonem cananae»??i. 

3 seSe ec salde hine 3 cumaS 4- cwomon to huse 3 efne cwom 

19 et iudam scariot qui et tradidit ilium *Et ueniunt ad doinuw 20 et conuenit * 31 - x - 

efter sona Siu menigo Sus fte ne maehton ne hlaf bruca 3 miSSy geherdon his 

iterum turba ita ut non possent neq?<e panem manducare. 21 et cum audissent sui 

eodon to haldanne hine cuoedon forSon f te on wraeSo gecerred waes 3 wuSuuto 

exierunt tenere eum dicebant enim quonia?/i in furorem uersus est. 22 *Et sciibae * 32. ii. 

lu. cxxvii. 
mt. cxxi. 
SaSe from hierasalem of-stigon -t Sona cuomon hia cuoedon -pte-l'fo; - Son haefeS 3 forSon on 

qui ab liierosolymis descenderant dicebant quoniam beelzebub Labet et quia in 

aldor diowla drifeS diowlas 3 efne geceigdo Sa ilco-?miSSy geceigd weron Sa ilco in bispellum 

principe demonum eicit demoma. 23 *Et conuocatis eis in parabolis • 33. ii. 

euoeS he So Ssem-rto him huu msege Se wiSerword Sone wiSerwearda fordrifa 4' huu msea: Se diowl Sone diowl 

lu. cxxviiii. 
mt. cxxii. 


illis quomodo 

potest satanas satanan 

fordrifa 3 gif f ric in him to-da?led biS-l'sie ne ma?ge stonde ric Saes 3 

eicere. 24 et si regnum in se^ diuidatur non potest stare regnum illius. 25 et 

gif hus ofer hia seolfa sie tostrogden ne mseg hus Sa ilea stonde 3 gif-tSeah 

si domus super semet ipsam dispertiatur non poterit domus ilia stare. 26 et si 

se wiSerwearda efne ansa on hine sulfne toworpen waes-tbiS 3 ne mseg gestonde ah ende haefeS 
satanas consurrexit in semet ipsum dispertitus est et non poterit stare sed finem habet. 

naenig monn maeg fato stronges ingaaS-Hngeonga in hus to niommanne -r genioma -? gereofa ge (sic)' 
27 nemo potest uasa iortis ingressus in domum diripere 

nymSe aerist Sone stronga gebinde 3 Sonne hus his reafaS 
nisi prius fortem alliget et tunc domum eius diripiet. 

15. 3 salde him maehte gemnisse to untrymnissum 3 to-worpnisse diowla 16. 3 gisette to simoni noma petres 

17. 3 \acobtu Zebedes svno 3 iohannes broSer iacobes 3 gisette him noma. . . Saet is suno Svnres 18. 3 andreas 
3 philipp«* 3 buxliohmrnx 3 mathp«* 3 tboma* 3 iacobwv . . . 3 llwdpus 3 . . . Sone cananisca 19. 3 iudam Son? 
scariothisca seSe salde hine 20. 3 cumaS to huse 3 efne-comvn eft sona Sio menjiv Sus -p hia) ne maditvu ne 
hlaf brucca 21. 3 miSSy giherde his eodun to haldanne hine cwedun forSon Saette on wraeSSo giweerred (sic) 
weds 22. 3 uS-wutu SaSe from hierusalem astigun -r" Sona comun hisB cwedun -pte -t forSon he\zcbub ba'fes 3 
forSon on aldor diowla gidrifes diowlo 2.3. 3 efne gicegde Sa ilev in bispellum cwacS to Sa-m-l'hini lmv m»g 

he Se wiSerworda diowul Sone diowul fordrifa 4- afaella 24. 3 gif Saet rice in him totaled bis ne ma'g stonda 
rice Sx-t 25. 3 gif hus ofer hise solfe to-strogden biS ne mn?<r hus Sa>t ilee stonda 26. 3 <rif Se WiSerworda 
efne arises in hine solfne to-worpen waes4'biS 3 ne maeg gi-stonda ah ende h&BfeS 27. n&Bnig mon DQEBg 1 meehte 
fato ttronge injia-Hngonga in hus to niomanne-l'ginioma-l'gireoriga QvmSe acrist gibinde Sone Btrongv 3 Sonne 
hus his reofige 



J) v aceal on 
(;sere *ucan 
wtter f?am ^e 
man be-lyci5 

LS SoNicc ic cow secgc ~p ealle synna 
synd manna bearnum forgyfene. 1 bysmo- 
runt^a J\i/// Be In bysmeria$; 

29 So)>lice ic cow secge se \>e Sonehalgan 
gast bysmera& so naefS on ccnyssc forgy- 
fenesse; Ac bi<S occs gvltes scyklig. 

50 for]7am pe hi cwaedon he haefS un- 
ci acinic gast. 

51 'Yi com to him his modor 1 his 

gebroSra. ] far-ute stodon 3 to 
him sen don. 1 to hi/// clypedon. 

32 ] mycel menign ymb hine szet and to 
lii/// cwaedon. her is Jin modor 1 Jmie ge- 
brocSra lite 1 secaf 1 fe ; 

33 He fa hi/;/ tf//r/swarode 1 cwreS. hwyle 
is min modor 3 mine gebro^ru. 

34 7 he cwa?)? Sa bchealdende J)e hi/// 
abuton sseton. lier is min modor 1 mine 
gebro^rn ; 

35 SoSlice se Se dejj godes willan se is 
min modor } min broSor 1 swustor. 


1 ] eft he ongan hi aet j'aere see lseran. 
J him wecs mycel menegii togegaderod ; Swa 
•f he on scip eode. 1 on psere me wres. 1 eall 
seo menegii ymbe pa [si] waeron on lande. 

2 ] he hi fela on bigspellum lrerde. 1 
hi/// to cwaaS on his lare. 

3 gehyraS ; 

*Ut eode se saklere his saed to sawenne. 

4 1 pa. he sew sum feoll wiS fone weg. 1 
fugelas comon 1 hit fraeton ; 

Various Readings. 

28. A. bysmeruoga. A.hig. 29. B. om. \>e. 30. A. hig. 
B. unclame. 31. A. moder. 32. A. msenigeo. A. ymbe. 
A. moder. 33. A. Jswarede; B. answarode. A. moder. 
A. gebroSra. 34. A. abutan. B. mine [for min, wrongly], 
A. moder. A. gebroSra. 35. A. moder. A. brofcer. A. 

L'b. iv. 1. B. And {with large initiul). A. big. A. 
meenigeo. A. mamio A. inserts as, which the text and 
B omit. A. waes [for weeron], 2. A. big fada. 3. Rubric 
in AB. 4. A. seow. 

28 So&licc ic eow segge ealle synne sendc 
manne bcarne for-gefene ") bismcrnnge pum 
pc bye bysmcriged. 

29 SoSlice ic cow segge se pc )?anne hal- 
gan gast bysnierieS se naefS on ecnysse for- 
gyfenysse. ac beoS eches geltes sceldyg. 

30 for j?am )?c hyo cwaeSen. he hafS un- 
claene gast. 

31 "^a comen to him his moder 1 his 
S ge-broSre ] J?£er-ute stoden 1 to 

him scntcn. 1 to hym clepeden. 

32 1 mycel maniga ymbe hine sact. 7 to 
him cwae^en. Her is jmi moSer 1 jnne 
bro^re ute 1 seceS pe. 

33 He pa heom andswerede 3 cwaeS. 
hwilc is min moder 1 mine ge-broSre. 

34 1 he cw. Da be-healdende pe him 
abuten sreten. her is min moder 1 mine ge- 

35 SoSlice se pe de?> godes willen se is 
min inoder ] min broker 1 mine swustren. 


1 ] eft he on-gan hyo aet jrare saa. lseren 
] hym waes micel manige to ge-gadered. 
Swa ~f he on scyp eode. 1 on J?are sae waes. 
l sye manige embe )?a sae. waes on lande 

2 J he by on fele byspellen laerden. 1 he 
heom to cw. on his lare 

3 ge-hereS. 

Ut code se seedere his seed to sawene. Exmquise- 
-v , minat ^eminar; 

4 1 fa he seow sum feol wio J-anne semen suum. 

weig 1 fugelas comen ] hit frasten. 

Various Readings. 

28. MS. Ren. inserts 1 before ealle; synna synd manna 
bearna tor-^yfene 3 bysmeruiitra; hi bysmariaS. 29. ^owne; 
bismtriaS : eeenysse fori'ynysse (sic I); bits eces gyltes 
scyklig. 30. cwaSen; uu-clfenne. 31. Da comon (with 
large initial)', modor; ge-bro$ra ; stodon; sendon ; ely- 
pedon. 32. meniga; cwa?<5on; modor: bro<Sra ; secatS. 
33. him Oswarode; ge-broi5ra. 34. abuton. 35. modor; 
bro£or: min swustor. 

Cb. iv. 1. mameija; ge-gaderud; eall seo manega (where 
the Hat ton MS. omits eall). 2. fela byspellon lserdon; 
la?re. 3. sre-byrac 1 ;. Rubiic in both MSS. 4. feoll; 
tonne ; comon ; fra;ton. 


soS ic cueSo iowh 


alle fo7 - gefen biSo-r foHeten biSon sunum monno 

28 *Araen clico uobis qoniam omnia 



filiis hominura peccata et * 34. ii. 

1 lu. cxlvii. 

mt. cxxm. 

ebolsungas of Saem hia ebolsadon seSe Sonne * uutedlice ebolsas on haligne gast ne 

blaspliemia? quibw.s blasphemauerint. 29 qui autem blasphemauerit in sprnifum sanctum non 

haefeS eft forsefnisse in ecnisse ah synnig-rscyldig biS Saes ece scyld_ forSon hia cuoedon 

liabet remisionem in aeternum sed reus erit aeterni delicti. 30 quoniam dicebant 

Sone gast unclaene heefes Z cuomon moder his Z broSero Z Qta stondes sendon 

spiritum inmimdu* habet. 31 *Et ueniunt mater eius et fratres et foris stantes miserunt J Ui *J [ Jj i 

35. ii. 

. lxxx 

mt. cxxx. 

to bim ceigendo-l'ceigdon hine 
ad eum uocantes eum. 

Z gessett ymb hine Sreat Z cuoedon hira heonu moder 
32 et sedebat circa eum turba et dicunt ei ecce mater 

Sin Z broSro Sin uta soecaS Sec 
tua et fratres tui foris quaerunt te". 

Z' onsuarade him cwoeS huaet Siu is -1" huaet Sa sint 
33 et respondens eis ait quae est 

moder min Z brodro min Z ymb-locade-rseeaude hia-rSa SaSe utan ymb his hia setton cueS 

mater mea et fratres mei. 34 et circum-spiciens eos qui in circuitu eius sedebant ait 

heonu moder min Z broSero min seSe forSon doeS willo godes Sis broSer min Z 

ecce mater mea et fratres mei. 35 qui enim fecerit uoluntatem dei hie frater muus et 

swoester min Z moder is 
soror mea et mater est. 


Z eftwsona ongann laera to sae Z gesomnad waes to him Sreat menigo sua fte in 
1 *Et iterum coepit docere ad mare et congregata est ad eum turba multa ita ut in * 



gesaett on sae Z 


Sreat ymb sae ofer eorSo wac[s] 

lu. lxxvi. 
mt. exxxi. 


nauem ascendens sederet in mari et omnis turba circa mare super terrain, erat. 2 et docebat 

hia in bispellum menigo Z cuoeS to him on lar his heraS heono eode Se sawende-l'sedere 

illos in parabolis multa et dicebat illis in doctrina sua. 3 audite ecce exiit seminans 

to sawenne 
ad seminandum. 

Z miSSy geseaw oSer-rsum feoll ymb Sa stret Z cwomon flegendo Z 
4 et dum seininat aliud cecidit circa uiam et uenerunt uolucres et 

fretton -1' eton Saet 
comederunt illud. 

28. soS ic cweSo iow Saette alle forgefen bioSvn sunum monna -1' forleten synne Z hie eofolsadun of Socm hie 
eofulsadun 29. seSe Sonne eofolsas on halge gastes ne haefes forgefnisse in ecnisse ah synnig-tscyldig biS Score 
ecan scyld 30. forSon hiae cwedun Son gast unclsene haefeS 31. Z comun moder his Z broSro Z ute stondas 
sendun to him cegende -T cegdun to him 32. Z gisaet -1' setun ymb hine Se Sreatt Z cwedun bim heono moder 
Sin Z broSro ute soecas Sec 33. Z ond-sworade him cwaeS hwaet is moder min Z broSro mine 34 Z ymb 
locade -X sceowade hiae-1'Sa SaSe vtan ymb heop his setun cwaeS heono moder min Z broSro mine 35. seSe forSon 
doeS willu godes Ses broSer min !) swester min Z moder is 

Cap. IV. 1. 3 efter sona ongan laera Z to sae Z gisomnad waes to him mengu Sreatas swa ftc in scip astag 
gisette on sae Z all Se Sreat ymb sac ofer eorSo waes 2. Z laerde hiae in bispellum monigum Z laerde hiae in hire 
his 3. giherde heonu eode Se sedero I sawend to sawend {sic) 4. Z miSSy giseow oScrl'sum gifeol ymb Sa 
strete "3 comun tiegende Z fretun -r etun Saet 



.*> Sum feoll ofer Btan -scyligean bar hit 
Qiefde mycele eoroan. 7 Bona up code. 7 for- 
bam liit osefde eorban jiecnesse. 

(J ba liit up-eode. Sco sunne liit for- 
Bwaelde. 7 hit forscranc. forbam hit wyrt- 
ruman naefde. 

7 7 sum feoll on bornas. J\a stigon 8a 
bornas 1 forftrysmodon f . 1 hit wacstm ne 

8 1 suw feoll on god land 3 hit sealde 
upp-stigende 7 wexende waestm; 7 an brohte 
britig-fealdnc ; Sum syxtig-fealdne ; Sum 
hund-fealdne ; 

9 And he cwaeS. gehyre se Se earan 
luebbe to gehyranne. 

10 7 l~a he ana waes hine axodon "p big- 
spell ba twelfe pe mid hiwi waeron. 

11 3 he saedc h i /// . eow is geseald to 
witanne godes rices gerynu ; yam pe ute 
synt ealle j?iug on bigspelluw gewurbaS. 

12 ~p higeseonde geseon 7 na ne ge-seon 7 
gehyrende gehyren 7 ne ongyten pe laes hi 
hwaemie syn gescyrede. 7 hbn sin hyra 
synna forgyfene ; 

13 Da sasde he hi;«. ge nyton bis big- 
spell. 7 hu mage ge ealle bigspell witan ; 

14 Se be saewS. wordhesaewS; 

15 SoSIice ba synt wiS j?one vveg j)ar 
■^ word is gesawen. 7 ponne hi hit gehyraS; 
Bona cjtdjS satanas 7 afyrS "p word be on 
heora heortan asawen ys. 

16 7 J? a synt gel ice pe synt ofer J?a stan- 
scyliun gesawen; Sona b-aenne hi -p word 
gehyraS. 7 ^ mid blisse onfoS. 

Various Readings . 
5. A. stan-scylian. B. mycel. A. }?ycnysse. 6. A. wyrt- 
ruma. 7. A. stigan. A. for^rysmedon. 8. A. up-stygende: 
B. upstigende. A. |>ryttyg-fealdne wacstm. 9. A. gearan. 
10. A. acsedon. 11. A. heom. A. synd. A. ge-weor$a<5. 
12. A. hig. A. gehyron. A. ongiton. A. hig. A. ge- 
cyrrede. A. heora. 13. B. nihton. A. magon. 15. A. 
synd. A. hig. A. om. heora. 16. A. synd (bis). A. 
\>onne hig. 

5 sum feoll ofer stanscylygean. J?aer hit 
naefde mycele eorSan. 7 sone up-eode. 7 
for b-an hit naefde eorSe jricdnyssc. 

6 )\a hit up-eode syo sunne hit for-swaelde. 
7 hit for-scranc. for J)am hit writtrumc (sic) 

7 sum feoll on ponies. £a stigen ba bornes 
7 by for-brismeden "p. 7 hit waestme ne 

8 7 sum feoll on god land. 7 hit sealde 
up-stigende 7 wexende waestme. 7 an brohte 
brittig-fealdne. sum sixtig-fealdnc. sum 

9 iEnd he cw. ge-here se be earen haeb- 
bc to ge-herenne. 

10 7 ba he ane waes. hyo hine axoden. 
•p by-spelle J?a twelfe be mid hym waeren. 

11 7 he saide heom. eow is ge-seald to 
witene godes rices ge-rinen. pam pe ute 
synd ealle bang on byspellen ge-wm.rSaS. 

12 ~p hyo seonde ge-seon. 7 nane ge-seon 
7 ge-hyred ge-heren 7 ne geoten pe laes hyo 
hwanne syo ge-cyrde. 7 heom seon heore 
synne for-gefene. 

13 Da saigde he heom. ge nyten bis 
byspell. 7 hu magen ge ealle byspell witen. 

14 Se be sawS. word he sawS. 

15 SoSlice pa synde wiS banne weig. 
p&r ~p word is ge-sawen. 7 j?anne hyo hit 
ge-hered. sone cymS sathanas. 7 aferreS 
tjaet word, pe on heora heortan a-sawen is. 

1 6 JELnd pa synd ge-lice be synde ofer ba 
stan-scyligen ge-sawen. .Sona f>an hy ~p 
word ge-hyraS. 7 ~p mid blisse on-foS 

Various Headings. 

5. Btan-scylygean ; }>iscnysse (sic). 6. for fjan; wyrt- 
trume. 7. )>ornas (bis); stigan; om. hy; for-^rusemedon. 
8. |?rittid-fealdne ; hund-fealdne. 9. ge-hyre; eara habbe 
to ge-hyrenne. 10. big-spella: waeron. 11. saegde ; wit- 
anne; gerynu; synt; [MS. Hatton has eall ealle, by mis- 
take; MS. Reg. has ealle only]; byg-spellum. 12. geonde 
[for seonde]; naene [for nane = na ne]; ge-hyrend ge- 
hyren; ongeoton; hwaenne syn; heora; for-gyfene. 13. 
saegde; mage; byg-spel witan. 15. synd; weg; jjonrae; 
ge-hearaS; satanas; afyrrfc. 16. D J>a synt; j?e synd; stan- 
scyligan ge-ssewen; Sone. 


sum ec feoll ofer stsenes Ser ne hsefde eorSu michel -t menig 3 hrseSe 

5 aliud uero cecidit super petrosa ubi non liabuit terram multam et statim 

upp-iornende wses -tarissen wses forfcon nsefde heanisse eoriSes 3 fca arisen wses-l'iSa upp-eode 

exortura est quoniam nou habebat altitudinem terrae. 6 et quando exortus est 

sunna ge-drugade-r"forbernde for$on nsefde wyrtruma gedrugade 3 sum feoll in <5ornum 

sol exaestuauit eo quod non Jiaberet radicein exaruit. 7 et aliud cecidit in spinis 

3 astigon 4' upp-eodun Somas 3 under-dulfon f 3 weestm ne salde 3 otSer feoll on 

et ascenderunt spina? et suffocauerunt illud et fructuni non dedit. 8 et aliud cecidit in 

eor<5u godum 3 salde wsestm stigende 3 wsexende 3 to-brohte enne-tan fcrittig 3 

terram bonam et dabat fructum ascendentem et creseentem et adterebat unum tri°-enta et 


sexdi? 3 an hundraS 

3 he cuoefc se $e hsefefc earo to heranne geherafc 

unum sexagenta et unum centum. 9 et dicebat qui liabet aures audiendi audiat. 10 et 

mi<5$y wees syndrigo« gefrsegndon hine $a $a$e mi<5 him weoron mi$ tuelf bispell 

cum esset singularis interrogauerunt eum hi qui cum eo erant cum duodecira parabolas. 

3 cue$ to him iouh gesald is jf> ge wita hernise rices godes Seem xmtedlice fcafce uta sint 
11 et dicebat eis uobis datum est scire misterium regni dei *lllis autem qui foris sunt * 37. i. 

lu. lxxvii. 

in bispellum alle bi$on f te gesegon geseaS 3 ne geseafc 3 «a herend geherafc 3 m ' ti CXX xiii. 

in parabolis omnia fiunt. 12 ut uidentes uideant et non uideant et audientes audiant et 

ne oncnawefc iSylses bi<5on gehwerfed-tgecerred 3 bi$ forgefen him synna 3 cue$ to him 

non intellegant nequando conuertantur et dimittantur eis peccata. 13 et ait illis 

ne cunnige bispell $as 3 huu alle bispello gie ge-cunnas -r gie-cunna gie magon sefce 

nescitis parabolam banc et quomodo omnes parabolas coguoscetis. 14 *Qui • m. a. in. 

ixxviii. int. 
sauefc word saueiS $as xmtedlice aron se$e ymb woeg fcer bifc gesauen word 3 miS<Sy 

seminat uerbum seminat. 15 hi autem sunt qui circa uiam ubi seminatur uerbum et cum 

geherdon sona cuorn-Vcymefc Se wiSerworda 3 geniomafc word fte gesawen wses in hearta hiora 
audirent coniestim uenit satanas et aufert uerbum quod seminatum est in corda eorum. 

3 fcas sint gelic $a$e ofer stsenero saues-r"saua£ $a$e mi<5i5y geherdon -rgeheraS word sona 
16 et hi sunt similiter qui super petrosa seminantur qui cum audierint uerbum statim 

mi* glaorlnise onfoe<5 f 

cum gaudio accipiunt illud. 

5. o$er-r"sum sofclice gifeol ofer staenere $er ne hsefde eor$o....3 hroetSe up-iornende wscs forfcon ne hsefde 
heonisse eorfco 6. 3 {5a aras k up-arnende wses sunne 3 drygde t forbernde 3 forfcon ne hsefde wyrtruma adrugade 
7. 3 o$er gifeol in <5ornas 3 astifjun-rup-eadun {Somas 3 undur-dulfun Sset 3 wsestem ne salde 8. 3 o<5ro 

gifeol on eoriSo gode 3 salde wsestem stigende 3 wexende 3 to-brohte an-1'enne $riti<j 3 an sextig 3 an hundred 
9. 3 he ewsefc sefce hsefetS earu to giheranne gihere 10. 3 mi$$y wses syndrigum gifrngnuo hine $;rt Safce 
mi* hine werun mi$ twelf bispellum 11. 3 cwseS to him Low giaald is fcset giwite . . . rice godes fcojni Sonne 

8a$e ute werun in bispellum alle bioiSon 12. f gisegun giscead 3 ne giseaa 3 $a giherend giheras 3 ne 
on-cnawa$ $y lses gihwerfed-tgicerred biogon 3 bis for-gefen him synne 13. 3 c\vse<5 to him ne cunno ge bispell 
fcas 3 hw alle bispell gicunniga4'magvn gicunniga 14 seSe saweS word sawe$ 15. fcas wutudltcg arun ae&e 
ymb woeg fcer gisawen bifc word 3 mifcfcy giherdan sona com lcyraefc *e wifcer-worda 3 giniomat word Sa-tte 
gisawen wses in heorta iowrum 16. 3 fca sint gilice Safcc ofer sta-ncre sawen 1 .sawende hi* Bate iniftfcy giherdon 
word sona mi* glsednisse on-f'oas fcset 


17 J hi nabbaft wyrtruman on hif». 
ac beoE unstaftolfcste. 1 vyppvn upcynriS 

deofles costnung 3 his clitnys for pam 

18 Hi synd on pomum gesawen. f synd 
ba Se j5 word gehyra'S. 

19 3 of-yrm^e 1 swicdome worold-welcnc. 
3 o^Sra gewilnunga ~f word of-j?rysmaS. 1 
synt bnton waestme gewordene. 

20 1 pa 8e gesawen c synt ofer ^ gode 
land, pa synd j)e j? word gchyraS 1 onfoS. 
3 waestm bringaS. Sum J?ritig-fcaldne. sum 
syxtig-fealdne. 3 sum hund-fcaldne; 

21 r~Tc saede him cwyst j?u cymS ^ 
J-Jl leoht-fet ^ hit beo under by- 
dene asett. ocSSe under bedde. witegere ~p 
hit sy ofer candel-staef asett; 

22 SoSlice nis nan Sing behydd pe ne 
sy geswutelod; ne nis digle geworden. ac ~p 
hit openlice cume; 

23 Gehyre gif hwa earan haebbe to ge- 

2-i 1 he cwaeS to him warniaS hwaet ge 
gehyran. ] on pam gemete. pe ge metaS 
eow biS gemeten ") eow biS ge-ict. 

25 J)am biS geseald pe haefS 3 f>a/w Se 
naefB. eac ~p he haef <5 him brS aet-broden. 

26 3 he cw. godes rice ys swylce man 
wurpe god saed on his land 

27 7 sawe 1 arise daeges 1 nihtes. 3 "p 
saed. growe 1 wexe ]?onwe he nat ; 

28 SoSlice sylf-willes seo eor$e waestm 
beraS aerest gaers sySSan ear. sy^an fullne 
hwaete on pam eare; 

Various Readings. 

17. A. hig. A. Z k ac [/or ac]. A. costung; B. cost- 
nunge. 18. A. hig. 19. A. world-welena ; B. worolde- 
welene. A. ofyrysmiaS. A. synd butan. 20. A. synd. 21. 
A. And lie {with large initial A). A. aset. A. wite-geare. 
A. sig. 22. A. sig. 23. A. gearan. 24. A. cwyfc. A. 
gehyron. A. yht [for ge-ict]. 26. A. worpe. 28. A. berefc. 
A. fulne. 

17 1 hyo naebbcS wertrumen on hcom. 
ac beoS un-staSelfaestc. 1 sedSan up kymd 
deofles costnunge ") his chtnyss for j?am 

18 Hyo synden on j^orncn gc-sawen. "p 
synden J^a pe j? word ge-hereS. 

19 1 of-ermSe 1 swicedome weorld-welene 
1 oftre wilnunge ~p word of-^resmed 1 synden 
buten waestme ge-wor§ene. 

20 1 ]?a pe ge-sawene sinde ofer }?aet gode 
land. )?a sinde j?a pe -p word ge-hered 1 on- 
foS 1 waestme bringeS. sum jmttig-fealdne. 
sum sixti-fealdne. 1 sum hundfealdne. 

21 i/hid he saigde heom cwaeftst pu 
J-^ cemS ~p leoht-fet ~p hit beo under 

bydene asett od^e under bedde. witegere 
~p hit syo ofer candel-stef asett. 

22 SoSlice nis nan j?ing be-hyd pe ne syo 
ge-swutelod. ne nis digle ge-worden ac *f 
hit openlice cume. 

23 Ge-hyre gyf hwa earen habbe to ge- 

24 1 he cw. to heom. warniaS hwaet ge 
ge-heren 1 on J?am ge-mette pe ge meteS 
eow beoS ge-meten. 1 eow byS ge-eht. 

25 J?am beoS ge-seald pe haefS. 1 £>an pe 
naefS. eac j5 he haefS him beocS aet-broden. 

26 1 he cwaeS. Godes rice is swilce man 
pe worpe god saed on his land. 

27 7 sawe 1 arise daiges 3 nihtes. 1 ~p saed 
growe 1 wexe Jeanne he nat. 

28 SoSlice selfwilles syo eorSe waestme 
byreS. aerest gaers. 1 sedSan ear. sydSan 
fullne hwaete on J?am eare. 

Various Readings. 

17. wyrtruman; unstadelfeste ; sySSam up cymfc ; cost- 
nung; ys ehtnys. 18. synd; Jjorne; synt; om. ]>e ; ge- 
hyraS. 19. yrrn<5e ; swicdome: of-Srysma5; synt butan; 
ge-wordene. 20. synt {bis); om. f?a; ge-hyraS; bringa<5 ; 
sixtig. 21. ssegde; cwetSst; cym<5 ; faet; aset; oSSe; stajf. 
22. be-bydd. 23. Ge-hyora; earan haebbe. 24. ge-hyren ; 
Se-meton; ge-ect. 25. |?am ; bits aet-brogden. 26. weorpe. 
27. weoxe f>onne. 28. sylf-willes ; beraS arest ; om. 3 ; 
sySSan (bis) ; wa3te. 


3 nabbaS wyrtryma so$a + a?fterSon miSSy aras costung 3 

17 et non habent radicem in se sed temporales sunt deinde orta tribulatione et 

oehtnisse fore word sona -T hraeSe ge-ondspurnad bi$ 3 ofcero sint i5a$e on Bornum 

persecutione propter uerbum conf'estim scandalizantur. 18 et alii sunt qui in spinis 

hia saueB-tsauas Bas sint BaBe word geheraB 3 telnisse woruldes 3 loswist walanal'weala 

seminantur hi sunt qui uerbum audiunt. 19 et aerumnas sreculi et deceptio diuitiaruw 

3 ymb aefterra-l'oSero-l'hlaf lust-giornisses in-eoden under-delfad word 3 buta waestm biB fjemoetat 

et circa reliqua concupiscentiae introcuntes suffocant uerbum et sine 1'ructu efficitur. 

3 Ba sint BaBe ofer eorBo god gesauen sint Ba Be heraB word 3 onfoaB 3 

20 et hi sunt qui super terram bonam seminati sunt qui audiunt uerbum et suscipiunt et 

waestmiaB an Brittig 3 an sextig .3 an hundraB 3 he cuoeS to him 

fructificant unum triginta et uuum sexaginta et unum centum. 21 *Et dicebat illis • XII. 39. ii. 

lu. exxxiii. 
lxx viiii. 
ahne-rhueBer cuom leht-fast-l'Saeccilla fte under mitta-rfsett gesetted biB -r under bed ahne fte ofer mt . xxxii. 

numquid uenit lucerna ut sub modio ponatur aut sub lecto nonne ut super 

leht-isern -r" biB gesettet nis forBon senig Sing ge-degled fte ne biB aed-eauad ne 

candelabrum ponatur. 22 *Non euim est aliquid absconditum quod non manifestetur nee • 4 q. h. 

lu. lxxx. 

mt xcii 
aworden waes degle ah fte in eauung cymeS gif hua haefeS earo hernisses geheraS 3 

iactum est occultum sed ut in palam ueniat. 23 siquis habet aures audiendi audiat. 24*Et. 41 j; 

lu. lvi. mt. 1. 
cuoeS he to him geseaS huaet gie heras on sua huaelc gewaege gewoegen gie biSon eft gewoegen biS iowh 
dicebat illis uidete quid audiatis in qua mensura mensi fueritis remetietur uobis 

3 gesaldbiS-rgeeced biS iowh seSe forSon hsefed gesald biS him 3 seSe naefeS uutedlice fte 

et adicietur uobis. 25 *Qui enim habet dabitur illi et qui non habet etiam quod • 42. ii. 

lu. cexxx. 
„ . c nit. eclxxi. 

haefeS genumen biS from him 3 he cuoeS Bus is ric godes huu suae git raonn 

habet auteretur ab illo. 26 *Et dicebat sic est regnum dei queinamniodum si homo • 43. x. 

worpaS Bone sawende-rsedere on eorSo 3 slepiaS -1' slepeS 3 arisnS on naeht 3 on daeg 3 sed 

iaceat sementem in terram. 27 et dormiat et exsurgat nocte ac die et semen 

wsexaB-f-wyrtrumiaS 3 inwaexaS Sa huile ne wat Se lustum forSon eorSo waestmiaB serist gers 

germinet et increscat dum ncscit ille. 28 ultro enim terra fructificat primum herbam 

aefterSon Bone Born soSSa full ^ hwaete in eher 

deinde spinam deinde plenum frumentum in spica. 

17. 3 ne habbaS wyrtruma in him ah tide wexende werun sona miSSy aras costung 3 oelitnisse fore worde 
sona-r"hraeSe gi-ond-spurnad biS 18. 3 oSre sindun SaSe in Sornum sawas tSa sint SaSe word giheraB 10. 3 
telnisse weorlde 3 lose-west willana 3 ymb softer -roSero lust-1'giornisse in-eodun undcr-dclfas word 3 buta weestme 
gimoetid hi* 20. 3 8a sint SaSe ofer eorSo gode gisawene sindun Sa sindun SaSe giheras word 3 on-foaS 3 

waestmas an Britig 3 an sextig 3 an hundreS 21.: he cwaeS to him ahnel'hwer cyme* lchtliet 1 Sarcla f.te 
under mitta-l'faete biS giseted Sa-tte Vllder bedde ahne fte ofer leht-iseme giseted l>iS 22. ne forSon is BBnig 
gi-degled Sactte ne sct-eowed ne his ne giworden WflBS degle ah fte in eowunga cynic?; 21. gif liwclc 1ml. > 

: hernisse giheras 24 3 cwaeS to him ciseaS hwa-t ge giheraa in swa hwelce giwege giwegen gi bioBon eft 
giwegec Lis iow 1 giaald-tgieced t>i8 iow 2.j. se«e forBon hsefeB {iisald bis him 3 BeBe ae hnfeB wutudlica 
Sactte lia-feX {rinumen his from him 26. : he cwa>S Sus is rice godes h.iv swa gif nion worpea Sone sawende 
on eorSo 27. 3 BlepiaB 1 arisas on na-ht 3 on dasge 1 sed wcccS V wyrtr\ina!s 3 wexeB Sa liwile nc watt *e 
28. lustum forSon eor«o waestmas a-rest i;er^ BBfteT Son 5onc Sorn soSSa full hwaste in BBhhei 


29 And bonne se wsstm hinc forS- 
bringft. Bona be sent his sicol forj?.i#j -p rip 

B t is. 

80 1 eft he cwae$. for hwftJN geanlicie 
we heofena rice. oSSe hwylcum bigspcllc 
wtfS-mete we hit; 

31 Swa swa scnepes sned. powie hit biS 
on corSan gesawen. hit is ealra saeda laest 
pe on eorSan synt. 

32 1 pontic hit asawen biS hit astih]?. 1 
biS ealra wyrta maest J haefS swa mycele 
bogas "p heofenes fngelas eardian magon 
under his sceade. 

33 1 manegu/w swylcmw bigspellum he 
spree to him j?aet hi mihton gehyran ; 

34 Ne spaec be na butan bigspelle. eall 
he his leorning-cnihtiuw asundron rebte. 

35 1 saede biw pomie aefen biS uton 
fa ran agen; 

36 And pas menigu forltetan; hi on- 
fengon bine swa he on scipe wees. 1 opre 
scipu waeron mid him. 

37 7 p& waes mycel yst windes geworden. 
1 yj?a he awearp on -p scyp p hit gefylled 

38 "J he waes on scipe ofer bolster sla- 
pende. 1 hi awehton hine 1 cwaedon. ne 
be-limpS to pe "p we forwurJ?a& 

39 7 he aras 1 pam winde bebead. 7 
cwaeS to Saere sae; Suwa 1 gestille. 3 se 
wind geswac J?a. 3 wearS mycel smyltnes. 

40 7 he saede hiw hwi synt ge forhte. 
gyt ge nabbaS geleafan. 

Various Headings. 

29. A. forfc-bryncS. 31. A. synd. 33. A.hig. 34. A. spraec. 
35. A. on-gean. 36. A. 3 f?a maenigeo for-laetende hig. 
37. A. B. waes gefylled. 38. A. hig. A. for-weorjja$. 
39. A. gestyl. 40. A. hwig synd. 

20 1 }?annc se waestme bine forS-bring^. 
sonc be sent his sicel for j?an p rip act 

30 And eft he cw. for hwan an-licbic we 
hcofene rice od^e hwilcan bispcllen wiS- 
metc we bit. 

31 Swa swa senepes saed Jeanne hit beoS 
on eorSan ge-sawen. bit is aire saede laest 
pe on eorSan synt. 

32 1 J?anne hit asawen by8 bit astihS 1 
byS aire wirte maest. 1 haeHS swa micele 
boges. -p hcofenes fugeles eardian magen 
under bis scaede. 

33 1 manigen swilcen byspellen he spaec 
to heom °p hyo mihten ge-heran. 

34 Ne spaec he na buton byspellen ealle 
he his leorning-cnihten asundren rehte. 

35 1 saide heom Jeanne aefen beo$ uten 
faren agen 

36 1 pa manige for-laetende. hyo on- 
fengen bine swa he on scype waes 1 oSre 
scype waeren mid hym. 

37 3 J?a waes micel yst windes ge worsen, 
eend yj?a he awarp on -p scyp ~p hit waes ge- 
felld " 

38 1 he waes on scype ofer bolster slae- 
pende. 1 hyo awebten bine ] cwae^en. ne 
be-lymp^ to pe p we for-wurSeS. 

39 1 he aras 1 pam winde be-bead 3 
cvv. to J?are sae. Swug 1 ge-stille. 1 se 
wind ge-swac J?a. 1 warS mycel smoltnes. 

40 1 he saigde heom hwi synde ge forhte. 
gyt ge naebbeS ge-leafen. 

Various Headings. 

29. jjonwe ; brinc<5 ; sicol. 30. hwa?n anlicie ; o$<5e hwill- 
cum bi-spellum. 31. \>orme ; bi<5 ; ealre. 32. |>one ; ealra 
wirta ; bogas ; fugelas ; scade. 33. manegum swylcuwi 
bigspellum ; mehton ge-hyran. 34. butan big-spelle ; 
cnibtan ; asundran. 35. saegde ; \>07ine afen byfc ute faeren. 
3G. menega; hy on-fengon; waeron. 37. ge-worden 3 y)>a; 
ge-fylled. 38. awyhten ; cwaSen ; for-wurSo$. 39. Swuga; 
wearS ; smyltnes. 40. saegde; synt; naebbaS ge-leafan. 


3 mi<5$y hine for<5-brohte waestm sona sende rip-isern forfcon cwora rlpes ttd 3 

29 et cum se produxerit fructus statim mittit i'alcera quoniarn adest messis. 30 *Et T 44 ', 11 '.- 

111. CIA V 11* 

mt. cxxxvn. 

cuoe$ to hwaem we gelic-leta welle ric godes k to huaem $a bispello iniSSy we gcgearuaga<5 Saet 
dicebat cui adsimilabimus regnum dei aut cui parabolae eumparabimus illud. 

suae corn sinapis f mi$<5y gesawen waes on earSu laesest is allum seSum Sa$e 

31. sicut granum sinapis quod cum semiuatum fuerit in terra minus est omnibus seminibus quae 

aron on eorSu 3 mi$$y gesauen waes astag 3 biS mara allum wyrtum-lgraesum 3 

sunt in terra. 32 et cum semiuatum fuerit ascendit et fit maius omnibus holeribus et 

doae<5 k wyrcaiS telgo-ltwiggo miclo $us-l'suae fte hia magon under scua his fuglas heofnaes bya^wunia 
facit ramos magnos ita ut possint sub umbra eius aues caeli liabitare. 

3 miS <5ullucum monigurn bispellum he gespraec to him word suae sui<5e hia maehton gehera buta 

33 *Et talibt^s multis parabolis loquebatur eis uerbum prout poterant audire. 34 sine * 45. vi. 


biseno k bispello \m\edlice ne waes spraeccend k ne spraecc to him syndrige uxxtfdlice Segnum his tosceadade k 

parabola aute»i non loquebatur eis *seorsum autem discipulis suis disse- *46. x. 

trahtade k he saegde alle J3 cwae[<5] to him on $aem daege mi$$y efern-Psmyltnis were awordaen 

mt. lxviiii. 

ebat omnia, 35 *Et ait illis ilia die cum sero esset factum ? X , III,4 .7- "• 

lu. lxxxiu. 

fsere wse ofer togaegnas 3 forleorton <Sone here k forletende Sreat togenomon hine sua? ft[e] hia weron in 

transeamus contra. 36 et dimittentes turbara adsumunt eum ita ut erant in 

scip 3 oSero scipo weron mi8 him 3 geworden waes wind-raes k yrte michelo windes 3 y$ 

naui et aliae naues erant cum illo. 37 et facta est procella magna uenti et fluctus 

sende k waes faerende in f scipp sua fte gefvlled waes Saet scip 3 waes Se-Hie in scipp on-1'oferufa 

mittebat in nauem ita ut impleretur nauis. 38 et erat ipse in puppi supra 

bolstare slepende 3 awaehton hine 3 cuoedon to him laruu ne to $e byrefc forSon k $ we sie dead k ne 
ceruical dormiens et excitant eum et dicunt ei magister non ad te pertinet 

reces $u f we deado sie 3 aras stiorend waes to winde 3 cuetS to <5aem sae swiga 

quia perimws. 39 et exsurgens commiuatus est uento et dixit inari tace 

wes dum 3 blann k hrseste f wind 3 geworden waes smyltnisse miclo-l'michelo 3 cue$ to him hwaetd 

ommutesce et cessauit uentus et facta est tranquillitas magna. 40 et ait illis quid 

frohto k forhto arogie k gebigon k gesint ne get habbafc ge fcone geleafa . 
timidi estis necdum habetis fidem. 

29. 3 mifcfcy hine forfc-brohte waestem sona sende rip-isern forfcon com ripes tide 30. 3 cwacS to hwaem we 
gilic-letan welle rice godes -1' to hwaem £a bispel mi$$y we gi-georwigas $a't 31. swa is fte corn senepes Seat 
mi<5Sy gisawen wses on eorfcu lytel is allum sawendum SaSe sind on eorfcu 32. 3 mi££y gisawen . . . astigeS 3 
hi* mara allum grasum 3 wyrceS-l'doeS telgo-1' twiiro micle «us f bias magun under scua his fuglas heofhes liya-1" 
wu[n]ige 33. 3 mi<5 Suslicum monigurn bispellum hia? spreoca<5 to him word sua swite hisB msehtum (sic) gihera 
34. buta bisine wutudlice ne W838 sprecende to him syndrige wutudlice Segnum his he ssagde alle ;;.'). 3 cweeS 
to him on £aem da'u r e miSSy efern W8BS giworden i'a're we ofer togaegnes 3G. 3 forleortUD Sone here to-ginomun 
...swa -JJte hia; werun in scipe 3 ofcro sciopu werun miS him 37. 3 giworden WS98 wind-rvM mioelo windes 

"3 ytS faerende -1'sendende in *a;t sap sende -pte gifylled \va;s 88Bt scip 38. 3 W8B8 helSe in scipe on 1' ofer bolstre 
slepende 3 awehtun Line 3 cwedun to him larow ne to Xe gibyreS forSon ?a't we deade4*n reoea *u *ah we 
deade sie 39. 3 arisende <5e stiorend W8M windes 3 cwaeX to Saem s;v swiga wes dumba 3 Man 1' reste Se wind 
3 giworden waes smyltnisse micelo 40 3 cwa,X to him hwCDt furhte aron ge ne gett liabbas f>e gileofu. 



41 1 hi micdam egc him ondredon. 1 
cwcdon eelc to olSrum hwaet wcnst bu hwaet 
is Bea ■jj him [wyndas 1] s<l> hyrsnmiaS; 

Da comon hi ofcr ba?re sis mu^an 
on j> rice, hierasenoru7# 


Pll nii il OB 

Mge-dag on 1 

hiTi' M'OllV.iri 

wuchii ot'cr 


VenitibMtM 2 j hlfll or scipe gangcnduw mm sona 

in regioneai ^ ■ . , 

MnMaomm agen am an man ot paw byrgenuw on un- 

S cxeunte ei ■. 

de naui statim ClVCWUm gastC ; C CLO€_ 

(uvurrit ei de ooir-i i n*i • £ 

mopumeptia. o be haefde on byrgcnuw scraefo nine nan 
man mid racenteagiuw ne mihte gebindan. 

4 forbaw he oft mid-fot-coppsum 1 ra- 
centeaguwa gebunden. toslat ba raceteaga 1 
ba fot-coppsas tobraec. 1 hine nan man ge- 
wyldan ne mihte. 

5 1 symle daeges 1 nihtes he waes on 
byrgenuw and on muntuwz. hrymende 1 hine 
sylfne mid stanum ceorfende; 

6 SoSlice 8a he bone haelend feorran 
geseah. he arn ] hine gebaed. 

7 3 mycelre stemne hrymende 1 bus cw. 

eala maera haelend godes sunu hwaet is me 1 

be. Ic halsige be Surh god ~p Su me ne 
breage ; 

8 pa cwaeS se haelend. eala unclaena 
gast. ga of *Sys\im men ; 

9 Da ahsode he hine hwaet is bin nama. 
ba cwarS he min nama is legio. forbad we 
manega synt. 

10 1 he hine swy^e baed -p he hine of 
baw rice ne dyde. 

11 bar wass embe bone munt mycel 
swyna h'eord leesgende. <-*,_• 

■ ___ 


Various Readings. 

41. A. lug. A. mycelu/n; B. mychun. A. B. insert 
wyndas 3, which the text omits. 

Cap. v. 1. Rubric from A; B. has the same, omitting 
the Latin, but the scribe has added probatio penne. A. 
hiir. A. gerasenorutn. 2. A. ongean. 3. A. raceteaguw. 

4. A. B. f'ot-eopsu/n. A. raceteagum. A. B. fot-copsas. 

5. A. symble. 7. A. stefne. 8. B. has )>\x inserted after 
eala, above the line. A. ^yssu/n. 9. A. acsode. A. leio. 
A. synd. 10. A. tiydde [for dyde]; B. dydde. 11. A. 
J>a. A. ymbe. A. teswigende ; B. lseswende. 

41 1 hyo mychelcn eige heom on-draedden. 
"} cwaeSen aelc to oftren. hwaet wenst bu 
hwaet is bcs be him windes 1 see hersumiaS. 


1 T^a coinen hyo ofer bare sacs muftan 
J on "p rice j eraser) orum. 

2 7 him of scipe gangcnden h'un sona 
agen arn an man of bam byregenen on un- 
claenen gaste. 

3 Se haefde on byregene scrcf 1 hine nan 
man mid racetegen ne mihte ge-binden. 

4 for ban he oft mid fot-copsen 1 race- 
tegen ge-bunden to-slat ba raketegcn. 3 
ba fot-copses to-braec. 1 hine nan man ge- 
welden ne myhte. 

5 3 symle daiges 3 nihtes he waes on 
byrigenne. 1 on munten remende. 1 hine 
sylfne mid stanen ceorfende. 

6 Softlice ba he bane haelend feorren ge- 
seah. he arn 1 hine ge-baed. 

7 1 mycelere stefne remde. 1 bus cwaeS. 
Eale maere haelend godes sune. hwaet is me 
"I be. ic haelsige be burh god "p bu me ne 

8 Da cwaeS se haelend. eala bu un-claene 
gast ga of bisen men. 

9 Da axsede he hine hwaet is bin name. 
Da cwebS he min name is legio. for ban 
we manege synde. 

10 ] he hine swrSe baeS "p he hine of 
bam riche ne dyde. 

1 1 baer waes ymb banne munt mycel swin- 
heord. laesiende. 

Various Readings. 

41. hy myclum ; on-draedon; cwaedon; o$ru?« ; -)5 [for 
J?e] ; windas ; hyrsumiaS. 

Cap. v. 1. comon ; hierasenorum. 2. gangendum; on 
[for an]; byregnura; unclsenum. 3. byrgenum scra3f; 
racetegan. 4. fot-copsum ; racentegan ; racetegan ; fot- 
copsas ; ge-wylden. 5. byrigennum ; muntura hrymende; 
stanum. 6. j^ene. 7. mycele stemne hryrade; eala; ha- 
lend. 8. )?isum. 9. axsode ; nama ; )?am ; manega synt. 
10. baed; rice. 11. >onne ; la?swende. 


Z ondreardon mi* micelo fyrhto Z hia cuedon him bitwien hua woenes Su is $es forSon -1* f te 
41 et timuerunt magno timore et dicebant ad alterutrum quis putas est iste quia 

ec wind Z sa> heraS k edmodafc him -1* hersumiaS 
et uentus et mare oboediunt ei. 

CAP. V. 

Z euomon ofer swira-J-ofer luh Saesaes on lond gerasenorum z miSSy eade him 

1 et uenemnt trans fretum maris in regionem gerasenorum. 2 et exeunti ei 

of scip recone togaegnes am him of bvrgennum-rof bendum mon in gast unclane sefce 

de naui statim occurrit ei de monumentis homo in spiritu inmundo. 3 qui 

hus-rlytelo by haefrle in byrgennum Z ne hraccentegum huil k uutedlice eenig monn hine mahte 
domicilium habebat in monumentis et neque catenis iam quisquam eum poterat 

gebinda for<5on oftust-1' symle mix feotrwm Z mi* hracentegum gebunden was toslat fca hracengo 

ligare. 4 quoniam sepe compedibus et catenis uinctus disrupisset catenas 

Z $a fattro forbrac -l - tosceande Z nanig monn mahte hine temma-rhalda Z symle naht Z 

et compedes comminuisset et nemo poterat eum domare. 5 et semper nocte ac 

daege in byrgennum k in fastnungum Z morum was Z cliopende Z falletande-rfcaerscende hine to stanum 

die in monumentis et in montibiAs erat et clamans et concidens se lapidibus. 

gesah $a <5one halend fearre to gearn Z wortSade hine Z clioppende stefne miclo 

6 uidens autem iheswm a" longe cucurrit et adorauit eum. 7 et clamans uoce magna 

cuoe$ hwat me Z $e $u halend sunu godes Sas heista ic halsigo Sec Serb, god ne mec -J5 $u mec ne 
dicit quid mihi et tibi ihesu iili dei summi adiuro te per deum ne me 

wuracce cuoefc forSon to him gaa <5u gaast unclane from Sam menn Z gefregn hine 

torqueas. 8 dicebat enim illi exi spirits inmunde ab horuine. 9 et interrogabat eum 

hu33td $e to noma is Z cuoeS to him here to noma me is forSon monig we sindon Z 

quod tibi nomen est et dicit ei legiof nomen mihi est quia multi sumus. 10 et-r + xij. 

iasend -p is 

biddende was+bad hine suiSe longa fte hine ne fordrife bnta Sat lond waes uutedlice Ser ymb w <-es diowla 

depraecabatur eum multum ne' se' expelleret extra regionem. 11 erat autem ibi circa legio. 

Sone raor worn berga-l'swina michil foedcnde 
montem grex porcorum magnus pasccns. 

41. Z ondreordun miS micelre fyrhto Z cwedun bitwion him hwa woenestu is Ses forSon Z wind Z sob heraS 
4'eSraodaS him. 

Cap. V. 1. 3 comun ofer swira-l'ofer lull sas in lond gerassenorum 2. Z miSSy eode to him of scipe togng- 
nes arn him of byrgennum k of bcndum monn in gaste vnclanum. 3. seSe hus llninge lytic hafde in byrgennum 
Z ne racantegum hwile anig mon hine mahte gibinda 4. forSon oftust miS feoturvm Z miS raoontegum gibun- 
den was to-slat Sa racontege Z Sa feoturo forbrac -1" toscande Z nanig mahte hine temma 1 gihalda 5. Z symle 
on naht Z on dage in byrgennum Z on morum waes cliopende Z falletcndc hine on stanum f>. gianh wutudl/ce 
Sone haslend fearra to-giarn. Z to worSanne hine 7. Z eliopade stefne micelre cwaS lnva?[t] me Z Se Su bastard 
sunu godes Sas hesta ic halsigo Sec Serh god ne mec ne wrecce 8. cwaS forSon to him gaa gast lindane 
from Sam menn 9. Z gifrsBgn hine hwat Se noma is Z cwaS to him here noma me is forSon monige me 
sindun (-p is Suiend-1' xii Susend -p is legio Sis was diowla legio. [margin]) 10. z biddende west hine Longe Baste 
(gic) he hine fordrife butta Sat lond 11. was wutudlice Ser ymb fcone mof worn bergalswma micelra foedcnde 



IS 1 pa nnchrnan pastas hine baedon "i 
cwaedon ; Send us on pas swyn -p wc [on J hi 


19 3 pa lyfde se hselend Bona. 1 Sa co- 
don pa unclaenan gastas on pa swyn. 1 on 
myclum hryre sco heord wear^S on see bescco- 
fen. twa pusendo 1 wurdon adruncenc. on 
Sarc sae; 

14 Soplicc pa Sc hi hcoldon flugon 1 
cyddon on pserc ccastre 1 on landc 1 hi ut 
codon -p hi ge-sawon hwaet bar gedon waere. 

15 1 hi comon to pam hadende 1 hi ge- 
sawon pone Se mid deofle gedreht waes. ge- 
scrydnc sittan. []] hales modes. 1 hi h'u?i 

16 1 hi rehton him pa Se hit gesawon 
hu hit gedon waes. be pam Se deofol- 
seocnesse haefde 1 be paw swynuw. 

17 1 hi baedon "^ he of hyra gc-mserum 

18 pa he on scip eode hine ongan bid- 
dan se So ter mid deofle gedreht waes. ~p he 
mid him waere; 

19 Him pa se hselend ne getiSode. ac 
he ssede him ga to pinum huse to pinum 
hiwam 1 cyS him hu mycel drihten gedyde 
1 he ge-miltsode pe; 

20 And he Sa ferde 1 ongan bodigean 
on decapolizra hu fela se hselend him dyde. 
1 hig ealle pais wundredon ; 

21 A nd pa se hselend eft on scype 
XA. ferde ofer pone mupan hiiw 

com to mycel menigu 1 waes ymbe pa sje. 

Various Readings. 

12. A. inserts on, which the text and B. omit. A. hig. 
gan ; B. hig gaa. 13. A. mycelum. A. B. bescofen. A. 
adrunren. 14. A. B. hi<r. B. ilugun. A. cySdon. A. B. 
hig. B. eodun. A. B. hig. 15. A. B. hig (bis). A. B. 
insert : which the text omits. A. B. hi<_r. B. ondredun. 
1G. A. B. hi;r. B. rehtun. A. deofel-seocnysse; B. deot'ol- 
seoencssa 1 . 17. A. B. hig. A. baedon hyne. A. heora. 
A. ferde [for fore]. 19. A. heo?« [for second him], 
20. A. ongann bodian. A. facia. A. B. nmit jjdps. B. 
wundrodon. 21. A. <<m. And, and has Da with a targe 
initial. A. tnamio; B. menigeo. 


12 1 pa unclacne gastes hine baeden 1 
cwa-Sen. Send us on pas swin ■p we hyo on 

13 pa lefde se hselend sone. 1 pa eoden 
pa un-claenc gastes on pa swin. 1 on mycclen 
rere se heord warS on sse be-scofen twa 
pusende. 1 wurSan adruncen on pare sae. 

14 SoSlice pa pe hyo hielden flngen 1 
cyddan on pare ceastre "i on lande 1 hyo ut 
eoden ~p hyo ge-seagen hwaet pser ge-worSan 

15 1 hyo comen to pam hselende 1 hyo 
ge-seagen pane pe mid deofle ge-dreht wses. 
ge-scridne sitten 1 hales modes. 1 hyo him 

16 1 hyo rehten heom pa pe hit ge-seagen. 
hu hit ge-don waes be pam pe pa deofel- 
seocnysse haefde. 1 be pam swinen. 

17 1 hyo baeden -p he of hire maeren 

18 pa he on scyp eode hine on-gan byd- 
dan se pe aer mid deofle ge-dreht waes. j? he 
mid him waere. 

19 Him pa se haelend ne ge-teipede. ac 
he saigde him. ga on pinen huse to pinen 
heowen 1 kyS heom hu mycel drihten ge- 
dyde 1 he ge-miltsede pe. 

20 1 he pa ferde 1 on-gan bodigen on 
decapolim hu fele se haelend hym dyde. 
3 hyo ealle wundredon. 

21 Ij'md pa se haelend eft on scype ferde 
-L^ ofer pane muSen him com to 

mycel menigeo. ] waes embe pa sae. 

Various Readings. 

12. cwsedon. Sccnd; om. on before gan. 13. halend 
sona; mycelum ryre seo ; wearts ; be-scofon; wurSen 
adruncenne. 14. heoldon; cydden; ge-sawon; ge-don 
waere. 15. halende; ge-sawen )>onne; ge-drecht; sittan; 
on-dretton. 16. rehtum (sic); ge-sawon; deofol-secnysse ; 
swinuwi. 17. baedon; hyora ge-maeron. 19. ge-tiJ?ode ; 
saegde ; \>imv?i {bis) ; heowum ; cyS ; ge-miltsode 20. 
bodigan ; wundrodon. 21. jjonemu<5an: menegea. 


3 bedon hine Sa gaastas cwoeSendo send usic in Saom bergum -pte in hint-fin Seem 

12 et depraecabantur eum spirittis dicentes mitte nos in porcos ut in eos 

we ingeonga-rgae 3 gelefde him-tSaem recone se hsalend 3 miSSy faerende weron Sa gastas unclaeno 

introeamus. 13 et concessit eis statim ikesws et exeuntcs spiritus inmundi 

in-eodon in Saem bergura 3 miS miclo hraes-tongeong worn todrifen waes in sae to twaem Susendum 

introierunt in porcos et magno impetu grex praecipitatus est in mare ad duo milia 

3 under-drencdo waeron in sae seSe4'SaSe uutpdlice foeddon hia gefiugon 3 saegdon in 

et sutfocati sunt in mare. 14 qui autem pascebant eos fugeruut et nuntiauerunt in 

Sa ceastre 3 in londum 3 faerende woeron to geseanne huaet were Saes wercaes 3 cwomon to Saem 

ciuitatem et in agros et egressi sunt uidere quid esset facti. 15 et ueniunt ad 

haelend 3 gesegon hine-rSene seSe from diowle gebered waes sittende gecladed-i'gegerelad 3 hales Sohtes 
ihesum et uident ilium qui a daumonio uexabatur sedentem uestitum et sane mentis 

3 ondreardon 3 saegdon Saem SaSe gesegon hulic geworden were him seSe diowl 

et timuerunt. 16 et narrauerunt illis qui uiderant qualiter factum esset ei qui da:monium 

haefde 3 of bergura 
habuerat et de porcis. 

3 bidda bine ongunnun fte afirrade from gemaeruwi biora 
17 et rogare eum coeperunt ut discederet a ihiibus eorum. 

3 miSSy astigon iSset scip ongann hine gebidda seSe from diowle auaeled-1' gebered waes fte 

18 *Cumq«e ascenderunt nauem coepit ilium depraicari qui dasrnonio uexatus fuerat ut * 4S - vm \.. 

were miS him 
esset cum illo. 

3 ne forleort hine ah cuaeS to him gaa in hus Sin to Sinum 3 

19 et non admisit eum sed ait illi uade in domum tuam ad tuos et 

to-saeg him buu mit-la Se drihten dyde 3 milsande sie Sines 
adannuutia illis quanta tibi dwnmws fecerit et misertus sit tui. 

3 eode 3 ongann 
20 et abiit et coepit 

bodiga in Saer byrig huu micla him dyde se \\si\end 3 alle gcwundradon 

praedicare in decapoli quanta sibi fecisset ihesus et omnes mirabantur. 

3 miSSy 
21 *Et cum •XIIIL49.U. 

lu. Jxxxv. 

nit. lxxiiii. 

oferstag se hzclend in scip eft ofer Saet luh efne-cwom Sread menigo to him 3 wrcs 

transcendisset iliesws in naui rursus trans fretum conuenit turba multa ad ilium et erat 

ymb sae 
circa mare. 

12. 3 bedun hine gastas cweSende send usih in Sa bergas fte we in hia ingonge-t in gaa 13. 3 gilefde him 
aona Se \\x\end 3 miSSy faerende werun gastas unclaene in-eodun in Sa bergas 3 micle racse ■* ongonge worn todrifen 
waes on sac to twaem Susendum 3 adrencte waeron on sae 14. seSe wutudbce focdde hia? giflugun 3 sa-gdun in 
Saer caestre 3 on londum 3 fsBrende werun to seanne hwffit were Saes werches 15. 3 comun to fcfflm hsdlend 3 
gi^eijun hine-1'Sene seSe from diowlum giliered wa>s sittende giclaonsad 3 hales giSohtes 3 on-dreordun 10. 3 
saegdun Sajm SaSe giaegvn hwelc giworden were 3 seSe diowol hsefde 3 of bergum 17. 3 bidda hine on-gunnan 
fte he afirde from uiinaerutti hiora 18. 3 miSSy astigun in -J5 scip ongan hine gibidda seSe from diowle aweled 
waes fte were miS him 19. 3 ne for-leorte hine ah cwaeS to him gaa in lius Sin to Sinuffl 3 to SBBCganne 
him hu mice! Se drill/™ dyde 3 milsende sie Sin 20. 3 eade 3 on-gan bodiga in Seer byrig lm micel him 
dyde Se im\end 3 alle giwundradun 21. 3 miSSy ofer-stag So htBletld in sci[) eft ol'or \>n luh efne-coinun 

Sreatas raonige to him 3 waes ymb Sono sae. 


<2'2 i 8a coin sum of hcah-gesamnungum 
iairas hatte ; 3 }\i he hine geseah he astrehte 
hine to his fotum 

2:i 3 hine Bwy$e baed. 3 he cwarS; Min 
tloli tor is on ytemestum . sTSe. cum 3 sctc 
fine hand ofer hi p hco hal sy 3 lybbc; 

24 Da ferde lie mid him 3 him fyligde 
mycel menigeo 3 jmingon liine; 

25 3 J\i f wif Se on blodryne twclf 
winter waes. 

26 3 fraw manegum laecum fela Jringa 
)?olode. 3 daelde call j5 hco ahte. 3 hit naht 
ne f rem ode. ac was pe wyrse ; 

27 pa heo be Sam haelende gehyrde heo 
com wiS-asftan J?a menigu 3 his reaf aet-hran ; 

28 SoSlice heo cwaeS gif ic furJ?on his 
rcafes aet-hrine ic beo hal; 

29 And j~a soria wearS hyre blodes ryne 
adruwod. 3 heo on hire gefredde p heo of 
pam wlte gehaeled waes; 

30 And pa se haelend on-cneow on him 
sylfum -f him maegen of-eode. he cwaeS be- 
wend to J)aere menigu; Hwa aethran mines 

31 pa cwaedon his leorning-cnihtas J?u 
ge-syxst J?as menigu pe Sringende. 3 Jm 
cwyst hwa aet-hran me ; 

32 And J?a beseah he hine "p he ge-sawe 
j?ame Se p dyde ; 

33 Dat wif j?a ondrasdende 3 forhtigende 
com 3 astrehte hi be-foran him 3 saede him 
call -p riht; 

Various Readings. 

22. B. gesamnuncguwi. 23. A. dohter. A. ytemestan. 
A. B. hig [for hi]. A. sig. 24. A. msenio; B. menigu. 
25. A. B. blodes ryne. 2f>. A. fxda. B. J>incga. A. freniede. 
27. A. majnegeo. 28. A. for)?an. 30. A. msenigeo. A. 
myne reaf; B. mine reaf. 31. B. leornincg. A. gesyhst. 
A. macnegeo. 32. A. beseh. A. B. om. he before hine. 
A. >one. 33. A. B. hig. 

22 3 }^a com sum of heah-gc-samiicngcn 
Iairus hattc. 3 J? a he hine gc-scah he astrehte 
hine to his fotcn. 

23 3 hine swiSe gc-baeS. 3hecwa2S. Min 
dohter is on ytemestcn siSe. cum 3 sete 
}rine hand ofer hyo -p bye hal sige 3 libbe. 

24 pa ferde he mid hym 3 hym felgede 
micel menige 3 J>rungcn hine. 

25 Mnil )?a p wif pe on blodes rine twelf 
wi ntre waes. 

26 3 fram manigen hecen feole fringe 
J?olede. 3 daelde aeall p hyo ahte. 3 hit 
naht ne fremede ac waes pe wyrse. 

27 Da hi be J?am haelende ge-hyrde hy 
com wiS efte ]?a menigeo. 3 his reaf aet-ran. 

28 SoSlice hyo cwaeS gyf ic furSer his 
reaf aet-rine ic by hal. 

29 3 J?a sone warS hire blodes rine a- 
druwede. 3 hyo on hire fredde past hyo of 
J?am witege ge-haeled waes. 

30 And [J?a] se haelend on-cneow on hym 
selfen £>aet hym magen of eode. he cwaeS 
be-wend to J^are maenige. Hwa aet-ran mine 

31 Da cwaeSen his leorning-cnihtes. pu 
ge-seohst j?as menigeo pe j?rungen pe. 3 Jm 
cwedst hwa aet-ran me. 

32 3 £>a be-seah hine p he ge-seahge J?ane 
pep dyde. 

33 p wif J?a on-draedende 3 forhtigende 
com 3 astrehte hyo be-foren him 3 saigde 
him call p riht. 

Various Readings. 

22. gesamnunguTW ; hsette ; fotum. 23. bead ; dohtor ; 
ytemestu?n; heo hal syo. 24. heom; fyligde; menigeo; 
j^rungon. 25. And; winter. 26. maneguwi leecun; Jjinga; 
eall ; heo. 27. heo \for both hi and hy]; seften; menegeo. 
28. heo; fur<5or: beo. 29. sona wear$ ; adruwod; heo; 
ge-fredde ; wite [where MS. Hatton wrongly has witege]. 
30. f?a is suppli ed from MS. Reg. ; sylfum; msegen; mene- 
geo; ffthran. 31. cwsefcon ; cnihtas ; meniga; Jjryngande 
[for )>rungen ]>e]\ cwySst. 32. ge-sawe. 33. astrihte ; be- 
foran; ssegde. 


3 cuotn sum monn of hehsomnungum genemtied waes Iarus 3 gesaeh hine feoll \ hleat to 

22 et uenit quidam de arche-synagogis nomine iairus et uidens eum procidit ad 

fotum his 3 baed hine longa cuoeSende forSon -l" -pie dohter min in utraestura is 

pedes eius. 23 et depraecabatur eum rnultuni dicens quoniam filia niea in extrimis est 

cym on-sett hond ofer hia fte hia hal sie 3 hia hlifige 3 eode miS him 3 fyl»-ede 

ueni inpone manus super earn ut salua sit et uiuat. 24 et abiit cum illo et seqwebatur 

hine Sreato menigo 3 geSringdon hine-tSene 3-1'ec f wif Sy waes in utiorninsc hlodes 

eum turba multa et couiprimebant ilium. 25 et mulier quae erat in proflu[u]io san°-ui 


wintrum twoelfum 
annis duodecim 

3 waes menigo-tfeolo Srowungo-r"Srouenda-r"geSolade from swiSe monigum lecum 
26 et fuerat multa perpesa a compluribws medicis 

3 miSSy gesald wees alle hire Singo ne seniht (sic) gehalp ah swiSor wyrse haefde 
et erogauerat omnia sua nee quicquam profecerat sed magis deterius habebat 

27 cum 

geherde from haelend cwora in Sreat bi-hianda 3 gehran woede his 

audisset de ihesu uenit in turba retro et tetigit uestimentum eius. 

gecuoeS forSon 
28 dicebat enim 

forSon gif k gegerelo his ic hrino ic hal beom \ gehaeled ic biom 

quia si uel uestimentum eius tetigero salua ero. 

3 hrecone \ sona gedrugad 
29 et contestim siccatus 

waes espryngc blodes hire 3 gefoelde miS lichoma fte gehaeled were from adle 3 sona 

est tons sanguinis eius et sensit corpore quod sanata esset a plaga. 30 et statim 

Se haelend ongeat on hine seolfne ■£ maeht seSe eode from him efne-gecerde to Saem folce he gecwoeS 
ihesus cognoscens in semetipso uirtutem quae exierat de eo conuersus ad turbam aiebat 

hwa gehran gewedo mino 3 cwoedon to him Segnas his Su gesiist Saet Sreat Sringcnde 

quis tetigit uestimenta mea. 31 et dicebant ei discipuli su'i uides turbam comprimentem 

Sec 3 Su cuoeSes hua me gehran 
t6 et dicis quis me tetigit. 

3 ymb-sceawade to geseanne hia-rSailco Siu Sis dyde 
32 et circumspiciebat uidere earn quae hoc fecerat. 

f wif uatedfice ondreard 3 forhtade wiste -£te geworden were on hir cuom 3 gefeall bcfora 
33 mulier autem timens et tremens sciens quod factum esset in se uenit et procidit ante 

hine 3 cuoeS to him all -p soSest 

eum et dixit ei omnem ueritatem. 

22. 3 com sum mon of heh-somnunge ginemned wacs iarus 3 gisaeh hine gifeal-l'leott to fotum his 2.?. 3 bred 
hine longe cweSende forSon \ Saette dohter min in ytmestum is . . . sete on honda ofer hiao -pte hal sie 3 hio lifgc 
24. 3 eode miS him 3 fylgende him Sreotas monige 3 on-Srungvn hine 25. 3 wif seSe waes in utt-iornende 
blodes wintru twelfe 26. 3 waes monigu Srowunga from swiSe monigum lecum 3 miSSy gisiild wirs alle hire 
Sine ne a'nilit gihalp ah *wiSor wyrse haefde 27. miSSy giherde from Sawn haelend com in Sreott miS hond 
3 gihran wedum his 23. gicwaeS forSon forSon gif k giwedum his ic gihrino ic biom ha] 2*). 3 nronelsona 
gidrugad wacs esprynge blodes hire 3 gifoelde miS lichoma Saette gihaeled were from adle 30. 3 stod Se haloid 
ongactt on hine solfne Sa maehte .seSe eode from hirn efne-gieerde to Saem folchc ha gicwaHS hwelo bran giwedum 
minura 31. cwedun him Segnas his -1' Sacs Su gisis Sone fcrcot Sringcnde on Sec 3 Su cweSes hwa mec gihrun 
32. 3 ymb-sceowade to giseane hia-l'Sa ilee Se Sis dyde 33. f wif wutudlt'ce ondreord 3 forhtade wiste -fte 

giworden were in hir com 3 gifeol bifora him 3 cwx-S him allum Saette soXoste 


84 pa cwi^S so hselend. dolitor J^in gc- 
teafa pe hale gedyde. ga pe on sibhc !! bco 

of Msum li;il; 

3.3 |"im [a gyt s'prcconduw hi comon 

J-J- fram bam heah-gesamnungum 
1 ewsedon; Din dohtor is dead, hwi drccst 
bu long J^one larcow ; 

36 pa he ge-hyrde ~p word j?a cwaeS sc 
hselend no ondrsed Jni Sc gclyf for an; 

37 And he no let hi»i acnigne fyligean. 
buton petnun. 1 iacobufli. 3 iohannew. Ia- 
cobes bro^or 

38 1 hi comon on )?acs hcah-ealdres hus. 
1 he ge-seah mycel gcblydwepcnde 1 geomri- 

39 And pa he ineode he cw. hwi synd 
gc gedrcfede 1 wcpaS. nis )?is maeden na 
dead ac heo slaepS; 

40 Da taeldon hi bine; He pa eallmrc 
lit adrifenuw. nam petruw 3 J?aes maedenes 
modor. 1 )?a *8e mid him waeron. 1 inn-eodon 
suwiende )?ar ~p maeden waes. 

41 1 hire hand nam 1 cwaeS. thalim-tha 
cumi. -p is on ure gej?eode gereht. maeden 
pe ic sccge aris; 

42 1 heo sona aras 1 eode ; So^lice heo 
waes twelf wintre. 1 ealle hi wundredon my- 
celre wundrunge. 

43 1 he him J?earle bebead ~p hi hyt 
nanu/» men ne saedon 3 he het hire etan 
syllan ; 

Various Readings. 

34. A. dohter. A. )>yssu7rc. 35. A. B. hig. B. gesam- 
nuncgun*. A. hwig. B. dreclu, altered to drecst jm. B. 
lencg. 37. A. nsenigne. B. fylgean. A. bro<5er. 38. A. B. 
hig. A. om. heah. A. geseh. A. geomrigende. 39. A. 
hwig. A. B. om. na. 40. A. hig. A. moder. A. in-eodon 
swigende. 41. A. thalym. thacui {with thahi tha cumi 
above); B. thahra thacumi. 42. A. B. hig. B. wundre- 
dun. 43. A. hig. 

34 Da cwaeS sc hselend. dolitor J?in ge- 
leafe pe hade gc-dyde. ga pe on sibbc 3 bco 
of [risen bal. 

35 rTym j?a gyt spraecenden bio comen 
-L-L fram J?am heah-samnnngen 1 

cwseScn. Din dohter ys dead hwi drecst 
Jni leng j?ane larcovv. 

36 Da he ge-herde -p word. J?a cwaeS se 
haelend ne on-draed }m pe gc-lef for an. 

37 iRnd he ne let hym anigene felgian. 
buton pctrum 1 Iacobum 1 Iohanncm Ia- 
cobes broker. 

38 7 byo comen on J?as heah-ealdres hus 
1 he ge-seah mycel ge-hled wepende 1 gemeri- 

39 3 j?a he in-eode he cwaeS. Hwi sende 
ge gedrefede 1 wepecS nis jris maeden dead, 
ac hyo slepS. 

40 Da tealden hyo hym. He )?a ealle 
ut-adrifene. nam petruw? 1 j?as maidenes 
moder 1 |?a pe mid heom warren 1 in-eode 
swigende j:ser J)aet maiden waes. 

41 1 hire hand nam 1 cwaeS. thalim-tha- 
cumi. -p is on ure J^eode ge-reht. maide pe 
ic segge aris. 

42 1 hyo sona aras 1 eode. SoSlice hyo 
waes twelf wintre 1 ealle hyo wundredon. 
mycelere wundrunge. 

43 3 he heom j?earle be-bead -p hyo hit 
nanen men ne saiden. 1 he het hire syllen 

Various Readings. 

34. dohtor ; hale ; \>isum. 35. sprecendom ; comon ; 
samnungVOT; cwae<5on ; dohtor his; jjone. 36. ge-hyrde; 
gelyf. 37. senigne fylgan ; bro<5or. 38. comon; geseh; 
ge-hlyd wependre Z geomriende. 39. synd; wepa<5; slsepS. 
40. hine {for hym]; eallum ut-adrifenu»i ; modor; him 
weron 3 in-eoden swugiende; msegden. 41. thalim thacumi 
in both MSS.; mseden. 42. wundroden. 43. nanu?n; sseg- 
don ; syllan etan. 


he uutedlice % Sonne cwoeS to hir la dohter geleafa Sin Sec hal dyde gaa in sibb 3 was hal 

34 ille autem dixit ei filia fides tua \6 saluara fecit uade in pace et esto sana 

from adle Sine Sa geone hine-the sprecende cuomon from Sam folces aldormenn cuoSende forSon dohter 

a plaga tua. 35 adhuc eo loquente ueniunt ab arche-synagogo dicentes quia filia 

Sin dead is husetd lengc \' foz-Sor styres Su Sone laruu 
tua mortua est quid ultra uexas magistrum. 

se haelend uutedlice word -pte 
36 ihesws autem uerbo quod 

geeuoeden wses geherde cuoeS to Sam aldormenn nelle Su ondrede ah Sat ana nu gelef 3 ne 

dicebatur audito ait arche-synagogo noli timere tantummodo crede. 37 et non 

leort anigne monno to fylgenne hine buta petre 3 iacob 3 iohan broSer iacobes 3 

admisit queniquam sequi s6 nisi petrum et iacobum et iohannem fratrem iacobi. 38 et 

cuomon in hus Sees aldormonnes gesaeh f wanung 3 woepende 3 maniende suiSe 

ueniunt in dornum arche-synagogi et uidet tumultum et flentes et heiulantes multum. 

3 in-eode cuoeS to him huaetd -r" forhuon arogie gestyred 3 gie hremas f maden ne is dead 

39 et ingressus ait eis 


turbamini et ploratis puella non est mortua 

ah sleped 3 in-hlogan hine he hueSre miSSy fordrifenum alium-r'miSSy alle ute fordraf genora 

sed dorm it. 40 et inridebant eum ipse uero eiectis omnibus adsumit 

Sone fader 3 moder Sara maedne 3 SaSe miS him weron 3 infoerde Ser wses Sat maden licende 
patrem et matrem puellae et qui secum erant et ingreditur ubi erat puella iacens. 

3 geheald hond daere maegdne cuoeS to hir Sis is ebrise word f is getrahtad in latin 
41 et tenens manum puellae ait illi talitha cumi quod est interpraetatum 

la dohter -r la maegden Se ic saego aris 3 sona aras -p maegden 3 ge-eode-rgeongende wses 

puella tibi dico surge. 42 et confestim surrexit puella et ainbulabat 

wses uutedlice wintra tuoelfo 3 fore-styldton feer-suigo mis Sacr maaste 3 bebead Saem 

erat autem annorum duo-decim et ob-stupuerunt stupore maximo. 43 et praecepit illis 

suiSe fte naenig monn f wiste 3 cuoeS sealla hir 


uehementer ut nemo id sciret et dixit dari illi manducare. 

34. he wutudh'ce cwaeS him dohter gileofa Sin Sec hale gidyde gong in sibbe 3 wes hal from adle Sinuw 
35. Sa geona he sprecende comon from Saes folches somnungum cweSende forSon dohter Sin deod is hwat 
leng-rforSur styrestu Sone larow 36. Se haelend wutudhce word Saette gicweden was giherde cwaS to Sam 
heh-aldurmenn nelle Su Se on-dreda ah Sect ana nu gilefes .'$7. 3 ne ge-leort eenigne monno to fylganne -r rylge 
him buta petre 3 iacobe 3 iohanne broSer iacobes 38. 3 comun to husum Sas aldormonnes 3 gisah Sa wanunga 
3 woepende 3 maenende swiSe 39 3 in-eode cwaeS to him hwat arun i^e onstyred 3 hremas Sat mGBgdea ne 
is deod ah slepeS 40. 3 in-hlogun hine he hweSre miS fordrifnum allum ginom Sone fader 3 moder Sirs maegdnes 
3 Sa Se mis him werun 3 in-foerde Ser waes Saet msgden Iicgende 41. 3 giheold bonda 8838 msgdnes cwaeS 
to hir Sis is ebrise word Saet is gitrahtad on laden la dohter Se ic BSBge arifl 42. 3 sona aras Sat msegden 

3 eode-^gongonde was. was wutudh'o? wintra twelfe 3 for-styltun swigunge micelre 43. 3 bibeod Sain swiSe \ 
nanig mon wiste 3 cwaS sellas hir eata 



1 And pa he Sanon code he ferdc on 
liis e$el. 3 hioi folgodon his leorning- 
c-iiihtas ; 

1 1 gewordenuw reste-daege he ongann on 
gesamnunge Lenin 1 manege gehyrdon 1 wnn- 
drodon on his hire !! cwaedon; 1 1 wan on synd 
byssum calle pas Sincg and hwaet is se 
wisdom pe him gc-seald is. 1 swylce mihta 
pe Bnrh liis handa gewordene synd ; 

3 I In nvs ( ]n's] se smiS marian sunn, 
iacobes broSor. 1 Iosepes. 7 hide p] simonis. 
hu ne synt his swustra her mid us. 1 pa 
wurdon hi gedrefede. 

4 pa cwarS se haelend ; SoSlice nis nan 
witega Luton wurSscipe. Luton on his e'Sele 
1 on his maegSe. 1 on his huse; 

5 And he ne mihte par senig maegen 
wyrcan. Luton feawa untrume on-asettuw 
his handuw he ge-haelde. 

6 1 he wundrode for heora ungeleafan ; 

He Sa laer[en]de J^a castel Le-ferde. 
7 1 him twelfe togeclypode. 3 agan 
hi sendan twam 1 twam. 1 him anweald 
sealde unclaenra gasta. 

8 1 him LeLead ~p hi naht on wege ne 
namon. Luton g\rde ane. ne codd ne hlaf. 
ne feoh on heora gyrdlum ; 

9 Ac ge-sceode mid calcum 1 *p hi mid 
twain tuneciuw gescrydde naeron ; 

10 And he cwarS to him; Swa hwyle 
hus swa ge ingaft. wuniaS par o*8 ~p ge 

Various Readings. 

Cap. vi. 1. A. )?anen; B. >anun. A. folgedon. B. 
leornincg. 2. A. origan; B. angann. A. ge-somnunjie ; 
B. ge-samnuncge. A. msenige; B. menege. A. wun- 
dredon. A. hwanen. A. J>yng. 3. A. inserts jjys, u-lnch 
the text and B. omit. A. broker. A. B. insert 3 be- 
fore simonis. A. synd. A. B. big. 4. A. B. butan. 
A. woorS-scype. 6. A. lasrende; B. lacrde {as in Corpus 
MS.). 7. A. B. big. B. anwald. 8. A. B. big. A. 
naman: B. namun. B. hyra. 9. A. B. hig. B. nscrun. 
10. B. wunijiaS. 


1 And pa lie j^anen code lie fcrdc on 
liis ac^cl. ~) him folgedcn his leorning- 

2 ") ge-worScne restc-daige he ongan on 
samnungc laercn. 1 manege ge-hyrden 1 
wundrcden on his lare ] cwaeSen. hwanen 
synden pisen calle pas ping 3 hwaet is se 
wisdom pe him ge-seald is. 1 swilce mihte 
pe purh his handa ge-worSen synde. 

3 hu nis pis se smiS maria sune. jacohes 
hrofter 1 iosepes. 3 hide 1 symones. hu ne 
synde his swustre her mid us. !I pa, wurSen 
liyo gc-drefede. 

4 pa cwaeS se haelend. SoSlice nis nan 
witege Luten wurdscipe. Luton on his aeSele. 
1 on his maeg'Se 1 on his huse. 

5 1 he ne mihte paer anig maegen wercen. 
Luton fewan untrume on-asetten his handan 
he ge-haelde. 

6 1 he wundrede for heore un-ge-leafen. 

He pa laerende panne castell Le-ferde. 
7 1 him twelfe to ge-cleopede. 1 an- 
gan hyo saenden twam 1 twam. 1 heom an- 
weald sealde un-claenre gaste. 

8 1 heom he-Lead -f hyo naht on weige ne 
namen Luton gyrdel ane. ne cod. ne hlaf. 
ne feoh. on eowre gyrdlen. 

9 Ac ge-scode mid calken. 3 -f hyo twam 
tunecan ge-scridde naeren. 

10 And he cw. to heom. Swa hwile 
hus swa ge ingaS. wunieS paer oSftaet ge 

Various Readings. 

Cap. vi. 1. ./End; J^anon ; folgodon. 2 ge-wordenuw ; 
da?ge ; angann ; menege ge-byrdon 3 wundrodon ; cwaedon 
bwanon synd j^yssum ; mibta; geworden synd. 3. bwu; 
om. \>\s ; smid marian sunu; bro<5or ; simonis; swustra; 
wurdon. 4. halend ; witega buton wuriSscipe. 5. aenig ; 
wyrcan; fewa untruwma on-asettum handum. 6. beora 
un-geleafan; la3rde {sic); }>a castel. 7. ge-cleopode; agan 
{sic); saendon; unclaenra. 8. wege ne namon ; gyrde {sic); 
codd; byo {sic) pyrdlum. 9. ge-sceode; calcuwj; tune- 
cum ; naeron. 10. cwaefc ; wuniafc. 



3 foerde Sona eode in oeSel his 3 fylgedon hine Sennas his 3 

1 *Et egressus inde abiit in patriam suam et sequebantur ilium discipuli sui. 2 et * xv - 50 - '■ 

*■ lv. xviiii. 

io. lviiii. 
gewarS haligdoeg * sunnadoeg ongann in soranung-r in spree laere 3 monigo geherdon gewundradc woeror. mi- cxli. 

facto sabbato coepi£ in synagoga docere et niulti audieutes admirabantur 

in lar his cuoeSende hwona Sisu/rt Sas alle 3 hwselc is snytru Siu gesald is him 

in doctrina eius dicentes unde huic haec omnia et quae est sapientia quae data est illi 

3 maehto Sullico SaSe Serb honda his biSon ge-doen ah-ne Sis is sniiS -1' wyrihte sunu 

et uirtutes tales quae per maims eius efficiuutur. 3 nonne iste est faber filius 

maries broker iacobes 3 iosephes 3 3 ^ ahne 3 suoestro his her mi* usic sint-rbiSon 

mariae frater iacobi et ioseph et iudae et simonis nonne et sorores eius hie nobiscum sunt 

3 ge-ondspymed weron in him 3 cuoeS to him se hsclsnd forSon ne is wit^e buta 

et scandalizabantur in illo. 4 *Et dicebat eis ihesus quia non est propheta sine " 51. i. 

, • , , i ,. i i • io. xxxv. 

worSung-l'worSnis buta 1' ah on oeSel his 3 in cySSo his 3 in hus his 3 ne mt. czlii. 

bonore nisi in patria sua et in cognatione sua et in domo sua. 5 et 


msehte Ser mseht senige gewyrce buta hwon un-trymigo miS on-setnum hondum ge-gemde-1'gehselde 
poterat ibi uirtutera ullam lacere nisi paucos infirmos inpositis manibus curauit. 

3 gewundrad waes fore un-geleaffulnise hiora 3 ymb-eode Sa portas utan-ymb gelserde 

6 et mirabatur propter incredulitatem illoru??i *Et circumibat castella in circuital docens. * r,± "• 

mt. lxxvi. 
3 efne-geceigde tuoelfo 3 ongann hia sende tuoge 3 gesalde him-rSsem mseht gasta 

7 *Et conuocauit duodeci?^ et coepit eos mittere binos et dabat illis potestatew spiritum • XV1..53. ii. 

In. lxxxvii. 

un-claenra !l bebead him-tSsem ne seniht hia gelsedde-l'genomo on woeg buta gerd an 

inmundorum. 8 et praecepit eis ne quid tollerent in uia nisi uirgam tantum 

ne poha-r'posa ne hlaf ne on gyrdils mseslen ah gescoed miS Suongum 3 ne ge-gearuad were 

non peram non panem neqwe in zona aes. 9 sed calciatos sandalis et ne induerentur 

mi* tusem tunucuw -1" tu33m cyrtlum 3 ge-cuoeS to him sua hwider k suahuadc gie gaas in hus 

dnabus tunicis. 10 *Et dicebat eis quocumqwe introieritis in domum • 54. ii. 

lv. lxxxvii I l|. 
mt. lxxxiii. 
Ser wunaS wiS-r"o<5S Sset gie geonge Sona 

illic manete donee exeatis inde. 

Cap. VI. 1. 3 foerde Sona eade in oeSel his 3 fyligdun him Segnas his 2. 3 giwarS halig-dseg on-gan in 
somnunga-Hn sprece lsera 3 monige giherdun givvundrade werun in larum his cweSendo hwona ... Sas-l'Sissu>/i 
alle ... Sas is snytru -r hwelc gisald waes him 3 msehte Sa ileu. SaSe Serb honda his gidocn bioSon 3. ah 
ne Sis is snnSes ^sunu 3 maria broSer iacobes 3 iosepe* 3 iudas 3 simonis ah ne uwestei her osih miS 
sindun 3 onspyrnade werun in him 4. 3 cwseS to him Se httlend forSon ne is witga buta worfeunge buta on 
oedle his 3 on cySSo his 3 in huse his :>. 3 ne rusehto Ser senifj . . . giwyrcan buta hwon untrymige mis 
onsetnum honda gongende-lgihselde 6. 3 giwundrad wses fore ungileoffulnisse hiora 3 ymb-eode . v ;i portas utan 
ymb gilsrde 7. 3 efne gicegde twelfe 3 ongan bur senda twoege 3 gisalde him ina-lite pasta unclffinra 

8. 3 bibeod him Sa-t na-niht hia; gilsedde on wocp butan gerde ane ne pohlia lposa ne hlaf ne on gyrdelse 
ina;slen 9. ah giscoed miS Swongum 3 ne gi-georwad were miS tWSBm tunucum 10. 3 gi-CWSBt to him BW» 
hwider swa ge gaas in hus Ser wunaS wiSl'Savt ge gae Sona 



1 1 3 Bwa hwylce Bwa cow nc gc-hyraS. 
bonne ge [union ut ga$ asceaca$ ~p du*t of 
eowrum fotuwi. him on ge-witnesse; 

12 And ut-gangende hi bodedon j> hi 
dsedbote dydon 

13 3 lii manega deofol-seocnessa ut-adri- 
fon. 1 manega untrume mid elc smvredon 
J gehseldon ; 

14 And pa gehyrde herodes se cyng j^aet; 
Sofliee his nama waes swutol gewordcn 1 
he cwa?S; Witodlice Iohannes se fnlluhtere 
of dcaftc aras. 1 on him synd forj?aw maegenu 
geworht ; 

15 Siime cwscdon he is elias. sume 
cwaedon he is witega swylce an of pam 
witeguw ; 

16 Da herodes ~p ge-hyrde he cwaeS; Se 
iohannes pe ic be-heafdode se aras of dea^e; 

herodes sende 1 het io- 

17 OoSlice 
rO hann 

cm gehindan on cwerterne. 

Dys godspel 
sceal innan 
ha-refeste to 
SCt iohannes 

nicpssan. Misit for faere herodiadiscan his brooar lafe phi- 

herodes & ten- J ^ l 

nit iohannem. lippus. for pa?n <5e he nam hi ; 

18 pa s&de Iohannes herode. nys pe aly- 
fed to haebbenne J?ines broker wif; 

19 Da syrwde herodias ymbe hine 7 wolde 
hine of-slean 1 heo ne mihte; 

20 SoSlice herodes on-dred Iohannes 1 
wiste ~p he waes rihtwis. 1 halig. 1 he 
heold hine on cwerterne. 1 he ge-hyrde -f 
he fela wimdra worhte 1 he lnflice him 
hyrde ; 

21 pa se daeg com herodes gebrydtide he 
ge-gearwode mycele feorme his ealdor-man- 
nuw. 1 pa?n fyrmestuw on galilea. 

11. B. panun. 
13. A. B. hig. 
A. cvnin". A 

Various Readings. 

12. A. B. hig. B. bodedun. A. B. hig. 
A. deofel-seocnyssa. B. smyrydon. 14. 

nama swutel geworden woes. 15. B. 
ewa?dun {2nd time). A. helias. 17. Rubric; B. adds — 
et uinxit eum in carcerem propter herodiadem. A. 
cwearterne. a. herodianiscan. A. broker; B. broSor. 

A. B. hig. 18. A. habbenne. 20. A. cwearterne. A. 
lufelice. B. gehyrde. 21. A. gebyrd-tyde; B. gebyrdtide. 

B. mycle. B. ealdor-mannon. 

1 1 1 swa liwilcc swa cow nc here^ }^anne 
gc j^anen ut-gaft. ascaceS ~p dust of eowren 
lot en hem on ge-witnysse. 

12 1 ut-gangendc hyo bodedan j5 hyo 
dcadbote dyden. 

13 3 hyo manege deofel-seocnysse ut- 
adrifen. 3 manege untrnme mid ele smere- 
den 1 ge-haeldcn. 

14 iEnd pa. ge-hyrde herodes se kyng -p. 
SoSlice his name waes swutel ge-worSen. 1 
he cwaeS. Witodlice Johannes se fulluhtere 
of dea^e aras. 1 on him synd for £>an 
manege ge-worht 

15 sume cwaeSen he is helias. sume 
cwaeSen he is witege. swile an of pam 

16 pa herodes "p ge-herde he cw. Se 
Johannes pe ic be-heafdede se aras of deaSe. 

17 OloSlice herodes sende 7 het io- Misit herodes 

i^^ . et tenuit io- 

KJ lianne ge-binden on cwarterne. hannem et 

1 1 • btr *t uinxit eum in 

for herodiadiscan his brooer lafe philippus carcerem prop- 
ter herodia- 

for J?an pe he nam hyo. dem. 

18 Da saigde iohannes herode. nis pe 
alyfeft to haebbe Jnnes broker wif. 

19 Da swerde herodias ymbe hine 1 wolde 
hine of-slean 1 hyo ne mihte. 

20 SoSlice herodes on-draedde iohanne 3 
wiste ~f he waes riht-wis. 1 halig. 1 he 
heold hine on cwarterne. 3 he ge-hyrde "p 
he fela wundre worhte 1 he lufeljce him ge- 

21 Da se daig com herodes ge-berde-tide. 
he ge-garwede micele feorme his ealdor- 
mannen. 1 pam fermestan on galilee. 

Various Readings. 

11. hira<5 ponne ; pamm ; a-scacaS ; eowruwi fotuOT 
him. 12. bodedon; daedbote dydon. 13. manega deo- 
fol-seocnyssa ut adrifon ; manega ; smyredon ; ge-heel- 
don. 14. cyning; swutol geworden: pam maenega. 15. 
cwseSon he his: cwaedon; witega. swylce; witegum. 16. 
ge-hyrde; Iohannes; bebeatdode. 17. Iohanne ge-bindam 
(sic); cwaerternum : brofcor ; for pam. 18. saegde ; alyfed 
to haebbenne. 10. serwde {where MS. Hatton is wrong). 

20. on-dred iohanne; csva?rterne ; feola wundra; lufelice. 

21. ge-byrd-tide ; gegarewode ; mannon; fyrmestum; ga- 


3 sua-huelc se<5e ne onfoe<5 iuh ne ge-here{5 iuh miSSy gie gaas Sona sceacas k drygas 

11 *Et quicumq«e non receperit uos Dec audieriut uos exeuntes inde excutite *55. a. 

lv. cxiiii. 
-p asca of fotum iurum in cyiSnisse him miSSy geeado forebodadon i fore-ssegdon f mt. lxxxv. 

puluerem de pedibws uestris in testimonium illis. 12 *Exeuntes praedicabant ut * 56. ii. 

lv. xc. 

mt. cxiiii. 
hreawnise dedon 3 diowlas menigo fordrifon 3 smiredon mi$ ole menigo untrymigo 

paenitentiam agcrent. 13 et daemonia multa eiciebant et ungebant oleo multos aegrotos 

3 gehseldon 3 geherde herodes cynig eawuntre foriSon geworden waos noma his 3 

et sanabant. 14 *Et audiuit herodes rex manifestum enim factum est nomen eius et * XVII. 67. ii. 

lv. XC. 

mt. cxiiii. 
ouoe<5 for<5on iohannes Se fullwihtere eft aras from deadum 3 for<5on un-woen sint mceht 

dicebat quia iohan[n]es baptista resurrexit a mortuis et propterea inopinantur uirtutes 

in him -r in Ssem o$ero mitedtice cuoedon forfcon helias is oSero ec cuocdon witgo is swelce 

in illo. 15 alii autem dicebant quia helias est alii uero dicebant propheta est quasi 

an from witgom miiSSy f geherde herodes cuoeS Sone ic geoearf iohannen Sis from 

unus ex prophetis. 16 *Quo audito herodes ait quern ego decollaui iohannen hie a * 58 - x - 

deaduwi eft aras se forSon herodw sende 3 geheald iohannen 3 geband hine in carcern 

mortuis resurrexit. 17 *Ipse enim herodes misit ac tenuit iohannen et uinxit eum in carcere * 59. ii. 

lu. xii. 
mt. cxliiii. 
fore herodiades hlaf philipes broker his forSon lsedde hine cuoe<5 for<5on 

propter hevodiadam uxorem philippi fratris sui quia duxerat eum (sic). 18 *Dicebat enim * 60. vi. 
r L mt. cxlv. 

iohannes herode ne is gelefed $e to habbanne hlaf broSres Sines herodia uutedlice gesetnade 

iohannes herodi non licet tibi habere uxorem fratris tui. 19 herodias autem insidiabatur 

him 3 walde ofslaa hine ne msehte herodes forSon ondreard iohannen wiste hine 

il li et uolebat occidere eum nee poterat. 20 herodes enim metuebat iohannen sciens eum 

wer soSfaest 3 halig 3 geheald hine 3 miSSy geherde hine menigo he gedyde 3 lustlice 

uirum iustum et sanctum et custodiebat eum et audito eo multa faciebat et libenter 

hine geherde 3 mifcfcy dajg maccalic gecuom -r geneolecde herodi?* cennise his farma -f symbel 

eum audiebat. 21 et cum dies oportunus accidisset herodes natalis sui ceuam 

dyde r worhte $3em aldormonnum 3 holdum 3 forwostum galileaes 

fecit principibus et tribunist et primis galilaeae. -i-oferSnni 

11 ° hundradum 

tribunus biS 

II. 3 swa hwelc swa ne onfoeS iow ne gi-heres iow mi$ Sy gegas Sona soacoas-V drygas 8a asca-H58Bt dvst of 
fotum iowrum in cySnisse him 12. 3 miSSy gieodun to him forbodadun fte hreonisse dedun 13. 3 diowlas 

monige fordrifen 3 smiredun mis oele menigo untrymige 3 gihrelde 14. 3 giherde herodes cynig eowunga 

forSon giworden wses noma his 3 cwae* forfcon iohannes Se fulwihtere eft aras from deaSe 3 forSon bia un-woene 

sint msehte in him 15. o$ro wutudh'ee <>«ro soSlice ewedun witga is swelce an from wiigum 

16. miSSy giherde herodes cwsb* gone ic ofceorf iohannen Ses from . . . eft aras 17. BeSe forton herodes 

sende 3 giheold iohunnpn 3 giband nine in eero-eme fore herodiades lafe philtjppe* broSer his forton Isadde hine 
|& ewwS forfcon iohannes herodiade ne is gilefed Se to habbanne lafe broSer Sines 10. herodiade wutudltce 
giscettnade him 3 walde of-sla hine ne msahte 20. herodes wutudltce ondreord iohannes wiste hine wer 
sofc-faeet 3 «a;t halig 3 giheold hine 3 giherde hine menigo he gidyde 3 lust-lice hine giherdun (me) 21. J 
missy dsBge macalice gicom+gineolicade herodes eennisse his fearme dyde Beam aldur-monnum 3 holdum 3 for- 
westum galiles 


82 3 ba $a [rare berodiadiscan dolitor inn- 
eode 3 tumbode. bit licode herode. 3 eal- 
Iujm pirn Sc hiiN mid Bseton ; Se ring cwaeS 
ba to Sam maedene. bide me sua hwaet swa 
Jui wylle 3 ic |?e sylle ; 

23 And he swor hire, soScs ic pe sylle 
swa hwaet swa p\\ me bitst. J?cah Jhi wylle 
hcalf min rice; 

24 Da lico lit code lieo cwaeS to hyrc 
meder; Ilwaes bidde ic; pa cwaej? lieo. 
iohannes hcafod pais, fiilluh teres; 

25 Sona fa lieo mid ofste inn to fawcinincge 
code, lieo bacd 3 Jnis cwaeS; Ic wylle ~p ftu me 
hraedlice on anum disce sylle iohannes hcafod; 

26 pa wearS se cinincg geuniet for pam 
aSe. 3 for pam Se him mid saeton ; Nolde 
)?eah hi ge-nnretan. 

27 ac sende aenne cwellere 3 behead "$ 
man his heafod on anum disce brohte ; And 
he hine J?a on cwerterne beheafdode. 

28 3 his heafod on disce brohte 3 hit 
sealde pam maedene. 3 -p mseden hit sealde 
hire meder ; 

29 Da his cnihtas -p ge-hyrdon hi comon 
3 his lie namon. 3 hine on byrgene 
led on ; 

30 Q| o^lice pa Sa apostolas toga?dere 
yO comon. hi cyddon pam haelende 

call -p hi dydon 3 hi laerdon. 

31 3 he saede him; CumaS 3 uton gan 
onsnndron on weste stowe. 3 us hwon 
restan ; So^lice manega waeron pe comon 
3 age'n-hwyrfdon 3 fyrst naefdon -p hi seton. 

32 3 ou scyp stigende. hi foron onsun- 
dran on weste stowe. 

Various Readings. 

22. A. dohter in-eode 3 tumbade. A. cyning; B. cincg. 
A. maedenne. 23. A. byddest. 25. A. ofeste. A. into. 

A. cyninge. A. sylle on anum disce. 26. A. cyning. A. 
)jeh hig. ; B. >eah hig. 27. A. asende [for ac sende]. 

B. anne. A. cwelere. A. cwearterne. B. beheafdude. 
28. A. inserts anum before disce. B. medyr. 29. A. hig. 
A. lychaman ; B. lie (altered to lichamon). A. byrginne. 
30. A. hig. A. B. hig. A. hig. 31. B. asundran. B. 
stowae. A. agean-hwyrfdon. A. B. hig. 32. A. B. hig. 
A. on-sundron. B. stowae. 

22 3 fa fa fare herodiadisccn dohter in- 
code 3 tumbede. hit licode herode. 3 eallen 
fam pe him mid saeten. Se kyng cwaeS pa 
to fam meigdene. bide me swa hwaet swa p\\ 
wille. 3 ich pe sylle. 

23 /End he swor hire. SoSes ich pe 
sylle swa hwaet swa fu me bydst. fab fu 
wille half mine rice. 

24 pa hye ut eode. hyo cwaeS to hire 
moder. Ilwaes bidde ich. pa cwaeS hye. 
Iohannes heafed fas fill luh teres. 

25 Sona fa hye mid efste in to fam kynge 
geode. hyo ba?d 3 f us cwaeft. Ic wille -p p\\ me 
raedlice on anen dissce selle Johannes heafed. 

26 Da warS se kyng ge-unrot for fan 
a^e. 3 for fam pe mid him saeten. Nolde 
fah hyo unrotan 

27 ac sente aenne cwellere 3 be-bead ~p 
man his heafed on anen dissce brohte. iEnd 
he hine fa on cwarterne be-heafdede. 

28 3 his heafed on disce brohte. 3 hit 
sealde fam maigdene. 3 ~p maigden hit 
sealde hire moder. 

29 Da his cnihtes faet ge-herden. hyo 
comen 3 his lichame namen 3 hine on be- 
rigene leigdon. 

30 QJoSlice fa fa apostles to-gaedere 
^O comen. hyo kydden fam haelende 

eall -p hyo dyden. 3 hyo laerden. 

31 3 he saigde heom. CumeS 3 uten gan 
asundran on weste stowe. 3 us hwon resten. 
SoSlice manege waeren pe comen 3 agen 
hwaerfden 3 ferst naefden -p hyo acten 

32 3 on scyp stigende hyo foren on sun - 
dren on weste stowe. 

Various Readings. 
22. hediadiscan (sic) dohtor; ealle ; saeton ; cyning; 
maegdene ; ic. 23. End ; ic ; bitst ; dea$ [for J?ah] ; healf. 
24. heo; ic; heo [for second hye]; heafod. 25. hyo; 
cynge eode heo; anum disce sylle; heafod. 26. wearfc ; 
cyning; \>z.m [for J>an] ; saetoii ; J?eah. 27. sende anne; 
heafod; anum disce; cwaerterne beheafdude. 28. heafod; 
maedene; maegden. 29. cnihtas; ge-hyrdon; lie namon; 
byrigene. 30. apostlas togadere comon; cydden ; halende; 
dydon ; laerdon. 31. saede; Cuma<5; uton ; restan ; manega 
waeron ; comon ; hwaerfdon ; fyrst naefdon. 32. foron on- 


3 miSSy in-eode dohter fcaerao herodiades 3 plaegede 5 gelicade-1'3 miSSy gelicade herode 
22 cumqwe introisset filia ipsius herodiadis et sallasset et placuisset herodi 

ec miS-r3 aedgeadre Saem hlingendum cynig cuoeS Saem maegdne giuig-twilnig from me fte Su willt-twaelle 3 
simulque recumbentibws rex ait puellae pete a me quod uis et 

ic sello Se 3 swor liir forSon -r f te sua? hwset Su gegiuas ic sello Se Sah se a half rices 

dabo tibi. 23 et iurauit illi quia quidquid petieris dabo tibi licet demedium regni 

mines Siu miSSy from eode cuoeS moeder hire huaet ic-giuge waelle 3 hiu cuoeS heafud iohannis 

mei. 24 quae cum exisset dixit matri suae quid petam et ilia dixit capud iohannis 

fulwihteres miSSy inn-eode sona miS oefeste to cynige wilnade cuoeS ic willo -pie 

baptistae. 25 cumqi/e introisset statim cum festinatione ad regem petiuit dicens uolo ut 

reconlice Su selle me in disc heofud iohannis hihvihteres 3 un-rodsade se cyning fore 

protinus des mihi in disco capud iohannis baptistae. 26 et contristatus rex propter 

aS gesuoerenum 3 fore ec miS restende walde hia unrotsige ah sende ne wakie 

iiisiurandum et propter simul recumbentes uoluit-f- earn contristare. 27 sed misso i" 1' noluit. 

sceware ge-lieht to gehrenga heafud his in disc 3 gecearf hine in carchern 3 

speculatore praecepit ad-ferri capud eius in disco et decollauit eum in carcere. 28 et 

to-hrohte heafud his in disc 3 salde f Saer maegdne 3 f maegden cuoeS moder his miSSy 

attulit capud eius in disco et dedit illud puellae et puella dicit matri suae. 29 quo 

geherdon Segnas his cuomon 3 laedon lichoma his 3 gesetton f in hyrgenne 

audito discipuli eius uenerunt et tulerunt corpus eius et posuerunt illud in monumento. 

3 efhe-cwomon Sa apostolas to Saem h&lende eft-gesa?gdon him alle SaSe dydon 3 

30 *Et con-uenientes apostoli ad iheswm renuntiauerunt illi omnia quae egerant et* XVI11 - 

1 ° bl. viii. 

lu. xci. 
laDrdon 3 cuoeS to him cymes sundrig in woestig slyd 3 restas huon 

docuerant. 31 *Et ait illis uenite seorsum in desertum locum et requiescite pusillum • b2. x. 

woeron forSon SaSe cuomon 3 eft-cuomon k menigo ne etes first hatfdon 3 

erant enim qui ueniebant ct rediebant multi nee manducandi spatium habebant. 32 *Et*63. vi. 

*■ mt. lxxvii. 

astigedon in scip foerdon in woestig styd sundur 
ascendentes in naui abierunt in desertum locum seorsum. 

22 miSSy in-eode dohter Saere herodiades 3 plaegede 3 gilicade herode a?c miS Saem hlioucndum cynig cvva-S Saem 
machine giowa from me Sa;tte Su wjlt 3 ic sclo Se 23. 3 swor hir forfcon forSon (sic) Saete swa hwaet Bwa 
Su giowas ic selo Se ah Se all half rice min. 24. Sio miSSy from cade cwa'S to moeder hire DWSBt giowigo 
ih welle 3 hio cwa'S heofud lohannet Sa's fulwihterea 25. mis Sy in-eode sona miS oefeste to ^:i-ni cynige 
wilnade cwa'S ic wjllo Saute recunlice <5u selle me on disce heofvd iohannes Sas fulwihteres. 26. 3 unrotaade 
waes Se cvniti fore aSum giawornum 3 for eo (sic) mis reatendum nalde hia nnrotsiga 27. ah send.' Bceawere4' 
sceawende was neht to gibrenga-J'to-brohte heofud his on disce 3 giceorf hine in care-erne 28. 3 to-hrohte 

heofud his on disce 3 salde Sact Sa-m mmgdne 3 S»t maegden salde moeder hire 2'). miS-Sy gihcnhm iSegnaa 
his coition 3 la-ddun lic-honui his 3 settun Sat in byrgenne 30.3 efnc comun Sa apostolas to Sa-m \m']/>Ti(/c 
eft MBgdun him idle Sa Se dydon 3 Isrdun 31. 3 cwa-S to him cumaS ge ayndrige in woeatige atowe 3 
r:i>te him {tie) weron forSon Sa Se comun 3 eft comun monige 3 ne etes Orate haefde 32. 3 aatBBgdun on s<-ip 
foerdun in woestig styd-lstowe sundrige 


:i:i 3 geaawon lii farende. 1 hi gc-cncowon ' 
manega; And gangende of J^aw burgun 

byder union. 1 hi/// beforan com on ; 

S4 And }\a se hselend '<Sanon code he 
geseah mycele menegu. 1 lie gc-miltsodc 
hi/// tor ja/// ^c hi wseron Bwa swa Beep pe 
nanne hyrdc nabbaft ; And he ongan hi fcla 

35 3 )\a liit mycel ylding waes. his leorn- 
ing-cnihtas him to comon 1 cwaedon. j?eos 
stow is weste 1 tima is forft agan. 

36 forlaet )^as menegu. ~f hi faran on 
ge hende tunas. 1 him mete bicgan. ~f hi 
eton ; 

37 pa cwaeS he sylle ge him etan ; Da 
cwaedon hi uton gan. 1 mid twam hundred 
penegon hlafas bicgan. ] we him etan 
syllaS ; 

38 Da cwaeS he hu fela hlafa haebbe ge. 
ga"5 1 lociaS. 7 J?a hi wiston hi cwaedon. fif 
hlafas 1 twegen fixas. 

39 3 J?a be-bead se haelend ~f Saet folc 
saete ofer ~f grene big. 

40 ] hi pa saeton hundredon 1 fiftigon. 

41 1 fif hlafu/ra. 1 twam fixuw onfan- 
gemvn he on heofon locode 1 hi bletsode. 
1 pa. hlafas braec. 7 sealde his leorning-cnih- 
tum. ~p hi toforan him asetton. 1 twegen 
fixas him eallon daelde 

42 1 hi seton )?a ealle 1 gefyllede wurdon ; 

43 And hi namon j?ara hlafa. 3 fixa lafe. 
twelf vvilian fulle ; 

44 SoSlice fif jnisend manna J?ara etendra 

waeron ; 

Various Readings. 

33. A. B. hig. {twice). B. gecneowun. B. burhguw. 
34. A. J;anen. A. maenigeo. A. B. hisr. A. sceap. A. 
A. naenne. A.B. hig. A. facia. 35. B. leornincsr-cnihtas. 
36. A. maenegeo. A. hig. A. faron ; B. farun. A. 
byegon. A.B. hig. 37. A.B. hisr. A. penegum. 38. 
A. faela. A. hy<r. A.B. hig. 40. A.B. hig. A. hundredurrc. 
A.fyftegum; B. fiftigum. 41. A. heofen. A.B. hig. A. 
bletsade. A.B. hisr. A. eallu/n. 42. A. hig. 43. A.B. 
hig. A. f;aera. A. B. lafa. 44. A. J?aera. 

33 1 gc-scagen hyo farende 1 hyo ge- 
encowen manege. Mm\ gangende of J?am 
burgen jnder urnen. 1 him be-foren comen. 

34 1 j?a se haelend panen code, he ge- 
seah mycele menigeo. 1 he ge-miltsede 
hcom. for J^am pe hyo waeren swa swa seep 
pe naennc herde naebbed. ] he on gan hyo 
feola laeren. 

35 1 pa hit mycel ylding wses his leorn- 
ing-cnibtes him to comen 1 cwaeSen. )?eos 
stowe is weste 1 time is forS agan. 

36 for-last )?as manigeo ~f hyo faren on 
ge-hende tunes 3 heom mete beggen -f hyo 

37 pa cwaeft he selle ge heom etan. Da 
cwae^en hyo utan gan. 1 mid twam hun- 
dred panegen hlafes byggen 3 we heom 
aeten syllen. 

38 Da cwaeft he hu fela hlafe haebbe 
ge gaS 1 lokiaS. ] j?a hyo wiston hyo 
cwaeSen. fif hlafes } twegen fisces. 

39 3 |^a be-bead se haelend pset ~p> folc 
saete ofer ~f grene haig. 

40 1 hyo j?a saeten hundredon 1 fiftigen. 

41 1 fif hlafen. 1 twam fiscen on-fan- 
genew he on heofon lokede. 1 hyo bletsode. 
1 pa hlafes braec. 1 sealde his leorning-cnih- 
ten j? hyo to-foren heom asetten. ] twegen 
fixsces heom eallen daelde. 

42 !) hyo aeten J?a ealle 1 ge fylde wurSen. 

43 And hyo name[n] j;are hlafe 1 fixsce 
lafe twelf wilien fulle. 

44 Softlice fif jnisend manna j?are aetendre 

Various Readings. 

33. ge-sawen ; faerende ; manega ; buhrguwi ; urnon ; be- 
foran comon. 34. }jano/i ; menegeo ; ge-miltsode ; warora ; 
sceap; hyrde nabba<5 ; lseron. 35. cnihtas ; cwaeSon; tima. 
36. menega; tunas; byggan ; eton. 37. sylle ; cvva^on ; 
vton ; penegon hlafas byegan ; etan sylla*. 38. hwu fele 
hlafa habbe ; locia<5 ; cwaefcon; hlafas; twege fiscas. 39. 
heig. 40. saeton; fiftigum. 41. hlafuwz; fyxum; on-fan- 
genuw ; locode; hlafas ; cnihtas; to-foran ; asetton ; fixas ; 
daeldon. 42. eten ; wurdon. 43. namon {^ara; fisca; 
wylian. 44. Jiara etendre waeron. 


3 gesegon hia geongende 3 on-geton monigo 3 foefcemenn 3 of allum ceastrum 

33 et uiderunt eos abeuntes et cognouerunt multi et pedestres et de omnibus ciuitatibus 

efne-ge-uurnun Sider 3 before gecuomon hia 3 eode gesaeh micelo *reat se hxlend 3 

concurrerunt illuc et praeuenerunt eos. 34 et exiens uidit multam turbam iliesus et 

milsanSe wees ofer hia forSon weron suelce scip ne hsefdon hiorde 3 ongann laora hia 

misertus est super eos quia eraut sicut oues . non liabentes pastorem et coepit docere illos 

feolo-r monigo 3 mi<5*y soSlice stando X monigo waes geneolecdon Segnas his cuoeSende unbyed 

multa 35 et cum iam mora multa fieret accesserunt discipuli eius dicentes disertus 

is styd Sis ec so* tid is fore-ge-ead-Hid eade forlet hia -1" 5a -jJte hia geonga in «a nesta 

est locus hie *£t iam hora praeteriuit. 36 dimitte illos ut euntes in proximas " fi 4. i. 

lv. xciii. 
io. xluiiii. 
gemsero 3 londo byeges -t ceapas him metto Sa ettes 3 geonduaearde cue* to Ssem selles mt. czluii. 

uillas et uicos emant sibi cibos quos manducent. 37 et respondens ait illis date 

him eatta 3 cuoedon him mi*<5y ge-eadon byege we mi* penningum tuami hundum hlafo 3 selle we 

eis manducare et dixeru[n]t ei euutes emamus denariis ducentis panes et dabimus 

him to ettanne-Ho brucanne 3 cuoe* to him hu monig hlafo habba* gie gaa* 3 gesea* 3 mi**y 

eis manducare. 38 et dicit eis quot panes habetis ite et uidete et cum 

oncneawn -r ongeton cuoedon fif 3 tuoege fiscas 3 heht him fte gesni*a gedydon 

cogDOuissent dicunt quinque et duos pisces. 39 et praecipit illis ut accumbere facerent 

alle setter ofer groene gers 3 to-daeldon in dalum *erh hundra* 

omnes secundum contubernia super uiride faenum. 40 et discubuerunt in partes per centenos 

3 *erh fiftigum 3 mi**y weron onfence fif hlafo 3 tue fiscas locade in 

et per quinquagenos. 41 et acceptis quinque panib«s et duobus piscibws intuens in 

heofne gebloedsade 3 gebrsegc *a hlafo 3 salde *egnum his f te hia gesetta before hia 3 tuoege 
caelum benedixit et fregit panes et dedit discipulis suis ut ponerent ante eos et duos 

fisces daelde allum 3 eton alle 3 gefylled-l'gefylde weron 3 genomon 

pisces diuisit omnibus. 42 et manducauerunt omnes et saturati sunt. 43 et sustulerunt 

*a hlafo *ara screadunga tuoelf ceaulas fulle 3 of fiscum . woeron uutedlice 8a *e 

reliquias fragmentorum duodecim cophinos plenos et de piscibus. 44 erant autem qui 

brecon -r eton fif *usendo waero-rwsprana 

manducauerunt quinque milia uiroru/u. 

33. 3 gisegun hise gongende 3 ongetun-rcomun monige 3 foe*e men of allum cacstrum efne-giurnun *ider 
3 bifora comon hiaj 34. 3 eode gisach micle *reatas *c \\sAend 3 milsende was ofer hia) <5a *e weruo Bwelce 
scip ne hsefdun hiorde 3 on-gan la;ra hiae feolu-1' monige 35. 3 mi**y so*lice stondas monige werun to-gincoli- 
cadun *egnas his cwe*end bim unbyed -r westig is stow *is ec so* tide is fore-giead 36. forlet hial*a f hie 

gonge in *a nestu gimeeru 3 lond byecas -i" ceopias him mett *a *e eotas 37. 3 ondsworade cwgbS to him *e 

ha:\end sellas *aem iow mi* to eotanne 3 cwedun him mi**y eadun gonrgc we-l'ga we mi* peningum twain 
hundre«um hlafa 3 selle we him to eotanne 38. 3 cwae* to him hwaut hlafa habbas ge ga* 3 gisca* 3 mi**y 
oncneowun cwedun to him fife 3 twoege fiscas 39. 3 hibead him f hix- gisnide . . . alio after . . . ofer groenum 

hegge-l'grese 40.3 gi-daeldun hiaj in . . . hutidre* 3 *erh fiftigum 41. 3 mi*-*y werun on efenne lif hlafum 
3... locade on heofnas gibletsade 3 bra?c *a hlafas 3 salde *egnum his -)5te bin gisctte bifora hix> 3 twoege 
fiscas decide allum 42. 3 etun 3 alle 3 gifylde weron 43. 3 ginomun *a lafe *ara scradunga twelf ceowlaa 
fulle 3 of fisce 44. werun wutudlice Sa fce etun fif *usend weorona 


I )|| mi il on 

.it halgan 
dag*. A. 15. 

45 TPVa sona he nydde his leorning- 
J-^ cnilitas on scyp sti'gan. ~p hi 

him beforan foron ofer Jwne mii^an to bcth- 
saida. oj 1 he ~p folc for-lete ; 

46 And pa he hi for-let he fcrdc on j?one 
mnnt 7 hine ana }?ai gebaed ; 

47 And pa aefen wtes ~p scyp waes on 
middrc se. 1 he ana waes on lande 

48 1 he gc-seah hi on rewette swincende. 
him waes wiSer-weard wind ; And on niht 
embe pa fcorfan waeccan he com to him 
ofer ):a see gangende. 1 wolde hi for-bu- 

49 pa hi hine gesawon ofer j?a see gan- 
gende hi wendon ~p hit unfaele gast wasre. 
1 hi clypedon ; 

50 Hi ealle hine gesawon. 1 wurdon 
gedrefede 1 sona he sprsec to him 1 cwas^ ; 
Gelyfaj? ic hit eom. ne jmrfon ge eow on- 

51 7 he on scyp to him eode. 7 se wind 
geswac 1 hi pass pe ma betwux him wun- 

52 ne ongeton hi be pam hlafon ; SoSlice 
heora heorte was ablend ; 

53 And j?a hi ofer-segledon. hi comon 
to genesar. ] par wicedon. 

54 1 j?a hi of scipe eodon. sona hi hine 
gecneowon ; 

55 And eall -p rice befarende hi on 
saeccinguw baeron )?a untruman. j?ar hi hine 
gehyrdon ; 

Various Readings. 

(Rubric — B. daeg). 45. B. leornincg. A. B. hig. B. 
forun. A. fjone. A. betsaida. 46. A. B. hig. 47. B. 
midre. 48. B. ge-seh. A. B. hig. A. ymbe. A. B. hig. 

49. A. B. hig (twice). A. unclacne [for unfaele]. A. B. hig. 

50. A. B. Hig. A. hyne ealle. B. gesawun 3 wundor (sic). 
A. nellan ; B. nellen [for ne )>urfon]. B. adraedan. 51. 
A. B. hig. A. betweox. 52. A. on-geaton. A. B. hig. 
A. hlafum ; B. hlafun. B. hyra. 53. A. B. hig. A hig. 
54. A. hig. A. B. hig. B. gecneowun. 55. A. hig 

45 T^ A sona he nydde his leorning- 
j cnihtcs on scyp stigon j) hyo 
him be-foren foran ofer Jeanne muSan to 
bcthsaida. oS he -p folc for-lete. 

46 3 J? a he hyo for-let. he ferde on Jeanne 
mnnt. 1 hine ane j?acr gc-baed. 

47 And J?a aefen waes •$ scyp waes on 
midre sae. 1 he ane waes on lande. 

48 ] he ge-seah hyo on reowette swin- 
cende. heom waes wiSerward wind. iEnd 
on nyht ymbe j?a feor|?an weccan he com 
to heom ofer j?a sae gangende. 3 wolde hyo 

49 Da hyo hine ge-seagen ofer )?a sae 
gangende. hyo wenden ~p hyt un-fele gast 
waere. 1 hyo clypedon. 

50 Hyo ealle hine ge-seagen 1 wurden 
ge-drefede. 1 sone he spraec to heom. 1 
cw. Ge-lefeS ich hit em. nellen ge eow 

51 1 he on scyp to heom eode. 3 se wind 
ge-swaec. 3 hyo £>as pe ma be-tweoxe heom 

52 ne on-geaten hyo be J?am hlafan. SoS- 
lice heore heorte waes ablend. 

53 And j?a hyo ofer-seigledon. hyo comen 
to genesar. 1 pser wicoden. 

54 1 j?a hyo of scype eoden. sone hyo 
hine ge-cneowen. 

55 Mnd eall -p rice be-farende. hyo on 
saeccinge baeren )?a untrumen J?aer hyo hine 

Various Readings. 

45. cnihtas ; stigan ; be-foran ; f>orane. 46. jjonne ; ana ; 
ge-bsefc. 47. yEnd ; efen. 48. ge-seh ; rewette ; forjjan 
wseccan ; eom ; \>a.m ; for-bugan. 49. ge-sawon ; sa ; un- 
file; ware; clypodon. 50. ge-sawan; wurfcon; sona he 
sprecS ; Ge-lyfa$ ic hit eom; andrsedon. 51. him; 
geswac; f>ses; betweox. 52. on-geaton; heora. 53. hi 
ofer-sigledon ; }?ar wicedon. 54. ge-cnewan. 55. eal ; 

saeccingum baron \>a untruman; bin ge-hyrdon. 


sona ge-$reate <5egnas 


astige $ast scip fte hia fore-eode hine ofer 


45 *Et statim coegit discipulos suos ascendere nauem ut praecederent euxn trans fretum * 65. ui. 

mt. cxluiii. 

to Sser byrig $a hwile he forleorte Saet folc 3 mi<5c5y forleorte hia ge-code on nior 

ad bethsaidam durn ipse dirnitteret populum. 46 *Et cum diinisisset eos abiit in montem * XVIIII. 

lu. xliii. xxxu. 
gebidda 3 mi<5<5y ef[e]rn-l'smolt woere waes scip in middum saees 3 he ana on corSu 

orare. 47 *Et cum sero esset erat nauis in medio mari et ipse solus in terra. " 67. lii i- 

io. li. mt. cl. 
3 gesaeh hia wynnennde in rowincg waes for<5on wind wii5er-word him 3 ymb $a fearSa 
48 et uidens eos laborantes in remigando erat enim uentus contrarius eis et circa quartam 

wacan neehtes cuora to him geongende ofer ssee 3 walde bi-cerre hia 

uigiliam noctis uenit ad eos ambulans super mare et uolebat prasterire eos. 

socS hia f 
49 at illi ut 

gesegon hine geongende 


sae hia woendon yfel wiht were 3 ceigdon-l'clioppadon 

uiderunt eum ambulantem super mare putauerunt phantasma esse et exclamauerunt. 

alle forfcon hine gesegon 3 un-rodsad -1' gestyred weron 3 sona gesprecend waes mi<S him 3 cwoefc 
50 omnes enim eum uiderunt et conturbati sunt et statim locutus est cum eis et dixit 

to him gelefes ic am nallaS gie ondrede 
iliis contidite ego sum nolite timere. 

3 fervor surge bituih him stylton-t'suigdon 
et plus magis intra se stupebant. 

3 astag to him in scip 3 geblann -p wind 
51 *Et ascendit ad illos in nauem et cessauit uentus • 68. ui. 

mt. clii. 

ne for<Son oncneaun of hlafum woes forfcon 
52 non enim intellexerant de panibws erat enim 

hearta hiora fore-geblind-rfore-gefcistrat 3 miSSy ofer-foerdon Serh cuomon on earSo 

cor illorum obcecatum. 53 *Et cum trans-iretassent peruenerunt in terram • 63. n. 

lv. xxxui. 
mt. cliii. 
Sses folces genatzeaf 3 3 miSiSy faerende waeron of scip sona ongeton hine 

gennesareth et applicuerunt. 54 cumqwe egressi essent de naui continuo cognouerunt eum. 

3 Serh wurnon 



$a ilea on<mnnun in berum hia fca Se 

yfle haefdon 

55 et percurrentes uniuersam regionem illa?rt coeperunt in grabatis eos qui se male habebant 

ymb beara $er geherdon hine aed he were 
circumf'erre ubi audiebant eum esse. 

45. 3 sona giiSreatade (Sennas his to stiganne in scip f hie fore-code hine ofer luh to Seer byrig Sa while 
he forleorte Saet folc 4G. 3 mi<5-$y forleort bias eade on mor gibidda 47. 3 mi$-$y efern 3 smolt wa\s Boip 
on middum sac 3 he ana on eorSo 48. 3 gisa-h hia; winnende in rowinsjc was forfcon wind wiiSerword him 3 
ymb $a fearSa wacune na-htes com to him 15c hx\end gongende ofer sa 3 walde bicerra hiee 49. bo* hia -js 

gisegun hine gongende ofer sac hia woendun yfel wiht were 3 cliopadun-tcegdun 50. alle fcafce hine gisegun 
3 gidroefde-runrotsade wcrun 3 sona he sprecende was mi$ him 3 cwaS to him gilefas ic lull am nallnii ge 
ondreda 51. 3 astag to him in scip 3 <riblanr sotte fce wind 3 forfcor swifce hitwih him stjllun k swigadun 3 
fcreadun 52. ne foriSon oncneowun of hlafum was PoriSon heorta hiora for-blindad 53. 3 miiS-lSy foerdun Serb 
coraun on eorfcu fcas filches genesarea 3 a to plica 54. 3 mi$-M rsrende werun of acipe sona on-getun hine 
55. 3 fcerh urnun all load -1' <5eade Sa ileu on-gunnun on herum hiae 8a <5o yfel hffifduo ymb beara fcer hue giherdun 
hine -jj he were 


•V ) 

5(5 And swa Invar swa lie on W1C o]>]>e 
on tunas code, on straeton lii pa uutruman 
ledon. 3 hine bsedon j5 lii liuru his refes 
feed eet-hrinon. 3 swa fela swa hinc act- 
lirinon lii wurdon hale. 



a com on to \\\m pliarisci 3 sume 
boceras cumendc fram hierusalcw. 

Dv* sccal on 
woilncs dsg on 
bcre |ntyddan 

lencten wuc.m. 

a. u- , 2 3 ha hi ge-sawon sume of his leorning- 

Acccsserunt ad ' <~> " 

ihMvm.A. cnihton besmitenum handuw -p is un- 
jnvogenuni handuw ctan. hi taeldon hi 3 
cwaedon ; 

3 Pliarisci 3 ealle iudeas ne etaS buton 
hi hyra handa gelomlice jnvean. healdende 
hyra yldrena gesetnessa. 

4 3 on sticete hi ne etaS buton hi ge- 
Jjwegeiic beon. 3 manega o]?re synd pe 
h\m gesette synt. ~p is calicea frymSa. 3 
ceaca. 3 arfata. 3 maestlinga ; 

5 And )?a axodon hine pharisei 3 pa 
boceras. hwi ne gaS J?ine leorning-cnihtas 
aefter lire yldrena gesetnysse. ac besmitenum 
handuw hyra hlaf picga^S ; 

6 Da andswarode he him ; Wei witegod 
isaias be eow licceteruw swa hit awriten is ; 
pis folc me mid welenuw wurSaS. softlice 
hyra heorte is feor fram me. 

7 on idel hi me wurSiaB. 3 manna lare 
3 bebodu la^raS ; 

8 Soj?lice ge forlaetaS godes bebod. 3 
healdaS manna laga. jnveala ceaca 3 calica. 
3 manega oj?re ]?ylce Sing ge doS ; 

Various Readings. 

56. A. hig (twice). A. reafes ; B. riefes. 
scthrynan mobton. A. faela. A. hig. 

Cap. vii. 1. A. farisei. 2. A. hig. 

un-Jjwagenuwz. A. B. lag (twice). 3. 

hig heora. A. heora. A. gesetnyssa. 
hyg. A. synd [for synt]. A. B. fyrniSa. 

A. fnaedes 

A. cnyhtum. 
A. B. farisei. 
4. A. B. hie. 


5. A. acsodon. 

A. B. farisei. B. gesetednyssa. 6. A. B. witegode. A. 
lyceteruw ; B. liceterum. A. weorJ>a<5. A. heora. 7. A. 

B. hig. A. weorfciaS. B.lara. 8. A. Jnvealu. A. )?yllice. 

56 JFau\ swa hwacr swa he on-wicnede 
on tunas coden. on straiten hyo ))a untru- 
mcii leigdon. 3 hine baeden -p hyo hwore 
his reafes fined aet-rinen. 3 swa fele swa 
hine get-linen hyo wurScn hale. 


1 T^A comen to hym farisej 3 sume 
-■->' bokeres cumende fram ierusalem. 

2 1 ))a hyo ge-seagen sume of his leorn- 
ing-cnihten be-smitene handen -p is un- 
jnvogenen handen aeten. hyo telden hyo 
3 cwaeSen. 

3 Farisej 3 ealle iudeas ne aeteS buton 
hyo heore hande ge-lomlice f>wean healden- 
de heora yldre ge-setnysse. 

4 3 on straete hi ne aetaS. buton hyo ge- 
j?wegen beon. 3 manege oSre synde pe 
heom ge-sette synde. -p is calice frymj?a 3 
ceaca. 3 apfata 3 manslage. (sic). 

5 Ac J?a axode hine farisej 3 pa boceres 
hwi ne gad J?ine leorning-cnihtes aefter ure 
yldrena ge-setnysse. ac be-smitenen handen 
heora hlaf jriggieS. 

6 Da andswerede he heom. Wei wite- 
gede ysaias be eow liceteren swa hit awriten 
is. Dis folc me mid weleren wurSed. soS- 
lice heore heorten his feor fram me. 

7 on ydel hyo me wurSiaS. 3 manna 
lare 3 bebode laered. 

8 SoSlice ge for-laeteS godes bebod. J. 
healded manna lage. j?weala ceaca 3 calica. 
3 manege oSre J>ellice ping ge doS. 

Various Headings. 

56. on wic o$$e [for on-wicnede]; straeton hi f>a untru- 
man legdon; huru [for hwore]; refes fned a?t rinon ; 

Cap. vii. 1. farisei; boceras. 2. ge-sawen; cnihtuwi be- 
smitenvTw handnm; un-Jjwogenum handum etan ; taeldon; 
cwaeiSon. 3. Farisei; eta^ ; heora handa; hiora yldera 
ge-setnyssa. 4. eta<5 ; manega; synt [for 2nd synde]; 
calycea fryrmjja (sic); apfata (sic) 1 maestlinga. 5. ./End; 
axsodon ; boceras ; ^a$ ; cnihtas ; ge-settednysse ; be-smite- 
num handan; )jicga<5. 6. andswarede; witegode; licete- 
rum ; weleruw wur<5a? ; heorte is [where Hatton MS. has 
heortenhis indistinctly], 7. lara 1 bebodu lserefc. 8. for- 
laeta<5 ; healdafc ; laga ; manega ; J?yllice. 


3 swa huider infoerde in londuwi -r in mseru/n -r/ in ceastrum in pla?cum geseton 
56 et quocuinque introibat in uicos uel in uillas aut in ciuitates in plateis ponebant 

Sa un-trymigo 3 ge-bedon hine fte -r fasne gewoede _ his gehrinon 3 sua oftor gehri- 

infirmos et depraecabantur eum ut uel finibriam uestinienti eius tangerent et quot-quot tange- 

non hine hale gewurdon 
bant eum salui fiebant. 


3 cwomon toi him 3 sume oSer of uSuutum cymende from hierusoliwi 

1 *Et conueniunt ad eum pliarisaei et quidam de scribis uenientes ab hierusolimis. • XX. 70- x. 

3 miSSy gesegon sume oSero from Segnum his gemaenelicuwz mi? hondum f is un-Suegenurn 
2 et cum uidissent quosdaw ex discipulis eius cornmunibws manib«s id est non lotis 

eata hlafo forcuoedon fordon 3 alle iudei buta oftor geSuogon 

manducare panes uitu-perauerunt, 3 pliarisaei euim et omnes iudaei nisi crebro lauerent 

hondo ne etton gehealdon setnesse-r'selenisse aeldra 3 fro/rc Sing-stow sie gefulwuad ne 

manus non manducant tenentes traditionem seniorum. 4 et a foro nisi baptizentur non 

etton hia 3 oSero menigo sint Sa Se gesald aron Ssem 4' him to haldanne fuulwihta calica •? disca D 
comedunt et alia multa sunt qua tradita sunt illis seruare baptismata calicum et 

3 3 3 gefrugnun hine 3 uS-uuto forhuon 

urceorum et eramentorum et lectorum. 5 *Et interrogant eum pbarisaei et seribae quare • 71. u i. 

nu. cliiii. 
Segnas Sine ne geongas aefter gesetnisse-tgeselenise aeldra ah un-clsenum hondum eatas 

discipuli tui non ambulant iuxta traditionem seniorum sed commuuibus manibws manducant 

hlaf soS he onduearde cuoeaS to him wel gewitgade of iuih legerum sua) 

panem. G at ille respondens dixit eis bene prophetauit esaias de uobis bypocritis sicut 

awritten is folc Sis miS muSum mec worSias hearta uutetfrce hiora long is from me in 

scriptum est populus hie labiis me honorat cor autem eoruin longe est a me. 7 in 

idilnisse uxxtedlice mec worSiaS gelaerende laruo boda monna eft forleorton forSon 

uanum autem me colunt docentes doctrinas praecepta hominum. 8 relinquentes enim 

beboda godes gie haldas setnesse monna fulwihta ombora 3 calica 3 oSero gelico 

mandata dei tenetis traditionem hominuw baptismata urGeorum et calicum et alia similia 

Sisura wundrum monigo 
his facitis multa. 

56. 3 swa hwider in-foerde in lond-1'in gimaeru-1 in ca;stre in placsum settun 8a nntiymigu 3 gibedun hine 
■pte -r fsese giwedum his gihrionon 3 swa oftor gihrionun him hale giwurdun 

Cap. VII. 1. 3 miS-Sy comon to him Sa aldu 3 sume oSre of uS-wutum cymende from hienualem 2. 3 

miS-Sy gisegnn sume oSre of Segnum his gimetelicum miS honSum Sa;t is un-Swsegnum eotas hlafaa for-cwedui) 
hia3 3. ahlv 3 alle iudeas buta oftor gifewogtu honda ne etun giheoldon Bettnease-l'Belnesse ffildra 4. 3 from 
8ing-8towe se gi-fulwad ne etun 3 oSre monigu sindun Sa Se gesald arun him to haldanne ful-wiht culice 3 
on-bora hiora 3 . . . 5. 3 gifrscgn hine aldor-men 3 uS-wutu cweSende forhwon Segnaa Sine ne gongaa a-l'ter 
cisetnis^e add™ ah un-claenuni hondum eotaS hlafas 6. soS he Jworde cwflBiS liim forfcon wel gewitgade c.saias 
of iow legerum swa awriten is folche Sis miS muSe mec weorSas heorte wutudli'cc hiora long from me 7. in 
idelnisse wutudltce mec worSas gi-lsrdc larwas 3 bibodu monna 8. eft for-leortun hine bibodu godes gi-haldas 
setnisse monna fulwiht on-bora hiora 3 calicac 3 oSre gilice Sissum wundrum monig 


9 Da wede he him. wel ge on idel dydon 
godes bebod j> ge cower iaga healdon ; 

10 Moysejs cwseft. wur^a pinnc feeder 1 
^ine modor. 1 se Sc wyrigp his faeder 1 his 
modor. swelte sc deapc ; 

11 SoSlice gc cwcpaS. gif hwa scgS his 
feeder 1 meder corban ~p is on ure gcSeode 
gyfu. gif hwyle is of me pe frcmaS. 

12 1 ofcr ■p ge ne laetaS bine aenig ping 
don his faxlcr oSSe meder 

13 toslitende godes bebod. for eovver 
stiintan lage pe ge gesetton. 1 mancga opre 
ping Sysuw gelice ge doS ; 

14 And eft pa inenegu he him tocly'pode 
3 cwaeS ; Ge-hyrap me ealle 1 ongytaS; 

15 Nis nan ping of pam men on hine 
gangende ~p hine besmitan maege ; Ac pa 
Sing pe of *&am men forS-gaS. pa hine 

16 gif hwa earan haebbe gehlyste me ; 

17 A^d pa se haelend fram paere menegu 
XA. eode his leorning-cnihtas hine an 

big-spell ahsodon; 

18 pa cwaeS he. 3 synt ge pus un- 
gleawe ne on-gyte ge. "p eall J?aet utan cymS 
on pone man gangende. ne maeg hine be- 

19 forpaws hit ne gaeS on his heortan. 
ac on his innoS. 1 on forS-gang gewiteS 
ealle mettas claensigende ; 

20 Da saede he him -p Sa ping Se of pam 
men gaS. pa hine besmitaS ; 

Various Readings. 

9. A. B. lage. 10. A. weorfca. A. moder. A. B. wyrgfc. 
A. moder. 13. A. jnssum. 14. A. msenegeo. 16. 

A. gearan. A. B. hscf<5. 17. A. maenigeo. A. acsedon. 
18. A. synd. 19. B. claensiende. 

9 pa saede he hcom. wel gc on ydcl dyden 
godes bc-bod. f ge eowcr lage healdcn. 

10 Moyses cwaeS wurSe pinnc faedcr 3 
pine moder. 1 se pe wcrgeS his fader 3 his 
moder swelte se dcaSe. 

1 1 SoSlice ge cweSad. gyf hwa saegd his 
fader 1 his moder corban. pact is on ure 
peode gyfu. gyf hwile is of me pe fremeS. 

12 1 ofcr pact ge ne laeteS hine anig ping, 
panne his faeder odSe his moder 

13 to-slitende godes bc-bod for eower 
stunten lage. pe ge ge-ssetten. 3 manege 
oSre ping pise gelice ge doS. 

14 And eft pa manige he him to-clepede 
1 cwaeS. Ge-heraS me ealle 1 ongetaS. 

15 Nis nan ping of pam menn on hine 
gangende f hine be-smiten mage. Ac pa 
ping pe of pam men forS gaeS. pa hine 

16 gyf hwa earan haefS hleste me. 

17 Xjlnd pa se haelend fram pare mani- 
-■-^ geo eode his leorning-cnihtes 

hine on bispellen axoden. 

18 Da cwaeS he. 1 sende ge swa un- 
gleawe ne on-geate ge. -p eall -p utan cymS 
on pane mann gangende. ne maig hine 

19 for pan hit ne gaeS on his heorten. 
ac on his innoS. 7 on forSgang ge-witeS 
ealle metas claensiende. 

20 Da saigde he heom. -p pa ping pe 
of pam men gaS. pa hine besmiteS. 

Various Readings. 

9. him ; dydon ; healdon. 10. wur$a ; wyrgfc ; faeder. 
11. cwea<5a$; se<i(5: feeder. 12. aenig; don [for J?anne, 
but over an erasure]; o<53e. 13. ge-setton; manega. 

14. ./End; menega ; to-cleopode; ge-hyra$ ; ongytaS. 15. 
men; be-smita$. 16. ge-hlyste. 17. halend ; menegu; 
cnihtas; an bigspel axsoden. 18. synt; {jus [/or swa] ; 
un^laewe; ]>onne man; maeg; be-smitan. 19. heortan; 
for<5-gan ge-wita$. 20. saegde; besmitafc. 


3 cuoe8 to him woel bismerlice gie doeS bebod godes -J5 selenise iuer gie haldas 

9 et dicebat illis bene irritum facitis praeceptum dei ut traditionem uestram seruetis. 

moses forSon cuoe8 wor8ig fseder 8in "J moder 8in 3 se8e mis-cuoe8as feder -t moder 
10 moses enini dixit honora patrem tuum et matrem tuam et qui nialedixerit patri aut matri 

mi5 dea8e ge-de8ed se gie uutedlice cuoe8as gif he cuoe8as monn feder 4* moeder geafa -p 

morte raoriatur. 11 uos autem dicitis si dixerit homo patri aut matri corban quod 

is geafa ■£ sua huaot from me 8e gewaexe 5 lustume ne forgefes gie hine senig 

est donum quod-cumqi^e ex me tibi pro-merit. 12 et ultro non dimittitis eu.m quicquam 

gewyrca-l'gedoa feder his \ moeder eft gie toslitas word godes Serb setnesa iuera 

facere patri suo aut matri. 13 resciudentes uerbum dei per traditionem uestram 

8one gie saldon 3 biseno Suslico monigo gie doas-r/wyrcas 3 to-ge-ceigde eft f folc 

quam tradidistis et similia huius-modi multa facitis. 14 et aduocans iterum turbam 

cuoe8 to him heres gie mec alle 3 on-cnauasgie noht is buta monna iwn-gaas in hine 

dicebat illis audite me omnes et intellegite. 15 nihil est extra homiuura introiens in eum 

f ma?hs:e hine gewidlige ah 8a 8e of menn fore-cyme8 8a sint 8a8e gewidlas 

quod possit eum coinquinare sed quae de homine precedunt ilia sunt quae communicant 

8one gif hua haefes earo to heranne gehera 1 mi88y inge-eode in hus fro?7j 

hominem. 16 siquis habet aures audiendi audiat. 17 *Et cum introisset in domum a " 72. ui. 

mt. cluii. 

8reate gefrugnun hine 8egnas his bissen 3 cuoe8 to him sua ec gie un-hogo 

turba interrogabant eum discipuli eius parabolam. 18 et ait illis sic et uos inprudentes 

arosrie ne on-cneawesgie for8on alle uta inn-eode-rinngaas in 8one monno ne mscge hine 

estis non intellegitis quia omne extrinsecus introiens in hominem non potest eum 

gewidlige for8on ne inn-gaaS in hearta his ah in womb 3 in utgeong-1'in feltun ut-fjaas 

communicare. 19 quia non introit in cor eius sed in uentrem et in secessum exit 

claensas alle meto cuoe8 untedlice for8on 8a 8e of menn utgaa8 8a ge-widlegas 

purgans omnes escas. 20 dicebat autem quoniam quae de homiue exeunt ilia communicant 

gone monno 

9. 3 cwa>8 to him wel bismerlice gidoas bibod godes fte selenisse iower gihaldas 10. moyses forfcon c\v;v8 
worSa fssder 8inne 3 moder Sine 1 se8e mis-cwe8es feder -1' moeder mi8 dea8e gideSed bi8 11. in- wutudlice 

cweo8as gif hia- c\veo8as mon feder his -r moeder bis . . . gefe fte swa hwffit is of me 8e giwexe 12. 3 lustum 
ne for-geofas him senig gi-wyrce+gidoe feder his t moeder 13. eft ge toslitas word godes 8erh setnisse iowei 
8one gisaldun 3 bisine 8uslicu s\vi8e monigu gidoas 14. 3 to-gicegde eft 8act folc cwee8 to him giberas ge 

mec alle 3 on-geotas IS. nobl is buta monnum in-gas in hine 8aet msege hine gi-wid-liga ah 8a Be of menn 

for-cumas 8a siiulun 8a 8e gi-wid-ligas menn + 8one monn 16. gif hwelc+hwa baafet cam to giheranne gihere 

17. 1 mi8-8y ineode in hus from 8reote gifrngnun 8e<jnas his bispellum 18. 3 c\va-8 to him swa eo J 

un-bogu aron ge ne mi88y oncnawai ge for8on alle ute in-eode in 8one monno oe mnge bine giwidliga 
19. for8on ne inga8 in heorte bis ah in womba 1 innun utgongum ut-gaaa ctonsias alle metas 20. e« 

wufudlice for8on 8a 8e of men Dtgas 8a gi-widligai 8o monno 



21 In nan of manna hccrtan. yfele ge- 
bancaa cuma$. unriht-haemedu. 1 forligcru. 

22 [stala.] gytsung. man. facnu. sccam- 
Icast. vt'cl gesihft. dysincssa. ofer-modigncssa. 

23 1 callc }^as yfclu of pam innoSe cumaS 
1 J?onc man besmitaS; 

24 T\a ferde he J\anon on }?a cndas tiri J 
-L' sidonis. 1 he in-agan on -p bus. 

he noldc "f hit aenig wiste. ") he ne mihte 
hit be-miftan ; 

25 Sona pa an wif he him ge-hyrde. j^aere 
dohtor haefde unclaene gast. hco ineode. 1 
to his fotum hi astrehte ; 

26 Softlice -f wif waes hae^en. sirofenisces 
cynnes. 3 baed hine "f he Sone deofol of 
hyre dehter adrife ; 

27 pa sasde he hire ; Laet aerust J?a beam 
beon gefylled. nis na god "p man nime J?ara 
bearna hlaf. "J hundufw worpe ; 

28 Da Jswarode heo 1 cp; Drihten -f is 
soS ; Witodlice pa hwelpas etaS under J:aere 
mysan. of 'Sara cilda cruman ; 

29 pa saede he hyre for Jraere spraece ; Ga 
nu. se deofol of ^inre dehter gewit; 

30 And J?a heo on hyre hus eode heo 
gemette ~p maeden on hyre bedde licgende. 
1 j?one deofol ut-gan ; 

oisgodspei 31 And eft he eode of tira gemaeruw 3 

*ceal on pare - ^ ^ 

tjrytteo^an com purh suionem to baere galiJeiscan sse 

wuean cfer . ... . . ... 

pemecosten. betwux midde endas decapoleos. 

A. B. 

Kxiens ihesws 

de rinibzw tyri 

uenit per sido- 

nem ad mare tt • r> 7 • 

gaiiiea. A. Various Readings. 

22. A. B. stala (which Corp. MS. omits). A. dysignyssa. 
A B. ofer-modignes. 23. A. B. omit 1. B. pan. 24. 
A. panen. 25. A. dohter. A. unclaenne. A. B. lug. 

26. A. deofel. 27. A. acrest. A. paera. A. weorpe. 28. 
A. tlsworode ; B. andswarode. A. paw mysu.72. A. paera. 
30. A. deofel ut-agan. 31. A. betweox. 

21 in ncn of mannc hcortcn yfele ge- 
}\ances cuma'S. unrihthameSe. 1 forleigre. 

22 stale, gytsungc. man facnu. scamelest. 
yfel gc-sihfte. desynyssc. ofcr-modignessa. 

23 calle J?as yfele of j?an innoSe cumeS. 
] j>ane man be-smitcS. 

24 T>A ferde he J?anen on £>a aendes 
J tyri 3 sidonis. 1 he in-agan on 

j^aet hus. he nolde ~p hit anig wiste. !J 
he nc mihte hit be-mi'San. 

25 Sona )?a an wif be him ge-hirde. 
J?are dohter haefde un-claene gast. hyo in 
eode 3 to his foten hyo astrehte. 

26 SocSlice ~p wif waes haeftene sye-rofe- 
niscas cynnes. 3 baed hine. ]?aet he j?ane 
deofel of hire dohter adrife. 

27 Da saigde he hire. Laet aerest f?a 
beam beo ge-fylled. Nis na god ~p man 
neme j?are bearne hlaf. 1 hunden weorpe. 

28 pa andswerede hyo. 3 cw. Drihten 
•f is soS. Witodlice fta hwelpes seted un- 
der j?are mysan ; of J?are cyldrene crumen. 

29 pa saide he hire for J?are spaece. Ga. 
nu se deofel of Jrinre dohter ge-wit. 

30 And j?a hyo on hire us eode. hyo 
ge-mette ~p maigden on hire bedde liggende. 
3 J?ane deofel ut-agan. 

31 ./End eft he eode of tyrum ge-maaren 
7 com Jmrh sydonem to j?are galileiscan sse. 
be-tweox mid aendes decapoleos. 

Various Headings. 

21. Innan; manna heortan; ge-pancas cumaS ; haemede; 
forligere. manslihtas. 22. stala. gitsung; ge-sihS. dysi- 
nessa. ofer-modignes. 23. cumaS ; ponne; besmitafc. 24. 
panon; endas; [MS. Hatton has in-agan gan, by mistake]; 
aenig. 25. dohtor hafde; fotum. 26. haeSen ; syro- 
feniscas ; ponne deofol ; dohtor. 27. sagde ; aeresta ; baem 
beon; nyme para bearna; hundum. 28. welpes etaS ; 
cyldra cruman. 29. saede; deofol; dohtor. 30. JEnd; 
heora; maeden ; porane deofol ut gan. 31. gemaeruwi ; 
para; betwux; eendes. 


from innueeard forSon of heorta monno smeaungas yfle of-cymeS un-rehtwisnise esuicnis 

21 ab intus enim de corde hominum cogitationes male procedunt nequitiae dolus 

un-sceomfulnise derne legero unreht-haemedo morSor-slnsjo 

Siofunto gitsungas ego yfel 


inpudicitia adulteria fornicaliones homicidia. 22 furta auaritiae oculus malus blasphemia 

oferhygd unwisdom 
superbia stultitia. 

all ^Sas yfelo of innweard fore-cymeS } wiSlaS-r Sone monno 

23 omnia haec mala ab intus procedunt et communicant hoininem. 

3 Sona aras foerde in gemaerum tyres 3 sidonis 3 in-eode hus naenig monn walde 

24 *Et inde suvgens abiit in fines tyri et sidonis et ingressus domum neminem uoluit • XXI. 

wutta 3 ne maehte gehsela 
scire et non potuit latere. 

f wif forSon sona fte geherde from him hire4"Saere haefde dohter 
25 mulier enim statim ut audiuit de eo cuius habebat tilia 

gaast unelaene in-foerde 3 fore-feoll to fotum his 

spiritum inmundum intrauit et procidit ad pedes eius. 

wa3s uutedlice y wif haeSen Sacs 
26 erat autem mulier gentilis syro- 

cynnes is nemned syro-phoenisa 3 
phoenissa genere 

bedon hine fte Sone diowl he forwurpe-l'fordrife of -r from dohter hire 

eiceret de tilia eius. * 73. ui. 

*Et rogabat eum ut demonium 

nit. cluiiii. 

he cuoeS to Saem let-rblinn aerist f Su gefoeda Sa suno ne is forSon god to onfoanne hlaf 
27 qui dixit illis sine prius saturari filios non est enim bonum sumere panem 

Sara suno 3 senda hundum 
filiorum et mittere canibws. 

soS hiu onduearde 3 cuoeS him uutedlice la drihten forSon ec 
28 at ilia respondit et dicit ei utiqwe dotnine nam et 

hwoelpes under bead hia eattas of screadungum Saera cnsehta 

catelli sub mensa commedunt de micis 


1 cuaeS to hir fore Sis 

29 et ait illi propter hunc 

word gaa eode Se diowl of dohter Sinra 

sermonem uade exiit daemonium de filia tua. 

3 miSSy ge foerde -rgeeode to hus hire 
30 et cum abisset domum suam 

gemitte -r infand f maegden liccende ofer-ron bedd !l Se diowl ofeade 3 eftersona Sona foerde 

inuenit puellam iacentem supra lectum et daemonium exisse. 31 *Et iterum exiens "XXii 

74. x. 

of gemaerum tyres cuom Serh sidon to sae galilaes bituih medo gemaoro of decapoh's 
de finibws tyri uenit per sidonem ad mare galilaeae inter medios fines decapoleos. 

21. from ionnawordum forSon of heorte monna sweaunga yfel oft cumaS derne giligero un-reht-bsemed morSur- 
slagu 22. Siofento gitsunge un-rehtwisnisse eswienisse unscomfulnisse e<ro yfle eofulson«ias ofer-hygd un-wisilnin 
23. alle Sas yfel from ionawordum fore cumaS !l wid-las Sone monno 24. D Sa aras foerde in ginia'rum tyris 1 
sidonis "3 in-eode hus naenig mon walde wuta 1 ne maehte gihacla 25. f wif forSon sona f te giherde of him 
hire-1'Sacre heefde dohter gast unclaennc infoerde 3 for-feol to fotum his 2G. 3 waes wutndh're wif Saot haeSen 
Saes sirophinisoa cynnes 3 gi-bedun hine -jSte Sone diowul forwurpe of doehter his 27. he cwaeS to Soum lett-r 
blin aerist Saet Su gifoede Sa suno ne is forSon good to on-foanne hlaf Sara sununa 1 sende hnndvm 28. soS 
hio ond-sworade 3 c\vai<S him wutudl/ce la drihten forSon ec 1 bwelpas under beadum of Bcreadungum bin eatas 
Sara cna-ht.i 29. cwaeS to hir fore Sissum worde gaa 1 eode Se diowul of doehter hire 30. 3 miS-Sy 

gifoerde-reade to huse . . . gimitte-l'fand -p maegden licgende ofer beddel ra'stc 3 Saet diowul of cade 31 Z efter 
sona foerde of ginuerum tyres com Serb sidon to sao galilaes bitwih middum gnnacrum of decapolem 



Dis pod-spel 
ge-byra$ on 
paere ehto?ian 
wucan ofer 
A. B. 

32 3 hi l<T(ldon him acnnc dcafnc 3 dumb- 
nc. 3 hinc bunion -p he his hand him on 
sette ; 

:>3 Da nam lie hinc onsnndran of J^aore 
menigu. 3 his fingras on his earan dydc 3 
Bpastende his tungan onhran ; 

34 3 on |?onc lieofon bchcaldcnde geom- 
rode 3 cwreS ; Effeta. j> is on urc ge]?eodc 
sy pxi ontyned ; 

35 And sona wurdon his earan geopen- 
odc. 3 his tungan bend wearS unslyped 3 
he rihte spracc; 

36 And lie bead him ~p hi hit nanuw 
men ne saedon ; SoJ?lice swa he him swij?or 
behead, swa hi swiSor bodedon. 

37 3 paes pe ma wundredon 3 cwaedon ; 
Ealle J)ing he wel dyde. 3 he dyde "p deafe 
gehyrdon. 3 dumbe spraecon; 


1 TT^ft on psan daguw him waes mid 
J-J micel menigu 3 naefdon hwaet hi 

seton ; pa cwaej? he to-somne geclypeduw his 
leorning-cnihtuw ; 

2 Ic ge-miltsige J?ysse menegu. iorpam 
hi }?ry dagas me ge-anbidiaS 3 nabbaS hwaet 
hi eton ; 

3 Gif ic hi fsestende to hyra husum laete. 
be wege hi ge-teorigeaS ; Sume hi comon 

4 3 pa. 3swarodan him his leorning-cnih- 
tas ; Hwanon maeg aenig man £as mid 
hlafuw on Jjiswrc westene gefyllan ; 

Various Headings. 

32. A. B. hig. A. inserts man after dumbne. A. baedon 
hyne. A. B. asette. 33. A. on-sundron. A. maenigeo. 
A. gearan. 34. A. heofen. A. sig. 35. A. gearan. 
36. A. hig. A. heom. A. hig. 

Cap. viii. 1. A. msenigeo. A. B. hig. 

B. menigu. A. B. hig (twice). A. etan. 

(A. thrice ; B. twice). A. heora. A. ge-teoria$. 
omit 3. A. Jswaredon ; B. 3swarode. B. pissu/rc 

2. A. msenigeo ; 
3. A. B. hig 
4. A. B. 

32 3 hyo laedden him amne dcafnc 3 
dumbne. 3 hinc bacden. 'p he his hand 
on him asette. 

33 Da nam he hine asundre of £>are 
manige. 3 his fingre on his earcn dyde. 
3 spaettendc his tunge on-hran. 

34 3 on Jeanne heofen bc-healdendc. ge- 
morcde. 3 cwae'S. Effeta. "p is on ure ge- 
j?eode syo }m untyned. 

35 ./End sone wurftan his caren ge-ope- 
nede. 3 his tunge bend warft un-slyped 3 he 
rihte spaec. 

36 3 he be-bead heom -p hyo hit nanen 
menn ne saigden. SoSlice swa he heom 
swidre be-bead. swa hyo swidere bodeden. 

37 3 J?as pe ma wundredon. 3 cwaeSen. 
ealle ping he wel dyde. 3 he dyde "p deafe 
ge-hyrden. 3 dumbe sprascan. 


on bam dap-en him waes mide Cum turba 

multa esset 

i Tjm 

-L^ mycel manigeo. 3 naefden hwaet cum iesu 
hyo ae ten. Da cwasS he to-somne ge-clepe- 
den his leorning-cnihten. 

2 Ic ge-miltsie J?isse manigeo. for pan 
hy j?ri dages me ambidiaS. 3 naebbed hwaet 
hyo aeten. 

3 Gyf ich hyo faestende to hyre huse 
laete be weige hyo ge-teorieS. sume hyo 
comen feorran. 

4 J?a andswerede him hys leorning-cnih- 
tes. Hwanen maig anig man pas mid 
hlafen on J?issen westen ge-fellen. 

Various Headings. 

32. lseddon; enne; dumbene; baedon. 33. menega; 
fingra; earan; spatende. 34. ponne heofon be-heldende 
geomorede; sy. 35. sona wurfcon; earan; tungen; wearS; 
spraec. 36. .ZEnd; naman men (sic); saegdon ; swiiSor; 
swydor bodedon. 37. paes ; wundrodon; cwaefcon; ge- 
hyrdon ; spraecon. 

Cap. viii. 1. daguwi; menega; naefdon ; ge-clypedum ; 
cnihtuw. 2. menega; pam hyo pry dagas ; ge-anbidia$ ; 
naebba<5 ; etan. 3. ic ; hyora husum ; wege hig ge-teori- 
gatS; comon. 4. andswarode; cnihtas. Hwanon maeg 
aenig ; hlafuw ; pissum westum ge-fyllan. 


3 to-laeddon him deaf 3 dumb 3 gebedon hine -pre on-sette him hond 

32 et adducunt ei surdum et mutura et deprascantur eum ut inponat illi manum. 

3 to-gegrap X gelahte hine of Saem folce sundurlice sende fingeras his in earliprico 3 gehleuu 
33 et adpraekendens eum de turba seorsum inisit digitos suos in auriculas et expuens 

gehran tunga his 3 on-feng in heofnuwi ■} cuoefc him f is 

tetigit linguam eius. 34 et suscipiens in caelum ingemuit et ait illi effetha quod est 

to un-tyn 3 sona untyndo woeron earo his 3 un-bunden wses gebend tungses his 3 

adaperire. 35 et statim apertae sunt aures eius et solutum est uinculum linguae eius et 

spreccend wses rehtlice 3 bebead Saem \\com fte ne senigum men hia g[e]cwoede -1' ne gesaegde sua suiSe 

loqwebatur recte. 3G et praecipit illis nd cui dicerent *Quanto • 75. uiiL 

lu. c. 

■anted! ice him fore-bead swa swa suitor mara forfcor hi bodadon 3 hine •? of Son forfcor to-gewun- 

autem eis praecipiebat tanto magis plus praedicabant. 37 et eo araplius admi- 

dradun hia <5us cuoefcende wel alle dyde 3 deofo dyde f te hia geheras 3 dumbo f te hia gesprecas 
rabantur dicentes *Bene omnia fecit et surdos fecit audire et mutos loqui. '76.ui. 

*■ nu. clx. 


in Ssem daguwi eftersona mi<5$y <Sreat monigo waes ne hsefdon -pte hia eton 4* ma3hton eata 
1 *IN illis diebus iterum cum turba multa esset nee haberent quod manducarent •XXIII. 

efnegeceigdum Segnum cuoefc to him ic milsa ofer Sreat forfcon heno gee-tsoislice Srio dogor 

conuocatis discipulis ait illis. 2 misereor super turba quia ecce iam triduo 

ge-l'abidas mec ne habbas hia fte hia geette 3 gif ic forleto hia faestende in bus hiora 

sustinent me nee habent quod manducent. 3 et si dimisero eos ieiunos in domum suam 

hia gelosafc on woeg summe menn for<5on of <5sem fearre cuomon 3 geondueardon him Segnas 

deficient in uia quidam enim ex eis de longe uenerunt. 4 et responderunt ei discipuli 

his huona $as msege hua-thwelc her gefylle mi<5 hlafuw on woestern 
sui unde istos poterit quis hie saturare panibus in solitudine. 

32. 3 to-lseddum (sic) him deofe 3 dumbe 3 gi-bedun hine -JJte he onsette hine honda 33. 3 to-gi-grap hine of 
Ssem Create synderlice sende fiii<rras his in ear-liprica his 3 gibleow gibran tunga 34. 3 onfeng on heofnum 
3 ... 3 cwse<5 to him . . . fca-t is to untyn 35. ... sona ontynde werun earu his 3 un-bunden wses gibend tunga 

his 3 spreceude waes rehtlice 36. 3 bibead fcsem ilea «eet be senigum men gi-SBBgde swa swift wutudl/ce him 
forbead swa swifcor mara for<5or hiae bodadun 37. 3 hine of Son forfcor to-gi-wundradun Sus cweSende wel alle 
dyde 3 deofe dyde <5eette hia giheras 3 dumbse sprecun. 

Cap. VIII. 1. in fcaem dagum efter sona mifcfcy fcreote monigra werun ne hsefdun fcset -p hiao ctun-reotan 
maehtun efne gicedun $a fcegnas cwaefc ... 2. ic milsa ofer fcreott forSon beonu ge Srio dogor ge-biddas mec 
ne habbas hiee fcsette hiae ete 3. 3 gif ic forleto bias fsestende in bus liiora hie giloesigas on woege sume 

men forfcon of fcscm feorra coraun 4. 3 gi-ond-wordun him fcegnas his huona fcas ma-g hwelc-l'hwa her gifylle 
mi5 hlafum on woesterne. 




5 pa axode he lii lm fcla hlafa haebbc 
ge. lii cwssdon seofan ; 

(J l);i bet lie sittan J?a menegu ofcr }\i 
corfan ; And nam pa scofon hlafas 1 gode 
pancode. ] hi brace 1 scaklc his leorning- 
cnihtuw -p hi toforan him asctton. ") hi 
BWa dyd on ; 

7 And hi naefdon buton fcawa fixa 1 he 
pa blctsode. 1 het beforan \m?i settan. 

8 1 hi aeton 1 wurdon gcfyllcde 1 hi na- 
mon -p of pam brytsenu/w bchif. seofon 
wilian fnllc ; 

9 SoSlice p»a ^e J?ar aeton. waeron fif 
Jmsend 1 he hi £>a for-let ; 

10 A Ind sona he on scyp mid his 
L-^-JLJ leorning-cnihtum astah. 3 com 

on J?a daelas dalmanuSa ; 

11 And pa ferdon Sa pharisei. 3 ongun- 
non mid him smeagean 1 tacen of heofone 
sohton ] his fandedon ; 

12 pa cw. he geomriende on his gaste. 
hwi secS j?eos cneoris tacen ; SoJ)lice ic eow 
secge ne bi(5 j?isse cneorisse tacen geseald. 

13 1 hi J?a forlsetende eft on scyp astah. 
1 ferde ofer J?one muSan. 

14 1 hi ofergeton f hi hlafas ne namon. 
3 hi naefdon on scype mid him buton senile 

15 1 he him bead 1 cwaecS ; LociaS 1 war- 
niaS fraaw pharisea ] herodes haefe ; 

Various Readings. 

5. A. acsode. A. B. hig. A. fela. A. habbe. A. hig. 
A. seofen. 6. A. msenigeo. A. seofen ; B. scofan. A. B. 
hig (thrice). 7. A. hig. 8. A. hig. A. B. hig. A. 
seofen; B. seofan. 9. A. hig. 10. A. places astah after 
scyp. 11. A. farysei. A. heofene. 12. A. geomrigende. 
A. hwig. B. encores. A. tacn (1st time). 13. A. hig. 
14. A. hig (thrice); B. hig (twice). A. ofer-geaton. B. 
anne. 15. B. warnieeafc. A. B. farisea. 

5 pa axodc he hyo hu fele hlafe haebbe 
ge. hyo cvva3(5cn seofen. 

6 pa bet he sittcn ]?a manigc ofer J?a 
corSan. 1 nam J?a seofe hlafcs 1 gode 
j?ancedc. 1 hyo brace 1 scalde his leorning- 
cnihtcn. -p hyo to-foran hcom asettcn. 1 
hyo swa dydon. 

7 J hyo naefden buten feawe fisxe. 1 he 
pa bletsede. 1 het bc-foren heom asetten. 
1 hyo swa dyden. 

8 1 hyo aeten 1 wurSen fylde. 1 hy na- 
men ]?eet of J?am brithmen (sic) be-laf seofen 
wilien fulle. 

9 So^lice }?a pe psdx aeten. waeren feower 
jmsenclae. 1 he hyo for-let. 

10 Ijlnd sone he on scyp mid his leorn- 
-L* ing-cnihten astah. ") com on j?a 

daeles dalmanu-Sa. 

11 1 j?a ferden J?a farisei 1 on-gunnen mid 
hym smeagen. D tacne of hefene sohten 1 
his fandeden. 

12 pa cwaeS he reowsiende on his gaste. 
hwi seed j?eos cneorys taken. SoSlice ic 
eow segge ne beoS j?isse cneorisse tacen 

13 ] hyo }?a for-laetende eft on scyp astah. 
] ferde ofer Jeanne muSan. 

14 ] hyo ofer-geaten ~p hyo hlafes ne 
namen. 3 hyo naefden on scype mid heom 
buten aenne hlaf. 

15 ] he heom. baed 1 cwaeS. LokiaS 1 
warniaS fram farisea 1 herodes haefe. 

Various Headings. 

5. axsode; fela; habbe; hy cwaedon seofon. 6. sittan 
J?a menga; eorSam (sic); seofan; f>ancode; cnihtas ; a- 
setton. 7. naefdon buton feawa fixa; blettsode; beforan ; 
a-setton ; dydon. 8. a3ton ; wurdon ge-fyllede ; namon -f ; 
bretsunuwi ; seofarc wiligan. 9. wseron for Jjusend. 10. 
sona; cnihtan; dalas. 11. iEnd; fei'don ; pharisei; on- 
gunnon ; smeagean; heofone sohton ; fandedon. 12. ge- 
omriende [for reowsiende] ; seocS ; secgjje ; byfS ; cneresse. 
13. fjonne. 14. ofer-geaton ; hlafas ; naefdon ; buton. 15. 
eom ; LociaS; warnigeaJS. 


3 gefraign-l'peascade hia huu feolo lafo habbais gie SaSe cuoedon seofo 3 bebead ^scm folce 

5 et interrogauit eos quot paues habetis qui dixerunt septem. 6 et praecipit turbae 

todaela on-ufa4'ofer eorSo 3 on-feng <5a seofo hlafas Soncungo dyde gebrsecc 3 he gesalde Segnum 
discumbere supra terraru et accipiens septem panes gratias agens firegit et dabat discipulis 

his fte hia to-gesette 3 to-geseton hia Sami Create 3 hia haofdon lyttelra fisca huonf 3 $a ilco -{- tuei; 

suis ut adponerent et adposueruut turbae. 7 et habebunt (sic) pisciculos paucos et ipsos 

gebloedsade 3 heht to-sette 3 eton 3 gefylde woeron 3 genomon fte 

benedixit et iusit adponi. 8 et manducauerunt et saturati sunt et sustulerunt quod 

ofer-gelaefed waes of <5sem screadungum seofa cewlas-l'mondo 
sup^rauerat de tragmentis septum sportas.' 

woeron soislice $a$e 



9 erant autem qui manducauerunt quasi 

feower Susendo 3 forleort hia 
quattuor milia et dimisit eos. 

3 hreconwe astag -p scip mi<5 Segnum his cuom on 

10 et statim ascendens nauem cum discipulis suis uenit in 

dalnm-ron londu/ra Saere megSa 
partes dalmanutha. 

3 foerdon $a ae-laruas 3 ongunnun efne-gesoeca mi* bine 
11 *Et exierunt pharisaei et coeperunt conquirere cum eo 'XXIIH. 

77- iiii. 

io. xxiii. Iiii. 

£ hia sohton i soecende from him becon of heofne costendo hine 

3 seofade-rgemsende mi$ gaste cuoeiS 

nn. clxi. 

ab illo signum dae cailo temtantes eum. 12 et ingeinescens spiritu. ait 

huaet cneoureso das-1'husetd Sius <5eod soeca* becon soSlice ic saego iuh ne biS said cneoreso $isum 

*Quid generatio ista quaerit signum amen dico uobis si dabitur generationi isti * 7». ui. 

mt. clxiii. 



3 forleort hia astag eftersona gefoerde ofer f luh 
13 et dimittens eos ascendens iterum abiit trans fretum. 

3 for^ctne woeron 
14 et obliti sunt 

onfengo-1'to onfoane hlafas 3 buta anum hlafe ne haofdon 

. 6 ~ * ^ v,u.^u..v- 4 .. u .«c. .. k,^^ U .. U1U w».v. .^ uw ,v», u miS in scip 3 behead 

sumere panes et nisi unum panem non habebant secura in naui. 15 *Et praecipiebat • 79. ii 

lu. cxliiii. 
mt. clxiiii. 

Seem -1' him cuoetSende geseafc behaldas frowi daersto Sacra ae-laruas 3 from daorsto hero<5is 
eis diceus uidete cauete ii fermento pliarisaeorum et fermento erodis. 

5. 3 gifraegn-l'ascade hiae hwaet hlafa habbas ge hiae cwedun siofune 6. 3 bibeod <5a?m Srcote to dselanne 

ofer eorfco 3 onfenjr <5a siofunae hlafas Soncunge dyde pibrac 3 salde Sepnum his -pte to-^isctle 3 to-gisetun 
hiae ... 7. 3 hiae haefdun lytelra fisca bwon 3 <5a ilco pibletsade 3 giheht to-p;i-sitta 8. 3 etun 3 gifylde 

werun 3 ginomun $act fjilavfed wa's-l'f to lafe wacs of <5aem screadungum siofu ceowlas fulle '■'. werun sofelice 
fcafce etun suelce siofu Susend 3 forleort hiae 10. 3 rccone astag y scip mi* Segnum his oomun in dad -1' on 

lond Sacre me^<5e 11. 3 foerdun fca larwas 3 on-punnun efne-gisoecan niiS him Ssette hie Bohtun from him 

becun of heofne costende hine 12. 3 seafade-l'maende mifc gaste cwaeS hwaet cneorisse <Sios soecaS becun 

sofclice ic saego iow ne biiS said cneorisse <5isser becun 13. 3 forleort hia- astag cfter Bona . . . gifoerde ofer luh 
14. 3 for-getne werun Segnaa his on-fenge hlafe 3 buta anum blafe no beefdun mi* him in scipe 15. 3 bibeod 
Saem-Hiim cweSende giseafc 3 bihaldas from daerstum <5ara ae-larwa 3 from da-rstum herodes. 


10 |\i pohton hi bctwux hifll 3 cwaodon; 
Neebbe we nane hlafas. 

17 ba so hselend j5 wiste. ho ewarS. 
fence ge forJ?am ge hlafas nabba$. gyt ge I 
nc oncnawa$ nc ne ongyta$. gyt gc habbaS 
eowre heortan geblende; 

18 Kagan gc habbaft 1 nc gc-scoS. 1 
earan. 1 nc gchyraS. nc gc ne fencaj? 

19 hwaenne ic brace f if hlafas 1 twegen 
fixas ] hu fcla wyligcna gc namon fulle ; Hi 
cwaedon pa. twclfe ; 

20 And hwaenne scofon hlafas feower 
Jnisendiuw. 1 hu fcla wyligena. brytsyna ge 
namon. hi saedon seofon ; 

21 Da saede he hiw hwi ne ongyte ge 

22 And hi comon fa to bedzaida 1 hi 
brohton him pa, aenne blindne 1 hine baedon 
•p he hine aethrine. 

23 1 pa. aethran he fses blindan hand 1 
laedde hine butan fa wic. 1 spaette on his 
eagan. 1 his hand onasette 1 hine axode 
hwaef er he aht gesawe ; 

24 Da cwaeB he fa 8a he hine beseah. ic 
ge-seo men swylce treow gangende ; 

25 Eft he asette his handa ofer his eagan 
1 he geseah ]?a. 1 wear<$ ge-edniwod. swa ^ 
he beorhtlice eall geseah ; 

26 Da sende he hine to his huse. 1 cwaeft 
ga to phmm huse. 1 Seari fu on tun ga 
naenegum fu hit ne sege; 

Various Headings. 

16. A. hig betweox. 19. A. fsela. A. B. wylegena. 
A. B. hig. A. )>a cwa?don, 20. A. fela wylegena. A. 
hig. A. seofen: B. seofan. 21. A. hwig. A. B. omit ge. 
22. A. hig {twice). 23. A. acsode. 

10 pa fohtcn hyo bc-tweoxc hcom. 1 
cwaeSen. nsebbe we nane hlafcs. 

17 fa se haclend ~p wiste. he cwaeS. 
hwaet fence ge for pan ge hlaefes naebbeft. 
gyt gc ne on-cnaweft ne on-gyteS. gyct ge 
haebbcS eowre heortc ge-blcnde. 

18 Eagen ge haebbcS 3 ne ge-seoS. 3 
earen 1 ge ne here^. ne ge ne fenced 

19 hwanne ic braec fif hlafes 1 twegen 
fixas. 1 hu fela wiligenne ge naman fulle. 
Hy cwaeSon pa twclfe. 

20 iEnd hwanne seofan hlafas feower p\\- 
sende. 1 hu fele wiligene britsena ge namen 
fulle. hy saiden seofen. 

21 Da saigde he heom. hwi ne ongyte 
ge hyt. 

22 1 hyo comen fa to bethsaida. 1 hyo 
brohten hym pa aenne blindne. 1 hine 
bseden ~p he hine aet rine. 

23 "] fa aet-ran he fas blinden hand end 
laedde hine buton fa wic. 1 spaette on his 
eagen. 1 his hand on asette 3 hine axode. 
hwaeder he aht ge-seage. 

24 Da cw. he. fafae he hine be-seag. ic 
ge-seo men swilce treow gangende. 

25 Eft he asette his hand ofer his eagen. 
1 he ge-seah fa. 1 warS ge-eodneowed. swa 
•p he brihtlice eall ge-seah. 

26 Da sende he hine to his huse. 1 
cwaed. ga to finen huse. 7 feah fu on 
tun ga nanen f u hit ne segge. 

Various Headings. 

16. Jjohton; hetwux; cwseSon ; hlafas. 17. for \>am; 
on-cnawa$ ; on-gyta$ ; gyt; heortan. 18. Eagan ge 

habbaS ; earan; ge-hyra$; f>enca$. 19. hwaenne; hlafas; 
wylegena ; Hyo. 20. hwsenne ; hwu ; wyligena brysena 
(sic) ge naman; om. fulle; ssegdon seofon. 21. sagde ; 
eom; hit. 22. comon; blinde. 23. at-hran; Jjaes blin- 
dan ; 3 laedde ; eagan ; hwefcer ; haht ge-ssewe. 24. f>a 
)?a; be-seah. 25. hande ; eagan; wearfc ge-edniwod; 
brehtlice. 26. Jnnum; naenegum; sege. 


5 hia ge*ohton him bituen 8us cuoe8ende fte-rfor8on hlafo ne habbas we of8on on°-aet 

16 *Et cogitabant ad alterutram dicentes quia panes non habemus. 17 quo cognito * 8 °- al 

mt. clxi 

•etel^rfcuoeS Sam + him huaetd smeas gie forton hlafo nabbas gie ne get oncnauas<ne 3 ne gie 
lesus ait lllis quid cogitatis quia panes non habetis nondum cognoscitis neqwe intel- 

cunnon «ageon*get 8iostrig-r blind is gie habba* hearta iuer ego habba8 gie-rhaebbende ne 

iegitis atnuc caecatum habetis cor uestrum. 18 oculos babentes non 

geseaS gie J earo gie habba8 ne gehera* gie ne eft 8ohtogie-l"8encesgie huonne-J-huu fif hlafas 

uidetis et aures babentes non auditis nee recordamini. 19 quando quinque panes 

ic braecc on fif 8usendo 3 huu monig mondo 8ara screadunga fulle gie genomon 4* geberon cuoedon 

fregi in quinque milia et quot cophinos fragmentorum plenos sustulistis dicunt 

him tuoelfo huoenne-l'Sa 3 seofo hlafas on feuer 8usendo huu monig ceolas 8aera screa- 

ei duodecim. 20 quando et septem panes in quattuor milia quot sportas fragmento- 

dunga gie nomon 3 cuoedon to him seofana 3 he gecuoeS to him huu ne 8ageon-f-get gie oncnauas 

rum tulistis et dicunt ei septem. 21 et dicebat eis quomodo nondum intellegitis. 

3 cuomon to bethsaiSa 8aer byrig 3 to-lseddon him blindne monno 3 gebedon hine fte hine-r8one 
22 *Et ueniunt bethsaida et adducunt ei caecum et rogabant eum ut ilium * xxv - 

81. x. 

gehrinde 3 to-gelahte hond 8aes blindses ofgelsede 8ene-Hiine buta 8sem londe 3 speaft on 

tangeret. 23 et ad-praehendens manum caeci eduxit eum extra uicum et expuens in 

ego his onsetnuwi hondum his gefrsegn hine-l'Sene gif -r huoeSer huoelc huoego gesege 3 

oculos eius inpositis manibws suis interrogauit eum si aliquid uideret. 24 et 

upplocade -t ymbsceuade cuoe8 ic geseom menn suoelce trewo geongende sefterXon eftersona 

aspiciens ait uideo homines uelut arbores ambulantes. 25 deinde iterum 

onsette hondo ofer ego 8aes-l'his 3 ongann gesea 3 eft-niuad waes sua-r"<5us -pte gesege gleoulice 
inposuit manus super oculos eius et coepit uidere et restitutus est ita ut uideret clare 

alle 3 sende 8ene4'hine in hus his 8us cuoe8ende gaa in hus 8in 3 gif on 

omnia. 26 et misit ilium in domum suam dicens uade in domum tuam et si in 

lond 8u gegaas 4" geongas namigum menn 8u gecuoefce 8is4'gesaege 
uicum introieris nemini dixeris. 

16. 3 hia gi8ohtun him bitwion 8us cwe8ende forSon hlafas ne habbas we 17. of Son ongast 8e hx\end 

cwae8 to <5aem hwaet smeogas ge for8on hlafas ne habbas ge ne gett on-cnawas ge ne cunnan 8a geona-l'8iostur 
4*blinde habbas ge heorta iowre 18. ego habbas ge ne gi-seas ge earu habbas ge ne gi-beras ne eft 8ohtun ge 
19. hwenne-thu fif hlafas ic braec in fif 8usend 3 hu monig monde 8ara screadunga fulle ge ginomun cwedun 
him twelfe 20. hwenne 3 siofune hlafas in feower <5usendo hu monig ceowul 8ara screadunga genomun 3 

cwedun him siofune 21. 3 he cwa?8 to him hu monige 8a geona ge on-cnawas 22. 3 comun to beza 3 to- 
gi-la;ddun him blinde menn 3 bedun hine -pte him gehrine 23. 3 to-lahte honda 8a?s blinda looddu hine buta 
8aet lond 3 speoft in egu his on-setnum hondum his gifracgn hine gif hwelc hwoegnu gisege 24. 3 up-loccude 
cwse8 ic gisiom menn -r -J5 treo gongende 25. aefter 8on sette honda ofer egu his 3 on-gan gisea 3 eft-niowad 

wajs swa fte gisege gleowlice alle 26. 3 sende hine in hus his 8us cwe8endc gaa in hus 8in 3 gif in lond 
8u ge-gonges nanum men 8u cy8e 8is. 


Dyi god«ap«] 

s, mi id 

a.-c A. i! 




i eode he ] his leorning-cnihtas 

on jJ caste! cesareae philippi. 1 

he on wege his leorning-cnihtas ahsode. 

Hwaet secgaS men -f ic sy ; 

28 pa andswarodon hi. smnc Iohannem 
J'ono fulluhtere. smnc hcliain snine siunne 
of pam witegum ; 

29 Da ewa'S lie hwaet scege ge f ic sy ; 
pa andswarude petrus hi»i J cwacS ; Du cart 

30 1 <5a bead lie him. j5 hi naeneguw be 
him ne saedon ; 

31 Da ongan he hi laeran ~p rnannes simu 
gcbyreS fela Jmiga J?olian ] bcon aworpen 
frawi ealdormannuw. 1 heahsacerdum 1 bo- 
ceriuw 1 beon ofslegen. 3 aefter j?rim dagum 

32 1 spraec fa openlice. 7 J?a nam petrus 
bine 1 ongan hine freagean 

33 pa be-\vende he hine 1 cidde petre 1 
cwaeS ; G;i on-baec satanas forpam Jm nast 
pa. Sing J)e synd godes. ac pa Sing pe synd 
manna ; 

34 pa cwaeS he togaedere geclypedre 
menegn mid his leorning cnihtum ; Gif hwa 
wyle me fyligean wiS-sace hine sylfne 1 nime 
his cwylminge D folgige me ; 

35 Se Se wyle his sawle hale gedon se hi 
for-spilS ; Se Se for-spilS his sawle for me. 
1 for pam godspelle se hi gc-haelS ; 

36 Hwaet fremaS men Seah he eallne 
middan-eard gestryne. 1 do his sawle for- 

Various Headings. 

27. A. hpylippi (sic). A. acsode. A. sig. 28. A. 
Dswaredon hig. 29. A. sig. A. Hswarede. 30. A. hig. 
31. A. hig. A. faela. B. ealdor-mannon. 32. B. spaec. 
B. jjreagan. 34. A. togaedre geclypodre maenigeo. B. 
cwylmincge. A. folgie. 35. A. B. hig (twice). 36. A. 
ealne middan-geard. 



A code he 1 his leornin<r-cnihtcs 

on -p castcll ccastre philippi. 1 
he on weige his leormng-cnihtes axode. 
hwaet scggeS men ~p ic syo. 

28 Da andswereden hyo. snme Johan- 
ncm j?annc fulluhtere. sume heliam. sume 
suinnc of pam witegen. 

29 Da cwaeS he. hwaet segge ge -f ic syo. 
pa andswerede pctrus hym. ] cvv. pu ert 

30 ] J?a bead he hym j5 hyo nancn be him 
ne saigden. 

31 Da on-gan he hyo laeren °p mannes 
sune gc-bercd feole pinge j?olien. 1 beo 
aworpen fram caldor-mannen. 1 heah-sacer- 
den. 1 bokercn. 3 beon of-slagen. 1 aefter 
j?reom dagen arisan. 

32 1 spaecen f>a openlice. !J ]?a nam petrus 
hine. 1 gan hine J^reatigen. 

33 pa be-wende he hine 1 kydde petre. 
1 cw. Ga on baecc sathanas for pan jm nast 
j?a ping pe synde godes. Ac J?a J?ing pe 
synde manne. 

34 Da cwaeS he to-gaedere ge-clepede 
manega mid his leorning-cnihten. Gyf hwa 
wile me felgien wiS-sace hine sylfne. 1 nime 
his cwcJmenge 1 folgie me. 

35 Se pe wile his sawle haele ge-don. se 
hyo for-spilS. Se pe for-spild his sawle for 
me. J for pam godspelle se hyo ge-hselS. 

36 Hwaet fremed men J^eah he ealne mid- 
den-eard ge-streonig. 1 do his sawle for- 

Various Readings. 

27. cnihtas; castel ceastre ; weyge ; cnihtas axsode. 28. 
andswaroden ; }?onne ; witegvm. 29. seo ; eart. 30. hi 
nsenegum; sa3gdurc. 31. lseron ; ge-byre$ feola ; £olian ; 
beon ; ealdor-mannon. heah-sacerdura 1 bocerum ; of- 
slegan ; dagu?w. 32. specen ; }?reatigan. 33. cydde ; 
bsec; synt; synd manna. 34. to-gadere geclypedre me- 
nega; cnihtum; fyligean; cwilminge. 35. for-spyliS ; 
for-spil<5. 36. freme<5; myddan-eard gestreny; for-wyr<5. 


3 gofoerde -t farende waes se h&\end 3 Segnas his in ceastra philips 3 on woe<j 

27 *Et egressus est iesus et discipuli eius in castello caesareae philipi et in uia * XXVI. 

82. i. 

m gefne?n Segnas his cuoeS to him huoelcne mec cuoeSas ^ ic sie Sas menn SaSeioilxxim. 

mterrogabat discipulos suos dicens eis quern me dicunt esse homines. 28 qui mt - clxui - 

ondueardon him cuoeSende iohannes se fuluihtere oSero he-H oSero Sec suoelce enne of witsum 
responderunt illi dicentes iohannes baptistam alii heliam alii uero quasi unum de prophetis. 

Sa cuoeS to him gie sec huoelc mec gie cuoeSas $ ic sie ge-onduearde petrtu cuoeS him Su arS 
29 tunc dicit illis uos uero quern me dicitis esse. *iiespondens petrus ait ei tu e's * 83 »• 

lu. xcu. 
mt. clxuiii. 
crist 3 forbead-r stiorde 4" stiorend woes him ne amiiium gecuedon hia of him 3 

christus. 30 et comminatus est eis ne cui dicerent de illo. 31 et 

on?ann la?ra hia forSon is reht-lic sunu monnes feolo geSoliga 3 forcuma from seldum 3 
coepit docere illos quoniam oportet filium honiinis multa pati et reprobari a seniorib»s et 

from heh-sacerdum 3 from uuS-uutum 3 ofslaa 3 setter Sriim dagu eft arisa 3 eaunsa 

a summis sacerdotibws et scribis et occidi et post tres dies resurgere. 32 et palam 

word he waes spraecend-rhe gespraecc 3 gelahte hine petrus ongann geSreadtaige hine 

uerbum loqi/ebatur *Et apprehendens eum petrus coepit increpare eum. 33. * 84. ui. 

mt. clxuiiii. 

seSe gecerde ymb 3 gesfflh Segnas his stiorde -r forbeadend wees petre cuoeSende geong on baocc-rmec 

qui conuersus et uidens discipulos suos comminatus est petro dicens uade retro 

behianda Su wiSerworda forSon ne on-cnauas Su SaSe-rSa Sing godes sint ah Sa Se sint monno 
me satana quoniam non sapis quae dei sunt sed quae sunt liominum. 

3 geceiged-rrreeliopad waes f folc miS Segnum his cuoeS to him gif hua walla) aefter mech fylga 
34 *Et conuocata turba cum discipulis suis dixit eis si quis uult post me sequi • XXVII. 

85. ii. 
onsaecce hine seolfne 4' him seolfum 3 Iserlse Srounc his 3 fylge-tsoece meh seSe forSon walle mt. elxx. 

deneget seipsum et tollat crucem suam et sequatur me. 35 qui enim uoluerit 

saul his hal gedoe losiaS hia her on life seSe uutedlice losas saul his fore mec 

animam suam Balaam iacere perdet earn qui autem perdiderit animam suam propter me 

3 godspell hal hia ge-doe huat forSon fore-stondes menn gif-rSaeh jrestriona middangearrf 

et euangelium saluam earn i'aciet. 36 quid enim proderit homini si lucretur mundum 

aline 3 losuist gedoe saules his 

totum et detrimentum faciat animae suae. 

27. 3 frerende waes Se halend 3 Sejrnas his in caestre cessares philipes 3 on woe<:e gifrsegn ?egna his cwaS 
to him hwelc mec cweoSas were ic raon Ses 28. SaSe 3sworadun him cweSende iohannem Se fulwihtere 

oSer helias ©Ser ar Bwelce enne of witirum 29. Sa c\va;8 to him <ie aec soSlice hwelc me cweSes -p ic sie 

gi-3sworade petrtlf cwaMS him Su arS cri>t 30. 3 for-beod-1' stiorde him ne eengum gicwede of him 31. 3 

on-tran laera hia? forSon is reht-lic sunu monnes feolu giSoelge 3 for-cuma from oddum 3 from heh-sacerdum 3 
uS-wutum 3 of-sla 3 after Sriiu dagum eft arisen 32. 3 eowunga word gprecende trass 3 to-gilahte bine petrus 
on<ran gtereatiga hine 33. seSe gicerde ymb 3 gisah Segnas his stiorende4forbeodende W8BS petre cweSende 

gonir on bseclinc + bihionda mec Su wiSerworda forSon ne on-enawestu SaSe godes sindun ah SaSe sindun 
monna ?A. 3 cegende \ras Sat folc miS Segnum his cwaS to him gif hwelc welle alter me fylga onsace 

hine solfne . . . . 3 fylge mec 35. seSe forSon welle sawle his hale gidoa loeaigaS hisa seSe wutadlice loeas 

sawla his fore mec 3 god-spell hale hia gidoeS 36. hwat . . . PoiBtondes menn Sell gistrione aline middcngitirr/ 

3 lose-west gidoe sawle his 



87 obbe hwvlc gewryxl syVS se man for 
liis sawle ; 

S8 Sofclice sc pc me for-syhS] mine word 
on J'isiv unriht-haMnedan 1 synfulran enco- 

37 odSc bwile ge-wrixl syld sc man for 
his sawle. 

38 SoSlicc sc j?e me for-sihS 1 mine word 
on phrc unriht-hamcScn ") synfnllen cneo- 

risse. <Sone manncs snnn for-syhj?; Donne rysse. J?ane mannes snne for-sib^. Jeanne 

he cvniS on liis fader wuldrc mid halgllffi 
engltifN ; 


1 pa sa?dc he h'wi soSlice ic secge eovv. 
•f sume svnt her wuniende. pc deaft ne 
onbvrigcaS. aer hi ge-seon godes rice on 
ma?gne cuman ; 

he cemS on his fader vvnldcr mid his halgcn 

J)is sceal on 
Botern-dcg on 
pcre forman 
testes wucan. 

\. 1$. 


Da aefter syx dagum nam se haelend 
petrum 1 iacobum 1 iohannem 1 
laedde hi svlfe onsnndran on snmne heahne 
mnnt 1 wearS beforan him ofer-hiwud. 

3 1 his reaf wurdon glitiniende swa hwite 
swa snaw. swa nan fullerc ofer eorSan ne 
maeg swa hwite gedon ; 

4 pa aet-ywde him helias mid moyse 1 to 
him spraecon ; 

5 Da andswarode petrus him 1 cwaeS. 
lareow god is ~p we her beon 1 uton wyrcan 
her j?reo eardung-stowa. \>e ane. 1 moyse 
ane. 1 belie ane; 

6 So^lice he nyste hwaet he cwaeS. he 
waes afa?red mid ege ; 

7 And seo lyft hi ofer-sceadewude. 3 
stefn cow of paeYe lyfte 3 cwaeS. £>es is min 
leofesta sunu gehyraS hine ; 

Various Readings. 

38. A. pyssere. A. ryce [for wuldre]. 

Cap. ix. 1. A. synd. A. wunigende. A. on-byrga$. A. 
hig. B. maegene. 2. B. (rubric) saeterne. A. hig. B. 
sylue. A. B. onsundron. A. ofer-hywod. 3. A. gliteni- 
gende. 4. A. elias. B. spaecon. 5. A. Tswarede. 7. 
A. B. hig. A. ofer-sceadewode. A. stefen. 



1 Da saede he heom. soSlice ic segge cow 
•f sume synd her wuniende. pc dea/S ne 
on-berie£> aer hyo ge-seon godes rice on 
maegene cuman. 



a aefter six dagen nam se haelend Assumpsit 

; es«s petrum 

H. K. 

petrum 1 Iacobum ] Iohannem 1 ? iacobum d 


laedde hyo selfe on-sundren on surame bean- seorsum in 

j- . montem ex- 

ile munt 1 waro be-foren heom ofer-eawed. 

„ . . . . trar.sri^uratus 

3 1 his reaf wuroen glitiniende swa hwite est «me iiios. 
swa snaw. swa nan full ere ofer eorSen ne 
maig swa hwite don. 

4 Da atewde heom helias mid moyse 1 
to hym spaecen. 

5 pa andswerede petrus hym. 1 cwae& 
Lareow god is -f we her beon. ] uten wer- 
cen her j?reo eardung-stowe. pe ane. 1 
moyse ane. 3 belie ane. 

6 SoSlice he nyste hwaet he cwaeS. he 
waes afered mid eige. 

7 3 syo lift hyo ofer-scadewede. 1 stefen 
com of j?are lifte. 1 cwaeS. J?es is min 
leofeste sune ge-hereS hine. 

Various Headings. 

37. sylcS. 38. synfullran cneornysse ; porane [for pane]; 
ponne [for panne] ; cym$ ; wuldre ; halguwi englum. 

Cap. ix. 1. eom; synt; on-beoriaS ; ge-sean. 2. daguwi; 
sylue ; wearS beforan eom ofer-eowed. 3. wurdon ; eoriSan ; 
mag ; wite. 4. aetywde ; spacen. 5. uton wyrcan ; ear- 
dung-stowa. 7. seo; ofer-sceadewode; leofesta sunu ge- 


\' hua?t sele* monn huoerf 4' huoelc fore sauel his soSe for*on mec ondetenta 

37 aut quid dabit liomo commutationem pro anima sua. 38 *Qui enim me confusus * 80. ii. 

lv. xcuii. 
.... ,, nit. xciiii. 

bi* 3 mino word in cneoreso *as *erne-leger 3 arg 3 sunu monnes ondctc* hine 

fuerit et mea uerba in generatione ista adultera et peccatrice et filius hominis contidetur eum 

mi**y cyme* on wuldre fadores his mi* englum halgum 
cum uenerit in gloria patris sui cum angelis Sanctis. 


3 he cuoe* to him soSlice ic cuoe*o iuh for*on sint sume of her *sem stondendum *a *e ne 
1 *Et dicebat illis amen dico uobis quia sunt quidam de hie stantibus qui non * 87. ii- 

lv. xcuiii. 
mt. clxxii. 
ge-birge* *one dea* o**set gesea* ric goddes cyrnende in maeghte-r'on maegne 3 softer dagum 

gustabunt mortem donee uideant regnum dei ueniens in uirtute. 2 et post dies 

sex to genora se hsAend pet rum 3 iacob 3 lohannem 3 laedde hia on mor heh 

sex adsumit iesus petrum et iacobum et iohannem et dueit illos in montem excelsum 

suindrige him ane 3 oferhined was fore *sem4'him 

seorsum solus et trans-figuratus est coram ipsis. 

3 woedo his awordne sint 

3 et uestimenta eius facta sunt 

scinendo huit-1'lixendo sui*e suelee snaua sua ofer eor*o ne maege huito gedoe 

splendentia Candida nimis uelut nix qualia fullo super terram non potest Candida facere. 

3 aed-eauade *a?m mi* moise 3 woeron spreeende mi* *aem hzelende 3 onduearde petru-s 

4 et apparuit illis helias cum mose et erant loquentes cum iesu. 5 et respondens petrus 

cuoe* to *aem haelen la larua god is her us to wossanne 3 wyrca we *rea husa *e an 3 

ait iesu rabbi bonum est hie nos esse et faciamus tria tabernacula tibi unum et 

mosi an 3 heliaj an ne forSon wiste huset he gecuoe* woeron for*on mi* fyrhto 

mosi unum et heliae unum. 6 non enim sciebat quid diceret erant enim timore 

•jefyrhtad 3 aworden wass wolcen -rofer fore-brade hia 3 cuom stefn of *a?m wolcne cuoe*ende Sis 

exterriti. 7 et facta est nubis obumbrans eos et ucnit uox de nube dicena hie 

is sunu min leaf-lleofuste gehera* hine-tSene 
est filius meus carissimus audite ilium. 

37. 4" hwaet+huu se*le* {sic) mon hwerfes fore sawle his 38. se *e for*on mec ondettende hi* 3 mine word 
in cneoreswum *assum derne-giligru 3 arog-nisse 3 sunu monnes ondete* hine mi* *y cyme* in wuldor ftedux his 
mi* englum halgmn 

Cap. IX. 1. 3 he ewse* to *a\>m so* ic cwe*o iow for*on sindun sume of her *a?m stondendum *a*e ne 
tfi-birge* *one deo* o**act hia; gisea* rice godes cyrnende in madite 2. 3 oeftcr dagum Bexum to gi-nom 

*e \\ai\end petrum 3 iacobum 3 iohurinem 3 lsudde hia on mor hehne syndrigno him ana 3 ofer-hiowad woes 
bifora *a:m 4" him 3. 3 giwedo his giwordne werun scinende lixende swi*e swelce snaw Bwa af'ul' (sir) 

ofer eor*u ne ma-g is liwitu gidoa 4. 3 set-eowde *a;m helias mi* moysen 3 wcrun spreeende mi* *one 

hx\end 5. 3 ondsworade petrtM cwa.'* to *a;m \\iv\ende la larwa god is her us to wosanne 3 wjree we *ria 

bus *e an 3 rnojse an 3 heliffl an C. ne for*on wiste hwast be CW8B* weron for*on mi* fyrhto gifyrhted 

7. 3 aworden W8BB wolcen ofcr-bra.'dde bia- 3 com stefn of wolcne cwe*ende Sis is sunu min leof k leofusta 
giherat hine 



s And Bona 8a hi besawon hi nanne hi 
mid hi/// ne gesawon buton j?one haclcnd 
s\ Ifiie mid him ; 

g And pa lil of par?/ munte astigon he 
bead hiw ~p hi nanum ne sedon J?a Sing pc 
lii ge-sawon buton }?onne manncs sunu of 
dea$e arise; 

10 f~Ti pa Sset word geheoldon bctwux 
J_JL him 1 snicadon hwaet -p waere 

^onne he of dcaSe arise ; 

11 And hi hine ahsodon \>a. hwaet secgaS 
pharisci ] pa boceras. jJ gebyraS serest he- 
lias cume ; 

12 Da saedehe hiw andswariende; Helias 
ealle J?ing ge-edniwaS ponne he cym& swa 
be mannes suna awriten is "p he fela Solige 
1 si ofer-hogod ; 

13 Ac ic secge eow "p helias com 7 hi 
dvdon hiw swa hwaet swa hi woldon swa be 
hi/// awriten is; 

14 And pa he com to his leorning-cnihtuw 
he ge-seah mycele menegu abutan hi 3 bo- 
ceras mid hiw sprecende. 

15 3 sona eall folc J?aene haelend geseonde 
wearS afaeryd 3 forht. 1 hine gretende him 
to union ; 

16 pa ahsode he hi. hwaet smeage ge 
betwux eow ; 

Dissceaito 17 Him Iswarode an of baere menigu ; 

bam ymbrene . 

innan hare- Lareow. ic brontc miinie sunu clumbiie 

feste on wodnes 

diBg. gast haebbende 

uniu de turba 
dixit, magis- 

ter attuli . . 

tilium meum 
ad te. A. 

Various Readings. 

8. A. B. insert ba after And. A. hig (thrice). A. naenne. 
B. baene. 9. A. hig (thrice); B. hig (last time). 10. A. 
Hig. A. betweox. 11. A. hig. A. acsedon. A. farysei; 
B. f'arisei. B. aeryst. A. inserts $ after aerest. 12. A. 
Jswarigende. A. faela bolie. A. sig. 13. A. hig (twice). 
14. A. msenigeo; B. menego. A. hig. 15. B. wertS. 
A. afacred. 16. A. axode. A. hig. A. B. betweox. 17. 
First part of rubric scribbled in B. A. Jswarede. A. 
rnaenegu. A. gast. 

8 And sone J?a hyo ge-scagen liine. naen- 
ne hyo mid hym ne ge-seagen buten J?anne 
haclcnd sclfne mid heom. 

9 1 fa hyo of j?am munte astigen he baod 
heom pact hyo nanen nc saigden pa fing pe 
hyo ge-seagen. buten J?annc mannes sune 
of deaSc arise. 

10 Tyo pa "p word gc-heoldcn be- 
J— ■- twuxe heom. 3 smeagden hwaet 

•p waere Jeanne he of deaSe arise. 

11 And hyo hine axoden J?a ; hwaet seg- 
ged farisei 1 pa bokeres j?aet ge-byraft aerest 
helias cume. 

12 Da saigde he heom andsweriende. 
Helias ealle j?ing edniwieS Jeanne he cymS. 
Swa beo mannes sune awriten is. -p he feole 
polie 1 sie ofer-huged. 

13 Ac ic segge eow "p helias com 1 hyo 
dyden hym swa hwaet swa hyo wolden. swa 
by hym awriten is. 

14 1 ^>a he com to his leorning-cnihten. 
he ge-seah mycele menigeo abuton hyo 1 
boceres mid hem spraecende. 

15 7 sone eall folc J?ane haelend seonde 
warS aferd 1 forht. 3 hine gretende him to 
urn en. 

16 Da axode he hyo. hwaet smeage ge 
be-tweox eow. 

17 Hym andswerede an of j?are manigeo. 
Lareow ich brohte minne sune dumbne gast 

Various Readings. 

8. sona; be-saewon; hyo [for hine]; saewen buton baene 
halend sylfne. 9. astigon; bead; naenon ; saegden; ge- 
saEwon buton bonne. 10. heoldon be-twux; smeahdon ; ware 
bonne. 11. /End hi; segge<5 pharisei ; boceras; arest. 
12. saegde; edniwafc bonne; be; bolige; ofer hogod. 13. 
dydon ; be. 14. leorning-cnihtum ; menegeo ; boceras ; 
him sprecende. 15. bone halend; wearfc ; urnon 16. 
betwux. 17. andswarede ; menigu ; ic ; sunu ; hab- 


} sona ymb-locadon naenig monn leng k for?or gesegon buta $aem h&lende ana mi? 

8 et statim circum-spicientes neminem amplius uiderunt nisi iesum tantum secum. 

Z of-stigendum ?3em-rhim of ?a?m mor geheht.-t.bebead ?aem fte ne renigum ?a?e gesegon. i.?a sih?o 
9 et descendentibws illis de moate praecepit illis ne cui quae uidissent 

gesaegdon buta mi??y sunu monnes fro77i deadum eft arisa Z f word gehealdon mi? 

narrarent nisi cum filius hominis a mortuis resurrexerit. 10 *Et uerbum continuerunt apud ■ 88. x. 

him efne-gefrugnon hused hit were mi? ?y from deadum eft arise Z gefrugnon hine 

se conquirentes quid esset cum a mortuis resurrexerit. 11 *Et interrogabant eum"89. ui. 

mt. clxxiii. 

?us cuoe?ende huaed for?on cuoe?a? selaruas Z uu?uuto for?on risnelic were-tgeras fte he gecuome 

dicentes quid ergo dicunt pharisaei et scribae quia heliam oporteat uenire 

aerist se?e onduearde cuoe? to him mi??y cymes arrest eftgeboeta? alle Z huu 

prim urn. 12 qui respondens ait illis helias cum uenerit primo restituet omnia et quomodo 

auritten is on sunu monnes -pte feolo ge?olas k scile ?oliga Z gehened4'geni?rad-l'geteled ah 

scribtum est in filium hominis ut multa patiatur et contempnatur. 13 sed 

ic saago iuh forSon-tfte 33c heltas cyme? Z dydon him sua huEet waldon sua auritten is 

dico uobis quia et helias uenit et fecerunt illi quaecumqwe uolueruut sicut scribtum est 

of him 7 cuom to ?egnum his gesaeh ?reat micelo ymb hia Z ?a uu?-uuto 

de eo. 14 *Et ueniens ad discipulos suos uidit turbam mag;nam circa eos et scribas 'XXVlii. 

r ° 90. x. 

gefrugnon k gesohton mi? him Z sona eghuelc k all folc gesaeh hine gestylte 

conquirentes cum illis. 15 et confestim omnis populus uidens eum stupe-factus est 

ondreardon Z geuurnon groeton hine Z gefraign hia huaet bituih iuh gefraignas + 

expauerunt et accurrentes salutabant eum. 16 et interrogauit eos quid inter uos conqui- 

frasias Z onduearde an of ?a?77i ?reate la laruua to gebrohte sunu mm to ?e 

ritis. 17 *Et respondens unus de turba dixit magister attulit filium meum ad te * 91. ii. 

lv. xcuiiii. 
mt. clxxiiii. 

heebbende gaast dumb 

habentem spirituw mutum. 

8. Z sona ymb-loccadun neenig mon leng k for?or gisegun butan ?a)m haAende ana mi? 9. Z of-stigendum 

Ssem of ?a;m more bibeod Xajm-rliim ?aitte naenig ?a?e gisegun ?a gisih?e gisoogdun buta mi?35y sunu 
monnes from dea?e eft arise? 10. Z ?ajt word giheoldun mi? him efne giffrugnun hwcot hit were mifc?y 

from deo?e aras 11. Z gifrugnun hine cwe?ende hwaet for?on cweo?as aslarwas Z u?-wutu forSon helias 

risen-lic to cumanne serist 12. se ?e ondsworade cwa;? to him helias mi? ?y cyme? acrest eft giboete? alle Z 
huu + swa awriten is in sunu monnes fte feolu gi?olas Z gihened-r gini?rad hi? 13. ah ic sa;go iow for?on 

helias cyme? Z dydon him swa hwa;t swa hia; waldun swa awriten is of him 14. Z com to ?egnum his 

gisaeh ?reotas micle ymb hice Z u?-wutu gifrugnun mi? him 15. Z sona cghwelc-ralle f folc gisa'h hine 

gi-sty!ted wa?s Z ondreordun Z ornun groetun hine 16. Z gifra>gn hioc hwtot bitwih iow gi-fregnas 17. Z 

ond-worde an of ?aern ?reote cwae? la larwa to gi-brohte sunu min to ?e hsubbunde gast unclamne 


is Be swa hwaer sua he hine gelaec$ for- 
gnit hinc. 1 totSiw;/ gristbita$ ] for-scrincj?. 
n if saede binuffl Leorning-cnihtum ~p hi hine 

ut adrifon 3 hi ne mihton ; 

l<) Da Jswarode he him. eala unge- 
leafFulle cneorys sua lange swa ic mid eow 

boo. sua lange ic cow ^oligc ; Bringaft 
hine to inc. 

20 J\a broh ton hi hinc. 1 f>a lie bine 
geseab sona se gast hine gedrcfde 1 on 
eorSan for-gnyden faemende he tearflode ; 

21 And pa ahsodc he his faeder. lm lang 
tid is syftftan him J?is gcbyrcdc ; pa cwaeS 
he of cildhadc. 

22 he hine gelowlice on fyr 1 on waeter 
sende j> he hine for-spilde ; Ac gif p\x hwa?t 
niiht gcfylst us lire gemiltsud ; 

23 Da cwaeft se hselend. gif pu gelyfan 
miht calle phig synd gelyfeduw mihtlice ; 

24 Da sona hrymde ]?aes cildes faeder. 1 
wepende cwaeS ; Drib ten ic gelyfe. gefylst 
minre ungcleaffulnysse ; 

25 And J?ase haelend geseah pa to-yrnend- 
an menegu. he bebead pam unclaenan 
gastc j?us cweftende ; Eala deafa 1 dumba 
gast. ic beode pe ga of him 1 ne ga Jm 
leng on hine ; 

26 He fta hrymende 1 hine swyj?e slitende 
code of him. 1 he was swylce he dead 
waere ; Swa -f manega cwaedon softlice he is 
dead ; 

Various Readings. 

18. A. hig ((trice). 19. A. Jswarede. 20. A. hig. 
B. geseh. 21. A. acsode. 22. B. Aapif [for Ac gif]. A. 
ge-nnltsod. 23. A. wyll, with -T myht above [for miht]. 
A. myhtelice. 25. A. maenigeo: B. menigu. 

18 se swa hwaer he hine laced forgnit hine. 
1 toftcn grist-byteS. 1 for-scrineS. 1 ic segge 
frinen lcorning-cnihtcn ~p hyo hinc ut adri- 
fen. 1 hyo ne mihtcn. 

19 Da andswerede he him. cale un-ge- 
lcaffullc cneorrysse swa lange swa ich mid 
cow bco. swa lange ich eow j?olige. bringed 
hine to me. 

20 $a brohten hyo bine. 1 f^a he hine 
ge-seah sone se gast hyne ge-drefdc 1 on 
eor<5en for-gniden faemende he terflede. 

21 And j?a axode he his faeder hu lange 
tide is sydSan hym pis gc-byrede. Da 
cwaeft he of child-hade 

22 he hine ge-lomlice on fere 1 on wsetere. 
sente ~p he hine for-spilde. Aagyf -p hwaet 
miht ge-fylst us ure ge-miltsed. 

23 Da cwaeft se haelend. gyf pu ge-lyfen 
miht ealle }?ing sende ge-lyfenden mihtilice. 

24 Da sone remde })aes childes feder 1 
wepende cwae<5. Drihten ich ge-lyfe ge- 
fylst minre ungeleaff'ulnysse. 

25 And se haelend ge-seah j?a to-eornend- 
en manigeo. He be-bead £>am unclaenan 
gaste Jnis cweftende. Eale deafe and dumbe 
gast ic beode pe ga of him 3 ne ga Jm leng 
on hine. 

26 He J)a remende 1 hine swifte slitende 
eode of him. 1 he waes swilce he dead 
waere. Swa -p manege cwaeSen soft] ice he 
is dead. 

Various Headings. 

18. MS. Reg. inserts swa after hwaer; lac$; io)>x\m grist- 
hitaiS; saegde )>mum leorning-cnihtvm; adrifon; mihton. 
19. eala; cneorrysse (sic); ic (twice); BringaiS. 20. seah 
sona ;eor<5an; teorrlode. 21. axsode; fader; tid ; cild-hsede. 
22. fiere ; watere ; Aagif (sic) \>u ; ge-miltsud. 23. halend ; 
pe-lyfan; synd gelyfendum. 24. sona hrymde; cyldes 
fa?der; ic ; un-ge-leafullnysse. 25. MS. Reg. inserts };a 
offer And ; to-yrnenden raenigv; Eala. 26. hrymende; 
manega ewsefcon. 


seSe sua-huer hine gegripes gebites -1' toslites bine 3 fanne* 3 gristbitte* mi* to*um 3 

18 qui ubieumqwe eum adpraehenderit adlidit eum ct spumat et stridet dentibws et 

scrince* 3 cuoe* *egnun *inum f te bia fordrifen hine 3 ne ma?bton se*e onduearde 

arescit et dixit discipulis tuis ut eicerent ilium et non potuerunt. 19 qui respondens 

him cuoe* la cnewreso ungeleaffull *a huile mi* iuh ic beom *a buile iuih ic Sola brencgas bine to 
eis dixit 6 generatio incredula quamdiu apud uos ero quamdiu uos patiar adl'erte ilium ad 

me 3 ge-brohten hine 3 mi**y gesaeh hine recone X sona gaast gestyrede i gedroefde hine 

me. 20 et attulleruut eum et cum uidisset ilium statim spiritus conturbauit eum 

3 mi**v wses gebered on eor*o he gefealde hine fa?mende 
et elisus in terram uolutabatur spumans. 


feeder his huu miceles 

21 et interrogauit patrem eius quan- 

-llonges tides k huu long firstes is of *on ^Sis him gelamp so* he cuoe* from cildhad 
turn temporis est ex quo hoc ei accidit at ille ait ab infantia. 

22 et 

symble hine 3 in fyr 3 on wsetro sende fte hine losade-r"fwdyde ah gif huaed *u mrege gehelp 
frequenter eum et in ignew et in aquas misit ut eum perderet sed siquid potes adiuua 

usic wees milsende user-fusra 
nos misertus nostri. 

se h&\end uutedlice cuoe* him gif *u meege gelefe alle msehtisa 
23 iesus autem ait illi si potes credere omnia possibilia 

*a?m gelefes 3 sona gecliopade faeder *ees cnaehtes mi* teheruwi he gecure* ic gelefo help 

credenti. 24 et continuo exclamans pater pueri cum lacrimis aiebat credo adiuua 

un-geleaffulnise mimie 
incredulitatem meam. 

3 mi5 *y geseeh se heslend }>one iornende *reat gestiorande was 

25 et cum uideret iesus concurrentem turbam comminatus est 

*aem gaaste un-cleene cuoe*ende *eem *u la deafe 3 *u la dumbe gaast ic *e bebeade geong from him 
spiritui inmundo dicens illi surde et mute spiritus ego tibi praecipio exi ab eo 

3 for*or fte *u ne inngae in hine 
et amplius ne introeas in eum. 

3 cliopade sui*e getearende hine ge-eode of hi«* 

26 et exclamans multum discerpens eum exiit ab eo 

3 aworden is -1' wees suelce were dead suee -pte monige cuoedon fte dead were -r weds 
et iactus est sicut mortuus ita ut multi dicerent quia mortuus est. 

18. se *e swa hwer hine {re-<iripes he bites 3 slites hine 3 feome* 3 erist-bites mi* to*um 3 scrcpes 3 cure* 
Se^num *inum $ hiec for-drife hine 3 ne mcchtun 19. se*e ond-worde him cwee* la cneorisse ungi-leofful ga 
hwyle mi* iow ic biom *a hwile iow ic *olo brengas hine to me 20. 3 gibrohtun hine 3 mi* Sy gisegun 

hine sona *e gast gidroefde hine 3 mi* *y was gibered on eor*u he gifeald hine fscmcnde 21. 3 gi-frsegn 

feeder his hu longe tide is of «on Sis him <:ilamp so* he cwee* from cildhada 22. 3 symlc hine 3 in lyre 

3 on weettre sende $ hine losade ah gif hw»t *u maege gibelp user Wes milsende user 21. *e haloid WUtudltce 
cwec* to him <;if *u meccre gflefa alle almamtna Sam <jilefas 24. 3 sona gicliopade * cegende WBM feder Bss 

cnsehtes mi* teorum he gi-cwa* ir gilefo to-helpe nngileoffulnisse mine 25 3 mi**y giaah *<• halend 

*one iornende *reott gi-stiorende waes *rcm ^aste unclanum r\ve*ende *u la deofa 3 dumba u:i-t ic *e bil du 

^aa from him 3 for*or «cet *u ne in-irro in hine 2G. 3 cliopade swifce 3 monige teorende hine gieode from 
him 3 eiworden was BWelce deod were swa -pte monige cwedun *a>tte deod is 1 were 


27 pa nam sc haelend his hand 1 liinc up 
ahof 1 he aras fa; 

28 And fa lie into faw luisc eode his 
leorning-cnihtas hine digolliee ahsodon. hwi 
nc mih ton we hine ut adrifan ; 

2J) Da saede he fis cynn nc maeg of 
nanum men lit gan huton furh gcbedu 1 
on faestene ; 

30 pa hi fan on fcrdon hi forhugon gali- 
lcaw. he nolde ~p hit aenig man wistc; 

31 SoSlicc he laerde his leorning-cnihtas 
] saede ; Sof lice mannes sunu biS geseald on 
synfulra handa ~f hi hine ofslean. 3 ofslagen 
faw ftriddan daege he arist; 

32 Da nyston hi -p word. 1 hi adredon 
hire ahsiende ; 

33 pa comon hi to capharnaum ] fa hi 
act ham waeron he ahsode hi hwaet smeade ge 
be wege. 

34 1 hi suwodon ; Witodlice hi on wege 
smeadon hwyle hyra yldost waere ; 

35 pa he saet he clypode hi twelfe 
1 sstde him. gif eower hwyle wyle beon 
fyrmest. beo se eaSmodust 1 eower ealra 

36 T^a nam he anne cnapan] ge-sette on 
J hyra middele. pa he hine beclypte 

he saede him ; 

37 Swa hwyle swa anne of f us geraduw 
cnapuw on minuw? naman onfeh£5. se on- 
fehf me ; And se f e me onfehS he ne on- 
fehf me. ac fone pe me sende; 

Various Readings. 

28. A. dygelice acsedon ; B. diglice axodon. A. hwig. 
29. A. B. cyn. 30. A. hig )>anen. A. B. hig. 31. A. hig. 
32. A. hig (twice). A. ondredon. A. acsigende. 33. A. hig 
(thrice). A. acsode. B. smeada. 34. A. hig (twice). A. 
hcora. 35. A. hig. A. heom. A. eadmodost. 36. A. 
heora mydlene. 37. onfehS me [for me onfehtS]. 

27 Da nam sc haelend his hand 1 hine up 
ahof] he aras fa. 

28 1 fa he in-to fam huse code, his 
leorning cnihtes hine digelicc axoden. hwi 
ne mihte we hine ut adrifen. 

29 Da saedc he fis cyn ne maig of naenen 
men ut-gan buton furh bede 1 on faestene. 

30 Da hyo fanen ferden hyo for-bugen 
galihie he nolde fact hit anig man wiste. 

31 SoSlice he laerde his leorning-cnihtes 
] saide. SoSlice mannes sune bcoS ge-seald 
on synfullre manne hande. "f hyo hine of- 
slean. 1 of-slagen f>an fridden daige he 

32 Da nysten hyo ^ word. 1 hyo an- 
dredden hine axiende. 

33 Da comen hyo to capharnaum. 1 fa 
hyo aet ham waeren. he axode hyo. hwaet 
smaegde ge be weige. 

34 1 hyo swigeden. Witodlice hyo on 
weige smaigden hwile heore yldest were. 

35 Da he saet he cleopede hyo twelfe 1 
saide heom. gyf eower hwile wile beon 
formest byo se eadmodest ") eower ealre 

36 T%a nam he aenne cnape ge-sette on 
y heora middele. fa he hine be- 
clypte he saigde heom. 

37 Swa hwile swa aenne of fus geraden 
cnapen on mine namen on-fehS. se on- 
fegS me. 1 se fe me on-feh^. he ne on- 
fehd me ac fane p e me sende. 

Various Readings. 

27. halend. 28. leorning-cnihtas; digellice. 29. maeg; 
naenura ; faestene. 30. J^anon ferdon ; for-bugan galileani; 
amig. 31. leorning-cnihtas; saede; sunu; synfullra 

manna handa; hyno (sic); J>am fcriddan daege. 32. nyst- 
on ; adrendon {sic). 33. comon ; waeron ; axsode ; smeg- 
ade. 34. swuwodon ; smeagdon ; hyora ; waere. 35. 
clypode; saede; fyrmest; admodest; ealra f>egn. 36. 
cnapa; saegde. -37. geradum cnapum ; minuw namvn; 
on-fehfc [for on-feg$] ; on-feh<5 [for on-fehd] ; j?one. 


se hs:\end uutedlice gcheald hond 


ahof hine 3 


27 iesus autem tenens manum eius eleuauit ilium et surrexit. 

3 mi**y ineode in 
28 *Et cum introisset in * 92. x. 

hus (Sennas his deglice gefrugnon hine forhuon uoe ne maehte woe fordrifa hine 

domuwi discipuli eius secreto interrogabant eum quare nos non potuimus eicere eum. 

3 cuoe* to him *is cynn on na?nig msehtig ofgeonga buta on gebeadum 3 faesttfrn -1' 3 mi* fscstem 
29 et dixit il lis hoc genus in nullo potens exire nisi in oratione et ieiunio. 

3 *ona foerdon bi-eodon galileawz ne walde aenig gewuta he gelaerde 

30 *Et inde proiecti praetergrediebantur galileam nee uolebat quemquam scire. 31 docebat * X .^ VI1H 

uutedlice *egnas 


cuae* to him 


sunu monnes gesald bi* on hond 


of-slae* hine 3 mi**y of-sla3gen bi* *e *irda daeg eft arisa* 
Occident eum et occisus tertia die resurget. 

)3. ii. 
lu. ci. 
mt. clxxui. 

autem discipulos suos et dicebat illis quoniam tilius hominis tradetur in manus hominum ct 

so* hia ne eu*on f word 3 
32 at illi ignorabant uerbum et 

ondreardon hine f hia gefrugno 3 cuomon to *aer hyrig *a*e mi**y set huse woeron gefrugnon 

timebant eum interrogare. 33 *Et uenerunt capharnaum qui cum domi essent interrogabant * 94. x. 

hia hucetd on woeg gie getrahtade so* hia suigdon gif hua bituih him on vvoeg ge-teledon -r 

eos quid in uia tractabatis. 34 *At illi tacebant siquidem inter se in uia disputa- * 95 -.!'- 

1 x * ly. en. cexum. 

mt. clxxuiii. 

geflioton-r hua-lhuelc woere hiora mara-rTnaast 3 eft saet geceigde tuoelfo 3 cuoa;* *a;m gif 

uerant quis esset illorum maior. 35 et residens uocauit duodecim et ait illis si 

hua waelle for*mest wosa bi*-rsie allra hlsetmaest 3 allra embeht-monn 

quis uult primus esse erit omnium nouissimus et omnium minister. 

3 on-feng 
36 et accipiens 

£ enseht gesette hine in middum hiora *one fte clioppende -r" friende waas cuoe* to him sua huaclc 

puerum statuit eum in medio eorum quem ut complexus esset ait illis. 37 quisquis 

an of *uslicu/« encehtum onfoa* on noma minum mec onfoa* 3 sua hua mec onfoa* 
unum ex huiusmodi pueris receperit in nomine meo me recipit *Et quicumqwe me susciperit • 96. i. 

lv. exui. 

ne mec onfoa* ah *ene se*e mec sende 
non me suscipit sed eum qui me misit. 

10. cxx. 

mt. xcuiii. 

27. Se hx\end so*lice giheold honda his 3 ahof hine 3 aras 28. 3 miX*y ineode 3 in hus *egnas his 

degol-lice gifrsegn hine forhwon we ne maahtun for-drifan hine 29. 3 cwrc* to him 8is cynn nsnige mehte 

ofgonga buta on gibeodum 3 on faasterne 30. 3 *ona feordun bieodun galilese nsonig walde swa swa giwuta 

31. he gflserde wutudltcc *egnas his 3 cwse* to him -JJte sunu monnes gisald bi* in bond monna 3 ofslas bine 

3 mi**y ofsla'tren biS Xc *irda dacge eft arises 32. so* hia; ne cu*un hine -p hie gifrugnun 33. 3 

comun to *oor byrig *a) *e mi**y a;t huse werun gifraogn hiaj hwoct hia) on woegc gitrachtade 34. so* liia- 

Bwigedon gif hwa bitwion bim on woege giteldun ^ r if hwelc were *ara mara-lniast 35. 3 eft sa-t tfice<; twelfe 
3 cwae* to bim gif hwa welle foermest bi* alra laatemest 3 allra embihtmon 36. 3 on-feng Bone cn&ht gisette 
hine in middum hiora Sonne fu>. cliopende were cwa;* to him 37. swa hwelc an of *uslicum cnouhtcs onfoe* 
on noma minum mec onfoe* 3 swa hwa BWB nice onfoe* ne mec onfoe* ah *ene se*e nice Bende 



DtaKMlm 88 Da 7swarodc iohanncs 1 cwaeS; La- 
on^weuygo. reow sumne we ge-sawon on binuw nam an 
oferpeme- deofol seocnessa ut adrifendc. sc ne fyligS 

roslen. l>i\it - 1 • r> 1 1 

iohniintf<ad us. j we him forbudon ; 

u-ruuin. 89 pa cwa'S he nc for-bcode gc him nis 

quendam in • i _ 

nomine tuo 11:,u j c mi minuw Hainan mrcg^cii w\rcc 3 
elcientem de- .„ _«.J< i _p i 

moniu. a. maBge race be me yiele specan ; 

40 Sc be nis agen eow so is for cow; 

41 SoSlice sc Sc sylS drinc cow calic 
fnlnc waeteres on minum nam an forbam gc 
cristcs synt. ic cow sob seegc. ne forlyst be 
bis mede ; 

42 And swa hwa swa gc-drefS aenne of 
byssuw lytlingum on me gelyfenduw*. betere 
him waere ~p an cweorn-stan waere to bis 
swnran gecnyt 1 waere on sic beworpen ; 

43 And gif bin hand be swicaS ceorf 
hi of; Betere be is -p bu wanhal to life 
ga. bonw<? bu twa banda hoabbe 1 fare on 
helle. !! on unacwencedlic fyr 

44 par hyra wyrm ne swylt 3 fyr ne biS 
acwenced ; 

45 And gif Sin fot swicaS be ceorf bine 
of. betere be is ^ bu healt ga. on ece 
lif bonwe bu haebbe twegen fet 3 si aworpen 
on belle nn-acwencedlices fyres. 

46 bar hyra wyrm ne swylt ne fyr ne biS 
adwaesccd ; 

47 Gif bin cage be swicaS weorp hit fit. 
betere be is mid annm eagan gun on godes 
rice pontic twa eagan haebbende sy aworpen 
on belle fyr. 

Various Readings. 
33. B. Larew. A. deofel-seocnyssa. 39. A. yfele be me 
sprecan. 40. A. ongen. 41. A. syndon. 42. B. anne. A. 
f-\ >um. A. sweoran. 43. A hig. A. om. 2nd on. 44. 
A. heora. 45. A. syg. 46. A. lieora. 47. A. 3 sig. 

38 pa andswerede iohanncs 1 cwscS. 
Lareow sume we gc-seagen on binen namen 
deofol-seocnysse ut adrifendc. sc nc fylged 
us. 1 we him for-bnden. 

39 Da cw. he ne for-bcodc ge hym nis 
nan be on minen namen magen werce] mage 
raSc be me yfclc spraccew. 

40 8c be nis agen cow sc is for eow. 

41 SoSlice se be sylS drenc eow calix 
fulnc waeteres on minen namen for ban ge 
cristcs synde. ic eow soS segge ne forleost 
he his mede. 

42 And swa hwa swa ge-drefd aenne of 
bisen litlingen on me ge-lefendcn. betere 
him waere ~p an cweorn-stan waere to his 
sweoren ge-cnyt. 1 waere on sae ge-worpen. 

43 And gyf bin hand be swiced ceorf hyo 
of. Betere be is baet bu wan-baelSe leofie. 
banne bu twa hande haebbe 1 fare to helle. 
"] on un-cwaencedlic fyr. 

44 beer hire wyrm ne swellt 1 fer ne beoS 

45 /End gyf bin fot swiceS be cerf bine 
of. Betere be is bast bu halt ga on eche lyf. 
banne bu haebbe twege fet. 1 syo aworpen 
on helle un-acwencedlices fyres 

46 baer heora wyrm ne swelt ne fyr ne 
beoS adwesced. 

47 Gyf bin eage be swiceS wyrp hit ut. 
betere be is mid anen eage gan on godes 
riche banne twa eagen haebbende syo aworp- 
en on belle fyr 

Various Readings. 

38. 3s\varode ; Larew ; ge-sawon ; }?inum naman ; deofol- 
secnysse; fylig-JS ; fbr-budon. 39. minum namon; wyrce; 
sprecan. 41. drync; calic; wateres; minvm naman; )>am; 
synt; for-lyst. 42. gedrefS; |>isum lytlingum; ge-lyfen- 
dum; ware (2nd time); swuran; sa. 43. swicaS; heo ; 
wan-hal to lyfe ga }?onne; un-acwencedlic. 44. hyre; 
swylt; fyr; byt5. 45. And; swicaS; ceorf; healt; ecce; 
jsonne ; habbe. 46. hyora; bi$ adwasced. 47. eaga; 
swicafc ; anum eagan ; rice J>onne ; eagan habbende. 


jreonduearde him iohannes cuoeSende la larua we gesegon sum oSer on noma %'mum forworpen 
38 *Respondit illi iohannes dicens magister uidimus quendam in nomine tuo eicientem * XXX. 

!)7. uiii. 
lu. ciii. 
miS dioblum seise ne fylges us 3 forbudun him se hx\end mxtedlice cuoeS nallas gie 

daemonia qui non sequitur nos et prohibuimus eum. 39 iesus autem ait nolite 

forbeada hine naenig monn is forSon seSe wyrcas macht on noma minum Z maege recone ytte 
prohibere eum nemo est enim qui i'aciat uirtutem in nomine meo et possit cito male 

spreca of mec seSe forSon ne is wis iuih fore iuih is sua hua forSon 

luqui de me. 40 qui enim non est aduersum uos pro uobis est. 41 *Quis-quis enim * 98. ui. 

mt. c. 

drinca geseleS iuh calic-rcopp waetres on noma minum forSon cristes arogie soSlioe ic saego iuh ne 
potum dederit uobis calicem aquae in nomine meo quia christi estis amen dico uobis non 

losaS mearde his 3 sua hua geondspurnas an of Sisum laesestum gelefendum 

perdet mercedem suam. 42 *Et quisquis scandalizauerit unum ex his pusillis credentibws * 99. ii. 

lu. cxcuii. 

on mec god-rbetra is him suiSor gifd'Sadi sie ymbunden r ymbsald coern asales byrSen to suiro his 3 on 
in me bonum est ei magis si circumdaretur mola asinaria collo eius et in 

sae gesended woere 1 Saeh-rgif ondspurnas Seh hond Sin ofcearf Sa ilea betra-rgod is 

mare mitteretur. 43 *Et si scandalizauerit te manus tua abscide illam bonum est * loo. ui. 

mt. clxxx. 

Se un-hal ingaa in lif Son tuoege hondo haebbe gegeonge in tintergo fyres una-drys- 
tibi debilem introire in uitam quam duas manus habentem ire in gehennem ignem inextin- 

endlic Ser wyrm hiora ne biS dead "i f fyr ne biS gedrysned 3 gif fot 

guibilem. 44 *Ubi uermis eorum non moritur et ignis non extinguitur. 45 et si pes * 101. x. 

Sin Sec ondspurnaS cearf hine -r Sene god is Se halt ingeonga in lif seee Son 

tuus te scandalizat amputa ilium bonum est tibi claudum introirae in uitam aeternam quam 

tuoege foet haebbe sende in tintergo fyres un-adrysnenrllic Ser wyrm hiora ne 

duos pedes habentem mitti in gehennam ignis inextinguibilis. 46 ubi uennis eorum non 

biS dead : f fyr ne biS adrysned Saeh gif ego Sin geondspurnaS Sec geworp hine god 

moritur et ignis non extinguitur. 47 quod si oculus tuus scandalizat te eice eum bonum 

is Se anege ingeonga in ric godes Son tuoego ego haebbe gesende on tintergo fyres 

est tibi lu.scum introirae in regnum dei quam duos oculos habentem mitti in gehennem ignis. 

38. gfrsworade him iohannes eweSende la larwa we gisegun sume oSre on noma Sinum forworpen miS diowlum 
seSe ne fylgea us 3 for-budun him 39. Se hvaiend wutudlice cwacS nallas ge for-beada him neengum is forSon 
seSe doeS maehte on noma minun 3 maejje recone ylle spreoca of me -40. seSe forSon ne is wis Low tore towih 
is 41. swa hwa forSon drinca tfiscleS iow of caelce l'coppc waetres on noma minum forSon crimes aiun soSlice 
ic scejio > ow forSon ne losaS mearde his 42 1 swa hwa giond-apyrnaa anum of Sissum la-sestuin gilefendum 

in mec god is him swiSor gif Se sie unbiinden X unsjfled biS cwearne byrSenne to swim liis 3 on BSB giaended 
were 43. 3 gif on-spyrnas Sec honda Sin aceorf Sa ileu god is Se un-hal inga in lif Sonne twa honda hrebbe 
gonge in tintergu fyres inunadryaendlic 44. Ser wyrmaa hiora ne bias deode 1 f fyr ne bis gidryanad 

46. : <:if foett Sine Sec onspurnaS ceorf hine-1'Sa god is Se halt to gonganne in lif eoe Sonne twoge foet hrebho 
sende in tintergu fyres un-adryaeudlic 4G. Ser wyrmas hiora ne biaS deode 3 Bart fyr ne biS dryaned 47. 

-)5te gif egu Sin gi-ond-apyrneS Sec giworp hiao god is Se blind to gonganne in rice godes Sonne tun egU h»bbe 

giaende in tintergu fyres 



is par liyia wylm lie swylt. nc fyr nc bi$ 
acwenced ; 

l|) Softlice a'lc man biS mid fyrc ge-sylt 
1 Belc offrung bi<5 mid scaltc gesylt; 

50 God is scalt gif -^ scalt unscalt bij? on 
faw |>e ge liit syltaS; HabbaS scalt on 
eow. ] habbacS sibbc betvvnx cow; 


1 And ^anon be com on iudeisce cndas of 
iordane ; pa comon eft menigu to him 1 swa 
swa be ge-wunode be bi lacrde eft sona ; 

2 Da ge-nealsehton him pbarisei 1 bine 
axodon. Invader alyfS aeneguw men bis 
wif forlaetan. bis pus fandigende; 

3 pa Iswarode be bi/«. hwaet bead moyses 

4 bi saedon ; Moyses lyfde "p man write 
biw-gedales boc. 1 hi for-lete ; 

5 Da cwae£> se baelend. for eower heortan 
beardnesse he eow wrat J?is bebod ; 

6 Fram fruman gesceafte god hi ge-worhte 
waepned-man 1 wimman 

7 1 cwaeS. for pam se mann forlaet his 
feeder ] modor 1 bine bis wife gepeot. 

8 1 beoft twegen on anum fla^sce. witod- 
lice ne synt na twegen ac an flaesc; 

9 paet god ge-sawmode ne syndrige ~p nan 
man ; 

10 And eft innan buse bis leorning- 
cnihtas bine be pam ylcan absodon; 

Various Readings. 

48. A. heora. 49. A. ofrung. 50. A. beteox; B. betweox. 

Cap. x. v. I. A. |?anen. A. maenigu. B. gewunude. A. hyg. 
2. A. B. farisei. A. acsedon. B. fandiende. 3. A. 3swarede 
4. A. hig. A. B. hig. 5. A. heardnysse. A. omits eow. 
G. A. B. hig. A. waepman 3 wyfman; B. waepntd 3 wim- 
man. 7. A. man. A. moder. 8. A. synd. 9. A. ge- 
somnode. B. mann. 10. A. acsedon. 

48 pivr heora wyrm nc Bwelt. nc fer ne 
beoS acwenced. 

49 SoSlice a^lc man by^ mid fyrc ge- 
sylt. 1 aelc offrung bcoS mid sealte ge- 

50 God is salt 1 gyf pact salt un-selt byS 
on j}am pe hit selteS. HaebbeS salt on 
eow 3 hsebbed sibbc be-tweoxe eow. 


1 1 fallen he com on iudeisce endas of 
iordane. Da comen eft manegeo to bim. 1 
swa swa be ge-wunede he byo lacrde eft sona. 

2 Da ge-neahlacten hym farisej. 1 him 
axsoden hwac'Ser alyfS anigen men his wif 
to laeten. bis Jms fandiende. 

3 Da andswerede he beom. hwaet bead 
moyses eow. 

4 hyo saigden. Moyses lyfde ^ man write 
hiw-ge-dseles boc. 1 hyo for-leten. 

5 Da cwae^ se baelend. for eower heort- 
en haerdnysse he eow wrat }?is be-bod. 

6 fram frumen ge-scefte god hyo ge- 
worhte waepmaw 1 wimman. 

7 1 cwaeS. for J?an se man for-laet his faeder 
and his moder. 1 bine bis wife ge-f>eot. 

8 1 beo^ twegen on anen flaesce. witodlice 
ne synden na twegen. ac an flaesc. 

9 f god ge-samnode ne syndrige 'p nan 


10 And eft innen buse bis leorning- 
cnihtes hine be ham ylcen acsoden. 

Various Readings. 

48. swylt; bi*. 49. bi$; bits. 50. un-salt ; sealtaS. 
Habbe<5 ; habba<5 ; be-twux. 

Cap. x. v. 1. }?anom; menegeo. 2. ge-neahlaehton; hine 
axoden hwceXe; aenegum ; for-laeton [for to laeten]. 4. 
ssegdon ; for-lete. 5. heorton heardnysse. 6. fruman 
gesceafte; waepned ; wifman. 7. J^am ; om. his be/ore 
moder; ge-J>eoht. 8. beX ; anuwi synt. 10. innan; 
leorning-cnihtas ; ylcan acsodon. 


$er wyrm hiora ne bi$ dead 3 fyr ne bis ge-drysned 
48 ubi uermis eorum non moritur et ignis non extiuguitur. 

eghuelc for<5on miS fyre 
49 omnis enira igne 

sie gecostaS k gesa?lt 3 eghuelc cuic alraus se-costad sie 

god is f salt Sah se salt gif unful sie 

sallietur et omnis uictima sallietur. 50 *Bonum est sal quodsi sal insulsum fuerit " ,02 - " 

lu. clxx 

on Son •)} gie gehaldas habbafc in iuh salt 3 sibb habas bi-tuih iuh 
in quo illud condietis liabete in uobis sal et pacem habete inter uos. 

mt. xxxi. 


3 Sona aras cuom on gemserum iudseses bigienda iordane 3 gesomnadon efter sotia menigo « XXXI. 

1 *£t inde exsurgens uenit in lines iudaeae ultra iordanen et conueniunt iterum turbae l03 - ui - mt 


to him 3 suae f te he gewuna waes eftersona laerde hia 
ad eum et sicut consaeuerat iterum docebat illos. 

3 togeneolecdon $a ae-laruuas gefrug- 
2 et accedentes pharisaei interroga- 

nun hine gif -ris gelefed were f wif 
bant eum si licet uiro uxorem demittere 

forleta cunnedon k gecostadon hine 
temtantes eum. 

soS he onduearde 
3 at ille respondens 

cuoeS to him huset iuh behead moses 

dixit eis quid uobis praecepit moses. 

$a$e cuoedon moses forgeaef boc 

4 qui dixerunt moses permisit libellum repudii 

■pte were awritten 3 forleten 
scribere et dimittere. 

Seem onduearde se hselewc? cuoa3<5 to heardnisse heartes iueres 

5 quibws respondens iesus ait ad duritiam cordis uestri 

aurat iuh bebod Siosne 

scripsit uobis praeceptum istud. 

from fruma uutedlice sca?ftes woepen mon-thee 3 hiwurwifmon 
6 ab initio autem creaturas masculum et feminam 

worhte hia god 
fecit eos dews. 

fore i5is forleteS monn feeder his 3 moder 3 geneoleces to 
7 propter hoc relinquet homo patrem suum et matrem et adhajrebit ad 

wife his 3 bi<5on tuoege in lichoma ana-r[an]um forSon uutedlice ne sint tuoege ah an 

uxorem suam. 8 et erunt duo in came una itaqwe iam non sunt duo sed uno 


■pte forSon god gegeadrad monn ne to-sceada he 

3 in hus eftersona Segnas 

caro. 9 quod ergo dews iunxit homo non separet. 10 *Et in domo iterum discipuli ■ 104. x. 

his of Seem ilea ge-frugnon 


eius de eodem interrogauerunt eum. 

48. Ser wyrmas hiora m bi$ deade 3 fyr hiora ne bi$ adrysnad 49. eghwelc forfcon mi$ fyre sie giscostad 
3 eghwelc cwicu almes gicostad biS 50. god is Sect salt <5eet siaB salt gif un-ful biS on <5on fcait gc gi-haldas 
habbaX bitwih iow salt 3 sibbe habbas bitwih iow 

Cap. X. 1.3 fcona aras com in gimsBru iudea bigeonda iordanen 3 gisomnadun efter sona . . . to him 3 BWa 
SaBtte giwuna wajs efter sona leerde hiae 2. 3 to gineo-licadun $a larwas gifrugnun hine gif is alefed were 

-p wif for-leta cunnadun + costadun hine 3. so<5 he 3wyrde cwceS him hwaot iow biboden wa?s frowi moyse 

4. $a fce cwedun moyses for-gtcf boc -)5te were awriten 3 for-leten 5. fcocm onwyrde $e hx]pnd cwsbS to 

heard-nisse heorta iowre awrat iow bibeod Sis 6. from fruma wutudliec gisra-fte wepned-menn 3 wif-menn worhte 
hia; god 7. fore <5isse for-letaS mon facder his 3 moder 3 gineolicas to wife his 8. 3 bioSon twoege in 

lichoma ana forfcon wutud[lice] ne sindun twoege ah ana lichoma 9. Sa-tte fortSon god efoe-gigedraS Sonne 

monno ne to-sceade* he 10. 3 in hus efter sona Segnsa his gifrugnun hine of torn ilea 


P\ v s ( -i';il on 
frige dcg on 
)■ rre lyxtan 
wucu ofer 
\ttwa paruuloa 
m ungeret eos. 

Dis sceal on 
wodnea dsg on 
\>sre seofeSan 

wucan ot'er 
Cum egressus 

o>-et i('>'/s in 
uia \>e rcurn ins 
<juidam ijenu 
flexo ante euwi 
rogabat eum. 

11 Da cws% he swa hwyle mann swa his 
wif forlset J oiper nim<$ unriht-hemed he 
wyrc& puth hi ; 

12 And gif j5 wif liiro wore forkct 1 
o|ernc nim$. heo unriht-bsem$ ; 

18 And hi brohton him hyra lytlingas 
jj he hi eethrine. fa ciddon his leorning- 
cnihtas p&m Se hi brohton ; 

14 pa se haelend hi ge-seah unwnr^licc he 
hit for-bead 1 saede him; LaetaJ? )?a lytlingas 
to me cuinan 3 ne for-bcode ge him; So^licc 
swvlccra is hoofona rice ; 

15 Soj?lice ic sccge eow swa hwyle swa 
godes rice ne on fell 3 swa lytling ne maeg 
he [on] -p ; 

16 Da bcclypte he hi. 3 his handa ofer 
hi scttendc bletsode hi ; 

17 And pa he on wege eode sum him 
to am 1 gebigeduw cneowe toforan him 
c.vaeS. 1 baed hine; La goda lareow h wee t 
do ic. "p ic occ lif age ; 

18 pa cwse'S se haelend. hwi segst pu me 
godne. nis nan mann god buton god ana; 

19 Canst pu Sa bebodu. ne unriht-hasm 
Jm. ne slyh Jm. ne stel pu. ne sege jm 
lease gewitnesse. facen ne do Su. wurSa 
jrinne fasder ] jmie modor; 

20 Da Iswarode he goda lareow. eall 
Sis ic geheold of minre geogivSe ; 

21 Se haelend hine f>a behealdende lufode 
1 saede him ; An ping pe is wana gesyle eall 
j? Su age ] syle hit j?earfu»«. poxine haefst 
p\\ gold-hord on heofonuw 1 cum 1 folga me; 

Various Readings. 

11. A. man. A. hig. 12. A. wer. 13. A. hig {thrice); B. 
hig (once). 14. A. hig geseh. unweorSlice. A. heofena. 15. 
A. ne ga3<5 he on ^a?t ; B. ne mseg he on >act; (MS. Corp. 
om. on). 1G. A. hig {thrice'); B. hig {twice). 18. A. hwig. 
19. A sleh. A. gewytnysse. A. weor<5a. A. moder. 20. 
A. Jswarede he 1 cw. A. seo^eSe. 21. B. heofenum. 

1 1 Da cwaeS he. swa hwile man swa his 
wif for-laet 1 oder nymS unriht-hameS he 
wyrcS Jmrh hyo. 

12 Mud gyf ■p wif hire were forlaet 1 
oScrne nymS. hyo unriht-haemcS. 

13 .End hyo brohton him heore litlcnges 
•p he his aet-rine. J?a cyddan his leorning- 
cnihtes Jrain pc hyo brohten. 

14 Da se haelend hyo ge-seah un-wurSlice 
he hit for-bcod 1 saigde heom. LateS pa 
litlinges to me cumen ") ne for-beode ge 
heom. softlice swilcere is hcofone rice. 

15 SoSlice ic segge eow swa hwile swa 
godes rice ne on-fehS swa swa litling ne 
maig he on j?. 

16 Da be-clepte lie hyo 1 his hande ofer 
hyo settende bletsede hyo. 

17 And j?a he on weige eode sum hytn 
to arn 3 ge-begden cneowen to-forcn hym 
cwebS 1 baeS hine. La gode lareow hwaet 
do ic ]?aet ic ece lyf age. 

18 pa cwaeS se haelend hwi saigst Jm me 
godne; nis nan man god buton god ane. 

19 Canst Jm £>a be-bode. ne unriht-haem 
Jm. ne slyh Jm. ne stel Jm. ne sege Jm 
lease ge-witnysse. faecen ne do Jm. wurSe 
Jrine feeder 1 June moder. 

20 Da andswerede he gode. lareow eall 
Jus ic heold of minre geogeSe. 

21 Se haelend hine pa behealdende hyfode 
(sic) 1 saide hym. An Jung pe is wane, syle 
eal J?aet Jm age. 1 syle hit J?earfen Jeanne hafst 
|?u j5 goldhord on heofene. 1 cum 1 folge me. 

Various Readings. 

11. oSer; unriht-hamed ; hi. 12. un-riht-hsemS. 13. 
brohton; litlyngas; net-hrine; leorning-cnihtas brohton. 
14. halend: sa?de; LseteS ; litlingas ; heone {sic). 15. 
mseg. 16. beclypte. 17. vEnd ; wege; gebegdum 

cneowuwi to-foran; bsed ; hage. 18. seegst: mann. 19. 
Camst; slygh ; wurSa; fader. 20. goda larew. 21. 
halend; beheldende lufode; saBgde; wana; eall; ]>eatfam 
Jjonne ha'fst ; om. f ; heofonuw. 


3 cuoeS to him sua hwselc for-letas -\ forleta welle wif his 3 oSer laede dernelefer 

11 *Et dicit illis quicumqwe dimiserit uxorem suam et aliam duxerit adulterium * 105. ii. 

efnesende t sjeendade ofer hia -1' bi hir 
committit super earn. 

3 gif -p wif forletas Sone wer hire 3 to oSrum onfoas 
12 et si uxor dimiserit uirum suum et alii nubserit 

lu. cxcu. 
nit cxc 

hiu syngeS 3 brohton to him lytlo cild fte he gehrine Saem Sa Segnas xmtedlice stioredon 

moechatur. 13 *Et ofFerebant illi paruulos ut tangeret illos discipuli autem comminabantur * 106 - "• 

lv. ccxui. 
mL [c]xcii. 
Sam brensrendum Sa miSSy gesam Se haelend unwyrSe brohte 3 cuaeS to him letas Sa lytlo 

ofFerentib/zs. 14 quos cum uideret iesus indigne tulit et ait illis sinite paruulos 

me 3 ne fore-letas gie hia-l'Sa Suslicra is forSon ric godes 
uenire ad me et ne prohibueritis eos talium est enim regnuwi dei. 

gecuma to 

soSlice ic saego 
15 amen dico 

iuh suae hua ne onfoas ric godes swelc" lyttel ne in-gaaS in Snot 3 

uobis quisque non receperit regnum dei uelut paruulus non iutrabit in illud 16 et 

sefrigade hia 3 on-sette bond ofer -1' on 8a ileo srebledsade hia 
complexans eos et inponens manus super illos benedicebat eos. 

3 miSSy faerende 
17 *Et cum egresus * XXXII. 

107. ii. 
lu. cxxi. 
waes on woeg fore am sum oSer cnei/o beged fore bine ba?dd hine la larua god-1'goda hused mt. cxciii. 

esset in uiam procurrens quidam genu flexo ante eum rogabat eum magister bone quid 

sceal ic doa fte lif ece ic onfoe 

facia?;i ut uitam aeternam percipiam. 

god nscnigmonn god buta ane god 
bonum nemo bonus nisi unus deus. 

se h&\end xmtedlice cuoeS to him buret mec Su cuoSas 

18 iesws autem dixit ei quid me dicis 

Sa bebodo wast Su f Su ne devnelice f Su ne of-slaao f Su 
19 praecepta nosti ne adulteris ne occidas ne 

ne forstele -1' ne forSiofe f Su leas gecySnise-r witnise ne coeSa £ Su facen ne gedoe ar-worSig feder Sin 
fureris ne falsum testimonium dixeris ne fraudem feceris honora patrem tuum 

3 moder 
et matrem. 


onduearde cuoeS la larua Sas 


ic ireheald from "-i^oSe minu/n 

20 et ille respondens ait magister haec omnia obseruaui a iuuentute mca. 

se hss\end uutfdlke miSSy behaldend hine lufade hine 3 cuoeS him an Se is forgeten geong sua hua>t 
21 *hsus autem intuitus eum dilexit eum et dixit illi unum tibi deest uade eamque • ins. ii 

Su hsebbe bebyg 3 sel Sorfendum 3 haefis-1'Su scealt habba ge-strion in heofne 3 cym soec4'fylg nice 
babes uende et da pauperibws et habebis thesaurum in caelo et ueni sequcre me. 

nu. exciiii. 

11. 3 cwseS to him swa hwelc for-letes wif his 3 oSer laede to derne-giligrum cft-sende ofer hisa 12. 3 

gif -J5 wif for-leteS wer lure 3 to oSrum foes bio syngaS 13. 3 brobtun to him lytle #te gihrine Sann 8a 

Sennas wutudli'c* stiordun Sa>m brengendum 14. 8a miSSy iji-saeh Se \\x\end un-wyrSne brohte 3 cweeS to him 
letas Sa lvtlu cuma to me 3 ne for-letas hiaj Sus-licra is forSon rice godes 15. soS ic cweSo iow Bwa hwelc 

ne foeS rice godes swelce lytelne ne ga.-S in Saet 16. 3 gifragade bias 3 on gisette honda ofei hia gibletsade 
hia3 17. 3 mis Sy fa;rende wses on woeg fore arn sum o«er cneo gibe[ge]d bifora hine gibsed hine la larow 

god hwa-t sceal ic doa fte lif ece ic onfoe 18. 8e hai\end soSlice cwse8 to him hwBBt mec 8u cweSes goodne 
ne Bngti L r ood buta ana god 19. 8a bibodu wastu SSBte dcrne-licc 8aette 8u nc ofslaa 8aeta) 8u ne stele Su'ta? 
8u leose witnesse + cvSnisse cwe8e 8a.-t 8u facun ne doe ar-wyrSa hvder 8inne 3 inodcr Sine 20. "i he Jwyrde 

cwa-8 him la larwa alle 8aa ic giheald from gigo8-hade minum 21. Se hte\end wutudltctf miS8y biheold bine 
lufade hine 3 cwrcS to him an Se forgeten is gong swa hwGBt swa Su heebbe bibvge Z sel Sarfum 1 bales 
gistrion goldes in heofnu/n 3 cym soec-l'f\li^ me 


'2'2 And for p&m worde he W8B8 gc-unrct 
3 ferde gnornigende for pam he hefde mycele 
Behta ; 

28 pa eweeft se hselend to his lcorning- 
cnihton bine beseonde. swyj?e earfoSlice on 
godes rice ga<S \>a pe feoh habbaS ; 

24 Da forhtedon his lcorning-cnihtas be 
his wordum ; Kft se hselend hiw Isvvariende 
cwseS. eala cild swySe carfo'cSlice j?a Se on 
beora feo gctruwigeaS gaS on godes rice ; 

25 Eaj>ere ys olfende to farenne Jnirh 
needle Jjyrel j^on/zt? se rica 1 se welega on 
godes rice ga ; 

26 Hi )?aes Se ma betwux him wundredon 
1 c weed en 1 hwa maeg beon hal 

27 J?a bebcold se hselend hi 1 cwaeS ; Mid 
m annum hit is uneafelic ac na mid gode ; 
Ealle J?ing mid gode synt eaSelice ; 

28 pa ongan petrus cwej^an ; Witodlice 
we ealle Jung for-leton 1 folgodon pe ; 

29 Da Iswarode him' se hselend. nis nan 
pe his hus for-laet. oSSe gebrojuu. oppe ge- 
swustra. oSSe fseder. oppe modor. oSSe 
beam, oJ?J?e seceras for me 3 for pam god- 

30 £>e hnnd-feald ne onfo. nu on Jusse 
tide, hus 1 broSru 3 swustru. feeder 1 
modor. 1 beam. 1 seceras. mid ehtnessum 
1 on toweardre worulde ece lif ; 

31 Manega fyrmeste beoS ytemeste 3 
ytemeste fyrmyste ; 

Various Readings. 

22. A cross (4«) is prefixed to this verse in A. A. om. 
And. B. gnotngende. B. mycle. 23. A. leorning-cnyhtuw. 
24. A. forhtedon. A. vvurdon. A. Dswarigende. A. getru- 
wiaS. 25. A. EaSre. B. |>uruh. A. J?yrl. 26. A. big. 
A. betweox. 27. A. B. big. A. byng synd eaSelice myd 
gode. 28. Space left for Rubric in A. B. angan. A. 
folgedon. 29. A. moder. 30. A. broSra. A. swustra. 
A. inserts 3 before faeder. A. moder. A. ehtnyssiu/z. 31. 
A. ytemvste {twice) : B. ytemyste {2nd time). A. B. fyrmeste 
(2nd time). 

22 1 for pan worde he \va\s nnge-rot. 1 
ferde gneorgende for j?an he baefde mycele 

23 Da cwarS se hselend to hys leoming- 
cnihten bine be-seonde. swiSe carfedliec on 
godes rice gaS pa pe feoh haebbeS. 

24 Da forteden his leorning-cnihtes be his 
worden. Eft se hselend heom andswerede 1 
cvv. Eala chyld. swi'Se earfodlice |)a pe on 
hire feo ge-truwiad gad on godes rice. 

25 eaSere is olfende to farene }?urh nsedle 
J?yrl. J?anne se rice ") se welege on godes 
rice ga. 

26 Hyo }?as pe ma be-twexe heom wun- 
dreden 1 cvvseSen. 1 hwa mseig beon hal. 

27 pa, be-heold se hselend hyo 1 cvvseS. 
Mid mannen hit is un-eaSelic. ac na mid 
gode. Ealle J?ing mid gode synde eaSelice. 

28 pa on-gan petrus cweSen. Witodlice 
we ealle ping for-leten. 1 folgeden pe. 

29 Da andswerede hym se hselend. Nis 
nan pe his hus for-lset. oSSe ge-broSre. 
oSSe swuster. oSSe fseder oSSe moder. 
oSSe beam. oSSe aceres for me. 3 for 
pam godspelle. 

30 pe huwdfeald ne on-fo. nu on Jusse tide, 
hus ] broSre 1 swustre. 1 faeder "3 moder 1 
beam. 1 aeceres. mid ehtnyssen ] on to- 
wearde wurlde ece lyf. 

31 Manege fyrmeste by<5 ytemeste. 1 
ytemeste fermeste. 

Various Readings. 

22. \xm ; gnorngende ; \xm ; mycel. 23. halend ; 
leorning-cnihtan ; beo-seonde ; earfodlice ; habba*. 24. 
forhtedon; wordura; halend; cyld; earfoSlice; heore; ga*. 
25. farenne |?uruh ; Jjyrel. )>orane; wele»a. 26. J?ses; be- 
twux; wundrodon; cwaSen; maeg. 27. halend; man- 
num; synd eaSalice. 28. cwefcan; for-leton; folgodon. 
29. halend; ge-swustra; modor; aceras. 30. broSra; 
swustra; fader; seceras; ehtnyssum ; toworde worulde. 
31. Manega; fyrmyste [for fermeste]. 


se*e mi«$y geunrodsad wses on word eade seofende wees for*on hsefde -Hisebbend aehto * 109. ii. 

22 *Qui contristatus in uerbo abiit maerens . erat enim habens possesiones lu - cxx - 

r mf . rxu 

mt. cxu. 

tnenig "i ymb-locade se hselenrf cuoe* *egnum his sui*e un-ea*a4/hefig *a*e gestriono 

multas. 23 et circum-spiciens iesus ait discipulis suis quam difficile qui pecunias 

habba* in ric godes inn-gaasd/inn-geonga* *a *egnas uutedlice forstyldton on wordum his so* 

habeut in regnum dei introibunt. 24 discipuli autem obstupescebant in uerbis eius at 

see hse\end eftersona ond[u]earde cuoe* to him leafa suno la sui*e hefig is *a*e gelefe* in strionum 

iesus rursus respondens ait illis filioli d quam difficile est confidentes in pecuniis 

in ric goddes f hia ingae ea*or is camelf *erh *yrild/ego nedles ofer-fara Sonne f semiclade 

in regnura dei introire. 25 facilius est camelum per foramen acus transire quam 

se wselig-rSe wlonca inngeonga in goddes ric *a*e sui*or gewundradon cuoe*ende to him 

diuitem intrare in regnum dei. 26 qui magis admirabantur dicentes ad semet 

seolfum Z hua msege hal wuosa Z sceaude hia se haslend cuoe* mi* monnum un-maehtig 

ipsos et quis potest saluus fieri. 27 et intuens illos iesus ait apud homines inpossibile 

is ah ne is mi* god alle forSon meehto X e*elico sint mi* god ongann petrus him 

est sed non apud deum omnia enim possibilia sunt apud dewm. 28 coepit petrus ei 

ge-cuoe*a heono we forleorton alle Z fylgdon-rsohton *ec onduearde se haslend cuoe* • no. ii. 

dicere ecce nos dimisimus omnia et secuti sumus te. 29 *Respondens iesus ait lu. ccxxi. 

mt. cxcuiii. 

so*lice ic cuoe*o iuh naenig monn is se*e forleta* hus -r bro*ro -r" suoestro -r moder -r 

amen dico uobis nemo est qui reliquerit domum aut fratres aut sorores aut matrem aut 

faeder -r suno k londo fore mec Z fore godspell se*e ne onfoa* 

patrem aut filios aut agios propter me et propter euangelium 30 qui non accipiat 

hunteantig-si*o hunt *a huile \ ane nu in tide-rlife disuwi huso Z bro*ro Z suoestro Z modero Z 
centies tantum nunc in tempore hoc domos et fratres et sorores et matres et 

suno 3 londo mi* oehtendum Z in world *sem to uearde lif ece monigo uwtedh'ce 

filios et agros cum persecutoribws et in sgeculo futuro uitam aeternarw. *31 Multi autem * 111. ii. 

lu. clxxiii. 

mt. cxaimi. 

bi*on *a for*mesto hleetmesto Z *a hlaetmesto for*mesto 
erunt primi nouissimi et npuissimi primi. 

22. se*e mi**y giwundrad wees in worde eode seofende waes for*on hseffce micle adite 23. Z ymb-loccade 

*e hoi\end cwae* to *e<inum his swi*e unea*e -r hefige *a*e gistrione habbas in rice godes in-<ia* 24. *a 

*egnas wutudbce forstyltun on wordum his cwae* *e hss\end efter sona 3sworade cwae* sunu leofa la swi*e hefig 
is *a*e gilefa* on gistrion in rice godes $ hiae ingae 25. e*or is camele *erh *yrel-regu nedles Serh-fara 

Sonne *e welge4/*e wlonca in-gonge in rice godes 26. *a*e s\vi*ur giwundradun cweXende to him solium 1 

hwa mEejre hal wosa 27. Z sceowende in hiae *e hoilend cwae* mi* monnum unmaehtig is ah ne is mi* god 

alle for*on msehte sindun mi* god 28. ongan petrus him cweo*a heono we for-leortUD alle Z fyligdun -l'sohtun 
*ec 29. ondworde *e ha:\end cwao* so* ic cwe*o iow nsnig is se*e forletee hus Y bro*ei 1' sweater i moder 
4/ fseder 4/ sunu -r lond fore mec Z fore god-spelle 30. se*e ne on-foe* bunteantigUff! si*a *a hwile nu in 

tide -r in life *issum huse Z bro*er Z swester Z moder Z sunu Z lond mi* oehtendum in weorlde Seer toworde lif 
ece 31. monige wutudlice bio*un aerist *a foer*-mcstu Z *a iffitemestu foer*me*t 



39 Q<o) , licc hi fenlon on wege to hicru- 

K3 saletn 7 sc haelend Him bc- 

foran eode 1 hi adredon him hine 1 

hi/ft fvligdon. 1 eft lie nam hi twelfc 3 
ongan hiM secgan J?a Sing pe him to- 
wcardc waeron 

33 -p we nu astigaS to hierusalew 3 mari- 
nes sunn biS ge-scald saccrda ealdruw 1 bo- 
cemw 1 ealdruw. 3 hi hine deaSe ge- 
nyfcriaS. 3 hi hine j^eodnw? syllaS. 

34 1 hi hine bysmriaS 1 hi him on spaetaS 
3 hine swingaS 1 of-sleaS hine. 3 he arist on 
p&m Jmddan dsege; 

35 Him pa ge-nealaehton to. iacobus. 3 
Iohannes Zebedeis suna 3 cwaedon; La- 
reow. we wyllaS "p pu us do swa hwaet 
swa we biddaS ; 

36 pa cwaeS he hwaet wylle gyt "p ic inc 

37 p& cwaedon hi ; Syle unc f wyt sitton 
on Jmion wuldre. an on Jnne swySran 
hcalfe 1 o]?er on pine wynstran ; 

38 Da cwaeS se haele nd. gyt nyton hwaet 
gyt biddaS ; Mage gyt drincan J?one calic. 
pe ic drince 3 beon gefullod on pam fulluhte 
pe ic beo gefullod ; 

39 pa cwaedon hi wyt magon ; Da cwaeS 
se haelend gyt drincaS J^one calic pe ic 
drince. gyt beoS gefullode pam fulluhte 
Se ic beo gefullod ; 

Various Readings. 

32. A. B, hig (A. thrice; B. once). A. ondredon. A. 
fylgdon; B. fylidon. 33. A. hig (twice). 34. A. hig (twice). 
B. om. 1st hi. A. bysmeriafc. 37. A. B. hig. A. \>ynum. 
A. >ynre [for J>ine ; twice]. 39. A. omits this verse. 

32 QJoSlice hyo ferden on wcige to ieru- 
M} salem. 3 se haelend heom be- 

foren code. 3 hyo adreddem heom hine. 3 
him felgdcn. 3 eft he nam hyo twelfe 3 
on-gan heom seggen pa jnng j?e heom to- 
wearde waeren. 

33 ~p we nu astigeS to ierusalem. 3 
mannes sune beoS ge-seald sacerde ealdren 
3 boceren. 3 ealdren 3 hyo hine deaSe ge- 
nyJ^erieS. 3 hyo hine J?eoden sylleS. 

34 3 hine bysemeriad. 3 hyo hym on 
spaeteS. 3 hine swingeS. 3 of-sleaS hine. 
3 he arist on f>am JmdSen daige. 

35 Him )?a ge-neahlahten to Iacobus 3 
Iohannes zebedeus sunu. 3 cwaeSen. Lareow 
we willed "p Jm us do swa hwaet swa we 

36 pa cwaeS he hwaet wille gyt ~p ic inc 

37 pa cwaeSen hyo. Syle unc -p wit 
sitten on junen wuldre. an on }?inen swiS- 
ren healfe. 3 oder on Jnnen winstren. 

38 Da cwaeS se haelend. gyt nyten hwaet 
gyt byddaS. Mage gyt drincen j?anne calix 
pe ic drinke. 3 beon ge-fulled on pam ful- 
luhte pe ic beo ge-fullod. 

39 Da cwaeSen hyo wit magen. pa cwaeS 
se haelend. gyt drincaS )?anne calicx. pe 
ich drince. gyt beoS ge-fullod J?a fulluhte 
pe ic beo ge-fullod. 

Various Readings. 

32. beforan; adredon; fyligdon; heon seggan; eom 
waron. 33. sacerda ealdrum 1 bocerum 3 ealdruw ; ge 
nySeriafc; hi [for last hyo] ; )?eodu7w syllafc. 34. bysmriafc 
swingaS ; <5rid$an. 35. ge-neahlaechton ; zebedeis sunan 
cWEe<5on. 37. }?a cwsefcon; Jjinuwi; J?ine swifcfcran; o<5er 
Jjine wynstran. 38. halend ; drincan }>orane calic ; drince 
ge-fullod. 39. cwa<5en ; halend ; jjonne calic j ic ; ge 


oo *V eT0T l f ° ri0n -° n W ° eg aSt '^° n in hierusalem 3 fore-eode-ronforawajsgeongem* hia se hselend • yyyim 
61 J^rant autem in uia ascendentes in hierosolynia et praecedebat illos \esus H2.iL 

lu. ccxxii. 
mt. ccii. 

3 hia suigdon 3 fylgdon ondreardon 3 to-genom eftersona tuoelfo ongann Sara * him cuoeSa da Singo 

et stupebant et sequentes timebant et adsumens iterum duodecini coepit illis dicere quae 

woeroa him toweardo k gelimpa scealde forSon heono woe stigeS in hierusalem 3 sunu monnes 

essent ei euentura. 33 quia ecce ascendimus in liierosolima et filius hominis 

biS g[e]sald aldormonno sacerda 3 wuSuutum 3 geniSriaS hine to deaSe 3 selles hine hsednum 

trade tur principibws sacerdotum et scribis et damnabunt eum morte et tradent eum gentibus. 

3 bismerageS him 3 hia spittes hine 3 hia suiugeS hine hia acuoellaS hine 3 Se Sirdda doeg 
34 et inludent ei et conspuent eum et flagellabunt eum interficient eum et tertia die 

eft arisaS 3 geneolecdon to him iacob 3 iohannes suno zebeSies cuoeSende la larua « .... 

resurget. 35 *Et accedunt ad eum iacobws et iohannes filii zebedaei dicentes magister n u. ccii.' 

woe wallaS fte suae hueet we willniaS Su doe us soS he cuoeS him huoetd willniaS ge fte 

uolumus quodcumqwe petierimus facias nobis. 36 at ille dixit eis quid uultis ut 

ic gedoe iuh 3 cuoedon sel us fte an to suiSre Sinra 3 oSer to wynstra 

faciam uobis. 37 et dixerunt da" nobis ut unus ad dexteram tuam et alius ad sinistram 

Sinra we sitta in wuldre Sine se hselend uutedlice cuoeS him ne uutogie husetd gie giwigeS hi magoge 

tuam sedeamus in gloria tua. 38 iesus autem ait eis nescitis quid petatis potestis 

drinca Sone calic Sone ic drinco k f fuluiht ofSon ic se gefulwuad f gie sie in-gefulwuade 

bibere calicem quern ego bibo aut baptism um quo ego baptizor baptizari. 

soS hia cuoedon him we magon se haslend uutedlice cuoeS him f calic ec Son Sone ic drinco gie drinca 
39 at illi dixerunt ei possumus iesus autem ait eis calicem quidem quem ego bibo bibetis 

3 f fulwiht of Ssem ic beom gefulwuad se gie gefulwuad 
et babtismum quo ego baptizor baptizabimini. 

32. werun forSon on woege astigun in hierusalem 3 fore eode k gongende woes him Se haftend 3 swigdun 3 
fyligdun ondreordun 3 to ginom efter sona twelfe ongan Seem cweoSa Sa Sing weron him towordu 33. 

forfcon heono we stigas hierusalem 3 sunu monnes gisald biS aldurmonnum sacerda 3 uS-wutum 3 iiiniSrias 
hine to deoSa 3 sellas hine haeSnuwi 34. 3 bismerigas hine 3 spittas ... 3 hiee swingas hine 3 bice cwellaS 

hine 3 Sy Sirdan daege arises 35. 3 gineolicadun to him iacobu* 3 whunnes sunu zehededes cweSende la 

larwa wallon we f;te swa swa we wilnias Su doe us 36. soS he cwaeS him hwact wilnigaa ge fte ic doe 

iow 37. 3 cwedun sel us fte an to swiSre Sinre 3 ofcer to Seer swiSra Sinre ge-sitte in wuldre Sinum 

38. Se haAend soSlice cwaeS him ne wutun ge hwaet ge giowigas hu magon ge Sone calic drinca Sone 10 drinco 
k fcaet ful-wiht of Son ic fulwade -p ge sie in-^ifulwade 39. soS hia cwedun him we niajrun Sonwe hteilend 

wutudlice cwaeS him Sone calic ecSon Sone ic drinco ge drinco 3 Sect fulwiht of Scorn ic biom gifulwad Se ge 



10 SoN'ht nis hit Da min inc to syllenc 
-f gyt sitton 00 mine swySran healfe oSSe 
on | a wynstran. ac pam pe hit ge-gearwod 

41 pa ge-bulgon pa tyne hi be Iacobe 1 
Iohanne ; 

412 Da clypode se haelend hi 1 cw; Wite 
ge jl J\a Se on J^eoduw ealdor-scype hab- 
baS -p hyra caldras anweald ofer hi hab- 

43 SoSlice on eow hit nis swa. ac swa 
hwyle swa wyle mid eow yldest beon se byS 
eower pen. 

44 ] se Se wyle on eow fyrmest beon. se 
by]? ealra [eow; 

45 SoSliee ne com mannes snnu. -p him 
man Jrenode. ac "p he Jrenode. 1 his savvle 
sealde for manegra alysednysse ; 

Dysge-byra* ^q \%a comon hi to gericho 1 he ferde 

on sunnan da?g If o 

d* h e lga \ ^ fra/w gerichol hisleorning-cnihtas 

1 mycel menegn. timeus sunu bartimens 
saet blind wiS J?one weg waedla. 

47 j?a he ge-hyrde ~p hit waes se naza- 
reniscea haelend. he on-gan pa clypian 1 
cweSan; Haelend. dauides sunu gemiltsa me; 

48 pa budon him manega "p he suwode. 
he clypode ]?a j?aes Se ma miltsa me dauides 
sunu ; 

49 Da aet-stod se haelend 1 het hine cly- 
pian ; pa saedou hi pam blindan. beo ge- 
heortra 1 aris. se haelend pe clypaS ; 

Various Headings. 

40. A. omits na.. A. syllanne; B. sylle. A. ge-earwod. 
41. A. hig. 42. A. B. hig. A. ealder-scipe. A. heora. 
A. hig. 44. A. yldest [/or fyrmest]. 46. A. B. hig. 
A. hiericho. A. iericho. A. maenio ; B. menigeo. 47. A. 
nazarenisca. 48. A. swigode. 49. A. hig. 

40 SoSlicc nis hit na min inc to sylle 
|? act gyt sittcn on mine swiSren healfe. 
odSe on j?a wynstren. ac j)am pe hit 
ge-gearewod is. 

41 pa gc-bulge ]?a teonc hyo be Iacobe 
] johanne. 

42 Da cleopede se haelend hyo 1 cwaeS. 
Wite ge ~p j?a pe on j-eoden caldorscype 
haebbeS J)aet heore ealdres anweald ofer hyo 

43 SoSlice on eow hit nis swa. ac swa 
hwile swa wile mid eow eldest beon. se 
beoS eower pen. 

44 !) se on eow wile fermest beon. se 
beoS ealre j?eow. 

45 SoSlice ne com mannes sune. J"aet 
him man J?enode. ac •p he J?enode. 1 his 
sawle sealde for manegre alysendnysse. 

46 T"\A comen hyo to jerico. 1 he ferde 
JL/ fraiw ierico 1 his leorning-cnihtes 

1 micel manege 1 timeus sunu bartimeus sunu 
saet blind wiS j?anne weig waedle. 

47 pa he ge-herde j5 hit waes se naza- 
reisca haelend. he on-gan clepien. 1 cwaeS- 
en. Haelend dauiSes sune ge-miltse me. 

48 pa buden him manege paet he swiged- 
en. he cleopede pa J^aes pe ma. miltse me 
dauiSes sune. 

49 Da aet-stod se haelend 1 het hine cle- 
pian. Da saigden hyo }?am blinden. beo 
ge-heortra 1 aris. se haelend pe clypaS. 

Variotis Readings. 

40. sitton; swifcran ; o$$e ; winstran; ge-garewed. 41. 
ge-bulgon; tyne. 42. elypede; beoduwi ealdor-scype hab- 
be$ ; heora eldres ; habbaS. 43. bi$. 44. wille fyirmest ; 
by* ealra. 45. mann ; manegra alysednissa. 46. comon ; 
gericho ; gerico; leorning-cnihtas ; menega; om. second 
sunu ; bonne ; waedla. 47. nazarenisca ; on-gan ba cly- 
pian ; cvvecSan. Halend dauides sunu ge-miltsa. 48. ma- 
nega; swugode; clypode; bes; miltsa; dauides. 49. et- 
stod ; halend ; hin clepyau ; saegden ; blindan. 


sitta witediice to swiSra minra + to winstra ne is min to sellanne ah Saem 
4U sedere autem ad dexteran* meam uel ad sinistram non est meum dare sed quihus 

gegearuad is " j ge-herdon Sa teno ongunnun wuraeSia of iacob 3 iohanne se hselend • U 4 ii 

palatum est. 41 *Lt audieutes decern coeperunt indignari de iacobo et iohanne. 42 iesus lu.cchcx. 

mt. cciii. 

MMXedlice ceigde hia cuoeS him wutasgie forSon Sas SaSe gesene sint -p hia aldordom hasdniim ^e waeldes 
autem uocans eos ait illis satis quia hi qui uidentur principal gentibiw dominant™- 

Seem* him 3 aldor-menn hiora maeht habhas hiora -rSaera ne suae^Sus is*se uuteife-rhuoeSre in 

eis et principes eorum potestatem habent ipsorum. 43 non ita est autem in 

iuih ah sua hua seSe waelle wosa maara-rhera bieS-l'sie iwer hera-rembehtmonn 3 sua hua; seSe 

uobis sed quicumqe*e uoluerit fieri maior erit uester minister. 44 et quicumqwe 

waelle in iuh forSmest wosa bie-}"se allra Srael-resne forSon 3 sunu monnes ne cuom • 115 •— 

uoluerit in uobis primus esse erit omnium seruus. 45 *Nam et rilius hominis non uenit ">• xc'i. «xxu. 

mt. cciiii. 

-pte ge-erabehta him ah -pte he ge-embehtade oSrwm 3 -pte he salde sawel his lesnise-1' to lesinc fore 

ut ministraretur ei sed ut ministrarei et daret animam suam redemtionem pro 

monigum 3 cuomon to hiericho 3 miS Sy foerde he4"hine faerende in Sa burug 3 Segnas his •XXXIII1 

multis. 46 *Et ueniunt hierichum et proficiscente eo hiericho et discipuli eius 116. ii. 

lu. ccxxitii. 

mt. ecu. 
3 mi5 monig-fald here -l" 3 menigo monigfald sunu timaeies blind gesaet aet-tneh woeg giornade 

et plurima mjiltitudine filius timaei bartimaeus caecus sedebat iuxta uiam mendicans. 

seSe miSSy geherde fte se haelenrf nazaresca webs ongann cliopia 3 cuoeSa la suuu dauiSes h?e\end 
47 qui cum audisset quia \esus nazarenus est coepit clamare et dicere fili dauid iesus 

milsa mines 
miserere mei. 

3 stiordon him menigo -pte he suigde soS he micla suiSor ge-cliopade 

48 et comminabantur ei multi ut taceret at ille multo magis clamabat 

la sunu SauiSes miltsa mines 
fili dauid miserere mei. 

3 stod se haelend geheht hine ceiga 3 ceigdon Sone blindo 
49 et stans iesus praecepit ilium uocari et uocant caecum 

hia cuoeSende him glaedd-mod wsbs Su aris ceigas Sec 
dicentes ei animaequior esto surge uocat te\ 

40. sittas witudlice on Sa swiS min -r on {5a wynstra ne is min to sellanne iow ah Seem Se gigeorwad is 
41. 3 giherdun Sa tenu ongunnun wraSiga of iaco6e 3 iohunne 42. Se hx\pnU wutudlice ceigde liiae cwaeS 

to him wulaa ne forSon Sas SaSe fiisej. r ene biaS -p hia; aldor-dom haeStium gi-W8Bldaa SaMii-l'hini 3 aldor-nien hiora 
maehte habbaS hio-r<5ara 43. ne swa-r'Sus is wutudlice in iow ah swa hwa swa welle W088 mara-1'hera biS 

iower hera 4" embihtmOD 44. 3 swa hwa swa welle in iow aerist -r foe r* must wosa hi* Se alra Srsel •!' esne 
45. forSon 3 sunu monnes ne com -pte gi-embihte him ah -pto gi-einbihtade oSrum 3 saldu sawle his lesnisse fore 
moniiium 46. 3 cumun to hiericho 3 miSSy foerde Ida; in Sa burug 3 Sennas his 3 miS monig-falde mengu 

sunu timees hunimrus blind pi>&'tt neh-raet woege giornde 47. seSe misfcy giherde fca-ttc Su ha>l/»wrf naza- 

renisca wa;s on-gan cliopiga 3 cweoSa sunu dauiSes hadund gemilsa me 43. 3 miSSy Btiordun him Sio mengu 

fte SWigede soS he miclu swiSor cliopadu sunu dauiSes milsa me 4'J. 3 gistod Se \\ai\erut gihuht hinu cega 

3 ceigdun Sone-rSa blindu cweSende him glasdmod wes Su aris ceiga Sec 




M) lie pa awearp liis reaf U forft raesde. 
7 to him com ; 

51 Da cwjcS sc haelend. hwaet wylt }m 
•f ic ]o do ; j?a cwacS he. lareow ^ ic 

5 l 2 pi cwacS sc haelend to hi;//. g;i p'm 
geleafa pe halne gedyde. 7 he sona geseah 
7 him fyligde on wege ; 

Dy* ge-byra{5 
feower wucon 
xr myddan 
wmtran. A. 



he ge-nealoehte hicrusale/?/ 7 
bethania to oliuetes dune, he 
sende his twegen leorning-cnihtas. 

2 7 cwaeS to him. faraj? to pam castele pe 
[ongean] inc ys and gyt par sona gemetaS 
assan folan getigedne. ofer J^aene nan man gyt 
ne saet. untigeaS hine ] to me gelaedaS; 

3 And gyf hwa to inc hwaet cwyS. secgaS 
"p drihten haefS his neode. 7 he hine sona 
hider laet. 

4 ] pa hi ut-ferdon hi gemetton j?one 
folan ute on twycenan beforan dura, ge- 
tigedne. J?a untigdon hi hine 

5 7 sume pe j?ar stodon Jms ssedon him ; 
Hwaet do gyt J^one folan untigende. 

6 J?a cwaedon hi ; Swa se haelend unc 
bead 7 hi leton hi J?a ; 

7 Da laeddon hi J?one folan to pam hael- 
ende 7 hi hyra reaf on a-ledon 7 he on 
saet ; 

Various Readings. 


50. A. hys reaf awearp; B. his reaf awearp. 52. A. 

Cap. xi. 1. A. olifetes. 2. A. B. castelle. A. ongean; 
B. ongen ; which the Corpus MS. omits. B. getiggedne. 
A. >one. 4. A. hyg. A. hig. B. twycinan. A. hig. 6. 
A. B. big. A. hig. A. B. hig. 7. A. hig (tuice>; B. hig 
(once). A. heora. 

50 he }?a his reaf awarp. 7 for<5 raesde. 
7 to him com. 

51 Da cwaeS se haelend. hwaet wilt p\\ 
pait ic pe do. pa cwaL ,: S he. lareow. -p ic 

52 f?a cwaeS se haelend to him. Ga; pin 
ge-leafe. pe halne ge-dyde. 7 he sona ge- 
seah. 7 hym felgde on weige. 



he ge-nehlahte ierusalem 7 
bethania to oliuete dune. he 
sende his twegen leorning-cnihtes. 

2 7 cw. to heom. FareS to j?am castele 
pe on-gean inc ys 7 gyt j?aer sone ge-meteS 
assen fole ge-teidne; ofer J?ane nan man 
geot ne saet. unteigeS hine 7 to me ge-laedeS. 

3 And gyf hwa to ginc aht cvveS; seggeS 
•f drihten haefd his neode. 7 hyo hine sona 
hider laet. 

4 7 J?ahyo ut ferden hyo ge-metten Jeanne 
fole ut on twi-cinan be-foran dure ge-teigdne. 
J?a unteigden hyo hine. 

5 ] sume pe j?aer stoden J?us saigden heom. 
Hwat do gyt j?an folen unteygende. 

6 j?a cwae^en hyo swa se haelend unc 
bead. 7 hyo leten hyo pa. 

7 Da laedden hyo J?anne folan to J?am 
haelende. 7 hyo heora reaf on aleigden. 7 
he on saet. 

Various Readings. 

50. awearp. 61. halend. 52. halend; fyligde. 

Cap. xi. 1. ge-neahlacte ; dune. 2. FaraS ; J>ar sona 
ge-meta<5 assan folan getygedne; )>Eene; geat; saet; ut- 
tygefc (sic). 3. inc hwaet cwy $ ; hsefS. 4. ferdon ; ge- 
metton Jjone folan ; befora dora getegdne ; un-tygdon. 5. 
stodon; saegdon; }?one folan untygende. 6. cwaeden ; 

halend ; hi [for second hyo]. 7. lseddon; J>onne; halende; 
alegdon ; set. 


seSe forewoearp k miSSy gewearp woedo his geswigde cuom to him 

50 qui proiccto uestimento suo exiliens ueuit ad eum 

3 onduearde 
51 et respondens 

se hselewrf 




wilt Su 



■J5 ic gedoe 

se blinde 




laruu god 


ic gesii -1" maege sea 

se h&lend uutedlice cuoeS him gaa geleafo Sin Sec 




52 iesus autera ait illi uade fides tuo te saluum fecit et confestim 

gesaeh 3 fylgde hine in woeg 

uidit et sequebatur eum in uiam. 


3 miSSy to-geneolecdon to hierusaliwi 3 to mor oelebeama sende tuoege of 

1 *Et cum adpropinquarent hirosoljmae et bethaniae ad montem oliuarum mittit duos ex • XXXV. 

117. ii 

lu. ccxxxii. 

Segnum his 3 cuoeS Saem gaaS in burig f is fora. ongeaegn iuh 3 sona mt - ccui - 

discipulis suis. 2 et ait illis ite in castellum quod est contra uos et statim 

in-eodon -Hn-geongas ■£ in gie onfindes -p fola gebunden ofer -r on Sene ne aenig get monna gesaet 

introeuntes illud inuenietis pullum ligatu?/i super quern nemo athuc hominum sedit 

un-bindes Sene 3 to-laedes 
soluite ilium et adducite. 

3 gif hua iuh cuoeSas huaed doaS gie cuoeSas fte drihtne 
3 et si quis uobis dixerit quid facitis dicite quia domino 

behoflic -i - ned-Sarf is 3 sona hine forlaetes hider 

necessarius est et continuo ilium dimittet hue. 

3 foerdon on-fundon fola 

4 *Et abeuntes inuenerunt pullum • us. ii. 

gebunden aer-tbefora Son dor uta act woegena geletum 3 un-binde hia hine 
ligatum ante ianuam foris in biuio et soluunt eum. 

lu. ccxxxiii 
mt. ccuiii. 

3 sume of Ser 
5 et quidam de illic 

stondendum cuoedon him huaed doaS gie un-bindas Sone fola 
stantibus dicebant illis quid facitis soluentes pullum. 

Sa Se cuoeden him suae gehaten 
6 qui dixerunt eis sicut praece- 

haefde him se haelend 3 forleorton him 
perat illis iesus et dimiserunt eis. 

3 laaddon -p fola to Saem hxlende 3 on-setton him 
7 et duxerunt pullum ad \esum et inponunt illi 

gegerelo his 3 saett ofer k on hine k Sene 
uestimenta sua et sedit super eum. 

50. se Se forworpe gi-\vedo his gigwigende com to him 51. 3 ondsworade him Se hxlend cwodS hwret wylttu 
•p ic Se gidoe Se blinda wutudlice cwseS him larow good -pte ic gi-sie 52. Se haelewd wutudlice cwaoS to him 
t^aa gileafa Sin Sec halne gidocs 3 sona gisa'h 3 fyligde him on woeg 

Cap. XI. 1. 3 miSSy to-&rineolicadun hierusalem 3 bethania to more ocle-beomes sende twoegc of Segnum his 
2. 3 cwaeS Ssem gaa in caestre -JSte on-gaegn iow iow (sic) 3 sona ingongas Saet ge onfindes Sone fola gihundenne 
ofer Sone gett naenig monn gisajtt un-hindas Sone 3 to-gi-laedas 3. 3 gif hwelc iow bi-cweSes hwa-t doaiS ge 

cweoSaa Saette drihtne bihoefe k ned-Sarf is 3 soi\a hine forletas hider 4. 3 foerdun onfundnn fola gibundenne 
hifora Ssen dore ute act woega gileturw 3 unbundun hine 5. 3 sume of Sa>r stondendum cwedun liim hwSBt 

doas ge unbindas Sone fola 6. SaSe cwedun him swa gihaten haefde hia Se hvn\end 3 forleortun hine 7. 3 
laeddun Sone fola to Sam hx\ende 3 onsettun hine gi-gerlu his 3 savt ofer him 


S Manega byra reaf on J>onc weg streht- 
on. Bunic J\a boccras of pam treowuw h cow- 
on 1 Btreowodon on Jone weg. 

J) 3 J\i Se beforaD eodon 1 pa 8c <*efter 
folgodon cwicdon fnis osanna sy gebletsod 
sc J^e com on drill tncs naman ; 

10 Si gebletsod ~f rice pe com nres faedcr 
dauidefl osanna on heahnessuw ; 
Dissection n And lie code ha on bicrosolima tempi 

pone feorgao ( ' . * 

Mge-dcgofer ] callc bing he be-sccawodc ; pa aefen tima 

penteoostm. . .. 

(\vn introivet wits be ferdc to bctliainam mid his twelf 

\esu6 hierosoli- 

maminteni- lconiinff-Cllill til til I 

plum. A. & ' 

12 And opnvti daege pa hi ferdon fram 
bethania hine hingrode ; 

13 Da he feorran geseah an fic-treow pe 
leaf haefde he com 1 sohte hwae^er he J?ar on 
aht funde J?a he h\m to com ne funde he j?ar 
bnton leaf ane; SoSlice hit waes j:aes fic- 
trcowes tima ; 

14 pa cw he. heonon forS on ecnesse 
ne etc aenig mann waestm of pe. 1 his leorn- 
ing-cnihtas j;aet gchyrdon ; 

15 T^a coraon hi eft to hierusalew 1 pa 
X he on -p tempi code he ongann 

drifan of pam temple syllende ] bicgende. 1 
mynetera j?rocu. 1 heah-setlu pe pa culfran 
cypton he to braec. 

16 ] he* ne gej?afode f aenig man aenig faet 
"Surh -f tempi baere 

17 3 he j?a laerende ^us cw to him ; Nis 
hit awriten ~p min hus fram ealhuw feodum 
biS ge-nemned gebed-hus. softlice ge dydon 

• ~p to sccaSena scracfe ; 

Various Headings. 
8. A. heora. A. B. boceras [as in the text]. B. heowun. 
A. streowedon; B. strewodon. 9. A. folgedon. A. sig. 
10. A. Sig. A. heannyssum. 11. A. tempel. 12. A. B. 
hig. 13. A. fcaer (2nd time). 14. A. beonen. A. man. 
15. Space for rubric in A. B. A. ANd \>a.. A. B. hig. 
A. tempel. A. ongan. B. mynetra. B.ciptun. 16. A. 
)?ur. A. tempel. 

8 Mancga hcore reaf on £>ane wcig streht- 
en. snmc j?a boges of J?am trewen h cowan. 
*J strcoweden on Jeanne wcig. 

9 *J J 1 a pe be-forcn cod en 1 J?a pe aeficr 
folgcden cwarSen J?us. osanna; syo gc-blctsed 
se pe com on drihtcnes name. 

10 sy bletscd pact rice pe com urcs faeder 
daurSes osanna on hchnysscn. 

11 1 he eode J:a on ierosolima temple. "J 
eallc j?ing he bc-sccawede. Da afen time waes 
he ferde to bethania mid his twelf leorning- 

12 And o|?ren daige ]?a hyo ferden fram 
bethanie him hingrede. 

13 Da he ferren ge-seah an fic-treow pe 
leaf haefde. he com 1 sohte hwaeSer he ))aer 
on aht funde. J?a he him to com; no funde 
he j?aer buton leaf ane. Sodlice hit waes ];as 
fic-treowes time. 

14 Da cwseS he. beonen forS on ecnysse 
ne aete anig man waestme of pe. 1 his leorn- 
ing-cnihtes ~p ge-hyrden. 

15 T7\ a comen hy° eft to ierusalem 7 
i-/ J?a he on ~p tempel eode. he 

gan drifen of |?am tempel syilende 1 byg- 
gende. *) munetera J?rocu. ] heah-setle. pe 
)?a culfran cheptan he to-braec. 

16 J he ne ge-j?afode -p anig man anig fet 
Jmrh }?a tempel baere 

17 "J he j?a laerende Jnis cweeS to heom. 
Nis his awriten ~f min bus fram eallen 
J?eoden beoS ge-nemned bed hus. soSlice 
ge dydon j5 to scalene scerefe. 

Various Headings. 

8. heora ref ; )?one ; strehton ; boceras (altered to bogas) ; 
treowvw ; strewodon ; ^one. 9. beforan ; folgodon ; ge- 
bletsod ; drihtnes naman. 10. Si ge-bletsod ; dauides. 
11. tempi; be-sceawode; sefentima; bethaniam; leoming- 
cnihtum. 12. yEnd o<5rum dasge; ferdon; bethania hine. 
13. feorran; hwe<5er; tima. 14. heonon; ete eenig mann 
woestm ; leorning-cnihtas; ge-hyrdon. 15. com an ; tempi; 
temple; bicgende; mynetra procu; heah-setlu; ceptan. 
16. aenig (2nd time); \>&t tempel. 17. lerende; ealluw 
feodum bi<5 ; soSlic: scaj^ena sciaefe. 


menigo uutedlice woedo his legdon-l'braedon on uoeg o*ero uutedlice *a twiggo-r*a telgo gebugun-1- 

8 rnulti auteni uestimenta sua strauerunt iu uia alii autem frondes ° caede- 

rendon of *jem trewum 3 tredon on *sem woeg 3 ,*a *e fore eodon 3 *a *e fylgdon 

bant de arboritws et sternebant in uia. 9* Et qui praeibant et qui sequebantur • 119. i. 

lu. cexxxiiii. 
cliopadun cuoeSende la hsel wwsig se gebloedsad se *e cuom in noma drihtnes sie gebloedsad £te mt^cuiiii 

clamabant dicentes osanna benedictus qui uenit in nomine domini. 10 benedictum quod 

cuom ric fadores uses dauides la hsel usic in heanissum 3 inn-eode hierusalem in 

uenit regnum patris nostri dauid osanna in excelsis. 11* £t introiuit hierosolima in * XXX VI. 

120. ui. 
temple 3 mi**y ymsceawde allum mi**y gee efrn woes tld gefoerde on bethawm mi* ""' CC " 1U " 

templum et circumspectis omnibus cum iam uespere esset hora exiuit in bethaniawi cum 

tuoelfuwi 3 o*er daeg mi* *y foerdon from bethama gewyncerde 3 mi* *y geseeh 

duodecim. 12 et alia die cum exirent a" bethania esuriit. 13 cumq?<e uidisset 

fearra f fic-beam haebbende leafo cuom gif huaet ea*a k woenunga gemitte in iaer-ron *a3in 3 mi* *y 
a longe ficum habentem folia uenit si quid forte inueniret in ea et cum 

gemitte -r gecuome to *ser ilea noht infand buta leafo ne for*on waes tid *ara fic-beama 3 

uenisset ad earn nihil inuenit praeter folia non enim erat tempus ficorum. 14 et 

onduearde cuoe* him uutedlice ne i no leng in ecnise aenig monn waestm from *e ete* 
respondens dixit ei iam non amplius in aeternum quisquam fructum ex te manducet 

3 geherdon *e»nas his 3 cuomon to hierusafem 3 mi**y infoerde f tempel ongann 

et audiebant discipuli eius. 15* Et ueniunt hierosolimam et cum introisset templum coepit * 121. i. 

lu. cexxxuiii. 
io. xxi. 
fordrifa *a bebycendof 3 *a byegendo in temple 3 beado *ara mynetro 3 seatlas bebyegendra mt. ccxi. 

eicere uendentes et ementes in templo et mensas nummulariorum et cathedras uendentium ti.ceapemenn. 

*a culfras of-cerde k ut draf 3 ne gelefde fte eenig oferferede faet *erh * tempel 

columbas euertit. 16 et non sinebat ut quisquam trans-ferret uas per templum. 

3 lcerde cuoe*ende him ah ne auritten is -pte hus min hus gebedd geceiged 

17 et docebat dicens eis nonne scribtum est quia domus mea domus orationis uocabitur 

allum cynnum gie uutedlice ge-worhton-1'dydon hia k *a ilea cofa *eafana 

omnib?^ gentibws uos autem fecistis earn speluncam latronum. 

8. *io mengu wutudlice giwedo hiora braeddun k legdun on woeg o*re *onne *a twigu gibegdun k rendun *a 
telge of *aem treum 3 stredun on *one woeg 9. 3 *a *e fore eodun 3 *a *e fyligdan cliopadun cwe*ende 
la hael vaih 10. se gibletsad se*e com in noma drihtnes sie gibletsad f com in rice fadoi uses dauiSes la 

hael usih in heonissum 11. 3 ineode hierusalem in temple 3 mi**y ymb-aceowade all mi**y isc efern wacs 

..gifoerdein bethania mi* twelfum 12, 3 o*re da'ge mi**y foerdun from betlia gihyncrede 13. 3 mi**y 

gi-saeh feorra *oii fic-beom haebbende leof com gif <je hwaet ea*a gimitte in *a;m 3 mi**v coniun to Seem DOWiht 
infand butun leofum ne for*on woes tid *ara fic-beoma 14. 3 oiul-sworade CW8B* him WUtudllCC no leng in 

ecnisse eraig mon from *e waostem ete* 3 gi-herdun *egnas his 15. 3 comon to hierusalem 3 my**y in-foerdun 
*one tempel onjjan fordrifa *a bibyecende 3 *a bibycende (*ic) in temple 3 beodo Sara lnynetcra 3 Beotlaa bibyc- 
cendra *a culufra ofcerde + fordraf 16. 3 ne gi-lefde fte eenig oferfterende-l'ftBrende were feel Serb *a-t tempel 

17. 3 laerde cweSende him ah ne awriteu is -pie hus min hus gibedes gi-ceged bi* allum cynnum ge wutodlice 
yiworhtun ga-l'lna; cofa 4' by dels Seafana 



18 Da ]>a?ra saccrda caldras } pa boccras 
8is ge-hyrdon. lii jwhton hu hi liinc for- 
Bpildoo. pch lii him adredon liinc. forSaw 
call sco mcnigu wundrode be his hire; 

19 And J>a hit aefen waes lie code of j?aere 
ccastre ; 

20 On mcrigen ]^a hi ferdon. hi ge- 
sawon "p fic-trcow for-scruncen of pam wyrt- 
runian ; 

21 pa cwaeS petrus. lareow. loca hu for- 
scranc ~p fic-trcow pc Su wyrigdest ; 

22 Da cwaeS se haelend Kun and-swari- 
gendc. habbaS godes truwan. 

23 ic secge eow to so^e. swa hwyle swa 
cwyjj to Sisuw munte. si pu afyrred 7 on 
see aworpen. 3 on his heortan ne twynaS 
ac gelyfS swa hwaet swa he cwyS gewurSe 
j)is. ~p gewyrS; 

24 Forpam ic eow secge swa hwaet swa ge 
gyrnende biddaS gelyfaS -p ge hit onfoS. 
1 hit eow be-cymS ; 

25 And ponne ge standaS eow to ge- 
biddenne. forgifaf* gif ge hwaet agen aenig- 
ne habbaS. -p eow eower synna forgyfe 
eower heofonlica faeder se Se on heofonwra 

26 Gif ge ne forgyfaS ne eow. eower 
synna ne forgyfS eower heofonlica faeder ; 

27 IT^ia com he eft to hierusalew. 3 J?a 


J-^ he on pam temple eode him to 
genealaehton J?a heah-sacerdos 1 boceras !! 

Various Readings. 

18. A. B. trig. A. trig (twice). A. hyne hym ondredon. 
A. mamigeo. 20. A. B. mergen. A. B. hig. A. hig. B. 
wurlruman. 21. B. wyrgdyst. 23. A. (sys. A. sig. A. 
tweonafc. A. ge-weor$e. 25. A. ge-byddanne. A. heofen- 
lica. A. heofenum. 26. A. faeder )>e on heofenura ys. 
27. A. heah-sacerdas. 

18 Da j?are saccrde caldrcs 1 pa boceres 
J?is ge-hyrden. hyo Jwhtcn hu hyo hine for- 
spilden. J?eah hyo heom on-draedden hine. for 
J?an call syo manigco wundrede be his laere. 

19 3 pa hit aefen waes he eodc of j^arc 

20 On morgen J?a hyo ferden. hyo ge- 
seagen j5 fic-trcow for-scruncen of J?am wert- 

21 Da cw. petrus. Lareow. loca hu for- 
scranc "p fic-trco pe Jm wergedest. 

22 j?a cwaeS se haelend him andsweriende. 
haebbed godes truwan 

23 ic segge eow to so^e. swa hwile swa 
cwaeS to Jrise munte. syo pu aferred 1 on 
sae aworpen. 1 on his heorte ne tweoneS ac 
ge-lyfS swa hwaet swa he cweS ge-wurSe 
Jris. hit ge-wurS. 

24 for J?an ic eow segge swa hwaet swa ge 
gyrnende bydSed ge-lyfaS ~p ge hit on-foS 
1 hit eow be-cymS. 

25 And panne ge standed eow to ge- 
byddenne. for-gyfeS gyf ge hwaet agen 
anigene haebbed. J?aet eow eower senne for- 
gieue. eower hefenlice faeder se pe on heofene 

26 Gyf ge J?anne ne for-gyfeS. ne eow eower 
senne ne for-gyfS ower heofenlice faeder. 

27 "l^A com he eft to Ierusalem. 3 J?a 
j he on J?am temple eode him to 

ge-neahlacten pa heah-sacerdes. 1 boceres 3 

Various Readings. 

18. sacerda ealdras; boceras; ge-hyrdun; }>ohton; for- 
spildon. }>eh; adreddon; f?am; menegeo wundrode; lare. 
19. afen. 20. ferdon; gesawen ; wurt-truma«. 21. for- 
scran (sic) ; wyrgdyst. 22. halend; andsvvariende. hab- 
bad. 23. cwyS ; sy ; afyrred ; heortan ; twine* ; cwyfc. 
24. \>a.m; byddaS. 25.iEnd )>onne; standeS; ge-byddane; 
habbafc; synna forgyfe ; heofonlice; heofonan. 26. >onne; 
for-gyfaS; eowra synna; eower hefonlica. 27. ge-neah- 
lsehton ; heah-sacerdas ; boceras ; ealdras. 


mi$$y of<5on waes gehered Saem aldormonuwi sacerda 3 ufcuuto sohton huu hine 

IS* Quo audito principes sacerdotum et scribse quaerebant quomodo eum " 122. '• 

■* 111 l*PTTTIlii 

hia acuoella maehton ondreardon forfcon hine fte all fcreat waes gewundrad i gewundrade ofer 

perderent timebant enim eum quoniam uniuersa turba admirabatur super 

lu. ccxxxuiui. 
io. lxxxu. 
mt. ccxx. 

lar his 

doctrina eius. 

3 miSSy efrn aworden were frow-foerde of ceastre 
19* Et curn uespera facta esset egrediebatur de ciuitate. 

3 mifcfcy 
20 et cum * 123. x. 

arlice ofer foerdon gesegon f fic-beam druige aworden of wyrtrumum 3 eft-myndig waes peter 

mane transirent uiderunt ficum aridam factam a radicibws. 21 et recordatus petrus 

cuoeS him la laruu heono fie -beam Ssem <Su yfle cuoede gedrugade 3 ge-onduearde se h&lend cuoeS <5aem 

dicit ei rabbi ecce ficus cui maledixisti aruit. 22* Et respondens iesus ait illis * l24 - ui - 

* mt. cexu. 

habbaS gie gleafo godes sofclice ic cuoeS iuh -pte suaha sefce cuoefcas Sissum more genioma 

habete fidem dei. 23 amen dico uobis quia quicumque dixerit huic monti tollere 

3 senda on sae 3 ne tuaes-tne getuiga in his hearte ah gif gelefe forSon sua hwaet cuoeSas 
et mittere in mare et non haesitauerit in corde suo sed crediderit quia quodcumqwe dixerit 

sie bi$ him gesald forSon ic cuoeSo iuh alle sua huaet gie gebiddas \ biddende ge giuafc gelefes ge 

fiat fiet ei. 24* Propterea dico uobis omnia quaecumque orantes petitis credite * 125 - »"• 

io. cl. 
mt. cexui. 

fte gie onfoe 3 becymeS iuh 3 mi<5$y gie biSon stondende to gebiddanne forletas -r forgeafas 

quia accipietis et ueniet uobis. 25* Et cum stabitis ad orandurra, dimittite " 12n ui - 

1 mt. xliiii. 

gif huset gie habbafc wifc huelc huone o$er -pte 3-r"aec faeder iuer sefce in heofnum is forgefaefc iuh 
si quid habetis aduersus aliquem ut et pater uester qui in caelis est dimittat uobis 

synna merra 
peccata uestra. 

Xaeh se iuh-r-p gif gie nalla<5 forgeafa ne faeder iuer sefce in heofnum is 
26 quod si uos non dimiseritis nee pater uester qui in caelis est 

forgefes iuh 

synna mero 

dimittet uobis peccata uestra. 

3 euomon eftersona to hierusalem 3 mifciSy ge-eode 


27* Et ueniunt rursus hierosoiimam et cum ambularet in • xxxvil. 

temple geneolecdon to him heh-sacerdas 3 u^fcuuto 3 $a aeldesto 

tewiplo accedunt ad eum summi sacerdotes et scribae et seniores. 

127. ii. 
lu. ccxl. 

nit. cexuii. 

18. mifcSy wses gihered <5aem aldormonnum sacerda 3 u<5-wutum sohtun hu hiao hine gicwellan maehtun ondreor- 
dun forSon hine forfcon all Sreat waes giwundrad ofer lare his I'J. 3 mifcfcy efem giwordcn was from foerde 

of caestre 20. 3 mifcfcy arlice ofer-foerdun gisegun fcone fic-beom dryge aworden of wyrtrumum 21 3 eft 

gimyndig waes petrus cwaefc bim la larow heono fces ficbeom fcaem Su cwede gidrugade 22. 3 giondworde 

Se haelen^ cwaefc <5a;m habbas gilcofa godes 23. so* ic cweSo iow -pte swa hwa cwefces fcissum more ginionia 

3 sende in sae 3 ne twias + ne twioge in heorte his ah gif gilefefc forXon swa hwaet swa he cweofcus sic Bald 
him 24. forSon ic cweoSo iow all swa hwaet swa gebiddas 4' giowigas gilefas ge fcaette ge onfoe 3 bicvnieS 

iowih 25. 3 miSSy ge bioSun stondende to gibiddannc forletas -1' forgeofas gif hwa liahbe wis hwelo hwoogu 

o55er Xing -)5te 3 faeder iower se on heofnum is for-gefefc iow synne iowre 2(> Sahfce gif iowih ne walla-. 

forgeofa ne faeder iower se Se on heofnum is for-gefes iow synne iowrc 27. 3 comun cfter sona in hierosa- 

\em 3 niiS-Sy gieode in tempel gineolicadun to him heh-sacerdas 3 uX-wutu 3 $a coldru 

M 2 


28 1 pns cwedon ; On hwylcuw anwcaldc 
dost pn Sas ping. 1 hwa scaldc pc Sisnc 
anweald p pu Sis do ; 

29 pa cwaeS sc haelend 7 ic alisige eow 
anre spraece JswariaS mc. H ic sccge cow 
ponne on hwylcum anwcaldc ic pis do ; 

30 IlweScr was iohanncs fulluht pc of 
heofonc pe of mannum IswariaS mc; 

31 Da poll ton hi 1 cwaedon betweox him. 
gif we secgaS of heofonc he scgS us hvvi 
nc ge-lyfdc gc him. 

32 gif we secgaB of mannum. we on- 
draedap pis folc. ealle hi haefdon iohannem 
•p he waere so^lice witega ; 

33 pa Dswaredon hi pam haelende 1 cwae- 
don we nyton ; Da cwaeS se haelend. ne ic 
cow ue secge on hwylcuw anwealde ic pas 
plug d6 ; 


1 TT^a ongan he him big-spell reccan. 
■*-S suw« manu him plantode wingeard 

1 be-tynde hine. 1 dealf anne seaS 3 getim- 
brode aenne stypel 1 gesette hine mid eorS- 
tilium. 1 ferde on elpeodignysse ; 

2 pa sende he to pam tiliguw his peow 
on tide f he paes wingeardes waestm onfenge ; 

3 Da swungon hi paene. 1 forleton hine 
idel-hendc ; 

4 And eft he him sende oSerne peow. 
1 hi pone on heafde gewundodon 1 mid 
teonum geswencton ; 

Various Readings. 

29. A. acsige. B. andwealde. 30. B. Hwaefjer. 31. 
A. B. hig. A. heom. A. heofenum. A. hwig. B. omits 
ge. 32. A. hig. B. aefdon. 33. A. hig. B. jnncg. 

Cap. xii. 1. B. bigspel. A. man. A. getymbrede. B. 
C. anne [for aenne]. A. aclfceodignysse. 2. A. tilium. 
3. A. hig fione. 4. A. hig. A. gewundedon. A. ge- 

28 1 pus cwaeSen. On hwilccn anwcaldc 
dcst pu pas ping- 1 hwa scaldc pe pisne 
an weald p pu pis do. 

29 pa cwarS sc haelend. 1 ic axie cow 
aure spraece andsweriaS mc. 3 ic segge cow 
panne on hwilcen an-wcalde ic pis do. 

30 HwarSer waes iohannes fulluht pe of 
heofene pe of mannen andsweried me. 

31 Da pohten hyo 1 cwaeSen be-tweoxe 
heom. gyf we seggeS of heofene. he scgS 
us hwi ne ge-lyfde gc hym. 

32 gyf we seggeS of mannen. we on- 
draedeS pis folc. ealle hyo hafden Iohannem 
■p he waere soSlice witege. 

33 Da andswereden hyo paw haelende 1 
cwae^en. we nyten. pa cwaeS se haelend ne 
ic eow ne segge on hwilcen anwealde ic pas 
ping do. 



ia on-gan he heom bispell seggen. Homo quidara 

S, iii- i P'antauit ui- 

umman nym plantede wingeard. neam 3 sepem 

J be-tynde hine. 1 dealf aenne sea<S 1 tym- 

brede aenne stepel. 1 ge-sytte hine mid eor'cS- 

tilian. 1 ferde on a? : SelSeodinysse. 

2 Da sende he to pam tiligen his peow on 
tide, "p he pas wingeardes waestme on-fenge. 

3 pa swungen hyo pane 3 for-leten hine 

4 And eft he heom sende oSerne peow. 
1 hyo pane on heafde ge-wundeden. 1 mid 
teonen ge-swencten. 

Various Readings. 

28. cwaeSon ; hwylcum. 29. halend ; sprace andswariad ; 
\>onne ; hwylcum andwealde. 30. heofone ; mannum and- 
sweriaS. 31. {johton; cwae<Son be-twox; seggafc ; heo- 
fone ; seg. 32. seggaS ; mannum ; haefdon ; ware ; 
witega. 33. andswerodon hi ; cwafcen ; nyton ; hwylcum. 

Cap. xii. 1. big-spell reccan ; plantode; ge-sette; sedel- 
Seodignysse. 2. tiligan; waestm. 3. J^onne; for-leton. 
4. eom ; };onne ; teonum ge-swencton. 


3 cuoefcaS him on suahuelc maeht fcas <5u does 3 hua Se salde isios -t ^Sis maeht fte 
28 et dicunt illi in qua potestate haec facis et quis tibi dedit lianc potestatem ut 

t5as $u doses se ha?l?nd uutedlice onduearde cuoefc him k <5sem ic fregna iuih a?c ic anum 

ista facias. 29 iesus autem respondens ait illis interrogabo uos et ego unum 

worde 3 ondueardas me 3 ic cuoefco iuh on sua huselcum maeht $as ic doe-rdoam ful- 

uerbum et respondete mihi et dico nobis in qua potestate haec faciam. 30 bap- 

uiht iohannes of heofne wees o£$e from monuw ondueardas me cuoetS him + soS hia 

tismum ioharmis de caelo erat an ex hominibws respondete mihi. 31 ait illi 

ge-smeadon mi$ him cuoeiSende gif we cuoeSaS of heofne he wil cuoeSa for huon <5onne ne gelefefc gie 
cogitabant secum dicentes si dixerimus de caelo dicet nobis quare ergo non credidistis 

him gif we cuoeSaS from monnum ondreardon f folc alle for<5on haefdon iohannem 

ei. 32 si dixerimus ex homim'btts timebant populum omnes enim habebant iohannem 

for$on so$-lice witgo wees 3 ondueardon cuoeSon Saem hselende neutu woe ge-onduearde 

quia uere propheta esset. 33 et respondentes dicunt iesu nescimus respondens 

se haelend cuoe<5 to him ne sec ic cuoeiSo iuh on sua huelcer maeht <5as ic doam 
iesus ait illis neqiie ego dico uobis in qua potestate haec faciam. 


3 ongann Saem k him on bispellum sprecca wingeard gesette monn 3 ymb-salde haga 3 
1* Et coepit illis in parabolis loqui uineam pastinauit homo et circumdedit srepem et * 128. ii. 

lu. ccxli. 
mt. ccxuiiii. 
dalf sea<5 3 getimberde torr 3 agaef k gefaeste 8a Saem lond-bigencgum 3 fearr gefoerde k faerende 

fodit lacum et aedificauit turrem et locauit earn agricolis et peregre profectus 

wses 3 sende to lond-buendum on tld esne -JSte from Seem lond-buendum onfenge of 

est. 2 et misit ad agricolas in tempore seruum ut ab agricolis acciperet de 

weestm <5aere wingearde $a$e to-gelahton Sene gefcurscon 3 forleorton geonga idelne 3 

lructu uineae. 3 qui adpraehensum eum cederunt et dimiserunt uacuum. 4 et 

efter sona sende to him o<5erne Srael 3 Sene on heafud gewundadon 3 mi$ sceofmum miclum 
iterum misit ad illos alium seruum et ilium in capite uulnerauerunt et contumeliis 


28. 3 cwedun him in hwelce maehte $as $u does 3 hwelc $e salde Sas maehte fte Sas Su does 29. $e 

haelend sofclice ond-sworade cwsefc to him ic gifregno iowih 3 ic ane worde 3 ond-wordas me 3 ic cwefco iow in 
swa hwelce maehte $as doe ic 30. fulwiht iohannes of heofne wses from monnum ond-wordas me 31. cweeS 
him so$ hiae ^ismeadun mi$ him cwefcende gif ge cweo<5as of heofne he wil cweaSa forhwon fconne ne gi-lefa$ 
ge him 32. gif ge cweofcas from monnum we ondreordun Sect folc all forfcon haefdun iohannes forfcon soSlice 

witga waes 33. 3 ond-worde 3 cwaefc «e haelend ne wutun ge ond-worde <5e haelend ewaeX to him ne ec ic 

cwe<5o iow in hwa hwelcer maehte Sas ic dom 

Cap. XII. 1. 3 ongan fcaem-rhim in bispellum spreaca win-geord gisette monn 3 ymb-salde scofce 3 dalf scaS 3 
^itimbrade torr 3 $a agaef k afseste *a fcaem lond-bigengum 3 feor gifoerde k fterende W8B8 2. 3 sende to $a-m 

lond-bigengum on tide esnes fte from Saem lond-buendum onfenge of waestme wingcordcs .'!. SaXc to gineo- 

licadun him gifcurscun 3 forleortun idelne 4. 3 efter sona sende to him oSerne esne 3 fcone on heofud giwnn- 

dadun 3 mix seomum miclum to-giworhtun 


5 And eft he him sumnc sende 3 hi panic 
of-slogon. 3 mancga oprc. sumc hi bcoton. 
Bume hi of-slogon ; 

G pa ha?fde he pa gyt aenne leofostne 
Bunu. pa sende he ait nehstan h'un panic 
1 cwaiS ; Witodlicc mimic sunu hig for- 

7 Da cwacdon pa tilian him hc-tweonan ; 
Her is sc yrfe-numa. uton ofslcan hine. 
powne biS nrc seo yrfeweardnes ; 

8 Hi pa ofslogon hine. 3 wurpon wiS- 
utan pone win-gcard ; 

9 Hwajt deS pass wnigeardes hlaford. he 
cymS 3 fordeS pa tiligean. 3 syl<5 opron 
pone wingeard ; 

10 Ne raedde ge pis gewrit. Se stan pe 
pa wyrhtan awurpon pes ys geworden od 
paere hyrnan heafod. 

11 pis ys fram drihtne geworden 3 hit 
is wun dorlic on uron eagum ; 

12 pa smeadon hi -p hi gefengon hine 
3 hi ondredon pa menigu. hi on-cneowon 
pa -p he pis bigspell to him saede hi ferdon 
pa 3 hine forleton ; 

13 "Vyi sendon hi to him sume of pha- 
j riseuw? 1 herodianum -p hi be- 

fengon hine on his worde ; 

14 Da comon hi 3 pus mid facne cwaedon ; 
Lareow. we witon -p pu eart soSfaast 3 pu 
ne recst be aenegww menn. ne besceawast 
pu manna ansyne. ac pu godes weg laerst 
on soS-faestnysse ; AlyfS gaful to syllanne 
pam casere 

Various Headings. 
5. A. hig (thrice). A. pone. 6. B. anne. A. leofestne. 

7. A. B. betwynan. A. yrfeweardnys ; B. yrfweardnes. 

8. A. hig. A. wyn-eard. 9. A tylian. A. oirum. 10. 
A. heafde. 11. A. uruw. 12. A. B. hig (tivice). A. hig. 
A. mrenegu ; B. raenegu. A. hig. A. big-spel. A. hig. 

13. A. sajdon [for sendon]. A. hig (tivice). A. B. fariseuTW. 

14. A. B. C. hig. A. men. A. gafol. 

Dys sceal on 
])xre xxiiii. 
wucanofer pen- 
tecosten. A. 

5 /Rnd eft he hcom sumne sende 3 hy 
pane of-slogen. 3 manege o^re. sume hyo 
bcoten. sume hyo of-slogen. 

6 pa haefde he pa gyt amnc leofestne 
sune. pa sende he aet pam nexten heom 
pane. 3 cwaeft. * Witodlice mine sune hyo 

7 Da cwaeSen pa tilien. heom bc-tweon- 
en. Her is se earfednume uton of-slean 
hine. Jeanne beoS ure syo earfweardnys. 

8 Hyo pa of-slogen hine. 3 wurpen wiS- 
ute Jeanne wingeard. 

9 hwaet deS pas wingeardes hlaford. he 
cymS 3 for-deS pa tiligen. ] syYS opren 
Jeanne wingeard. 

10 Ne redde ge pis ge-writ. Se stan pe 
pa werhten awurpen pes is ge-worden on 
pare heme heafed. 

11 pis is fram drihten ge- worsen. 3 hyt 
is wunderlic on uren eagen. 

12 pa smaegdon hyo "p hy ge-fengen hine. 
3 hyo on-draedden pa manige hyo on-cneo- 
wen pa "p he pis bispell be heom saigde. 
hyo ferden pa 3 hine for-leten. 

13 TPia saenden hyo to him sume of 
-L' fariseum 3 herodianuw?. "p hyo 

be-fengen hine on his worden. 

14 Da comen hyo 3 pus mid facne cwae<$- 
en. Lareow we witen "p pu ert sodfaest 3 
pu ne recst be anigen men. ne be-sceawest 
pu manne ansiene. ac pu godes weig laerst. 
on sodfaestnesse. AlyfS gafol syllen pan 

Various Readings. 

5. eom ; hyo porane ; manega ; beoton. 6. nextan ; 
parnie; for-wandiafc. 7. cwa3don; tilian; be-tweonan; er- 
fenuma ; of-slan ; powne bi$ ; seo yrfweardnys. 8 wifc- 
uto po/me. 9. dea<5; tiligan ; o%rum ponne. 10. wirhtan 
awurpon; ge-worden; hyrne heafod. 11. ge-worden: 
wundorlic ; urun eagan. 12. smeagdon; hyo [for hy] 
gefengon; hy [for hyo]; menega; on-cneowan ; big-spell; 
ssegde; for-leton. 13. senden; befengon; worde. 14. 
comon; cwsefcon ; eart sofcfsest; senegUTw; be-scewest; 
ansyne ; sofc-faestnysse ; syllan pam. 


3 eftersona o8erne sende sec 8ene ofslogon 

Z momgo o8ero 


8urscun o8ero tec 

5 et rursum alium misit et ilium occiderunt et plures alios quosdaw caedentes alios uero 


<5aa:et for8on-tsec enne-tan hsefde sunu 


Z 8ene sende to hia-Hiim 

6 athuc ergo unum habeus filium karissinium et ilium misit ad eos 

set ende k hlsetmest cuoe8ende for8on k £te hia gefrseppegedon sunu minne 
nouissimum dicens quia reuerebuntur filium meum. 

8a buendo uutedlice 
7 coloni autem 

cuoedon betuih 8is is erfewaerd cymes wutum we ofslae hine Z usra bi8 8iu erfe-weardnise 

dixerunt adinuicem hie est lieres uenite occidamus eum et nostra erit hereditas 



ofslogon Z gewurpon buta 8aem wingeard 

8 et apprehendentes eum occiderunt et eiecerunt extra uineam. 

huset of8on doe* 
9 quid ergo faciet 

hlaferd 8sere wingearde cyme8 Z fordoe8 8a lond-buendo Z sele8 f wingeard o8rum ne writ 

dominus uineae ueniet et perdet colonos et dabit uineam aliis. 10 nee scripturam 

8ius leornadagie f stan 8one for-cuomon getimbradon Sis geworden wses on heafud huommes 

banc legistis lapidem quern reprobauerunt aediiicantes hie factus est in caput anguli. 

from drihtne aworden wses Sis Z is uundorlic on 
11 a domino factum est istud et est mirabile in oculis nostiis. 

Z sohton hine 

12* Et quaerebant eum » 129. i. 

lu. ccxlii. 
io. lxxxuiii. 
to haldanne Z ondreardon ■£ 8reat ongeton hine for8on for8on to him bispell tsios he gecuoe8 D. mt. cexx. 

tenere et timuerunt turbam cognouerunt enim quoniam ad eos parabolam hanc dixerit et 

mi8-8y forleorton hine geeodon Z sendon to him sume from selaruas Z herodes 8egnum 

relicto eo abierunt. 13* Et mittunt ad eum quosdam ex pharisaeis et herodianis * xxxvm. 

130. ii. 
lu. ccxliii. 

fte hine genomo k geteldon in word 8a8e cuomon cuoedon him laruu we uuton fte mt * ccxxni - 

ut eum caperent in uerbo. 14 qui uenientes dicunt ei magister scimus quia 

so8-faest his Z ne gemes 8u senig ne for8on 8u gesiis on onsione monnes ah in so8fsestnise 

uerax es et non curas quemquam nee enim uides in faciem hominis sed in ueritate 

woes drihtnes 8u Iseres is gelefed to seallane geafel 8sem caseri o88e no we seller 

uiam domtui doces 

licet dari 

tributum caesari an non dabimus. 

5. Z efter sona o8erne sende Z ec 8ene ofslogun Z monige o8re sume gi8urscun o8re ec of-slogun 6. 8a 

gett for8on an h&'fde sunu leofne Z hine sende to him set ende-r lsetemest cweXende for8o hisB-l'ge-fra'pegadun 
sunu minne 7. 8a byende wutudlice cwedun him bitwion 8is is erfeword cymas wutum we of-sla hine Z 

usra bi8 8io erfe-wordnis 8. Z gilahtnn hine Z ofslogun Z giwurpun butu 8one wingcord 9. hwset of 80 ti 

dyde-tdoe8 drihten wingeordes cyme8 Z fordoes 8a lond-buende Z sele8 8one wingeard o8rum 10. ne giwriotu 
8as liornadunge fte stan 8onne ofer-comen gitimbradun 8is giworden wses On heofud hwon 11. from drih trie 

aworden m 8is Z is wundur-lic on egum usum 12. Z sohtun hine to haldanne Z ondrcordun 8one 8reot 

on-getun hine for8on to him bispel 8as he gicwaj8 Z mi88y forleortun hine gicodun 13. Z sendun to him 

sume from se-larwum Z herodes 8egnum -fJte hine ginomun-1' jjiteldun on wordum 14. 8a8e comun cweduu 

him larow we wutun 8aette so8fa?st is Z ne gemesttu aenig of 8on k 8a;m ne for8on 8u gisist on onsione monnes 
ah in so8-faestnisse woegas godes lseres is gilefed to scallanne ga-f'el 8a-m casere-rno we sellas 


15 Invader fc we nc syllaS; pa cwneS 
he 3 heora lot-wreno-ceaste wistc. hwi fan- 
dige min bringaS me fonc pcning j5 ichine 


16 fa broh ton hi hi« fa saedc lie hif»; 
Hwaes is feos anlicnys 1 fis ge-\vrit. hi 
cwsedon. Saes cascres ; 

17 Da cwaeft se haelcnd to him. agyfaS 
faw/ casere fa Sing fe faes cascres synd. 1 
gode fa Se godes synd. fa wundrodon hi 
be f am ; 

18 "l^a comon him to sad[u]cei fasecgaS 
j -f aerist ne sy 3 hine ahsodon J 

f ns cwacdon ; 

19 Lareow. moyses us wrat. gif hwaes 
broSor dead biS 1 laefS his wif 1 naefS nan 
beam, -f his broSor nime his wif 1 his broSor 
saed wecce ; 

20 Eornostlice seofon gebrofru waeron. 
3 se aeresta nam wif ] wearS dead na laefedum 

21 And fa nam se oSer hi. 1 wearS dead, 
ne se saed ne laefde ; Gelice se f ridda 

22 1 ealle seofon hi haefdon 1 saed ne 
laefdon; Ealra aeftemest fa forS-ferde •p 

23 On fam aeriste. hwylces fara seofona 
biS "f wif. hi ealle hi haefdon ; 

24 pa Iswarode him se haelend hu ne 
dweligaS ge. forf am f e ge nyton fa halgan 
gewritu ne godes maegen ; 

Various Readings. 

15. B. hiora. A. lot-wrencas ; B. lot-wrenc-ceas. A.hwig 
fandiaS ge. A. penig. 16. A. hig. A. B. hig. 17. B. 
tsincg. B. synt (2nd time). A. B. wundredon. A. hyg. 
18. A. to hym. A. syg. A. acsedon. 19. A. by£ dead. 
A. bro<5er (twice). 20. A. seofen gebrofcro. 21. A. hig. 
22. A. seofen; B. seofan. A. hyg. 23. A. f>aera seofena. 
A. hig (twice). 24. A. dweliaS ; B. dwelegaS. B. ha- 

15 hwaeScr fc we ne syllaS. pa cwaeS 
he 1 heora lotwrences wystc. hwi fandigc 
min. bringeS mc fannc panig -p ich hine 

16 fa broh ten hyo him. pa saigde he 
heom. hwaet is feos anlycnyss. 1 fis ge- 
writ. Hy cwaeSen fas caiseres. 

17 Da cwaeS se haelend to heom. AgyfeS 
fam caisere fa fing fe fas caiseres synde. 
] gode f e godes synde. fa wundredon hyo 
be fam. 

18 "l^a comen hym to saducej. fa saig- 
J goS -p aeriste ne syo. 1 hyo axo- 

den. 1 fus cwaeSen. 

19 Lareow moyses us wrat. Gyf hwEes 
broker dead byoS. "J leafS his wif 1 naefS 
nan beam, "p hys broker nyme his wif. 1 
his broker seed wecce. 

20 Eornestlice seofe broSre waeren 3 se 
areste fa nam wif 3 warS dead, ne laefden 

21 fa nam se oSer hyo 7 warS dead, ne 
se saed ne laefde. Ge-lice se SridSe. 

22 1 ealle seofene hyo haefden 1 saed ne 
laefden. Ealre eftemesta fa forS-ferde ■p 

23 On fam aeriste hwilces fare seofene 
biS ~p wif. hyo ealle hyo haefden. 

24 pa andswerede heom se haelend hu ne 
dweleged ge. for fan f e ge nyten fa halgen 
ge-write ne godes maegen. 

Various Readings. 

15. hyora lotwrencas; }?onne penig; ic. 16. broh ton ; 
saegde; hwses ; anlicnys; hyo; J^aes. 17. AgyfaX ; synd; 
Royal MS. inserts £>a before 2nd \>e ; sint; )?an. 18. 
segge<5; hine [for hyo] axodon; cwaefcon. 19. broSror 
(sic); bits; laffc; brofcor (ticice). 20. seofo bro<5ro WEcron ; 
aeresta; wear*; laefdum. 21. y£nd [for j?a] ; wer<5 ; Gi- 
lice ; dridde. 22. seofan; haefdon; laefdon. Ealra. 23. 
ariste ; fjara seofona ; haefdon. 24. halend ; dwelege<5 ; 
)>am ; nyton ; halgan. 


seSe wiste geswipernise hiora cuoeS Sasm bused niec gie costagcs breriges me pening $te 

15 qui sciens uersutiam eorum ait illis quid' me teintatis adt'erte mihi denanum ut. 

ic gesii soS hia to-brohton 3 euoeS him buses is gelicnes Sios !l in -1" on-merca cuoedon 

uideain. 16 at illi attullerunt et ait illis cuius est imago haec et inscribtio dicunt 

him Sees cseseres geonduearde uutedlice se hsclend cuoeS him geldas forfcon Sa Se sint caeseres 

illi caesaris. 17 respondens autem iesus dixit illis reddite igitur quae sunt caesaris 

Ssem casere 3 SaSe aron godes gode 3 wundradon oier bine 3 cuomon to him 

caesari et quae sunt dei deo et mirabantur super eo. 18* Et uenerunt ad eum •XXXVHII. 

Sa Se cuoseSas erest ne sie 3 frugnun hine Sus cuoSende la laruu 

sadducaei qui dicunt resurrectionem non esse et interrogabant eum dicentes. 19 magister 

moses us awrat -p gef huselc-rsenig broSer dead sie-1'biS 3 forletes f wif-rf hlaf 3 suno ne 
moses nobis scribsit ut si cuius irater mortuus fuerit et dimiserit uxorem et tilios non 

letes-tne lsefes onfoe broSer his hlaf Saes ilce 3 eft-awsecce sed broeSre his scofo 

reliquerit accipiat Irater eius uxorem ipsius et resuscitet semen iiatri suo. 20 septem 

forSon broSro woeron 3 se forSmest onfeng f wif 3 dead waes un-forletne sed 3 

ergo fratres eraut et primus accipit uxorem et mortuus est non relicto semen. 21 et 

Se sefterra onfeng Sa ilea 3 dead waes 3 ne Ses forleort sed k team 3 se Sirdda gelic 

secundus accipit earn et mortuus est et nee iste reliquit semen et tertius similiter. 

3 onfengon Sa ilea gelic Sa seofona 3 ne forleorton 4" ne lscfdon sed 1' team hiu hlsetmest aha 
22 et aeciperunt earn similiter septem et non reliquerunt semen nouissima omnium 

dead wses f wif in erest forSon miS-Sy hea arisaS hwses of Seem bits f wif 

defuncta est mulier. 23 in resurrectione ergo cum resurrexerint cuius de his erit uxor 

seofona forSon hsefdon ■$ ilea wif 3 geonduearde se hsele>?rf cuoeS him ne forSon 

septem enim habuerunt earn uxorem. 24 et respondens iesus ait illis non ideo 

ge duolas ne uutogie-rne ounnoge ge-wuritto ne mseht godes 

erratis non scientes scribturas neqwe uirtutem dei. 

15. seSe wiste giswiopornisse hiora cwseS to him hwset mec gi-costigas brengas me pening flu ic gisie cw»S 
to him 16. soS bise gibrohlun him 3 cwseS to him hwset is Sis gilicnes Sas 3 in- -r on-merca cwedun him Sees 
caseres 17. giondworde wutudh'ce Se hssiend cwseS to bim geldas forSon SaSe sindun caseras Ssem casere 

3 SaSe arun godes godo 3 wundradun ofer hine 18. 3 comun to him . . . SaSe cweaSas serist ne were 3 

frugnun hine Sus cweSende 19. la larow movses us awrat gif hwelc broSer deod sie 3 forletea S;et wif 3 

suno ne letea fte onfoe broSer his lafe Saes ilea 3 eft aweccaS sed broker bis '20. riofune forSon broker 

werun 3 Se foerS-mesta on-fer.g Saet wif 3 dead wses unforletne sed 21. 3 Se a'fterra on-feng Sa ilea 3 deod 
wses ne forleort Sset sed 3 Se Sirda gilice 22. 3 onfeng Sa ilea gilice Sa siol'unc 3 ne forleortun -J" ne 

lsefdun bed bio lsete-mest alra deod wses Sset wif 23. in eriste forSon miSSy arisuS hWfiBH of torn biS f 

wif siofune forSon hsefduu Sret ilce wif 24. 3 gi-ond-wordc Se hteAend ewseS to him no I'orSon ge dwoligaa 

ne wutun ge giwriotu ne msehte-r msegen godea 



Dvs godapel 
iceal on frige- 
dcg on pane 

i\\ ill inn w ucan 

25 SoN'uv \>omne 1 1 1 of deaftc arisab. ne 
wiHa} 1 lii- no no gyftigeaS. ac hi synt 
Bwylce godes englas on heofonum; 

26 Be jaw deadum ji hi an son. ne 
raedde ge on moyses bec liu god to him 
cwaj 1 . ofcr J;>one gorst-beam ; Ic com 
abrahames god. 3 isaaccs god. 1 iacobes 

27 nis god deadra ac he hys lybbendra; 
Soe^lice swype gc dweligeaS : 

28 T~\a genealaehte him an of paw 
JL-J boceruw \e he gehyrde hi smea- 

oferpente- gciide 1 geseah "p he hiw wel andswarode. 

costen. Inter- ° ° ' 

rogauii \emm ] ahs.odc bine hwaet waere ealra beboda 

wans dc senbis 

quid ewetpri- macst ; 

mum omnium 

mandatum. a. 29 pa 3swarode he mm. *p is *p maeste 
bebod. ealra israliel gehyr urne drihten 
god. he is [an god] 

.'30 and lufa jmine drihten god. of ealre 
J?inre heortan. 1 of ealre pinre sawle. 
ealluw Jnnum mode. 1 of ealluw pinuw 
maegene. ~p is j5 fyrmeste bebod; 

31 So^lice is o^er }?issu»j gelic ; lufa 
pinne nehstan swa pe sylfne. nys ofter mare 
bebod ; 

32 Da cwoep se bocere. lareow. well pii 
on sope cwsede. °p an god is. 1 nis ofter 
butan him 

33 3 ^aet he si gelufod of ealre heortan. 
3 of ealluw andgyte. 3 of ealre sawle. 1 
of ealre strcng^e. J lufigean his nehstan 
swa bine sylfne. fact is mare ealluwz on- 
saegdnyssu7W 1 offrungum ; 

Various Headings. 
25. A. big. A. B. hig. A. giftiaS. A. hig. A. B. 
heofenuw. 26. A. hig. A. om. god after isaaces. 27. A. 
\s. A. dweliafc. 28. A. B. om. he after be. A. hig. A. 
aesode. 29. A. ysrahela. A. B. insert an god, which the 
text omits. 30. A inserts 3 of after sawle. A. maegne. 
31. A. pysum. A. nyhstan. 32. A. wel. A. buton. 33. 
A. sig. A. lulian. A. nyhstan. 

25 SoSlice Jeanne hyo of dea^c arise^S ne 
wificft hyo ne ne yftigcS ac hyo syndc swilce 
godes aenglcs on hcofenen. 

26 Be ^am deaden j?aet hyo arised ne 
raede ge on moyseses hoc. liu god to heom 
cwaeS. ofer panne gorst-beam. Ic eom 
abraliamcs god. 1 ysaces god. 1 Iacobes 

27 nis god deadre. ac he is libbendra 
softlice swi^e ge dwelieS. 

28 T^a ge-nehlahte him an of J)am 
J bokeren pe ge-herde hyo smeg- 

ende. 1 ge-seah "p he heom wel andswerede. 
] aexode bine hwaet waere ealre be bode 

29 pa andswerede he hym. -p is "p maeste 
be-bod ealre israele ge-herie urne drihten 
god. he is an god. 

30 3 lufe pinne drihten god. of a?lre 
pin re heorten. 1 of ealre p\me sawle. 1 
eallen pinen mode. 1 of callen pinen maig- 
ne. j5 is "p fermeste be-bod. 

31 So^lice is ofter pisen ge-lic. lufe pinne 
nexten swa pe sylfne. nis o'Ser mare be- 

32 Da cwaeS se bokere. lareow wel pu 
on so^e cvvaeSe. paet an god is ] nis o^er 
buten him. 

33 1 ~p he si ge-lufod of eallen heorten. 
1 of eallen andgytte. 1 of ealre sawle. 3 of 
ealre strencSe. 1 lufian his nextan swa bine 
sylfne. -p is mare eallen on-ssegdnyssen D 

Various Readings. 

25. bonne ; arisa<5; wyfiaS; giftigaS; sint; englas; heo- 
fonum. 20. deadum ; arisa^S; moyses ; eom; )?owne. 
27. deadra; his [for is]; dweligafc ; 28. fie-neahlahte ; 
bocerurn; ge-hyrde; eom; andswarede ; axode; ware. 
29. andswarode ; heom ; ealra isrsehele ge-her. 30. J?ine ; 
aire; heortan; saule; ealluw ^inum; eallu/« \>inum ma?g- 
lium ; firmeste. 31. |;issum ; lufa; nextan. 32. bocere; 
well; cwatSe. 33. ge-lufaS; ealre heortan ; eallum [before 
andgytte]; lufigean; neaxtau ; ealluwz on-sa2gdnyssum ; 


miS-Sy fo?Son from deadum arisaS hea ne hia maonsumiaS ne hia biSon ge-mrensuraadf ah 

25 cum enim a mortuis resurrexerint neque nubeut neque nubentur sed 

biSon swae englas in heofmim 
sunt sicut angeli in caeiis. 

of 4 fro?n deaduwi uutedlice fte arisaS ne leornadaegie 


26 de mortuis autem quod resurgant non legistis in 

■f i. ne ceorl 
haefis wifes 
gemana. ne 
wif haefis 
ceorles on erist 
4' after erest. 

boc moses ofeM'on Saem tree huu cuoeS him god coeS4'saegde ic am god abrahames 3 

libro mosi super rubum quomodo dixerit illi dews inquiens ego sum dews abrahara et 

god isaaces 3 god iacobes 
dews isaac et deus iacob. 

ne is god deadra ah hlifiendra gie forSon suiSe 

27 non est dews mortuorum sed uiuorum uos enro multum 

gie duolages 3 geneolecde an from uuZuuXum seSe geherde Sa ilco efne-gefrugnon 4" soecende 3 

erratis. 28 *Et accessit unus de scribis qui audierat illos conquirentes et 

gesaeh forSon 4" £te woel Saem geonduarde gefraign hine huaetd f were se forSmesta alraf 

uidens quoniam bene illis respondent interrogauit eum quod esset primum omnium 

• XL. 

131. ui. 
mt. ccxxiiii. 
f i. bodana. 

1,0(1 hxHrnd uuted/ice geonducarde him fte se forSmesta allraf bod is ge-her f bodana. 

mandatum. 29 iesus autem respondit ei quia primum omnium mandatum est audi 

israel drihten god user god an is 
israhel dominus deus nosier deus unus est. 

3 lufa Su drihten god Sin of alra 
SO et diWes dominion deum tuum ex toto 

heorta Sin 3 of alra sauel Sin 3 of alra Soht Sin 3 of alra maegne Sin Sis is 
corde tuo et ex tota anima tua et ex tota mente tua et ex tota uirtute tua hoc est 

se forSmesta bod Se aefterra mxtedlice gelic is him lufa Sone neesta Siwne sua? 

primum mandatum. 31 secundum autem simile est illi dileges proximum tuum tamquam 

Sec seolfne mara Sisra oSer bod ne is 3 cuoeS him se uuSwuta wel la laruu 

te ipsum maius liorum aliud mandatum non est. 32* Et ait illi scriba bene magister • 132. x. 

in soSfaestnise Su cuoede forSon 4" fte an is 3 ne is oSer buta him 4' hine 3 fte sie gelufad 

in ueritate dixisti quia unus est et non est alius praeter eum. 33 et ut diligatur 

of allra heorte 3 of allra ondget 3 of allra sawele 3 of alra strengo 3 lufa Son neesto 
ex toto corde et ex toto intellectu et ex tota anima et ex tota fortitudine et dilegere proximum 

sua hine seolfne mara is allum cuic-lacum 3 saegdnisuwi 

tamquam se ipsum maius est omnibus holocaustomatibus et sacrificiis. 

25. miSSy forSon from deaSe arisaS ne hiao maen-sumigaS ne hie bioSun gimaensumad ah bioSon swa englas 
on heofnum 26. of deoSe wutudlice -jJte arisaS ne liornadun ge on bocum moyses oferl'on Saem tree liuu 

cwaeS him god cwaeS 4' ssegde ic am god abrahames 3 god isaces 3 god iacobes 27. ne is god Sara deodra 

ah lifgendra gif ge forSon swiSe gidwoligaa 28. 3 gincolicade an from uSwutum seSe giherde Sa ilco efne 

gifrugnun 3 gisceh forSon -jite wel Sa?m giond-worde gifraegn hine hwaet were Se foerSmesta alra bibodona 
2'J. Se \\vi\end wutudlice gi-ond-worde him forSon Se foerSmesta alra biboc'ona is giber israhclum drihten god user 
god ana is 30. 3 lufa Su drihfefl god Sinne of alra heorte Sinre 3 of aire sawle Sinre 3 of alle giSohte Siiium 
3 of alle ma;giie Sinum Sis is Saet foerS-ineste bibod 31. Saet eefterra wutudlice gilice him lufa Sone nestu 
Sinne swa swa Sec solfne mara Sisra oSer bibod ne is 32. 3 cwa'S him Se uSwuta wel la larow in soS- 

faestnisse Su cweSe forSon an is god 3 ne is oSer butan him 33. 3 ->te sie gilufad of aire heorte 3 of aire 

ongetnisse 3 of aire sawle 3 of aire strengu Sine 3 lufa Sone nestu swa swa Sec solfne mara is allum cwicura 
lacum 3 sasgdnissum 



S4 Da Be baelend geseah ~p he him wislice 
andwyrde he Bsede him ne art p\\ feorrfrafft 
godes rice. 3 hiue nc dorste nan manu 
ahsian ; 

85 Da cwa^ sc baelend on bam temple 
lerende; Hn secga$ fa boceras -p crist sy 

dauides sunn ; 

:>6 Dauid sy 1 f cwaeb to bam halgan gaste. 
drihten cwaeb to minum drihtne. site on 
mine swyftran healfe. oS ic Jrine fvnd 
asette to fot-sceamole binra fota ; 

.'37 Dauid sylf nenule bine drihten. 1 
hwanon is he his sunu; And mycel menegu 
hine luflice gehyrde. 

.'38 ba saede he him on his lare ; Warniaft 
fram boceruw. J: a wvllaS on ge-gyrluw gan 
1 boon on stratum grete. 

.'39 3 on fyrmestum lareow-setlww. sittan 
on ge-samnungum !! pa. fyrmestan setl on 

40 ba Se wudewena bus for-swelga£> mid 
beora langsuman gebede. ba onfoSlengestne 
dom ; 

41 Da saet se hselend ongen bone toll- 
sceamol !I geseah hu -p folc byra feob. tor- 
fude on bone toll-sceamul. ] manega welige 
torfudon fela ; 

42 pa com an earm wuduwe. and wenrp 
twe^en feorS-lirgas; 

43 Da clypode be bis leorning cnihtas U 
saede him ; So^lice ic eow secge. ~p beos 
carme wuduwe eallinga maest sealde bara 
}e on toll-sceamul sealdon ; 

Various Readings. 

34. A. eart. A feor. A.manaosian. 35. B. lserynde. 
A. sig. 3G. A. fot-sceamele. 37. A. hwanen. A. mae- 

-ii. A. lufelice. 38. A. grette; B. gegrette {over an 
e <isure). 39. A. gesomnungum. 40. B. hyra. 41. 
A imsean. B. \an\c. A. toll-sceamel. A heora. A. tor- 
fode. A. toll-sceamel. A. torfedon; B. torfudun. A. feala. 
!.'. A. wudewe. 43. A. B. wudewe. A. eallunga. B. 
nia-jtt?. A. }>Jera. A. toll-sceamele. 

34 pa se baelend go scab -f be hym wislice 
andswerede be saigde hym nc ert bu feor 
fram godes rice. 1 hine ne dorste nan man 

35 ba cwarS sc baelend on bam temple 
laerende. hu seggeS pa boceres ~p crist 
sy dauiSt'S sune. 

36 Dauid self cwaeS to j)am balgen gaste. 
Drihten cwaeS to minen drihtene site on 
minen swidrcn healfe. odfte ic bine feond 
asette to fot-scamele binre fote. 

37 Dauid self nemde hine drihten. 1 
hwanen is be his sunu. ~) micel menige 
hine lufelice ge-herde. 

38 Da saede be heom on his lare. Warn- 
ieS fram boceren. ba willed on ge-gyrtlen 
gan 1 beon on straete ge-grette. 

39 3 on fermesten lareow-setlen sitten on 
ge-samnungen. D ba fyrmesten ser.len on 

40 ba pe wudewena hus for-svvelged mid 
heora langsumen ge-bedan. pa on-foS laen- 
gestne dom. 

41 Da saet se haelend on-gean bane tol- 
scamel. 1 ge-seab hu ~f folc hire feoh torfede 
on bane tol-scamel. 1 manige weliga torfe- 
den fela. 

42 ^a com an earm wudewe and warp 
twege feorbinges. 

43 Da cleopede he his leorning-cnihtes 
J saide heom. SoSlice ic eow segge baet 
beos earme wudewe ealre mest brohte bare 
pe on tanne toll-scamel brohte. 

Various Readings. 

34. eom ; ssegde heom ; eart. 35. halend ; seggaS ; 
boceras; syo dauides sunu. 36. sylf; halgan; milium; 
minum swifcnvw : o5$e: fot-scamole fiinra. 37. sylf; 
hwanon : sune: menigeo: luflice gehyrde. 38. AVarniaS; 
boeerum : willaS : ge-gyrlum : stratum. 39. fyrmestvm 
lareow-setlum ; ge-samnurcgum ; fyrmestan setlum; bir- 
scipum. 40. for-swilga<5 ; lanjrsuman ge-bede; lengestne. 
41. Lalend; )>onx\e tol-scamol: heora; torfode: }?onne tol- 
scamol: manega welige; feola. 42. wearp; feorfc-linaaS 
(sic). 43. clypede; -cnihtas; ssede; wudewa eallinga maest 
sealde ; am. f?anne ; toll-scamol sealden. 


se hselend uutedlice gisah fie snotorlice4 wislioe geondsuaide euoeS him nearS Su fcarr from vie 
34 iesus autem uidens quod sapientur respondisset dixit iili uou es longe a regno 

godes 3 neaenig mon soS4gee gedarste hine gefraigne 

1 onduearde se hsi\end he gecoe& 

dei *Et nemo iam audebat emu interrogare. 35 fEt respondens iesus dicebat « 133. a. 

lu. ccxliiii. 

lserend -!' la?rde in tern pel huu cuoeSas Sa wuSuuto hi crist sunu sie dauiSes se ilea forSon j. 134. jj 

docens in templo quomodo dicunt scribaj christian rilium esse dauid. 36 ipse enim lu. ccxlu. 

mt. cexxu. 

dauid cuoeS on gaast haligne cuoeS drihten drihtne minum sitt to suiSra milium oSSat ic setto 
dauid dicit in sp«W£u sancto dixit dominus domino meo sede a dextris meis donee ponara 

fiondas Sine fot-scoemel fota Sinra se ilea forSon dauiS cuoeS hine drihten "i huona 

inimicos tuos scabelluiu pedum tuorum. 37 ipse ergo dauid oieit au.ui dominum et unde 

is sunu his 3 menigo Sreato hine lustlice geherde 
est finus eius et multa turba eum lihenter audiuit. 

3 tahtel'larde Sam 4 him on laar 
38 *Et docebat eis in doctrina * 135. ii. 

In. exxxuii. 

,.,,.. .... 11 • , •, • , - uit. cexxuiiii. 

his behaldas mih irom uSuutum SaSe wallas in stolum geonga 3 wilcymogie-r gegroeta on spree 1 

sua cauete a scribis qui uolunt in stolis ambulare et salutaii in loro. 39 et 

ou Saem forSmestum seatlum sitta in somnunguru Z Sa fo?-Smesto setla set farmum 


in primis cathedris sedere in sinagogis et primos diseubitos in cenis. 40 *Qui * 13<>. uii.. 

In. cixlui i]. 

of-freaitas huso widwuana under sceawung longunga 4 longes geheddes Sas onfoaS uneSlic 4 lengra 
deuorant domos uiduarum sub obtentu prolixae oratioms lii accipient prolixius 

dom 3 sa?tt se hse\f nd wiSl'ongagn Sas dores Se is sua genemncd gazophilacium on hierusalem 

iudicium. 41 *Et sedens iesus contra gazophilacium • XLI. 

behaald huu f here gewarp f maslenu on gazophilacium Z monigo wealigo -1 wlonco gewurpon 

aspiciebat quomodo turba iactaret lies in gazophilacium et multi diuites iactabalrt 

feola4meni?a miS gecuome uuiedh'ce an widua Sorfend sende tuoge stycas f is 

multa. 42 cum uenisset autem una uidua pauper misit duo minuta quod est 

feorSuny \ie\\mnges 


Segnas his cuoeS Sam4illis soSlice ic cuoeSo iuh fte 

quadrans. 43 et conuocaris disci nulos suos ait illis amen dieo uobis quonis 

widua Sios4Sas Sarfen mara allum scire SaSe sendon on gazophilaci'/im 
uidua liaec pauper plus omnibus misit qui miserunt in gazophilacium. 


34. Se hat\ernl wutudhce gisah Sat he sno urlice gi-ond-worde cwscS to him ne arS Su fear from rice godes Z 
nsenig mon soS£a gidarste hine gifregna 35. Z gioud-worde Se hsulend cwaS 4cweSende larende on temple 

liuu cweden ... rrist siu sunu 4 were dauiSes 36. Se ilea forSon dauid cwaS in gaste halgum ewa-S 

Ankten drihtne minum site to Seer swiSr. n min oSc'at ih setto fiondas Sine foot-scomul fota 8inra 37. Se 

ilea forSon dauiS cwaS him drih/e/i Z hwoua is sunu his Z monige Sreotos hine lustlice giherdun 38. Z 

table -1 iarde Sam 4 him in larum his bihaldas iowih from uSwutum Sa Se wallas on stolum gonga Z wilcumiga 
4aroeta on spiece 39. Z on i<am foerSmeslum seotlum sitta in somnungum Z Sa foerSmestu gisedla vet 

feormufn 40. Sa Se freotas hus widwana under sceawunge longunga 4 longea gibedes Sag onfoaS uneSelic4 

lengra dom 41. 3 sa-t Se hxlend ongegn Sa-m dore Se is swa aemned biheold huu Se here giwarp Sa>t 

meslen on gazo-pbilac/um 3 monige weol^e 4 wlonca giwurpun feolu 42. miS-Sy com wutudlice an widwe 

Sorfende sende mseslen twa Btycgee y is feorSung peningea 4J. 1 cegde Segnas hi^ cwieS to him BO«4ice ic 

cweSo iow forSon widwe Sms Sorfende mara allum sende SaSe sendun in gazo-philact'um, 


44 Balle Bcndon of Jaw pc hi genoh 44 Ealle senden of Jan pc liyo gc-noh 
bcfdon : So^Slice I'cos of liyre yrm]>e call haefdcn. Softlice )?eos of hire ermSe call 

j- beo hsefde sealde ealle byre and-lyfene ; 


1 ~\a lie of pam temple code J\a cwaeS 
-L^ an of his leorning-cnihtum to 

him. larcow loca hwylce stanas her synt 
1 hwylce getimbrunga pisses temples; 

2 )\i cwrcS se haelend. ne ge-seoge ealle 
{\as myeelan getimbrunga. ne biS her lacfed 
stan ofer stan J'e ne beo toworpen ; 

3 Tna hi saeton on olinetes dune ongen 
j -p tempel synderlice hine petrus 

!! iacobus. 1 iohannes. 1 andreas. ahso- 
don ; 

4 Sege us hwaenne ^as ping ge-\vurdon 
1 hwyle tacen bift faenne ealle j?as Sing on- 
ginnaft beon ge-endud ; 

5 pa ongan se haelend him Iswarigende 
to cwe$an ; WarniaS f eow nan maun ne 
be-swice ; 

6 So):lice manega cumaS on minu?« na- 
man. 1 cwej'aS. ic com crist 1 beswicaS 


7 1 pomte ge gehyraS gefeohtu. 1 ge- 
feohta hlisan. ne ondrsede ge eow. hit geby- 
raS -f hit gebelimpe. ac powie gyt nis ende ; 

Various Headings. 

44. A. B. big. 

Cap. xiii. I. A. synd. A. j?yses. 
ongean. A. acsedon; B. achsodon. 4. A. ge-weor$on. 
A. |:onn<?. A. ge-endod. 5. A. man. 7. A. ge-feoht 
[for gefeohtu]. A. be-lynipe. 

3. A. B. hig. 

\xt liyo hajfde sealde ealle hire and-lyfene. 


1 \\& he of j?am temple code, fa cw. 
J an of his leorning-cnihten to him. 

Lareow loca hwilce stanes her synt. 1 
hwilce ge-tymbrenge. pisses temples. 

2 pa cwaeS se haelend. ne ge-seo ge ealle 
j?as mycelen ge-tymbrenge. ne beoS her 
laefd stan ofer stan pe ne wurS to-worpen. 

3 JT\ a h) T ° sasten on oliuetes dune. 
J—' ongean J?aet tempel. synderlice 

hine petrus. 1 Iacobus. 3 Iohannes. ] An- 
dreas acsoden. 

4 Sege us hwaenne pas ping ge-wurSen. 
3 hwile taken beoS Jeanne ealle |?as ping ge- 
wurSe sculen. 3 hwile tacen byS Jeanne 
ealle )?as jring on-ginneS. 1 beon sculen 

5 pa on-gan se haelend heom andsweriende 
to cweSen. warnieS "p eow nan man ne 

6 Softlice manege cumeS on minen na- 
men. 1 cweSaS. ic eom crist. 1 be-swiced 

7 3 j?anne ge ge-hereS ge-fehte 1 ge-fyhte 
hlisan. ne on-draede ge eow. hit byred 
past hit ge-limpe. ac j?anne gyt nys aende. 

Various Readings. 

44. )>a.m ; hafdon ; yrmfce ; hafde. 

Cap. xiii. 1. -cnihtuw; stanas; ge-tymbruwga. 2. ha- 
lend ; ge-timbrunga ; byX; beo [for wur$]. 3. saeton ; 
acsodon. 4. ge-wurdon ; tacen bi<5 f>senne ; ge-wurdon ; 
om. sculen; on-ginna<5 beon ge-endud. 5. andswerigende; 
cwefcan. Warnia£. 6. manega cumaS ; minum naman ; 
be-swyca<5 manega. 7. Jjonne ; ge-hyra<5 ge-feobta; ge- 
fyhta; ge-byre<5 ; ge-be-limpe; J)0«ne; ende. 


alle forSon of Son -JJte gemonigfaldade-rgewoxe him sendon Sios uatedlice of henSu-runspoed 
44 omnes enim ex eo quod abuiidabat illis miserunt haec uero de paenuria 


hire alle Sa Se hasfde sende all gebrengnise hire 
sua omnia quae liabuit misit totum uictum suum. 


1 miSSy gefoerde 4" faerende of temple cuoeS him an of Segnum his la laruu sceawig k gesih 
1 *Et cum egrederetur de templo ait illi unus ex discipulis suis magister aspice * XLII. 

lu. ccxxxuii. 
• ccx luiii 

hulco stanas 3 huwlig timber "J ondsuorade se haslend cuoeS him r Soem gesih Sas mt. ccxiii. 

quales lapides et quaies structurae. 2 et respoudeus iesus ait illi uide has 

alle miclo gehrino-tglencas ne biS forleten stan ofer stane seSe ne se tostrogden -t ne biS toworpen 
omnes magnas aediticationes non relinquetur lapis super lapidem qui non destruatur. 

1 miS-Sy gesaett on more k on dune oele-beama ongeaegn temple geascadon 4" frugnon hine suundorlice 
3* Et cum sederet in montem oliuarum contra templum interrogabant eum separatim • 138. h. 

lu. ccxluiiii. 
mt. ccxliii. 

petrw* 3 iixcobus 3 iohannes Z andreas 
petrus et iacobws et iohannes et andreas. 

saege us huoenne Sas biSon 3 huelc becon 
4 die nobis quando ista fient et quod signum 

bi« huoenne -r Sonne Sas alle on-ginnaS to endanne 4* £te hia se geeadado 3 onduearde se hsslend 

erit quando haec omnia incipient consummari. o et respondens iesus 

ongann cuoeSa him geseas gie fte ne a3nig iuih gesuica 
cuepit dicere iiiis uidete ne quis uos seducat. 

monigo forSon cymaes on noma minu/n 
6 multi enim uenient in nomine meo 

hia cuoeSas f te ic am 1 meni^o hia gesuicas 
diceutes quia ego sum et muitos seducent. 

miS-Sy gie gehera uutedlice gefehto 3 
7 cum audieritis autem bella et 

woeno -r mersungo Sara gefehto ne ondredas gie is reht-Hiit sceal forSon wosa ah ne Saget ende biS 
opiniones bellorum ne timueritis oportet enim fieri sed nondum finis. 

44. alle forSon of him -)5te gimonigfaldade him sendun Sas wutudlice of hcnSum r unspoeduwz hire alle SaSe 
hio haefde sende alle <jibrengnisse hire 

Cap. XIII. 1. 3 iniS-Sy fserende waes of temple cwaeS him an of Segnum his la larow sceawa-l<jisih hulice 
stanas 1 hulic timber 2. 1 onworde Se hselend cw&'S him gi-sih Sas alle micle girino -1' glencas ne biS 

for-leten stan ofer stane seSe ne sie tostrogden 3. D miSSy gisoett on more oele-beoma ongsegn temple 1 <ri- 

frugnuri hine synder-lice.. Z .. 1 . . 1 . . 4. saege us hwenne Sas bioSun 3 Sset becun bi<S hwenne Sas alle onginnaS 
to endanne -1" sie endade 5. 1 onworde Se haalend ongan cweoSa him giseaa no Saette naenig iow giswice 

6. monige forSon cumaS on noma minum cweSende fte ic am 3 monige like giswicaa 7. miS-Sy wutudl/Ve 

giheras gifeht 1 wona -1' mergunga Sara gifehta ne ondredas ge is relit Y hit Bceal forSon wosa all ne Sa get 
is ende 


8 Softlice peod arist ageu f?eocle. 1 rice 
oogen rice 7 bed5 eor|?an Btyrunga geond 
Btowa ] hungor. )ms synd Bara angin ; 

D WarniaS cow sylfe. hi s\ I la^S cow 
on gejvahte 1 swinga$ on gesamnungum. 
"i ge standaft beforan demum 1 cyning- 
un. for nrinuw naman him on ge-wit- 

10 3 on ealle J' cod a ; ./Erestgc-byraS beon 
j godspel gebodud. 

11 1 ponne hi syllcndc eow lsej'aS nc 
fore-smeage gc hwaet gc specan. ac specaS 
•p cow on j^aere tide ge-scald biS ; Ne synd 
gc na specende ac se halga gast ; 

1 2 SoSlice se broSor J)one bro]?or to 
deaSe sylS. ") se faeder his snnu. 3 \>a 
beam arisaS agen hyra magas. 1 mid deaSe 
hi gc-waoceaS. 

13 1 ge beoS eallu/ra on hatunge for mi- 
num naman ; SoSlice se biS hal se pe oS 
ende jurh-wunaS ; 

14 T^Vonne ge ge-seoS j^aere toworped- 
-L^ nysse asceonunge standan )?ar 

heo ne sceal. ponne ongyte se pe ra?t. fleon 
ponne on muntas pa. Se synt on indea 

15 1 se Se is ofer J?ccene ne stige he on 
his bus ne he in ne ga ~p he aht on his huse 

16 7 se Se biS on aecere ne cyrre he on- 
gcan -p he his reaf nime ; 

17 Wa ccnne[n_]dii/w on pam daguw. 

Various Readings. 

8. B. aristjj. A. ongean {twice). A. eond. A. hunger. 
9. A. fro-wytnysse. 10. A. ge-byre<S. A. gebodod. 11. 

A. liijr. A. I&>da3. A. specon. B. halega. 12. A. on- 
gean heora. A. hig ge-wsecafc. 14. A. to-worpennysse; 

B. to-worpednesse. A. ascununge. A. j;aer. A. synd. 15. 
A. ge-nyme on liys huse. 16. A. ongen. 17. A. B. 
cennendum (where the text has cennedu?«). 

8 SoSlice }?eod arist on-gcan J^code. 7 
rice on-gen rice. 1 byoS eorSen steriunge 
geond stowc 1 hunger, ph syndc sare angin. 

9 WarnieS eow sylfc. hyo sylleS cow 
on ge-feohte 1 swinged on ge-samnungen. 
] ge standeS bc-foren demen 1 kyningen for 
minen naman heom on ge-witnysse 1 on 
ealle )?eode. 

10 iErest ge-byreS bcon J?aet godspell ge- 

1 1 1 J?annc hyo syllende eow hedeS ne 
for-smeage ge hwaet ge spraeccn. ac spreceS 
jraet eow on j?arc tide ge-seald byS. Ne 
sende ge na sprecende ac se halge gast. 

12 SoSlice se broSer J?anne broSer to 
deaSe sylS. 1 se faeder his snne. 1 pa, 
beam ariseS agen heore maiges. 3 mid 
deaSe hyo ge-weccaeS. 

13 1 ge beoS eallen on hatignnge for 
minen namen. SoSlice se beoS hal se pe 
oS ende jmrh-wunieS. 

14 "l^anne ge ge-seoS j?are to-wardnysse 
j asceonunge standen J?£er hyo ne 

seel Jeanne on-gyte se pe raet. fleon Jeanne 
on muntes ]?a pe synde on iudee. 

15 1 se pe is ofer ]?ecene ne stige he 
on his hus. ne he in ne ga -p he aht on his 
huse nyme. 

16 1 se Se byS on acere ne cherre he on- 
gean ~p he his reaf nime. 

17 Wa kennenden on J?am dagen 

Various Readings. 

8. agen; on-gean; beo<5 eorfcan styriunga; stowa; hun- 
gor; synd sara. 9. WavniuS ; syllaS ; ge-jjeahte; swin- 
gafc; ge-samnuwgum ; be-foran demum; cyninguwi; mi- 
num. 10. ge-bodud. 11. \>on; lsedaS ; fore-sraeage ; 
sprecan; specafc ; synde; specende; halga. 12. brofcor 
bonne brofcor; sunu ; arisaS ; hyora magas; ge-wseceaS. 
13. eallum; hatuwge ; minvm namum ; fmrh-wunaS. 14. 
Donne; to-wardenysse ; heo; seal )?onne; |?onne; muntas; 
synt; iudea. 15. haht. 16. cerre. 17. cennewdum ; 


arisaS uutedlicek Sonne cynn wis cynn 3 ric ofer ric 3 biSon eorS-hroernis 

8 exsurget autem gens contra gentem et regnum super regnum et erunt terrae motus 

Serh stoua 3 hungro 6r-l'fruma waercco Sas-tSas ilco taceno geseas -r behalcfrw Sonwe iuih seolfa 

per loca et fames initiuni doloru?/i haec. 9 *Uidete autem uosmetipsos • 139. i. 

mt. lxxxuii. 

geseallas forSon iuih to ge-moetinguwi 1 on somnungum gie biSon gesuwinged 3 befora undercyni/?g-wm-rhehgeroeftt77i 
tradent enim uos conciliis et in sinagogis uapulabitis et ante praesides 

3 cyningiwi gie biSon stondende k gie stondes fore mec on cySnise him 3 on allum 

et reges stabitis propter me in testimonium illis. 10 *et in omnes * 140. ui. 

mt. ccxlui. 

cynnum k haednum serist gerises to bodanne-Mo fore-saegcane-l'-pte he sie boden godspell "J 

gentes prirnmn. oportet praedicari euangelium. 11 *Et * Ml. ,ii. 

miSSy hia gelaedas iuih sellende nselle gie fore-Sence huset gie spreca ah-lhwoeSre f gesald iuh mt. Ixxxuiii. 
cum duxerint uos tradentes nolite praecogitare quid loquamini sed quod datum uobis 

biS on Saem tid f gie sprecca ne forSon biSon iuh spreccendo ah gaas halig 

fuerit in ilia hora id loquimiui non enim estis uos loquentes sed spiritus sanctus. 

selleS Sonne broker Sone broker in deuSe "3 faeder Sone sunu 3 efne-arisaS Sa suno on Seem aldrum 
12 tradet autem frater fratrem in mortem et pater filium et consurgent filii in parentes 

: mis k to deaSe fordoaS k gecuoellas hia 3 gie biSon laS allum fore noma min seSe 

et morte adficient eos. 13 et eritis odio omnibus propter nomen meum qui 

nvXedlice ge-Solias on ende Ses hal biS miSSy Sonne gie geseaS Sone wroht 

autem sustenuerit in finem bic saluus erit. 14 *Cum autem uideritis abominationem * 142. ui. 

mt. ccxluii. 

from-slittnise stondende Ser ne rises seSe redes oncnauaS Sonne SaSe in iudea sint fleaS on 

desolationis stantem ubi non debet qui legit intellegat *Tunc qui in iudaea sunt fugiant in • 143. ii. 

lu. ccuiiii. 

muntum 3 seSe ofer hrof ne of-stiges adune in hus ne ingaes fte geniomme m t, ccxluiii. 

montes. 15 et qui super tec[t]um non descendat in domum nee introeat ut tollat 

huaelc-huoego of hus his 3 seSe on lond biS ne eft gecerres on bsecg to niommanne woede 

quid de domo sua. 1G et qui in agro erit non reuertatur retro tollere uestimentum 

his wae uutedlice Saem berendum "i foedendum in Saem dagurre 

euum. 17 *Uae autem pregnantibws et nutrientibws in illis diebw*. " 144. ii. 

lu. ecliiii. 
■ mt. ccxluiiii. 

8. arisaS forSon cynn ofer cynne 3 rice ofer rice 3 bioSon eorSu hroernisse Serh stowe 3 hungur k . . . 
fruma werc-sare Sas 9. giseas Sonne -rbihaldas iowih solfa hise 8ellaS forSon iowih to gimoetinge 3 in somnunge 
ge bioSun giswenced "i bifora under-cyniga (sic) 1 cynigum ge bioSun stondende fore mec on cySnisse him 
10. J on alluwz cynnum aerist girises to bodanne god-spell 11. 3 miS Sy gilaedes iowih to sellanne nallas ge 

bodiga k Senca hwaet ge sprece ah Ssette said biS iow on Sser tide Saette gisprece ne forSon iow bioSon sprecende 
ah gas halga 12. seleS wutudlice broSer Sone broSer in deoS 3 faeder Sone suno 3 efne arisas Sa suno on 

Seem aeldrum 3 to deaSe fordoas hiao 13. Z ge bioSon laSe allum fora noma minum SeSe wutudhc* gifcoelgas 

on ende Ses hal biS. 14. miSSy Sonne ge giseaS Sone wroht from monnum fromslitnisse stondende Ser 

ne riseS se Se redes oncnawes Sa Se Sonne in iudeam sindun fleas on muntas 15. :> SaSe ofer hrof ne 

astigaS in hus ne ingaes -JSte nime hwelc hwoegnu of huse his 16. Z seSe on londe biS ne eft gicerres to 

niomanne gi-wedo his 17. was wutudltce Saem berendum 3 foedendum in Saem dagum 


18 biddaS "f ^is on wintra nc gc-wurSe; 

19 Sojriice on pam dagwn beoS swylce 
gedrefednessa. swylce nc ge-wurdon. of 
frymm^e \>ssre gesceaftc \>c god gesccop. oS 
nu. ne na nc gewurfaS. 

20 And gif driliten J^as dagas nc gc- 
Bcyrte. nan fla?sc nc wurde hal. ac for 
pam gecorenuw/ pc he ge-ccas he ge-scyrtc 
J?a dagas ; 

21 And gif cow hwyle segS witodlice 
her is crist. witodlice J?aer he is. ne gelyfe 


22 So^lice lease cristas. 3 lease witegan 
arisa<S. 1 wyrcaS fore-beacnu. to beswi- 
canne eac gif hit beon macg j^a ge-corenan ; 

23 WarniaS cow. nu ealle ping, pe ic 
eow fore-saede. 

24 ac on pam daguftz acfter j^gere geswen- 
ccdnysse. biS sunne aJ?eostrod. 1 se mona 
his beorhtnesse ne sylS 

25 3 heofones steorran beoft feallende. 1 
beoft astyrode J?a megenu pe on heofonuw? 

26 Donne geseoS hi mannes sunu cum- 
endne on ge-nipum mid myceluw maegene 
1 wuldre ; 

27 poime sent he his englas 1 hi gaderiaS 
his gecorenan of feower windu/w of eorj?an 
heancsse o)) heofones heahnesse ; 

28 LeorniaS an bigspell be pam fic- 
treowe. ponne his twi brS mearu. 3 leaf 
beo$ acennede. ge witon ~f sumor is ge- 

Various Readings. 

18. A. ge-weor$e. 19. A. ge-drefednyssa. A. wurdon. 
A. B. frymSe. A. ge-weor)je$; B. ge-wurdafc. 20. A. ge- 
wurde. 21. A. )>ar. 22. A. wyrceafc. A. eac geac gif 
(an obvious error). 24. B. geswencednesse. A. B. 

aSystrod. A. om. se. A. beorhtnysse. 25. A. heofenes. 
A astyrede. A. mcenegu ; B. menegu. A. B. heof'enuw. 
A. synd. 26. A. big. A. ge-nypum myd ge-nypum myd 
mycelum (an obvious error). 27. A. hig. A. heabnysse 
[for beanesse]. A. beofenes heabnysse. 28. A. byg- 
s-pel. A. twig. B. witun. A. sunier. 

18 byddeS f p\s on wintrc nc ge-wurSe. 

19 So^lice on J?am dagen beo$ swilce 
ge-drcfednyssc. swilce gc nc (.sic) wurSon. 
of frem'Sc. j?are ge sccaftc pe god gc-scop. 
od<5e nu. ne nanc ne ge-wurdeS. 

20 yEnd gyf drihtcn pas dages ne ge- 
scyrtc. nan flaesc nc wurSe hal ac for 
pam ge-corcnen pe he gc-cheas he scyrte pa 

21 iEnd gyf eow hwile saigS witodlice 
her is crist. witodlice J?aer he is. ne ge- 
lyfe ge. 

22 SoSlice lease cristes 1 lease witegen 
ariseS 1 wirceS for-beacne to be-swicene. 
Eac gyf hit beon maig j?a ge-corene. 

23 Warnied eow. nu ealle J?ing pe ic 
eow fore-saede. 

24 ac on J?am dagen aefter j?are ge-swaen- 
cednysse heo^S sunne aj?eostred. 1 se mone 
his brihtnysse ne syVS. 

25 ] heofenes steorren beoS fallende. 3 
beoS astyrede j?a manege pe on heofena 

26 Danne ge-syeS hyo maranes suna cu- 
mende on ge-nipum mid mycelen maigne 1 

27 Jeanne sent he his aengles. 1 hyo gad- 
erie$ his ^e-corene of feower winden of 
eorden healmysse o*S heofenes healmysse. 

28 Leorniaft an byspell be j?am fic- 
treowe. Jeanne his twi beoS mare. ] leaf 
beo^ akenned. ge witen j?aet sumer is ge- 

Various Readings. 

18. biddaS ; after wintre MS. Reg. adds ne ge wintre, by 
mistake. 19. dagum ; wurdon; ge-sceop o$ ; ge-wur$afc. 

20. 3 ; dagas ; ge-corenum ; ge-ceas ; scyr (sic) ; dagas. 

21. seg$. 22. witegan arisafc ] wyrca<5 fore-beacne; be- 
swicenne; mseg; ge-eorenan. 23. WarniaS. 24. dagu/rc; 
ge-swencednysse bio* ; a)>ystred ; mona ; breobtnysse. 25. 
steorran ; menega ; heofenum sint. 26. Donne ge-seo* 
hy ; sune; mycelum maegene. 27. \>onne; englas; 
gaderia*; ge-corenan; windum; eor<5an. 28. bispel; 
Jionne ; by* ; leof ; acennede ; witan ; sumor. 


gebiddas forSon fte wintro ne sie biSon forSon dagas Sa costungo 

18 *Orate uero ut hieme non fiant. 19 *Erunt enim dies illi tribulationis * 145. ui, 

mt. ccl. 
t 146. ii. 
Suslico k suselce suelco ne woeron from fruma Sscs sceseftes Sone gesceop god wis nu sec ne lu. cclu. 

tales quales non fuerunt ab initio creaturae quam condidit dews usqwe nunc neque mt * ccli * 

biSon 3 buta ge-scyrte Se drihten Sa dagas ne were hal eghwelc lichoma-l'senig monn ah 

fient. 20 *Et nisi breuiasset dominus dies non fuisset salua omnis caro. sed " 147. ui. 

mt. cclii. 

fore Seem gecorenum Sa geceas-tSa gecure ge-scyrdte Sa dagas 3 Sonne gif hua iuh cuoeSas 

propter electos quos elegit breuiauit dies. 21 *Et tunc si quis uobis dixerit ? 148 :.H- 

mt. ccliii. 
heono Sis is crist heono Ser ne gelefes gie -p arisaS forSon wiSer k leaso cristo 3 

ecce hie est chrtstus ecce illic ne credideritis. 22 *Exsurgent enim pseudo-cAmri et * 149. ui. 

mt. ecliiii. 

lease witgo 3 sellaS beceno 3 fertino hi to gesuicanne gif msege wosa gee Sa gecoreno 

pseudo-prophete et dabunt signa et portenta ad seducendos si potest fieri etiam electos. 

iuih forSon geseaS heono fore ic cuoeS iuh alle ah in Ssem dagum sefter gecostung 

23 uos ergo uidete ecce praedixi uobis omnia. 24 *Sed in illis diebus post tribulationem " l 50 -": 

•*• lu. ecluu. 

mt. ecluiii. 
Sserse ilea sunna biS ge-Siostrod J Se mona ne seleS scinisse-Hecht his 3 Sa steorras 

illam sol contenebrabitur et luna non dabit splendorem suum. 25 et stellae 

heofnes biSon of-fallende 3 msegna-tmsehto SaSe sint in heofnum gestyred biSon 5 Sonne 4" Sa 

caeli erunt decidentes et uirtutes quae sunt in caelis mouebuntur. 26 *Et tunc * ,5 l; ?;. 

x Ju. cclum. 

mt. ecluiiii. 
geseas sunu monnes cymmende on wolcnum mis maegne miclo 3 wuldre "J Sa 

uidebunt filium hominis uenientem in nubimus cum uirtute multa et gloria. 27 et tunc 

sendes englas his 3 gesomniaS Sa gecoreno his of feower windum from hrof-Hieum eardes wis 
mittet angelos suos et congregabit electos suos a quattuor uentis a summo terrae usque 

to brearde -1" to heannise heofnes from ficbeame aec k Sonwe leornas gie bispell miS-Sy uutedlice 

ad summum caeli. 28 a ficu autem discite parabolam cum iam 

telge k twigge his-tSses nesc biS 3 acenda biSon wutas gie fte on neh4in neawung sie 

ramus eius terner fuerit et nata fuerint folia cognoscitis quia in proximo sit 


18. gibiddas forSon fte wintro ne sie Sas... iowre4\.. 19. bioSon forSon dagas Sa costunges Suslico swelce 
ne werun from fruma Sasse giscoefte Sone giscop god wis nu ne ec bioSon 20. 1 buta giscyrte drihten 

dagas Sas ne were hal eghwelc lichoma ah for Ssem gicornum Sa giceos giscyrte Sa dagas 21. 3 Sonne gif 
hwa iow cweSes heono Sis is crist heono Ser ne gelefas ge Sset 22. arisaS forSon wiSer-worde criste 3 wiSer- 
worde witgu 1 sellaS becun 3 fortina to giswicanne gif biS meehtig soSlice Sa gicornu 23. iowih forSon 

giseaS heono fore ic cweSo iow alle 24. ah in Ssem dagum softer costunge dagona Sara ilera sunne biS 

giSiostrad : mona ne seleS leht his 25. 3 steorru heofnes bioSun of-fallende 3 msegen-tmsehte SaSe sindun 

on heofnum gistyred bioSun 26. 3 Sonne ^iheaS suno monnes cymendc of wolcnum miS msegne micle 3 

wuldre 17. 3 Sonne sendes englas his 3 gisomnas Sa gicornu his from feower windum from hrofe eorSo 

wiS to briorde k to heonisse heofnes 28. from licbeom Sonne liornige bispell miSSy vmtudlice telgu his hnisca 

bioSon Z acende bioSon leof wutas ge fte neh-^on neoweste se sumor 



Des passio ge- 
byrafc on tiwes 
d,Tg on bare 

29 T wite ge pontic gc f>as fting gcscoB 
•f he is dura gehende ; 

SO SoSlice ic cow secge -p J^cos encores 
nc gewit estpBM callc }\*is Sing gewurSon. 

31 lieofon 1 corSe gewitaS. vvitodlice 
mine word nc ge-witaS ; 

32 Be pam daege 1 J?aerc tide nan maun 
nat. nc cnglas on heofone ne manncs sunn 
buton fa?der ana; 

33 WarniaB 1 waciaS 1 gebiddaj? eow. 
ge nyton hwaenne seo tid ys ; 

34- Swa se man aelJ?eodilice ferde forlet 
his hus 1 sealde his peowum J?aene anwald 
gehwylces weorces. 1 beode pam dure-wearde 
-f he wacige ; 

35 Eornostlice wacigeaS ge nyton hwgen- 
ne }?32s buses hlaford cymB ; pe on aefen pe 
on midre nihte. pe on hancrede. pe on 

36 pe laes he eow slapende gemete ponne 
he faeringa cymS ; 

37 SoSlice f ic eow secge eallum ic hit 
secge waciaS. 


1 QJoJ^lice j?a aefter twam daguwz waeron 
^O eastron 1 )?a sohton pa heah-sac- 

erdas 1 j?a boceras hu hi hine mid facne 
namon 1 of-slogon; 

2 Da cwaedon hi naes na on freols-daege 
pe laes j?aes folces gehlyd wurde ; 

Various Headings. 

30. A. cneorys. A. ge-weorSan. 31. A. heofen. B. 
wita* [for 2nd ge-witaS]. 32. A. man. A. heofenum. 

34. A. B. insert pe after man. A. anweald; after which A. 
inserts 3. A. duru-wearde ; B. dure-warde. A. wacie. 

35. A. wacia*. A. myddre. A. be omergen. 36. A. slse- 

Cap. xiv. 1. A. hig. 2. A. B. hig. A. weorSe. 

29 3 witc gc j^anne gc f»as J?ing ge-seoS 
J?aet lie ys dure gc-hende. 

30 SoSIice ic cow segge ~p j?eos encores 
ne ge-wit aer J?an eallc }?as Jring ge-wur^en. 

31 heofene 1 eorfte ge-witoS. witodlice 
mine word ne ge-witeS. 

32 Be pam daige 1 j^are tide nan man nat. 
ne engles on heofene ne mannes sunu buton 
faeder ane. 

33 Warnied 1 wacieS 1 ge-byddaS eow ge 
nyten hwaenne sye tid is. 

34 Swa se man pe aelj^eodilice ferde. for- 
let his hus. 7 sealde his J?eowen J?ane an- 
weald ge-hwilces weorces. 1 beode j?am 
dureworde -p he wacie. 

35 Eornestlice wacieS. ge nyten hwaen- 
ne pas huses hlaford cymd. pe on aefen pe 
on midre nihte. pe on hancrede. pe on 

36 pe lees pe he eow slaepende ge-finde 
j^anne he faerenge cymS. 

37 SoSlice -f ic eow segge. eallen ic hit 
segge wakieS. 


1 Qfoftlice pa aefter twam dagen waeren 
rO eastren. 1 j?a sohten pa heah-sacer- 

des 3 J?a boceres hu hyo hine mid facne 
namen 1 of-slogen. 

2 pa cwseSen hy naes na on freols-daige 
j?y laes J?as folces ge-hlyd wurSe. 

Various Readings. 

29. \>onne; dura. 30. bam; ge-wuri5on. 31. heofon; 
ge-wita$ ; witefc. 32. dage ; englas ; heofone. 33. 

Warniafc 3 waciafc ; nyte ; seo. 34 selbeodelice ; hit [for 
his]; beowvm baene anwald; worces; dure-warde. 35. 
waciafc ; nyton hwanne ; cym$. 36. slapende ge-mete 
bonne; faringa. 37. eallum; wacyafc. 

Cap. xiv. 1. dagum waeron eastron ; heah-sacerdas ; 
boceras ; namon. 2. cwseden hyo ; frels-dage \>e ; \>xs. 


sua see gie miSSy gie geseas Sas wosa wutaS fte un-fearr-ton neh sie on duruwi soSlice 

29 sic et uos cum uideritis hajc fieri scitote quod in proximo sit in ostis. 30 amen 

ic cuoeSo iuh -fste ne gelioreS cneoreso Sios oSSaet alle Sas hia geworSe -r hia see 

dico uobis quoniam non transibit generatio haec donee omnia ista nant. 

heofon 3 eorSo ofer-hlioras wordo Mutedlice mino ne oferhlioraS 4" Ne biSon gehliored 

31 caelum et terra transibunt uerba autem mea non transibunt. 

Sonne Saem -r" tid-rhuil ne aenig wat ne Sa englas in heofne 

from daege 
32* De die ' xliii. 

152. ui. 

mt. eclx. 

Se sunu- buta Se feeder 

-aoime seem < uu -r nun ne aenig war ne sa englas in heofne ne Se sunu - buta Se fsede 
autem illo uel bora nemo scit neqz<e angeii in caelo neque Alius nisi pater. 

geseaS gie waeccas 3 gebiddas ne wuto gie forSon hwoenne Sio tid sie 
33 *Uidete uigilate et orate nescitis enim quando tempus sit. 

suae Se monn seSe 
34 tSicut homo qui " 153. ui. 

mt. eclxiii. 

fearr 4r longwoege 

-j-154. ii. 

gefoerde -r ellSiodade forleort hus his 3 salde Sraellum his maeht-ronweaeld lu * ccxxiliii - 

profectus reliquit domum suam et dedit seruis suis potestatem mt * edxmnu 

eghwoelces woerces 3 Saem doruorde bebead fte gewaehte gewaccas forSon nuutogie forSon 

cuius-que operis et ianitori praecipiat ut uigilet. 35 * Uigilate ero-o neschis enim* 155 -"- 

° & lu. clui. 

mt. eclxiiii. 

huoenne se hlaferd huse cymes on efrntid 4* on midduwznaeht 4" on uhte tid 4 on honcroed 4" on serine 

quando dominus domus ueniat sero an media nocte &n galli cautu an mane.° 

3 miS-Sy gecymmes feerlice gemitteS iuih slepende 
36 et cum uenerit repente inueniat uos dormientes. 

■p soSlice iuh ic cuoeSo allum 
37 quod autem uobis dico omnibus 

ic cuoeSo waeccas 
dico uigilate. 


waes uutedlice eastro sefter twaem dogruwi 3 sohton Sa heh-sacerdas 3 Sa uSuuto 

1 *Erat autem pascha et azyma post biduum tEt quaerebant summi sacerdotes et scribae * 156. 

lu. eclx. 

io. xx. xluiii. 

huu hine miS facne gehealdon i msehton hia gehalda 3 of-slogon 4 hia maehton of-slaa 
quomodo eum dolo tenerent et occiderent. 

cuoedon forSon fffij^ 1 " 1, 
2 dicebant enim mt. cclxiu. 

ne on daege haligum-rbaerlice ne -JJ woenunge4*eaSe maege styrenise geworSe Saem folce 
non in die festo ne forte tumultus fieret populi. 

29. swa 3 iowih miSSy ge giseas Sas wosa wutaS ge fte un-feor 4 neh se in durum 30. so* ic cweSo 

low forSon Ne gi-lioreS cneoreswo Sios oSSaet alle Sas gi-worSe 31. heofun 3 eorSo of-liores word wutudlice 

min ne gi-lioreS 32. from daege Sonne wuturfhee S[am] 3 tid 3 hwyl ne aenig watt ne englas on heofne ne Se 

sunu buta Se foader 33. gisea9 ge-waeccas 3 gibiddas ne wutun ge forSon hwoenne Sio tid sie 34 swa monn 
seSe feor gifoerde for-leort hus his 3 salde Sraelum his maehte eghwelces werches 3 Sa;m dor-worde bibeodes Sao 
(sic) -p he waecce 35. waeccas forSon ne wutun ge forSon hwenne drih/nes buses cumaS on efern-tid -1' on midder 
naeht-ron uhtu-tid-1'on honored-ton merne 36. 3 miSSy cymeS . . . gimittes iowih slepende 37. -pie soSlice 

iow ic cweSo allum ic cweoSo waeccas 

Cap. XIV. 1. waes wutudlice eostru . . . aefter twaem dagum sohtun Sa heh-sacerdas 3 uS-wutu hu hiao hine 
. . . giheoldun 3 ofslogun \ of-sla moehtun 2. cwedun forSon ne on daege halgum ne f ge*woene f maege 

stjrnisse giworSa in Seem folce 


3 And J\i sc haelend wa?s on bethania on 

sinioncs lniso anes hreoflan 1 |\ar sact; pa 
com an wif 3 hflefde byre sealf-box dcorwyr}?cs 
oardea 1 tobroccnum scalf-boxc. ofer his 
heafod aget ; 

4 Snme hit unwurSlice forbacron. 1 be- 
twux him svlfum cwacdon ; For hwi wacs J?isse 
scalfc forspillednes gcworden. 

5 J?eos scalf mi lite beon geseald to prim 
hund pencguw. 1 beon pearhxm geseald. 1 
yrsydon agon hi ; 

6 Da cwaeS se haelend. laetaS hi hwi 
synt ge hire grame. god weorc heo on me 
worhte ; 

7 SoSlice symble ge habbaft J?earfan mid 
eow. 1 ponne ge wyllaS ge magon him teala 
don. me ge symble nabbaS ; 

8 peos sealde ~p heo haefde. heo com to 
smyriannc minne lic-haman on byrgene ; 

9 SoSlice ic eow secge swa hwar swa 
jris godspell gebodad hVS. on eallu/n mid- 
dan-earde biS gebodod ~p heo Jus on his 
gemynde dyde ; 

10 Da iudas scarioth ~f is wij?ersaca. an 
of fam twelfuw. ferde to pam heah-sacerd- 
u?n -f he hine belaewde ; 

11 pa hi j?is gehyrdon hi fahnodon 1 
beheton hi»i feoh to syllanne. J he smea- 
de hu he hine digellice sealde; 

12 And pam forman daege azimoruw 
pa hi eastron offrodon. his leorning-cnih- 
tas hwi saedon. hwyder wylt pu ~f we faron 
1 gegearwian pe. ~p ftu eastron ete ; 

Various Headings. 
3. A. ageSt. 4. A. unweorSlice. B. forbaerun. A. 

betweox. A. for hwig. A. for-spyllednys. 5. A. 3 hig 
yrsodon; B. 3 yrsydun. A. on-gean. A. B. hig. 6. A. 

hig. hwig synd ge hyre yrre. 7. A. symle. B. taela. 

A. B. symle. 8. A. byrigenne. 9. A. B. godspel 

gebodod. A. bodod; B. gebodud. A. dyde on his ge- 
mynde. 10. \. hine heom; B. hine him. 11. A. B. 
hig (twice). A. fagenedon. A. dygollice. 12. A. On 

[for And]. A. adzimoruwi. A. hig. B. wyltu [for wylt 
\>u]. B. farun. A. gegearwion. 

3 and J?a se haelend wacs on bethania on 
symoncs huse anes hrcofclcn ] pivr sact. pa 
com an wif 1 haefde hire sealfc-box deorewur- 
Se nardes. 1 to-brokene scalf-boxe ofer his 
heafed aget. 

4 Sume hit unwurdlice for-baeren. 7 bc- 
tweoxe heom sylfen cwaeften. for hwi wacs 
Jrises sealfe for-spillcdnyss ge- worsen. 

5 ]?eos sealfe mihte beon ge-seald to J?rem 
hund panegen. 3 beon j?earfen ge-seald 1 
yrseden agen hy. 

6 pa cw. se haelend. Laeted hyo hwi 
synde ge hire grame. god were hyo on 
me worhte. 

7 So^lice symble ge ha?bbed pearfen mid 
eow. 1 Jeanne ge willed ge magen heom 
tsele don. me ge symble na^bbeS. 

8 j?eos sealde ~p hyo haefde. hyo com to 
smeriene minne lichame on berigenne. 

9 SoSlice ich eow segge swa hwaer swa 
f>is godspell ge-boded byo on eallen midden- 
earde byS ge-boded "f hyo j;is on his ge- 
minde dyde. 

10 Da iudas scarioth ~p is wi^ersace an 
of pam twelfen ferde to pam heah-sacerden 
•p he hine heom be-leawde. 

11 Da hyo J?is ge-herden hyo fageneden 1 
be-heton him feoh to syllene. 1 he smaig- 
de hu he hine digelice sealde. 

12 And J?am formen daige azimoruwz. pa 
hyo eastren offredon. his leorning-cnihtes 
him saiden hwider wilt pu -p we faren. 1 
ge-gserewian pe ~f j?u eastren aete. 

Various Headings. 
3. hreofolan ; hafde ; to-brocenum ; heafod ageat. 4. 
unwurSlice for-baren ; be-twux him sylfum cwsedon; pisses; 
for-spillednes ge-worden. 5. sealf; }>reom; peneguwi; 
{^earfum ; yrsydon; hyo. 6. latefc; synt; weorc heo. 7. 
habbaJS J^earfan ; \>onne; willafc; magon; symle nabbaS. 

8. heo hafde; heo; smyrianne mine lichaman; byrigenne. 

9. hwar; godspel; byS; eallum middan-earde bits ge bodud. 

10. wit5er-saca; twelfum; heah-sacerdum; be-lsewde. 11. 
ge-hyrdon hig fahnedon ; sillanne; smeade; digellice. 12. 
forman; eastron offrodon; saedon; faran; ge-garewian; 
eastron ete. 


3 miS-fcy waes set bethanie in huse symones breafes 3 geblionade cuom sum wif baefde 
3 *Et cum esset bethaniae in domo simonis leprosi et recumberet uenit mulier habens * £Liin. 

1 158. l. 

lu. lxxiiii. 
staenne faet full Sees smirinises Saes stences diorwyrSes 3 mi<5-$y gebrocen wses j?set stan fset to-dselde4agaett io - xcuiii. 

alabastrum ungenti nardi spicati praetiosi et fracto alab[a]stro effudit 

oier heafud bis woeron untedlice sume bia bulgon4unwyr$e saegdon 4" bituih him seolfum 3 

super caput eius. 4 erant auteru quidani indigne ferentes intra semet ipsos et 

cuoedon to buon losuist tSios smirinisse aworden wses 4 is msehte forSon smirinis fcios 

dicentes ut quid perditio ista ungenti facta est. 5 poterat enim unguentum istud 

begeatta for<5or mara fcriim hundraSum scillingum 3 sealla Sorfendum 3 bifgedon4 on hea se \\se\end 

ueniri plus quam trecentis denariis et dari pauperibws et fremebant in earn. 6 iesus 

cuoeS for-letas hia bused hir hen go gie sint god woerc wyrcenda wses on mec symble 

autem dixit sinite earn quid illi molesti estis bouum opus operata est in me. 7 semper 

forfcon Sorfendo gie habbaS mi« iuih 1 mi«-$y gie wellse gie magon him woel doe meh uutedlice ne 
enim pauperes habetis uobis-cum et cum uolueritis potestis illis bene facere me autem non 

symle gie habbaS fte hsefde $ios dyde fore-cuom to smiriane lic-homa min on bebyrgennise 

semper habetis. 8 *Quod habuit haec fecit praeuenit ungere corpus meum in sepulturam. "j^'.^^xuiiii 

mt. cclxxuii. 
soSlice ic ssego iuh sua-huer geboden sie-rbiS godspell Sis in allum middangearde 

9 amen dico uobis ubicumqwe praedicatum fuerit euaugeiium istud in uniuersuwi mundo 

3 f dyde Sios assegd bi<5 on gemyr.d hire U4sec iuSas scario^'s an from Ssem tuoelfum 

et quod fecit haec narrabitur in memoriaw eius. 10 *Et iudas scariotis unus de duodecim * 160 ; *!:. 

* lu. cclxin. 

mt. cclxxuiii. 

foerde to fcaem heh-sacerdum fte beleede hine $sem Safce geherdon gefeando woeron J 

abiit ad summos sacerdotes ut proderet eum iliis. 11 qui audientes gauisi sunt et 

fore-gehehton him feh f te hia sealla walldon 1 sohte buu hine teaslicor gesealla maehte 

promiserunt ei pecuniam s6 daturos et querebat quomodo ilium oportune traderet. 12 et 

se forma daege fcaere dserstana Sonne k huoenne eostro assegcas k ageafafc cuoedon k cuoetSatS him $a Segnas 
primo die azjmorum quando pascha immolant dicunt ei discipuli 

bwidder w&dlefcu f we gae 3 gegearwiga we <5e fte <5u gebrucca eastro 
quo uis eamus et paremus tibi ut manduces pascha. 

3. 3 miSSy wacs in bethania in huse . . . groefa 3 gihlionade com wif haebbende stan-fset ful Ssere smirnisse 
Saes stenches Siorwyrdes Z miSSy gibroecen waes 35a?t staenna fact todaelde 4 ageott ofer heofud his 4. weron 

wutudh'ce sume hia bulgun4unwyr«ne ssegdun bitwih him solfum 3 cwedun to whon losewiste Sios smirnisse 
aworden waes 5. msehte forfcon smirnisse fcios wosa mara Sonne Srim hundredum peninga Z sella Sorfendum 

Z bigedon on hisc 6. Se hx\end soSlice cwaeS forletas hiee hwset hir hefge ge sint god were wyrcende wses 

on mec 7. symle forSon fcarfo ge habbas iowih miS Z miSSy ge welle ge magun *sem wel doa mec wutudhce 
ne symle habbas 8. Saette habbe Sios dyde fore com to smiranne lichoma minne to bibyrgnisse 9. soSlice 

ic ssego iow swa hwer giboden sie4bi$ god-spell Sis in allum middengeorde z -)5te Sios dyde asaegd biS on 
gimynd hire 10. Z iudas scarioth an of twelfum feorde to Ssem beh-sacerdom -ptc bilcde hine Ssem 

11. SaSe herdura gifeonde werun "i fore gihehtun him feh Saette hiao waldun sella Z sohtun hu bin hine hu be 
hine (sic) gesella msehte 12. Z se forma daege Ssera eostruna Sonne 4 hwoenne eostru asaegas cwedun him 

Sa Segnas hwcet wyltu Sect we gae Z georwige Se f Su gtbrucce eostril 


19 Da sonde he twegen of his lcorning- 
cnihtUM 3 saede him ; GaS on ^a ccastrc 
1 inc agon yrn'S. sum man bcrende sumc 
waeter-flaxan ; Folgiaft him ; 

14 1 swa hwyder swa he inn-ga^S secgaft 
paes lnises hlaforde; Vie larcow secgS. 
hwai is niin gyst-hiis. 1 min gereord. hwar 
etc ic eastron. mid milium leorning-cnih- 
tum ; 

15 And lie inc geswutelaS mycele healle 
gcdaeftc. 1 gc-ge-earwiaS us para ; 

16 pa ferdon his leorning cnihtas 7 comon 
on J^a ccastre. 7 fundon hit call swa he 
saede. 1 ge-gear\vodon pa eastron ; 

17 SoSlice pa aefen com. him twelfum 
mid him 

18 sittendum 1 etendum saede se haelend ; 
So^lice ic eow secge 'p eower an pe mid me 
yt gesylS me ; 

19 Da ongunnon hi heon dreorige 1 be- 
twux him cwe^an. cwyst J?u com ic hit ; 

20 pa saede he him. an of eow twelfww 
me sylS. se Se his hand on disce mid me 
dypS ; 

21 And witodlice mannes sunu gaeS swa 
he him awriten is. wa pam menn purh 
pone pe mannes sunu geseald biS. betere 
him waere -p se mann acenned naere ; 

22 Him pa etendum afeng se haelend 
hlaf 1 hine bletsiende braec. 1 sealde him !! 
jnis cwaeS. nimaS. Sis ys min lichama. 

Various Headings, 

13. A. B. J>as [for j?a]. A. ongean. 14. A. in-gteS, 
A. seg$. 15. A. ge ge-gearwia$. 16. A. fundon eall 
swa he hyt heom ssede. 18. A. ytt. 19. A. hig. A. 
dreorie. 21. A. C. men. A. man. 22. 
A. enfeng. A. bletsigende. 

13 pa sende he twegen of his leorning- 
ciiihten 1 saeden heom. GaS on J?as ccstre 
1 ginc ;igen yrnS si.m man berende sume 
waetcr-flaxan. FolgicS him. 

14 !l swa h wider swa he ingaS segged 
pas huses hlafcrde. Ure larcow saegS hwaer 
is min gyst-hus 1 min ge-reord. hwaer 
aete ic eastren mid minen leorning-cnih- 

15 And he inc ge-swuteleS micele halle 
ge-J?efte. 1 ge-gerewiaS us ]?are. 

16 j;a ferden his leorning-cnihtes 3 comen 
onj^are cestre 1 funden hit eall swa he saig- 
de. J ge-garewedon pa eastren. 

17 SoSlice )?a aefen com heom twelf mid 

18 sittende. 1 etende saede se haelend. 
SoSlice ic eow segge. ~p eower an pe mid 
me aet ge-syld me. 

19 pa ongunnen hio beo dreorige. 1 be- 
twuxe heom cwaeSen. cwedst pu eom ic hit. 

20 Da saede he heom. an of eow twelfen 
me syl<5. Se pe his hand on disce mid me 

21 iEnd witodlice mannes sune gaS swa 
be hym awriten is. Wa pam men J?urh 
pane pe mannes sune beo$ ge-seald. betere 
hym waere "p se man akenned naere. 

22 Heom pa aetende afeng se haelend 
hlaf. 3 hine bletsiende braec. 3 sealde heom 
3 pus cwaeS. nymed pis is min lichame. 

Various Headings. 

13. leorning-cnihtas; ssede; ceastre ; inc; FolgiaS. 14. 
secge* Jjsbs; hlaforde; seg$; ete; eastron; minum leorning- 
cnihtum. 15. ge-dsefte; ge-gearwia$; J^ara. 16. ferdon; 
leorning-cnihtas ; comon ; \>a. ceastre ; fundon ; ssegde ; ge- 
garewodon; eastron. 17, efen; twelfum. 18. sittendum 
3 etendum; ett ge-syl<5. 19. on-gunnon ; beon ; be-twux; 
cwyfcst; eon [for eom]. 20. eom; twelfum; dypfc, 21. 
And; )>one; acenned. 22. etende; halend; nymad ; 



3 sende tuoege fro77i Segnum his 3 cuoeS him X to Saem gaa$ in ccastre 3 to"-eaeo-n-iorna<5 iuh 

13 et mittit duos ex discipulis suis et dicit eis 

ite in ciuitate et occurrit uobis 

monn ombor full wsetres beres fylgefc him 

homo laguenam aquae baiulans sequiuiini eura. 

3 swa-huidder iwn-geongse cuoeSas drihtne 
14 et quocumq?/e introierit dicite domino 

hus for<5on Se laruu cuoefc $er is riordung min fcer eastro miS fcegnum minum ic waelle brucoa-l'eatta 
domus quia magister dicit ubi est refectio mea ubi pascha cum discipulis meis manducem. 

3 fce ilea iuh sed-eawas rcord-hus swifce-tmicel song-tbedd 3 $er gearuas us 

15 et ipse uobis demonstrabit cenaculum grande stratum et illic parate nobis. 

16 et 

eadon fcegnas his 3 cuomon in ceastre 3 gemoetton suae cuaefc to him 3 ge-gearwadon 
abierunt discipuli eius et uenerunt in ciuitate et inuenerunt sicut dixerat illis et parauerunt 


efrn uutedlice war!? cuom mi$ tuoelfum 
17 *Uespere autem facto uenit cum duodecim. 

3 fcicgendura miS him 

18 et discumbentibiis cum eis * 161. iiii. 

io. Ixxii. exxi. 
mt. eclxxuiiii. 

3 etendum cuoeS se hxlend sofclice iuh fte an of iuh mec sele<§ sefce attaes 

et manducantibws ait iesws amen dico uobis quia unus ex uobis me tradet qui man ducat 

mec m[i«] sofc Sa-thia ongunnon unrotsia 3 cuoeSa him swyndria hueSer ic see f se<5e 

mecum. 19 *At illi coeperunt contristari et dicere ei singillatim numquid ego. 20 tQui * 162. i. 

lu. eclxuiiii. 

io. exxii. 

_ mt. ctlxxx. 

3 sunu sec soa monnes jy 103. ;,. 

21 et filius quidem hominis lu. eclxuiii. 

mt. eclxxxi. 

euoefc him an of fcaem tuoelfum se$e onhran mec mi$ on disc 
ait illis unus ex duodecim qui intingit mecum in catino. 

geongafc sua awritten is of him 4' from hine wae Sonne menn fcaem fcerh Sone sunu monnes gesald bi<5 
uadit sicut scribtum est de eo uae autem homini illi per quern filius hominis traditur 

betra + god is him gif ne were geboren monn Se 
*13onum est ei si non esset natus homo ille. 


him onfeng se haelend 

22 tEt manducantibws illis accepit iesus 

hlaf 3 bloedsade gebrcec 3 sealde him 3 coed onfoas $is is lichoma min 
panem et beuedicens fregit et dedit eis et ait sumite hoc est corpus meum. 

• 164. ui. 
mt. eclxxxii. 
f 165. i. 
lu. eclxui. 
mt. eclxxxiiii. 

13. 3 sende twoege of fcegnum his 3 cwaefc him gaas in caestre 3 on-gaogn iornefc iow mon ombor fulne wactres 
beres fylgafc him 14. 3 swa hwider in-gonge cweofcas drihtne hus forSon <5e larow cwaefc hwer is riorde 

min hwer eostru mifc fcegnum minum his (sic) ic wyllo brucca 15. 3 £e ilea iow aet-eowe£ riord-bus swifce micel 
...3 fcer georwigas us 16. 3 eodun fcegnas his 3 comun in caestre 3 gimoettun swa c\va;S him 3 georwadun 

eostru 17. efern wutudb'ce war* com mi<5 twelfum 18. 3 mifc-Siccendum him 3 etendum cwacX £e htBlend 

so$ ic cwe«o iow forfcon an of iow mec selefc sefce etcfc mec mi* 19. sofc $a k hia onguntnm unrotsiga 3 

cweoSa to him syndrige ah hit sie ic 20. sefce cwac* him an of Saem twelfum sefcc on-hran mec mi? 

on disce 21. 3 sunu ec soSl/ce monnes gaes swa awriten is of him wee Sonne menn fcaem fcerh fcone sunu 

monnes gi-sald biX god \ betre is him gif ne were acenned mon Se 22. 3 etendum him onfeng fce \\vt\cnd 

hlaf 3 bletsade cwoo« brae 3 salde him 3 cwoefc onfoas Sis is lichoma min 


i 2:i 1 onfeng calice. 1 gode J?ancas dyde 
1 sealde hist. 1 callc him ofdruncon ; 

i 2l pa saede he him, ftis ys min blod 
baere niwan cySncsse j> biS for maneguw 
agotcn ; 

25 SoSlice ic eow sccgc ^ ic hconon forS 
nc drince of }?yses wingeardes cynne. oS 
J>one daeg J^on//*? ic hine niwne drince on 
godes rice ; 

26 And gecwedenuw lofc hi ferdon on 
ele-bergena munt ; 

27 Da cwaeS se haelend. ealle ge beoS 
geuntreowsode on ]?isse nihte. forj^aw pe 
hit awriten is. ic slea j?aene hyrde 7 beon 
)?a seep to-draefede ; 

28 Ac aefter pam pe ic arise, ic cume 
beforan cow on galilea/w ; 

29 pa saede petrus him. peah. ^e ealle 
swicion ne swicige ic pe na ; 

30 Da cwarS se haelend ; Soj?lice ic pe 
secge. "p Su on Jnsse nihte ser hana tuwa 
crawe. Jmwa wiS-saecst min. 

31 1 he pass ^e mare spra?c. 1 peah me 
ge-byrige mid pe to sweltene. ne aet-sace ic 
j?in. 1 swa hi cwaedon ealle ; 

32 pa comon hi to anuwj time pses nama 
waes gezemani. 3 he cwaeS to his leorning- 
cnihton ; SittaS her 0*8 ^ ic me gebidde ; 

33 And he nam pa mid him petruw ] 
iacobuw 1 iohannew. j?a ongan he forhtian 
1 sargian 

Various Readings. 

24. A. om. he. C. om. niwan. A. cyfcnysse. 25. A. 
heonen. 26. A. B. C. hig. 27. A. |>one. B. C. beoS. 

B. C. sccap. 30. A. inserts se before hana. 31. A. B. 

C. sweltanne. A. hig. 32. A. hig. A. giedzemani. A. 
leorning-cnyhtum; B. C. leorning-cnihtuw. 

23 1 onfeng calice 1 gode Ranees dydc. 1 
sealde heom. 1 ealle heon ofdrnnccn. 

24 Da saide he heom f?is is min blod 
j^are nywc cySnissan. ~p beoS for nianigen 

ago ten. 

25 So^lice ic eow segge ~f ic henen 
for^ ne drince of J)ises win-geardes kynne. 
oSSe J?anne daig J?anne ic hine neowe drince 
on godes rice. 

26 JEnd ge-cweftenen lofe hyo ferdon on 
elc-bergene munt. 

27 pa cw se haelend ealle gc beoS ge- 
untreowsede on £>isse nihte. for }?am pe 
hit awriten is. ic slea Jeanne heorde. 1 
beoS J?a seep to-draefde. 

28 Ac aefter pan pe ic arise ic cume 
be-foren eow. on galilea. 

29 pa saide petrus him. J?eah pe ealle 
swician. ne swicige ic pe na. 

30 Da cwaeS se haelend. So^lice ic pe 
segge. ~p Jm on )?isen nihte aer coc twewe 
craewe j^reowe wrS-saecst min. 

31 1 he J)aes pe mare spaec. "J j?ah me 
ge-berige mid pe to sweltene. ne aet-sace 
ic Jmi. 1 swa hyo cwae^en ealle. 

32 Da comen hyo to anen tune J?as nama 
waes getsemani. 1 he cwae^ to his leorning- 
cnihten. Sitte^ her oS ~p ic me ge-bidde. 

33 "] he nam pa mid him petruw ] iaco- 
buw. 1 iohannew* |?a on-gan he forhtigen 1 

Various Headings. 

23. Jjancas; of-druncan. 24. sa?gde; eom; niwan; 
bi<5; manegum. 25. henon; cynne ; o%\>onne; J?onne ; 
nywe. 26. ge-cwe<5enura; bergena. 27. ge-untreow- 
sode ; Jjonne ; sceap to-drsefede. 28. Jjam ; be-foran ; 

galileawi. 29. ssegde. 30. };issura ; hana twuwa crawe 

)?riwa. 31. spraec ; }>eah ; gebyrige; sweltane. 32. 
comon; anum; gezemani; leorning-cnihton. SittaS. 
33. forhtian 3 sarigian. 


3 miS-Sy onfeng Saem calic Soncungo dyde salde him 3 gedruncon of Saem alle 3 

23 *Et accepto calice gratias agens dedit eis et biberunt ex illo omnes. 24 et * 166. ii. 

lu. cclxui[i]. 

mt CclxXXU 

cuoeS him Sis ic blod min niwes cySnises seSe fore monigum agotten biS k toda3led biS 

ait illis hie est sanguis meus noui testamenti qui pro multis effunditur 

soSlice ic cuoeSo iuh f-te soSlice ne drinco ic of cynn wingeardes wis k oSS on daege Sone k Saem 
25 amen dico uobis quod iam non bibam de genimine uitis usqwe in diem ilium 

miSSy ■£ ic drinco niwe in ric godes 3 miS sua cuoednum wordum Sona foerdon on mor 

cum illud bibam nouum in regno dei. 26 *Et hymno dicto exierunt in montem * XLV. 

° J 167. ui. 

mt. eclxxxui. 
oelebeama 3 cuoeS him se hve\end alle gie biSon geondspyrnad -l" todrifeno in nseht Sas forSon 

oliuarum. 27 *Et ait eis iesus omnes scandalizabimini in nocte ista tQuia * 168. iiii. 

io. clii. 

mt. eclxxxuii. 
awritten is k waes ic Serhslae k hrino Sone hiorde 3 tostrogden biSon Sa scipo ah sefter-Son Se + 169. ui. 

scribtum est percutiam pastorem et dispargentur oues. 28 sed postea quam mt- cclxxxum - 

ic ariso k arisen beom befora ic cymo iuh on galilea i . geleornise 
surrexero praecedam uos in galilseam. 

3 gif-tSaeh alle geondspyrnad see-tbiSon ah k hwoeSre nsefre ic-rne ic 
etsi omnes scandalizati fuerint sed non ego. 

petrws Sonwe cuoeS him 
29 *Petrus autem ait ei * 170. i. 

lu. eclxxu. 
io. exxui. 
3 cuoeS him se hsslend mt. eclxxxuiiii. 

30 et ait illi iesus 

soSlice ic cuoeSo Se -pte Su todaeg on nseht Siser ser Son tuiga se bona stefne gesella Sria mec 
amen dico tibi quia tu hodie in nocte hac priusquam bis gallus uocem dederit ter me 

Su hist onssecc 
e's neeraturus. 

soS he forSor-l'mara gespraec k sprecend waes 3 gif-r3 Saeh ic scile k becyme mec 
31 *At ille amplius loqwebatur etsi oportuerit me*l7l.ui. 

mt. cexc. 

sedgeadre f ic efne-gesuelta Se ne Sec onsaecco ic gelic soSlice sec -ft) alle hia gecuoedon 3 

simul commori tibi non te negabo similiter autem et omnes dicebant 32 *Et * ^2. i. 

° lu. cclxxuuu. 

io. clui. 
cuomon-r on -p lond Se is genemned predium Saem is noma f is on ebrisc 3 cuoeS Ssegnum his sittas mt. cexci. 
ueniunt in prajdium cui nomen gesemani et ait discipulis suis *Sedete * J 7 3 ui -. 

her oSSset-1'Sa huil ic gebidde 




3 to-genom petrww 3 


3 iohannem miS 3 ongann 

33 et adsumit petrum et iacobum et iohannen secum et coepit 

forhtiga 3 longiga 
pauere et taedere. 

23. 3 on-feng Saem calice Soncunde dyde salde him 3 gidruncun of Saem alle 24. 3 cwaeS him Si9 is 

blod min niowe cySnisse seSe fore monigum agoten biS 25. soS ic cweSo iow -fte soSlice ne drinco ic of 

cynne wingeordes oS to dsege Saem miS-Sy Saet ic drinco niowe in rice godes 26. 3 miS swa cwednum 

Sona foeordun on mor oele-beomes 27. 3 cwaeS him Se h&Xend alle ge bioSun onspyrned on nseht Sisser 

forSon awriten is ic Serh-slsc-1' hrino Sone hiorde 3 to-stencud biS Sset ede 28. ah sefter Son Se ic arisu 

bifora ic cymo iowih in galileam 29. . . . wutudl/Ve cwaeS . . . 3 gif[-l']Seh alle onspyrnisse sie ah ne ic sofre 

30. 3 cwaeS him Se hx\end soS ic cweSo Se Saette Su to daege in naoht Sisser aerSon Sonne bona stefne giselle 
Srige me Su bist onssccen 31. 3 soS he forSor mara gisprecun (sic) 3 gif-1'Seh ic scile bicuma mec BBtgedre 
■fcte ic swelte miS Se ne Se onsaeco ic gilice soSlice 3 alle cwedun 32. 3 comon on Saet lonSe is nemned 

pmlium Ssem noma is on ebrisc 3 cwaeS to Segnum his sittas her oSSa Sa hwile ic gibidde me 33. 3 to-ginom 
petrus 3 . .. 3 . . . miS 3 ongan forhtiga 3 longiga 



.;i 3 ssede him; Unrot is min sawl o'S 
dea$. gebidaft licr 1 waciaft; 

i Da he Iyt-hwon for&stop he astrehte 
hine ofer ba eorSan. !I he baed. gif hit 
boon mih te ~p he on baere tide fram him 
gewite ; 

36 And ba cwaeS he. abba. ~p is faeder 
on nre gebeode. ealle [ring be synt mihtig- 
licc. afyrr jnsne calic fra;« me ac na ~p 
ic vvylle ac j> bu ; 

87 Pa com he 3 funde hi slaepende. 1 
cwaeS to petre; Simon, sloepst J?u. ne 
mihtest Su ane tide wacian. 

38 waciaS 1 gebiddaft -f ge on costnunge 
ne gan. witodlice se gast is gearu. ac ~p 
flccsc is antrum ; 

59 And eft he ge-baed ba ylcan spraece. 

40 1 ba he hine eft agen bewende. he 
funde hi slaepende. hyra eagan waeron ge- 
hefegode 3 hi nyston hwaet hi him Isware- 
don ; 

41 Da com he briddan srSe 1 saede hiw. 
slapaft nu 1 restaS genoli hit ys. tima ys 
cumen nu is mannes sunu geseald on syn- 
fulra handa ; 

42 Arlsab. uton gan. nu is gehende se 
Se me sjVS ; 

43 Him pa Sa gyt sprecendu?« .com iudas 
scarioth. ~p ys wibersaca. an of pam twelf- 
um. 1 mid him mycel menegeo mid swurd- 
uwj 1 mid sahlum. fraw heah-sacerduw. 
bocerum 1 ealdruw ; 

34 1 ssede licom. Vnrot is min sawle 
odSe dea<S ge-biddeS her ] wakicS. 

35 Da he lithwon forS-stop. he astrehte 
hine ofer ba eorSan 1 ge-baed. gyf hit 
beon mihte. "p he on bare tide fram him 

36 1 ba c\v. he. abba, -p is fader on 
ure ge-bcode alle J?ing be sende mihtilice 
afyrre j?isne calic fra/w me. ac na -p ic 
wille ac -p bu. 

37 Da com he 1 funde hyo slaepende. 1 
cwaeS to petre. Simon slaepst bu. ne miht- 
est bu ane tide wacien. 

38 wacieS !J ge-biddaft j5 ge on costnunge 
ne gan. witodlice se gast is geare. ac j5 
flaesc is untrum. 

39 And eft he ge-baed ba ylcen spaece. 

40 ] ba he hine eft agen be-wende. he 
funde hyo slaepende. heore eagen waeren 
ge-hefegede. 1 hyo nyston hwaet hy r o him 

41 pa com he Sriddan siSe. 1 saede 
heom slaepeS nu 1 rested ge-noh hit is. 
time is cumen nu is mannes sune ge-seald 
on synfulre hande. 

42 arised uten gan. nu is ge-hende se 
be me syld. 

43 him ba be gyt spraecende com iudas 
scarioth -p is wi<5er-saca. an of pam twelf- 
en. 1 mid him mycel manige. mid sweord- 
en 3 mid sahlen. fram heah-sacerden ] 
bokeren 3 ealdren. 

Various Readings. Various Readings. 

34. A. sawel; B. saul. C. gebiddaS. 36. A. B. C. 34. sawul ; waciaiS. 35. eorSen. 36. synde. 37. 

mihtelice. A. afyr. 37. A. hig. A. tyd. 39. B. C. wacian. 38. waciafc ; \>et [for •£] ; gearu. 39. ylcan 
spaece. 40. A. on-gean. A. B. C. hig. A. heora. A. hig j spaece. 40. hyra eagan waerora geheofogode ; andsware- 

don. 41. resta<5 ; tima; synfullra handa. 42. ArisaS 
uton ; sylS. 43. sprecendem (sic) ; twelfum ; menigeo : 
sweordum ; sahluTw; heah-sacerduw ; bocerum; ealdruw. 

.(lu ice). 42. B. utun. 43. A. maenigeo. A. sweorduwi. 
A. B. C. insert 2 before bocerum. 


3 cuoeS him-rSEem un-r6dt is sawel rain oSS-rwiS to deaSe ge-Soligas-r her 3 waeceas 
34 *Et ait illis tristis est anima mea usqiie ad mortem sustiuete hie et uigilate. 

3 miSSy waes faerende k foerde huon fore-feoll ou^ofer eorSu 3 gebaedd k wees biddend #te gif wosa 
35 *Et cum processiset paululum procidit super terram et orabat ut si fieri 

maehte ofer -1' bileorade from him-rhine Sio tid 3 cuoeS la heh faeder alle Se mamtiglica 

posset transiret ab eo hora. 36 et dixit abba pater omnia tibi 

• 1/4. iiii. 
io. cuii. 
im. cexciii. 

• 175. i. 
lu. eclxxxi. 
io. clxi. 
mt. cexciiii. 

sint k sindon alle in Sinum niaeht oferferig k bi-leore calic Siosne from mec ah ne f-te ic willo ah 

possibilia sunt transfer calicem hunc a me *Sed non quod ego uolo seel 

•p-te Su waellae ^ 3 cuom 3 gemittse hea sleppende 3 cuoeS to petre la simon Su slepes ne 

q u0( l tu 37 et uenit et inuenit eos dormientes et ait petro simon dormis non 

• I7fi. i. 

lu. eclxxxii. 
io. luii. xlii. 
mt. cexcu. 

maehtes Su an huil gewceccae 

wscccas 3 gebiddas f-te ne ingae in costunge se gaast 

potuisti una hora uigilare. 38 *Uigilate et orate ut non intretis in tenitationem tSpmtae 

UMtedlice is gearuu Sio lichoma Sonne untrvmiff 

3 efter-sona from geongende gebsedd Sa?t ilea word 

quidem promtus caro uero infirma. 39 *Et iterum abiens orauit eundem sermonem 

Sus cuoeSende 

3 eft-gecerde niwunga -r sona gemitte hia slepende woeron forSon ego hiora -l" Sacra 
40 et reuersus denuo inuenit eos dormientes erant enim oculi illoruw 

* 177. ii. 

lu. eclxxx. 
mt. ccxcu'.' 
f 178. iiii. 
io. lxx. 
mt. cexcuii. 

* 179. ui. 
mt. cexcuiii. 

pislico -T hefigo 3 ne wiston huaed scealdon onduearda-l'onsuaerega him 
ingrauati et ignorabant quid responderent ei. 

3 cuom Sirdda siSe 3 
41 *Et uenit tertio et * 180. iiii. 

io. ciii. 

mt. cexcuiii i. 

cuoeS Saem-fhim slepaS gee 3 raestas wel maege k wel licas cuom Sio tid heono bits gesald sunu monnes 
ait illis dormite iam et requiescite sutricit uenit hora ecce traditur filius hominis 

in hond synnfullra arisaS gae we-twutun geonga heono seSe mec selleS neh is 3 

in manus peccatorum 42 surgite eamus ecce qui me tradit prope est. 43*Et"i8i.i. 

lu. eclxxxu. 
io. cluiii. 

Sa set-rSa geon him -r bine sprecende cuom iudas se scariothisca an from Sa>m tuoelfum 3 miS Sa?m-r*hine xu,nl " 

athuc eo loquente uenit iudas scariot unus ex duodecim et cum illo 

Sreat menisjo miS suordum 3 stencum-r trewum from 

helium sacerdum 

3 from wuiwutum 3 from 

turba multa cum gladiis et lignis 

a summis sacerdotibus et a scribis et a 


34. 3 cwaeS him un-rot is sawel min oS to -r wis deaS giSoe'igas her 3 waeceas 35. 3 miS-Sy foerende 

waes hwon fore-feoll ofer eorSo 3 gibaed k biddende waes -)5te gif wosa maehte giliore from him Sio tid 36. 3 

cwaeS la heh fader alle machti^lice Se sindun oferfaerh -1' giliore calic Siosne from me ah ne f te ic welle ah {>acte 
Su welle 37. 3 com 3 infand ha; slepende 3 cwaeS to petre la simon Sv slepes ne maehttes Su anc tide 

giwoDcca 38. waeccas 3 gi-biddas -jstc ne in-gac in costunge Se gast wutud/tce georo is Se lic-homa Sone un-trymig 
39. 3 efter sona from eode 3 gi-ba?d Saot ilee word cweSende 40. 3 eft gicerde niowunga in-uand liiac slepende 
werun forSon e<*u hiora pislico k hefigo 3 ne wistun hwaet sccaldun 3worda him 41. 3 com Sirdan siSe 3 

cwaeS him slepas ge 3 rcstas wel magun cyomeS Sio tid heonu gisald his sunn monnes in honila s\ nn-fnllnin 
42. arisas gaa we heono seSe mec seleS neh is 43. 3 Sa geona him sprecende com iudas Se scariothisca an 

of Sam twelfum 3 miS him Sreotas monige miS swordum 3 stencgum sendend (sir) from heh-sarerdum 3 from 
uSwutum 3 from aldrum 


44 So$lice his laewa hi/// tacen scalde 
"1 bus nvn'ii ; Sua hwylcne swa ic cysse he 
hit is. nimaeJ 3 Lseda$ liinc wserlice. 

45 1 Bona swa he com he ge-nealaehte him 
to 1 cw. lareow. 3 cystc hine. 

46 1 lii liyra lunula on hine wurpon. 
1 namon hine; 

47 SoSlice an of pam J?e ^ar embe-uton 
stodon his swurde abraed 1 sloh J?aes sacerdes 
feow. 1 his eare of acearf; 

48 pa cwaeS se haelend him 7swariende; 
Swa swa to anum scea^an ge ferdon mid 
swurdon J treowuw me gefon. 

49 ^onwe ic daeghwawlice mid eow waes 
on temple laerende ] ge me ne namon. ac 
•p pa gewritu syn gefyllede ; 

50 Da forleton his leorning-cnihtas ealle 
hine J flugon; 

51 Sum iungling him fyligde mid anre 
scytan bewaefed nacod !! hi namon hine; 

52 Da aworpenre )>aere scytan nacod he 
him fram fleah ; 

53 And hi laeddon j?aene haelend to pam 
heah-sacerde. 1 comon ealle sacerdas. 1 bo- 
ceras 1 ealdras togaedere ; 

54 Petrus him fyligde feorran op ^aes 
heah-sacerdes cafertun 1 he saet mid pam 
^cnum 1 wyrmde hine aet pan? fyre ; 

55 pa heah-sacerdas sohton 1 eall gej?eaht. 
tale agen pone haelend. ^ hi hine to dea^e 
sealdon 1 hi ne fundon ; 

Various Readings. 

46. A. hig heora. 47. A ymbe-utan ; B. C. embe-utan. 
C. stodan. A. sweorde. 48. A. 3swarigende. A. sweor- 
dum. 51. A. fylgde. A. hig. 53. A. hig. A. j?one 
54. A. fylgde. 55. B. C. sohtun. A. on-gean. A. hyg ; 
B.C. hig. A. deSe. A. B. C. hig. 

44 SoSlice his laewa hcom taken scalde 1 
jms cwul >: S. Swa hwilcne swa ic kysse. se 
hit ys nymeS 1 laedeS hine waerlice. 

45 3 sone swa he com lie ge-nehlacte hine 
to 1 cwaj^. Lareow ; 1 cyste hine. 

46 1 hyo heore hande on hine wurpen 
1 namen hine. 

47 SoSlice an of fam pe pair cmbe-uten 
stoden his sweord abraed. 7 slog pas sacerd- 
es J?eow. 1 his eare of acarf. 

48 Da cwaeS se haelend heom and-swer- 
iende. Swa swa to anen scaeSan ge ferden 
mid sweorden 3 treowen me ge-fon. 

49 panne ic daig-hwamlice mid eow wses 
on temple laerende 7 ge me namen. ac "f f>a 
ge-write syen ge-fellde. 

50 Da for-leten his leorning cnihtes ealle 
hine 1 flugen. 

51 Sum gungling him fylgde mid ane 
scytan be-waefed nacod. 1 hy name hine. 

52 "p waerpendre pare scete nacod he 
heom fram fleah. 

53 1 hy laedden panne haelend to pam 
heah-sacerde aend comen ealle J? a sacerdes. 
send bokeres. 1 ealdres. to-gaedere. 

54 Petrus heom felgede ferren 08 pas 
heah-sacerdes caefertun. and he set mid 
pam penum "i wermden hine aet pam fyre. 

55 Da heah-sacerdas sohten 3 eall ge- 
£>eaht. tale agen J?anne haelend. -p hyo 
hine to deaSe sealden ") hyo ne fundon. 

Various Readings. 

44. tacen; cysse; he; nymaS. 45. sona; ge-neah- 
lsehte. 46. hyore; wurpon; namon. 47. -u ton stodon; 
acearf. 48. anum sceafcan ; ferdon ; sweordon ; treowum. 
49. fjonne; dseg-hwamlice ; syn gefyllede. 50. for-leoton; 
flugon. 51. iungling; fyligde; be-wafed; hyo namon; 
52. aworpenre; scytan. 53. hyo; \>onne; comon; MS. 
R. omits \>& before sacerdes ; boceras ; to-gadere. 54. fy- 
ligde feorran ; sacerdas cafertun ; sset ; wyrmde. 55. 
sohton ; j>onne ; sealdon. 


waes saldend k gesalde Sonne se sellend his becon-r"taco him cuoe*ende *one suahuoelcr"} miSSy cyssennde 
44 *Dederat autem traditor eius signum eis dicens quem-cumque osculatus " l82 - ■'• 

lu. cclxxxui. 
nit. ccci. 
ic beora k ic see his is haldas hine k *one 1 waerlice geleeda* 3 mi*-*y gecuome recone to- 

fuero ipse est tenete eum et caute ducite. 45 et cum uenisset statim ac- 

geneolecde to him cuoe* la laruu 3 cyssende waes hine so* *a ilco honda gewurpon on hine 

cedens ad eum ait rabbi et osculatus est eum. 46 at illi manus iniecerunt in eum 

: gehealdon *ene-l'hine an Sonne kSa summ monn of *aera ymbstondendum oflaede k ataeh f suord 

et tenuerunt eum. 47 *Unus autem quidam de circum-stantibws educens gladium " 183. i. 

In. cclxxxuii. 
io. clx. 
slog esne-r$rsel heh-sacerdas 1 gesna*-r" tocearf him -l* *a?m *a earelipprica "i onsuajrede mt. cccii. 

percussit seruum summi sacerdotis et amputauit illi auricula. 48 *Et respondeus * 184. i. 

lv. cclxxxuiiii. 
io. clxx. 
se h?e\end cuoe* *eem -1' him allsuae to *eafe gie foerdon mi* suordum 3 stengum to gefoanne k to laec- int. ccciiii. 

iesus ait illis tamquam ad latrone?rc. existis cum gladiis et lignis comprehen- 

canne mec seghuelc daege ic waes mi* iuh in tempel laerend "i ne meh gehealdon ah fte 

dere me. 49 cotidie eram apud uos in templo docens et non me teuuistis sed ut 

f hia woero gefylled writto *a *egnas his forleorton k forletendo alle gefiugon 

adimpleantur scribturse. 50 *Tunc discipuli eius relinquentes eum omnes fugerunt • 185. ui. 

mt. cccu. 

ging esne Sonne kuutedlice sum gefylgede him gegearuad k ymbgyrded mi* oferkon 

51 *Adulescens autem quidam sequebatur eum amictus sindone super • irg. x. 

nacod 1 gehealdon hine so* he mi**y forwarp k naeod fwe-flaeh from *a?m 

nudo et tenuerunt eum. 52 at ille reiecta sindone nudus profugit ab eis. 

1 to-laeddon *one hae\end to *aem heh-sacerd 3 efne-gecuomon alle *a sacerdas 3 

53 *Et adduxerunt iesum ad summum sacerdotem et conueniunt omnes sacerdotes et * 187. i- 

lu. ccxc. 
io. clxii. 
*a wu*uuto 3 *a aeldesto petrws Sonne fearre fylgende woss hine wi* on wor*e clxiiii. 

scribaj et seniores. 54 *Petrus autem a lonsre secutus est eum usqwe in atrium nit - ccc . u !r 

° x " 188. nn. 

io. clxiiii. 
*aes heh-sacerdas 1 gesaett k sittende waes mi* *aem embiht-monnuwi 3 wsermde hine to *aem fyre mt. cccuii. 

summi sacerdotis et sedebat cum ministris et cale-faciebat se ad ignem. 

*a heh Sonne sacerdas 3 all f somnung sohton wis *one h&kend cy*nisse fte hine 

55 *Summi uero sacerdotes et omne concilium quaerebant aduersum iesum testimonium ut eum . im iim 

111. cccu. 
to dea*e ma*hte gesealla ne fundon 
morti traderent nee inueniebant. 

44. <;isalde Sonne Se sellend his tacun him cweSende swa hwelcne swa ic cyssende ic biom he it is 
haldas hine 3 gihlada* 45. 3 mi*-*y comun sona gineolicadun to him cwa* hal larwa 3 cyssende wres 

hine 46. so* *a ilea honda giwurpun on hine 3 giheoldun hine 47. an Sonne sum inon of Saein ymb- 

stondendum giteh Saet sword Serh-slog esne -1' Srael heh-saecerdas 3 tosnaS him Sone a-arliprica 18, ] 

ond-sworade Se haAend cwa* Sa-m all swa liwsut [to] Seofe gifeordun miS swordum 3 Btengum to foenne 1" 
gila>ccan mec 49. eghwelce da'ge Sis (sic) wa>s mi* iowih in temple larende 3 ne mec gihealdun ah fte 

were gifylled giwriotu Sa> 50. Sa Segnas his alle for-leortun -1' forletende bine flugun 51. <:ing esne 

wutudlice sum gifylgende him gigeorwad k ymb-iryrded . . . ofer nacudne giheoldun hine 52. rwaiS him miSSy 

forwarp . . . nacud from-lleh him 53. 3 to-gi-lacddun *one hx\end to hehsaeerdum 3 efne-^icomuu alle *a 

sacerdas 3 u*wutu 3 *a ajldru 54. petrus *onne feorra fjlgende wa\s him o* to on wor*e *a-s heh-sacerdes 

3 saU mi* *egnum 3 wermde hine to Sa-m fyre 55. Sa heh Sonne sacerdas 3 all Sio somnung BohtUD wifc 

*one haelend cy*nisse -pte hine to dea*e gUaldun ne onfundun 


56 Manega sasdon lease gecyftnysse agen 
bine. 3 [>a cvSnessa naeron f>aeslice ; 

.')' Da arison sumc 1 scedon lease cySnesse 
agen hine 1 Jus Bsedon ; 

58 So$es we ge-hyrdon hine sccgan. ic 
to-wurpe jms hand-worhte tew/pel 1 ssfter prim 
dagu/n ic oSer unhand- worht ge-timbrie; 

59 3 liyra cyjmys naes j^es-lic ; 

60 pa aras sum heah-sacerd on hyra 
midlene 1 ahsode fame haelend. ne and- 
swarast j?u nan Sing, agen ~p j?as pe on- 
wurpaS ; 

61 lie suwode 1 naht ne Iswarode; Eft 
hine axode se heah-sacerd. eart pu. crist 
j^aes gebletsodan godes suim ; 

62 Da saede se haelend. ic eom. 1 ge 
geseoS mannes sunu on swySran healfe 
sittan his maegenes. 1 cumende mid heofones 
genipuw ; 

63 pa cw se heah sacerd. his reaf slit- 
ende. hwi ge-wilnige we gyt cySera. 

64 ge gehyrdon his bysmer. hwaet JnncS 
eow; Da hynvdon hi ealle hine 1 cwa?don -f 
he waere deaSes scyldig ; 

65 And surae agunnon him on spaetan 
1 ofer-wreon his ansyne. 1 mid fystu?;? hine 
beoton. 1 him to cwaedon ; Araed. and pa 
Senas hine mid handum beoton ; 

66 And pa petrus wses on cafertune }~a 
cow to him an jnnen j?aes heah-sacerdes. 

67 3 )?a heo geseah petrum wyrmende fa 
cwaeS heo ; pu wa?re mid Sam nazareniscan 
haelende ; 

Various Readings. 

56. A. gecySnesse ongean. A. cySnyssa. 57. A. cvJS- 

nysse ongean. A. B. C. cw&'don. 58. A. to-weorpe. 

A. ge-tymbrige. 59. A. heora. A. B. C. cySnes. 60. 

A. heora. A. acsode )>one. A. ongean. A. on-weorpafc. 

61. A. swygode ; B. C. swugode. A. Jswarede. A. acsode. 

62. A. B. heofenes. 63. A. hwig. B. C. gewilnege. 64. 

A. bismor. A. B. big. 65. A. ongunnon; B. agunnun. 

B. fystun. 

56 Manege sa»den lease cySnysscn agen 
hine. 3 j?a cySnisse nacren fas-lice. 

57 Da arise sumc 1 saigden lease cydnysse 
agen hine ") f us cwaeSen. 

58 Sodcs we ge-hyrden hine seggen ic to- 
weorpe fis hand-worhte temple. 1 jjef'ter j?rem 
dagen ic oSer un-hand-worht ge-timbrige. 

59 3 heore cydnysse naes fas-gelic. 

60 Da aras sum heah-sacerd on heora 
midlene 1 aexode fanne haelend. Ne and- 
swerest fu nan fing agen "p pas pe on- 

61 he swegede 1 naht ne andswerede. 
Eft hine axode se heah-sacerd. Ert fu 
crist. pas ge-bletsedes godes sune. 

62 pa saede se haelend ic eom. 1 ge ge- 
seoS mannes sune on swiSren healfe sitten. 
his maignes. ") cumende mid heofenes ge- 

63 Da cwaeS se heah-sacerd his reaf slyt- 
ende. hwi wiluige we gvt cvSera. 

64 ge ge-herden his bismer. hwaet 
JnncS eow. Da hyrdeu hyo ealle hine 1 
cwaeSen. -p he waere deaSes scyldig. 

65 /End sume agunnen hym on spaeten. 
1 ofer-wreon his ansiene. 1 mid festen hine 
beaten. 1 him to cwaeSen. Ared. 1 fa 
f enas hine mid handen beoten. 

66 1 fa petrus wses on caefertune fa 
com to him an finen fas heah-sacerdes. 

67 J fa hye ge-seah petrum wermende fa 
cwaeS hy. pu waere mid fam nazareiscen 

Various Readings. 

56. Manega ssedon ; cy<5nysse ; naeron }>aes-lice. 57. 
arison; ssegdon ; cyfcnysse; cwaefcon. 58. Sofces; seggan 
to-wyrpe ; tempel ; }?rym dagvm. 59. hyore cyfcnys ; f>ses 
lie. 60. acsode fjowne ; on-weorpafc. 61. swugode 

Eart; }>ses; sunu. 62. halend ; swvfcran halfe sittan 
rnaegnes; heofones genipuwz. 63. ge-wilnige. 64. ge 
hyrden; bismor; hyrdon hig; cwseSon. 65. agunnan 
spaeton ; ansyne ; fystum ; beotum (sic) ; cwae<5on ; handum 
beoton. 66. -sacerdas. 67. heo se seah (sic); heo; 


monigo for*on gecy*nise leas hia gecuoedon wi* hine Z woenlica gecy*niso ne 

56 niulti enim testimonium f'alsum dicebant aduersus eum et conuenientia testinionia non 

woeron Z suwmi Tiionn aras leas gecy*nise saegdon wi* him cuoe*endo 

erant. 57 *Et quidam surgentes falsum testimonium ferebant aduersus eum dieentes. * 199. ui. 

1 ° mt. cccuiiii. 

for*on ue geherdon hine cwoedne 4" euoe*ende ic undoe-ric toslito tempel *is mi* honde aworht 
5S quoniam nos audiuimus eum dicentem ego dissoluam templum hoc ma iu factum 

Z <5erh *reo dogor o*er ne mi* honde aworht ic getimbro willo Z ne woes woenlic 

et per Iridunm aliud nn« manu factum aedificabo. 59 et non erat conueniens 

gecy*nise hioraf*ara } aras *ae ha?h sacerd in middum geascade *one hsclend 

testimonium illorum. 60 et exsurgens summus sacerdos in medium interrogauit iesum 

cuo&ende ne ondueardest*u noht4amiht to *a-ni *a *e geteled aron from *assu/n raonnum he 

dicens non respondis quicquawi ad ea quae tibi obiciuntur ab his. 61 ille 

uutedlicel Sonne gesnigde Z noht ge-onsuarede effr-sona se heh sacerd gefraegnende waes hine Z cuoe* 
autem tacebat et nihil respondit rursum summus sacerdos interrogabat eum et dicit 

him *u ar* crist ' sunu *ajs gebloedsendes se hse\end cuoe* hira ic am Z gie gesea* lscilon 

ei tii es ckristus fiiius benedicti. 62 *Iesus autem dixit illi ego sum et uiue- * 1<J1 - '• 

° lu. ccxcuii. 

gesea .i. on domes daege sunu monnes to sui*ro/rc sittende *aes meehtes Z cymmende mi* wolcnuwi mt. cccx. 
bitis filium hominis a dextris sedentem uirtutist et uenientem cum nubibMS Sasfadores 

-f- i . patris. 
heofnes se heh *a -r Sonne sacerd toslat -r torende woedo 4 hraeglo 1 cla*as his cuoe* ynv> 1 used 

cajli. 63 *Summus autem sacerdos scindens uestimenta sua ait tQu d * 192. ui. 

mt. cccxi. 
get41eng4*ageone we willuias gewitnesa geherdon gee *"t ebolsung hueed iuh *yncge4is gesene j\, ccxcviiiii 

athuc desideramus testis. 64 audistis blasphemiam quid uobis uidetur mt. cccxii. 

*a*e alle geni*radon4gehendon hine fte were scyldig-l'synnig dea*es Z ongunnun summe 

qui omnes condemnaueruut eum esse reum mortis. 65 *Et coeperunt quidam * 194. i. 

lu. ccxciiii. 
efne-gespitta -V gehorogae hine Z gehydae 4' wriga onsione his Z mi* fystum 4 dyntuw hine geslaa 4" ge*earsca m " t _ cccx j{i. 
conspuere eum et uelare faciem eius et colaphis eum caedere 

Z cuoe*a him gewitga.i.hua *ec oferslog Z *a emheht-menn mi* fystu/n hine slo^on Z mi* *y 

et dicere ei prophetisa et ministri alapis eum caidebant. 60 *Et cum * 195. i. 

lu. ccxci. 
wees petr«* in wor* from gean*e 4 sunduria cuom an from *cem *iowum *aes heh sacerdes Z |.° XU Y VU111 ' 

esset petrus in atrio deorsum uenit una ex ancillis summi sacerdotis. 67 et mt. cccxiiii. 

mi*-«y gesege *one yetrum waermisrende hine beheald hine cuoe* Z *u mi* hx\ende *aem nazarenesco were 
cum uidiset petium cale-facientem sd aspiciens ilium ait ■ et tii cum iesu nazareno eras. 

56. monise for*on cy*nisse leose hiae gicwedun to sacanne wi* him Z weonlice gicydnisse ne werim 57. Z 
sum mon arisende leose gicy*nisse Bffigdun wi* him cwe*ende 58. for*on we giherduD hine c\vea*a ic 

toslito4undoe *one tempcl *is mi* [honda] giworht Z aefter «rin dagu/n o*erne...mi* lion la ^iwyrcan ic gitim- 
braw (sic) 59. Z ne was woenlic ^icvSnisse hiora 60. Z aras *e heh-saccrd in middum giascade *one 

\\as\end cwe*ende ne ondwordes tu noht 4 aeniht to *oem *a*e gitelid arun from him 61. he wtltudltie 

-.wijjade Z noht gilworde sona *e heh-saccrd jzifra?trn hine Z cwae* him *u ar* crist Minn god es *a?s gibletsade 
62. *e bxlend watudl/ctf cwae* him ic am Z ge gisea* sunu monnes to *a>r Bwi*ra sittende *a-s mSBhtga Z 
cymende mi* wolcnum heofnes 63. *e heh Sonne sacerd to-rende giwedu his cwae* ymb hwset gett wiluigas 

giwitnesse 64. giherdun jje *a eofulsunge hwa-t iow is gisene *;i*e alle gini*iadun 1 gihendtlD hine £ he 

were synnijj dca*es 65 Z onsjunnun sume cfue^ispita lhyra on hine Z hydde onsione liis Z mi* ft stum hine 

sla4*arsca Z cweo*a Z sajxe hwaet *a>t stage Z *a embehlinen mi* fystnm hine slo«un 66. Z mi<5*y W8BS 

... on wor*e from NVii'lriL r e com an from *a>tn *io\vum Sea heh saccrdes 67. Z mi* gisege *one petre wermeode 

hine biheald hine cwa* Z *n mi* haelewrfe *one nazarenisco were 


(>S Da »t soc he 1 cwae'8. ic nat ne nc 
can hwset Jm Begst ; And he code pa of pam 
eafertune 1 se hana creow ; 

(>;) Eft J'u hine geeneow ober j?incn. heo 
ongan cweftan. to pam pe bar abutan stodon; 
So'blicc pes ys of pam ; 

70 7 he eft setsoc ; 1 eft j\i ymbc lytcl J?a 
<5e jut-stodon. cwaedon to petre. Soj^lice j?u 
eart of 'Sam. galileisc pu cart ; 

71 pa ongan he aet-sacan ") swerian. sobes 
ne can ic pivne man pe ge scegab. 

72 1 j\i eft sona creow se hana ; Da ge- 
nmnde pctrus |?nes luelendes worde |)e he him 
saede. aer se hana crawe tna. j?riwa Su me 
aet-saecst. J?a ongan he wepan ; 


1 "l^a sona on mergen worhton j?a heah- 
J sacerdas hyra gemot mid ealdruw. 

1 boccruw 1 ealluw weroduwe. 3 Iseddon j?aene 
haelend gebundenne. 7 sealdon hine pilato ; 

2 Da axode pilatus hine. eart Jni iudea 
cynincg; pa Iswarode he him. p\i hit 
segst ; 

3 Da wregdon hine pa, heah-sacerdas on 
manegww Jringum ; 

4 Eft pilatus hine axode. ne 3swarast 
pu nun J?ing. loca hu mycelu?w hi pe 
wrcgeaB ; 

5 Da ne Iswarode se haelend h'vn na mare, 
swa ~p pilatus wundrode ; 

Various Headings. 

69. B. inserts 3 before heo. A. onbutan. 70. B. C. 
embe. 71. A. cann. A. £>one. 72. A. word. B. crewe ; 
C. creowe. A. B. C. tuwa. 

Cap. xv. 1. A. morgen. A. heora. A. B. C. werede. 

A. |?one. A. pilatc. 2. A.acsode. A. cynyng; B. cyninc. 

B. Jswarude. 4. A. acsode. B. C. rswaras. A. B. big. 
A. B.C. wrega<5. 5. B. wundrude. 

68 Da act soc lie 1 cwacft. Ic nat ne ic 
lean hwset Jui saigst. 1 he code J- a of J?am 
caefertunc 7 se coc creow. 

69 Eft J?a hine encow ofter Jrincn. ") hyo 
on-gan cweSen to J?am pe pair abuten stod- 
en. SoSlice pes is of j?am. 

70 1 he eft aet-soc. iEnd eft pa embe 
litel J?a pe eft stoden cwaeben to petre. SoS- 
lice pu ert of J?am galileisc pu ert. 

71 Da aet-gan he of-sacan. 1 swerien. 
soSes ne can ic j^anne man pe ge seggcS. 

72 1 j?a eft sone creow se coc. Da ge- 
munde petrus f?as hiclendes word pe he him 
saide. aer se coc creowe twige. ]?rewe j?u 
me aet-saecst. J?a on-gan he wepen. 


1 Da sone on morgen worhten }?a heah- 
sacerdes heore ge-mot. mid ealdren ] boc- 
eren. 1 eallen werede 1 laedden j?ane halend 
ge-bunden 1 sealden hine pilaten. 

2 Da axode pilatus hine eart j?u iudea 
kining. Da andswerede he hym. Du hit 

3 pa wreiden hine )?a heah-sacerdes. on 
manegen J? in gen. 

4 Eft pilatus hine axode ne andswerest 
pu nan Jring. loca hu mycelen hyo pe 

5 Da ne andswerede se haelend him nam 
mare swa pset pilatus wundrede. 

Various Readings. 

68. et-soc; nccan; segst; hana [for coc]. 69. abuton 
stodon. 70. stodon cwseSon ; eart (twice). 71. swerian; 
bonne; seggafc. 72. ef(s/c)sona; hana; worde; saede; 
bane; twuwa )>riwa; set-sacst ; wepan. 

Cap. xv 1. sona; -sacerdas hyra; ealdrum; bocerura; 
ealluw ; ge-buwdenne ; sealdon ; pilato. 2. cyning ; and- 
swarede; eom [for hym, which is over an erasure in Hat- 
ton MS.]; segst. 3. wregdon ; -sacerdas; manegum bin- 
gun. 4. andswarest ; bwu mycelum; wreigaS. 5. 
andswarede; halend; na;wundrode. 


soS he onsoc cuoeSende ne wat ic Z ne cann ic huaed cwoeSes Su Z eode buta befora 
68 at ille negauit dicens neqiie scio neqwe noui quid dicas *Et exiit foras ante " 196. 1. 

lu. ccxcii. 

io. clxxu. 

f worS Z bona gesang eftersona Sonne miS-Sy gesege bine Sio Siwa ongann euoseSa mt. cccxu. 

atrium et gallus cantauit. 69 rursus autem cum uidisset ilium ancilla coepit dicere 

Sa?m ymb-stondendu?n fte Ses of Seem ilcom is soS he eftersona onsoc Z setter ly tie huile -r" ymb lytle 

circnmstantibtts quia hie ex illis est. 70 at ille iterum negauit et post pussillum 

eftersona SaSe to-stodon hia gecuoedon to petre soSlice of Sa?m Su bist-l'Su arS forSon see galileus 4" galilesc arS 
rursus qui adstabant dicebant petro uere ex illis es nam et galilaeus e*s. 

Se-rhe Sonne ongann gefremSiga Z gesuoeria -)5te ic nat-tne conn ic monno Siosne Sone gie 

71 ille autem coepit anathematizare et iurare quia nescio hominem istum quem di- 

cuoeSas Z sona efter se bona gesang Z eft-gemyndig wses petrws wordes fte cuoeSend waes 

citis. 72 et statim iterum gallus cantauit *£t recordatus est petrus uerbi quod dixerat * 197 - i !:. 

* ■*■ 111 »»PV«»111 

him se hselend aer Son se bona gesinga twiga Sria mec Su hist onsaec 3 ongann woepa 
ei iesus prius-quam gallus cantet bis ter me negabis et coepit Here. 

U. CCXC11I. 

mt. ccexui. 


Z sona on merne-1'on morgen Seehtung worhton heh-sacerdas miS aeldum Z 

1 *Et confestim mane consilium facientes summi sacerdotes cum senioribus et 

wuS-uutum Z miS all somnung gebundon Sone hsslend gelaeddon 3 saldon Saem a]dormen Z 

scribis et uiuuerso concilio *Uincientes iesum duxerunt et tradiderunt pilato. 2 +Et 

gefrsegnade -r geascade hine pyla/ws Su arS cynig iudeana soS he onduearde cuoeS to him Su cuoeSes f 
interrogauit eum pilatus tu es rex iudeaorum at ille respondens ait illi tu dicis. 

3 gehendon hine Sa heh-sacerdas on moniguwi . i . Singu?n \ woerdum se geroefa Sonne eftersona 

3 *Et accusabant eum summi sacerdotes in multis 4 pilatus autem rursum 

gefraegn hine cuoeS ne ondueardest Su aenibt gesaeb in sua miclum-1'hu miclum Seh ahenas 

interrogauit eum dicens non respondis quicquawi uide in quantis te accusant. 

• 198. ii. 

mt. ccexuii. 

• 199. i. 
lu. ccc. 

io. clxxui. 
mt. ccexuiii. 
f 200. i. 
lu. cccii. 
io. clxxuiii. 
mt. ccexx. 

« 201.iiii. 
io. clxxx. 
mt. ccexxi. 

se ha?lenrf Sonne forSor X leng seniht-tnoht geondsuam/e sua? fte f he woere awundrad se groefa 
5 iesus autem amplius nihil respondit ita ut miraretur pilatus. 

68. soS he onsoc cweSende ne wat ic ne con hwaet Su sseges 3 eode buta Sonne 3 bifora Sone worS 3 bona 
gisang 69. efter-sona Sonne miS-Sy gisaeh hine Si Siowe on-gan cweoSa to Sa?m ymb-stondendum fte Ses 

of Saem ilemn is 70. 3 he eftersona onsoc 3 setter lytle bwyle eftersona SaSe stodun hia cwedun to petre 

soSlice Su af Seem arS forSon ec 3 galilcsc Su ar5 71. be Sonne ongan fremSiga 3 sweriga f ic nat ne 

con monno Sone Sone gicweoSaa 72. 3 sona eftersona Se bona gisang 3 myndig waw petnu wordes Sa?tte 

cweden wsea him Se bmlend serSon Se bona gisunge twiga 8rige Su me onsa-ces 3 ongan woepa 

Cap. XV. l. 3 sona on merne giSfflhtunge worblun Sa heh-smcerdas miS Stem nldrum 3 uS-wutum Z mis 
alle gisomnunge gibundun Sone hselwrf gilseddun Z saldun Ssem aldor-raenn 2. 1 giftwgn Line pylatw Su 

arS cynig iudea soS be ond-worde him cwa-S Su cweSes 3. Z gihendwn hine Sa heh-wcerdaj in monigum 

Singum 4. Se groefa Sonne efter-sona giflnBgD hine cweSende ne ondwordea tu eeniht gu»h in swa miclum 

Scc^ahenas 5. Se hx\end Sonne forSor-lleng no wibt giondsworade BW8 fte ne («e) were awundrad Se groefa 



6 On Bymrael-dsege vraes his gewuna jf he 
him for-geafe senne gebundenne. swa hwylo- 
ne swa lii baedon ; 

7 ps Iwdon lii barraban. se waes gcbun- 
den mid jaw raeplinguM. so purh swic-craeft. 
man-slyht geworbte. 

S 3 pa be ferde. )>a ongan seo menegeo 
hine biddan swa heo symle dvde ; 

9 Da cwa?$ pilatus; Wylle ge j> ic eow 
forgyfe iudea cyning. 

10 he wiste p Surh andan hine sealdon 
j?a heah- sacerdas ; 

1 1 pa astyredon pa bisceopas pa. menegu 
p> he him barraban forgefe ; 

12 Eft pilatus him andswarode. hwaet do 
ic be iudea cininge ; 

13 Hi eft hrymdon 1 cwaedon. hob hine; 

14 Da saede pilatus. hwaet yfeles dvde 
he; Hi j^aas pe ma clypedon ahoh hine; 

15 Pilatus wolde pa Sam folce gecwem- 
an. 1 for-gef him barraban 1 sealde him 
J?one haelend beswungenne p he a-hangen 
was re ; 

16 pa la?ddon J?a cempan hine on j?aes 
domernes cafertiin; ") hi to-somne eall werod 
clypedon ; 

17 3 scryddon hine mid purpuran. 1 him 
on setton j'yrnenne helm awundenne. 

18 3 ongunnon hine )uis gretan. hal wes 
p\\ iudea cyning ; 

19 1 beoton hine on -pheafod mid hreode. 
3 spaetton him on. 1 heora cneow bigdon. 1 
bine ge-eaSmeddon ; 

Various Headings. 
6. A. symbel-daege. A. forgeaf ; B. C. forgefe. B. C. 
anne. A. hig. ". A. hig. 8. A. maenigeo; B. meni»u 
9. B. cyninc. 11. B.C. astyrydon. A. maenigeo. A. 
for-geafe. 13. A. hig. A. ho*. 14. A. dyde he yfeles. 
hig. C. clypodon. A. ahoS. 15. A. for-geaf. B.C. ^sene. 
16. A. hig. B. wered. A. clypodon. 19. B. C. spaeton. 
A. on hyne. B. C. hyra. A. ge-eadmeddon. 

6" On sym-mcl-daig waes his ge-wune. 
p he heom for-gefe amnc bundcnne swa 
hwilcne swa hyo baeden. 

7 Da basden hyo barraban. se waes ge- 
bunden mid J^am replingen. se J?urh swice- 
craeft man-slyht worhten. 

8 1 pa he ferde pa on-gan syo manigeo 
hine biddan swa by symle dyden. 

9 Da cwaeS pilatus. Wille ge -p ic eow 
for-gefe iudea kyniwg. 

10 he wiste ~p Jnirh ande hine sealdcn 
]?a heah-saccrdas. 

11 Da astireden j:a biscoppes pa manige 
"p he heom barraban for-gefe. 

12 Eft pilatus him andswerede. hwaet 
do ic be iudea kvninge. 

13 hyo eft giaetten 1 cwceSen. hoh hine. 

14 pa saigde pilatus. hwaet yfeles dyde 
he. hyo J?as pe ma cleopeden ahoh hine. 

15 Pilatus wolde J?a J?am folce ge-cwem- 
en. 1 for-gef heom barraban. ] sealde 
heom J:anne haelend be-swungen ■p he ahang- 
en wasre. 

16 pa laedden )?a cempen hine on J;as do- 
mernes caefertun 1 hyo to-gsedere ealle wered 

17 1 scridden hine mid purpren 1 him on 
setten ^ernene helm awimdene. 

18 1 on-gunnen hine pus greten. hal 
beo |?u iudea kyniwg. 

19 1 beoton hine on p heafeS mid reode 
] spetten him on 3 hire cneow beigden ] 
hine aedmetten. 

Various Readings. 

6. -daege; gewuna; for-eeafe: swilcne. 7. replingum ; 
swic- ; worhte. 8. seo menigeo. 9. geo ; for-gvfe : 
cyning. 10 anda: sealdon. 11. astirerlon: biscopas ; 
menegov ; for-geafe. 12. heom andswarede; cininsre. 
13. hrvmden 3 cwadon. 14. saegde; clypedon. 15. o- e . 
cweman; for-gaf: halend ; ware. 16. laeddon; cempan: 
Jjas ; to-somne : eall ; clypeden. 1 7. scruddon : purpu- 
ran; setton Jjyrnenne; awundenne. 18. on-jrunnon • o-re- 
ton; wes ; iuda cyning. 19. heafod; spetton: hyora cneo 
bigdon; ge-ea$meddon. 


Serh gone da?ge Sonne symbel i'or-geafa gewuna wa3s him enne4'an of Saem gebundenuwi gone suae 
6 *Per diem autem festum dimittere solebat illis unum ex uinctis quem-cuin- * 202. H 

lu. ceeuiiii. 
wit* cccxxii 
huaelcne hia gegiuudon wa?s Sonne seSe gecuoeSen waes 4' genemned barabifl,? seSe miS seeacerunz -1' 

que petissent. 7* Erat autem qui dicebatur barabbas qui cum sedi- 

• 203. iiii. 
miS setnerum wses gebunden seSe on setnong geworhte monncualmniss -Y morSor-sl^j Z miS-Sy mi. cccxxiii. 

tiosis erat uinctus qui in seditione fecerat homicidium. 8 et cum 

astage f folc ongann gebidda sua symle gedyde him 
ascendisset turba coepit rogare sicut semper faciebat illis. 

Sonne geondsuarode him 
9 pilatus autem respondit eis 

Z cuoeS wallaS gie-rgif gie waelle ic forgefo-l'forleto iub cynig iudeana 

et dixit 


dimittam uobis regem iudaeorum. 

wiste forSon -pte $ 
10 sciebat enim quod 

Serb sefist gesaldon-r sealla waldon hine heh-sacerdas 

per inuidiam tradidissent. eum summi sacerdotes. 

ge-eggedon Sone Sreat fte suiSor Sone morsceaSe forleorte him 
uerunt turbam ut magis barabban dimitteret eis. 

cuoeS him bused forSon wallige f ic doe cynige iudeana 
ait illis quid ergo uultis faciam regi iudaeorum. 

Sa biscobas Sonne gewsehton [-r] 

11 *Pontitices autem concita- " 20-1. i. 

lu. cccx. 
io. clxxxiiii. 
uutednce efter-sona geonduarde mt. cccxxu. 

12 *Pilatus autem iterum respoudens * 2<»5. i. 

lu. cccxi. 
soS hia eftersona geceigdon ahoh io. clxxxuiii. 

13 at illi iterum clamauerunt crucititre cxciiiiij. 

mt. cccxxiii. 

hine sec cuseS him hused forSon yfles dyde soS hia suiSor geceigdon ahoh 

eum. 14 pilatus uero dicebat eis quid enim malefecit at illi magis clamabant crucifige 

hine Sonne walde Ssem folce wel-doa forgeaf him Sone morsceaSo Z salde 

eum. 15 *Pilatus autem uolens populo satisfacere dimittit illis barabban et traclidit * 20*J. i. 

Sone hx>\end miS suuippum to geSearscanne fte were gehoen 
iesum rlagellis caesum ut crucitigeretur. 

wworS Sses domern Z efae-ceigdon all 
atrium praetorii et conuocant totam cohortem. 

lu. cccxiiii. 
, , , , . '<>• cxcui. 

Sa cempo Sonne lseddon bine on mt. cccxxuiii. 

16 *Mdites autem duxerunt eum in ■ 207. iiii. 

io. clxxxu. 
Z gegearwadon hine miS felle reade hraegle mt. cccxxuiiii. 

17 et induunt eum purpura 

Z on-setton him cursendo -r slsegendo Syrnenne beg 

et inponunt ei plectentes spineam coronam. 

Z ongunnon gegroetse hine bal cynig 
18 et coeperunt salutare eu?/i haue rex 

iudeana 1 slogon-r heafod bis miS gerd-rmiS hreade Z speafton on him Z seton 

iudaeorum. 19 et percutiebant caput ems harundine et conspuebant eum et ponentes 

cnewa geworSadon him 
genua adorabant eum. 

6. Serh Sone daeg Sonne symbles forgeorwiga giwuna waes him enne-1'an of Sa?m gibundennum swa hwelcne 
swa hia go-giowadun 7. waw Sonne seSe gicweden waes . . . seSe miS sceacrum vva?s gibunden seSe on Betnuncge 
giworhte mon-cwadmnisse 8. Z miSSy gistag Sset folc on-gan bidda swa symle gidyde him 9. Se groel'a 

Son//e ond-sworade him Z cwa?S wallas ge ic forgefo -1' forleto iow cynig indea 10. wiste forSon Saet Sserh 

aet'este gisaldun hine Ssem (.sic) heh-saccrdun 11. Sa biscopas Sonne giwelitun k gicedun Sone Sreot ^tc BWiSor 
bnnib/Mim forleorte him 12. ... wutndltce seliersona giondworde c\va>S bun hwset forSon wallas ge ■£ ic doe 

cynige ludea 13. soS hiae refter-sona cliopadun aboh bine 14. pylaitM Sonne cweefc him hwnt forSon to 

ylle dyde he soS hia; swiSor giceigdnn aboh hine 15. ... Soonne walde S;rin folche well doa fbr-gcef him 

Sone inorsceaSa Z salde him Sone hffilend miS swiopuin giSor.-ccnne -pte were ahongetl 16. Sa rempu 

laeddun bine on worS Sacs domernes Z efne-gicegdnn alle . . . 17. Z gigeorwadun hine miS telle reode Z 

onM'tiun him slamde-rcur>ende Syrnenne beg 18. Z on-gunnun gigroeta bine bal cynig nidea 19. Z slogun 

on heofud his miS hreade -r gerdum Z speof'tun on hine Z setluii on cneom Z giwoiSadun bine 


20 And By&San In liinc bysmrydon. un- 
scryddon hi no p&m purpuran. 1 Bcryddon 

bine mid his reafum 1 1 add on hine ^ hi liinc 

21 3 gcnvddon smnnc wcff-fcrcndne simo- 
ne/// cirencu/// cnmcndc of pam tune alexan- 
dres feeder 3 rnfi. p> lie his rode baere. 

22 1 hi laeddon hine on fta stowe gol- 
goSa ~p is on lire gc^eode gercht heafod- 
pannena stow. 

2.3 1 sealdon him gebitcrod win 1 he hit 
nc on-feng ; 

24 And J?a hi hine ahengon hi daeldon 
his reaf. 1 hlotn wurpon. hwaet gehwa 
name ; 

25 pa waes undern-tid. 3 hi ahengon hine. 

26 1 ofcr-gewrit his gyltes waes avvriten 
iudea cyning. 

27 3 hi ahengon mid him twegen sceaftan 
anne on his swy^ran healfe. 1 oj?erne on 
his wynstran. 

28 J?a waes f ge-writ gefylled. f cwyS ; 
] he waes mid unriht-wisuwi geteald ; 

29 And j^a Se forS-stopon hine gremed- 
on 1 hyra heafod cwehton. 1 ^ns cwaedon ; 
Wala se to-wyrp'S "p tempel. 3 on prim 
dagon eft getimbraS. 

30 gehael 8e sylfne of pscre rode stigende; 

31 Eall-swa pa heah-sacerdas bysmriende 
betwux j~a/// boceruw* cwaedon. oSre he hale 
gedyde. hine sylfne he ne maeg halne ge- 
don ; 

Various Headings. 

20. A. lii^r- A. bysmeredon. A. hig. 21. A. weg- 
ferende. 22. A. B. C. hig. 23. B. C. onfengc. 24. A. 
hig. A. B. C. hig. 25. A. B. C. hig. 27. A. B. C. hig. 
A. serine. 29. B. C. for£-stopun. A. heora. A. dagum. 
A. ge-timhrcS. 30. A. inserts ny<5er before stigende. 
31. A. be-tweox. 

20 -End syS^en hyo hine bismcrcdon. 
un-scriddan hine J?am purpran. 1 acriddan 

hine mid his reafen. "i laedden hine \>xt hyo 
hine ahengen. 

21 1 ge-nedden sumne wcig-fcrende sy- 
moncm cyrenenm cmnende of pam tune ali- 
sandrcs fader ] ruffi. -p he li is rode baere. 

22 1 hyo laedden hine on J?am stowe gol- 
gotha. ~p is on ure j?eode ge-reht heafed- 
panna stowa. 

23 1 sealden him ge-bytered win 1 he hit 
ne on-feng. 

24 And j?a hyo hine ahengen hyo daeld- 
en his reaf 3 hlote wurpen. hwaet ge-hwa 

25 Da waes under- tid. 1 hyo ahengen hine. 

26 1 ofer-ge-writ his geltes waes awriten 
iudea kyng. 

27 3 hyo ahengen mid him twegen seamen 
aenne on his swiSeren healfe. 3 oSerne on 
his winstren. 

28 pa waes -p ge-writ gefylled ~p cwaeS. 
] he waes mid unriht-wisan ge-teald. 

29 And J?a pe forS-stopen hine gremedon 
1 hyra heafod cwehten. 1 Jms cwae^en. 
Wala se to-werpS ~p tempel. 1 on Srirn 
dagen eft ge-tymbred. 

30 ge-luel pe sylfne of £>are rode stigende. 

31 Eal swa J?a heah-sacerdas bysmeriende 
be-twexe j?am bokeren cwarSen. odre he 
haele ge-dyde. hine sylfne he ne maig halne 

Various Readings. 

20. And sySSan hi ; un-scryddon ; purpuran ; scryddon ; 
reafum; lseddon. 21. weig-ferercdene ; alexandres. 22. 
hilseddon; )?a; heafod- pannena stow. 23. sealdon; ge- 
biterod. 24. ahengon ; dseldon ; lota wurpon. 26. gylt- 
es; cyng. 27. swiSran; wynstran. 29. -stopurc; heora; 
cwehton; cwseSon ; to-wyrpS ; daguw ; getimbred. 31. 
betwux ; bocerum cwsedon. o$re ; hale ; mseg ; ge-don. 


5 aeftVr Son bismeredon him gehreafadon hine Sses fellereades "i gegearwadon hine mic5 gewoedum 
20 *Et postquam inluserunt ei exuerunt ilium purpura et iuduerunt eum uestimentis * 208 - ui - 

- 1 x * mt. cccxxx. 

his 3 $ona gelseddon hine fte hia ge-hengon-rma?hton ahoa hine } geneddon bi-^eongende -t 

suis *Et educunt ilium ut crucifigerent eum. 21 et angariauerunt praeter- * 209. *• 

r lu. cccxu. 

io. cxcuii. 

bi-fserende sunine simon cyrenesce cumraende of lond faeder "J $te ge-nome rat * cccxxxi - 

euntem quem-piam simonem cyreneum uenientem de uilla patrem alexandri et run ut tolleret 

his his 3 fcerh-lsedon hine on stowe f is getrahted heafud-ponnes 

crucem eius. 22 *Et perducunt ilium in golgotha locum quod est interpretatu??i caluariae * 210. i. 

lu. cce[x]uiii. 
io. cxcuii. 

stowe 3 sellas him drinca secced-win "J ne onfeng D ahengon mt " cccxxxn - 

locus. 23 *Et dabant ei bibere murratum uinum et non accepit. 24 +Et crucirigentes * 211. iiii. 

io. cciii. 

mt. cccxxxiii. 

hine to-dseldon woedo his sendon hlott on Seem buses oht-1'huodhuoge genome waesjl"^" - ': 

eum diuiserunt uestimenta eius mittentes sortem super eis quis quid tolleret. 25 *Erat £[ %&? 


wutedlice tid Sirdda 3 ahengon hine 1 wses tituH' tacon 4' merca intinges his on awritten * 213.x. 


autem hora tertia et cruciiixerunt eum. 26 *Et erat titulus causae eius inscribtus * 214. i. 

lu. cccxxiii[i]. 
io. cxcuiii. 

cynig iudea 3 miS hine ahoas k ahengon tuoge morsceaiSo an to swiSru/ra 3 oSerne to mt " eccxxxu - 

rex iudaeorum. 27 *Et cum eo crucifigunt duo latrones unum a dextris et alium a * 215. i. 

lu. cccxui[i]. 
io. cxcuiii. 

wynstrura bis 3 gefylled wses tsio gewrit $io cuoeSes Z mi$ unreht-uisum -r wohfullu/ra 

sinistris eius. 28 *Et adimpleta est scribtura quae dicit et cum iniquis " 216. uiii. 

x ± lu. cclxxuii. 

getaled wses !I $a bi-fserenduni geebolsadon k ebolsande hine cserrende heafda hiora 3 cuoeSende 

reputatus est. 29 *Et praeter-euntes blasphemabant eu??i moueutes capita sua et dicentes " 217. ui. 

mt. cccxxxuii. 

wae se<5e tosbttes $set tempel 3 on Sriirn dagum getimbras hal doa $eh seolfne 

ua qui ternpluwi et in tribus diebus tediricat. 30 saluum fac temet ipsum 

adunestigende of rode gelic 1 heh-sacerdas telende t bismerigende him bituih miS 

descendens de cruce. 31 *Siiniliter et summi sacerdotes ludentes ad alterutrum cum * 218. ii. 

lu. cccxxn. 
mt. cccxxxuiii. 

\su¥>xmtum euoedon o<5ero hale dyde hine seolfne ne maege hal doa 

scribis dicebant alios saluos fecit seipsum non potest saluum facere. 

20. 3 softer Son bismeradun him giweordun hine iSses felle reades 3 giworSadun hine mi* giwedum his 3 
Sa gilseddun hine fte hia ahengun liine 21. 3 gineddon bigongende 4' bif'serende sumne simon cyrinescne 

cymende of londe fador ... 3 ... fte ginome rode his 22. 1 Serh-lseddun hine . . . stowe f is gitrahtad 

heofud-ponna stow 23. 3 saldun him drinca cced 3 winn 3 ne on-feng 24. 3 ahengon bine todaddun giwedo 

his sendun hlett ofer him hwa-s oht genome 25. wses wutudlic* tid iSirda 3 a-hengun bine. 2G. was 

wutudlice tacun intinga his on awriten cynig iudea 27. 3 mi<5 hine ahengun twoege sceoSo ennc to Ssr swifcra 

3 oSerne to Sser wynstra 28. 3 gi-fylled wss Set giwritt sefce cweSes 3 miS unrehtwisum giteled W8B8 

29. 3 bifaerendum gieofulsadun hine cerrende heofud hiora 3 cwefcende wsc seSe toslites Sat tempel 3 on Srim 
dagum gitimbres 30. balne doa Sec solfne adune stigende of rode. 31. gi-lice 3 hehsucenlas telende 3 

bismetende him bitwih mi<5 ufcwutum cwedun o$re balne dyde hine solfne ne msege balne di a 


39 Crist israhela cyning astige nfi of rode 
■J) we ge-seon 1 ge-lyfon ; And pa So him mid 
hangodon waeron him mid gebundene; 

3:> And [jaere By X tan tide wurdo[n] f>ystrn 
gewordene geond palle corSan. oS non-tide 

34 ] to non-tide se haelend clypode myc- 
elre stemne. heloi. heloi. lema sabbattani. 
p is on ure ge^eode min god nun god. hwi 
for-lete Jni me ; 

35 1 surae pe Sar almton stodon 1 J?is 
gehyrdon hi cwsedon. nu pes clypaS heliam. 

36 }'a am hyra an 1 fylde ane spingan 
mid ccedc. 1 on hreod sette 1 him drincan 
sealde. 1 cwaeS ; LaetaS p we ge-seon hwaeS- 
er liclias cume bine nyfjer to settanne; 

37 Se haelend j?a asende his stefne ") forS- 

38 1 faes temples wah-rift waes tosliten 
on twa of ufewerduw oS neoj?ewerd ; 

39 pa se hundred-man pe Sar stod agen 
geseah ~p se haelend swa clypiende forS-ferde. 
he c\v. soSIice pes man waes godes sunu; 

40 And pa wif waeron feorran be-heald- 
ende. ] betwux pam waes seo magdale- 
nisce maria. 1 maria iaeobes modor. 1 sa- 
lomeae ; 

41 7 J: a he waes on galilea hi fylidon him. 
] him J?enedon 1 manega oSre pe h'vti mid 
ferdon on hierusalem ; 

42 And £a aefen waes geworden ~p waes 
parasceue. -p is air saeter-daege 

Various Headings. 

32. A.hangedon. 33. A. On [for And]. A. B.C. wurdon; 
the Corpus MS. has wurdo. A. Jjystro. A. eond. 34. A. 
B. stefne. A. zabdani. -p ys ge-^eod. A. hwig. 35. A. 
on-butan ; C. abutan. A. B.C. hig. 36. A. heora. A. asette. 
A. elias. 38. A. ufeweardu/n. A. neoSewearduw. 39. A. 
on-gean stod. A. clypigende. 40. A. be-tweox hym. A. 
iaeobes moder )>oes gingran. D iosepes raoder. Z salomese. 
41. A. hig. A. filigdon; B. C. fyligdon. B. ierusalewi. 

32 Crist israele kyng astig nu of rode f 
we ge-seon 1 ge-lefen. And j?a pe mid him 
ahangeden waeren him mid ge-bundene. 

33 And fare syxte tide wurSe }?eostrc ge- 
wordene geond calle eor^an. odSe non-tide. 

34 And to non-tide se haelend clepede 
mycele stefne heloy heloy lama sabathani. 
•p is on ure ge-pcode. min god min god. 
hwi for-hrdst }ni me. 

35 1 siimc pe j?Eer abuton stoden 1 }?is ge- 
hyrdon hyo cwae<$en. nu pes clyped heliam. 

36 )?a arn byre an. 1 fylde ane spunge 
mid cisile. 1 on reod sette 1 him drineen 
sealde. 1 cwaeS. laeteS ~p we ge-seon hwae<5- 
er helias cume bine niSer to sette/me. 

37 Se haelend j?a asende bis stefne 1 forS- 

38 i£nd J?as temples wall irift waes to- 
sliten on twa of iifewearden od^e ni^eweard. 

39 £)a j?as hundredes man pe j^aer stod 
agen ge-seah ~p se haelend swa clepiende 
forS-ferde. he cwaeS- SoSlice J?es man waes 
godes sune. 

40 And J?a wif waeren feorren he-heald- 
ende. 1 betwux J?atn waes sie magdalenisce 
Marie. 1 Marie iaeobes moSer 1 salomee*. 

41 7 ]:a he waes on galilee* by felgden hym. 
1 him J?enoden 1 manege oSre pe him mide 
feiden on ierusalem. 

42 iEnd J?a aefen waes ge-worden ■p waes 
parasceue. "p is aer saeterdaige 

Various Headings. 

32. cyning astige; ge-lefon ; ahangodon waeron. 33. 
gewordene ; o<5$e. 34. clypede ; om. is ; for-la?tst. 35. 
stodon; cwsefcon ; clepe<5. 36. hyora ; fulde ; eccede; 

driwean ; laetais ; hwefcer; settonne. 37. balend. 38. 3; 
wahrift; to-sliton; ufewerduw o<5$e. 39. halend; clepi- 
gende ; sunu. 40. waron feorran; seo madalenisca maria; 
maria; moder. 4J. galileam hyo fylgdon; j>enodon ; 
manega. 42. And; afen. 


crist cynig israhe\a. adune-stigeS nu of rode fte we gesee 3 fte we gelefe 3 SaS[e] mi<5 hine 
32 christus rex israhel descendat nunc de cruce ut uideamus et credamus *Et qui cum eo * 219. ii. 

lu. ccexxu. 
3 miSSy awarS tid Sio seista Siostro awordne weron Serh all 

33 *Et facta hora sexta tenebrae facte sunt per totam * 220. ii. 

lu. cccxxuii. 
mt. cccxl. 
3 tld non of-cliopade se hselenrf stefne miS micle cuoeSende 

34 *Et hora nona exclaraauit iesus uoce magna dicens * 221. ui. 

mt. cccxli. 

ahoen weron 3 hearm cuoedon him 
crucilixerant conuiciabantur ei. 

eorSo wi« on tid non 

terram usque in horam nonam. 



god min god min fte-rto huon forleortes Su 

heloi heloi lama sabacthani quod est interpraetatura deus meus dews meus ut quid dereliquisti 

meh 3 sume of Ssem ymstondendum geherdon cuoedon heono helias ceiges geharn 

me. 35 et quidam de circumstantibus audientes dicebant ecce heliam uucat. 36 *Currens * 222. ii. 

hi. cccxxiii. 
nit. cccxlii. 
Sonne an 3 gefylde copp miS secced ymb-sette 3 to rode f drinca salde him cuoeS 

autem unus et implens spongiam aceto circum-ponensque calamo potum dabat ei dicens 

bidas f we gesege gif cymeS helias to unsettanne -r to adoanne of hine 
sinite uideamus si ueniat helias ad deponendum eum. 

stefne micla of gast agsef -l* asuelte 
uoce magna expirauit. 


se hselenrf Sonne miSSy gesende 

37 *lesus autem emissa " 223. i. 

lu. cccxxuiiii. 
io. cciiii. 
3 waghrsegl temples to-reded webs in tuu frowi ufaweard wis to mt. cccxliii. 

38 *Et uelum templi scissum est in duo a sursum usque * 2?4. ii. 

lu. cccxxuiii. 
mt. cccxliiii. 
gesaeh Sonne Se aldormon seSe fore ongaegn astod fte sua clioppende gesuelte 

39 *Uidens autem centurio qui ex aduerso stabat quia sic clamans expirasset * 225. ii. 

111. cccxxx. 

■p mi - cccxlui. 

cuoeS soSlice monn Ses sunu godes wses woeron xmtedlice aec Sa wifo fearra behealdon 

ait uere homo hie filius dei erat. 40 *Erant autem et mulieres de longe aspicientes * 22fi. ui. 

mt. cccxlir.i. 

bituih Seem sec maria magdaZent'sce 3 Sses iacobes leasse 3 _ moder 3 

inter quas et maria magdalenae et maria iacobi minoris et ioseph mater et salomae. 

3 miS-Sy waes in galiJea fylgdon him 3 ge-embehtadon him 3 oSero menigo SuSe 

41 et cum esset in galilaea seqwebantur eum et ministrabaut ei et aliae multae quae 

sed-geadre miS hine astigon hierusaleni 

simul cum eo ascenderant hierosolima. 

wees-r^te wsere f is fore sunnancteg- 

erat parasceue quod est ante sabbatum. 

1 miSSy gee efrn wses aworden forSon 
42 *Et cum iam sero esset factum quia * 227. i 

lu. ccexxxii. 
io. ccui. 

mt. cccxluiii. 

32. crist cynig israhela adune stigeS nu of rode fte we gisie 3 gi-lefe 3 Sa Se miS hine ahoen werun 
harm-cwedun him 33. Z giwarS tid Sio sesta Siostru awordne werun Serh alle eorSu oS on tide nones 34. 3 

on tide nones gi-cliopade Se hselend stefne micelre cweSende Sset is gitrahtad god min god min -pie * to 

hwon mec Su forl[e]te 35. 3 sume of Ssem ymh-stondendum giherdun cwedun heono helias ceges 36. giarn 

wutudhce an Z gifylde copp miS secede ymbsette Z to rode Sa drinca salde him cweSende biddas f te we gisie gif 
cymes helias to unsetanne -r to undoane hine 37. Se hselend wutudlice sende stefne micle of gaste agief 

38 3 wag-hrsel temples to-rended wses in tuu from ufa-wordum wis to nioSawordum 39. gi-sseh Sonne Sa 

aldormen seSe foron ongsegn stodun Ssctte swa cliopade giswelte cwseS soSlic raon Ses sunu godes wees 
40 werun wutudhce sec 3 Sa wif fearra biheoldun bitwih Sscm wres 3 . . . 3 . . . *<»s l®ssa 3 . . . moder 3 . . . 
41*. 3 miSSy wses in galilse fyligdun him 3 Se^nadun him 3 oSro monige SaSe someS miS hine astigun hieru- 
salem 42. 3 miSSy gi efcrn wses giworden forSon wses ... fte is fore sunna-dseg 


D\ I god-spel 
ge-byra$ ou 
Maria magda- 

i ; ha cow iosep sc ee$ela gerefa of aba- 
rimathia. so sylfa godes rices geanbidode. 
1 he dyrstiglice into pilate eode. "i bacd Ja-s 
hselendes lie-ham an ; 

b4 Da wundrode pilatus gif he J?a gyt 
foriS-ferde ; pa clypode lie pixzne hundrcd- 
man 1 hine ahsodc hwae^er lie dead waere; 

45 Da lie wistc -f. pa a S c ^ ne P onc ^ c " 
ha in a n iosepe ; 

46 pa bohtc iosep ane scytan. 1 hine 
Jrar-on befeold. 1 on byrgene lede. seo wass 
of stane aheawen. 1 wylte anne stan to 
Saere byrgenne dura ; 

47 T~\a com maria magdalene 1 iosepes 

led waere ; 

maria. 1 be-heoldon hwar he ge- 


1 1 8a saeternes daeg waes agan. seo mag- 
dalenisce maria 1 iacobes maria 3 salomeae 
boh ton wyrt-gemang "f hi comon 1 hine 
smyredon ; 

2 And swy^e asr anum reste-dage comon 
to J^aere byrgene up-asprungenre sunnan. 

3 1 cwaedon him betwynan ; Hwa awylt 
us Sysne stan of j^aare byrgene dura ; 

4 pa hi hi besawon. hi gesawon J?aene 
stan aweg awyltne. soSlice he wass swyfte 
mycel ; 

5 And J?a hi eodon on J? a byrgene hi 
gesawon anne geongne on j?a swy'Sran healfe 
sittende hwitum gegyrlan ofer-wrohne; 1 hi 
£>a forhtodon ; 

Various Readings. 

43. A. B. C. ariraathia. A. B. C. dyrstelice. 44. A. bone. 
A. acsode. 45. C. baone. 46. A. bBor-on. A. byrgenne. A. 
wylede aenne. A. byrgene. 47. A. aled. 

Cap. xvi. 1. A. hig. '2. B. reste-daga. A. byrigenne. 3. 
A. awyleS. A. byrgenne. 4. A. hig hig. A. B. C. hig. A. 
bone. A. awyledne; C. awylt. 5. A. hig. A. byrgenne. 
A. hig. A. aenne. A. myd hwytum ge-gyrlanofer-wrogenne. 
} hig forhtedon. 

43 pa com iosep sc aeSele refc of arimathia 
se sylfe godes rice ge-an-bidode. 1 he dyrsti- 
lice in to pilate eode "J ba?d j?as haslendes 

44 pa wundrcde pilatus gyf he j?a gyt 
for<S-fcrde. Da clypede he Jeanne hundredes 
man. 3 hine axode hwae'Ser he dead waere. 

45 Da he wiste ~p. j^a agyf he j?ane lic- 
liame iosepe. 

46 Da bohte iosep ane scytan 1 hine j?asr- 
on be-feold 1 on byrigenne leigde syo wass 
of stane aheawan. 1 wyltel amne stan to 
)>are berienne dure. 

47 T}A com Marie magdalene 1 Iosepes 
X Marie. 3 be-heolden hwasr he ge- 

Ieigd wasre. 


1. 1 )^a saternes daig waes agan sye mag- 
dalenisce Marie 3 Iacobes Marie 1 salomee 
bohten wert-ge-mang -p hyo comen ] hine 

2 iEnd swi^e aer anen reste-daige comen 
to J?are byregenne up asprungenne sunna. 

3 7 cwae^en heom be-tweonen. hwa awylt 
us J?ysne stan of J^are byregene dure. 

4 pa hyo hy be-seagen. hyo ge-seagen 
J?ane stan aweig aweldne. soSlice he wass 
swiSe mycel. 

5 iEnd pa hyo eoden on }?a byregenne hyo 
ge-seagen aenne geongne on £>am swrSren 
healfe sittende hwiten gerlen ofer-wrogene. 
1 hyo j?a forhteden. 

Various Readings. 

43. ioseph ; reafa ; sylfa ; dyrstilice ; halendes lichaman. 
44. wundrode ; fcone hundred-man ; hwetSer. 45. bone 
lichama Iosepe. 46. Ioseph ; bar-on ; legde seo ; ahewan ; 
[wyltel also in MS. R.] anne; byrigenne. 47. maria 
(twice); beheoldon ; ge-legd ware. 

Cap. XVI. 1. seo; maria (twice); comon; smyredon. 

2. And; on anum reste-dagon comon ; byrigenne; sunnan. 

3. cweeiSon; betwenan ; byrigenne. 4. be-sawen ; ge-sawen 
bonne. 5. hy ; byrigenne; ge-sawon ; ba swiSSran halfe; 
hwitu?tt georlum ofer-wrohne; hy ; forhtodon. 



from arimaf/ua wel-boren of se$e aec he waes bidend ric godes 3 

43 uenit iosepli ab arimathia nobilis decurio qui et ipse erat expectans regnum dei et 

bal-lice inn-eode to 

3 giuede lichoma hselendes 

audacter introiit ad pilatum et petit corpus iesu. 

Sonne gewundrade gif 
44 pilatus autem mirabatur si 

giee k huoeSer geliorade faest 3 miSSy gefotad wees Se centwn'o _ gefraegn _ hine gif sodlice dead were 

iaui obisset et accersito centurione interrogauit eura si iam mortuus esset. 

3 mi<5 ongaet from $aem aldoraera salde f lichoma _ iosep {Sonne bohte 

45 et cum cognouisset a centurione donauit corpus iosepli. 46 *Ioseph autem mercatus * 228 i. 

lu. cccxxxiii. 
io. ccuiii. 
lixi : ofdyde hine bewand in lin 3 sette bine in byrgen f waes geheawen mt. cccxluiiii. 

sindonem et deponens eum inuoluit sindone et posuit eum in monumento quod erat excisum 

of carre k stane 3 towaelte Saet stan to duru tSses byrgennes 

de petra et aduoluit lapidem ad ostium monumenti. 

3 behealdon huer woere gesettet 

et maria ioseph aspiciebaut ubi poneretur. 

Sonne <5io magSalenesca 
47 *Maria autem magdalenae * 229. ui. 

mt. cccU. 


3 mi$-fcy geeode f sunnedaeg 

Sio magdalene 3 


1 *Et cum transisset sabbatum maria magdalene et maria iacobi et salomae emerunt * 230. uiii. 

lu. cc[c]xxxu 

aefcela wyrta fte inifcfcy gecuomo -1" cymmende gesmiredon hine 

3 suifce arlice an Sara suwnetSasjana 

aromata ut 


ungerent eum. 2 *Et ualde mane una sabbatorum 

cuomon to byrgenne was arisen gee sunna 3 cuoedon him bituih hua eft k awseltes us 

ueniunt ad monumentum orto iam sole. 3 et dicebant adinuicem quis reuoluit nobis 

Sone stan from duro Saes byrgennes 3 eft-locadon gesegon efet-awaelted Sone stan waes forSon 

lapidem ab ostio monumenti. 4 et respicientes uident reuolutum lapidem erat quippe 

* XLVI. 
231. i. 

lu. cccxxxui. 
io. ccuiiii. ccxi. 
mt. ccclii. 

micel suifce 
magrnus ualde. 

3 inn-eodon in byrgen gesegon ging esne sitlende on swiiSrum 

5 et -introeuntes in monumento uiderunt iuuenem sedentem in dextris 

ufa ymbgearuad stol huit 3 fore-stylton 
coopertum stola Candida et ob-stupuerunt. 

43. com . . from . . . wel-boren . . . forSon 3 he waes biddende rice godes 1 ballice in-eode to pylato 3 baed lichoma 
fcses hxlendes 44. ... Sonne giwundrade gif he . . giliorde 3 mifc gi-fotad waes «e centurion gifregn hine gif 

so* deod were k se 45. 3 miXSy ongaet from Ssem aldre saelde Sonrce lichoma . . 46. . . wutud/ice brohte 

lin 3 of-dyde hine biwand in line 3 sette hine in byrgenne Saet waes giheowen of stane 3 awaelte fcone stan to 
Saer dura iSaer byrgenne 47. ... Sione $io macgSalenesca 3 . . . iosephes biheoldun hwer were gisetcd 

Cap. XVI. 1. 3 mi<5<5y gieode sunna-daeg . . Sio magfcalenesca 3 .... 3 ... bohtun aeSele wyrte -jste come 
k cymende gismiredun hine 2. 3 swifce arlice an <5ara dagona comun to fcacr byrgenne wis ariscnd sunne 

3. 3 cwedun him bitwih hwa awaelte us fcone stan from dura byrgenne 4. 3 eft loccadun gisegun eft awaited 
<5one stan waes forfcon micel swifce 5. 3 ineodun in byrgenne gisegun gingne esne sittende in Bwifcruwi 

ufu . . . stole hwitum 3 for-styltun. 

K 2 


Dy< pul-spel 
jje-byrafc on 
•rodnea d;vg 
on btfre o$ere 
c .ster wucan. 
Sorgena autem 
i nu mane 
prima sabbati. 

Dis sceal on 
bunres da?g 
innan bare 
bus undecim 

Da iw.ivS he to him ne forhtige ge na. 
ore Beca$ bame nazareniscau helend alum- 
genne ; He aras nis he her ; her is seo stow 
j\-vr hi bine ledon. 

7 ac faraS 3 secgaft his leorning-cnihtum. ' 
] pet re ~p he gaeS toforan eovv on gal i lea m. 
far ge hinc geseo-S swa he eow saede; 

8 And hi ut cod on. 1 flugon fram psere 
byrgene. 1 waeron afaerede for paere gesyh^e 
]ie hi gesawon. 1 hig nanon men naht ne 
s;vdon. so<51ice hi hiiw ad red on ; 

9 l^a he aras on aerne morgen on restc- 
jdaege. aeryst he aet-ywde J^aere mag- 

daleniscan marian. of Saere he fit adraf seofon 

10 ] heo pa ut eode 7 hit pam cydde pe 
mid him waeron heofendum 7 wependura 

11 f?a hi gehyrdon -p he leofode 1 hi hine 
gesawon. J;a ne ge-lyfdon hi hi»&. 

12 JFSte?' pam him twain he waes ast-ywed 
on oftrum hiwe. him on j^one tun farenduwz 

13 1 hi J?a foron 1 -f oftrum cyddon. 1 hi 
hiwi ne gelyfdon ; 

14 Da aet nehstan he aetywde him twelfuw 
)?ar hi aet-gsedere saeton. 1 taelde hyra unge- 
leaffulnesse. 3 hyra heortan heardnesse. 
for'Sam pe hi ne ge-lyfdon pam $e hine gesa- 
won of deafe arisan. 

15 1 he saede hiw. FaraS into ealne 
middan-eard 3 bodiaft god-spell, ealre ge- 

Various Readings. 

6. A. bone A. hig. 8. A. hig. A. hyrgenne. B. C. sihSe. A. 
hig. A. nanum. A. B. C. hig. A. ondredon. 9. A. mergen. 
A. aerest. B. C. deofol-seocnessa. 10. A. heofigendum. 
11. A. hig (fhiice.) 13. A. hig (twice). 14. A. heom [for 
him]. A. C. hig. A. heora ungeleaffulnysse. A. heora. A. 
C. heardnysse. A. C. hip. A. hig ne [for hine, by mistake 1 ,. 
15. A. eallne. C. middan-geard. C. godspel. 

[N.B. From v. 14 to end in a different hand in B., being 
evidently transcribed from the Corpus MS.] 

6 pa cw he to heom ne fortige ge na. 
ge scceS fane nazarcnisca haclend ahangene. 
he aras. nis he her. her is syo stowe faer 
hy hine leigden. 

7 ac fareS ") seggeS his leorning-cnihtcn. 
1 petrc. -p he gaed to-foren eow on galilee. 
paer ge hine gc-seo^ swa he eow saede. 

8. 1 hyo ut eoden ] flugen fratn fare 
byrigene. 1 waercn aferde. for fare sihSe 
pe hyo ge-seagew. J hyo nane men naht ne 
saigden. so^lice hyo heom an-dredden. 

9 T*^A he aras on aerne morgen on reste- 
Jr daige; aerest he atewde fare mag- 

dalenisca marie of fare pe he ut adraf seofen 

10 7 hy fa ut eode 1 hit fam cydde pe 
mid him waeren heofende 1 weopende. 

11 fa hyo ge-hyrden -p he leofede 1 hyo 
hine ge-seagen. fa ne lyfden hyo him. 

12 iEfter pam heom twam he wass atewed 
on o^ren heowe. heom on fane tun farende. 

13 1 hyo fa foran. 1 -p odren cydden. 7 
hye heom ne ge-lyfden. 

14 Da aet fan ytemesten hyo aend-Jefene 
aet mete saeten. heom atewede se haelend 1 
here unhelefen 1 heora heorten ge-tremede. 
for-fan -p hye hine ge-seagen arise hi hit ne 

15 1 he saide heom. GaS swa wid swa 
midden-eard bodiende ~p godspel ealle ge- 

Various Headings. 

6. forhtige; seca<5 baene; halend ahawgenne; se stow; 
hyo; legdon. 7. farafc; -cnihtum; gaefc ; galileam. 8. 
End hi ; byrigenne ; wseron ; ge-sawen ; sagden ; eom a- 
dreddon. 9. -dgege; setewede; raadelenisce marian; seofan 
deofolseocnyse. 10. heo ; waeron heofendum 3 wependvra. 
11. gehyrdon; leofode; ge-sagen ; lyfdon hy. 12. ofcrum ; 
bone; farendum. 13. odru;n ; hy ; hym (altered to he); ge- 
lifdon. 14. [N.B. From ban ytemesten in v. 14 to the end 
is omitted in MS. R. as at first written; but supplied by 
the scribe of the Ilatton MS. with the same spelling, except 
as noted.] ateowede; helend. 


se<5e cuoeS <5aem ne wsBllas gefrohtiga tSone hxlend gie soeces nazarenasca ahoen & ahongene arSs 
6 *Qui dicit illis nolite expauescere iesum quaeritis nazarenura crucifixum surrexit * 232. ii. 

mt. cccliii. 

ne is hir heono stoue $er gesetton hine sittas cuoaefcafc Segnum his 3 petro -pte 

non est hie ecce locus ubi posuerunt eum. 7 sedite dicite discipulis eius et petro quia 

togeaegnes faeres iuh on geleornise Ser hine gie geseas sua cuoeS iuh so* $a ilco Sona foerdo 

praecedit uos in galilaeam ibi eum uidebitis sicut dixit uobis. 8 *At illae exeuntes " 233, "• 

■r o l u . ccexxxum. 

tnt. cccliiii. 

flugon of Saem byrgen forcuom forfcon hia ondo -r 3 fyrhto i 3 ne senigum menn gecuoedon 
fugerunt de monumento inuaserat enim eas tremor et pauor et nemini quicquam dixenint 

ondreardon forXon aras xmtedlice arlice-ron morgen $io forrma daege . i . sunnadoeg aedeawde aerest 

timebant enim. 9 Surgens autem mane prima sabbati apparuit primo 

Saer rnagfcalenesea of Saer gewarp seofa diowles hio eade gesaegde fcaem SaSe 

mariae magdalene de qua eiecerat septem demonia. 10 ilia uadens nuntiauit his qui 

mils hine woeron maenendum 3 wopendum 3 $a mifcfcy geherdon fte gelifde 3 gesene waere 

cum eo fuerant lugentibws et flentibus. 11 et illi audientes quia uiueret et uisus esset 

from hia ne gelefdon aefter fcas tonne tuaem from him geongendum aedeawd woes 

ab ea non crediderunt. 12 *post haec autem duobws ex eis ambulantibws ostensus est [• 234. uiii.] 

on ofcero gelicnise faerende on lond 
in alia effigiae euntibus in uillam. 

3 $a foerdon ssegdon fcaem o%rum ne $aem 

13 et illi euntes nuntiauerunt ceteris nee illis 

gelefdon aet nesta-riaetmest hlinigendum-iraestendum Saem tuoelfum aet-eaude 3 for-cuom k for-draf 

crediderunt. 14 *nouissime recumbentibws illis undecim apparuit et exprobrauit [• 235.x.] 

ungeleaffulnise hiora 3 stiSnise heartes hiora foriSon Saem Safce gesegon hine arisse -l* aras ne 
incredulitatem eoium et duntiam cordis illorum quia his qui uiderant euin resurrexisse non 

gelefdon \ naldon gelefa 3 cuoefc him gaas on middangeard aline bodigas $ godspell 

crediderant. 15 et dixit eis euntes in mundum uniuersum predicate euangelium 

alle X eghuelcum sceafte 
omni creaturae. 

6. se$e cwae<5 Sacm ne wallas ge forhtiga <5one haslend gisoecas nazarenisca f5e ahoen waes he aras 
De is hit hconu stowe <5er gi-settun hine 7. sittas 3 cwefces fcegnum his 3 . . Ssette togffignes faeres iow in 

. . . fcer ge hine triseaS swa cwaeS iow 8. so<S fca ileu $ona llui^un + foerdun from byrgenne for-comun 

forfcon . . ondo 3 fyrhto 3 egsa 3 ne scngum menn gicwedun ondreordun forSon 9. aras wntudlice fce Uadend 
sirlice $v forma da?^e -p is sunnadacg aeteowde aerist . . . £a?r magfcalenisca of fcaar giwarp siofu diowlo 10. 

hio eode gisffigde «aeni $e miS hine werun macnende 3 woepende 11 3 8a mifc-<5y giherdun Zxt he lifilc 3 

i_'isene were from hia ne pi-lefdun 12. aefter Sissum Sonne twsem from him gongendum ffit-eowed wees in 

oSre gelicnisee ferende on londe 13. 3 *a foerdun ssBgdun Saem oferum ne 8am gilefdun 14. n>t oesta 

+ laetemest hlionigendum ' aem twelfuwi set-eowde 3 forrom -r fordraf angileofifuluisse hiora 3 BtHSnisse heorta 
forfcon Seem SaSe gisegun hine arisa -1' aras ne gi-lefdun 15. 3 c\vae<5 him gas on middengeord alne bodigaS 

god-spel elce gesenfte 


1(1 Se Jv golyfiS 1 gefullod biS sc bij? 
bal ; Soj-'licc sc Sc nc gelyfS. sc biS gcny- 
Nnxl ; 

17 pas tacnu fyliaS pa?n Se ge-lyfaS. on 
minon nanian hi deofol-scocncssa ut-diifaS ; 
hi sprecaj) niwum tnngnw. 

18 nseddran hi afyrraS 1 him nc deraS 
j?eah lii lnvaet dead-bserlices drincan ; Ofer 
scocc hi hyra handa settaS 1 hi beoS hale ; 

19 And witudlice drihten haelend sySSan 
he to him spree, he waes on heofonum 
afangcn. 3 he sitt on godes swiSran healfe ; 

20 So^lice hi Sa farende aeghwar bode- 
don. drihtne mid-wyrcenduw? 1 trymmendre 
spraece aeftcr-fyligendum tacnnm. 

Various Headings. 

16. A. by$ ge-fullod. C. geny)?erud. 17. A. mynu7n. A. 
C. hig. A. deofol-seocnyssa. A. C. hig. B. sprseeaf?. 18. 
C. naedran. A. hig {four times); C. hig (twice). B. dserafc. 
A. drincon. A. heora. 19. A. wytodlice. A. C. heofenum. 
A. syt ; C. sit. 20. A. hig. A. bodedun. A. getrymmendre; 
C. trymmende. B. scfter-fyligendend (sic). [See note to v. 
14 on p. 132.] 

1 6 j5 se pc gc-lyfd 1 is ge-fnntcd he is 
hal. 1 ge sc pe nc ge-lyfd he is for- 

17 pa tacnen pe haebbed )>a pe gc-lyfeS 
j?is folgcS. On mine name deoflc gad ut. 
tnngen spreced neowe. 

18 1 naddren bc-ncmed. 7 gyf he dead- 
lice drenc drinced ne mag he heom derigen. 
1 gyf bye nppen seocen here hande asetteS 
pe bet hcow seel wurSe. 

19- 3 ure hlaford haelend crist seSSen he 
wiS heom ge-sprecen haefde; he astah in to 
heofene 1 sitt on godes swiSre. 

20 Hyo pa fulfelde bodeden swa wid swa 
al. )>as hlafordes weorces 1 his bispelles ful- 
fellende mid felgenden tacnen. AMen. 

Various Headings. 

16. See note on p. 132; om. 1st he; his [/oris; twice], 
18. derien. 20. fulfeld. 


seSe gelefes 3 gefuluad bis -r sie hal bis set5e mxisdlice ne gelefeS gehened bis * 
16 qui crediderit et babtizatus fuerit saluus erit qui uero non crediderit condem- 

geniSrad bi$ gemerca Sonne Sa SaSe gelefdon X gelefaS Sa gefylgeS hia on noma minum diowlas 

nabitur. 17 signa autem eos qui crediderint haec sequentur in nomine meo demonia 

worpas miS sprecum hia sprecas niuum nedro hia niomas 3 gif deadlic huaet gedrincas 

eicient Unguis loquentur nouis. 18 serpentes tollent et si mortiferum quid biberint 

ne hia^him sceSSaS ofer untrymiguwi honda onsettaS 3 wel hia habbaS-Hiim biS soel 3 se drihten 

non eos nocebit super aegrotos manus inponent et bene habebunt. 19 et dominus 

sec -t soSliee eefter Son sprecend wees him genumen wees k onfenge wees in heofnum 3 gesaedt to swiSrum godes 
quidem postquam locutus est eis adsumtus est in caelum et sedit a dextris dei. 

5a ilco Sonwe faerende X foerdon bodadon eghuser drihtne miS-wyrcende 3 -p word trymende 

20 illi autem profecti praedicauerunt ubiqwe dowu'no cooperante et sermonem confirmante 

mi« fylgendum becenum-rtacenun?. 
sequentibws signis 

aseegd is boc marcus. 

Explicit liber Marcus. 

16. seSe gilefaS 3 gifulwad bis hal bits seSe wutudh'ee ne gi-lefeS gihened bi^S 17. gimerco Sonne Sa 

seSe gilefaS Sas gifylgeS hiee on noma minum diowlas worpas miS sprecuw hiae spreocaS niowe 18. nedre 

hia? niomas } gif deodlic hwoet hwset gidrincas ne hiee sceSSas ofer un-trymigum honda on-settaS 3 wel hia 
habbent (sic) 19. 3 drihten soSliee eefte[r] Son sprecende wees him ginumen wees on heofnum siteS to 

Seer swiSra godes 20. Sa ilco Sonne fserende bodadun eg-hwer diihtene miS-wyrcende 3 word trymende miS 

fylgendum becnum 



The following is a list of all the readings of the Latin text in the Rushworth MS. which differ from that in 

the Lindisfarne MS. as printed in this volume. 

Cap. I. 1. filii. 4. iohannis; babtizans; bab- 
tismum; remisionem. 5. iudeae; hierusolimita? ; 
babtizabantur ; iordanis. 6. iohannis; pylis ca- 
melli; locustas; a?debat. 8. babtizaui; babtiza- 
bit ; R. inserts in after 2nd uos. 9. galileae ; 
babtizatus. 11. conplacui. 12. expulit (u over 
an erasure). 13. temptabatur; bestis; ei [for 
illi]. 14. iohannis; galileam. 15. adpropin- 
quauit. 16. galileae; mittens (altered to mitten- 
tens). 18. secute. 19. pussillum; zebedei; 
iohannem; conponentes retia sua. 20. eos; ze- 
bedeo; mercinaris. 21. ingredietur; capharnau- 
ura ; in sinagogam. 22. doctrinam. 23. sina- 
goga. 25. obmutuesce; exii; after homine R. 
inserts spiritus inmunde, with the gloss gast un- 
done. 26. discerpiens. 27. After noua R. 
inserts est, glossed is. 28. uniuersam; galileae. 
29. sinagoga; symonis; iacob. 30. symonis. 
31. leuauit; ad-praechensa [for et praehensa]; 
minisbat. 32. adferebant; daemonia. 34. uaris 
langoribus; daemonia; ea loqui. 35. R. inserts 
et after surgens. 36. symon; eo. 38. After 
illis R. inserts iesws, glossed se heelend; ad hoc [for 
et hoc]. 39. sinagogis; galilea. 40. flexu. 41. 
misertus. 43. comminatus est ei statim et. 44. 
moyses. 45. At [for Et]; caepit; defamare. 

Cap. II. 1. capharnauum ; domu. 4. cum 
[for 1st eum] ; offere; submisierunt; grabattum. 
5. filii. 7. blasfemat. 8. intra. 9. dimit- 
tuntur; peccata tua; grabbatum. 11. surge et 
telle grabattum. 12. et sublato grabatto; mi- 
rarentur. 13. rursus (altered to rursum) ad mare. 
15. puplicani. 16. puplicanis. 17. medico. 18. 
iohannis [for iohannes] ; cur [for quare]. 19. 
nuptiarum. 20. in illis diebws. 21. nemo enim 
ad-sumentum; adsuit. 22. effundetur; after debet 

R. adds et utraq^e seruantur (unglossed). 23. 
ambularet iesws. 25. esurit. 26. in domum ; 
abithar; licebat; nisi solis sacerdotibus. 

Cap. III. 1. introiuit; in synagogam. 2. 
accussarent eum. 6. om. statim. 7. galilea et 
de iudea. 8. et ab hierusolimis; idumea. 9. 
ut in; conpraemerent. 11. inmundos; procede- 
bant. 12. comminabatur ; eum [for ilium]. 
14. om. euangelium. 16. inpossuit; petrum. 
17. zebedei; inpossuit; nomina boar-nergis; thon- 
itrui. 18. philippum ; bartholomeum et ma- 
th eum ; thaddaeum; symonem cannaneum. 19. 
scharioth qui tradidit. 20. possint. 22. hiru- 
solimis discenderant ; belzebub ; daemoniorum 
eiecit. 23. parabulis; eis [for illis]; eiecere. 
24. poterit [for potest] ; illud. 26. disperditus ; 
potest [for poterit]. 27. uassa; ingresus; alli- 
gauerit fortem. 28. quoniam. 30. diciebant. 
31. uocantes ad eum. 32. om. tui. 

Cap. IV. 1. docere et mare. 2. eos [for 
illos] ; parabulis. 4. decidit [for cecidit]. 5. ci- 
cidit; om. multam. 6. et ex eo. 7. spinas. 10. 
hii ; parabulas. 11. nosse mysterium; om. dei ; 
parabulis. 13. parabulam ; parabulas. 15. hii ; 
audierint. 16. hii; supra. 18. hii. 19. e- 
rumpnae; diuiarum; eficiuntur. 20. hii; supra; 
seminati sunt hii sunt qui. 21. supra candala- 
brum. 24. remitietur; uos [for 2nd uobis]. 
26. Quem-admodum ; iactet [for iaceat]. 28. 
spicam [for spinam]. 30. parabulae conparabi- 
mus. 31. sic est ut [for sicut]; terrain mini- 
mum [for terra minus]. 32. om. turrit. 33. 
parabulis; poterent. 34. parabula. 35. in ilia. 
36. om. eum; erat 1 . 37. naue mitta (sic); inple- 
retur. 39. obmutesce; tranquilitas. 

Cap. V. 4. cumpedibus; catinas et conpedts 

1 Glvsned hise werun, uhicli is clearly copied from the Lindisfarne MS. 



conminuistfi. 5. om. et after orat. 7. dixit ; 
tilii. 8. cxii spin'fos. 9. dicebat. 12. di- 
praecabantur. L3. mari [far 2nd mare]. 14. 
egresi l r >. uenerunt; Banae. 16. el [for 
ei]. 18. ascender^ in nauem; quia. 19. ad- 
nuntia. 20. decapuli. 22. archi-synagogis ; 
procedit 23. om. cum. 24 om. cum; con- 
premebant. 25. profuio. 26. perpessa a con- 
pluiimis; quiquam proficerat; om. magis. 28. 
saluauero. 31. illius [for sui]; conprimcntcm. 
32. facerat. 33. procedit. .*i5. uenerunt ab 
archi-synagogo. 36. arclii-svnngogo. 38. arehi- 
Bynagogi et uidit; eiulantes. 39. ingresus. 
40. ingrediuntur. 41. thabitha Cuinii. 42. 
magno [for maximo]. 43. praecipit. 

Cap. VI. 1. egresus ; eius [for sui]. 2. om. huic; 
om. et after omnia; ei [for illi]. 3. fabri filius 
et; iudeae ; nonne sorores hie; eo [for illo]. 4. 
om. eis; domu. 5. inpossitis. 6. eorum [for 
illorum]. 7. eis [for illis] ; spirituum. 8. 
praecipit. 9. scandalis; tonicls. 11. recipe- 
rint uos rxeque. 12. Et exeuntes illi; peniten- 
tiam. 13. unguebant; egros. 14. lierodis; quod 
iohannis; operantur 1 [for inopinantur] ; om. in. 

15. om. dicebant quia helias est; profeta; profetis. 

16. qua [for Quo]; herodis; om. ego; decolaui 
Iohannis. 17. herodis ; iohannem ; uincxit; 
carcerem ; herodiadem; pilippi; earn [for eum]. 
18. iohannis. 19. herodis; insediebatur ilium. 

20. herodis autem; iohannem; et quod saiictum. 

21. herodis; galileae. 22. herodii; petite. 23. 
illi multa. 24. illam [for ilia] ; babtistae. 25. 
quae-cutuqwe; confestinatione. 26. contristatus 
est. 27. miso confestim ; praecipit ; decolauit. 
28. adtulit; dedit [for dicit]. 29. tullerunt ; 
possuerunt. 30. enuntiauerunt. 31. uenite uos; 
pussillum; multi et nee. 33. pestri [for ped- 
cstres] ; om. et; cucurrerunt; peruenerunt. 34. 
qui [for quia] ; caepit docere£ eos (sic). 35. iam 
horse multae fierent; ei desortus. 37. illis iesws 
date illis uos; emeamus denaris. CC. 38. quod; 
dicunt ei .u. 39. fenum. 40. om. 1st et; eas 
[for in partes]. 41. om. duobus piscibus; inten- 
dens [for intuens]. 42. et omnes. 43. cofi- 
nos. 45. cogit; dimiserit. 46. dimisise£; abit. 
47. iam eral ; midio. 48. iesus ambulans. 49. 

fantasma. 50. qui [for enim]; es [ for eis]. 51. 
stupebant el mirabantur. 52. intellezerunt; ob- 
cicatum. 53. genesareth adplicauerunt 55. grab* 

batis; om. s<-. 56. ucl et uillos aut ciuitates. 
Cap. VII. 1. et cum uenerunt; pharissei; 

hirusolimis. 2. cummunibus. 3. pharissei ; 
om. enim ; iudei ; lauent. 4. babtizentur ; 
babtismata calice?/i et urcaeorum et aeramen- 
torum. 5. interrogabant ; farissei ; scribae 
dicentes. 6. quia bene profetauit esseias ; 
hij)pochritis; labls meis honorat. et prae- 

cepta. 8. eum [for enim]; mandatum dei te- 
nentes; urcaeorum. 9. inritum ; seruitis. 10. 
moises; uel [for aut]. 11. patri suo; matri suo; 
om. quod est donum; est ex; proderit. 12. ultra 
non dimittas earn. 13. rescendentes; tradistis. 15. 
hominem ; quoinquinare ; commonicant. 17. om. 
eum; parabulam. 18. eis [for illis]; nondum 
[for non]; om. eum; commonicare. 19. intromit. 
20. dicebant. 21. nequitiae dolus inpudicitia 
comes after auaritiae in v. 22; adultera. 22. 
blasfemia. 24. finem tiri; late [for latere]. 25. 
huius [for cuius] ; procedit. 26. sirophinis agere 
(sic). 27. R. inserts in before filios. 28. catuli 
in sub mensa de micis com?nederunt puerorum. 
29. at illi; exiet demonium. 30. om. suam; 
super; demonium. 31. tiri; sidonia??i; galileae; 
medio finis decapolis. 32. depraecabantur ; in- 
poneret 33. tegit [for tetigit]; eius follows 
auriculas. 34. et ingemuit; epheta; adperire. 
35. om. 1st et; rectae. 37. facit [twice]. 

Cap. VIII. 1. om. 2nd illis. 2. turbam. 
3. deficiant. 6. super; adpossuerunt; om. turbae. 
7. habebant discipulos; iussit. 8. sustullerunt ; 
.uii. [for septum]; sportas plenas. 9. .uii. [(sic) 
for quattuor]. 11. fariscei et cseperunt; de 
[for dae] ; temptantes. 13. dimittiens. 14. 
discipuli eius sumere. 15. pharissseorum ; hero- 
dis. 17. cognoscetis nee; adhuc. 18. om. et. 
19. sustullistis. 20. tullistis. 22. eum [for 
ilium]. 23. inpossitis. 24. arbore. 25. om. 
iterum; inpossuit manum. 26. eum [for ilium]. 
27. castella cessariae philippi; dicentes [for di- 
cens]. 28. iohannem. 29. simon petrus. 32. 
adpraehendens. 33. dicipulos; satanas. 34. om. 
et tollat crucem suam. 36. om. enim ; totum 

1 Glossed uu-woene skit, which is copied from Die Lindisfarne MS. 


mundura. 37. commotationem. 38. confussus ; 
confunde^ [for confidetur]. 

Cap. IX. 2. adsumpsit. 3. ipsius [for eius]. 
4. moisi. 9. discendentibws ; praecipit. 10. 
aput. 11. oportet. 12. scriptum ; condemp- 
natur. 13. om. et after quia; scriptum. 15. 
est et expauerunt et adcurrentes saluabant. 
17. atuli; iumundum [for mutum]. 18. allidit; 
stridit. 19. aput. 20. atullerunt; elissus in 
terra. 2-5. spmiu; om. illi; exii. 26. et 
multum descerpens ; exiuit. 27. eum [for il- 
ium]. 28. om. in; eis [for eius] ; ilium [for 2nd 
eum]. 29. potest. 32. om. uerbum et time- 
bant. 33. capharnauum; interrogabat. 34. dis- 
putauerunt. 35. residiens ; om. esse. 36. om. ut ; 
eonplexus. 37. reciperit ; missit. 38. iohannis. 
41. quia non per&et mercidem. 42. hiis pussil- 
lis; illi [for ei]. 43. ingredi [for introire] ; iure 
[for ire]; gehennam. ■ 44. morietur. 45. in- 
troire. 40. morietur. 47. occulus ; caecum 
[for luscum] ; introire; gehennam. 48. morie- 
tur; ignis eoru?7i. 49. ignis. 50. inter [for 
2nd in] ; salem. 

Cap. X. 1. et exinde; iudeae ; consuerat ; eos 
[for illos]. 2. pharissaei; dimittere; temptantes. 
3. praecipit. 4. permissit. 5. hoc [for istud]. 
7. adherebit uxori suae. 8. una [for uno]. 9. 
coniuncxit. 10. de eodem follows eum. 12. nup- 
serit. 14. proliibuertis (sic). 15. reciperit. 16. 
conplexans. 17. egressus. 19. adulteres; ma- 
trem tuam. 20. ait illi ; omnia haec. 21. quae- 
cumque ; unde, altered to uende. 22. merens 
multas possessiones. 23. dificile. 24. om. illis 
om. o; dificile; confitentes; pecunis. 25. camellum 
26. mirabantur. 27. aput (tlirice). 30. persecuti 
omnibus- [for persecutoribws et]. 32. hieruso- 
lima. 33. om. in; hierusolima; dampnabunt. 34. 
om. 1st eum ; flagillabunt eum et. 35. iohannis ; 
zebedei. 37. unus [for alius]. 38. putatis [for 
petatis]; calicem bibere ; baptismo. 39. baptiza- 
bemini. 40. dare uobis. 42. hii. 45. dare; red- 
tionem (sic). 4ii. in hiericho [for hierichum]; eo 
de bericho ei discipulis; mult .itudne (sic) ; timei 
bartimeus. 47. iesu [for 2nd iesus]. 48. cum- 
minabantur; filii ; miserere. 49. om. 1st et; 
praecipit ; animae equior. 51. illi iesus dixit. 
52. dixit [for ait] ; tua [for tuo] ; ui;i. 

Cap. XI. 1. hierusolimae et bithaniae. 2. 

quod contra uos est ; adhuc nemo ; solute. 6. illis 
[for 1st eis] ; praeciperat ; dimisierunt. 7. inpos- 
suerunt. 8. ramos de [for de]. 9. praecede- 
bant; ossanna. 10. ossanna. 11. hirusolyma ; 
uespera. 12. de [for a]. 14. ex te fructum. 
15. hierusolymam. 17. scriptum; speloncam. 
18. doctrinam. 20. transierent. 21. recordatus 
est. 23. om. quia ; essitauerit ; om. fiet. 26. de- 
miseritis ; dimittat. 27. hierusolimam ; in tem- 
plum accesserwnt. 28. haec [for ista]. 29. re- 
spondite ; dicam. 30. respondite. 31. at [for 
ait] ; om. nobis. 32. timemus. 33. dixerunt. 

Cap. XII. 1. parabulis ; uiniam plantauit ; 
agriculis. 2. agriculas ; agriculis ; uiniae. 3. di- 
misierunt. 4. contumelis adfecerunt. 6. adhuc ; 
carissimum ad ilium ; uerebuntur. 8. adprae- 
hendentes ; eicierunt. 11. factus; occulis. 12. 
cognuerunt; parabulam. 14. quoniam [for quia] ; 
hominum ; dei [for domini] ; cessari. 15. temp- 
tatis. 16. ei et ait ; inscriptio ; caessaris. 17. 
caessaris csessari. 19. scripsit; om. ut; diserit 
[for dimiserit] ; ut accipiat. 20. accepit; semine. 
21. om. 3rd et; ipse [for iste]. 22. accipierunt ; 
reliquierunt. 23. surrexerint ; hiis. 24. scriptu- 
ras. 25. nubunt. 26. resurgunt ; abracham. 31. 
om. 1st est ; diliges. 32. unus est dews. 33. sa- 
crificis. 34. sapienter ; audiebat ; om. eum. 35. 
om. scribae. 36. scabillum. 38. dicebat. 40. 
domus; prolexae ; hii accipiunt prolexius. 41. aes 
in gazium philacium. 42. aera duo minuta. 44. 
omnis; habundabat; penuria ; uinctum. 

Cap. XIII. 1. egredietur. 2. uides; lapes. 
3. sederent in monte ; iohannis. 4. hunt. 7. 
autem audieritis ; nondum est finis. 8. super 
[for contra] ; loqua et fainis. 9. in concills. 
11. fuerit uobis ; loquemini ; uos estis. 14. uide- 
retis abhominationem ; iudea; ad montes [for in 
montes]. 15. supra [for super] ; discendat ; ali- 
(|uid [for quid]. 17. praegnantibus. 18. non 
fiat fuga uestra uel sabbato. 19. tribulationes. 
20. breuiasseJ ; breuiabit. 21. om. est ; nee [for 
ne]. 22. — prophetae ; fieri potest. 24. dierum 
illorum [for illam]. 26. nubibwa. 27. quatuor. 

28. fico; parabulam; tener [for terner]; Betas. 

29. ostiis. 30. transiei ; fient. 32. et, [for uel]. 
34. ianuatori. 36. ne [for et] ; om. repente. 

Cap. XIV. 1. om. 1st et ; azemorum ; dolo 
at end of verse. 2. in populo [for populi], 3. 


Rymonis ; unguenti ; capud. 4. unguenti •">. dc- 
narls. 8. unguere. 9. mundum. 10. acariothes. 
II. promisierunt ; cum [for ilium]. 12. azemo- 
iinn; immolabant. 13. ciuitatem; occurred; la- 
gynam ; sequemini. 15. caenaculum. 10. ciui- 
tatem; praeparauerunt. 18. om. cum. 20. in- 
tinguit 21. scriptum ; tradetur ; om. 2nd est. 
-'2. accipit. 24. effundetur. 25. generatione 
[for genimine]. 20. ymno. 27. illis [for eis] ; 
scriptum ; dispergentur. 28. resurrexero ; gali- 
leam. 29. om. ci. 32. gethsamani. 33. ad- 
sumpsit ; taedicere. 35. processisse£ ; proccdit. 
.■)(i. possibiJia tibi ; tu uis. 38. temptationem ; 
promptus est. 40. denouo ; eorum [for illorum]. 
41. reciescite ; suffecit. 42. traded 43. adhuc; 
scarioth ; cum eo [for cum illo]. 44. om. caute. 
47. per unum [for senium] ; auriculam. 48. 
gladis; conpraeheudere. 49. aput; impleantur 
scripturae. 50. omues relinquentes. 51. Ado- 
liscens; ilium [for cum]; om. et. 54. usque 
intro in atrium. 55. aduersus. 58. aliut. 60. 
surgens ; interrogauit in medium ; respondes ; hiis. 
61. rursus ; dei benedicti. 63. ues[ti]menta ; 
adhuc; testes. 64. condempnauerunt. 65. pro- 
phetiza. 66. seorsum. 67. uidisse£. 68. exiuit. 
6.9. ancella. 70. galileus. 

Cap. XV. 1. pontio pylato. 2. pylatus ; iu- 
daeorum ; ei ait [for ait illi]. 4. pylatus; re- 

Bpondes ; accussant. 5. pylatus. 6. unum uinc- 
tum quae-cum-que 7. barrabbae. i). pylatus. 
12. Pylatus; ut faciam. 14. pylatus; mali fecit. 
15. Pylatus uero; dimisit; barrabban ; rlagillis 
caeesum. 16. om. autom; intro in. 17. purpu- 
ram ; spiniam. 19. capud; et adorabant. 20. 
cum [for 1st ilium]. 21. angarizauerunt practer- 
euntes quen-dam symonem cyrineum. 23. ac- 
cipit. 24. sortes. 26. Erat autem; inscriptus. 
27. duos. 28. inpleta ; scriptura ; deputatus. 29. 
distruebat. 30. discende. 31. inludentes. 32. 
discendat ; uidiamus. 33. factae. 34. sabbac- 
thani ; me diriliquisti. 36. spongeam; uenit. 37. 
emisa. 38. scisum. 39. centorio. 40. aspiciens ; 
magdalene. 41. galilea; ascenderunt hierusolima. 

43. quia [for qua] ; audaciter introiuit ; pylatum. 

44. pylatus ; arcessito centorione interrogabat. 45. 
cognuisse£. 46. mercatus est ; possuit ; hostium. 

Cap. XVI. 1. magdalenae ; unguerent. 4. 
uiderunt reuol[ut]um. 5. obstipuerunt. 6. pos- 
suerunt. 7. et dicite ; praecidit ; galileam. 8. 
inuasserat. 9. iesus mane; magdalenae; eicerat ; 
daemonia. 12. hiis [for eis]. 13. caeteris. 14. 
XII [for undecim] ; illorum [for eorum] ; om. 
illorum; hiis [for his]; crediderunt. 16. con- 
dempnabitur. 17. daemonia. 18. liberint [for 
biberint] ; egros. 19. adsumptus. 20. seque[n]t- 


N.B. In the notes to the Chapters of the Gospel, the letter L. means the Lindisfarne MS.; H. the Hatton MK. . 

and R. the Rushworth MS. 

Page 1. In the title, MS. L. has CAPITULAE, 
as printed ; an error for capitula. The gloss to 
the title ought not to have been printed in capital 

The names of the four men employed upon 
the L. MS. are recorded (as Wanley says) at the 
end of the Gospel of St Matthew, but still after 
the title to St Mark (as here printed) which 
occurs at the end of St Matthew's Gospel, leaf 88, 
hack. The sense of the phrase is — " Thou living 
God, remember thou EadfriS and yE'Silwald and 
BillfrrS and Aldred, sinners ; these four, with 
God's help, were employed upon this book." The 
word lifgiende is misprinted licfigende by Wanley. 
The word peccatorum is indistinct, the end of it 
being denoted by a contraction ; but I read it so, 
and not peccatoris. The word ymbwoeson is mis- 
printed ymbweoson by Wanley and Waring, owing 
to the former o being above the line. See the 
Surtees' Society's edition of St John's Gospel, 
]). xliv, footnote. Cf. woerc in 1. 2, page 2 ; &c. 

Argumentum. This is printed in Bouterwek's 
Screadunga, p. 1, and an excellent facsimile of 
the first few words (from Marcus to discipulus) is 
prefixed to his tract. The MS. text is very cor- 
rupt, but is left as it stands. A few corrections 
are here noted. 

L. 1. MS. dei ; read dei electus. 

L. 3. MS. quod ; read quid. 

MS. prophetiae ; read propheticae. 
MS. lectionis; read electionis. MS. 
praedistinatum; for praedestinatum. Bouterwek 
misprints it praedistinctum. 

L. 6. MS. enuntiantis ; read annuntiantis. 
MS. sed ; read, sed et. 

L. 7. MS. nun* ; read in initio. MS. osten- 
dens; wnoth r reading is ostenderet. MS. qui ; 
read quiuis. 

L. 8. MS. omits caro before deberet. 

L. 4. 


L. 9. MS. perfectio ; read perfecti. 

L. 10. MS. et baptismo ; read et a baptismo. 

L. 11. MS. uicerat ; read uiderat. MS. to- 
tum inprimis ; read totius exprimens. 

L. 12. MS. ieiunium numeri; read numerum 
\ ieiunii. 

L. 13. (Gloss to singula) MS. siundrio ; not 
suindrio, as in Bouterwek. 

L. 14. MS. facti ; read facta;. MS. operi ; 
read operis. 

L. 16. MS. posuit; read potuit. The gloss to 
the preceding word is written foreworden, but 
altered to forewurdon. 

Page 2, 1. 2. MS. opus scire ; read opus fait 
scire et. 

L. 3. MS. agnosceret; read agnoscere. MS. 
carnem; read carne domini. 

L. 4. MS. intellegeret; read intelligere. MS. 
in nos primum requiri; read et nos primum re- 
quiri oportet. 

L. 12. MS. factuqi/e; read tactuque. 

Page 3, 1. 1. MS. mittet; read mittit. 
L. 3. MS. fecerit; read fecerint. 
L. 18. (Gloss to milia) MS. Susenda, cor- 
rected to SSusend. 

Page 4, 1. 1. (Gloss to quern) MS. huecl ; for 

L. 13. MS. recepturus ; read recepturos. 

L. 15. MS. Bartimaus ; read Bartimaeus. 

L. 16. MS. inlihtcS waes; read inlihted was. 

L. 18. MS. ficulnea ; for ficulneam. MS. 
giuende, corr. to giuendo. 

L. 20. parobolam; a misprint for parabolam. 

Pa< r e 5, 1. 2. MS. teintantilms. Bouterwek 
has tentantibus. 

i r_» 

I. :;. MLS. fregnendes, corr. to fregnende. 

Ij. 4. MS. (viitcnsinii ; read centesimi, which 
Bouterwek prints. 

L. !). MS. Beruus; read seruos. 

I. I :i. The gloss to clemcntcr is indistinct, 
but I certainly read it trumlice; Bout, prints 

L. IK .MS. adque ad ; rend atque a. 

L. 1 from bottom. MS. albas; read albis. 

('hap. I. TJie readings of MS. B. (col. 1) are 
of no authority from eh. I. v. 1 to ch. iv. v. 37; see 
prof. p. vii. 3. L. stiga, corrected to stigo, as 
printed. In other cases, I print only the corrected 
form, mentioning the uncorrected form in these 
Critical Notes. 10. L. i ntynde, altered to un- 
tyndo; cf. note to v. 3. 13. L. wi'Serworde, alt. to 
wrSerwearde. 14. The rubric in col. 1 is from 
MS. A. 

Chap. II. 4. L. et eum (so) ; hence the wrong 
gloss hine; for eum read cum. L. (gloss to in) 
in, altered to on. 5. L. synna, altered to synno. 
8. L. hoarta, alt. to hearto. 9. L. Hwaat (so, 
with a capital letter). 10. L. eorSo; Bout. 
misprints eorgu. 12. L. we gesegon; Bout. 
wrongly omits we. 13. H. Rubric in Royal MS. 
the same. L. mare; read mane. The gloss fol- 
lows the mista e of the text. 14. L. The gloss 
to me may perhaps be read mec. 15. L. Section 
22 is misnumbered "xxi" in the MS. 17. L. 
Altered from so'Sfajsta ah synfulla. 18. H. Same 
rubric in Royal MS. 18. L. iohannes first time, 
as printed. 19. L. brydguma ; altered from bryd- 
wuma. 23. H. Same rubric in Royal. 24. L. 
doaft gie ; Bout, misprints doaS hia. 25. L. 
husetd, not huoet, as printed. The d seems due 
to the initial sound of the next word; but cf iv. 
40 and v. 9. R. hycrende (so) ; perhaps for 
hyncerde. L. hinie ; Bout, has hine. 26. L. 
eattanna, as printed. 

Chap. III. 1. L, eft sona; Bout, misprints 
eftersona. 2. *L. geteldon ; Bout, getelden. 

3. L. cue ; Bout. cuayS. L. drygi ; Bout. dry. 
5. R. ungleownissise ; an obvious slip. 6. L. 
wrongly has — Villi, xxui. ii. lu. xciii. xxu. mt. 
exuii. in the margin. 7. L. wrongly has mt. xxxiii 

in the margin. 9. L. deseruiret, with n above, 
as though deseruirent ; hence the gloss. 34. R. 
\iiib heop; may perhaps be read ymb hrof. 

Chap. IV. 12. Corpus MS. nanege seon; A. 

ua ne ge seon. R. on-cwnawa$ ; an obvious error 

for on-cnawaft, as printed. 13. R. bispell i gi- 

cunniga magvn gicunniga ; where t is obviously 
misplaced. 19. L. aerumnas ; read aerumnae. 
21. L. (margin) lu. exxxui ; read exxxiii, as printed. 
28. L. spinam; hence the gloss; but read spicam. 
31. L. seSum; perhaps for sedum. 33. L. Bul- 
lucum (so). 37. L. yrte; probably for yste. 
39. R. "Sestiorend (one word). 

Chap. V. 1. L. ftaesaes (so). 3. L. bye, al- 
tered to by. 10. L. marginal note partly cut off ; 
cf that in R. 13. L. altered from under-drencde 
wa;ron on. 18. L. auseled; alt. from auaelled. 
25. L. utiorninsc ; the first i is a capital, thus: 
utlorninsc. 33. L. forhtade; alt. from frohtade. 
38. L. Gloss to second et omitted ; as printed. 41. 
L. daere; read Saere. 42. L. ^sermaaste (one word). 

Chap. VI. 3. L. wrihte ; with y above, be- 
tween w and r. L. ge-onspurned, alt. to ge- 
ondspyrned. 7. L. tuelfe, alt. to tuelfo. 8. L. 
(gloss to tantum) ane, alt. to an. 13. L. diwowlas, 
alt. to diowlas. 20. L. gedede, alt. to gedyde. 
21. Corp. MS. has gebrydtide, as printed. 24. L. 
fulwiht, followed by a curling stroke. 25. L. 
fulwih, with a curl. 28. L. dicit, an obvious error 
for dedit. 29. L. geheredon, alt. to geherdon. 
31. R. has pussillum, glossed by him. L. The 
insertion of X after eft-cuomon is not a misprint; 
cf. gloss to candelabrum; iv. 21. 3G. L. ettesft, 
alt. to ettes. 37. L. hlafa, alt. to hlafo. 40. L. 
hundra'S, with a curl over the a. 41. L. hlafum 
J tuaem fiscum, alt. to hlafo ] tue fiscas. 47. L. 
efrn. Perhaps it should not be altered to efern, as 
the same spelling occurs again, xi. 11 ; but cf. R. 
48. R. fearSa; no point under the a, as in Bouter- 
wek. 53. R. foerdun; indistinct; may be foyr- 
dun. The gloss a to plica, is unintelligible, and due 
to the Latin applicuerunt. 54. L. waeren, alt. to 

Chap. VII. 1. L. toi; read to. L. o^ero, alt. to 


ofter. 2. L. hlafa, alt, to hlafo. 3. R. etun ; Bout, 
eton. 4. L. R. omit gloss to nisi. 6. Bout, omits 
from heorte to worSas in verse 7, in his print of 
R. 7. L. laruas, alt. to laruo. 17. L. Sreade, 
alt. to Create. 18. R. has ec "J as gloss to 2nd et. 
19. R. in un nut gongum (so) ; which I have 
altered. 21. L. innuaeard, alt. to innueeard ; 
heorte, alt. to heorta ; esuicnise, alt. to esuicnis. 

22. L. efolsongas, alt. to efolsong. SO. R. gimitte; 
Bout, gimaet. 33. L. earlipricum, alt. to earlip- 
rico. 35. L. untynde, alt. to untyndo; gesprec- 
cend, alt. to sprecceiid. 36. L. gcoede, with small 
u between c and o. 

Chap. VIII. 2. L. ge <f abidas ; this means — 
gebidas I" abidas. 5. L. seofona, alt. to seofo. 
7. L. gelieht, alt. to keht. L. cewalas, alt. to 
cewlas. 9. L. Susende, alt. to Susendo. 10. 
Corp. MS. omits the initial letter. 11. L. seoec- 
ende, alt. to soecende ; L. dae cselo (so) ; L. 
costende, alt. to costendo. 14. L. forgetone, alt. 
to forgetne. 16. L. hlafas, alt. to hlafo. 19. L. 
tuoelfe, alt. to tuoelfo. 20. L. seofa, alt. to seofo. 

23. H. la?dden, collected to laedde. 26. R. ge- 
gonges ; no point under the first e, as in Bouter- 
wek. 29. L. pet, followed by a curl; but in v. 32, 
petr with a curl. 35. L. losias, alt. to losas. 
36. L. middang, followed by a curl; cf R. 38. L. 
confusus ; read confessus. L. fterne legere, alt. to 
^-erne Wer. 


Chap. IX. 2. H. and Royal have sumrae for 
surane. 3. L. gewordne, alt. to awordne. 9, 

10. L. ends v. 9 with arisa, but v. 10 with arise. 

11. L. risnelic (so); for risenlic. 15. L. gestylde, 
alt. to gestylte. 17. L. attulit; for attuli. 22.11. 
Aagyf ~f (so). 28. R. introisset, glossed by ineode 
"}. 31. R. ofslog, ah. to ofslas. 33. L. woere, 
alt. to woeron. .SI. L. (margin) lv. ccii. ccxuii ; 
read ccxuii (not ccxuiii, as misprinted). 39. 
L. denotes raonn by tlte rune .p^. here, and in xi. 
14. 45 and 47. L. introirae. 49. R. giscostad ; 
an error for gicostad. 

CHAP. X. 8. L. ana. with \ urn above latter a. 
9. L. to sceadaft, alt. to to sceada. ](). L. ge 
frugnuon, alt. to ge frugnon, 17. L. gebeged, 
alt. to beged ; R. gibed, an error for gibeged. 
19. L. beboda, alt. to bebodo; lease, "It. to leas. 

22. L. hsebbende, alt. to hsebbend. 24. L. (gloss 
to in before strionum) on, alt. to in. 27. L. gode, 
alt. to god (first time). 30. L. disum; for Sisum. 
32. L. da 3ingo;/or ?a Singo. 35. R. zebe- 
dedes ; for zebedes. 38. L. hi (without a dot) ; 
evidently an error for hu. 41. H. gebulge, for 
gebulgen. 45. H. alysendnysse ; for alysednysse. 
49. R. ceiga ; for ceigas. 

Chap. XI. 1. L. more, alt. to mor. 9. L. 
cliopadaun, alt. to cliopadun. 11. Cf. note to 
vi. 47. 14. Cf. note to ix. 39. 17. L. gebed- 
.des, alt. to gebedd ; cf. pref. p. xviii, note. 23. H. 
ic seggeS, alt. to ic segge. L. gelefed, alt. to gelefe. 
28. L. doest, alt. to does. 

Chap. XII. 4. L. gehornadon, where the h is 
written h; see note in Wanley's Catalogue, p. 156. 
14. L. gesiist, alt. to gesiis. 15. L. geswiopernise, 
alt. to geswipernise. 19. L. hlaf, where h is writ- 
ten as above; cf. note to v. 4. L. aweecceft, alt. to 
awsecce. 22. L. acciperunt; for acceperunt. 
23. L. chwaes, alt. to hwses. 24. L. cunnige, 
alt. to cunnoge. 28. L. bobod, alt. to bod. 30. 
L. maegne 'Sinra, alt, to maegne Sin. 32. L. 
(margin) cxxxi. x; read 132. x, as printed. 33. 
L. neesta, alt. to neesto. 41. The rubric in MS. A. 
has been inadvertently omitted. It is merely — 
Sedens iesus contra gazo-philaciu?)i. It marks the 
beginning of a section, corresponding to section 
xli of MS. L. 

Chap. XIII. 3. L. beamea, alt. to beama. 
7. L. gefehta, alt. to gefehto (first time). 8. L. 
cynne, alt. to cynn. L. rice, alt. to ric. 9. For 
139. i. in margin of L., the MS. wrongly has 
cxxxix. ui. 11. L. places hora, with its gloss, 
after loquimini, but there are fine lines, as marks 
of transposition, to shew that its proper place is 
after ilia. 14. L. woroht, alt, to wroht. 19. L. 
costunges, alt. to costungo. 22. L. cristes, alt. 
to cristo. L. fcrtinu, alt. to fertino. L. liia, alt. to 
hi. 25. L. feollende, alt. to fallende. 26. aubi- 
mus; sic in L. 28. terner; sicin L; for tener. 
31. ge-wito^ (H) is clearly miswritten for ge- 
wiic'S. L. hliores, alt. to hlioras. L. hliore^S, 
alt. to hliora^S. .'it-. L his, alt. t<> 1ms. 35. L. 
bebeades, alt. to bebead. The /< in hlaferd (L) is 
written as in note above to xi i. 4. 


Chap. XIV. 1. Margin of L.; the MS. has 

•• i,) wuiii," an eiTOT tor " io. xx." 2. R. pofolce, 

nit. t<> folce ; the scribe began to write populi. 
3 I., on, alt. to in ; in the gloss to in, L. gehre- 
.•(■II, alt. to gebrocen. 4. L. ungenti ; but in v. 6, 
unguentum. 5. L. bifgedon (they trembled) 
translates tremebcmt, not fremebant 11. L. ge- 
feande, alt. to gefeando. --. R. wrongly has 
etendum onfeng him onfeng. 23. Royal MS. has 
heon tor heom. L. gedruncun, alt. to gedrnncon. 
26. L. oelebeame, alt. to oelebeama. 47. L. 
ofelog, alt. to slog. 66. L. suuduria, for sundria. 
72. L. weopa, alt. to woepa. 

Chap. XV. 1. L. alle, alt. to all. 10. L. 
M'tista, alt. to aifist. 11. L. biscopas, alt. to bis- 
robas. 17. There is a long curl over 03 in hrcegle 

in L. The word cursendo is written like our- 
8endo; hut see tin: Rushworth gloss. 21. There 
is a curl over er in faeder in L. 30. L. hrode, 
alt. to rode. 32. L. gelefeS, alt. to gelefe. 
36. L. unsettenne, alt. to unsettanne. 41. R. 
galelse, alt. to galihr. 43. L. biddend, alt. to 
bidend ; R. biddende. 

Chap. XVI. 5. L. ufa h ymbgearuad ; but 
the h has a stroke through it, as if to strike it out. 
It may be for hoc or hoc est, and may mean that 
ufa is as good a translation as ymb of the prefix 
co in coopertum. 9. L. Surgens, with a capital. 
This seems to suggest that a new subsection was 
intended to begin here, but subsections 234, 23-3 
are left unmarked. 


Page 4, last line; for parobolam read parabolam. 

Page 5, last three lines ; see the remarks in the preface, p. xxiii. 

Page 15, verse 45 ; in the gloss to " esse," for waes £ were, read waes -t were. 

Page 21, verse 25; for huaet read husetd. 

„ „ 26, in the lower text ; for nymjse read nymSe. 

Page 26. The large capitals should be the same as in col. 2, p. 34. 

Page 27, line 2 ; for sanctum read sanctum. 

Page 60, col. 1, footnotes to verse 6 ; add " C. hig (last time)? Cf. pref. p. x. 

Page 62, col. 1, footnotes to verse 20; for B. seofan read B. C. seofan. In footnotes to verse 21, for A. B. omit 
ge read A. B. C. omit ge. In footnote to verse 22, add C. anne. Cf. pref. p. x. 

Page 72, col. 1, footnotes to verse 33 ; for B. smeada read B. C. smeada. Cf. pref. p. x. 

Page 76, col. 1, footnotes to ch. x., verse 2 ; add C. fa??diende. In the footnotes to verse 5, for A. heardnysse, 
read A. C. heardnysse. In the footnotes to verse 6, for B. waepned, &c. read B. C. waepned, &c. Cf. pref. p. x. 

Page 78, col. 1, footnote to verse 18; add C. hi [for hwi]. 
„ „ 2, footnotes, 1. 2. Insert ; after leorning-cnihtas. 

Page 80, col. 1, footnotes to verse 27; for A. B. hig read A. B. C. hig. To footnote to verse 29, add C. us 
for hus]. To footnote to verse 30, add C. ecce. 

Page 86, col. 1, footnotes to verse 6 ; for A. B. hig read A. B. C. hig, twice over. 

Page 87, verse 3 ; in the gloss to " dimittet," for forlaetes read forletes. 
„ lower text, cap. xi. v. 2 ; for monn read mon. 

Page 89, lower text ; verse 9 should be continued down to the word " drihtnes." 

Page 96, col. 1, verse 18. Insert . after sy. 

Page 100, col. 1. The rubric to v. 41 has been accidentally omitted ; MS. A has — Sedens \esus, contra gazo- 
philacium. In the footnotes, v. 34, for A. eart read A. B. eart. 

Page 131, lower text; in v. 43, read h.?e\endt's, and in v. 46, wutudh'ce. 


University Press, Cambridge, 
June, 1882. 





CamimUge mnttiersitp $rm. 

Ionium : c. j. clay, m.a. and son. 


dambrfoge : DEIGHTON, BELL, AND CO. 
lUtpjig: F. A. BROCKHAUS. 



CI)C Cambn&ge StnibersJtty f)rt00« 



of the Authorized English Version, with the Text Revised by a Colla- 
tion of its Early and other Principal Editions, the Use of the Italic- 
Type made uniform, the Marginal References remodelled, and a Criti- 
cal Introduction prefixed, by the Rev. F. H. SCRIVENER, M.A.,LL.D., 
Editor of the Greek Testament, Codex Augiensis, &c, and one of 
the Revisers of the Authorized Version. Crown 4to. cloth, gilt. 21s. 

From the Times. 
"Students of the Bible should be particu 
larly grateful to (the Cambridge University 

and of such features as the marginal notes, 
the use of italic type, and the changes of or- 
thography, as well as into the most interesting 
question as to the original texts from which 
our translation is produced." 

From the Methodist Recorder. 

" This noble quarto of over 1300 pages is 
in every respect worthy of editor and pub- 
lishers alike. The name of the Cambridge 
University Press is guarantee enough for its 
perfection in outward form, the name of the 
editor is equal guarantee for the worth and 
accuracy of its contents. Without question, 
it is the best Paragraph Bible ever published, 
and its reduced price of a guinea brings it 
within reach of a large number of students. . 
But the volume is much more than a Para- 
graph Bible. It is an attempt, and a success- 
ful attempt, to give a critical edition of the 
Authorised English Version, not (let it be 
marked) a revision, but an exact reproduc- 
tion of the original Authorised Version, as 
published in 1611, minus patent mistakes. 
This is doubly necessary at a time when the 
version is about to undergo revision. . . To 
all who at this season seek a suitable volume 
for presentation to ministers or teachers we 
earnestly commend this work." 

From the London Quarterly Review. 

"The work is worthy in every respect of 
the editor's fame, and of the Cambridge 
University Press. The noble English Ver- 
sion, to which our country and religion owe 
so much, was probably never presented be- 
fore in so perfect a form." 


Student's Edition, on good writing paper, with one column of 
print and wide margin to each page for MS. notes. This edition will 
be found of great use to those who are engaged in the task of 
Biblical criticism. Two Vols. Crown 4to. cloth, gilt. 31J. 6d. 


divided into Sections adapted to the Calendar and Tables of Lessons 
of 1 87 1. Crown 8vo. cloth. 3s. 6d. 

Press) for having produced, with the able as- 
sistance of Dr Scrivener, a complete critical 
edition of the Authorized Version of the Eng- 
lish Bible, an edition such as, to use the words 
of the Editor, 'would have been executed 
long ago had this version been nothing more 
than the greatest and best known of English 
classics.' Falling at a time when the formal 
revision of this version has been undertaken 
by a distinguished company of scholars and 
divines, the publication of this edition must 
be considered most opportune." 

From the Athenczum. 
"Apart from its religious importance, the 
English Bible has the glory, which but few 
sister versions indeed can claim, of being the 
chief classic of the language, of having, in 
conjunction with Shakspeare, and in an im- 
measurable degree more than he, fixed the 
language beyond any possibility of important 
change. Thus the recent contributions to the 
literature of the subject, by such workers as 
Mr Francis Fry and Canon Westcott, appeal to 
a wide range of sympathies; and to these may 
now be added Dr Scrivener, well known for 
his labours in the cause of the Greek Testa- 
ment criticism, who has brought out, for the 
Syndics of the Cambridge University Press, 
an edition of the English Bible, according to 
the text of 161 1, revised by a comparison with 
later issues on principles stated by him in his 
Introduction. Here heenters at length into 
the history of the chief editions of the version, 



Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Rota. 



Fasciculus II. In quo continentur Psalterium, cum ordinario Officii 
totius hebdomadae juxta Horas Canonicas, et proprio Completorii, 
Litania, Commune Sanctorum, Ordinarium Missae cum 
Canone et xiii Missis, &c. &c. juxta Editionem maximam pro 
Claudio Chevallon et Francisco Regnault a.d. mdxxxi. in 
Alma Parisiorum Acadcmia impressam : labore ac studio Francisci 
Procter, A.M., et Christophori Wordsworth, A.M. Demy 
8vo. cloth. i2j. 

Fasciculus I. In quo continentur Kalendarium, et Ordo Tem- 
poralis sive Proprium de Tempore totius anni, una cum ordinali 
suo quod usitato vocabulo dicitur Pica SIVE Directorium SACER- 
DOTUM. Demy 8vo. cloth. £1. 

"Not only experts in liturgiology, but all "We have here the first instalment of the 
persons interested in the history of the celebrated Sarum Breviary, of which no en- 
Anglican Book of Common Prayer, will be tire edition has hitherto been printed since 
grateful to the Syndicate of the Cambridge the year 1557. . . Of the valuable explanatory 
University Press for forwarding the publica- notes, as well as the learned introduction to 
tion of the volume which bears the above this volume, we can only speak in terms of the 
title, and which has recently appeared under very highest commendation." — The Ex- 
their auspices." — Notes and Queries. aininer. 


in parallel Columns on the same page. Edited by J. Scholefield, 
M.A. late Regius Professor of Greek in the University. Small 
Octavo. New Edition, with the Marginal References as arranged 
and revised by Dr SCRIVENER. Cloth, red edges, ys. 6d. 

The Student's Edition of the above, on large writing paper. 4to; 

Cloth. I2J. 

ex editione Stephani tertia, 1550 Small 8vo. 3J. 6d. 

according to the text followed in the Authorised Version, with the 
Variations adopted in the Revised Version. Edited by F. H. A. 
Scrivener, M.A., D.C.L., LL.D. Crown 8vo. 6s. Morocco boards 
or limp. 1 2 s. 


With Notes and Introduction. By the Very Rev. E. H. PLUMPTRE, 
D.D., Dean of Wells. Large Paper Edition. Demy 8vo. Js. 6d. 

" No one can say that the Old Testament which we can point in English exegesis of 

is a dull or worn-out subject after reading the Old Testament; indeed, even Delitzsch, 

this singularly attractive and also instructive whose pride it is" to leave no source of illus- 

commentary. Its wealth of literary and his- tration unexplored, is far inferior on this head 

torical illustration surpasses anything to to Dr Plumptre." — Academy, Sept. 10, 1881. 


in Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian Versions, synoptically arranged : 
with Collations of the best Manuscripts. By J. M. Kemble, M.A. 
and Archdeacon Hardwick. Demy 4to. 10s. 


in Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian Versions synoptically arranged: 
with Collations exhibiting all the Readings of all the MSS. Edited 
by the Rev. Professor Skeat, M.A. late Fellow of Christ's College, 
and author of a Mceso-Gotiiic Dictionary. Demy 4to. 10s. 

London : Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Row. 


uniform with the preceding, edited by the Rev. Professor Skeat. 
Demy 4to. \os. 


uniform with the preceding, by the same Editor. Demy4to. los. 

" The Gospel according to St John, in have had the good fortune to be edited by 
Anglo-Saxon ami Northumbrian I'crsions: Professor Skeat, whose competency and zeal 
Edited for the Syndics of the University have left nothing undone to prove himself 
Press, by the Rev. Walter W. Skeat, M A., equal to his reputation, and to produce a 
Elrington and Bosworlh Professor of Anglo- work of the highest value to the student 
Saxon in the University of Cambridge, of Anglo-Saxon. The design was indeed 
completes an undertaking designed and worthy of its author. It is difficult to ex- 
commenced by that distinguished scholar, aggerate the value of such a set of parallel 
J. M. Kemble, some forty years ago. He texts. . . . Of the particular volume now 
was not himself permitted to execute his before us, we can only say it is worthy of its 
scheme; he died before it was completed two predecessors. We repeat that the ser- 
for St Matthew. The edition of that Gospel vice rendered to the study of Anglo-Saxon 
was finished by Mr., subsequently Arch- by this Synoptic collection cannot easily be 
deacon, Hardwick. The remaining Gospels overstated." — Contemporary Review. 


being the Book of Common Prayer with the Psalter or Psalms of 
David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches. Royal Cloth, is. 6d. 

The same in square 32mo. cloth. 6d. 

"The 'Pointed Prayer Book' deserves and still more for the terseness and clear- 
mention for the new and ingenious system ness of the directions given for using it." — 
on which the pointing has been marked, Times. 

for the use of Choirs and Organists. Specially adapted for Congre- 
gations in which the " Cambridge Pointed Prayer Book" is used. 
Demy 8vo. cloth extra, y. 6d. Cloth limp, cut flush. 2s. 6d. 

arranged for the use of Choirs by BROOKE Foss Westcott, D.D., 
Canon of Peterborough, and Regius Professor of Divinity in the 
University of Cambridge. Fcap. 410. $s. 

The same in royal 32mo. Cloth Is. Leather Is. Qd. 

" The Paragraph Psalter exhibits all expect to find, and there is not a clergyman 

the care, thought, and learning that those or organist in England who should be with- 

acquainted with the works of the Regius out this Psalter as a work of reference." — 

Professor of Divinity at Cambridge would Morning Post. 


discovered, and edited with an Introduction and Notes, and a 
facsimile of the MS., by Robert L. Bensly, M.A., Sub-Librarian 
of the University Library, and Reader in Hebrew, Gonville and Caius 
College, Cambridge. Demy 4to. Cloth, icxr. 

" Edited with true scholarly complete- added a new chapter to the Bible, and. start- 

ness." — Westminster Review. ling as the statement may at first sight ap- 

" Wer sich je mit dem 4 Buche Esra pear, it is no exaggeration of the actual fact, 

eingehender beschiiftigt hat, wird durch die if by the Bible we understand that of the 

obige, in jeder Beziehung musterhafte Pub- larger size which contains the Apocrypha, 

lication in freudiges Erstaunen versetzt wer- and if the Second Book of Esdras can be 

den." — Theologische Literatnrzeitung. fairly called a part of the Apocrypha." — 

"It has been said of this book that it has Saturday Review. 



By W, H. Lowe, M.A. Lecturer in Hebrew at Christ's College, 
Cambridge. [In the Press. 

London ; Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Row. 




comprising Pirqe Aboth and Pereq R. Meir in Hebrew and English, 
with Critical and Illustrative Notes. By Charles Taylor, D.D. 
Master of St John's College, Cambridge, and Honorary Fellow of 
King's College, London. Demy 8vo. cloth. \os. 

The ' Masseketh Aboth' stands at the in an ordinary critical edition. . . The Ta!- 

mudic books, which have been so strangely 
neglected, we foresee will be the most im- 
portant aids of the future for the proper un- 
derstanding of the Bible. . . The Sayings of 
the Jewish Fathers may claim to be scholar- 
ly, and, moreover, of a scholarship unusually 
thorough and finished." — Dublin Univer- 
sity Magazine. 

"A careful and thorough edition which 
does credit to English scholarship, of a short 
treatise from the Mishna, containing a series 
of sentences or maxims ascribed mostly to 
Jewish teachers immediately preceding, or 
immediately following the Christian era. . . " 
— Contemporary Review. 

head of Hebrew non-canonical writings. It 
is of ancient date, claiming to contain the 
dicta of teachers who flourished from B.C. 200 
to the same year of our era. The precise 
time of its compilation in its present form is,, 
of course, in doubt. Mr Taylor's explana- 
tory and illustrative commentary is very full 
and satisfactory." — Spectator. 

"If we mistake not, this is the first pre- 
cise translation into the English language 
accompanied by scholarly notes, of any por- 
tion of the Talmud. In other words, it is 
the first instance of that most valuable and 
neglected portion of Jewish literature being 
treated in the same way as a Greek classic 



The Latin Version with the Greek Fragments, edited from the MSS. 
with Notes and an Introduction, by H. B. Swete, D.D., Rector of 
Ashdon, Essex, and late Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, 
Cambridge. In Two 'Volumes. Vol. I., containing the Introduction, 
with Facsimiles of the MSS., and the Commentary upon Galatians — 
Colossians. Demy 8vo. \is. 

" In dem oben verzeichneten Buche Iiegt 
uns die erste Halfte einer vollstandigen, 
ebenso sorgfaltig gearbeiteten wie schon 
ausgestatteten Ausgabe des Commentars mit 
ausfiihrlichen Prolegomena und reichhaltigen 
kritischen und erlauternden Anmerkungen 
vor." — Literarisches Centralblatt. 

" It is the result of thorough, careful, and 
patient investigation of all the points bearing 
on the subject, and the results are presented 
with admirable good sense and modesty. Mr 
Swete has prepared himself for his task by a 
serious study of the literature and history 
which are connected with it; and he has pro- 
duced a volume of high value to the student, 
not merely of the theology of the fourth and 
fifth centuries, but of the effect of this theo- 
logy on the later developments of doctrine 
and methods of interpretation, in the ages 
immediately following, and in the middle 
ages. " — Guardian. 

" Auf Grund dieser Quellen ist der Text 
bei Swete nut musterhafter Akribie herge- 
stellt. Aber auch sonst hat der Herausgeber 

mit unermudlichem Fleisse und eingehend- 
ster Sachkenntniss sein Werk mit alien den- 
jenigen Zugaben ausgeriistet, welche bei einer 
solchen Text-Ausgabe nur irgend erwartet 
werden kunnen. . . . Von den drei Haupt- 
handschriften . . . sind vortreffliche photo- 
graphische Facsimile's beigegeben, wie iiber- 
haupt das ganze Werk von der University 
Press zu Cambridge mit bekannter Eleganz 
ausgestattet ist." — Theologische Literatur- 

"It is a hopeful sign, amid forebodings 
which arise about the theological learning 
of the Universities, that we have before us 
the first instalment of a thoroughly scientific 
and painstaking work, commenced at Cam- 
bridge and completed at a country rectory." 
— Church Quarterly Review (Jan. 1881). 

" Hernn Swcte's Leistung ist eine so 
tiichtige dass wir das Werk in keinen besseren 
Handen wissen mSchten, und mit den sich- 
ersten Erwartungen auf das (ielingen der 
Fortsetzung entgegen sehen." — GSttingische 
gelehrte Anzeigen (Sept. 1881). 

VOLUME II., containing the Commentary on i Thcssalonians — 
Philemon, Appendices and Indices. \2s. 

libros quinque adversus Haereses, versione Latina cum Codicibus 
Claromontano ac Arundeliano denuo collata, praemissa de placitis 
Gnosticorum prolusione, fragmenta necnon Grnece, Syriace, Armeniacc, 
commentatione perpetua et indicibus variis edidit W. Wigan Harvey, 
S.T.B. Collegii Rcgalis olim Socius. 2 Vols. Demy 8vo. i8j. 

London ; Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Row. 

*- 3 



The text newly revised from the original MS., with an English Com- 
mentary, Analysis. Introduction, and Copious Indices. Edited by 
H. A. Holdfn. LED. Head Master of Ipswich School, U*e Fellow 
of Trinity College. Cambridge. Crown Svo. "]s. 6d. 



edidit, Prolegomenis Versione Notulis Indicibus instruxit GULIELMUS 

GlLSON Humphry. S.T.B. Collegii Sancliss. Trin. apud Cantabri- 

gienses quondam Socius. Post Svo. $s. 


edited by W. G. Humphry. B.D. Prebendary of St Paul's, late 
Fellow of Trinity College. Demy Svo. "js. 6d. 

with Analysis and English Notes, by George Currey, D.D. Preacher 
at the Charter House, late Fellow and Tutor of St John's ColL 
Crown Svo. is. 



compared with the Original MSS., enlarged with Materials hitherto 
unpublished. A new Edition, by A. Napier. M.A. of Trinity College. 
Vicar of Holkham, Norfolk. 9 Vols. Demy Svo. £5. y. 

and a Discourse concerning the Unity of the Church, by Isaac 
Barrow. Demy Svo. js. 6d. 

edited by Temple Cheyallier. B.D. late Fellow and Tutor of 
- 1 Catharine's College, Cambridge. New Edition. Revised by 
R. Sinker. B.D., Librarian of Trinity College. Demy Svo. \2s. 

•'A new edition of Bishop Pearson's fa- themselves have been adapted to the best 

moos work Oh tke Creed has just been issued and newest :ex:s of the several authors — 

.er-::y Press I: :s texts undergone vast improve- 

- r.own edition of Temple Chevallier, ments within the last Dentaries- The 

Indices have also been revised and enlarged. 

A: :_-: a appears to be the most 

complete and cor.-, trier: edition as yet pub- 
:f a work which has long been recog- 
nised in all quarters as a standard one." — 

: ::u;r; . err..^_!eu :y :r.e Rev. R r- : er, 
of Trinity College. The whole text and notes 
• r :eer. -r. -: ::■--_':. y z •: .-.::. : e i :-.r.i : r- 
rected, and special pains have been la] 

:he almost innumer. :.e references. 

:;■:;:': .:::r : ; : .:.- .y :-.- .: :-. : :\:~\:± y 

giren in very many places, and the citations 



ten by the Right Rev. John Pearson. D.D. late Lord Bishop 
of Chester, by YY. H. Mill, D.D. late Regius Professor of Hebrew 
in the University of Cambridge. Demy Svo. cloth. 55. 

Lender:: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row. 


edited by G. E. CORRIE, D.D. Master of Jesus College, Examining 
Chaplain to the late Lord Bishop of Ely. Demy Svo. ~s. 6d. 



and of Philo Judaeus, and of the etTects which an attachment to their 
writings had upon the principles and reasonings of the Fathers of the 
Christian Church. Revised by H. A. Holden, LL.D. Head Master 
of Ipswich School, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Crown 
Svo. 4J. 

QUEEN ELIZABETH. Now First Reprinted. Demy Svo. 6d. 

" Fr;m 'Collections and Notes' 1867 — of Occasional Forms of Prayer, but it had 

1S76, by W. Carew Hazlitt (p. 340), we learn beer, lost sight of for 200 years.' By the 

that — 'A very remarkable volume, in the kindness of the present possessor 01" 

original vellum cover, and c - 25 valuable volume, c _ -.met 

Forms of Prayer of the reign of E :ns, I am E reprint in the 

each with the autograph of Humphrey Dyson, following pages the two Forms of Prayer 

has lately fallen into the hands of my friend supposed to have been lost." — Extract from 

Mr H. Pyne. It is mentioned specially in the Preface. 
the Preface to the Parker Society's volume 


by John Smith, late Fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge. Edited by 
H. G. Williams, B.D. late Professor of Arabic. Royal Svo. js. 6d. 

"The ' Select Discourses' of John Smith, with the 

collected and published from his papers after He was one of those rare thinkers in whom 

his death, are, in my opinion, much the most largeness of view, and depth, and wealth of 

considerable work left to us by this Cambridge poetic and speculative insight, only served to 

School [the Cambridge PlatonistsJ. They evoke more fully the 1 . ;irit, and 

have a right to a place in English literary while he drew J -A his thought from 

history." — Mr Matthew Arnold, in the Pi:. .vified the substance of it from 

Contemporary Review. St Paul." — Principal Tilloch, Rational 

"Of all the products of the Cambridge Tkeoi M - : Century. 

School, the 'Select Discourses' are perhaps "We may instanrr Mr Henry Griffin 

the highest, as they are the most accessible Williams's revised ; p. Smith's 

and the most widely appreciated. ..and indeei : Discou-- e won Mr 

no spiritually thoughtful mind can read them Matthew . . asan exar 

unmoved. They carry us so directly into an of worthy work for an University Press to 

atmosphere of divine philosophy, luminous undertake." — Times. 


with Various Readings, and the Quotations from the Fathers given 
at length in the Original Languages. Edited by G. E. CORRIE, D.D. 
Master of Jesus College. Demy Svo. js. 6d. 

TIONES decern Oxonii in Schola Theologica habitae a ROBERTO 
Sanderson, SS. Theologiae ibidem Professore Regio. With English 
Notes, including an abridged Translation, by W. Whewell, D.D. 
late Master of Trinity College. Demy Svo. 7* 6J. 

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row. 


with other Traits on Popery. Edited by J. Scholk.field, M. A. late 
Regius Professor of Gretk in the University. Demy 8vo. ys. 6d. 

of explaining the New Testament, by the early opinions of Jews and 
Christians concerning Christ. Edited by T. TURTON, U.D. late Lord 
Bishop of Ely. Demy 8vo. $s. 


delivered in the University of Cambridge, by John Hey, D.D. 
Third Edition, revised by T. Turton, D.D. late Lord Bishop of Ely. 
2 vols. Demy Svo. 15J. 



With a Metrical Translation, Notes and Introduction, by E. H. 
Palmer, M.A., Barrister-at-Law of the Middle Temple, Lord 
Almoner's Professor of Arabic and Fellow of St John's College 
in the University of Cambridge. 3 vols. Crown 4to. 

Vol. I. The Arabic Text. iay. 6d. ; Cloth extra. 15^. 

Vol.11. English Translation. 10s. 6d. ; Cloth extra. \$s. 

" Professor Palmer's activity in advancing metre, for imitation, either designed or un- 

Arabic scholarship has formerly shown itself conscious, of the style of several of our own 

i.i the production of his excellent Arabic poets, these versions deserve high praise 

Grammar, and his Descriptive Catalogue of We have no hesitation in saying that in both 
Arabic MSS. in the Library of Trinity Col- Prof. Palmer has made an addition to Ori- 
lege, Cambridge. He has now produced an ental literature for which scholars should be 
admirable text, which illustrates in a remark- grateful ; and that, while his knowledge of 
able manner the flexibility and graces of the Arabic is a sufficient guarantee for his mas- 
language he loves so well, and of which he tery of the original, his English compositions 

seems to be perfect master The Syndicate are distinguished by versatility, command of 

of Cambridge University must not pass with- language, rhythmical cadence, and, as we 

out the recognition of their liberality in have remarked, by not unskilful imitations of 

bringing out, in a worthy form, so important the styles of several of our own favourite 

an Arabic text. It is not the first time that poets, living and dead." — Saturday Review. 
I triental scholarship has thus been wisely " This sumptuous edition of the poems of 

subsidised by Cambridge." — I>uiian Mail. Beha-ed-din Zoheir is a very welcome addi- 

" It is impossible to quote this edition with- Hon to the small series of Eastern poets 

out an expression of admiration for the per- accessible to readers who are not Oriental- 

fection to which Arabic typography has been ists. ... In all there is that exquisite finish of 

brought in England in this magnificent Ori- which Arabic poetry is susceptible in so rare 

ental \vork, the production of which redounds a degree. The form is almost always beau- 

to the imperishable credit of the University tiful, be the thought what it may. But this, 

of Cambridge. It may be pronounced one of of course, can only be fully appreciated by 

the most beautiful Oriental books that have Orientalists. And this brings us to the trans- 

cver been printed in Europe : and the learning lation. It is excellently well done. Mr 

of the Editor worthily rivals the technical Palmer has tried to imitate the fall of the 

get-up of the creations of the soul of one of original in his selection of the English metre 

the most tasteful poets of Islam, the study for the various pieces, and thus contrives to 

of which will contribute not a little to save convey a faint idea of the graceful flow of 

honour of the poetry of the Arabs." — the Arabic Altogether the inside of the 

Mvthologv among the Hebrews (Engl. book is worthy of the beautiful arabesque 

Tra>isl. , p. 194. binding that rejoices the eye of the lover of 

"For ease and facility, for variety of Arab art." — Academy. 

composed in Syriac A.D. 507 with an English translation and notes, by 
W. Wright, LL.D., Professor of Arabic. Demy Svo. cloth, iar. 6d. 

London : Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Row. 


containing the Sanskrit Text in Roman Characters, followed by a 
Vocabulary in which each word is placed under its root, with references 
to derived words in Cognate Languages, and a sketch of Sanskrit 
Grammar. By the late Rev. Thomas Jarrett, M.A. Trinity College, 
Regius Professor of Hebrew, late Professor of Arabic, and formerly 
Fellow of St Catharine's College, Cambridge. Demy 8vo. 10s. 

for the use of Classical Students, by J. Peile, M.A. Fellow and Tutor 
of Christ's College. Demy 8vo. 12s. 

GREEK AND LATIN CLASSICS, &c. (See also pp. 24-27.) 


With Introductions and Annotations by E. S. ROBERTS, M.A. 
Fellow and Tutor of Caius College. [Preparing. 


With a Translation in English Rhythm, and Notes Critical and Ex- 
planatory. New Edition Revised. By Benjamin Hall Kennedy, 
D.D., Regius Professor of Greek. Crown 8vo. cloth. 6s. 

" One of the best editions of the master- your Preface extremely; it is just to the 

piece of Greek tragedy." — Athenceitm. point." — Professor Paley. 

" It is needless to multiply proofs of the " Professor Kennedy has conferred a boon 
value of this volume alike to the poetical on all teachers of the Greek classics, by caus- 
translator, the critical scholar, and the ethical ing the substance of his lectures at Cam- 
student. We must be contented to thank bridge on the Agamemnon of /Eschylus to 
Professor Kennedy for his admirable execu- be published. ..Thisedition of the Agamemnon 
tion of a great undertaking." — Sat. Rev. is one which no classical master should be 

" Let me say that 1 think it a most admira- without." — Examiner. 

ble piece of the highest criticism I like 


the same Editor. Crown 8vo. Cloth 6s. 

" Dr Kennedy's edition of the (Edipus lation, and three indices. The first of these 
Tyrannus is a worthy companion to his consists of a list of words and phrases either 
Agatnemtwn, and we may say at once that uncommon in themselves, or employed in 
no more valuable contribution to the study unusual ways; in the second we find various 
of Sophocles has appeared of late years. particles as exhibited in the play : while the 
Besides the text and notes, the volume con- third gives valuable information on gram- 
tains a most interesting introduction to and matical points as illustrated by the usage of 
analysis of the play, a rhythmical trans- Sophocles." — Saturday Review. 

THE THE^ETETUS OF PLATO by the same Editor. 
Crown 8vo. Cloth, "js. 6d. 

literally translated, by the late E. M. Cope, Fellow of Trinity College, 
Cambridge. Demy 8vo. $s. 

ARISTOTLE. Edited by Henry JACKSON, M.A., Fellow of Trinity 
College, Cambridge. Demy 8vo. cloth. 6s. 

" It is not too much to say that some of Scholars will hope that this is not the only 
the points he discusses have never had so portion of the Aristotelian writings which he 
much light thrown upon them before. . . . is likely to edit." — Athenaum. 

with a Translation, Critical and Explanatory Notes, by Edwin 
Wallace, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of Worcester College, Oxford. 
Demy 8vo. cloth. i8.r. 

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row. 

I— 5 


THE RHETORIC. With a Commentary by the late E. M. Cope, 
Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, revised and edited by J. E. 
SANDYS, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of St John's College, Cambridge, 
and Public Orator. With a biographical Memoir by H. A. J. MUNRO, 
M.A. Three Volumes, Ocmy 8vo. £i. lis. 6d. 

"This work is in many ways creditable to what is contained in the Rhetoric of Aris- 

the University of Cambridge. And while it totle, to Mr Cope's edition he must go." — 

must ever be regretted that a work so laborious Academy. 

should not have received the last touches of "Mr Sandys has performed his arduous 

its author, the warmest admiration is due to duties with marked ability and admirable 

Mr Sandys, for the manly, unselfish, and un- tact In every part of his work 

flinching spirit in which he has performed his — revising, supplementing, and completing — 

most difficult and delicate task. If an English he has done exceedingly well." — Examiner. 
student wishes to have a full conception of 


with Introductions and English Notes, by F. A. Paley, M.A. Editor 
of Aeschylus, etc. and J. E. SANDYS, M.A. Fellow and Tutor of St 
John's College, and Public Orator in the University of Cambridge. 

Part I. Contra Phormionem, Lacritum, Pantaenetum, Eoeotum de 
Nomine, Boeotum de Dote, Dionysodorum? Crown 8vo. cloth. 6s. 

"Mr Paley's scholarship is sound and literature which bears upon his author, and 

accurate, his experience of editing wide, and the elucidation of matters of daily life, in the 

if he is content to devote his learning and delineation of which Demosthenes is so rich, 

abilities to the production of such manuals obtains full justice at his hands We 

as these, they will be received with gratitude hope this edition may lead the way to a mote 

throughout the higher schools of the country. general study of these speeches in schools 

Mr Sandys is deeply read in the German than has hitherto been possible." — Academy. 

Part II. Pro Phormione, Contra Stephanum I. II. ; Nicostratum, 
Cononem, Calliclem. js. 6d. 

"To give even a brief sketch of these in the needful help which enables us to 

speeches [Pro Plwrmione and Contra Ste- form a sound estimate of the rights of the 

f/ianum'] would be incompatible with our case It is long since we have come 

limits, though we can hardly conceive a task upon a work evincing more pains, scholar- 
more useful to the classical or professional ship, and varied research and illustration than 
scholar than to make one for himself. .... Mr Sandys's contribution to the ' Private 
It is a great boon to those who set them- Orations of Demosthenes'." — Sat. Rev. 

selves to unravel the thread of arguments " the edition reflects credit on 

pro and con to have the aid of Mr Sandys's Cambridge scholarship, and ought to be ex- 
excellent running commentary .... and no tensively used." — Athe?ueiim. 
one can say that he is ever deficient 


AGAINST TIMOCRATES, with Introductions and English Com- 
mentary, by William Wayte, M.A., late Professor of Greek, 
University College, London, Formerly Fellow of King's College, 
Cambridge, and Assistant Master at Eton. [7n the Press. 

OLYMPIAN AND PYTHIAN ODES. With Notes Explanatory 
and Critical, Introductions and Introductory Essays. Edited by 
C. A. M. Fennell, M.A., late Fellow of Jesus College. Crown 8vo. 
cloth, gs. 

"Mr Fennell deserves the thanks of all the study and criticism of Pindar, Mr Fen- 
classical students for his careful and scholarly nell's edition is a work of great merit. But 
edition of the Olympian and Pythian odes. it has a wider interest, as exemplifying the 
He brings to his task the necessary enthu- change which has come over the methods 
siasm for his author, great industry-, a sound and aims of Cambridge scholarship within 
judgment, and, in particular, copious and the last ten or twelve years. . . . Altogether, 
minute learning in comparative philology. this edition is a welcome and wholesome sign 
To his qualifications in this last respect every of the vitality and development of Cambridge 
page bears witness." — Atkenteum. scholarship, and we are glad to see that it is 

"Considered simply as a contribution to to be continued." — Saturday Review. 

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row. 



with Introduction, Critical Notes, and Archaeological Illustrations, 
by J. E. Sandys, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of St John's College, Cam- 
bridge, and Public Orator. Crown 8vo cloth. \os. 6d. 

" Of the present edition of the Baeehce by portant classical publications of the year." — 

Mr Sandys we may safely say that never Aihetuettm. 

before has a Greek play, in England at "This edition of a Greek play deserves 

least, had fuller justice done to its criti- more than the passing notice accorded to 

cisrn, interpretation, and archaeological il- ordinary school editions of the classics. It 

lustration, whether for the young student or has not, like so many such books, been 

the more advanced scholar. The Cambridge hastily produced to meet the momentary 

Public Orator may be said to have taken the need of some particular examination ; but it 

lead in issuing a complete edition of a Greek has employed for some years the labour and 

play, which is destined perhaps to gain re- thought of a highly finished scholar, whose 

doubled favour now that the study of ancient aim seems to have been that his book should 

monuments has been applied to its illustra- go forth totus teres atone rotundus, armed 

tion." — Saturday Review. at all points with all that may throw light 

"Mr Sandys has done well by his poet and upon its subject. The result is a work which 
by his University. He has given a most will not only assist the schoolboy or under- 
welcome gift to scholars both at home and graduate in his tasks, but will adorn the 
abroad. The illustrations are aptly chosen library of the scholar." . . "The description 
and delicately executed, and the apparatus of the woodcuts abounds in interesting and 
criticus, in the way both of notes and indices suggestive information upon various points 
is very complete. " — Notes and Queries. of ancient art, and is a further instance 

" The volume is interspersed with well- of the very thorough as well as scholar- 
executed woodcuts, and itsgeneral attractive- like manner in which Mr Sandys deals 
ness of form reflects great credit on the with his subject at every point. The corn- 
University Press. In the notes Mr Sandys mentary (pp. 87—240) bears the same stamp 
has more than sustained his well-earned of thoroughness and high finish as the rest of 
reputation as a careful and learned editor, the work. While questions of technical 
and shows considerable advance in freedom grammar receive due attention, textual cri- 

and lightness of style Under such cir- ticism, philology, history, antiquities, and 

cumstances it is superfluous to say that for art are in turn laid under contribution for the 

the purposes of teachers and advanced stu- eluqidation of the poet's meaning. We must 

dents this handsome edition far surpasses all leave our readers to use and appreciate for 

its predecessors. The volume will add to the themselves Mr Sandys' assistance." — The 

already wide popularity of a unique drama, Guardian. 
and must be reckoned among the most im- 


By PERCY GARDNER, M.A., Disney Professor of Archaeology. Royal 
4to. [I /i the Press. 

ET MALORUM LIBRI QUINQUE. The text revised and ex- 
plained ; With a Translation by James S. Reid, M.L., Fellow and 
Assistant Tutor of Gonville and Caius College. [/// the Press. 

with Marginal Analysis, an English Commentary, and copious Indices, 
by H. A. Holden, LL.D. Head Master of Ipswich School, late Fellow 
of Trinity College, Cambridge, Classical Examiner to the University 
of London. Fourth Edition. Revised and considerably enlarged. 
Crown 8vo. 9J. 

"Dr Holden truly states that 'Text, " Dr Holden has issued an edition of what 

Analysis, and Commentary in this third edi- is perhaps the easiest and most popular of 

tion have been again subjected to a thorough Cicero's philosophical works, the de Officiis, 

revision.' It is now certainly the best edition which, especially in the form which it has now 

extant. . . . The Introduction (afterHeine) assumed after two most thorough revisions, 

and notes leave nothing to be desired in point leaves little or nothing to be desired in the 

of fulness, accuracy, and neatness; the typo- fullness and accuracy of its treatment alike 

graphical execution will satisfy the most fas- of the matter and the language." — Aeademy 
tidious eye." — Note* and Queries. 

London : Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Row. 



Libri Ties, with Introduction and Commentary by JOSEPH B. MAYOR, 
M.A., Professor of Moral Philosophy at King's College, London, 
formerly Fellow and Tutor of St John's College, Cambridge, together 
with a new collation of several of the English MSS. by J. H.SWAINSON, 
M. A., formerly Fellow of Trinity Coll., Cambridge. Vol. I. Demy8vo. 
\os. 6d. [Vol. II. In the Press. 

" Such editions as that of which Prof. that all points of syntax or of Ciceronian 

Mayor has given us the first instalment will usage which present themselves have been 

doubtless do much to remedy this undeserved treated with full mastery The thanks 

neglect. It is one on which great pains and of many students will doubtless be given to 

much learning have evidently been expended, Prof. Mayor for the amount of historical and 

and is in every way admirably suited to meet biographical information afforded in the 

the needs of the student The notes of commentary, which is, as it should be, sup- 

the editor are all that could be expected plemented and not replaced by references 

from his well-known learning and scholar- to the usual authorities."— Academy. 

ship It is needless, therefore, to say 

cum Prolegomenis et Commentario Critico pro Syndicis Preli 
Academici edidit Benjamin Hall Kennedy, S.T.P., Graecae 
Linguae Professor Regius. Extra Fcap. 8vo. cloth. $s. 


By Sir W. Thomson, LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S., Professor of Natural 
Philosophy, in the University of Glasgow. Collected from different 
Scientific Periodicals from May 1841, to the present time. 

[Nearly ready. 

By George Gabriel Stokes, M.A., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., Fellow 
of Pembroke College, and Lucasian Professor of Mathematics in the 
University of Cambridge. Reprinted from the Original Journals and 
Transactions, with Additional Notes by the Author. Vol. I. Demy 
8vo. cloth. 15-r. 

"The volume of Professor Stokes's papers and still necessary, dissertations. There no- 
contains much more than his hydrodynamical thing is slurred over, nothing extenuated, 
papers. The undulatory theory of light is We learn exactly the weaknesses of the 
treated, and the difficulties connected with theory, and the direction in which the corn- 
its application to certain phenomena, such as pleter theory of the future must be sought 
aberration, are carefully examined and re- for. The same spirit pervades the papers 
solved. Such difficulties are commonly passed on pure mathematics which are included in 
over with scant notice in the text-books.... the volume. They have a severe accuracy 
Those to whom difficulties like these are real of style which well befits the subtle nature 
stumbling-blocks will still turn for enlighten- of the subjects, and inspires the completest 
ment to Professor Stokes's old, but still fresh confidence in their author."— The Times. 

Vol. II. Nearly ready. 

J. CLERK MAXWELL. Edited by W. D. Niven, M.A. In 2 vols. 
Royal 4to. [/« the Press. 

By Sir W. Thomson, LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S., Professor of Natural 
Philosophy in the University of Glasgow, and P. G. Tait, M.A., 
Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. 
Vol. I. Part I. Demy 8vo. i6j. 

" In this, the second edition, we notice a could form within the time at our disposal 
large amount of new matter, the importance would be utterly inadequate." — Nature. 
of which is such that any opinion which we 

Part II. In the Press. 

Lo?idon : Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paterfioster Row. 


By Professors Sir W. Thomson and P. G. Tait. Part I. Demy 8vo. 
cloth. Second Edition. 9s. 

"This work is designed especially for the trigonometry. Tiros in Natural Philosophy 

use of schools and junior classes in the Uni- cannot be better directed than by being told 

versities, the mathematical methods being to give their diligent attention to an intel- 

limited almost without exception to thoie of ligent digestion of the contents of this excel- 

the most elementary geometry, algebra, and lent vade mecmn." — Iron. 

AND GEOMETRY, by Robert Forsyth Scott, M.A., of 
St John's College, Cambridge. Demy 8vo. 12s. 

" This able and comprehensive treatise ture of the subject than Mr Scott to express 

will be welcomed by the student as bringing an opinion as to the amount of his own re- 

within his reach the results of many impor- search contained in this work, but all will 

tant researches on this subject which have appreciate the skill with which the results 

hitherto been for the most part inaccessible of his industrious reading have been arranged 

to him It would be presumptuous on into this interesting treatise." — Athe/iteum. 

the part of any one less learned in the litera- 


A Treatise on the Mathematical Theory of the Motion of Fluids, by 
HORACE Lamb, M.A., formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; 
Professor of Mathematics in the University of Adelaide. DemySvo. 12s- 

By Joseph Fourier. Translated, with Notes, by A. Freeman, M.A. 
Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge. Demy 8vo. i6j. 

" It is time that Fourier's masterpiece, value and importance of the Theorie de la 
The Analytical Theory of Heat, trans- Chalenr. It has been called 'an exquisite 
lated by Mr Alex. Freeman, should be in- mathematical poem,' not once but many times, 
troduced to those English students of Mathe- independently, by mathematicians of different 
matics who do not follow with freedom a schools. Many of the very greatest of mo- 
treatise in any language but their own. It dern mathematicians regard it, justly, as the 
is a model of mathematical reasoning applied key which first opened to them the treasure- 
to physical phenomena, and is remarkable for house of mathematical physics. It is still the 
the ingenuity of the analytical process em- text-book of Heat Conduction, and there 
ployed by the author." — Contemporary seems little present prospect of its being 
Review, October, 1878. superseded, though it is already more than 

"There cannot be two opinions as to the half a century old." — Nature. 



Written between 1771 and 178 1 , Edited from the original manuscripts 
in the possession of the Duke of Devonshire, K. G, by J. Clerk 
Maxwell, F.R.S. Demy 8vo. cloth. \Zs. 

"This work, which derives a melancholy . . . Every department of editorial dis- 
interest from the lamented death of theedilor appears to have been most conscientiously 
following so closely upon its publication, is a performed ; and it must have been no small 
valuable addition to the history of electrical satisfaction to Prof. Maxwell to see this 
research. ... The papers themselves are most goodly volume completed before his life's 
carefully reproduced, with fac-similes of the work was done." — Atlunceum. 
author's sketches of experimental apparatus. 

By P. G. Tait, M.A., Professor of Natural Philosophy in the Univer- 
sity of Edinburgh. Second Edition. Demy 8vo. \\s. 

London : Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Ro7i>. 



by S. H. VINES, M.A., Fellow of Christ's College. [In the Press. 


Edited by W. WHEWELL, D.D. Demy 8vo. 7s. 6d. 


A Practical Course of Study, by Professor G. A. MACFARREN, M.A., 
Mus. Doc. Third Edition, revised. Demy 4to. cloth, ys. 6d. 


made at the Observatory of Cambridge by the Rev. James CHALLIS, 
M.A., F.R.S., F.R.A.S., Plumian Professor of Astronomy and Experi- 
mental Philosophy in the University of Cambridge, and Fellow of 
Trinity College. For various Years, from 1846 to i860. 


from 1861 to 1865. Vol. XXI. Royal 4to. cloth. \$s. 


formed by the late Hugh Edwin Strickland, now in the possession 
of the University of Cambridge. By OSBERT Salvin, M.A., F.R.S., 
&c. Strickland Curator in the University of Cambridge. Demy 8vo. 
£l. is. 


(including Tasmania and the Island of Timor), Stratigraphically and 
Zoologically arranged, by Robert Etheridge, Jun., F.G.S., Acting 
Palaeontologist, H.M. Geol. Survey of Scotland, (formerly Assistant- 
Geologist, Geol. Survey of Victoria). Demy 8vo. cloth, iar. 6d. 

"The work is arranged with great clear- papers consulted by the author, and an index 
ness, and contains a full list of the books and to the genera." — Saturday Review. 


for the Use of Students in the Museum of Zoology and Comparative 
Anatomy. Second Edition. Demy 8vo. cloth. 2s. 6d. 

by the Rev. Adam Sedgwick, M.A., F.R.S., and Frederick 
M c Coy, F.G.S. One vol., Royal 4to. Plates, £1. is. 



contained in the Geological Museum of the University of Cambridge, 

by J. W. Salter, F.G.S. With a Portrait of PROFESSOR Sedgwick. 

Royal 4to. cloth, js. 6d. 


contained in the Anatomical Museum of the University of Cam- 
bridge. Demy 8vo. is. 6d. 

London : Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Row. 



By E. C. Clark, LL.D., Regius Professor of Civil Law in the 
University of Cambridge, also of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law. 
Crown 8vo. cloth. Js. 6d. 

"Prof Clark's little book is the sub- sanctions". . . Students of jurisprudence 

stance of lectures delivered by him upon will rind much to interest and instruct them 

those portions of Austin's work on juris- in the work of Prof. Clark." Athetueum. 
prudence which deal with the "operation of 


By J. W. WlLLIS-BuND, M.A., LL.B., Barrister-at-Law, Prolessor of 
Constitutional Law and History, University College, London. Vol. I. 
Trials for Treason (1327 — 1660). Crown 8vo. cloth, i8j. 

"A great and good service has been done those of impeachment for treason before Par- 

to a students of history, and especially to liament, which he proposes to treat in a future 

those of them who look to it in a legal aspect, volume under the general head 'Proceedings 

by Prcf. J. W.Willis-Bund in the publica- in Parliament.'"— The Academy. 
tion of a Selection of Cases from the State "This is a work of such obvious utility 

Trials. . . . Professor Willis- Bund has been that the only wonder is that no one should 

very careful to give such selections from the have undertaken it before. ... In many 

State Trials as will best illustrate those respects therefore, although the trials are 

points in what may be called the growth of more or less abridged, this is for the ordinary 

the Law of Treason which he wishes to student's purpose not only a more handy, 

bring clearly under the notice of the student, but a more useful work than Howell's." — 

and the result is, that there is not a page in Saturday Review. 

the book which has not its own lesson " Within the boards of this useful and 

In all respects, so far as we have been able handy book the student will find everything 

to test it, this book is admirably done." — he can desire in the way of lists of cases 

Scotsman. given at length or referred to, and the 

"Mr Willis- Bund has edited 'A Selection statutes bearing on the text arranged chro- 

of Cases from the State Trials' which is nologically. The work of selecting from 

likely to form a very valuable addition to Howell's bulky series of volumes has been 

the standard literature. . . There can done with much judgment, merely curious 

be no doubt, therefore, of the interest that cases being excluded, and all included so 

can be found in the State trials. But they treated as to illustrate some important point 

are large and unwieldy, and it is impossible of constitutional law." — Glasgow Herald. 
for the general reader to come across them. " Mr Bund's object is not the romance, 

Mr Willis-Bund has therefore done good but the constitutional and legal bearings of 

service in making a selection that is in the that great series of causes celebres which is 

tint volume reduced to a commodious form." unfortunately not within easy reach of 

'J/ie Examiner. readers not happy enough to possess valua- 

"This work is a very useful contribution ble libraries. . . . Of the importance of this 

to that important branch of the constitutional subject, or of the want of a book of tin-. 

history of England which is concerned with kind, referring not vaguely but precisely to 

the growth and development of the law of the grounds of constitutional doctrines, both 

treason, as it may be gathered from trials be- of past and present times, no reader ol his- 

fore the ordinary courts The author has tory can feel any doubt.''— Daily News. 
very wisely distinguished these cases from 

Vol. II. In two parts. Price 14s. each, 
Vol. III. In the Press. 



collected, arranged, and annotated by Bryan Walker, M.A. LL.D., 

Law Lecturer of St John's College, and late Fellow of Corpus Chrisli 

College, Cambridge. Crown 8vo., Cloth, Price ds. 

"This is one of the latest, we believe mentaries and the Institutes . . . Hitherto 

quite the latest, of the contributions made to the Edict has been almost inaccessible to 

legal scholarship by that rewved study of the ordinary English student, and such a 

the Roman Law at Cambridge which is now student will be interested as well as perhaps 

so marked a feature in the industrial life surprised to find how abundantly the extant 

of the University. . . . In the present book fragments illustrate and clear up points which 

we have the fruits of the same kind of have attracted his attention in the Commen- 

thorough anil well-ordered study which was tarics, or the Institutes, or the Digest."— 

brought to bear upon the notes to the Com- Law 'Tun,!,. 

London : Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Row, 


OF ULPIAN. (New Edition, revised and enlarged.) 

With a Translation and Notes, by J. T. Abdy, LL.D., Judge of County 
Courts, late Regius Professor of Laws in the University of Cambridge, 
and Bryan Walker, M.A., LL.D., Law Lecturer of St John's 
College, Cambridge, formerly Law Student of Trinity Hall and 
Chancellor's Medallist for Legal Studies. Crown 8vo. \6s. 

" As scholars and as editors Messrs Abdy explanation. Thus the Roman jurist is 

and Walker have done their work well. allowed to speak for himself, and the reader 

For one thing the editors deserve feels that he is really studying Roman lav. 

special commendation. They have presented in the original, and not a fanciful representa- 

Gaius to the reader with few notes and those tion of it." — Athenaeum. 
merely by way of reference or necessary 


translated with Notes by J. T. Abdy, LL.D., Judge of County Courts, 
late Regius Professor of Laws in the University of Cambridge, and 
formerly Fellow of Trinity Hall ; and Bryan Walker, M.A., LL.D., 
Law Lecturer of St John's College, Cambridge ; late Fellow and 
Lecturer of Corpus Christi College ; and formerly Law Student of 
Trinity Hall. Crown 8vo. i6j. 

" We welcome here a valuable contribution attention is distracted from the subject-matter 

to the study of jurisprudence. The text of by the difficulty of struggling through the 

the Institutes is occasionally perplexing, even language in which it is contained, it will be 

to practised scholars, whose knowledge of almost indispensable." — Spectator. 

classical models does not always avail them "The notes are learned and carefully com- 

in dealing with the technicalities of legal piled, and this edition will be found useful 

phraseology. Nor can the ordinary diction- to students." — Law Times. 

aries be expected to furnish all the help that " Dr Abdy and Dr Walker have produced 

is wanted. This translation will then be of a book which is both elegant and useful." — 

great use. To the ordinary student, whose Athenautn. 


annotated by B. Walker, M.A., LL.D. Part I. Mandati vel 
Contra. Digest XVII. I. Crown 8vo. Cloth. $s. 

"This small volume is published as an ex- say that Mr Walker deserves credit for the 
periment. The author proposes to publish an way in which he has performed the task un- 
annotated edition and translation of several dertaken. The translation, as might be ex- 
books of the Digest if this one is received pected, is scholarly." Law Times. 
with favour. We are pleased to be able to 

Part II. De Adquirendo rerum dominio and De Adquirenda vel amit- 
tenda possessione. Digest XLI. 1 and 11. Crown 8vo. Cloth. 6s. 

Part III. De Condictionibus. Digest XII. I and 4 — 7 and Digest xin. 
1 — 3. Crown 8vo. Cloth. 6s. 


with the Notes of Barbeyrac and others ; accompanied by an abridged 
Translation of the Text, by W. Whewell, D.D. late Master of Trinity 
College. 3 Vols. Demy 8vo. 12s. The translation separate, 6s. 

London : Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Row. 



by W. Cunningham, M.A., late Deputy to the Knightbridge Pro- 
fessor in the University of Cambridge. With Maps and Charts. 
Crown 8vo. Cloth. \zs. 

"He is, however, undoubtedly sound in search in a field in which the labourers have 
the main, and his work deserves recognition hitherto been comparatively few." — Scots- 
as the result of immense industry and re- man, April 14, 1882. 


by J. R. Seeley, M.A., Regius Professor of Modern History in 
the University of Cambridge, with Portraits and Maps. 3 Vols. 
Demy 8vo. 48\r. 

" If we could conceive anything similar doing for German as well as English readers 

to a protective system in the intellectual de- what many German scholars have done for 

partment, we might perhaps look forward to us." — Times. 

a time when our historians would raise the " In a notice of this kind scant justice can 

cry of protection for native industry. Of be done to a work like the one before us; no 

the unquestionably greatest German men of short rtsume can give even the most meagre 

modern history — I speak of Frederick the notion of the contents of these volumes, which 

Great, Goethe and Stein — the first two found contain no page that is superfluous, and 

long since in Carlyle and Lewes biographers none that is uninteresting To under- 

who have undoubtedly driven their German stand the Germany of to-day one must study 

competitors out of the field. And now in the the Germany of many yesterdays, and now 

year just past Professor Seeley of Cambridge that study has been made easy by this work, 

has presented us with a biography of Stein to which no one can hesitate to assign a very 

which, though it modestly declines competi- high place among those recent histories which 

tion with German works and disowns the have aimed at original research." — Athe- 

presumption of teaching us Germans our own naum. 

history, yet casts into the shade by its bril- "The book before us fills an important 
liant superiority all that we have ourselves gap in English — nay, European — historical 
hitherto written about Stein.... In five long literature, and bridges over the history of 
chapters Seeley expounds the legislative and Prussia from the time of Frederick the Great 
administrative reforms, the emancipation of to the days of Kaiser Wilhelm. It thus gives 
the person and the soil, the beginnings of the reader standing ground whence he may 
free administration and free trade, in short regard contemporary events in Germany in 
the foundation of modern Prussia, with more their proper historic light We con- 
exhaustive thoroughness, with more pene- gratulate Cambridge and her Professor of 
trating insight, than any one had done be- History on the appearance of such a note- 
fore." — Deutsche Rundschau. worthy production. And we may add that it 

" Dr Busch's volume has made people is something upon which we may congratulate 

think and talk even more than usual of Prince England that on the especial field of the Ger- 

Bismarck, and Professor Seeley's very learned mans, history, on the history of their own 

work on Stein will turn attention to an earlier country, by the use of their own literary 

and an almost equally eminent German states- weapons, an Englishman has produced a his- 

man It is soothing to the national tory of Germany in the Napoleonic age far 

self-respect to find a few Englishmen, such superior to any that exists in German." — 

as the late Mr Lewes and Professor Seeley, Examiner. 

by James Bass Mullinger, M.A. Demy 8vo. cloth (734 pp.), 12s. 

"We trust Mr Mullinger will yet continue the University during the troublous times of 

his history and bring it down to our own the Reformation and the Civil War." — Athe- 

day."— Academy. naum. 

" He has brought together a mass of in- " Mr Mullinger's work is one of great 

structive details respecting the rise and pro- learning and research, which can hardly fail 

gress, not only of his own University, but of to become a standard book of reference on 

all the principal Universities of the Middle the subject. ... We can most strongly recom- 

Ages We hope some day that he may mend this book to our readers." — Spectator. 

continue his labours, and give us a history of 

Vol. II. In the Press. 

London : Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Row. 



Accompanied by a short narrative of events, with references to the 
sources of information and extracts from the ancient authorities, by 
CARL PETER. Translated from the German by G. CHAWNER, M.A., 
Fellow and Lecturer of King's College, Cambridge. Demy 4to. io.c 


by Thomas Baker, B.D., Ejected Fellow. Edited by John E. B. 
Mayor, M.A., Fellow of St John's. Two Vols. Demy 8vo. 24J. 

"To antiquaries the book will be a source " The work displays very wide reading, 

of almost inexhaustible amusement, by his- and it will be of great use to members of the 

rorians it will be found a work of considerable college and of the university, and, perhaps, 

service on questions respecting our social of still greater use to students of English 

progress in past times; and the care and history, ecclesiastical, political, social, literary 

thoroughness with which Mr Mayor has dis- and academical, who have hitherto had to be 

charged his editorial functions are creditable content with 'Dyer.'" — Academy. 
to his learning and industry." — Atheniritm. 


translated by Munshi Shew Shunker Singh and Pandit ShrI 
Gunanand ; edited with an Introductory Sketch of the Country and 
People by Dr D. Wright, late Residency Surgeon at Kathmandu, 
and with facsimiles of native drawings, and portraits of Sir Jung 
Bahadur, the King of Nepal, &c. Super-royal 8vo. Price 21s. 

"The Cambridge University Press have graphic plates are interesting." — Nature. 
done well in publishing this work. Such "The history has appeared at a very op- 
translations are valuable not only to the his- portune moment. ..The volume. beautifully 

torian but also to the ethnologist; Dr printed, and supplied with portraits of Sir 

Wright's Introduction is based on personal Jung Bahadoor and others, and with excel- 

inquiry and observation, is written intelli- lent coloured sketches illustrating Nepaulese 

gently and candidly, and adds much to the architecture and religion." — Examiner. 
value of the volume. The coloured litho- 


Some Account of the Studies at the English Universities in the 
Eighteenth Century. By Christopher Wordsworth, M.A., 
Fellow of Peterhouse ; Author of " Social Life at the English 
Universities in the Eighteenth Century." Demy 8vo. cloth. 15J. 

"The general object of Mr Wordsworth's "Only those who have engaged in like la- 
book is sufficiently apparent from its title. bours will be able fully to appreciate the 
He has collected a great quantity of minute sustained industry and conscientious accuracy 
and curious information about the working discernible in every page. . . . Of the whole 
of Cambridge institutions in the last century, volume it may be said that it is a genuine 
with an occasional comparison of the corre- service rendered to the study of University 
sponding state of things at Oxford... To a history, and that the habits of thought of any 
great extent it is purely a book of reference, writer educated at either seat of learning in 
and as such it will be of permanent value the la^t century will, in many cases, be far 
for the historical knowledge of English edu- better understood after a consideration of the 
cation and learning." — Saturday Review. materials here collected." — Academy. 


By the late Professor Willis, M.A. With numerous Maps, Plans, 

and Illustrations. Continued to the present time, and edited 

by John Willis Clark, M.A.. formerly Fellow 

of Trinity College, Cambridge. [In the Press. 

London : Cambridge Warehouse % 1 7 Paternoster Row. 




Delivered in the University of Cambridge in the Lent Term, 1880. 
By J. G. FlTCH, M.A., Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools. 
Crown 8vo. cloth. New Edition. 6s. 

" The lectures will be found most in- 
teresting, and deserve to be carefully studied, 
not only by persons directly concerned with 
instruction, but by parents who wish to be 
able to exercise an intelligent judgment in- 
the choice of schools and teachers for their 
children. For ourselves, we could almost 
wish to be of school age again, to learn 
history and geography from some one whc 
could teach them after the pattern set by 

Mr Fitch to his audience But perhaps 

Mr Fitch's observations on the general con- 
ditions of school-work are even more im- 
portant than what he says on this or that 
branch of study." — Saturday Review. 

"It comprises fifteen lectures, dealing 
with such subjects' as organisation, discipline, 
examining,language, fact knowledge, science, 
and methods of instruction; and though the 
lectures make no pretention to systematic or 
exhaustive treatment, they yet leave very 
little of the ground uncovered; and they 
combine in an admirable way the exposition 
of sound principles with practical suggestions 
and illustrations which are evidently derived 
from wide and varied experience, both in 
teaching and in examining. While Mr Fitch 
addresses himself specially to secondary 
school-masters, he does not by any means 
disregard or ignore the needs of the primary 
school ." — Scotsman. 

"It would be difficult to find a lecturer 
better qualified to discourse upon the prac- 
tical aspects of the teacher's work than Mr 
Fitch. He has had very wide and varied 
experience as a teacher, a training college 
officer, an Inspector of schools, and as 
Assistant Commissioner to the late En- 
dowed Schools Commission. While it is 
difficult for anyone to make many original 
remarks on this subject Mr Fitch is able to 
speak with authority upon various contro- 
verted points, and to give us the results of 
many years' study, corrected by the obser- 
vation of the various schemes and methods 
pursued in schools of all grades and cha- 
racters." — The Schoolmaster. 

"All who are interested in the manage- 
ment of schools, and all who have made the 
profession of a teacher the work of their lives, 
will do well to study with care these results 
of a large experience and of wide observa- 
tion. It is not, we are told, a manual of 
method ; rather, we should say, it is that 
and much more. As a manual of method 
it is far superior to anything we have seen. 
Its suggestions of practical means and me- 
thods are very valuable; but it has an cle- 
ment which a mere text-book of rules for 
imparting knowledge does not Contain. Its 
tone is lofty; its spirit religious; its ideal of 

the teacher's aim and life pure and good . . . 
The volume is one of great practical value. 
It should be in the hands of every teacher, 
and of every one preparing for the office of a 
teacher. There are many besides these who 
will find much in it to interest and instruct 
them, more especially parents who have chil- 
dren whom they can afford to keep at school 
till their eighteenth or nineteenth year." — 
The Nonconformist and Independent. 

" As principal of a training college and as 
a Government inspector of schools, Mr Fitch 
has got at his fingers' ends the working of 
primary education, while as assistant com- 
missioner to the late Endowed Schools Com- 
mission he has seen something of the ma- 
chinery of our higher schools. . . . Mr 
Fitch's book covers so wide a field and 
touches on so many burning questions that 
we must be content to recommend it as the 
best existing vade mecum for the teacher. 
. . . He is always sensible, alwaysjudicious, 
never wanting in tact. . . . Air Fitch is a 
scholar ; he pretends to no knowledge that 
he does not possess ; he brings to his work 
the ripe experience of a well-stored mind, 
and he possesses in a remarkable degree the 
art of exposition." — Pall Mall Gazette. 

"In his acquaintance with all descrip- 
tions of schools, their successes and their 
shortcomings, Mr Fitch has great advantages 
both m knowledge and experience; and if his 
work receives the attention it deserves, it 
will tend materially to improve and equalize 
the methods of teaching in our schools, to 
whatever class they may belong." — St 
James's Gazette, 

" In no other work in the English language, 
so far as we know, are the principles and 
methods which most conduce to successful 
teaching laid down and illustrated with such 
piecision and fulness of detail as they are 
here."— Leeds Mercury. 

" The book is replete with practical 
sagacity, and contains on almost all points 
of interest to the teaching profession sug- 
gestive remarks resting evidently on a wide 
and thoughtful experience of school methods. 
There are few teachers who will not find 
aids to reflection in the careful analysis of 
the qualities required for success in teaching, 
in the admirable exposition of the value of 
orderly, methodical arrangement both for 
instruction and discipline, and in the pains- 
taking discussion of school punishments. 
contained in the earlier section of the 
volume. . . . We recommend it in all con- 
fidence to those who are interested in the 
rubious with which the teaching profession 
tas to deal." — Galignani's Messenger. 


London; Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row. 


GREAT BRITAIN, by Prof. ADOLPH Michaelis. Translated by 
C. A. M. FENNELL, M.A., late Fellow of Jesus College. Royal 8vo. 
£2. 2S. 


By Prof. Windisch. Translated by Dr NORMAN Moore. Crown 
8vo. ys. 6d. 


Demy 8vo. 2s. sewed. 


Demy 8vo. cloth, y. 6d. 

(1) The Professorships of the University. (2) The Scholarships and 
Prizes. (3) Other Gifts and Endowments. Demy 8vo. 5^. 


for the use of persons in Statu Pupillari. Demy 8vo. 6d. 


preserved in the University Library, Cambridge. By Dr S. M. 
Schiller-Szinessy. Volume I. containing Section 1. The Holy 
Scriptures j Section II. Commentaries on the Bible. Demy 8vo. gs. 


preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge. Demy 
8vo. 5 Vols. 10s. each. 


books containing MS. notes, preserved in the Library of the University 
of Cambridge. 3^. 6d. 

Catalogued with Descriptions, and an Introduction, by William 
George Searle, M.A., late Fellow of Queens' College, and Vicar of 
Hockington, Cambridgeshire. Demy 8vo. ys. 6d. 


Documents, and other Papers in the University Registry which con- 
cern the University Library. Demy 8vo. 2s. 6d. 


TIANjE. Demy 4to. 5s. 

London : Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Row. 


€f)t Cambridge Stole for £>d)Oote* 

General Editor : J. J. S. Perowne, D.D., Dean of 

The want of an Annotated Edition of the Bible, in handy portions, 
suitable for School use, has long been felt. 

In order to provide Text-books for School and Examination pur- 
poses, the Cambridge University Press has arranged to publish the 
several books of the Bible in separate portions at a moderate price, 
with introductions and explanatory notes. 

The Very Reverend J. J. S. Perowne, D.D., Dean of Peter- 
borough, has undertaken the general editorial supervision of the work, 
and will be assisted by a staff of eminent coadjutors. Some of the 
books have already been undertaken by the following gentlemen : 

Rev. A. Carr, M.A., Assistant Master at Wellington College. 

Rev. T. K. Cheyne, M.A., Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford. 

Rev. S. Cox, Nottingham. 

Rev. A. B. Davidson, D.D., Professor of Hebrno, Edinburgh. 

Rev. F. W. Farrar, D.D., Canon of Westminster. 

Rev. A. E. Humphreys, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 

Rev. A. F. Kirkpatrick, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Regius 
Professor of Hebrew. 

Rev. J. J. Lias, M.A., late Professor at St Davids College, Lampeter. 

Rev. J. R. Lumby, D.D., A'orrisian Professor of Divinity. 

Rev. G. F. Maclear, D.D., Warden of St Augustine 's Coll., Canterbury. 

Rev. H. C. G. Moule, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Principal of 
Ridley Hall, Cambridge. 

Rev. W. F. Moulton, D.D., Head Master of the Leys School, Cambridge. 

Rev. E. H. Perowne, D.D., Master of Corpus Christi College, Cam- 
bridge, Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of St Asaph. 

The Yen. T. T. Perowne, M.A., Archdeacon of Norwich. 

Rev. A. Plummer, M.A., Master of University College, Durham. 

The Very Rev. E. H. Plumptre, D.D., Dean of Wells. 

Rev. W. Sanday, M.A., Principal of Bishop Hatfield Hall, Durham. 

Rev. W. Simcox, M.A., Rector of Weyhill, Hants. 

Rev. W. Robertson Smith, M.A., Edinburgh. 

Rev. A. W. Streane, M.A., Fellow of Corpus Christi Coll., Cambridge. 

The Yen. H. W. YVatkins, M.A., Archdeacon of Northumberland. 

Rev. G. H. Whitaker, M.A., Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge. 

Rev. C. Wordsworth, M.A., Rector of Glaston, Rutland. 

London : Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Row. 



Now Ready. Cloth, Extra Fcap. 8vo. 
THE BOOK OF JOSHUA. Edited by Rev. G. F. 

Maclear, D.D. With i Maps. is. 6d. 
THE BOOK OF JUDGES. By the Rev. J. J. Lias, M.A. 

With Map. 3.?. 6d. 

Professor Kirkpatrick, M.A. With Map. 3*. 6d. 

Professor Kirkpatrick, M.A. With 2 Maps. 3*. 6d. 

E. H. Plumptre, D.D., Dean of Wells. $s. 


Streane, M.A. 4J. 6d. 
THE BOOK OF JONAH. By Archdn. Perowne. is. 6d. 

THE BOOK OF MICAH. By the Rev. T. K. Cheyne, 

M.A. 1 s. 6d. 

Edited by the Rev. A. Carr, M.A. With 2 Maps. is. 6d. 

by the Rev. G. F. Maclear, D.D. With 2 Maps. is. 6d. 

the Rev. F. W. Farrar, D.D. With 4 Maps. 4s. 6d. 

the Rev. A. Plummer, M.A. With Four Maps. 4s. 6d. 


Professor Lumby, D.D. Parti. Chaps. I — XIV. With 2 Maps. 
is. 6d. 

Part II. Chaps. XV. to end. Nearly ready. 

H. C. G. Moule, M.A. is. 6d. 

By the Rev. J. J. Lias, M.A. With a Map and Plan. is. 


By the Rev. J. J. Lias, M.A. is. 

Very Rev. E. H. Plumptre, D.D., Dean of Wells, is. 6d. 

By the same Editor. 2.?. 6d. 
London : Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Row. 





Archdeacon Perowne. 

F. W. Farrar, D.D. 



with a Revised Text, based on the most recent critical authorities, and 
English Notes, prepared under the direction of the General Editor, 

The Very Reverend J. J. S. PEROWNE, D.D., 


Now Ready. 

Rev. A. Carr, M.A. With 4 Maps. \s. 6d. 

"With the 'Notes,' in the volume before us, we are much pleased; so far as we have 
searched, they are scholarly and sound. The quotations from the Classics are apt ; and the 
references to modern Greek form a pleasing feature." — The Churchman. 

" .Mr Carr, whose 'Notes on St Luke's Gospel' must have thoroughly approved them- 
selves to all who have used them, has followed the same line in this volume of St Matthew. 
In both works a chief object has been ' to connect more closely the study of the Classics 
with the reading of the New Testament.' .... Copious illustrations, gathered from a great 
variety of sources, make his notes a very valuable aid to the student. They are indeed re- 
markably interesting, while all explanations on meanings, applications, and the like are 
distinguished by their lucidity and good sense." — Pall Mall Gazette. 

Rev. F. W. Farrar, D.D. . [Preparing. 


A. Plummer, M.A. [Nearly ready. 

The books will be published separately, as in the "Cambridge Bible 

for Schools." 

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Rozv. 





a Map and English Notes by Alfred Pretor, M.A., Fellow of 
St Catharine's College, Cambridge ; Editor of Persitts and Cicero ad Atticum 
Book I. Price is. 

" In Mr Pretor's edition of the Anabasis the text of Runner has been followed in the main, 
while the exhaustive and admirable notes of the great German editor have been largely utilised. 
These notes deal with the minutest as well as the most important difficulties in construction, and 
all questions of history, antiquity, and geography are briefly but very effectually elucidated." — The 

" We welcome this addition to the other books of the Anabasis so ably edited by Mr Pretor. 
Although originally intended for the use of candidates at the university local examinations, yet 
this edition will be found adapted not only to meet the wants of the junior student, but even 
advanced scholars will find much in this work that will repay its perusal." — The Schoolmaster. 

"Mr Pretor's 'Anabasis of Xenophon, Hook IV.' displays a union of accurate Cambridge 
scholarship, with experience of what is required by learners gained in examining middle-class 
schools. The text is large and clearly printed, and the notes explain all difficulties. . . . Mr 
Pretor's notes seem to be all that could be wished as regards grammar, geography, and other 
matters." — The Academy. 

BOOKS I. III. & V. By the same Editor. 2s. each. 
BOOKS II. VI. and VII. By the same Editor, is. 6d. each. 

"Another Greek text, designed it would seem for students preparing for the local examinations, 
is 'Xenophon's. Anabasis,' Book II., with English Notes, by Alfred Pretor, M.A. The editor has 
exercised his usual discrimination in utilising the text and notes of Kuhner, with the occasional 
assistance of the best hints of Schneider, Vollbrecht and Macmichael on critical matters, and of 
Mr R. W. Taylor on points of history and geography. . . When Mr Pretor commits himself to 
Commentator's work, he is eminently helpful. . . Had we to introduce a young Greek scholar 
to Xenophon, we should esteem ourselves fortunate in having Pretor's text-book as our chart and 
guide." — Contemporary Review. 


Text and Notes, complete in two Volumes. Price js. 6d. 


with Critical and Explanatory Notes, Introduction, Analysis, and Indices. 
By H. Hailstone, M.A., late Scholar of Peterhouse, Cambridge, Editor of 
Xenophon's Hellenics, etc. is. 6d. 

ARISTOPHANES— RANAE. With English Notes and 

Introduction by W. C. Green, M.A., Assistant Master at Rugby School. 
3-r. 6d. 

ARISTOPHANES— A VES. By the same Editor. New 

Edition. 3 s. 6d. 

"The notes to both plays are excellent. Much has been done in these two volumes to render 
the study of Aristophanes a real treat to a boy instead of a drudgery, by helping him to under- 
stand the fun and to express it in his mother tongue." — The Examiner. 

ARISTOPHANES— PLUTUS. By the same Editor, is. 6d. 

ductions, Notes and Analysis. By J. T. Hutchinson, M.A., Christ's College, 
and A. Gray, M.A., Fellow of Jesus College, is. 

"Messrs Hutchinson and Gray have produced a careful and useful edition." — Saturday 


tion and Critical Notes by E. A. Beck, M.A., Fellow of Trinity Hall. $s. 6d. 
London: Ccvnbridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row. 



LUCTU, with English Notes by W. E. Heitland, M.A., Fellow of 
St John's College, Cambridge. New Edition, with Appendix. y. 6d. 



Reid, M.L., Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Gonville and Caius College, 
Cambridge. Price y. 

"Mr Reid has decidedly attained his aim, namely, 'a thorough examination of the Latinity 

of the dialogue.' The revision of the text is most valuable, and comprehends sundry 

acute corrections. . . . This volume, like Mr Reid's other editions, is a solid gain to the scholar- 
ship of the country." — Atlieiueum. 

"A more distinct gain to scholarship is Mr Reid's able and thorough edition of the De 
A muit id of Cicero, a work of which, whether we regard the exhaustive introduction or the 
instructive and most suggestive commentary, it would be difficult to speak too highly. . . . When 
we come to the commentary, we are only amazed by its fulness in proportion to its bulk. 
Nothing is overlooked which can tend to enlarge the learner's general knowledge of Ciceronian 
Latin or to elucidate the text." — Saturday Review. 


Edited by J. S. Reid, M.L. Price y. 6d. 

" The notes are excellent and scholarlike, adapted for the upper forms of public schools, and 
likely to be useful even to more advanced students." — Guardian. 


Edited by J. S. Reid, M.L. Price is. 6d. 

" It is an admirable specimen of careful editing. An Introduction tells us everything we could 
wish to know about Archias, about Cicero's connexion with him, about the merits of the trial, and 
the genuineness of the speech. The text is well and carefully printed. The notes are clear and 
scholar-like. . . . No boy can master this little volume without feeling that he has advanced a long 
step in scholarship." — T/ie Academy. 


TIO. Edited by J. S. Reid, M.L. Fellow of Caius College, Camb. Price is. 6d. 

" We are bound to recognize the pains devoted in the annotation of these two orations to the 
minute and thorough study of their Latinity, both in the ordinary notes and in the textual 
appendices." — Saturday Review. 


ORATIO. Edited by J. S. Reid, M.L. [In the Press. 


Edited by H. A. Holden, LL.D., Head Master of Ipswich School. 
Price 4-f. 6d. 

"As a book for students this edition can have {ew rivals. It is enriched by an excellent intro- 
duction and a chronological table of the principal events of the life of Cicero; while in its ap- 
pendix, and in the notes on the text which are added, there is much of the greatest value. The 
volume is neatly got up, and is in every way commendable." — The Scotsman. 

" Dr Holden's own edition is all that could be expected from his elegant and practised 
scholarship. . . . Dr Holden has evidently made up his mind as to the character of the 
commentary most likely to be generally useful; and he has carried out his views with admirable 
thoroughness." — Academy. 

" Dr Holden has given us here an excellent edition. The commentary is even unusually full 
and complete; and after going through it carefully, we find little or nothing to criticize. There 
is an excellent introduction, lucidly explaining the circumstances under which the speech was 
delivered, a table of events in the life of Cicero and a useful index." Spectator, Oct. 29, 1881. 


ET IN C. VERREM ACTIO PRIMA. With Introduction and Notes 
by W. E. Heitland, M.A., and Herbert Cowie, M.A., Fellows of 
St John's College, Cambridge. Price y. 

London : Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Row. 



English Introduction and Notes. By W. E. Heiti.AND, M.A., Fellow 
and Classical Lecturer of St John's College, Cambridge. Second Edition, 
carefully revised. Price 35. 

"Those students are to be deemed fortunate who have to read Cicero's lively and brilliant 
oration for L. Murena with Mr Heitland's handy edition, which may be pronounced 'four-square' 
in point of equipment, and which has, not without good reason, attained the honours of a 
second edition." — Saturday Review. 


PRIMA. With Introduction and Notes. By H. Cowie, M.A., Fellow 
of St John's College, Cambridge. Price is. 6d. 


with a Translation of Asconius' Introduction, Marginal Analysis and 
English Notes. Edited by the Rev. John Smyth Purton, B.D., late 
President and Tutor of St Catharine's College. Price vs. 6d. 
"The editorial work is excellently done." — The Academy. 


a Plan of Rome and Notes by A. Sidgwick, M.A. Tutor of Corpus Christi 
College, Oxford. Price is. 6d. 

" Mr Sidgwick's editing of the Sixth Book of Ovid's Fasti furnishes a careful and serviceable 
volume for average students. It eschews 'construes' which supersede the use of the dictionary, 
but gives full explanation of grammatical usages and historical and mythical allusions, besides 
illustrating peculiarities of style, true and false derivations, and the more remarkable variations of 
the text." — Saturday Review. 

" It is eminently good and useful. . . . The Introduction is singularly clear on the astronomy of 
Ovid, which is properly shown to be ignorant and confused ; there is an excellent little map of 
Rome, giving just the places mentioned in the text and no more ; the notes are evidently written 
by a practical schoolmaster." — The Academy. 

MENT. I. II. With English Notes and Map by A. G. Peskett, M.A., 
Fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge, Editor of Caesar De Bello Gallico, 
VII. Price 2s. 6d. 

MENT. III. With Map and Notes by A. G. Peskett, M.A., Fellow 
of Magdalene College, Cambridge. Price is. 6d. 

"In an unusually succinct introduction he gives all the preliminary and collateral information 
that is likely to be useful to a young student ; and, wherever we have examined his notes, we 
have found them eminently practical and satisfying. . . The book may well be recommended for 
careful study in school or college." — Saturday R eview. 

"The notes are scholarly, short, and a real help to the most elementary beginners in Latin 
prose." — The Examiner. 

BOOKS IV. AND V. AND BOOK VII. by the same Editor. 
Price 2s. each. 

BOOK VI. by the same Editor. Price is. 6d. 

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row. 



with Notes by A. Sidgwick, M.A. Tutor of Corpus Christi College, 
Oxford, is. 6d. 

BOOKS IV., V., VI, VII., VIII, X., XI, XII. by the same 

Editor. 15. 6d. each. 

" Mr Arthur Sidgwick's 'Vergil, Aeneid, Book XII.' is worthy of his reputation, and is dis- 
tinguished by the same acuteness and accuracy of knowledge, appreciation of a boy's difficulties 
and ingenuity and resource in meeting them, which we have on other occasions had reason to 
praise in these pages." — The Academy. 

"As masterly in its clearly divided preface and appendices as in the sound and independent 
character of its annotations. . . . There is a great deal more in the notes than mere compilation 
and suggestion. ... No difficulty is left unnoticed or unhandled." — Saturday Rcvie-M. 

"This edition is admirably adapted for the use of junior students, who will find in it the result 
of much reading in a condensed form, and clearly expressed." — Cambridge Independent Press. 

BOOKS VII. VIII. in one volume. Price 3s. 

BOOKS X., XI, XII. in one volume. Price $s.6d. 

QUINTUS CURTIUS. A Portion of the History. 
(Alexander in India.) By W. E. Heitland, M.A, Fellow and Lecturer 
of St John's College, Cambridge, and T. E. Raven, B.A., Assistant Master 
in Sherborne School. Price 35. 6d. 

" Equally commendable as a genuine addition to the existing stock of school-books is 
Alexander in India, a compilation from the eighth and ninth books of Q. Curtius, edited for 
the Pitt Press by Messrs Heitland and Raven. . . . The work of Curtius has merits of its 
own, which, in former generations, made it a favourite with English scholars, and which still 

make it a popular text-book in Continental schools The reputation of Mr Heitland is a 

sufficient guarantee for the scholarship of the notes, which are ample without being excessive, 
and the book is well furnished with all that is needful in the nature of maps, indexes, and ap- 
pendices." —Academy. 


PRIMUS, edited with English Introduction and Notes by W. E. Heitland, 
M.A. and C. E. Haskins, M.A, Fellows and Lecturers of St John's Col- 
lege, Cambridge. Price is. 6d. 

"A careful and scholarlike production." — Times. 

" In nice parallels of Lucan from Latin poets and from Shakspeare, Mr Haskins and Mr 
Heitland deserve praise." — Saturday Review. 


III, IV, the Text from the very ancient MS. in the Cambridge University 
Library, collated with six other MSS. Edited, with a life from the German of 
Ebert, and with Notes, &c. by J. E. B. Mayor, M.A., Professor of Latin, 
and J. R. Lumby, D.D, Norrisian Professor of Divinity. Revised edition. 
Price ~,s. 6d. 
"To young students of English History the illustrative notes will be of great service, while 
the study of the texts will be a good introduction to Mediaeval Latin." — The A'euct»//i>rmist. 

"In Bede's works Englishmen can go back to origities of their history, unequalled for 
form and matter by any modern European nation. Prof. Mayor has done good service in ren- 
dering a part of Bede's greatest work accessible to those who can read Latin with case. He 
has adorned this edition of the third and fourth books of the " Ecclesiastical History" with that 
amazing erudition for which he is unrivalled among Englishmen and rarely equalled by Germans. 
And however interesting and valuable the text may be, we can certainly apply to his notes 
the expression, La sauce vant mit't/x ijue le poisson. They are literally crammed with interest- 
ing information about early English life. For though ecclesiastical in name, Bede's history treats 
of a'l parts of the national life, since the Church had points of contact with all." — Examiner. 

Books I. and II. In the Press. 

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row. 




With Three Maps, Introduction and Commentary, by C. Colbeck, M.A., 
Lite Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; Assistant Master at Harrow 
School. Price is. 


V< >LTAIRE. Part I. Chaps. I.— XIII. Edited with Notes Philological and 
Historical, Biographical and Geographical Indices, etc. by Gustave Masson, 
B.A. Univ. Gallic, Officer d'Academie, Assistant Master of Harrow School, 
and G. W. Prothero, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of King's College, Cam- 
bridge, is. 61L 

"Messrs Masson and Prothero have, to judge from the first part of their work, performed 
with much discretion and care the task of editing Voltaire's 6" iecle de Louis XI V for the 'Pitt 
Press Series.' Besides the usual kind of notes, the editors have in this case, influenced by Vol- 
taire's 'summary way of treating much of the history,' given a good deal of historical informa- 
tion, in which they have, we think, done well. At the beginning of the book will be found 
excellent and succinct accounts of the constitution of the French army and Parliament at the 
period treated of." — Saturday Review. 


VOLTAIRE. Part II. Chaps. XI V.— XXIV. With Three Maps of the Period, 
Notes Philological and Historical, Biographical and Geographical Indices, 
by G. Masson, B.A. Univ. Gallic, Assistant Master of Harrow School, and 
G. W. Prothero, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of King's College, Cambridge. 
Price is. 6d. 

Part III. Chap. XXV. to the end. By the same Editors. 

Price is. 6d. 

LE VERRE D'EAU. A Comedy, by Scribe. With a 

Biographical Memoir, and Grammatical, Literary and Historical Notes. By 
C. Colbeck, M.A., late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; Assistant 
Master at Harrow School. Price is. 

" It may be national prejudice, but we consider this edition far superior to any of the series 
which hitherto have been edited exclusively by foreigners. Mr Colbeck seems better to under- 
stand the wants and difficulties of an English boy. The etymological notes especially are admi- 
rable. . . . The historical notes and introduction are a piece of thorough honest work." — Jour7ial 
of Education. 

M. DARU, par M. C. A. Sainte-Beuve, (Causeries du 

Lundi, Vol. IX.). With Biographical Sketch of the Author, and Notes 
Philological and Historical. By Gustave Masson. is. 

LA SUITE DU MENTEUR. A Comedy in Five Acts, 

by P. Corneille. Edited with Fontenelle's Memoir of the Author, Voltaire's 
Critical Remarks, and Notes Philological and Historical. By Gustave 
Masson. Price is. 


CITE D'AOSTE. Tales by Count Xavier de Maistre. With Bio- 
graphical Notice, Critical Appreciations, and Notes. By Gustave Masson. 
Price is. 

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row. 


LE DIRECTOIRE. (Considerations sur la Revolution 

Francaise. Troisieme et quatrieme parties.) Par Madame la Baronne de 
Stael-Holstein. With a Critical Notice of the Author, a Chronological 
Table, and Notes Historical and Philological, by G. Masson, B.A., and 
G. W. Prothero, M.A. Revised and enlarged Edition. Price is. 

" Prussia under Frederick the Great, and France under the Directory, bring us face to face 
respectively with periods of history which it is right should be known thoroughly, and which 
are well treated in the Pitt Press volumes. The latter in particular, an extract from the 
world-known work of Madame de Stael on the French Revolution, is Leyond all praise for 
the excellence both of its style and of its matter." — Times. 

DIX ANNEES D'EXIL. Livre II. Chapitres 1—8. 

Par Madame la Baronne De Stael-Holstein. With a Biographical 
Sketch of the Author, a Selection of Poetical Fragments by Madame de 
Stael's Contemporaries, and Notes Historical and Philological. ByGuSTAVE 
Masson. Price is. 

"The choice made by M. Masson of the second book of the Memoirs of Madame de Stael 
appears specially felicitous. . . . This is likely to be one of the most favoured of M. Masson 's 
editions, and deservedly so." — Academy. 


Acts, by N. Lemercier. Edited with Notes, Genealogical and Chrono- 
logical Tables, a Critical Introduction and a Biographical Notice. By 
Gustave Masson. Price 2s. 

LE VIEUX CELIBATAIRE. A Comedy, by Collin 

D'Harleville. With a Biographical Memoir, and Grammatical, Literary 
and Historical Notes. By the same Editor. Price is. 

" M. Masson is doing good work in introducing learners to some or the les.->-known French 
play- writers. The arguments are admirably clear, arid the notes are not too abundant." — 
A cade my. 

LA METROMANIE, A Comedy, by Piron, with a Bio- 
graphical Memoir, and Grammatical, Literary and Historical Notes. By the 
same Editor. Price is. 


Nouvelle Historique, par A. F. Yilllmain, with a Biographical Sketch of 
the Author, a Selection of Poems on Greece, and Notes Historical and 
Philological. By the same Editor. Price is. 



Introduction and Notes. By 11. J. WoLSTENHOLME, B.A. (Lond.), 
Lecturer in German at Newnham College, Cambridge. Price $s. 6d. 

ZOPF UND SCHWERT. Lustspiel in funf Aufzugen von 

Karl Gutzkow. With a Biographical and Historical Introduction, English 

Notes, and an Index. By the same Editor. Price 3. 6d. 

"We are glad to be able to notice a careful edition of K. Gutzkow's amusing comedy 
' Zopf and Schwert' by Mr H. J. YVoUtenholme. . . . These notes are abundant and contain 
references to standard grammatical works." — Academy. 

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row. 


(Mooting flnabcnjoftre. (1749 — 1759-) GOETHE'S BOY- 

HOOD: being the First Three Hooks of his Autobiography. Arranged 
and Annotated l>y WlLHELM WAGNER, Ph. D., late Professor at the 
[ohanneum, Hamburg. Priceis, 


by A. SCHLOTTMANN, PhD., Assistant Master at Uppingham School. 
Price jr. 6</. 

DER OBERHOF. A Talc of Wcstphalian Life, by Karl 

IMMERMANN. With a Life of Immermann and En<j;lLh Notes, by WlLHELM 
Wagner, Ph.D., late Professor at the Johanneum, Hamburg. Pricey. 


ranged and Annotated by the same Editor. Price y. 

2)cr cvfte ffreujjug (THE FIRST CRUSADE), by Fried- 

RICH VON Raumer. Condensed from the Author's 'History of the Hohen- 
staufen', with a life of Raumer, two Plans and English Notes. By 
the samc^Editor. Price is. 

" Certainly no more interesting book could be made the subject ef examinations. The story 
of the First Crusade has an undying interest. The notes are, on the whole, good." — Educational 


Arranged and Annotated by the same Editor. Price is. 

"It carries the reader rapidly through some of the most important incidents connected with 
the German race and name, from the invasion of Italy by the Visigoths under their King Alaric, 
down to the Franco-German War and the installation of the present Kmperor. The notes supply 
very well the connecting links between the successive periods, and exhibit in its various phases of 
growth and progress, or the reverse, the vast unwieldy mass which constitutes modern Germany." 
— Times. 


Freytag. With Notes. By the same Editor. Price is. 

"Prussia under Frederick the Great, and France under the Directory, bring us face to face 
respectively with periods of history which it is right should be known thoroughly, and which 
are well treated in the Pitt Press volumes." — Times. 


an Introduction and Notes. By the same Editor. Price y. 
"The notes are among the best that we know, with the reservation that they are often too 
abundaut." — Academy. 

2>a3 3af)r 1813 (The Year 18 13), by F. Kohlrausch. 

With English Notes. By the same Editor. Price is. 


LOCKE ON EDUCATION. With Introduction and Notes 

by the Rev. R. H. Quick, M.A. Price y. 6d. 

"The work before us leaves nothing to be desired. It is of convenient form and reasonable 
price, accurately printed, and accompanied by notes which are admirable. There is no teacher 
too young to find this book interesting; there is no teacher too old to find it profitable." — The 
School Bulletin, New York. 

THE TWO NOBLE KINSMEN, edited with Intro- 
duction and Notes by the Rev. Professor Skeat, M.A., formerly Fellow 
of Christ's College, Cambridge. Price y. 6d. 
"This edition of a play that is well worth study, for more reasons than one, by so careful a 
scholar as Mr Skeat, deserves a hearty welcome." — Athene/tin. 

"Mr Skeat is a conscientious editor, and has left no difficulty unexplained." — Times. 

London : Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Row. 



HENRY VII. With Notes by the Rev. J. Rawson LUMBY, D.D., Nor- 
risian Professor of Divinity ; late Fellow of St Catharine's College. Price 3/. 

SIR THOMAS MORE'S UTOPIA. With Notes by the 

Rev. J. Rawson Lumby, D.D., Norrisian Professor of Divinity; late Fellow 
of St Catharine's College, Cambridge. Price y. 6d. 

"To enthusiasts in history matters, who are not content with mere facts, but like to pursue 
their investigations behind the scenes, as it were, Professor Rawson Lumby has in the work now 
before ns produced a most acceptable contribution to the now constantly increasing store of 
illustrative reading." — The Cambridge Review. 

" To Dr Lumby we must give praise unqualified and unstinted. He has done his work 

admirably Every student of history, every politician, every social reformer, every one 

interested in literary curiosities, every lover of English should buy and carefully read Dr 
Lumby's edition of the 'Utopia.' We are afraid to say more lest we should be thought ex- 
travagant, and our recommendation accordingly lose part of its force." — The Teacher. 

" It was originally written in Latin and does not find a place on ordinary bookshelves. Avery 
great boon has therefore been conferred on the general English reader by the managers of the 
Pitt Press Series, in the issue of a convenient little volume of More's Utopia not in the original 
Latin, but in the quaint English Translation thereof made by Raphe Robynson, which adds a 
linguistic interest to the intrinsic merit of the work. . . . All this has been edited in a most com- 
plete and scholarly fashion by Dr J. R. Lumby, the Norrisian Professor of Divinity, whose name 
alone is a sufficient warrant for its accuracy. It is a real addition to the modern stock of classical 
English literature." — Guardian. 


With Notes, &c., by Professor Lumby. [Nearly ready. 


THALES TO CICERO, by Joseph B. Mayor, M.A., Professor of 
Moral Philosophy at King's College, London. Price 3s. 6d. 

"It may safely be affirmed that Mr Mayor has successfully accomplished all that he here sets 
out. His arrangement is admirably methodical, his style is simple but nervous, his knowledge 
of his subject full and accurate, and his analytical expositions lucid and vivid.. ..It is therefore a 
manual which will prove of great utility to University undergraduates, for whom it was par- 
ticularly prepared, and also for all who study Plato, Aristotle, or other philosophers, in the 
original. Educated readers, generally, will find it an admirable introduction, or epitome, of 
ancient speculative thought, and 'a key to our present ways of thinking and judging in regard to 
matters of the highest importance."' — The British Mail. 

" In writing this scholarly and attractive sketch, Professor Mayor has had chiefly in view 
' undergraduates at the University or others who are commencing the study of the philosophical 
works of Cicero or Plato or Aristotle in the original language,' but also hopes that it 'may be 
found interesting and useful by educated readers generally, not merely as an introduction to the 
formal history of philosophy, but as supplying a key to our present ways of thinking and judging 
in regard to matters of the highest importance.'"— Mind. 

"Professor Mayor contributes to the Pitt Press Series A Sketch 0/ Ancient Philosophy in 
which he has endeavoured to give a general view of the philosophical systems illustrated by the 
genius of the masters of metaphysical and ethical science from Thales to Cicero. In the course 
of his sketch he takes occasion to give concise analyses of Plato's Republic, and ol the Ethics and 
Politics of Aristotle ; and these abstracts will be to some readers not the least useful portions of 
the book. It may be objected against his design in general that ancient philosophy is too vast 
and too deep a subject to be dismissed in a 'sketch' — that it should be left to those who will make 
it a serious study. But that objection takes no account of the large class of persons who desire 
to know, in relation to present discussions and speculations, what famous men in the whole world 
thought and wrote on these topics. They have not the scholarship which would be necessary for 
original examination of authorities; but they have an intelligent interest in the relations between 
ancient and modern philosophy, and need just such information as Professor Mayor's sketch will 
give them." — The Guardian. 

[Ot/ier Volumes are in preparation^ 

London : Cambridge Warehouse, 1 7 Paternoster Row. 


ilmimsttp of crambrfocje. 

— « 


Examination Papers, for various years, with the Regulations for the 
Examination. Demy 8\o. 2s. each, or by Post, 2s. 2d. 

Class Lists, for various years, Boys is., Girls 6d. 
Annual Reports of the Syndicate, with Supplementary Tables showing 
the success and failure of the Candidates. 2s. each, by Post 2s. 2d. 


Examination Papers for 1881, to which are added the Regulations for 
1882. Demy Svo. 2s. each, by Post 2s. 2d. 

Reports of the Syndicate. Demy 8vo. is., by Post is. id. 


Calendar for the years 1875—9. Fcap. 8vo. cloth. 2s. 

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Examination Papers for 1880 and 1881, to -which are added the Regu- 
lations for the Examination. Demy 8vo. 6d., by Post jd. 


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Containing all the Official Notices of the University, Reports of 
Discussions in the Schools, and Proceedings of the Cambridge Philo- 
sophical, Antiquarian, and Philological Societies, ^d. weekly. 


These Papers are published in occasional numbers every Term, and in 

volumes for the Academical year. 

Vol. IX. Parts 105 to 119. Papers for the Year 1879 — 8o > I2J. cloth. 

Vol. X. „ 120 to 138. „ „ 1880— 81, \$s. cloth. 

Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examinations. 

Papers set in the Examination for Certificates, July, 1879. Price is. 6d. 

List of Candidates who obtained Certificates at the Examinations 
held in 1879 and 1880 ; and Supplementary Tables. Price 6d. 

Regulations of the Board for 1882. Price 6d. 

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